The United Photos of America: Summing Up Each State in One Photograph

The United States can sometimes seem more like the United Countries. Some states are so radically different from one another that you would think they’re in a different country altogether. It’s hard to believe that Florida and Alaska are in the same country. Or even New Jersey and Kansas. And what about Hawaii?

If you had to sum up your state in one sentence, what would you say? At a loss for words? Well, maybe a photo might do the job instead. If I had to find one common thread that can weave together each state, it would be humor. And what’s life without being able to laugh at ourselves?

This is a list of each state and one photo to represent it. Enjoy the next few moments of your day…

Alabama: “We Dare Defend Our Rights”

Source: YouTube

With a state motto like “We dare defend our rights,” no wonder people choose to do whatever they want. Take this guy, for example, who chooses to make a fishing boat out of some blocks of wood and a lawn chair. And guys like this are pretty much seen on every street corner selling corn to flowers to bullets.

Alaska: “North to the Future”

Source: Travelfuntu

Oh, Alaska. The wild North and pretty much one of the few states where you’ll see wild bears on the highway. But only in Alaska will you see two bears battle it out on the road in the middle of Highway 1. Do they care that people are trying to get to work? No. Do they care that people are watching and possibly making bets? No. Do they plan on going to the stream afterward and grabbing catching some fresh salmon? Heck, yes. Bears…

Arizona: “God Enriches”

Source: YouTube

Arizona, the Grand Canyon state, with nearly two billion years of the Earth’s geological history. But who cares about that. More importantly, are you seriously wearing that? You might want to reconsider your outfit. Because this is Arizona – the weather is dry, and the sun is hot. And it’s pretty much beige wherever you look.

Arkansas: “The People Rule”

Source: Eternal Lifestyle

This photo sums up the state motto of “The people rule” nicely. This is Carl. And Carl likes to unwind at the end of the day in his Jacuzzi with his beer and his shotgun. “What was that noise? Who’s there? Is that a deer?”

California: “Eureka”

Source: Bride’s Blush

Interestingly, the state motto is “Eureka” but a better more representative motto should be “we like to surf.” In California, everybody is a surfer, wants to be a surfer, or mocks a surfer. People take their boards everywhere, and then things like this happen. Note to drivers: don’t drive behind a car with a surfboard on its roof.

For anyone interested in visiting Sunny California, see the hot spots that locals don’t want tourists to know about!

Colorado: “Nothing Without the Deity”

Source: Bride’s Blush

In absolutely no relation to its state motto, here’s a girl in Colorado who thinks her cow outfit makes for good contrast in this photo. Luckily, the scenery of Colorado is so gorgeous that it makes up for her lack of taste. This must have been around the time when they legalized marijuana.

Connecticut: “He Who Transplanted Sustains”

Source: Bride’s Blush

If you’re hanging around in Connecticut with your kids, make sure they don’t throw rocks or get attacked by seagulls. 50 cents per rock and a seagull-inflicted wound is a steep price to pay for an unappealing marina that doesn’t seem to be maintained very often.

Delaware: “Liberty and Independence”

Source: Eternal Lifestyle

Is it just me or does this sign have too many things written on it? It looks like going to Delaware, the state in which people describe it by saying “It’s fine,” has one perk that makes it somewhat appealing. I don’t think many people head to Delaware as their destination, but if you’re driving through, make sure to do some tax-free shopping.

Florida: “In God We Trust”

Source: Travelfuntu

Some people call Florida America’s armpit, and I have no comment on that. But what I do have a comment for is this photo, which shows this man with a really long mullet and tight jean shorts taking a photo. Do you think this is from 1987? Wrong. This photo was taken in 2013. That’s right.

Georgia: “Wisdom, Justice, and Moderation”

Source: Eternal Lifestyle

What a nice and balanced state motto. But it looks like education wasn’t included in Georgia’s morals. In Georgia, proper spelling isn’t considered as important as being wise, right, and moderate. But considering the state fruit is a peach, it makes this typo just a little more understandable. It’s the “peches” themselves that people should be focusing on.

