Married Life Animated: A Cartoonist’s Real Depiction of What Being a Husband and a Dad is Really Like

I don’t know about you, but as a wife and mother, I always wonder how married life and parenthood is for other couples. They always say, “You’re not the only one” and “we’re all dealing with the same issues.” But do other wives also have to ask their husband 1,893 times to pick up his underwear off the bathroom floor and put it into the machine?

Enter Curtis Wiklund from Michigan. This is an amusing glimpse into the talented cartoonist’s take on what married life and parenthood means to him. Curtis essentially took out his notebook and sketched every memorable moment of his married life. It’s always interesting to see how one person perception relates to others. Let’s just say that we would only wish to see his wife’s perceptions of the same moments!

The order is more or less chronological and involves all the typical, and not so typical, ups and downs that pretty much every couple experiences in the saga of life as a twosome that eventually becomes a threesome and ultimately ends up as family of five.

That Awkward First Kiss

So was it love at first sight for Curtis and his wife Jordin? This sketch might suggest that it wasn’t as endearing as he or she might recall years later after looking back with rose-colored glasses.


It looks like Curtis went in for the kiss and Jordin just wasn’t having it. Or at least that’s how he perceived it when he took to his sketchpad to literally mark the event forever. But whatever he did to get her to finally kiss him, he managed to seal the deal and start a life with her.

The Proposal

How did Curtis eventually propose to Jordin? Well, the cartoonist’s approach could be deemed as quite romantic. One day when he was riding on the train, he literally broke into song and asked her to take his hand in marriage.


It’s just one of those unforgettable moments that almost always come as a surprise to the fiancé. And despite not being in the know, it’s going to be etched in your mind no matter what (including whether or not you even say yes). But we know in this case that Jordin indeed said yes!

But Curtis didn’t always know what would happen next…

Cartoonist’s Block

Every artist has a form of writer’s block from time to time, which to an artist, can feel like it’s lasting forever. Luckily for Curtis, his wife, and partner in crime, was there to help get his creative juices flowing.


The truth is you never really know where your creativity will come from. And the lucky ones are those who have partners who push their limits in creativity and support every direction you end up going.

The Lovey Dovey Period

Sometimes staying at home with your loved one on a Friday or Saturday night is better than any party or club you can possibly go to. And that is a sign that you found the one. Judging by his drawing here, it looks like he was having the time of his life that night.


Curtis really captures how relaxing and enjoyable it can be to spend time together as a couple doing something as simple as lying on her lap and watching TV or reading a book. If only it could always be that way!

But this is before the kids came along…

Morning Glory

Mornings aren’t the most romantic time of the day, at least in my world. The monotony of the early morning routine doesn’t always bring a smile to my face. But in Curtis’s world, at least in the beginning, his mornings with Jordin were a delight.


This drawing shows us his humor and what sharing the bathroom as the couple can be like when you’re in love – all the frizzy hair and teeth brushing included.

In the Comfort Zone

There’s something really sweet and calming when you have someone special to just sit next to while you’re each doing your own thing. You don’t even need to talk – just being next to each other is enough.


You can read a book, and the other can write or look on their phone. This drawing is pretty much what evenings look like for many couples before going to bed. It’s catching those quiet yet productive moments.

The next drawing is something every couple in the world has done together…

A Trip To and From Ikea

Name me one couple that you know of that hasn’t gone to Ikea. Exactly. It’s a place that can even become a sort of test of how strong a relationship is. Similar to traveling together, going to Ikea for the first time together is a true test.


The journey to the superstore can symbolize a new life together, including the mishmash of different tastes. He wants grey and brown, and she wants yellow and purple. Let the arguments begin…

Before and After a Fight

Fighting and making up: isn’t that what being a couple is all about? It’s natural to argue, and it’s normal to talk it out and makeup. This picture is how juxtapositions the before and after of a fight. There’s always an argument in the car, but in the end, you sleep in the same bed.


