The Best Fishing Photos That will Crack you up

The life of a fisherman seems so stress-free. With the wide-open waters and some cold beer, fishermen definitely know how to relax. It’s no wonder so many people take fishing trips. These people got much more than what they signed up for.

A man holding a fish in front of a bear
Source: Habittribe

Fishing is definitely considered one of those hobbies that some people have the patience for and others find boring. Yes, it can be therapeutic, but sometimes unexpected things happen. Check out these awesome and hilarious fishing photos!

Who Should I Pick?

It’s always fun to go on a finishing date, if you don’t get seasick and like the ocean of course. Eric and his wife love the outdoors, so he decided to bring her along on his fishing trip!

Man holding a woman and a fish
Source: Greeningz

Eric caught the big one and was very proud of his fish! The problem was now it’s between the fish and his wife, he couldn’t decide which he wanted to make for dinner and which one he wanted to have dinner with.

Nice Day To Catch a Monster!

Victor is new to fishing. He needed a hobby and thought fishing would be a nice way to relax and relieve stress. One morning he decided to go out for a nice quiet day to catch a few little fish.

Man being dragged in the sand
Source: Worldation

Things weren’t as relaxing as he thought. Victor was dragged by, what seems to be a monster! Thankfully Victor is okay, but it’s hilarious to see how far he got dragged.

Fishing in Traffic

Most people stay home during floods. However, this guy isn’t going to let the weather ruin his fun! Instead of staying home, Tom brought out a chair and a fishing pole and went outside to fish.


I don’t want to ruin his day by telling him that fish don’t just appear in all water. He looks like he’s enjoying himself. Hopefully, he won’t be too disappointed when he doesn’t catch a fish in the middle of the street.

Sneaky Fish

Fish aren’t as dumb as people think. At times, fish can even outsmart humans and sneak up on you when you least expect it. This picture is a perfect example of that.

Big fish in the water
Source: Fetchsport

The “professional” fisherman thought they had it all figured out. However, they didn’t notice this guy. This huge fish came out of nowhere! Luckily, one of the fishermen snapped a picture at the perfect time.

Ignoring the Law

It’s very possible that not one of these people noticed the “No Fishing From Bridge” sign. Maybe they all came from the other side of the bridge and didn’t see it. However, that is pretty unlikely.

A bunch of people fishing from a bridge
Source: Mymodernmet

It’s pretty funny to see the number of people standing on the bridge with a fishing rod and completely disregarding the sign. What’s more hilarious is that someone took this priceless picture of it!

New Way to Fish

Some people may describe fishing as boring. It seems like a stress-relieving activity that doesn’t take too much energy. These boys decided to spice up their fishing day but turning it into an extreme sport!

A boy on a boat in the water holding a net
Source: Invidio

Instead of fishing poles, they use nets to catch the fish! It seems like they are enjoying themselves. However, something tells me this version if fishing isn’t so safe, considering they are all wearing helmets.

Photo Bomb!

James was excited about his new underwater camera. Naturally, he wanted to capture some amazing underwater pictures. He grabbed a friend for a swim in the ocean, but this is not what he expected.

A man in the water with a fish in front of his face
Source: Worldation

James handed his friend the camera to take a picture of him with the fish. The purple fish swam by at just the right time, and this is probably one of the most perfectly timed pictures I have ever seen!

Nothing to See Here

These buddies go fishing every Saturday morning. I guess fishing is an activity that men like to do together. However, these sneaky men are planning on catching something other than fish.

Men fishing and a woman lying by the lake
Source: Bobshideout

Although it may look innocent, these men wanted an excuse to stand close to the beautiful blonde. This will be a disappointing day for the fisherman since that lake hasn’t had a single fish in it since 1946.

Catching Dinner

After planning a camping trip for months, these best friends thought they were prepared and ready to go. They quickly realized that wasn’t the case. After getting hungry, the boys decided to catch some dinner.

A man on a boat holding the legs of a man in the water
Source: YouTube

After getting in the boat, they noticed none of them brought fishing poles! Since it was getting dark and they needed food, they came up with this amazing and hilarious solution. I hope they caught some fish!

Parking Spot

After a long exhausting day of fishing, Bart needed a break. He wanted to stop and have a beer, maybe a nap. However, Bart had no idea where to stop in the middle of the ocean until he noticed these rocks.

