These Photos Were Impeccably Timed

Talk about being in the right place at the right time. These are photos that were taken at the perfect time, down to the millisecond.

Robber Search

What are the chances? This anchorman looks strikingly similar to a sketch of a wanted man that is featured here. And it looks as though the expression on his face matches those who were watching at home – shocked.

Boredom therapy

Shall we just ask it? Is he the man that’s wanted? There, we asked it.

Not in the Mouth!

Dogs don’t really know or care for that matter, where they relieve themselves. Either way, this is a bold move.

Boredom therapy

Maybe this dog doesn’t like the guy in the photo. And his precision is uncanny. Pow! Right in the kisser.

The next photo: is life imitating art or is art imitating life?

Cruise Canada

Canada truly is a beautiful country. And the Rocky Mountains are like a real-life painting. And this is photo was perfectly timed.

Boredom therapy

How did the driver manage to find the exact time to capture the photo so that even the lines on the mountain match up?

In Your Face

Not only is the timing impeccable, but the fact that the photographer managed to keep the girl in focus is impressive.


Poor thing. That must have hurt. The fact that she wears glasses also adds an extra layer of ouch.

The next photo is as adorable as it is impressive.

Catching Bubbles

Dogs always seem to want to chase things. Balls, Frisbees, branches, and even bubbles. Poor thing doesn’t know that bubbles just can’t be caught.


The photo is impressive because it looks as though the dog really is biting down on the bubble.

Fish Head

This photo is great on many levels. Aside from its perfect timing, the proportion isn’t far off. It looks as though a fish head on a human could be a real thing.

mental floss

It’s also amazing because of all the beautiful fish swimming around. And it’s all underwater! And taking a photo underwater isn’t the easiest thing to do. Well done, well done.

The next photo is nature at its best.

Birds of a Bird

This one isn’t funny. It’s just simply amazing. Birds of a feather flock together. And here, they flocked together into the shape of a bird.

Whether you call it divine or sheer coincidence, it doesn’t matter. The result is incredible.

Flying Over

The person who took this photo must have known that the plane was coming. We just can’t imagine it happening any other way.

The result is really cool. It’s as though the plane was always there.

The photo you’re about to see is not photoshopped.

Jet Cloud

This is not photoshopped. It’s an actual jet ripping through a cloud. It’s something that needs real precision in order to be captured.


Therefore, we applaud whoever or whatever took this incredible photo. It’s amazing what technology can allow you to see that the naked eye can’t.

Headless Dancer

Well, you can either say this is a headless dancer or a dancer with a foot for a head. Either way, her head is nowhere to be found.


This is a display of her unbelievable flexibility. It’s really something that is hard to take your eyes off of.

The next photo might be a shock at first, but you’ll laugh.

That’s Not Her Face

No, that’s not her face. It’s just unfortunate that she put the magazine at the exact spot because that is a really unattractive photo on the back of that magazine.


The important thing here is that this girl is getting the rest she needs.

Squirrels in Their Element

As anxious and nervous as squirrels may be, they are also really cute. And how cute is this moment of two squirrels reaching for a pinecone?


The one actually managed to catch the pinecone while the other is still hopeful. Don’t worry little guy, you’ll get yours.

The next photo will make you wonder if people can fly.

Karate Move

Wait. Last we checked, humans were still not capable of flying. Then why does it look like this guy is hovering over these kids?


Great leap captured by a great photographer is all we can say about this perfectly timed moment caught on camera.

Planned or Coincidence?

Do you think she planned her outfit? That she knew her clothes would match precisely with the colors of the sand, foam, and water?


We’re going to assume the photographer knew what he or she was doing and had to ask her to step back and forth a few times. But who cares, it’s an amazing shot.

Those Aren’t Antlers

As beautiful and massive antlers can get, these aren’t antlers. Just a beautiful tree at the perfect spot.


And we all know how hard it can be to capture animals since they move around on their own accord. But this shot was well worth the possible frustration of waiting for it to stand in the right position.