The wise ones always say: never go to bed angry. And that includes making up with your man or woman. Don’t go to sleep angry, it’s not a pleasant way to enter the night, and you’re just going to end up feeling differently in the morning after sleeping on it anyways.

An Intimate Moment

What a lovely drawing. Hands on face kissing is some of the best of its kind. It’s passionate and purposeful. Curtis drew here a moment between him and his wife that only the two can really recall well.


And judging by the expression he gave her on her face when he goes in for the kiss makes me think he made her laugh just before. And what a contrast between the first kiss we saw on their first date!

The “Man Cold”

Being around each other all the time means if one gets sick, the other does too. And another test in a relationship (aside from the Ikea trip), is looking after each other when one or both of you are sick.


But what is it about men when they get sick? The “man cold” is basically one of the worst. It’s when grown men turn into 6-year-old boys and want a version of their mother to tend to their every need. When a woman is sick, she does the dishes, laundry, goes to work, etc. When a man gets sick, he calls in sick and stays in bed all day moaning…

But then the cold ends and things get better, like in his next drawing…

Cat Naps

Naps are a wonderful thing in life – that is if you can take them. And then there’s something about napping next to your loved one that’s even better. Watching him or sleep peacefully is calming. Similar to watching a baby sleep which is better than anything else.


Being able to sleep well when you’re in a relationship is really a display of trust and comfort for your partner. If you can fall asleep on them or next to them, you’re signaling your trust in their presence, and that goes a long way.

A ‘Gandalan’ Moment

Yet another test of a relationship’s longevity is traveling together. It’s not so simple to go to another country together and navigate and experience other places. But if you manage well and get along, you know you’re in the right direction.


Looks like Curtis and Jordin went to Italy and took a romantic gondola right on the rivers of Venice. That sounds or looks rather, like one of the more loving moments the two shared together in their days of being a twosome.

Curtis shows us how little gestures go a long way…

Chivalry Isn’t Dead

It’s the little acts of kindness that can really go a long way. But you don’t have to be 4 years old to be carried to bed after falling asleep on the couch. Sometimes a loving husband will carry you after falling asleep during a binge-watching session on Netflix.


If he drew this image of a rather uneventful moment, I can only assume that he’s done this before. And then again, I’m assuming she fell asleep. But it could easily also be after a late night at the bar in which she had one too many to drink. Either way, chivalry isn’t dead!

Shopping and Cooking

Living together means grocery shopping and cooking are now something you have to do together. Well, one of you can shop, and one can cook. But the point is to get into some sort of groove and do it harmoniously.


Either Curtis is a smiley kind of guy, or he just draws a smile on his face, but I don’t know many men that come home from grocery shopping with smiles on their faces. Jordin’s expression is more realistic if you ask me. And her onion goggles are a great idea.

Next up – home renovations! And of course, he’s smiling…

Home Reno Time

I feel the need to comment on how she’s doing all the work while Curtis is something of a sue chef. I’m not mad at it either. If she’s anything like me, she’s a perfectionist, and if she wants it done right, she’s going to need to do it herself. Right ladies?


And if that’s the case here, then the least he can do it bring her a burger and soda! And by the way, they’re both smiling in this one. So we can categorize it as a stress-free home renovation. Good for them! It’s not always so simple.

Christmas Time

Not all holidays are so peaceful and calming as this drawing depicts. Not every Christmas evening ends with the two of you balled up together on the couch with smiles on your faces while falling asleep. For many, the holidays are the most stressful.


Anyways, although not all couples get to share moments this, they certainly do, and it’s really endearing.

And something else they share is their bed…

Sharing the Bed

Being a couple means the bed is now both of yours. You have your side; he has his. Every couple has their own side of the bed. Mine? It’s always on the right. And Curtis and Jordin? Looks like both of them are on the right.