A Boat parked on the rocks
Source: Bobshideout

To be honest, Bart could have probably kept going for a little bit and found a parking spot for boats, but why keep going when you can conveniently have a parking spot right next to you?

Honey, I’m Home

Everyone needs something for love. For some people, it’s a girlfriend, and for others it’s fishing. Actually, we can’t really tell if this man loves fishing, or if it’s just the fishing poles he loves.

A man in bed with fishing poles
Source: Worldation

It seems like just one fishing pole wasn’t enough for this man. Either way, everyone needs someone to come home to. If cuddling with fishing rods makes him happy, who am I to judge?

Fishy floppies

Everyone has a favorite animal. For some people, that animal is a fish. You would think that if someone likes fish so much, they would buy flip flops with little fish design drawn on them.

Flip flops made of fish
Source: Mymodernmet

However, this guy took his obsession to a new level! Instead of drawing fish on his flip flops, he turned his fish into flip flops! As hilarious as this picture is, let’s hope the fish aren’t real cause that can get smelly!

Look at the Bright Side

Call me a pessimist, but dirty water in the middle of the street doesn’t seem like an exciting opportunity for me. It’s more of a situation I would want to get out of. However, Carl sees the glass as half full.

A boy fishing in a hole in the street
Source: Greeningz

Instead of walking by the hole in the ground and seeing it as an inconvenience, Carl was able to make the best of it. Why not bring out a chair and make a fishing day of out of it?

Only Bring Necessities

During his family vacation, Mark wanted to take a couple of hours to himself and go fishing. Brenda insisted that the family should do something altogether. After all, it is a family vacation.

A family on a boat with a crib
Source: Habittribe

Mark assumed it wouldn’t be a problem. He could bring all the kids along. Little did he know, his wife would come completely prepared with food, clothes, and an entire crib for the children to nap in!

Switched at Birth

Everyone loves a good twin story. Where the siblings were separated at birth only to meet up years later. However, when this guy found his long lost brother, he wasn’t exactly human.

A boy holding a fish
Source: Fetchsport

People say dogs look like their owners. Can this be true with fish? Obviously, they aren’t really brothers, but the similarities between this man and the fish he is holding in this picture are hysterical.

You Better Follow the Rules

In case you were planning on fishing with no water or diving headfirst into the sand, it’s forbidden! With all the temptation in the world, it’s really good that they made a sign to put on this bridge.

A bridge with a no fishing sign
Source: Fetchsport

I don’t know who in their right mind would want to dive off of that thing, but sadly, they can’t. I know how convenient and inviting this bridge is for fishing, but rules are rules.

Just a Saturday Tradition

Since he was just a young boy, Ted came to Clarke Lake with his father every single Saturday to fish. He promised himself that he would keep coming every Saturday for as long as he could.

An old man fishing in the lake
Source: Habittribe

After coming to the lake every week for over 60 years, Ted wasn’t going to let something minor like a walker stop him. If he needs the walker, it can walk him into the lake because Saturday is for fishing!

Wedding Plans

I always imagined my wedding day filled with cake, sparkles, and of course, a gorgeous white dress. Other than the white dress, this bride seemed to have a completely different wedding plan.

A woman fishing in a wedding dress
Source: Bobshideout

The only way I can make sense of this picture is if she went fishing before her wedding. That or she’s marrying the fish. Either way, a picture of a bride fishing in a wedding dress is pretty funny.

Fishing from the couch

Bill wanted a relaxing day. He needed nothing more than his best friend, a cold beer, and a sofa! All of that sounds like an amazing day to me, but what makes it better is having all that in the water.

A man sitting on a sofa in a boat
Source: Fetchsport

That’s right, not by the water; Bill actually put a sofa on his boat. This takes laziness to another level, but it’s almost genius. Now if Bill randomly decides he wants to go fishing, he can do it from the comfort of his couch!

To Fish or Not to Fish

If you can’t decide if you want to spend the day fishing or spend the day not fishing at all, this place has two options. You have to follow the rules written on signs; otherwise, you may have to pay a fine.

A fishing bridge with two signs
Source: YouTube

Don’t Judge Me, I’m Just Fishing

It’s always cute to see little children playing with animal-shaped pool toys. Since most of the time, children don’t know how to swim; the blow-up toys keep them safe and afloat.

