When Kids Say and Do the Funniest (and Most Embarrassing) Things

Listen up, parents! If you think what happens at home, stays at home, you’re mistaken. That daily glass of red wine that you think your kids will mistake for grape juice? Yeah, you’re not fooling them. Oh, and that weight problem you might have? Your children noticed.

Here are some of the more hilarious things that kids have revealed about their parents at school.

Her Dad Has a Problum

Remember those early elementary exercises where we had to know how to compose complete sentences? Well, this kiddo took it upon him or herself and got a little bit creative…and a little too honest. When answering the question, “Who ate the most at the picnic?” instead of choosing between the mosquitos and the dog, the child wrote, “My dad. He is chubby. He has a problem.”

Source: Dad Patrol

Ouch. The dad probably knows of his weight problem, but does he really need to get strange looks from his kid’s teacher now? Poor guy. But hey, more of a reason to start on that weight loss journey!

From Morning to Night

That moment when your child calls you out on your worst times. It’s easy to forget that those little ones are actually huge sponges and basically soak everything up. Even the details of how you look in the morning and look when you go out.

Source: Pinterest

This kid’s mom’s transformation is well documented. From her less than presentable morning self to her “going out look” complete with red lipstick, big eyelashes, and pink high heels. Whether this was meant to be a document or more of a funny twist on a school assignment, this kid has a bright future.

Well That’s Awkward

That’s a pretty large glass of wine for a small person. And she’s also levitating, which means she’s even smaller. But anyways, while many moms need a glass of wine in to unwind after a normal day of being a mother, we can’t fool ourselves by thinking that our kids will think it’s actually grape juice.

Source: 1KBuzz

To this mom’s horror, her child decided to share her love of wine with the entire class. Which can be laughed off, of course. But if that one glass turns to two glasses or more, then I think your kid’s school exercises might just be the least of your worries.

An Ellen Addiction

What stay at home mom doesn’t watch ‘Ellen?’ Here’s another school assignment where the child had to talk about their parents and describe what they do during the day. Most kids would probably write about their mom is in the office or even grocery shopping. But not this, mom.

Source: Pinterest

This mom sits around watching Ellen all day, according to her kid. Let’s hope that this is a bit of an exaggeration and that the mom does a little more than just that. Because hey, the dishes aren’t going to do themselves. And I doubt dad will do them when he gets home. Am I right, or am I right?

Her Dad Is Eight

This is clearly the funniest one. I think teachers have their young students complete these forms strictly for the purpose of laughing when reading their answers. Really! Take this “My Dad” sheet.

Source: Dad Patrol

First off, this girl thinks that her dad is “8 years old”, his favorite food is beer, and it’s always funny when he farts. And don’t even get me started on how they like to go to the dollar store together. But hey, it’s sweet. And he always feeds her fish!

World’s Greatest Farter, Um, Father

Is there anything cuter than getting a heartfelt note from your child? Even if it’s just a tad too honest or misdirected. It’s the thought that counts, right? This little one decided to make a card for his father that reads “World’s greatest farter!”

Source: The Sun

This is the perfect joke for dads, and the kid’s sense of humor would make him proud for sure. What makes this card better is the tiny illustration of some kind of poisonous cloud along with a skull and crossbones. This gives a whole new meaning to silent but deadly.

Mom! (No) More Meatloaf!

I hope someone will get the reference to the title (“Oldschool” and Will Ferrell). Anyways, sometimes you need to frame a request that might offend someone into a compliment. Like this small genius that wanted nothing more than to stop eating her mom’s meatloaf.

Source: Go Social

This card seems might even have been made by a sneaky teenager. Or just a young kid who really can’t stand another meatloaf dinner. I wonder how mom felt when she read this. I think the word bittersweet would best describe it.

An All Too Realistic Note

I think it’s obvious here that the two parents are separated or divorced. First off, it’s really sweet that this little girl wrote a note for her dad a note about how she and her brother miss him and are happy to stay with him.

Source: Pinterest

But then it’s also hilarious how she notes that although she would want her parents to get back together, it’s just not going to happen because “my mom doesn’t like you.” I don’t think I would want to see dad’s face when reading this.

Drinking on the Job

This is another one of those “all about dad or mom” activities for little kids at school. For the part that describes what dad does for a living, the kid just wrote an “employee,” which is a pretty funny yet appropriate response.

Source: Pinterest

And what does dad enjoy doing? Well, he likes drinking. When your kid think that’s all you enjoy doing is drinking, you might want to question your alcohol intake. Or at least have a real conversation with your kids.