Looks like Jordin doesn’t mind. But I have to wonder, though, if it’s always so smile-producing. Because sometimes, all I really want is to sleep and I don’t want my husband on my side of the bed for the next 8 hours. But maybe that’s just me…

Cuddling from Above

Here, Curtis gives us a bird’s eye view of how he cuddles with her at night while he draws in his sketchbook. She’s already in dreamland while he’s drawing this very drawing that we’re looking at now.


I don’t know how he manages to hold the book and draw while using only one hand though. When I draw, I definitely need to use both hands.

Curtis starts adding some color to his drawings, as you’ll see in his next picture…

Story Swapping

Staying up all night and telling stories is something that usually happens at the beginning of the relationship, but if it continues, it’s one of the best things for a couple to do together. Looks like Curtis is reading her something hilarious from his phone. And we’ve all been there.


I’m happy to finally see some color in his work. Aren’t you? It’s refreshing. Black and white is classic, don’t get me wrong. But some color never hurt anyone.

A Staycation

Not all vacations need to be in different places in the world and not even in different states. Here, the couple was enjoying a rest and some coffee at Cider Mill. A staycation is sometimes better than a full-blown vacation.


I really admire Curtis’s attention to the subject matter itself rather than the details of the drawing. The background is rather non-detailed, yet the focus is on the two of them. And that’s exactly what it’s all about.

Next – and then there were three!

They’re Pregnant!

That’s right ladies and gentlemen. It comes to a point in which your lives are divided between before and after that moment. And announcing a pregnancy is one of those game-changer moments that both the man and woman will never forget.


By the looks on their faces, she already knew and is calmly pleased. He, on the other hand, is shocked and full of joy. This pretty much sums up every pregnancy announcement between a husband and wife.

About To Pop

Ask any husband – when his wife becomes pregnant, she changes into another woman. Maybe Jordin didn’t get severely hormonal and cringe every time Curtis breathed too loudly. He can consider him lucky, in that case.


This drawing is really sweet actually. She’s resting her leg on his as she’s clearly in need of some extra support, both physical and emotional. Being pregnant isn’t easy, fellas.

And the big moment comes next!

3 – 8 – 18

March 8, 2018, was the big day for Curtis and Jordin! This is also one of his more interesting and layered drawings. So much is going on in the labor room, and people are all over the place. But our eyes are drawn to the couple. Both her in labor and him as a supporting husband.


Judging by his acts up until now, I can safely assume that he held her hand the entire time and fed her ice cubes whenever she had a dry mouth. But if you ask me, he’s a little too close to the end of the table!

A Father’s Special Moment

Most dads can attest to this: a man’s first moment with his newborn child is something that you can’t compare to anything else in the world. As insane as the whole labor experience was and the utter shock that men can find themselves in, the moment he holds his child is simply precious.


This drawing is so sweet and representative of that real peaceful moment. A moment that for many new dads is life-changing.

One of His Favorite Feelings

Considering he wrote “One of my favorite feelings right now,” Curtis really cherished this moment when his son held his hand while walking. And I have to agree, the moment your child reaches for your hand, your heart melts.


There’s nothing more precious than your kid wanting your presence, even if it means just holding their hand while going for a walk. It’s those little moments in life that make a big impact.

And that’s why they kept expanding their family…

Doing the Math…

Parenthood is going so well for Curtis and Jordin, that they had more children. From one to two and then there came the point in which they wanted a third but had to do the math to see how to make it work.


We all know how expensive having kids can be and all the work involved in raising them. It’s the responsible thing to do to sit down and really map out a plan. Otherwise, it can be too overwhelming.

And Then There Were Five

And then there were five! Over the years, the couple had three children, giving more meaning to the saying “third time’s a charm.” And it looks like the older two were really happy to greet their future best friend.


Watching your kids play together is a perfect moment to capture. It’s no wonder Curtis chose to sketch this memory. And this way he can show it to the kids when they’re old enough to understand.

Next, a different kind of drawing from all the rest…

Budgeting Time

Three kids are expensive! Curtis and Jordin had to sit down and work out their financial situation on a few occasions. There’s a lot to factor in food, shelter, clothing, education, healthcare, and everything in between.