A man fishing while sitting on a blow-up giraffe
Source: Greeningz

However, what more entertaining is watching a grown man using these pool toys. This picture is priceless because the man looks completely natural. Like its normal for him to go fishing from his blow-up giraffe!

Fishing is Cheaper than a Therapist

People learn to relax in different ways. Some people use art, and for others, it may be cooking. Experts have said that doing activities you enjoy can be one of the best forms of therapy.

A boat that says “Reel Therapy”
Source: Graduatez

For this guy it’s fishing! Not only does it help him relax and clear his mind, but he wants everyone to know about it! Nothing wrong with spreading awareness of how beneficial fishing can be!

Fishing the Cool Way

This is a very extreme way to go fishing, but it looks like so much fun! These guys know what they are doing. Why stand on the ground and fish the boring way, when you can do it from the sky?

Two guys fishing off a forklift
Source: Habittribe

I wonder if these guys actually planned this whole thing out and brought the truck to the beach, or if the truck was already there when they thought of it. Either way next time I go fishing, it’s with these guys.

We’re Just Here for the Fish

If you ever want to be surrounded by a bunch of cats, all you need is fish! These two guys look like they can be cat women, surrounded by so many cats. However, they don’t own any of these cats.

Cats surrounding a boat
Source: Fetchsport

These fishermen just have cats waiting on the shore for them whenever they go fishing! Hopefully, they won’t be too disappointed to learn that the cats just came for fish. Either way, this picture is amazing!

Alone at Last

We all have our moments when we don’t want to be around people. Most of us try and be polite and not make it too obvious. This guy took his alone time one step further, but who can blame him?

A man and a piece of wood with a chair on it
Source: Invidio

If you want to go fishing alone and you use a boat, more people can join because there is room on the boat. If you want to make sure you’re completely alone, make sure no one else can fit on the boat.

Rough Day

They were trying to release the boat into the river. They almost got it right, but unfortunately, they were facing the wrong way. This seems like the perfect way to ruin your fishing day!

A truck sinking
Source: Invidio

Not only did they not get the boat into the water, but their truck is sinking! Dealing with the car situation will not be fun, but at least they have this picture to look back on and laugh on day… maybe.

I Will Fish Today no Matter What

Peter planned a day of fishing, and he intended to follow through with those plans. We all know those people who don’t care about what is going on around them; they won’t let anything bring them down!

A boy fishing from a kiddy pool
Source: Worldation

Peter planned a fishing day, and he wasn’t going to let a little water surrounding his house stop him. Considering the river basically came to him, peter got to enjoy his day and didn’t even have to go anywhere.

Mermaids are Allowed

Most people go to boring beaches. You know, where humans have their dogs on leashes and where swimming is not limited to those with gills and feathers. If you need a change, check this place out!

A sign on the lake
Source: Worldation

It’s about time dogs get a little control over humans! If you ask me, dogs should have been the ones walking people in the first place. It’s also nice that mermaids are finally acknowledged and allowed to swim freely!

Happy Couple

Most couples can’t take their hands off of each other. They want to do the same things all the time, which can sound nice. But in reality, it’s not healthy, and people need some space to really feel happy.

A man fishing on a boat and a woman sitting on a chair
Source: Fetchsport

To me, this looks like a picture of the perfect couple! He gets to fish alone while his wife gets to enjoy the view from the other side of the boat. They are probably the happiest couple in the river.

Fishing Vikings

Some things never change. A perfect example of this is how the Vikings go fishing! Maybe the art changed a little bit throughout the years but still, going fishing dressed like that is pretty impressive.

A Viking themed boat
Source: Invidio

This picture is actually pretty funny, and they get a lot of credit for the effort they put into this! Next time I go fishing, I’m going to steal this fun idea. However, instead of being a Viking, I’m going to be a pirate!

You’re Mine Fishy

Fishing is not a water activity! I mean, I guess technically it is, but it doesn’t usually involve getting wet! The purpose of fishing is to get fish out of the water, but in this case, the guy ended up in the water!

A man about to fall in the water
Source: YouTube

This picture is a perfect example of how dedicated people can be! I didn’t know fish can pull so hard on a fishing pole; to the point where the person flies overboard. However, I respect this guy for not letting go!

