The Funniest Notes Left on Car Windshields

We all know of them – the people that park as if the world is theirs. And the people that take the time to leave notes on windshields. The question becomes: Who do you relate to? The driver or the note-leaver?

Peanut Butter Revenge

Sure, leaving a note is one thing. But leaving a note in peanut butter is a whole other thing. This person took the note-leaving idea it to a whole new level.

Now, the driver of this car had to find a way to wipe it. And we all know how oily peanut butter is.

That’s Be Great

This is an ode to all those bosses out there in cubicle-filled offices that like walk around with a coffee mug and lean on your desk and tell you what to do.

We wonder if the person who left this note was the boss type or the employee that hates the boss type. Either way, cleverly done.

Next, that feeling we all get when we approach our car and see a piece of paper…

It’s Not a Ticket

That moment when you walk towards your car and see a note and your heart jumps because you think you got a ticket. But in this case, nope – it’s just a note by an angry person.

At least the driver didn’t have to pay a fine. He probably kept the note, though.

Let’s Play a Game

This is one of the best things we’ve seen regarding parking tickets. This was left for the parking officer to deal with. Remember the movie Saw? You have to understand the reference to understand the clever joke this driver made.

We only hope that the parking officer saw this, saw all those tickets, and gave up.

Next, a parent can relate to this note…

The Spot Was For His Family

You can tell right away by the salt marks that it’s winter. And shoveling driveways can get on people’s nerves. And parking in a driveway after you already shoveled it for your family is even more nerve-racking.

And the person put this card right on the rearview mirror. So even if he wants to pretend like he didn’t just ruin the guy’s day by parking in his spot, he can be reminded of it every time he looks in his mirror.

Parking Instructions

Sometimes we need instructions because we really don’t know how to do something. And sometimes we get instructions when someone wants to be condescending.

Chances are, this note is the latter. The person who wrote it wanted to make a clear point, with illustrations and all.

Next, a sad yet hilarious note for the parking officer…

Another Plea to the Parking Officer

Here’s another example, a somewhat desperate one, of begging the parking officer not to give a ticket. And it even pushes the buttons of the officer’s morality.

We hope this note worked. We know that ordering those stickers is annoying. We’ve all been there.

In the Lines

This is quite a clever as well as a patronizing way to make a point. And the note-leaver has a point. If you can grasp the concept of coloring in the lines, you should also be able to get the idea of parking within the lines too.

We wonder if this was part of their child’s homework that has suddenly gone missing from his or her backpack.

The next windshield note is kind of lazy…

Too Tired to Tow

Whoever wrote this note took the time to write it and leave it on the car, but didn’t want to use any more energy to call a tow truck.

The car owner is probably thanking his lucky stars that being tired can prevent someone from calling a tow truck. But next time, he might not be so lucky.

Probably British

We’re going to assume that this note was left on a car by a British person, based on the word “bloody.” Regardless, his point is made clear.

And that point is: leave space for the other cars to open their doors! For Pete’s sake.

The next note needed the illustration…

Grumpy Cat

Illustrations are usually visual aids, in that they help get the message across. And this is a perfect example.

If the picture of a grumpy cat wasn’t on this note, it just wouldn’t have the same pizazz that it currently has. Have they tried illustrating for children’s books? It’s pretty good.

Official Card

This person took the effort to get cards made. Or, of course, maybe he/she just bought them. But the point here is that parking troubles are so common that people need to have many cards available for easy access.

The card design is simple. Nothing special. But hey, it gets the point across.

Next, some imagination was needed!

Like a Movie Star

Ah, good ol’ sarcasm. This note is just great. It allowed the note-writer to pretend to be a movie star as well as be sarcastically funny at the same time.

And let’s just say that if he/she actually does slide over the car, then heck…go for it! Unleash that inner movie star!

No Animals Harmed

We’ve all seen dogs in cars sometimes with no owner in sight. And it can be troublesome. But this owner wanted to make sure that people wouldn’t worry.

What kind of music do you think the dog was listening to? We want to believe that it was classical. But heavy metal would be even more amusing.

A Meme Worth Stealing

If you don’t recognize the character, then you don’t know what a meme is. This is one of the most popular and famous.

It also goes to show you the lengths people go through. Copying and pasting the character onto a Word document, adding text, printing it out, etc.