No Photoshop Required! These Cats Have Unique (and Real) Markings

Cats are interesting creatures. Aside from fish, felines are the most popular pet in the US now. Their personality shows through the cute faces that they make and their style. Just like us, they come in all different colors and shapes. Each of the cats that I will show you are unique, whether it’s from the type of fur they have or the crazy markings that are natural. This isn’t just about the color of their fur.

A cat with fur in colors and the same pattern as a Tiger. / A cat with fur on his face shaped like the Assassin’s Creed insignia. / A white cat with black patches of fur on his chin and next to his ears resembling Walter White.
Source: Pinterest, Jeanette Unland / Imgur / Pinterest

Some of these cats have eyebrows that will remind you of American Pie, tattoos, and other shapes. Was this cat dug up during an archaeological dig in Greece? Perhaps this cat got lost on the way to the movie set of Harry Potter. A lot of these you might think were photoshopped, but these cats were actually born this way.

Keep reading to see the crazy and unique markings on these cute cats and kittens!

Wearing His Heart on His Face

This cute cat looks like it got a sticker stuck on its face and can’t get it off. It is such a unique design to come out in a cat’s fur. Although, he doesn’t seem to understand how funny it looks on him. I can’t really tell if his head is also heart-shaped or if it’s just the fur outlining it.

A cat with dark heart-shaped fur around his face.
Source: Pinterest, Delores Albramson

I can kind of see his chin coming to a point on the bottom. But who knows? At first, I thought this cat was photoshopped, but now I’m just jealous that he has a shape in his fur and even more jealous that it is natural. If I wanted to dye a heart into my hair, it would burn a hole in my pocket.

Time to Learn How to Shave

This cat’s 5 o’clock shadow is just starting to come in. The time that boys wait to happen for years is here. This cat hit puberty. Even though the scruff looks very cute on him, it’s time that someone teaches him how to shave. The face he is making in this picture just makes it that much cuter. It looks like he is deep in intellectual thought.

A white cat with grey fur resembling a full beard and mustache.
Source: Pinterest

All we need to do now is get this guy a coffee and a bagel with lox, perhaps even a newspaper to crumple up. While he looks super professional, he is still a cat, so maybe just stick with cat food.

I get the feeling that this next cat is a fan of Marvel…

Punisher Logo

This cat really takes being a fan of Punisher to the next level. There are no cats in this movie, but the skull on this cat’s neck is exactly the same shape as the skull on the Punishers logo. I wonder if this skull shape is there for the same reason as it is in the show. Frank Castle is the one who has a skull on his shirt.

A black cat with his fur in the shape of a white skull on his neck.
Source: Pinterest, Funny Movies memes

However, it’s not just for show. The skull is an extra-thick layer of armor used to protect him. This makes sense with how much this guy gets shot at over time. Well, we know that this isn’t really the reason for the black cat’s funny fur shape, but it would have been cool.

The Charitable Cat

There is a movement called Movember, which has become a global event over the last 17 years. In 2003, it was started in Australia to help raise money for men’s health causes. Basically, you start November 1st with a fresh shave and let it grow for the whole month. At the end of the month, you post your photos everywhere and donate some money.

A grey cat with white fur where a human would have a mustache.
Source: Pinterest, FeedFond

I would guess this cat and his cat buddies were raising awareness by growing out their stashes and posting selfies. They say that if you can’t grow a beard, you can get a haircut at the beginning of the month and just let it grow out. I wonder what a cat would look like if his fur could grow like that.

Tony The Tiger

This little guy reminds me so much of Tony the Tiger from the frosted cornflakes boxes. They actually first came out with Tony’s character in 1952, and he has been on other cereal boxes like Cinnamon Krunchers and Tiger Power. The only thing this cat is missing is the ability to walk on his two back legs.

