When Animals Would Rather Be the Behind the Camera

I gotta admit that I’m jealous of wildlife photographers. They get to spend their days in beautiful landscapes and capturing the moments of incredible wildlife that exist on this planet. Sure, it can involve hours on hours of waiting for the moment the jaguar finally walks out of the bush, but that moment – it’s unforgettable.

Okay, so wildlife photography is amazing, right? Well, what if the subjects of their photography don’t want their photos taken? What if they would rather be behind the camera with the photographer? These are photos of exactly that. These animals chose to interrupt their impromptu photo shoot and chose to go behind the scenes instead.

A Cheetah or a Camera Assistant?

This photo may seem quite relaxing, if not incredible. But this photographer was anything but relaxed. He has to still get the perfect shot of his subject while a cheetah is coolly and casually just lying next to him. No big deal, just a highly dangerous yet gorgeous wild cat is sitting next to you.

Source: Pinterest

This cheetah looks like she has some pointers to give this photographer on how to keep the focus on the lens.

A Seal With a Sense of Humor

This nature photographer got quite a surprise while he was trying to take photos of seals on the beach. One snuck up on him and just planted himself on the photographer’s back, leaving him stuck between a rock and a hard place, literally.

Source: Imgur

The truth is, there’s nothing he could do but laugh. And judging by this photo, it looks like that’s exactly what happened.

Curious Mr. Fox

While this fox saw a photographer reviewing his pictures, he was too curious not to creep up and take a look too. Can you blame him? Don’t you like to see how you look after a shot was just taken of you? This fox is no fool.

Source: Science 101

If his face is going to be in a spread of National Geographic, it better be from his right side! (He doesn’t like the left side of his face).


Admit it – “awwwww” is the first thing you either murmured out loud right now or at least thought in your head. Can things get any cuter than this?? This baby cheetah is chilling out on the photographer’s back while he’s taking some amazing shots of her mama.

Source: Pinterest

And with an expression like that, I think she’d rather be playing or eating a snack. But patience is important, and it needs to be taught to all the little ones.

Even Cuter!

Okay, so maybe I was wrong – this might be even cuter than the last one. A baby white tiger felt like playing around with the photographer instead of being the subject of his photos. I can’t blame her, and I also can’t blame the photographer for just letting go and enjoying the moment!

Source: Imgur

Even if his shot was ruined, at least he has this photo to honor the moment.

Quiet on the Set!

This koala went through four years of film school for this moment right here. His first news filming gig and he can’t screw it up! Okay so that would be the case if we were living in a Pixar movie, but sadly, we’re not. In this photo, Australian TV news channel, NBN Television, was shooting in a reptile park when this adorable koala jumped in and basically took over.

Source: Pinterest


Nobody knew where he came from and even where he went afterward, but it was too hilarious not to capture on camera.

My Hear Would Have Stopped

Okay, I don’t know how this photographer even has a smidgen of a smile on his face, because if this was me, you would looking at someone mid-heart attack in between two grizzly bears. This photo shoot did not go as planned for this guy, but at least he lived to talk about it. Phew! Good for him for remaining calm and collected.

Source: Pinterest

And luckily for him that these two bears had just eaten prior and were happily full and content. Otherwise, this would be a whole other kind of list.

A Mouthful of Lens

These are all examples of why it’s important for photographers to head out in multiples and never go alone. Aside from safety reasons (like not getting eaten alive by bears), you want another pair of hands in case moments like this to happen, and you want a photo!

Source: Twitter

Whether the photographer put some food in the lens to attract the elk for a close-up, or if the elk was just curious on his own, it doesn’t matter. The result was worth it.

The bird is the Word

While it may look like this is a selfie-taking place, it’s not. The camera is pointed at the bird only because this photographer knew that this was too good to miss.

Source: Imgur

Like, come on – if a bird lands on your head, you’re not going to take a photo? And speaking of – when do birds ever land on your head? They never do!