Dear Bartender

This is a classic perfectly-timed photo. The lady in her blue dress is standing at the right spot, and so is the bartender who is serving her.

Source: Pinterest

The result? A Frankenstein-like mashup of man and woman. A beauty and a beast if you will. But this bartender is by no means a beast.

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The World is His

He’s got the world in his hands, well not so much the world as a plane that just so happens to be flying above him at the perfect height for his extended arm.

Man holding an airplane
Source: allfinweb

The end result of this clearly timed and the well-executed photo is quite impressive. And all the while, he maintains a deadly serious stare. Because he’s a serious guy.

A Moon for Your Thoughts?

This is highly likely to have been an accidental photo, but it’s so perfect that you would think it was done intentionally as well as professionally.

Source: forreason

It really does look as though this construction company is responsible for raising and bringing down the moon on a daily basis. Either that or they’re simply readjusting the moon’s location in the sky.

Mini Hat

This man on the subway is completely unaware that this photo was even taken and it’s a shame because it would have for sure brightened up his day.

Man on bus
Source: Picooly

While he was playing candy crush on his phone, the person sitting in front of him was eager to quickly snap this photo in the 7 or so seconds that lasted at this specific stop.,

Half Woman, Half Dog

No, this isn’t a human-dog hybrid, it’s just Sally, this dog’s owner, who always falls asleep when she’s on the subway. She’s like a baby in a car seat.

Woman and dog on the subway
Source: Pinterest

Her dog, Buster, ends up having to be responsible for watching the stops. He tells her when to get off the train! Well, not really. I made that up. But wouldn’t that be amazing?

High Jump!

If that’s not a high jump, then what is? Look at how much height this baseball player got! I don’t even know how that’s physically possible.

Baseball hurdle
Source: allfinweb

I also don’t understand how all those players are literally piled on top of one another and can still breathe! The guys at the bottom of the pile probably see stars at this point.

Fire-Breathing Dog

If you ever need to start a fire, you just need to bring Rover along for the camping trip. Forget matches, lighters, or rubbing stones together. Rover can breathe fire.

Dogs and a bonfire
Source: Picooly

His twin brother Hoover isn’t as talented, though. The only thing he can breathe out is his own bad breath from eating all the leftover garbage.

Making Hearts

This pair of cats like to go around town and show off to people by creating hearts with their tails. They do so while maintaining the typical angry cat face.

Two cats
Source: forreason

But one day, another cat saw what they were doing and all the people around them who were in awe of how cute they were. He tried to join in but came out of it with scratches all over. Don’t mess with these cats.

Double Take

This one requires a double or triple take. You might even want to zoom in and get a better look at this girl and her dog. No, the girl does not have a dog face.

Girl fishing next to her dog
Source: Pinterest

I wonder if the person who took this photo understood that it was funny and purposefully took it. Or did they notice only afterward? Either way – it’s a good one.

Life Imitating Art

What are the chances? The photographer must have to wait a while for his or her dog who was sitting in the right spot under the picture to finally yawn.

Dog yawning
Source: forreason

I really think that the picture on the wall is actually a portrait of the yawning dog. They look like exactly the same dog. Maybe this dog just yawns all the time, and that was the most fitting portrait to do.

Let’s Have a Look Here

Is it just me, or does this monkey have the expression that says “Let’s just see what’s going on here…”?

Monkey next to a woman
Source: Picooly

This monkey chose to sit next to the pretty lady with the blue skirt because he knew it was a windy day and he would get something to look at. Naughty monkey!

Your Nose, to the Right

Sir, to the right, you will find your nose. Clearly, this man, from where he was standing, was not aware of the perfectly placed results. And his nose was in the perfect place.

Man standing in the subway
Source: allfinweb

And speaking of perfect, look how high quality that photo of that arm is? It actually looks like a man’s arm is in real life, pointing to this man’s nose.