This time, he doesn’t have a smile on his face. Which isn’t so surprising – how can budgeting put a smile on someone’s face? But Jordin has a sad smile, and her hands on him, showing her support. The two were clearly a supportive couple.

Sunday Funday

The truth is: there’s nothing better than Sunday mornings with your kid(s) coming up to the bed to jump in and have a lazy morning together with you. It’s a blissful moment.


And his facial expression here pretty much sums it all up. The kids are happy; you’re all together in your bed, everyone’s safe. What more can you ask for?

And they also made time for family vacations…

Full Carload

That’s right – when you have three young kids, it means three car seats. Road trips are some of the best things families can do together, with everyone is strapped in and ready to go. It’s time to venture across the country.


Curtis’s remark on this photo was: “It’s tight, but these car seats fit, and it actually feels really sweet. Cozy in a way.” Now, the trick is keeping the kids entertained, which is a job in itself!

Daddy Needs to Work

This drawing sums it up to a tee. Daddy has to do some work, so he needs to be left alone to concentrate. Mommy, on the other hand, has to be with three kids and do her own kind of work – which is no less challenging!


But judging by his previous drawings and depictions of his family life, he must have a hard time literally closing the door on his kids and his wife. It looks like he enjoys the craze of family life.

He also takes the kids out so mommy can have her own alone time!

Following in Their Footsteps

Curtis also takes the kids off of his wife’s hands sometimes as all good dads do! Here, he’s showing his walk along a snowy path with the kids, following animal traces. Which, for kids, is something so fun!


It’s always adorable when dads put their kids on their shoulders. It’s something I can just never do with my daughter. But dads do it with such ease, and what kid doesn’t like sitting on dad’s shoulders and be so high up?

Dental Surgery

Kids hate the dentist. And let’s face it – adults do too. It’s never an exciting visit. But when you’re five years old, it’s scarier than any other place you’re going to go as a child. But it looks like Curtis and Jordin are handling it well.


Thankfully, mom and dad are there with him to keep him calm and let him know that everything’s going to be alright. Whatever surgery he needed at such a young age was going to end well!

The next picture’s caption is not so in line with the picture itself!

A Bedtime Dance

His writing says “bedtime routine,” but it looks more like a dance to me. And whether he means it literally or metaphorically doesn’t really matter to me. The point is that he considers it a dance – an art – something artistic.


If this is how he really perceives bedtime routine to be, then it looks like these two soulmates made the right decision to be married and have kids! The two are truly inspirational!

A Deep Sleep

This is more of a cartoony version of his artwork. And it’s nice to see a bit of diversity in his work. Maybe the moment of when she fell asleep on him made him feel more like a child, younger, refreshed maybe.


And maybe that mood made him choose to draw in this style. Either way, it’s a sweet moment to capture. And the contrast between the two is notable – she’s in a deep sleep, and he’s wide awake. But that happens pretty much every night at my house.

‘She’s Pretty’

Curtis explained this photo by saying: ‘My wife asks me this every once in a while. I like thinking about it. What would your 6-yr-old self say if he could see you today?’


The little one is coming up and looking at mom while she’s sleeping, at her most vulnerable and least done up, and he says “she’s pretty.” Is there anything cuter than that?? I think not.

Date Night In

Judging by the two plates and bowl of popcorn next to them, it looks like the two are enjoying a date night in. The kids are asleep upstairs and now the two can enjoy a meal and movie on the couch.


But it looks like they’re enjoying each other more than the meal and popcorn. They didn’t even touch the popcorn!

Next, a vacation – but this time just for the couple!

Sunbathing – Front and Back

We all deserve a break sometimes. Parents need it more than ever. They left the kids with the grandparents, and they escaped to a tropical island. As they should!


Apparently, Curtis did this drawing on his iPad rather than with his typical pencil and paper. It means we get some color. And the two of them lying flat like pancakes is pretty much what a tropical vacation entails.