The Fart Folder

This is another drawing that can be saved in the fart folder. It seems like farting is a real topic among kids. But this time it isn’t centered on dad. This one is meant to embarrass mom for a change. Moms are typically a bit more sensitive about the subject, so she was probably not so happy to see this drawing when her kid brought it home.

Source: Go Social

Let’s just hope that this wasn’t one of those drawings that the teacher ended up posting on the wall outside the classroom. Then again, who knows. Maybe mom has as good as a sense of humor as her kid does.

Wine Nights

Ouch. This kid drew her mom with a smiley face and hearts and colors and all. But the truth is in the pudding. Mom needs to stop drinking wine. If your kid is flat out saying that you need to stop drinking wine, then you should probably rethink your habits.

Source: Pinterest

But at least she drew her looking nice in a pink dress surrounded by love. This mom is going to have a sit down with little Betty and see what they can do about her “wine nights,” which can also be called Monday to Sunday.

The Mommy and Daddy Bubble

Evan made a really sweet drawing and of mommy and daddy for his elementary school class. What is the difference between mom and dad, really… Well, if you ask Evan, one is responsible for giving and showing love and the other, well, passes gas.

Source: Pinterest

What is it about dads and farts that go hand in hand? In any household, it seems to be a common experience that fathers are always the most flatulent. The teacher also responded by putting a pretty funny sticker on the paper, which simply reads, “Wow!”

Mom Doesn’t Like People

I would only hope this drawing wasn’t turned in to the teacher because it would definitely raise some eyebrows. It looks like the kid first drew the “evil snake,” which either ate his “evil mom” or turned into more of an evil path for her to walk down.

Source: Pinterest

Either way, yikes! This kid was not happy about his mom when he drew this. Maybe she got mad at him for throwing his toys all over the floor, who knows. Or maybe he wanted a snake, and she said: “hell, no!”

Mom Vs. Dad

This drawing doesn’t look like it was done in class but rather at a table at Chucky Cheeses. Either way, it speaks volumes. Kids menus are meant to occupy the youngsters while you wait for your order. This drawing was left behind for the waitress to find is pretty funny.

Source: Cheezburger

Mom and dad weren’t having the best dinner and were probably arguing the whole time. Poor kids. At least this little one took it out on the menu and basically depicted the argument through the wonderful means of crayons.

The Drawing That Went Viral’

This drawing got a lot of traction on the Internet when it first went viral a few years ago. While the child seems to show the mom on a pole with people giving her money, the original person who posted said that they actually work at Home Depot.

Source: Beme This

So, no that’s not a pole. The mom is just carrying some kind of tool (a shovel, maybe), and people are spending their money in essence. But the teacher who saw this for sure had thoughts streaming through her head.

Dad is More Interesting Than Mom

This kid had to write about the most interesting person in their life. It’s common for kids to usually pick one of their parents, and it can be hard for them to choose just one. But not in this case. He easily picked his dad over his mom “because she’s more like a regular mom.”

Source: Go Social

He actually took the time to write why he chose dad over mom, which we don’t think was part of the assignment. Let’s hope his mom isn’t the jealous type because this could lead to a household duel.

School Lunches

This is one smart kid. He or she knows that maybe they won’t get what they want in their lunch every day just by asking mom, so they have to hint it at their teacher. If the teacher thinks that all they’re eating at lunch is stale Cheetos, then maybe the teacher will talk to the mom.

Source: Pinterest

This is a calculated and manipulative maneuver on this kid’s part, and you kind of have to respect the effort. This kid could very well rule the world one day. Or at least be good at mind games.

This Day, Not That Day

This drawing is a reminder to dad to remember a certain day: father and son day. And what that means is that it’s not a day to lie in bed all day. It’s a day to hold hands and do fun things together. Come on, dad. Get your sh*% together.

Source: Beme This

This nice, albeit semi-threatening note, will help to remind him. The illustrations are just perfect. It’s like a guided map into the son’s desires and dad’s laziness. If dad didn’t get the hint with this note, then we have a bigger problem at hand.

Suck It Up

You can just hear the kid’s dad saying this. If you’re a teacher and you don’t get back answers like this, one, it’s probably best not to assign them. Kids can be brutally honest, and half of the time they don’t even know when they are.

Source: Go Social

It’s not that hard to picture parents saying “suck it up” to their kids when they’re overreacting and maybe it works out quite well. We can also probably guarantee that this kid is also telling their classmates to suck it up out on the playground because that’s how they roll.