Hawaii: “The Life of the Land is Perpetuated in Righteousness”

Source: Eternal Lifestyle

Sure, that can be the state motto, but I think “The Volcano State” is more suited. Hawaii sits on top of many volcanoes. Take a moment and see what you really see in this photo. No, that’s not some pieces of wood. What you’re seeing is a school bus which has been completely swallowed up by lava. Terrified? You should be.

Idaho: “Let it Be Perpetual”

Source: Pens and Patron

What’s perpetual about Idaho is the common opinion that there’s just not much to see there. It isn’t famous for any famous attractions. This sign may perhaps be a mistake, but it’s pretty symbolic. I think the underlying message here is for drivers to continue driving to Washington.

Illinois: “State Sovereignty, National Union”

Source: Travelfuntu

When people from Chicago were asked to sum up their state, many said something along the lines of “Chicago and some other stuff.” And by other stuff, they might be referring to it becoming the murder capital of the U.S. It’s become so real that that Chicago police can now be seen driving tanks. So, there’s that…

Indiana: “The Crossroads of America”

Source: Bride’s Blush

Going to Indiana entails lots of stopping for gas and food. When people from Indiana were asked to sum up their state in a sentence, a common answer was “Drive through us to get somewhere better.” Even the state motto reflects upon it being the crossroads, meaning use it as a means to an end.

Iowa: “Our Liberties We Prize and Our Rights We Will Maintain”

Source: Pens and Patron

Iowa, as you can see from this photo, has lots and lots of land. Land upon land upon land… and some vending machines in random places. Driving for hours and find yourself thirsty? Stop on the side of the road and by a soda for 75 cents. And just hope that it’s not the same soda cans from the last refill in 1976.

Kansas: “To the Stars Through Difficulties”

Source: Eternal Lifestyle

When they said “to the stars,” were they referring to their constant tornados? This picture depicts the tornado capital of the world quite well. Kansas experiences severe storms and destructive tornadoes more often than its residents might want.

Kentucky: “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”

Source: Bride’s Blush

This photo represents a few things about the state of Kentucky. For one, yes, they have quite a number of chickens. And they’re also for sale. Another thing is the spelling and education that should be addressed. Oh, and another thing to address is the fact that this sign was made by an adult, not a child.

Louisiana: “Union, Justice, Confidence”

Source: Pens and Patron

Maybe parents try to instill the importance of the state’s motto in their children. But another thing Louisianans try to teach their kids is that alligators can be pets too. Dogs and cats? Boring. Walk your pet alligator instead. No leash? No worries. Just pull his tail.

Maine: “I Lead”

Source: Travelfuntu

“I lead” is right. Or more specifically, he leads. He leads the lonely train, sitting out on his slowly melting block of ice on the lake with his 2-4 pack of beer and nothing else but his thoughts. A wise man once said, “The source of all man’s problems stems from his inability to sit alone in a room with his thoughts.”

Maryland: “Manly Deeds, Womanly Words”

Source: Bride’s Blush

Welcome to Maryland and enjoy your visit! Don’t mind the car fire to the right of this sign. It’s just a minor hiccup. The fire trucks will come soon. Hopefully. If not, Jim from the house next door will bring his hose. It’s all good. Just remember to enjoy your visit!

Massachusetts: “By the sword, we seek peace, but peace only under liberty”

Source: Eternal Lifestyle

Massachusetts, home to rich parts of American history and the town of Boston. But more importantly, it’s home to some wicked “stawms.” When asked about their state, those from Massachusetts replied with “Two seasons: winter and construction.” Looks like their descriptions matches well with this photo.

Michigan: “If you seek a pleasant peninsula, look about you”

Source: Eternal Lifestyle

Michigan has freezing temperatures for a large part of the year, and Detroit can be considered something of a war zone. People like the owner of this truck believe in the importance of being prepared. Cold weather? No big deal. This guy is ready with all his roadkill and intimidation.