Date Night Out

The difference between date nights before kids and after kids is too big to even describe. Once you become parents and you manage to get all the necessary order in line just to get out of the house, you end up being too tired to even enjoy yourselves!


In the end, you say to yourselves “let’s go home” and you look at your watch, and it’s only 9:30 pm. But that’s life as a parent, isn’t it?

Another Amazing Artist Depicts His Marriage in Comics

Yehuda Devir is a Tel-Aviv-based illustrator and cartoonist who has been drawing amusing and very impressive comics about his everyday life with his wife, Maya. Yehuda is no stranger to sharing his life through his art.

Source: Yehuda Devir

For years now, he’s been turning his daily life into a comic book of sorts. The moments he depicts in his illustrations are charming, often hilarious, and totally relatable. He has an ongoing series called ‘One of Those Days’ where he and Maya chronicle their relationship.

From the Mundane to the Insane

The chronicles of these two love birds covers all kinds of things – from the mundane daily showers to the insanity of birthdays, as you can see in this image. Once you go through all the illustrations, you’ll really feel like you’re friends with this couple.

Source: Yehuda Devir

Judging by this photo, it really looks like the last thing Maya wants to do is celebrate her birthday. She probably only turned, like, 31. But according to her feelings, that’s just too old and not celebratory. But if you ask Yehuda, he’ll argue otherwise.

On a Path to Becoming Parents

This cute couple even included a very important journey in their comic series – getting pregnant. Yehuda chose to document all the ups and downs of the emotional journey involved in becoming parents.

Source: Jude Devir

He does a really amazing job and providing visuals to moments in our lives that aren’t always easy to illustrate. Yehuda spoke of the steps leading to their long-awaited pregnancy reveal. “We had been trying to conceive for about a year,” Yehuda told Bored Panda. “While doing so, we’ve realized that a family of our own is the biggest creation we can hope for.”

Wasn’t an Easy Journey

As Yehuda said, “The hardest parts were at the end of each month when Maya used to have her period. Continuously dealing with lack of success makes you feel as if you aren’t in control of your life. It’s a terrible feeling.” You can imagine how hard it would be…

Source: Jude Devir

Seeing this illustration, you can really get a feel for how it was in their relationship. What I love is how he kept a sense of humor through a tough time like this. And like most guys in this situation, the woman is in control, so it’s better to just do what they say!

A Metaphor

For couples trying to get pregnant, it can be a really stressful time. And this image basically shows the fear involved. But Maya and Yehuda seem to have kept a great sense of humor throughout. And hey, in the end, they got pregnant!

Source: Jude Devir

He continued to explain: “However, we’ve been together for such a long time that our friendship and love seem so strong, it feels like we can achieve everything if we work together. Challenges make us stronger and we can finally do our own baby announcement.”

They’re Pregnant!

On December 20, 2018, the happy couple announced their pregnancy, and people from all over said their congratulations. Yehuda hopes that telling their story can comfort all those struggling with the same issues and feelings of helplessness.

Source: Jude Devir

As he said online, “Readers see their life [pictured] and feel that they are not alone,” he offered. “There are other people somewhere in the world who are just like them, who experience ups and downs in their relationships [as well] and it gives [them] a sense of relevance.”

Over the Moon

This is the real Maya and Yehuda and yes, they look a lot like their animated selves! This was taken shortly after their pregnancy reveal, so you can see how happy they are! A mirror selfie was definitely a must at that moment.

Source: Maya Devir

Something else Yehuda said online was, “I think the reason people like [our comics] is because they identify with them and relive the beautiful moments that were important parts of shaping their own relationship.” That sounds about right!

Definitely Relatable

Yehuda is right in that people identify with his comics. He is depicting real life moments that happen among real life couples. Take this image for instance. When they were trying to get pregnant, Maya went to lengths to make it happen.