A Self-Claiming Freeloader

Let’s give it to Frankie for being straight up honest and to the point. Earning money? Not in Frankie’s household. He’s a freeloader. Freeloaders don’t need to earn money – they just get it! Granted, they probably don’t mean it in an insulting way because by the looks of it. Frankie’s in kindergarten.

Source: Cheezburger

I gotta say that this is one strange school assignment. Is it that common for kids to earn money at home? To a point where they printed out school assignments revolving around the matter?

No Comment…

I am going to assume (and truly hope) that this note is a joke of some sort. I can’t imagine the kid’s mom literally burping up poop, let alone on his bed. And if it gets so bad and to the point that the kid has to write a note to mom about it…

Source: Beme This

It’s clearly written by a child, but you can’t help but wonder what happened that made them actually write this note because it probably didn’t just come from nowhere. We just hope that the mom has stopped her antics for the sake of her children.

Too Many Things!

This is just too hilarious! There are too many things to even comment on! If this isn’t embarrassing, then what is?! This kid has absolutely no idea what is going on, which is what makes this funny more than anything.

Source: Beme This

Things to think about: a) “daddy and Bich” b) why did the kid even draw this? c) does the dad know that his kids can hear him and “bich”? d) does he know that his kid thinks they’re wrestling? Too many questions!

Dear Miss Mac

Miss Mac must be doing something right if her students want her to look after them in the case that their own parents die. It sounds like they rather than mourning when mom dies, they just want Miss Mac to move in instead.

Source: Go Social

Hopefully, Nina’s mom never saw this because this would be heartbreaking for any parent to see. Miss Mac should probably talk to Nina and let her know that she won’t be replacing her real mother anytime soon.

It Gets Darker

If you thought the last drawing was bad, this one would make you second guess your own existence. We’ll never know what this little boy and his father do in their free time, but we hope that it’s nothing related to dancing on his dead mother’s grave.

Source: Cheezburger

Let’s hope that maybe he saw something in a movie and doesn’t fully know what it even means. It’s either that or maybe he really does dance on his mothers grave, which would be a little dark.

The Taking Boy

Looks like Julian has an imaginary friend. And while he probably meant to call him the “talking boy” he wrote “the taking boy” instead. But then again, maybe he’s not imaginary at all. Maybe it’s the black sheep of the family. Sad.

Source: Beme This

Either way, this picture is a little upsetting, and we hope that the child is getting the help that they probably need. Chances are, this fell into the hands of a teacher or a parent so it could be handled with accordingly.

Paranormal Activity?

Although this is a child’s drawing, which could mean many things, it’s still a little bit creepy. You can never really tell if a kid is just using their imagination, or if they are serious. Like this house that has less than normal people in the house.

Source: Go Social

But the person on the top left looks very similar to Jack Skelington from ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas,’ so we’re going to assume that this is just a kid having fun while drawing a picture. If not, then the teacher has an issue to deal with.

At Least There’s Pudding

Things might seem like it’s all lollipops and rainbows for this little girl, but not everything is alright at home. While the point of the story might be for this girl to express her love for pudding, in reality, it tells the very real story about a possibly failing marriage.

Source: Pinterest

It’s a good thing that she hasn’t figured that part out yet, and her mom just keeps on giving her the pudding that she loves. Maybe her dad will even come home for dinner tonight, and everything will be better. Or not.

Did Mom Just Try to Hit Dad With the Car?

By the looks of this picture, the parents are having some pretty serious issues. Although sometimes you might be able to learn about a child’s life at home from their pictures, this one paints a very obvious picture. Then again, maybe the mom is picking the dad up from work.

Source: Go Social

Hopefully, the mom never actually tried to hit the dad with her car. Considering the smile on the mom’s face, it looks like she took some serious pleasure in it. Maybe this is all a big joke, and the kid is trying to get their parents in trouble.

Marriage? No Thanks

You have to admit that this picture is hilarious. The kid looks barely old enough to spell, yet they already have their own personal thoughts and beliefs about marriage. I’m going to guess that dad gave him this idea.

Source: Go Social

It’s funny that a young kid thinks that not getting married means lying around on the couch and saying “this is the life” all day. Work? Responsibilities? Nah. Unmarried life is all about comfy chairs and empty walls.

Mom Likes Vadca

Is it weird when a child knows that their mother’s favorite drink is vodka? It’s also interesting that the mom laughs when they run into the wall. Maybe that’s after a few cups of vodka cranberry.