A cat with fur in colors and the same pattern as a Tiger.
Source: Pinterest, Jeanette Unland

He actually looks more like the original Tony, the tiger who was sometimes drawn walking on all fours. Exxon gas station, back when it was called Esso, also had a tiger as their mascot. That started out civil, but eventually, Exxon updated their logo, making it look very similar to Kellogg’s logo. They went to trial over it, and Kelloggs eventually won.

A Leopard Cannot Change Its Spots

This phrase is mistakenly said to be quoted by Shakespeare constantly, but it is actually a Bible quote. This crazy cat looks like a mini leopard, straight out of the jungle. Did you know that leopards can see seven times better in the dark than humans can? Cats have something similar with their vision. First, they are nearsighted, and things further away are blurry. However, they can see 200 degrees around them compared to a human’s average of 180 degrees.

A cat which has the same color and pattern, kind of like spots, like a leopard.
Source: Pinterest, Candace Knoll

Contrary to what you probably heard, cats do see color; the colors just aren’t as rich as what we see. At night, this is where their eye structure comes in handy. They have something called the tapetum, which reduces their need for the light they need to see. In other words, cats can see things more clearly at night.

The High School Nerd

This poor cat gets stuck with a nickname that usually isn’t said with positive intentions in the schoolyard: four eyes. But he is just so cute that it might bring new meaning to it. As you can see, this little guy’s fur above his eyes is colored and shaped like another set of eyes. How cute is he with both sets of eyes looking innocently at you?

A cat with his fur in the shape of a second set of eyes on top of his eyes.
Source: Pinterest, Barbra Shoup

Eyes are actually a very powerful symbol for many cultures, like Spain and Japan. Sometimes they represent clairvoyance, omniscience, intelligence, light, moral conscience, truth, or a gateway into the soul. As a symbol in culture, it can be an indicator of different things like evil, good, wisdom, knowledge, mystery, or protection. This must be one spiritual cat.

Ancient Greek Cat

Either this cat has a very artistic friend who enjoys doing henna tattoos, or they dug him out of an architectural site along with the other ceramic pottery art. He has a triangle on his face which sits perfectly centered, a paw print on his stomach and two more paw prints on his front arms, and to top it off, two straight lines around each of his front arms.

A white and red furry cat with red fur designed like clay paintings.
Source: Pinterest, Cat Lovers Community

It is like a Greek artist took hours to hand paint this cat and sent him to the future to live with his lucky owners. They found a lot of ancient pottery digging all around Greece. There was a lot of geometric art, which is really the style that is painted all over this cat.

The Harajuku Cat

This cat has a natural black band around the top of his head, including his ears. The first thing that comes to mind when I see this is the Harajuku style, which a lot of the time includes a fashion statement accessory on your head, like a headband with cat ears. It can also be a hat or a large bow, but this cat went with the kitty ears. All he is missing are some bright colors to go with his outgoing ears.

Photograph of a black and white cat who has black fur on his ears and around his head as if he is wearing a headband with kitty ears.
Source: Pinterest, OctoberPumpkin

Headbands date back about 2,500 years in the ancient Greek times. Your mind probably goes right to thinking about the ring of leaves that were worn back then. The next update of them was around the ‘20s when they came into style with the Flappers movement. Cat’s probably loved the ‘20s, playing around with the fringes hanging off of everyone’s dresses.

The shock of One’s Life

At first glance, you probably thought that this cat just saw the most jaw-dropping, shocking thing that it has ever seen, but that’s not the case. This guy has a patch of grey fur under his mouth, which makes it seems as though he is surprised, but his mouth is really closed, and he is probably asking himself why everyone keeps looking at him as if something happened.

Photograph of a cat who has a grey patch of fur under his mouth, which makes it look like his mouth is opened, and he is constantly surprised.
Source: Pinterest, Fieqa

It doesn’t help that his eyes are huge and just add to his look of shock. If I had a cat with fur like this, I would constantly be walking around corners and scaring myself, half because of how shocked he looks and a half because I would expect something to be wrong every time I looked at his face.