You Can’t Fool This Fox

With all the tactics that photographers use to try to blend in with nature and get the perfect shots of wildlife, leave it to a fox to basically make all your work seem useless. Nothing goes over this fox’s head. He knows everything that goes into his hood (forest).

Source: Imgur

A large igloo-like contraption in the middle of his home with a lens sticking out? No shot, Mr. Cameraman (pun intended).

Meerkat Confessionals

This cameraman saw a meerkat family and took the opportunity to get a great picture. But this isn’t any ordinary meerkat family. This part of the royal meerkat family that can’t afford any scandalous photos.

Source: Pinterest

So if he wants to take photos, it’s at one caveat – that their bodyguard meerkat watches to make sure the photos are “suitable.”

Did You Say Nuts?

This guy’s bag must have nuts in it or on it because squirrels just never get that close to humans. Squirrels are probably the most nervous and jittery creatures in the forest. And as Carrie said on ‘Sex and the City,’ “You can’t make friends with a squirrel.

Source: Reddit

Squirrels are just rats with cuter outfits.” But rats or not rats, squirrels are actually pretty cute. And this little one is adorable.

What is This Thing?

I admit that I have no idea what animal this is, other than the fact that it’s a baby animal. If I had to guess, I would say this is a baby skunk or weasel. But whatever it is, he won our hearts and that of the photographer.

Source: Twitter

He didn’t have any interest in being the model of the photo shoot, but he WAS in the mood for a little smooch.

Umm, Where’s the Photographer?

Why is no one asking what happened to the photographer? All we see is a lioness holding the camera. But where’s the photographer? Is this camera supposed to be her dessert?

Source: Pinterest

I’m not sure where he or she is, but if they’re alive, it’s better to say goodbye to the camera and be thankful that you’re still alive.

Speaking of Lionesses

Lions may just be the king of the jungle and the top of the food chain, but who said they couldn’t also be the on the top of the film chain too? This lioness has been dreaming of becoming a photographer ever since she was a cub.

Source: Twitter

So when she sees a camera in the wild – she’s going for it. Cameraman or no cameraman, she has a mission, and she’s going to do what she needs to do to make it happen.

Seeking Shelter…and Nuts

This photo is from Yorkshire Dales National Park in northern England, where photographers Dalia Kvedaraite and Giedrius Stakauskas were on an assignment to capture red squirrels on camera. But they didn’t expect it to be so literal.

Source: Twitter

This red squirrel wasn’t just captured on film; it actually climbed into the camera’s lens. This camera stopped working, so they put a few peanuts inside the lens hood.

This is Not Photo Shopped

Yes, this is a real photo! It took photographer Leopold Kanzler almost two days to get this perfect image. “I’m not sure who had more fun, me or the beaver, but it seemed more than happy with receiving so many tasty treats,” Leopold said about it.

Source: Pinterest

His trick to tempt the beaver and bring them closer to the lens was to hide an apple slice inside it. Well done!

His View, Our View

Photographer Dan Dinu was on a mission in a forest near St. Ana Lake, Romania to film wildlife. He was with a group of trainees in an area that was known for its friendly residents – foxes. This fox showed up on the roadside and came closer and closer as the team got out of the car. He was really interested in Dan’s camera.

Source: Reddit

The crew found out that this fox was raised by a forest ranger, so he wasn’t scared of humans.

Beware of the Eagle

This photographer just wanted to snap some photos in the wild and hopefully get a good shot of an eagle. Did he expect to be tackled by one? No. Did he expect to then survive the attack? No. Did he get a photo of the bird before it attacked him?

Source: Twitter

Yes. Is this photo at the same time both incredible and really scary? Yes. Am I asking too many questions? Sorry.

The Royal Meerkat Family

Remember the royal family? The Meerkat one. Yeah, well this is the same photographer, Will Burrard-Lucas, who got another picture from his remote camera. These baby Meerkats weren’t afraid of him anymore.

Source: Twitter

And the bodyguard became more lax with his supervision. He even let the babies take over.