Source: Yehuda Devir

And that’s pretty much what happens. When we really want something, we do whatever is physically possible and hope for the best. And I’m happy to hear that it worked in the end!

But before the pregnancy, there were lots of moments to capture…

Like This One

What guy or girl can’t relate to this? It seems like just about every girl needs the blanket and will always win the blanket war in the end. Men – if you’re cold, go get a sweatshirt or find another blanket. The woman needs it more than you do.

Source: Yehuda Devir

But as you see from Yehuda’s depiction of this recurring moment, is that she may feel all nice and warm and cozy, but her feet are still as ice cold as ever. He’s basically turning into Ice Man.

She Has the Magic Touch

Here’s a sweet moment to capture and keep forever. Sometimes all we need is to lie down and fall asleep in each other’s arms, right? It’s a sense of warmth and belonging that just doesn’t happen with anyone else.

Source: Yehuda Devir

And it looks like Maya knows exactly what he wants – a good old back scratch. Men sure love their backs scratched, which is basically more proof that they’re just human bears. Am I right, ladies? Yeah, exactly.

It’s His Turn

If there’s an image I can relate to the most, it’s gotta be this one. I can just hear my husband saying the words: “How is it always my time to do the dishes?” And yes, I hear “What the hell did you make?” every time!

Source: Yehuda Devir

I do the dishes every day and he complains about having to do them once a week? And then complains that it’s “always” his turn? Is it just me or are men more delusional than they say women are? I just love this illustration. It sums up everything.

A Typical Run

This is what going on a run is like for these two, apparently. It looks like Yehuda is the “victim” in this one (or at least wants us to think he is) and Maya is the feisty and aggressive, yet loving and possessive one (or at least she wants him to think she is).

Source: Yehuda Devir

So, apparently, going for a run in the park is quite an event. All eyes on her man as we see in this illustration. Maya has to ward off all the looks that these women (and man) are giving her man.

But Working Out at Home?

They may go on runs together, sure, but working out at home? Not so much. At least not for Maya. They bought an elliptical, which is supposed to be used for working out indoors. But judging by this image, it was more of a dust collector.

Source: Yehuda Devir

It also serves the purpose of letting Maya lean on it while she eats Nutella from a jar. And who can blame her? Eating Nutella by the spoonful is one of the best snacks ever. It’s just probably not the best substitute for a workout.

Watching Game of Thrones

Here’s something pretty much every living and breathing person on this planet with access to HBO can relate to. For anyone who is a fan of ‘Game of Thrones’ – what is it that makes the show so amazing? Because I personally, haven’t gotten into it.

Source: Yehuda Devir

Yeah, I know. Maybe I’m missing out. But for those of you who are totally into the show and are fascinated by how they make the show, check out all things CGI in ‘Game of Thrones’ here!

Ikea is Supposed to Be Easy

Here’s another totally relatable picture. Ikea is supposed to be very easy to assemble, but for some reason lots of guys seem to have trouble making their furniture. And you know why? Because men don’t like to follow directions!

Source: Yehuda Devir

That’s right, I said it. Women can handle Ikea furniture (myself included) very well. We open the little booklet and make the thing slowly but surely. But guys? They think they don’t need the little booklet and result is a cabinet with a missing door or a crooked wardrobe.


Cockroaches are an unfortunate sight – to put it lightly. If you ask me, they’re some of the most disgusting things to ever find and the most annoying part is that you’re never prepared to see them! They pop up on the floor or in the cabinet.

Source: Yehuda Devir

While it looks like Maya has it covered with all her armor and the fort that she made to shield herself, I on the other hand, can’t go anywhere near them. I need to get my husband to get the shoe and the broom picker up thingy.

Mosquito Season

What is it about those people who mosquitos are drawn to? I don’t know about you guys, but mosquitos don’t really flock toward me. Maybe I’ll get one or two every once in a while, but I’m nothing like Maya, who seems to be fighting for her life.