DIY Water Fountain

This man likes to go to the pond every morning with his wife and read the daily newspaper. And while it does look like he’s made his own water fountain, it’s not the case.

People sitting in front of a pond
Source: Pinterest

To be honest, I’m not sure where the water is coming from. Who knows – maybe he’s squirting a water bottle into the pond. In any case, this is a strange one.

A Kick in the…

You know, sometimes your boss just needs a kick in the butt, am I right folks? Susan can be a huge pain in the butt, too. And if no one else has the guts to do it, let the mannequin do the dirty work.

Source: forreason

Remember that 80s TV show called ‘Today’s Special?’ didn’t they have mannequins that came to life at night? Creepy yes, but this photo totally reminds me of that show.

That Second Before Disaster

Poor little mouse. Do you think he saw this gigantic owl coming? Or is he in the dark as to what is about to devour him and eat him whole?

Owl about to catch a mouse
Source: allfinweb

That’s nature, my friends. We tend to root for the underdog and hope they run away unharmed. But this is nature, and nature isn’t always pretty.

She’s a Powerful Woman

Meet the Statue of Liberty. She’s one powerful woman. So much so that she literally causes lightning to strike upon her torch. By the way, that’s a torch, right?

Lightning strikes Statue of Liberty
Source: Pinterest

History lesson: the Statue of Liberty was a gift from the French, which commemorated the alliance of France and the United States during the American Revolution.

Cat, is That You?

Sprinkles don’t have patience. She’s known for being impatient, and the whole family thinks it’s an endearing quality, and they love her for it.

Cat eating bag of cat food
Source: Picooly

But it also means that when mama comes home with Meow Mix, Sprinkles doesn’t wait for her to open the bag and pour it out as most cats would. She digs right in. She’s hungry.

The Street AKA the Water Park

What happens when there’s a flood? A lot. It’s a big and expensive ordeal for everyone and the city to deal with. It’s serious and dangerous and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Bus with water park advertisement
Source: forreason

That is unless you’re a kid and want to make the streets into a huge water park. Just look at this bus’s advertisement. It’s basically begging people to grab some tubes and flow down the street/river.

Same as the Moon

This is the same construction company that moves the moon around. They also have a contract that states that they need to relocate the Eiffel tower.

Eiffel tower
Source: Pinterest

Part of the contract is to bend it right and left. Sometimes they take it out completely – just to see if people are paying attention. And are you? Paying attention?

It takes One Yawn

How many of you are yawning right now? I knew it! Isn’t it funny how seeing someone yawn forces us to yawn ourselves? As much as you try not to, it still happens.

Soldier yawning
Source: Picooly

Apparently, the phenomenon is called “contagious yawning,” and it appears to come from the area of the brain that’s responsible for motor function. Contagious yawning isn’t unique to humans, either, as monkeys do it, too.

Like Jesus

This plane is making like Jesus and flying upright to match his stature. The most impressive part about this photo isn’t the timing per se, but the fact that the plane is in the position.

Plane flying up next to the Jesus statue in Brazil
Source: allfinweb

It looks pretty daring to me, which is something the pilot must love being known for – his daredevil personality. I mean, just look at the way he chose to paint his plane!

Stretch Armstrong, Is That You?

Remember that old school toy Stretch Armstrong, where his arms would literally stretch out until forever and reach crazy places? Well, this is what the embodiment of the toy would look like.

Two girls hugging
Source: Pinterest

His name isn’t Stretch nor Armstrong, but it looks like his arm is about 10 feet long and he had the urge to put his hand on her shoulder.

The Great Cover-Up

It looks as though this woman is covering up her chest with a newspaper that has a photo of another woman’s chest. Now, what are the chances?

Woman reading a newspaper
Source: forreason

This also looks like an accidental photo and the one who took the photo wasn’t even her friend or co-worker. Just some fellow train rider that couldn’t miss up the opportunity.

Floating or Not?