The Cat Burglar

This cat really looks like he’s ready to rob a gated community. Cat burglars are thieves who are extra stealthy and can break into homes without being noticed. It’s called this because cats can move around stealthily and can approach their prey without alarming them. The same way that cat burglars can rob homes, sheds, boats, garages, schools, trains, and more.

A white cat with black circles around both of his eyes, as if he’s wearing a mask.
Source: Pinterest, Sheria Kouri

Not only is this a cat, so he is already sly, but he also has the black circles as if he is protecting his identity on his night out robbing people. This phrase came around back in April 1907 when a burglar from London was running around, and a newspaper ran a story calling him the Cat Burglar. He was stealthy, and the only thing he had was a small pocketknife used for pushing back window latches.

The Hipster Kitty

How much more hipster can you get here? This cat decided to get two tattoos on his ankles in the shape of hearts. Just kidding, they are just luckily placed patches of fur in a different color. Mixed genes of cats throughout the years have given cats some unique colors and patterns which are very fun to look at and make a cat special.

A white cat with two grey fur spots on his front legs above his paws, in the shape of hearts.
Source: Pinterest, Linda Gray

There are actually some people who think that a cat’s fur patterns and colors determine what kind of cat they are. If they are a loyal companion or a straight-up murderer. Let’s just say I don’t really believe it, but it’s pretty funny. These grey heart tattoos tell me that this cat just wants to spread the love.

Get the Monkey Off One’s Back

Most of us have heard the phrase ‘get the monkey off one’s back’ before. It means solving a problem that has been difficult to find a solution to. It usually is finding a solution to a problem that made you unhappy for a long time. Well, this cat doesn’t have this problem anymore because instead of getting the monkey off of his back, he has one permanently hugging him.

A white cat with black fur on his back shaped like a monkey hugging him, along with a black-fur tail to match the monkey.
Source: Pinterest, debby baker

How cute is this cat? Whenever he gets lonely or needs to get the monkey off of his back, he can just look at the fur shaped like a monkey hugging him and think about the constant affection he is receiving. To top it off, the cat’s tail matches the color of the monkey, so it looks like the monkey has a tail.

The Angry Cat

Cats have some serious mood swings, and they have a lot of signs that show they are angry. Usually, a cat will groan, or flicker their tail, signal with their eyes, signal with ears, arch their back, or swat at you. This cat takes it to a whole new level and just stares you down like you are ten years old again and misbehaved.

A fluffy white and black fur cat who looks very angry.
Source: Pinterest, Holly Carden

Looking at this cat, I actually feel like I did something wrong. I’d rather the cat is upset and watches me from afar than look at me like this. Another way a cat can show they are upset is they will use your pillow as a litterbox. So, maybe I am ok with how this cat is staring me down.

Raising Eyebrows Everywhere

Not only does he raise eyebrows wherever he goes, but this cat also raises his eyebrows at everything. Not on purpose; his fur is stuck that way. This cat has white fur with two patches of black fur where a person’s eyebrows should be. It looks like he is permanently raising his eyebrows up, almost with a look of sorrow in his eyes. The poor cat.

A white cat with black fur shaped as raised eyebrows.
Source: Barcroft Media

No one should be that distraught all the time. This almost makes me think of eyebrow styles from back in the ‘90s where we would pencil them in. That is another ‘90s style that came back now along with velvet clothing, corduroy pants, and penciled in eyebrows. At least this cat stays cute with his penciled in brows.

The Cinnabon

There is nothing like walking through the mall and seeing those delicious cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting drizzling down the edges. Once this cat curls up, he resembles just that; a crazy delicious cheese and cinnamon dessert. If he had a bit whiter fur, we could really see the frosting here, but he looks more like the cinnamon roll part.