That’s Director Fox, Sir

Foxes are known to be clever. But foxes would rather be known for their other talents too. For instance, they have a great ability to direct. Somehow, they manage to get behind the camera and see what other animals don’t see. Their sense of focus and ability to see composition beats all the other animals out there.

Source: Pinterest

That’s why they’re opening a Film School for Foxes. Again, if only we lived in the Pixar universe.

Meet Indiana Jones

Mett Indiana Jones. Not the character played by Harrison Ford. The real Indiana Jones, the capuchin monkey who has a flair for film work. The little guy was willing to snap some photos under the supervision of his trainer, Ben Britton. Indiana Jones was only a baby when he started to show his interest in taking photos.

Source: Reddit

Monkeys learn amazingly fast and also use tools for their benefit. Pretty cool, huh?

Hoo Hoo

Why have owls always been described and portrayed as the wise ones in fairy tales and storybooks? Because if I had to attribute a quality to these birds, it would more along the lines of alert and borderline creepy. They don’t seem to blink, adding to their intensity. This grey owl landed on the camera when the photographer went to bring another case of lenses.

Source: Imgur

The owl wanted him to know that he was being watched. Why? Only the owl knows…


Chipmunks (or chupmonkeys as my husband whose first language isn’t English used to call them) are some of the cutest little creatures you’ll ever find in the forest. Similar to the squirrel, they’re quick and a bit nervous, but they’re curious and adorable.

Source: Reddit

This image was snapped when the photographer left his camera behind to do something else. The chipmunks seized the opportunity.

Staring Down the Lens

Photographer Alexander Sviridov spent hours trying to get a shot of the bird. After not succeeding, he had to change his tactic. So he decided to get their attention by putting bird seeds on his camera lens. Before he knew it, a wild Black-capped Chickadee showed up.

Source: Pinterest

They’re found in southern Canada and the northern United States. Alexander used a remote control focused on himself to snap this photo.

Grey Seal

It isn’t just land animals that have a knack for cameras and film. Grey seals also watch National Geographic during their downtime, and they too have dreams of making it big. This grey seal saw this photographer and wanted to show off a little bit.

Source: Imgur

He wanted to show him how different camera angles can be an option too.

Baby Wolf

I think this is probably the only stage in a wolf’s life that humans can get this close. No? I mean, they grow up to be quite ferocious creatures. And what’s more amazing is how the whole dog species have evolved from wolves.

Source: Twitter

They eventually became our little furry pets, but they started out as pack dogs that kill on prey. But anyways, how cute is this little fella?

Little Falcon

This is a young falcon, from the family of Falconidae, just in case you were wondering. This bird doesn’t seem to be at all scared of the two humans standing around her.

Source: Pinterest

What she is interested in, rather, is the bag of chips that the lady has in the trunk of her car.

Person of the Forest

Did you know that in Malaysian, orangutan means “person of the forest?” That’s basically what they are. And they’re way smarter than you may think. This orangutan at first posed for the cameraman as he took a series of shots.

Source: Science 101

And just like a human would, he came up to him after and wanted to see all the photos taken of him. He probably also chose which ones to keep too.

The Forest of Madagascar

Lemurs are real animals that are as funny looking as they are funny-speaking in the movie ‘Madagascar.’ Photographer Bobby-Jo Vial saw these lemurs in the forest on Madagascar on a photoshoot. She was clicking away when they suddenly jumped up on her and basically created this remarkable moment.

Source: Reddit

They either wanted to put on an unforgettable show or just wanted to distract her to get the snacks in her bag.

Just Checking the Equipment

The United Kingdom has plenty of squirrels. Why? Because in 1800, grey squirrels were brought onto the large island and ever since, there’s been a war between the native red squirrels and the grey ones. But anyways, this red squirrel is not interested in the history of his land.

Source: Pinterest

He just wants to check the camera to make sure it’s working properly so he can get to his modeling shoot.

