These Gravity-Defying Events Are Some of the Strangest Phenomena We’ve Seen

We learned a lot throughout our school years and college years is that laws of physics are of course, universal. There are ‘only’ two true units of measurement, which are gravity and time. We can compress and stretch them, but we most certainly can’t cheat gravity and time, as far as we are aware of.

A House that appears to be levitating with a ladder reaching the ground

Following the pictures below, they give us the impression that gravity seems to be just a concept we believe in that can be easily manipulated. The purpose of art or any of these pictures is to show comfortable as uncomfortable, and the uncomfortable comfortable. Bellow, you may enjoy some of the weirdest architectural designs, animals who defy gravity and much more. Let us know what you think.

Goats Living in 2050

Bodies of mountain goats are actually like machines. They are built to climb. Their hooves have a hard exterior case that they dig into the smallest gaps on those ledges.

Goats look like they are walking on air, up to a wall

In their hooves, there are soft pads at the bottoms which mold to all different kinds of shapes and objects in the mountain’s surface. Their hooves are like climbing shoes, I guess.

The Floating Virgins of Apeldoorn

There is quite a debate regarding this creation by Elisabet Stienstra. Many feel the innocence in the three bronze statues whiles many also feel that it makes them uncomfortable.

Three floating statues of women who appear to be sleeping in an invisible bed

Well, I have watched paranormal activity and this looks like there is some paranormal activity stuff going on in this town.

Looks As If You’ve Seen a Ghost

I find this is to be a pretty impressive shell of a car left behind. It kind of reminds me of those old school cartoons.

Ice shell mold of a car that was parked there previously

Do you know when a cartoon character starts running super-fast and leaves his shadow behind? This makes me wonder what the owner of the car did inside the store.

Would You Like Some Tea?

I had to look twice at this picture, but I must add, that seems to be a pretty neat break. I would probably keep it on display and give it a new color coat.

Broken coffee mug

How does one possibly do this? Simply take a cup in hand, let go and hope for the best. PS: There is 0.01 chance that this will work, and you might lose a foot. Not recommended.

Well, There Goes My Meal

This poor guy decided to sit down and enjoy some nice, warm noodles. Mother Nature didn’t quite like the idea of the man doing so, so she decided, there will be no peace for this man!

short description of the photo’s content

As soon as he started eating, the noodles froze while holding the fork. Now I don’t know how hungry he was but I would have found this hilarious.

He Took His Etiquette Lessons Seriously

This is no joke. I have seen this happening live in Africa. From a young age, people start to carry things with weight on their heads.

Man riding a bike, balancing a gas container with a watermelon on top of his head

This actually saves a lot of time and extra effort. I mean, how else would he be able to ride his bike if he didn’t know how to balance a gas container with a watermelon on top of it, on his head?

Real Life Tetras

What if one day you minded your own business, taking a stroll down the beach with your husband or wife, children or pet, and you see this structure.

balancing stones on top of one another
Source: Adrian Gray

What would be your first thoughts? For sure, I would try to poke it and see if it moves, but how do things like this happen?


Well slap me silly and call me sally, how in the world did this happen? Are you okay mate? How in the world did you get stuck like that?

Elephant leaning on his trunk with his legs on the ceiling

Well, I find this statue extremely impressive. It’s not every day that you see a statue that completely defies the laws of physics in such a manner.

Umm-hmm, Too Cold to Get Wet Today, Might Just Walk

One upon a time, there was a beautiful husky named Fred, (I think), anyway, he was looking for a nice fish to catch to feed himself and his family.

short description of the photo’s content

However, it was dreadfully cold outside, so he decided to walk on water instead of taking a swim.

He succeeded in his noble quest and fed his family for a month with his catch. The end.

One-Shot, Two-Shots, Three-Shots, Four…

I know this is fine architecture, one architect really outdid themselves. These building structures are something special, rarely seen, (in my case, never).

short description of the photo’s content

However, looking at this picture makes me feel a bit wheezy and unsettled. How would you feel if you were standing there? Is it cool or weird?

Slowly but Surely

The North Pole, is that you? Doesn’t that look amazing?? Of course we can clearly see what happened here, but still, I’m sure that’s not something you see every day.

Block of snow slowly sliding off a roof

I have seen these sort of pictures of people sharing photos of their homes that have had the same effect.