Source: Yehuda Devir

I love how Yehuda depicts his wife as this super hero. And not just in this “Street Fighter” style picture, but in general. He always draws her in a positive way. Even when she (like all of us) can be annoying, he still makes her sexy or funny or cute.


This pretty much sums it up for any couple where the girl wants to take a selfie. The guy is really just there because his arms happen to be longer and he’s not actually supposed to be part of the photo.

Source: Yehuda Devir

And if the girlfriend or wife has long hair, it ends up looking something like this picture. It’s more or less a showcase for the girl. And it looks like Maya in real life has this same amount of hair as she does in her cartoon version of herself.

Cutting Onions

Even when he draws Maya in a less than appealing state, he still makes her look adorable. That’s true love, folks! Yehuda got a degree in visual communication from Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, Israel.

Source: Yehuda Devir

And as it turns out, Maya has an eye for art and design too, being that she’s a graphic designer. But maybe cutting onions isn’t so representative of her talents. She should stick to her day job.

Grocery Shopping in the City

City dwellers, you can relate no? This is pretty much what grocery shopping in the city looks like when you go as a couple. And while you’re in the store, picking up your items, you never really factor in that you have to eventually carry them home.

Source: Yehuda Devir

And while Maya is contributing to the effort, carrying her own heavy load, let’s be honest – Yehuda is doing most of the work. But hey, all those muscles he draws on himself must mean that he considers himself strong enough, no?

A Kitchen Scientist

It looks like Maya really likes to be in the kitchen. And he’s complaining?! Instead of complaining about the noise or the mess, try being thankful that your woman is cooking or preparing food! Not everyone enjoys constantly being in the kitchen.

Source: Yehuda Devir

If you ask my husband, he would kill for me to constantly cook him dinners. I like cooking, but I’m no kitchen scientist by any means. I stick to what I like and don’t really go for the new and exciting.

Carpool Karaoke

Here’s another adorable image of this adorable couple. Looks like they also love spending time in the car together, rocking out to whatever music they’re listening to. While that’s all fun and amazing, I gotta wonder – does this couple ever NOT get along?

Source: Yehuda Devir

But then again, we like to show the good parts of us, so it makes sense that Yehuda is looking to share the better parts of his relationship. I get that. But it wouldn’t hurt to see something less than amazing once in a while.

He Remembered

That’s right, he put a reminder to remember their anniversary. So what! It’s fair isn’t it? It’s hard to remember all those dates of every important thing in our lives. I think the important part here is that Maya doesn’t know.

Source: Yehuda Devir

Here’s where a little white lie won’t kill anyone. So she thinks he remembered their anniversary. It’s the thought that counts. And look at her face. And his! Isn’t that what’s important here?

Nothing to Wear?

Yes, this is an issue that happens to many of us. But is it weird that in my house, the roles are actually reversed, and it’s more my husband that takes forever getting ready and choosing what to wear? I might go through a few options, too.

Source: Yehuda Devir

But he can look at a closet full of 47 or so shirts to choose from and look at me and seriously say “I have no shirts to wear. I need to buy some more. Tomorrow, I’m going to buy more shirts.” To which I can only roll my eyes.

The Art of Seduction

How cute is it that he even added the book “The Art of Seduction for Dummies” on the side, next to the elliptical that we know only collects dust. While pouring the jar of Nutella on her might not be the sexiest thing, she’s trying.

Source: Yehuda Devir

This is another example of how it’s the thought that counts. The sticky chocolate isn’t doing the job she wanted it to do, but the whole point is to get his attention. And she did. He’s just not sure if it’s the kind of attention she was hoping for…

The Proposal

Although there wasn’t a date on this specific illustration, I’m going to assume it was one of the first ones that Yehuda created. Why? Because he and Maya look very different from the rest of the comic illustrations, no?