Real Life Disney

I think if Disney movies were based on real life, this is what it would look like. A baby wolf and baby elk? It doesn’t get cuter than that, and I can just see them turning into cartoon characters. Elk, by the way, are just white-tailed deer.

Source: Imgur

And these two little ones are showing an early interest in photography.

A Close Up of Joey

Joeys are baby kangaroos, and this one wanted to get the closest possible close-up. The photographer didn’t mind when this pair of kangaroos hopped towards his camera and took over.

Source: Science 101

They gave him one of the best shots of his career, so he can’t really complain!

Back to the Royal Family

Will Burrard-Lucas couldn’t get enough of the wild yet royal family. He knew his photos would end up on the front page of Meerkat Daily. As the bodyguard stood on this massive lens, he took shots of the family hanging out in the fields and lounging around together.

Source: Pinterest

It’s high-class paparazzi photos that he’s after.

What Are You Up To?

What are you up to little fox? Photographer Marion Klette was taking photos with her friend Tommy Angelsen when this little fox started to sniff her. Tommy clicked this picture and had this to say about it: “When we then approached [the foxes], they toyed around with us for a little while.

Source: Reddit

That’s the best thing about photographing foxes: you never know what they are going to do next.”

Bull’s Eye

I have to give respect to this woman who is bravely standing next to this giant bull who could easily charge at her if he wanted to. But I don’t think attacking her is what he’s interested in. He’s more into her camera equipment.

Source: Pinterest

It’s the smell of the plastic that he just loves.

Another Scene from the Real Life Disney Movie

Little elk and baby wolf were later joined by an adorable puppy who decided to playfully attack the photographer and her camera while filming ‘The Journey Back Home,’ Disney’s latest made-for-TV film.

Source: Reddit

You can catch it on the Disney Channel next Friday at 7 p.m. Don’t forget the popcorn.

Sniffing for Traces of…?

Okay, so I’m not sure what this animal is. It’s not a hedgehog and not a porcupine, but it’s their long-nose cousin that they never invite over for dinner anymore because he’s always sniffing around and complaining about a smell that he just can’t figure out where it’s coming from.

Source: Pinterest

He smells something, but what? What!?

Huh? What Was That?

Is it just me, or do lemurs have a permanent look of surprise as if they’re always saying “What? What was that? I heard something.” It looks like this one was trying to steal the camera while his friends were keeping watch on the log.

Source: Pinterest

But little did they know that they were being watched the whole time. Hah! Joke’s on you lemurs!

Garbage and Cameras

That’s right; garbage isn’t the only thing that raccoons like to rummage through and take with their tiny little hands that are surprisingly very nimble and efficient.

Source: My Modern Met

And it’s with those hands that they can disassemble a camera, take out the memory card, and delete all the photos taken of raccoons. Just like that!

Yeah, I’m Going To Have to Retake Some of These

This makes my heart fuzzy. Isn’t that adorable? A cute little monkey is sitting there and viewing the photographers’ work.

Money looking at pictures on a camera
Source: Nyu.hu

I don’t applause the photographer for putting everything on pause and allowing his new friend to sit and try on the camera. It’s a good look on him.

No Monkey Business in My Town

The monkey has a look on his face as if to say, “Do you really think I would go from the front to grab this food?” He seems to be quite the smart one.

A monkey with a frown on his face, trying to grab food.
Source: Penny Photography

However, I think this picture is better than what the photographer had initially intended.

John, I Think This Could Be the Angle

This cheetah cub recently attended a photoshoot lesson. This picture demonstrates the cub getting into action there;

A cheetah cub laying on the floor playing with a camera
Source: Tapety.tja.tl

He’s really feeling it and going for it, finding that right angle. I say, dream big little guy; you’re a natural!

Yes, That’s My Good Side

It takes a gentle and compassionate person to get this close to animals and project the feeling that they are safe and welcome near him.

A white reindeer posing for a picture
Source: Andrew Ivan

This picture makes me want to teleport into this exact moment to hug this gorgeous creation.