Minnesota: “The Star of the North”

Source: Travelfuntu

The state of Minnesota may get some sun, but it’s mostly cartoon suns seen on their road signs. If the real sun does decide to come out, it’s when there’s nothing but snow in every inch of the place. So the sun is hardly enjoyed. Minnesota is a place to come to if you want to freeze your butt off and sit by one of its 10,000 lakes.

Mississippi: “By Valor and Arms”

Source: Pens and Patron

Welcome to Mississippi, the state in which some of its residents are larger than their barbeques. This photo right here is this man’s online dating profile. He wins the ladies’ hearts by stating how important it is to grill meat up just right. He also promises them the tastiest ribs they’ll ever eat. So there is something tempting about that.

Missouri: “Let the welfare of the people be the supreme law”

Source: Eternal Lifestyle

Your state probably has the old fashioned regular and boring school buses with their standard boring wheels. But in Missouri, school buses are customized and made to make the children actually want to get on them. Going to school just got a whole lot cooler.

Montana: “Gold and Silver”

Source: Bride’s Blush

When you chill out in a hot tub, is it with friends, or family, or a lover? Or do you invite your bear friend Charlie? In Montana, hot tubs are made big enough to fit Grizzly Bears. It makes for a great experience. Add a beer too, and you’re in for a fun (terrifying) memorable (regrettable) experience.

Nebraska: “Equality Before the Law”

Source: Pens and Patron

Normally road trips are sprinkled with the frequent gas station and rest stops. But that’s in other parts of the country. In Nebraska, they make their own kinds of rest stops, and they entail nothing but piles of hay and a toilet. Remember to bring your own toilet paper.

Nevada: “All For Our Country and Battle Born”

Source: Travelfuntu

The home of Las Vegas, with legal liquor, gambling, and prostitution. But one thing is off limits people, and that’s the lobsters. Looking for some seafood on your way back from Las Vegas? Don’t touch the lobsters – they’re precious to the state of Nevada. Don’t ask…

New Hampshire: “Live Free or Die”

Source: Democratic Underground

Doesn’t it seem like New Hampshire’s state motto is better suited to Nevada’s? Oh, well. Meanwhile, in New Hampshire, carpooling is a bit different. No big parking lots needed – they just fly off the ramp head first into the snow. They then congregate into once car and go on with their day. And when they come back at 6 p.m., the car will still be there standing upright and ready.

New Jersey: “Liberty and Prosperity”

Source: Pens and Patron

A better motto would be “The Home of ‘Jersey Shore.’” There’s no better picture to represent the epitome of Jersey than these dudes with their spiky haircuts, fake tans, and blue steel looks. At clubs in New Jersey, you’re not allowed in if you don’t follow suit. So get your hair gel and bronzer ready.

New Mexico: “It Grows as it Goes”

Source: Bride’s Blush

New Mexico is littered with lowriders. And it seems as though the state has its own lowrider culture as well as their own parking spots for lowriders only. Do you have a regular car that doesn’t scrape the pavement? Then go park over there. In other words: you’re not welcome.

New York: “Ever Upward”

Source: Eternal Lifestyle

When you think of New York, what are the first two things that come to mind? Good pizza and gross rats? Yeah, me too! This photo could not more representative of New York City. A place where the population of rats outweighs humans. Just think about that for a second. Yeah…

North Carolina: “To Be, Rather Than To Seem”

Source: Travelfuntu

North Carolina may not be famous for their quality school systems or excellent spelling, but at least they have some great cigarette brands. I wonder how long it took for someone to notice this huge (literally) typo. To be rather than to see? But seeing is important. Like seeing typos on the pavement.

North Dakota: “Liberty and union, now and forever, one and inseparable”

Source: Eternal Lifestyle

North Dakota, where ‘Fargo’ took place, and the land where hockey and guns take precedence. So, if you can’t beat them, join them. Hockey is the state’s favorite sport, and raffles include guns as prizes. What else? Money? Food? Gift cards? Boring.