Source: 1KBuzz

After a few vodka cranberries, anything is funny. But it’s okay; the kid doesn’t seem to mind since their favorite thing to do is hug her. And hey, she says she loves them a lot and cooks great chili.

She’s the Best

It’s sweet that this kid loves him mom despite taking the money behind his back and all that. From her sub-par cooking skills to stealing money, he really left no stone unturned. He even blamed the time he was sick on her cooking.

Source: Pinterest

How much money does this kid have that the mom would feel the need to take it from him? But after berating her with insults, he wraps it up to the note by saying how much he loves her despite all of her flaws.

Way Too Aware of Reality

Okay, the fact that this kid even knows that babies have been left in boxes by unfit parents is too much. Whether some other kid told a story just to try to scare the kid or not, it’s just too strange for kids to even be thinking about that.

Source: Pinterest

While it is possible that this kid is now too aware of the sad reality of the world we live in and the drug addictions that adults can have which can result in something like that, it’s also possible that the kid meant something entirely different. But, anyways…

Daddy Skeleton

This child had to draw the anatomy of a skeleton, and they decided to draw what they call a “daddy skeleton.” It’s anatomically a little too correct, which means that maybe it’s the time that dad starts wearing a towel around the house.

Source: Pinterest

There comes an age when it’s no longer totally appropriate to treat your house like the Garden of Eden with your little kids anymore. It also looks like this drawing made the chalkboard, so we assume that the teacher was amused.

Love, Ryan, and Luke

Most mothers will agree that there’s nothing sweeter than receiving a handwritten card from your children. Whether it’s Mother’s Day, Christmas, or a birthday, it’s one of the most personal things you can get.

Source: Pinterest

But it looks like these kids have another message that they wanted to send as well. It took me a second to get it, but the picture is of the kids giving her the bird. Or maybe that’s the mom flipping the bird? The jury is out.

The Wheels On The Bus Go…

This was supposed to be an illustration of the song “The Wheels On The Bus,” but we guess the kid had something else in mind. If you were a teacher and saw this, you’d most likely suspect that there aren’t strict parental controls over the TV or internet or this is a common phrase tossed around at home.

Source: Pinterest

Everything aside, it’s still a pretty good drawing considering the scandalous content. Maybe the kid is just a troubled artist, and they are in the process of finding his or her own unique style.

Money Makes The World Go Round

Shira wants her Aunt to know how much she loves her “Tita” for always loving her and taking care of her. Shira also knows that her Aunt loves money, which already a pretty hilarious observation for a child. But she has no money “this time.”

Source: Pinterest

So she drew some money instead. Well, it’s the thought that counts. It’s clear that this little girl definitely cares for her beloved Aunt and would surely give her money if she had any at her young age.

Oh My Goodness Me!

It seems like a lot of moms these days are enjoying wine a little too much. Here is another from the “wine files.” This kiddo’s class writes down their daily news and what happened in their lives. For this little boy, he got to go play with his friend Lucas, while mom “got drunk.”

Source: 1KBuzz

Funny thing is the teacher responded with “Oh goodness me. It’s important for mom to let her hair down once in a while.” Chances are the teacher probably totally relates to mom in this instance.

An Allergy to Facebook

The problem of this generation: social media. This kid’s dad has clearly stated that he’s allergic to Facebook. Smart guy. But mom? Mom loves Facebook. And it’s all displayed in this comic book assignment.

Source: Cheezburger

It’s funny that this kid was already that paying so much attention to mom and dad to make such an observation. I can only imagine what social media is going to be like by the time this little kid is in a marriage of their own.

The Dad Project

Here’s another one to add to the fart folder. This child is at the age where they are learning about science with all the solids, liquids, and gases. Under the “gases” section they decided to depict a picture of their dad passing gas, which serves as an example, of course.

Source: Cheezburger

Technically, they are right. What’s funnier is that in the background of the drawing is a person, shouting in disgust or fear. This kid probably got points for a creative answer.

The Demon Spared Them This Time

Can we all hope this one is a joke? “Today, I had a fun time, mom and dad and the cat. Even the demon left us alone this time…” Omg. Hopefully, there’s no actual Poltergeist-like situation.

Source: 1KBuzz

Can you imagine being the teacher and a child turned this drawing in? Someone’s definitely getting a trip to the school counselor! What do you even say to the child? Well, if he’s laughing, then you can guess that it was a prank. But if not, then uh oh…