To the Left, To the Left

I just feel like this faucet wants to be stubborn. He just wasn’t having it. He is tired of being original.

short description of the photo’s content

I find this kind of cool. If someone had to take a sip of water, it would either spray in their eyes or go the opposite way.

It’s a Low Carb Diet, Jenna!

Well, this little gecko is so small and light. You might have seen some scuttling along the water here and there.

Gecko floating on water

Water molecules stick together creating an almost solid-like substance; hence, small bugs and reptiles never being able to penetrate water.

Must-Have Been A Woman Parking (I Am A Woman)

Oh, Batman, I think you might have gotten up to something weird last night, you parked your car weird, care to explain?

Statue of a car balancing on the front bumper

This sculpture makes me think about what my spouse would say, “Babe that must have been you trying to park your car.”

Do Not Try This While under the Influence, You Will Have Red Carpets

Take a medium-sized coin and try to stand it on its edge on the rim of a cup. If you can do this, well done! But if you were challenged to balance two coins plus a pair of forks? Sounds complicated?

Wine glass balancing on a cup on top of another wine glass

Surprisingly, doing this trick is actually much easier than balancing just one coin. With enough patience and effort, you can balance two coins and forks on the edge of a cup even while pouring liquid from that cup into another.

If Only He Knew

I feel the energy coming from this walrus right now. Outside in the sun, warming up a bit and enjoying his day, minding his own business.

Walrus sitting on a thin piece of ice

Either this is a gravity trick again, or the poor thing doesn’t realize he’s about to make a large splash in the water. Buddy, I think you’re walking on thin ice.

What Did You Do This Weekend?

Well, many of us go out, and part takes in our hobbies and activities during the weekend. Some people love to play outside sports and some enjoy some bowling.

short description of the photo’s content

However, this man’s hobbies include bowling, but rather aligning his balls. He has built quite the tower there, well done.

I Won’t Fall!

Cats are so cute. They have the funniest sleeping positions, funniest or scariest faces and just somehow manage to look at you in a way that interprets ‘I want to kill you but feed me.’

A cat sleeping on a box

However, I really think that there is a second cat in this picture. You may not be able to see him because I think he is in that white box below.

The Wicked Queen Is In Town

Now, don’t these horizontal icicles look alien-like? This occurred because of the function of the water’s surface tension. Snow melts and then it freezes as it drips off the edge of the snowbank.

horizontal icicles hanging off a rooftop

As temperatures rise, the snowbank on the roof begins to slide off the angled surface with the weight of the icicles curving around the gutters. It was likely held together by surface tension from water as the snow began to melt a bit.

The Great Wall of the North

Some had a lot of time and patience to build this structure. But this is a fine example of gravity-defying the laws of physics.

A wall built out of stones

Take a look at the structure and how every piece depends on one another. One removal of a piece underneath another could send this structure to the floor. Ready to play Jenga?

Dad, I don’t like the Vet, Let’s Go!

Why are cats so brave and always up to dangerous things you ask? Well friends, if you had nine lives, I think you would also be standing on door handles.

Cat standing on a door handle of a car

Besides, cats might be aliens from another universe; how else could you explain that cats can manipulate gravity?

This Driftwood Isn’t In the Mood for Drifting

In some seafront places, driftwood appears to be a nuisance to many. However, driftwood gives food and shelter to birds, fish, and other species from the ocean as it floats in.

Drift got stuck at the edge of a waterfall

Ther cycle is pretty cool, shipworms, gribbles, and bacteria decompose the driftwood and slowly convert it to nutrients that are reintroduced into the food chain.

A Waterfall Where the Water Doesn’t Fall.

This is interesting! This phenomenon occurs when there are strong winds; updrafts force the water to blowback upstream, which results in a sort of ‘reverse’ waterfall.

Reserve waterfall

Don’t we live in a beautiful world? There is magic all around us, waiting to be found. I hope you’re all out there noticing and appreciating the world we have.

Woke Up With a Goal

Oh, you are a heart surgeon? Well, this person can find a balance between a set of car keys and an empty soda can by simply balancing the weight difference between the two.

A set of car keys and an empty soda can balance on one another

Impressive, yeah? Moving on, if you have the patience, you can learn how to play with gravity quite easily.

The Calm Before the Storm

Can we take a few seconds to discuss the dogs? Look how well behaved they are, sitting and waiting for the moment their owner says ‘NOW.’