Ohio: “With God, All Things Are Possible”

Source: Pens and Patron

Go ahead, look closer and do a double take. Sure, it’s fun to spell out your state’s name by using your own bodies. But what about when one of those bodies is deceased? Is it not creepy? These people don’t seem to think so. It looks like they’re having the time of their lives. Let’s just hope that the deceased person used to have the time of his life too.

Oklahoma: “Labor Conquers All Things”

Source: Bride’s Blush

Oklahoma actually has more college dropouts than other states, which might not be surprising when you see kegs replacing actual bicycle wheels. And when the state motto is “labor conquers all things,” they really meant it. Because cycling on kegs must not be an easy feat.

Oregon: “She Flies With Her Own Wings”

Source: Pens and Patron

Oregon is the state where Portland lives. And Portland is also known as the Hipster State. Some may call them weirdos, but that’s not fair. They just go by the beat of their own drums. Like this guy on the bus, who doesn’t believe in modern technology or jackets. He prefers blankets and typewriters instead.

Pennsylvania: “Virtue, Liberty, and Independence”

Source: Travelfuntu

Pennsylvania is the home of the largest population of Amish people. And while you may think that the Amish only use horses for transportation, you’re mistaken. They actually really upgraded their means of transportation and technology. Take for instance this girl who chose modern day rollerblades. Remember rollerblades? Yeah, apparently the only people who still use them are the Amish.

Rhode Island: “Hope”

Source: Eternal Lifestyle

What a lazy state motto, right? But who cares about their motto when they have managed to get lobsters to duel with knives! Rhode Island is a place where your seafood fights back. New England might not be everyone’s favorite place, but the kitchen of Jim’s Seafood Grill is a terrifying place. By the way, if I had to put money on it, I say the one on the right.

South Carolina: “While I breathe, I hope Ready in soul and resource”

Source: Pens and Patron

Meet Darcy, mother to 4 and wife to farmer Bob. They have morals and values that they hope to pass down to their kids. Guns, beer, and babies. They like to combine all three. Darcy believes that the key to success is spending time with your children, even if that means drinking and hunting at the same time.

South Dakota: “Under God the People Rule”

Source: Eternal Lifestyle

In South Dakota, you’re not to mess with the prairie dogs or the buffalo. I’m not sure what exactly this buffalo is doing, but it looks like it might be stuck in an unfortunate position. Maybe he was itchy and needed a scratching. Oh, and South Dakota? The only thing to see really is Mount Rushmore.

Tennessee: “Agriculture and Commerce”

Source: Travelfuntu

Welcome to Tennessee, the land of hunting and camouflage outfits, apparently. If you’re visiting the state anytime soon, you’re going to need some army pants and a gun. And maybe even gain some weight. And don’t mess with the locals, because if they’re anything like these dudes, you’re in for some trouble. Or at least that’s what they want you to think.

Texas: “Friendship”

Source: Pens and Patron

To be honest, I was a bit surprised when I saw the state motto of Texas. I always thought it was something along the lines of “everything’s bigger here.” But anyways, Welcome to Texas, where the number of cows outnumbers humans. It took me a second, but if you see, that’s a bull on the right, not a horse.

Texas might better be known for deep frying everything. See all the best deep-fried Texan foods there are!

Utah: “Industry”

Source: Eternal Lifestyle

When they said “industry” they really meant it. In Utah, the family unit is an industry of its own. It’s the state where you could advertise on your car just how many wives and children you have. Polygamy is common in this state. So maybe this guy should rent a bus instead.

Vermont: “Freedom and Unity”

Source: Pens and Patron

Freedom and unity for all! That includes moose who like to take a dip in the kiddie pool in the backyard. As you can see in this photo, moose love cooling off on a hot summer day, just like the rest of us. Can you blame them? Who doesn’t like to use a pool to cool off? This mama moose and her babies know exactly what they’re doing.

Virginia: “Thus Always to Tyrants”

Source: Travelfuntu

I’m going to only hope that this sign is a joke. If not, then I have too many questions and comments that I won’t even begin to mention. But let me just ask this: who is Bill Jones and how the heck did he get himself into this mess? And didn’t they stop making moonshine back when the prohibition ended?