Project Time

Well, this is a creative way to hold your toilet paper. If for some reason all you have is a fishing pole, toilet paper fits in perfectly! This picture is exactly how I would imagine a fisherman’s bathroom would look like.

A fishing rod toilet paper holder
Source: Habittribe

Some people just use the toilet paper holder that comes with the bathroom, but why would you do that when you can make your own? Someone should definitely add this to Pinterest as a DIY project!

Poles are For Wimps

Sometimes a fishing pole just doesn’t cut it. Yes, it works for little fish, but when you go fishing you try and catch the big ones! When Tom noticed this massive fish swimming by, he wasn’t getting away.

A man catching fish with hands
Source: Worldation

However, the fish kept escaping the fishing hooks. Tom no longer relied on a fishing pole and took matters into his own hands… literally. He pulled that fish out of there using his bare hands. What a man!

Man Down

We all have those amazing ideas that seem brilliant at the time but turn out disastrous. This guy thought that standing on a piece of wood would get him closer into the water and up his chances of catching something.

A man standing on wood and then him falling off of it
Source: Invidio

Unfortunately, as you can see from this hilarious picture, his plan didn’t work out too well. Luckily he didn’t get hurt, just soaking wet! Sometimes we all have to learn lessons the hard way.

Problem Solver

Commitment is a powerful thing! Watching how dedicated people can be to fishing is actually pretty surprising. When this guy kept forgetting his measuring tape, he came up with a better idea.

 A fish next to a measuring tape leg
Source: Fetchsport

Now he can just lift up his pants and measure. I hope he didn’t actually tattoo this to his leg. As convenient as it is, I’m going to assume that he drew it on and it will come off eventually.

Fisherman or Artist?

There is nothing more disappointing then leaving a fishing trip early because you ran out of bait. However, when Kyle wasn’t going to let that minor inconvenience ruin his trip.

Homemade bait
Source: Habittribe

He took a look around to figure out how to solve this problem. He used some old beer caps and whatever else he could find to make this brilliant bait devise! Fisherman can be creative? Who knew!

Uh Oh…

If this ever happened to you, then you can understand how frustrating it could be! All you wanted to do was release a little line, but you end up with this mess! What do you even do in this situation?!

A man holding a fishing pole with an exploded line
Source: Invidio

If this ever happened to me while I was trying to fish, I would leave immediately. Just looking at this picture gives me anxiety, and I would leave the situation before dealing with it. I just hope this guy didn’t quit fishing.

Double Trouble

As we know, fishing is a popular hobby that a lot of people love to do. However, Gary is having double the fun! Not only is he using two fishing poles, but he’s also challenging himself by using his feet!

A man holding two fishing poles by his feet
Source: YouTube

Although using his feet instead of hands can put some excitement into his fishing trip, this position looks like it can get very uncomfortable after a while. I hope Gary with at least catch twice as many fish.

Jealous of a Fish

David loves going to the lake. The smell in the air just reminds him of his childhood. A much simpler time. After a stressful week at work, David decided to take a trip to the lake and brought his dog Sparky!

A man a fish and a dog
Source: Worldation

Sparky loves the water, cool air and of course playing with his owner. David brought Sparky on the boat to go fishing. When David finally caught a fish, Sparky got pretty jealous. His face in this picture is priceless!

I’m Fishing in my Mind

George was supposed to go on a fun fishing trip with his friends! Unfortunately, when he failed his math test, his parents punished him, and he had to stay home. Instead of getting upset, he decided to use his imagination.

A boy ready to fish on the toilet
Source: Articlesvally

George put on his hat, got his fishing pole, and attached a dollar to it for some reason. He used the toilet for water and even put up a chair to elevate himself. This was a very well thought out plan. I wonder if he caught something.

Double Take

You really have to take a second look at this hilarious picture to figure out exactly what’s going on. At first glance, it looks like a man caught a fish with a little man standing on top of it.

Man holding fish
Source: Articlesvally

After looking again, you can quickly tell that the little man, is actually a normal-sized man standing behind them. It’s relieving to know what’s actually going on in this picture!

Wrong Sport

Fishing is a relaxing activity. Open waters, a fishing pole, and some peace and quiet. It’s something you can do alone and even with young children. Fishing is not considered a dangerous or violent sport.