I swear this boat is floating 3 feet above the water! If not, then it means something bigger than the boat itself is sitting right under them!

Boat seemingly floating on water
Source: allfinweb

So either way, this is one scary photo! I almost hope for them that the boat is actually floating. The outcome will be better than the large turtle-shaped thing under them.

Poor Penguin

Okay, I really can’t say that this isn’t photoshopped. Maybe it is – maybe it isn’t. But can someone tell me what that thing is? Not the penguin (duh). The thing on the right!

Penguin and seal
Source: Picooly

It looks like it could be a seal or some sort of small whale. I don’t know what it is, but it’s about to make this cute little penguin his next tasty meal.

No, You Don’t

Take this as a lesson, kids. This is what happens when you get too cocky. Don’t say “we fit” when you clearly don’t. Or at least tell your drive of the truck routes.

Truck under a bridge
Source: Pinterest

This is quite embarrassing for the driver and the company. I’m also quite nervous for the white car on the left and the other cars squeezed between the truck and the wall of the bridge. Scary!

Follow the Moon

I gotta say, this really is a beautiful shot. Even if it’s photoshopped, it’s sweet, and it makes me think of magical fantasies that only children can fathom.

Sailboat in front of the moon
Source: allfinweb

The people on the sailboat look like they’re having the most peaceful evening of their lives.


This airshow was photobombed by this seagull that just had to get this 15 seconds of fame. And to be honest, I just noticed that the smoke is coming out of it as well.

Air show and bird
Source: Pinterest

Airshows really are something to see. It’s truly amazing how these fearless pilots fly in perfect unison at the perfect speed. It’s incredible. No wonder this bird wanted a piece of the fun.

Bird’s Got Your Head?

Akin to the saying “Cat got your tongue?” this one is “Bird got your head?” It’s a phenomenon that happens when you read an interesting piece in the newspaper, and a bird wants to read it too.

Bird sitting on a man’s head
Source: Picooly

Speaking of sayings, check out our article on popular sayings and where they came from.

Wide Load

I’m not sure if this was taken right before this elephant crushed the front of this little hatchback or if this just happened to be the elephant’s form of stretching.

Elephant on top of the car
Source: forreason

For all we know, this is what he does every time he sees a car coming. Maybe he knows it scares the hell out of the people in the car and he just likes to prank people. Who knows…

The Road Less Traveled

Here’s another moment when the artwork on the vehicle matches the scenery. It really does fit perfectly with the background of the Wild West.

Truck on the highway
Source: allfinweb

The person who took this photo in the car behind this trailer was probably waiting for the perfect moment to capture this photo. And he/she did a good job.

Super Long Cat

So what do you guys think? One super long cat or two twin kittens? I know it’s two cats, guys, come on. but wouldn’t it be more fun if it was one long one?

Tow cats in a pipe
Source: Pinterest

I think even the kitten with its head out is probably looking at the bottom of his sister and thinking, “Is that my butt?”

Making it Complete

The Olympic rings were hanging under the London Bridge, and some smart person waited for the perfect time to snatch this photo. It’s quite beautiful.

Olympic rings and the moon
Source: Picooly

These rings were installed on the bridge in 2012. They weighed three tonnes, cost £259,817 to produce and installing them cost another £53,000.

Hey, They Said It

Look, not everyone loves Starbucks. Aside from the fact they’re ,literally on every corner of every street of every city of every state, that doesn’t mean that we all have to like it.

Starbucks van
Source: forreason

So when a moment like this happens, it’s fun for all the Starbucks haters to giggle to themselves, while sipping on a Dunkin’ Donuts coffee.

Buddha’s Toy

Part of Buddha’s teachings includes, breathing, being still, thinking to oneself…and pinching planes as they try to fly peacefully through the sky.

Buddha seemingly pinching an airplane
Source: allfinweb

If you aren’t as huge as this Buddha is, you can find a little toy plane. The point is to hold it in between your thumb and pointer finger.