Washington: “By and By”

Source: Eternal Lifestyle

If you’re even debating the mere existence of Big Foot and wracking your brain to figure out if this thing ever walked the forests of modern America, then you can breathe a sigh of relief now. The jury’s out folks. Yes, Big Foot does exist, and we now have proof. Just look at this super realistic driver’s license! You can’t get better evidence than this.

West Virginia: “Mountaineers Are Always Free”

Source: Travelfuntu

Isn’t this the same guy from Florida? Welcome to West Virginia, the state where shirts aren’t required anywhere. And neither are pants for that matter. Mullets are highly encouraged, though. The coal state also has its share of mulleted naked truck drivers, with sticks in their teeth.

Wisconsin: “Forward”

Source: Bride’s Blush

Wine and cheese? That’s too specific. In Wisconsin, it’s mainly all about good old liquor and cheese. Got a craving for some bourbon and cheddar? Highway 13 has your fix. Just drive through and pick up your bottle and package of cheese. But remember folks, no drinking and eating cheese while driving. You need to pull over for that.

Wyoming: “Equal Rights”

Source: Travelfuntu

While Alaska has its fighting bears, Wyoming has its commuting buffalo. Your way to work is accompanied by other commuters, cars and buffalo alike. And the buffalo can cause some major traffic jams. But no road rage here – shouting at them and shaking your fist isn’t going to speed things along.

When I was a child, I remember going to the boardwalk with my family during summer vacations and walking past all the T-Shirt stores. Everywhere you looked it seemed there was something funnier than before. There are thousands of different simple T-shirt designs that all try to get a laugh. We gathered the ones that failed the most, but made us laugh just as much!

Defining the Person


When I was a young teenager, I would do countless dumb things, and at least in my family, I was believed to be the dumbest member. My mother and father would not trust me with a single thing. However, I never broke a bone, so I must not have been dumb enough to earn this T-shirt.

Believe it and it Will Happen


Sometimes to get what you want; you have to believe that ‘it’s going to happen with all of your heart!

This young woman fixed herself up nice and early and decided to go out on the town with a shirt that tells everyone what they should get ready for. A diva!

Capturing the Moment


If you do not go out with a positive attitude, chances are a bad day may follow.

This guy not only left the house with a negative attitude, but he also put on a shirt with a really negative attitude to come with it. Poor guy looks like he minded his own business trying to have a good day too.

Bieber Groupies


This shirt is supposedly saying that a real man is only a real man if he like Justine Beiber. I beg the differ.

I think to be a real man, you must show everyone respect, but you can still be a real man and believe that Beiber is not to your liking. As do I.

Owning It


From around age 14, I had grown up with a gut and man boobs. At first, I would get made fun of for it, and feel bad about myself for it.

I found that once I learned to love myself the way I am and own it, everything around me got better. This guy seems to have gotten a head start in loving himself a long time ago.

Confidence is Key


Here is another excellent example of someone who looks different and does not mind owning his difference.

You may be laughing at him for wearing a “”Chick Magnet”” shirt, but which one of you has a cute girl sitting next to him?

Ladies’ Man


At first glance, it seems as if this young boy is trying to say that there is enough of his smooth skills for more than one spouse.

But he could be talking about anything, right? Maybe he is handing out bananas in an all-female town, and he ‘doesn’t want anyone to fight over them.

You Were Warned


When you are at a Wal-Mart, there are a lot of things you should be careful of. Getting your wallet stolen at the door, buying expired food, maybe a ripped shirt, or an uncomfortable pair of shoes.

More than anything, you should be careful of this lady’s farts.

High Standards


This middle-aged man looking to be making curry from his thrift store in the middle of who knows where wants you to know that despite his initial appearance, he only dates models.

I fail to imagine any model entering his store anytime soon, but I will cross my fingers for him.

Food for Thought


Many young teenagers love wearing shirts that essentially say, “”unless ‘you’re not annoying, leave me alone.””

This young girl is making it clear that she would rather you think less around her and stupid more.

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