A guy holding a gun to a fish
Source: Invidio

This guy, however, doesn’t seem to know what he is doing. Who brings a gun on a fishing trip? Yes, he knows how to catch the fish, but why is he about to shoot it?! Someone should tell him he’s fishing, not hunting.

Don’t Need No Fishing Rod

Most people use fishing poles to catch fish. However, some braver people use their bare hands to catch a fish! This guy caught the fish from inside the water. Very impressive.

A man holding fish from underwater
Source: Articlesvally

I don’t even know if this guy was planning to catch the fish, or if he was swimming and figured while he was down there maybe pick up a fish. Either way, it makes for an amazing and hilarious picture.

Maybe we Should Worry

“No Worries” is a good moto and a very reassuring name for a boat. It makes passengers feel safe, especially those who are scared of the water. Ironically, they got worried when their boat was going down.

A sinking boat that says “No Worries”
Source: Habittribe

Sadly, the boat ended up at the bottom of the river. Unfortunately, “No Worries” doesn’t guarantee anything. After all, they called the Titanic unsinkable. It does make an ironically funny picture. Hopefully, they will look back and laugh one day.

Frozen Little Fishy

This is a very interesting picture. I just keep wondering how this even happened? I imagine the innocent little fish was swimming along and suddenly the cold water, froze to ice around him.

A fish frozen in ice
Source: Fetchsport

At first glance, it kind of looks like a cool art project. Until you realize it’s an actual fish! I wonder who found this. What will happen after the ice melts? Is the poor little fishy still alive? So many questions!

Fishing Forever

Some people go fishing for a day. Other people take a week-long fishing trip. There are even fishermen who stay on a boat for months and fish. This guy’s fishing trip, however, probably lasted longer than intended.

A truck sinking in melting ice
Source: YouTube

It almost feels like he wanted to escape society and civilization for a while, and never returned. Especially considering the ice, he parked on is already melting away. I think it’s time for him to go home.

Runaway Fish

After a long day of fishing, Sylvia was getting disappointed and was ready to leave. However, a few minutes before heading back to shore, Sylvia finally caught her first fish of the day!

Fish trying to escape
Source: Graduatez

Sylvia was so excited to take a picture and commemorate her accomplishment. Unfortunately, the fish wasn’t as photogenic as she was. This picture was taken at the hilarious moment where you can see the fish trying to escape!

Fishing Buds

Going out to fish by yourself can seem like a good idea at the time. However, after a while, it can get very boring and lonely. This experienced fisherman was very aware of his surroundings and made a friend.

A man and a moose
Source: Worldation

Only innovative fisherman know how to utilize their surroundings in this way. Now instead of fishing alone, he has a new buddy! Plus, how many people can say they made friends with a moose?!

What for Dinner?

Most people bring food on camping trips. Still, the real campers catch their own food and make it. It’s part of the camping experience. After a long tiring day of camping, Jimmy finally caught dinner!

A man holding a fish in front of a bear
Source: Habittribe

It was the perfect catch, but does he notice the bear behind him?! I can’t but wonder if Jimmy will live to eat his dinner, or if Jimmy will be dinner. We’re sure Jimmy is fine, but this picture is priceless!

Save Water Drink Beer

I always thought you need actual water to go fishing, but what do I know? This guy appears to be doing just fine. He seems pretty prepared to me. He’s got his boat and fishing pole.

A man in a boat full of cans
Source: Invidio

I’m going to assume this guy drank every can of beer inside that boat. Because of the amount of alcohol he consumed, his head is spinning, and he may actually think he’s in the water. Any other theories?

You can’t make me Leave

Tony’s friends wanted to get back to shore before the ice melts, and they would be stuck out there. Tony, however, wasn’t worried. In fact, he was feeling very determined to catch a fish and refused to leave.

a man on ice in the middle of the water
Source: Worldation

Tony was so focused on fishing that he didn’t notice the ice starting to melt away. Unfortunately, it looks like he experienced his own mini version of global warming. I wonder how he got out of there.

I Don’t Like Waiting

We know some people ditch fishing rods and catch fish with their hands. Phil wasn’t planning on doing that, though. He was waiting for his friends to bring over the poles when he got a little impatient. He just dove in head first!