A standing circle made out of Pringles

Anyway. Yeah, that circle made out of Pringles, yes, it appears to be standing on its own. Now that friends are defying the laws of physics.

Pizza Tow… Oh, Piano Tower

I am trying to find the words to explain this ‘art display,’ but I simply can’t find any. What would inspire someone to create this structure?

Pianos stacked on top of one another making a tower

I do find it interesting that there is a tower made out of pianos in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of a lake.

What In The Name Of Casper Is Going On?

Oh jeez, it sure is a nice day out today. Think I might go fishing, might dip my feet in the water, take a stroll along the lake, and might delete later, idk.

A man standing on water

I feel that he is putting on a very brave show here, does he remember that he’s been fishing? Buddy you are going to sink and became a part of the fish clan you recently broke up?

Living on The Edge

When someone came up with that saying ‘Living on the edge,’ some of us used that saying and it seemed to stick with many people.

House leaning on a slab of concrete

However, someone else out there took that way too literally. They put their whole life (home) on the edge of a slab of concrete. That’s courage.

He Seems Like a Stable Guy

This man has clearly spent a lot of hours practicing and perfecting the gravity laws of physics. Of course it seems impossible, but in fact, it isn’t.

A man balancing on two legs of a chair which is on top of a bench

This man has performed many tricks on learning how to balance objects and different forms of matter. He’s done a pretty good job at it.

Bar Tendering Skills, Check

Where is physics in this picture? Someone told me that this is because the aircraft might be moving towards a lower altitude.

A pilot pouring water into a glass while flying upside down

However, the water could be moving up. Even though it’s moving up, the plan is accelerated down. Of course, the downward acceleration of a plane is stronger than the water, resulting in the water going straight inside the cup above it.

Someone Has Been Working On Their Abs

Well, this architecture is absolutely stunning. It is a bit frightening and I would probably refrain from sitting on it.

A bench in the shape of a human with one leg on one side

We could just use a regular park bench, but I guess it’s much more fun to sit on someone while they strain to hold us up.

And Flick…

There isn’t too much science behind this, but the element in the balancing of a physical sense is finding a kind of ‘tripod-like’ rock, for the rock display to balance on.

Rocks balancing on one another
Source: AFP

Almost every single rock is covered in various tiny or large indentations, which acts as a tripod for another rock to fit in the grove and stand upright.

So Hungry, My Stomach Is Eating Me

This man looks a lot like I feel when I haven’t eaten breakfast in the morning. You know when you miss breakfast and have to wait until lunch?

Statue of half of a man's body

This poor man needs a happy meal. Isn’t this structure fascinating? Of course, you can see the briefcase is what is connecting the top half to the bottom.

My Dog Is Cooler Than Yours

Human: Be a good boy and do the trick.


Dog standing on a wall

Human: How in the name of Balducci?

Dog: Thank you very much for coming.

Tree on the Run

Okay, you’re setting up camp and found a great place to set up out in the forest, and then you see this odd phenomenon.

A Tree that has been cut at the base

How? Why? What would you do in this situation? A) Hope for the best B) Yay, you now have firewood or C) It’s magic D) it’s the other trees holding it in place

Looks like A Good Parking Spot

My spouse’s voice has appeared in my thoughts again. “Babe that must have been a woman driving.”

Car crashed and landed on top of a fence

How did this happen? I’m sure you have seen and heard crazy things happening when it comes to accidents, but this? Have you guys seen anything worse?

Would You Like Some Tap Water?

I don’t remember having cool inventions like this as a kid. It would have been like a fairytale. I think that’s a really creative invention.

Giant tap leaning on its stream of water

The way it works is that there is a small pipe within the falling water, giving the illusion of endless water.

Nice Legs

To be honest, this table does look like a sort of illusion, like the table is floating mid-air right?

I picture it dropping as soon as you put a plate on it

Table with chains as legs

However, the chains are stuck together, giving the table firm legs. I don’t really like this chain and table look, it kind of looks like a prison table.

I Think You’re Marbles

Is this some sort of magic? I can’t figure this one out. How does one manage to get two marbles to balance on one another?

Two marbles balancing on top of a wine glass

The only thing I can think of is magnets? But I can clearly see that’s not the case here. However, this is a really nice trick.