Lord Have Mercy

Lord have mercy on your soul. Woman, I think you need an exorcist.

A seal looking horribly shocked as his partner bends her head all the way back
Source: Twitter.com

What are you doing? How are you bending your neck so far back and not breaking it? If you don’t want to talk to me, just tell me, jeez.

I Can Also Take Pictures

Well, he has to use his mouth to get the shot? His paws are simply too small to hold the camera and still manage to press the button.

A kitten biting a camera
Source: YouTube.com

Clearly, this kitten has no interest in partaking in the modeling business.

Is That What My Butt Looks Like?

Oh, poor baby – is the first thing that came to my mind. Look at those overly large eyeballs. I have this warm and fuzzy sensation in my stomach when I look at this.

A kitten standing behind a camera with large eyes
Source: Pinterest.com

This gorgeous cat will capture the heart of many and continue to do so once he’s grown up.

Why Can’t You Humans Take Their Own Pictures?

Hi, I came here to look for shelter and some nibbles? Hello, can you hear me?

A small forest mouse closely studying a camera
Source: Pinterest.com

Okay, I will just wait until you return.

Come on guys, I don’t Have All Day

As we discussed earlier, foxes are known for being clever and directing. This little handsome guy has a passion for capturing the moment.

A fox with a deep, emotional stare in his eyes
Source: Hypescience.com

Take a look at the sincerity and dedication he portrays on his face, or he’s taken 1000 pictures of one person, and he’s had enough. What a beautiful boy.

Push Your Bum Out, Arch Your Back, and Smile!

Fantastic ladies, just like that, all of you come closer, now give me more!

Squirrel shooting some photos
Source: Taringa.com

I want to see those curvy buts and beautiful tails! Betty, bite on that acorn and show me you are hungry!

Are You Sure This Shade of Makeup Matches My Skin?

This photoshoot initially started as the monkey being the model. The photographer decided to give him a makeover, added some blush and as you can see, went too far.

Red-faced monkey play with camera equipment
Source: Hypescience.com

The monkey is not impressed with his new look, I mean, would you be? (It’s not really makeup).

Yes, That Captures the Depth in My Eyes

Do you remember we discussed lemurs previously? Well, coming back to that topic, I should let you know that they are now plotting on how to get rid of this camera too now.

Lemurs were sitting on a photographers shoulders.
Source: Blazepress.com

Apparently, the lemurs are a tough crowd to please; they didn’t like their pictures.

Only Portrait Please, Leave the Body Out Of It

Well you see, I have been looking to do a portrait photo for my profile picture. I have been looking to find a gorgeous young woman.

A goat staring straight into the camera
Source: aminal-press.ru

It’s been so tough these days. I decided to resort to online dating. Thanks for your services.

The Best Commercial One Could Ask For

It seems like animals and creatures really are attracted to camera equipment. So, if you would like to go out and some photos of animals, all you have to do is place a fake camera in a nice setting, and shortly afterward, you should have a friend coming by.

Camera sitting on a camera
Source: Pinterest.com

Be prepared with your camera.

I’m Smiling, You Just Can’t Tell

Coming back to owls, this little guy seems to be protective of his fellow jungle friends.

Owl standing directly in front of a camera
Source: viewbug.com

He’s like, “Stop stalking my friends, you weirdo.” Or he is trying to get a nice shot of himself, showing his masculinity.

This Place Will Do

Little baby. That is very nice of the photographer to stop working and wait it out, waiting for this tiny one to wake from his nap.

Baby squirrel taking a nap on a camera
Source: Pinterest.com

I would let him nap there as long as he needed, sneak in a few pictures too. Once he wakes, be on my way.

I Don’t Get It, Am I Taking The Picture Or Are You?

Okay, it’s clear that I can’t get enough of squirrels, just look at how beautiful they are. I feel as if the world could do with more gracious animals like squirrels.

A squirrel sitting on a lens
Source: Pinterest.com

I know they dig holes in your gardens, but they don’t know that you bought those hardens, it’s their winter stash.