Source: Yehuda Devir

While he still made the point to add extra muscle to his arms, his whole look is different. Here, it’s a lot less comic book style. Although this is a great picture, I’m glad he went in the direction of comic books as it’s a lot more engaging.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Yes, this is the way many of us feel when it’s even the slightest bit cold out. And even in Tel Aviv, where this couple lives, where the winters are not even close to what real winters are, it can still get cold. And while it may look like Maya is exaggerating, she doesn’t want to be cold.

Source: Yehuda Devir

A normal person would need a scarf and a jacket, but a girl who gets as cold as Maya does, going out for even a few minutes requires a scarf that’s more like a suit of armor. But hey, she can’t help how cold she feels!

On the Bus

If I had to judge him based solely on these illustrations of his, I would say that he’s a really good guy. He supports his wife through thick and thin, both emotionally and literally – like how he needs to provide a shoulder for her to lean on.

Source: Yehuda Devir

What I don’t get is how she can possibly fall asleep like that. It’s a blessing to be able to fall asleep in places like the bus or on a plane. I can’t fall asleep in places other than my bed for the life of me. And I wish I could!

Now it’s His Turn to Be Seductive

Everyone has their own way of being seductive. For Maya, it was pouring melted Nutella on her legs. For Yehuda, it’s shaving his face to look like his own version of a traditional Latin lover with the rose in his mouth and everything.

Source: Yehuda Devir

While the two are in front of the mirror and brushing their teeth and shaving, their thoughts wander. He’s thinking about how sexy his shave is going to be tonight. And she’s thinking about what he could possibly be thinking about.

Moving Day

Just married, the couple packed their things and headed to the city that never sleeps (aka Tel Aviv). If you’ve ever been to the city, it’s literally like a city in a bubble. You wouldn’t believe that you’re even in the country Israel.

Source: Yehuda Devir

But that fact aside, it’s an exciting moment for the couple, especially Maya who’s literally riding on the boxes in her excitement. And who has to carry the load? Yehuda of course. But again, his muscles are big enough.

Some Other Hilarious Cartoons Depicting Married Life

Since we’re on the topic of married life, I thought it would be fitting to include some rather hilarious little cartoons depicting average married couple moments. Like this one, for example. She’s reaching out toward her husband.

Source: Hedger Humor

Aw, how sweet. But no, she wasn’t reaching for his hand. She wanted the chips. Yup, that seems about right. Hey, it’s 9:30 pm, the kids are in bed finally, the TV is on. Give her the bag of chips!

The Same Artist

Here’s another cartoon about married life by the same cartoonist, Adrienne Hedger. It looks like she totally understands married life. I wonder how long she’s been married, because this is hilariously perfect. It’s what we all have to deal with.

Source: Hedger Humor

Doesn’t matter how happily married you are, everyone has things about them that their partner would rather not have to deal with all the time. But that’s life! We’re not perfect. The list of those annoying things can get long. But they’re not deal breakers.

Auto Pilot

While this picture is pretty funny and these moments can definitely be brushed off, they can also be quite irritating and even offensive. So let this be a reminder and even a lesson to all of us who tend to go on auto pilot every once in a while.

Source: Hedger Humor

It’s too easy to just open our phones or whatever and turn off our minds, especially as tempting as it is at the end of a hard and long day. But, it’s not easy to deal with the repercussions of having your spouse feel neglected and not heard. Just saying…

These Two…

How cute is this. I even laughed out loud. As you can see, she is explaining (in her head) what its’s like to be married for a long time. It means knowing what the other one is thinking. But he hears her thoughts and still disagrees with her. How classic!

Source: NS Church

This is a cartoon from Funny Times, the American humor newspaper founded in 1985. It’s still being published by the wife and husband team of Susan Wolpert and Raymond Lesser.

Story of My Life!

And when I say story of my life, I’m referring to this exact thing happening all the time with my husband. He plops on the couch, I tell him to go to bed, he wants to pretend like it’s too early for him to sleep, and then what do you know…

Source: Hedger Humor

He falls asleep 10 minutes later and leaves no room for me on the couch. So what ends up happening? I end up just going to bed early too. Yup, that’s life of a married couple.