A man dunking his head in the river
Source: Invidio

Whether he was planning on catching a fish with his mouth or just looking at the fish, Phil probably had quite the brain freeze! Based on the melted snow and ice surrounding the river, I’m going to assume the water wasn’t warm.

I’m Good at This

Some pretty crazy things can end up in the water which fisherman often discover. When Paul went to spend the day at the lake, he thought he caught some kind of huge fish. Instead, he caught a car.

A man fishing a car
Source: Fetchsport

He needed to call up some friends and a Tow truck to actually get the car out of the water. Still, Paul got the catch of the day. I’m just wondering how the car ended up in the lake in the first place.

Pants are for Wimps

I don’t even know where to start with this one. Why is nobody wearing pants? Why is the man holding a briefcase in a speedo? Did he go there straight from work? What is happening?

Two guys on the beach not wearing pants
Source: Mymodernmet

Well, the way I see it, there is only one possible scenario. A bear ate all their clothes but left them one shirt and a briefcase. I’m open to other possibilities, so let me know what you think.

Caught Ya!

Some kids are not cut out to be fishermen. They have too much built-up energy just to stand there and wait. Little Jakey was getting impatient and decided a net would be much more fun than a fishing pole.

A kid catching someone with a net
Source: Worldation

His grandpa, however, did have the patience to fish and was enjoying his day. Jakey thought it would be funny to use his net and catch grandpa! It was all in good fun, but it made for a great picture.

Natural Fisherwoman

Samantha never went fishing and wasn’t planning on it. When she lost a bet to her boyfriend, she promised she would go on his next fishing trip. After getting hot and frustrated, Samantha couldn’t wait to go home.

A girl holding a fish
Source: Fetchsport

After a long day of fishing, her boyfriend decided not to torture Samantha anymore, and he was ready to leave. Right before leaving, Samantha caught something. Pretty impressive for her first fish.

Trophy Wife

You know what they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day! When Kevin overslept on the morning of his fishing day, he was in such a rush to get out of the house, that he had no time to eat.

Man eating and fishing on the water
Source: Habittribe

Kevin’s wife wasn’t going to let him be at the hot lake all day without eating. Instead, she packed his breakfast in containers for him. Now he gets to eat breakfast on the water while fishing! What a lucky man!

Fishing with the Fish

I thought fishing was an activity that you do from outside of the water. Apparently, fishing from underwater is a thing. Blake came prepared with an oxygen tank, flippers and of course, a fishing pole.

A man fishing from underwater

Blake seems to really know what he’s doing, but I’m still confused. Where does he put the fish after he catches them? I think this would be way more complicated than fishing on land, but what do I know?

Sorry… I was Hungry

Someone should tell Amber that she should wait to get home before eating the fish. There is a little process you should follow before eating the fish you catch. Most importantly, cook it first!

A girl with a raw fish in her mouth
Source: Worldation

This isn’t a sushi restaurant, Amber! You can’t just go around eating fish straight out of the water! Even I know that! I can’t stop thinking about how bad it probably smells. I really hope she brushed her teeth after this!

Napping on the job

To me, fishing seems like a pretty boring activity, but apparently, it’s exhausting. I don’t want to underestimate the hard work that goes into fishing and end up like these two guys.

Two boys sleeping with a fishing rod
Source: Fetchsport

I know it’s been a long hot day, but you might as well just go home and take a nap. I’m not convinced that sleeping with a fishing pole in your hand will help you catch anything. Better luck next time, boys!

Practice makes perfect

It’s common to go fishing in the water. Some take a boat into the ocean, and others go to a lake or river nearby. Larry proves you don’t actually need fish in the water to become a great fisherman.

A man fishing in the sewer
Source: Habittribe

He practices wherever he can, and a sewer is no exception! Larry looks pretty relaxed, but I wonder if he caught anything! I just hope for Larry’s sake that the sewer rats didn’t eat the bait on the end of his line.

Loving Lobsters

Kristi loves lobsters so much that her fishing trips don’t involve fishing poles or even fish. While everyone else is waiting patiently to catch fish, Kristi uses her hands to catch lobsters.

A woman holding a bunch of lobsters

However, when Kristi ran out of hands, she used her mouth and head so they couldn’t getaway. At least she will have a better dinner than all the boring people eating fish.