Can I Keep This Flashy Thing?

Can I keep this weird object that flashes? It would be a good setting in my tree. It provides me extra lighting even though I am nocturnal and love the dark;

Brown lemur standing on a camera
Source: Twitter.com

There isn’t anything wrong with a strobe light. I like to move it, move it.

Buckle Up, Baby

This picture warms my heart in ways I can’t explain. Look at these little dudes. I think these guys should be allowed to audition for A-listing movies in Hollywood.

Two monkeys sitting on a motorcycle
Source: mymodernmet.com

These little guys are pulling this look off better than most people would. Aren’t they just gorgeous?

I Woke Up Like This

I feel like he was woken up from his beauty sleep. He didn’t appreciate that. He didn’t have time to do his hair or freshen up; hence the tongue pulling.

A monkey sitting in a tree and pulling a tongue
Source: crocodile.com

He woke up like that and is still gorgeous!

Oh That Was a Good Joke

I think this is one of the best photographs I’ve seen that brought such a big smile to my face.

A small mouse laughing whiles sitting in a flower
Source: Pinterest.com

I think the photographer told him to smile, and he said ‘Cheese is my favorite,’ as an inside joke.

Insert Face Here?

I don’t get it? Human, what should I do? It said my face needs to be in here? And the button here at the back?

Monkey sticking his face inside a lens
Source: Robert Harding

Okay, I will use my toe to press the button and insert here.

Victoria’s Cat Secret

I will take the picture, you model and strut your stuff sister.

One kitten standing behind a camera and the other one walking away
Source: myplanet.com

I feel like this is one of the gorgeous cats, like the Jennifer Aniston of her world. You work it, girl.

I Know This Looks Stalker-ish, I’ll Explain Later

You see, there is a girl out there in the fields, her name is Bell. She is beautiful with curly golden locks, and her butt smells good, she is perfect.

Dog sitting next to a camera
Source: Twitter.com

We shared a bowl of noodles recently and somehow slurped on the same noodle string leading us to share a kiss. Now I’m hooked.

What Curves Are You Referring Jerry?

I think this husband didn’t mean any harm. He was simply infatuated with her curvy legs, expressing his feelings and how attracted he is to her.

A squirrel throwing an ice ball and another squirrel standing behind the camera
Source: Pinterest.com

Somewhere along the line, the wife interpreted it as an insult resulting in flying ice-balls, the end.

Oh Gosh, Is That a Strawberry Flavor? I Love Strawberries

Oh, I like it when you come to visit me after you’ve cleaned up. Your hair always tastes like strawberries, and I absolutely love strawberries.

A Cheetah licking a woman's hair
Source: Imgur.com

Don’t mind me; I will help myself. (Secretly starting with a starter meal).

Oh jeez, you Boys Have to Lose Weight!

What have I told you, boys? You have to lose some weight! I can’t seem to fit you both into the picture frame, and it has to be the weight.

Two penguins appear to be having their photo taken by another penguin
Source: Pinterest.com

I can’t understand why your face appears so large on this screen.

Wait, Do I Have Something in My Teeth?

Wait, before you take the picture, I was on my way here and swam into a large ball of stringy plants. Do I have some plants in my teeth?

Crocodile posing for a picture
Source: Sohu.com

But get a really good look, you can get even closer if you like.

Jane, Pay Attention to Me Please

Jane, this is a serious matter. I don’t feel like having my picture taken. Look into my eyes and tell me the truth, did you bring me a fish to eat?

A seal investigating a camera
Source: mylove.ru

I haven’t eaten in an hour, and I can get very grouchy. Pretty, pretty, please.

Oh Sh!t

A reminder to you all, I know how cute all of these are, they make you want to go on an adventure and become a wildlife photographer.

A bunch of photographers running away from a bear.
Source: Pinterest.com

But if you are not careful, you could land up like one of these guys; specifically, the guy falling down to the floor.