A cat curled up with fur resembling a cinnamon swirl dessert.
Source: Reddit, laurasiaaa

Maybe it isn’t really a Cinnabon. Perhaps this cat has hypnotic powers and uses it to stop crime, or even to pick up ladies. Either way, this cute cat gives me the urge to go to the mall and do some shopping, then to top it all off with some delicious dessert. Or really just the urge to curl up on the couch and be lazy like him.

Afraid of His Own Shadow

Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘afraid of her own shadow?’ Well, this cat is the mascot for this saying. He literally has a patch of fur on his back that looks like the shadow another cat sitting up. I wonder if the cat actually saw this shadow on his back that he would be scared. This is just another thing that comes from Greece. Some people believe that this phrase came around in ancient Greece, and at least used since the early 1500s.

A cat with white fur and a large spot of black fur on its back shaped like the shadow of a cat.
Source: Pinterest, FreeCats

Someone who is very timid, fearful, and basically afraid of everything can be described as afraid of his own shadow. It can also be taken literally. Let’s say you hear something in the middle of the night and go downstairs to investigate. Then you happen to see something move out of the corner of your eye and freak out, but when you are turning to look, you realize that it’s your own shadow. That is literally being afraid of your own shadow.

Heart in The Right Place

The cat in this picture is the opposite of the last cat who was afraid of his own shadow. This photograph is the epitome of this idiom, heart in the right place. This cute cat has a black patch of fur in the middle of his chest, which is shaped like a heart. What a coincidence. I would go as far as to say he is a new superhero whose logo is a heart.

A cat with a heart-shaped spot of fur on his chest.
Source: Imgur

He is the cat who comes to the rescue with love and cuddles and makes your heart happy. They say a cuddle a day keeps the doctor away, so I think I’m going to find a cat with a heart-shaped spot of fur on his body.

The Eugene Levy

Who doesn’t remember Jim’s dad from American Pie, the infamous Eugene Levy? Some have speculated that this cat looks like he has smokey-eyed makeup on, but he really just reminds me of the hilarious comedy from 1999 and the next seven movies that followed. If you’re feeling nostalgic, you should go back and watch all of the American Pie movies again.

Photograph of a cat with black fur in a thick line above his eyebrows.
Photo by mind-sailor / Reddit

Or you can just watch the new show Levy stars in called Schitt’s Creek. It’s a comedy that he created with his son, Dan, who is a writer, producer, and TV personality. I wonder if he is as big of a fan of his dad’s work on American Pie as we are.

The Checkerboard Cat

This is a unique pattern, unlike the half and half color fur that cats can have. This cute cat has a checkerboard in the center of his face with ginger and black fur. His face is divided into four quadrants, two black and two orange alternating. There is even a bite of white fur mixed in on the bottom, making him extra adorable.

A ginger and black fur cat with a checkerboard pattern on his face.
Photo by Source: Imgur

The checkerboard pattern is usually used for board games and usually has 64 squares. You can play chess, checkers, International draughts, Poos checkers, Russian checkers, Gounki, Czech draughts, and amazons. People can get pretty into checkers, and it has even become a sport. The game is mostly based around math, so the smarter you are, the better you will be at it.

It’s Batman!

Unlike the superhero, this cat is not fictional. He actually has black fur on his head resembling batman’s mask. In the movie, his secret identity is Bruce Wayne, but who is this cat hiding behind his mask? This DC comic has been remade so many times, and I think it’s about time that they remake the movie using animals.

A cat with white fur and a black fur patch on the top half of his head, resembling batman’s mask.
Source: Twitter, Kathryn Hearn

They practically exhausted every option when it comes to actors who can play Batman. So why not give this cute cat a try? He is already dressed for the part. Did you know that the first Batman comic to come out was in May 1939, and was called ‘The Case of the Chemical Syndicate?” I’m sure this cat knew that already though, being Batman and all.

The Ace of Spades

This next cat should be a blackjack dealer at his local casino. His fur sure is in the right shape for it. As you can see here, this cat has a spade on his chest in a patch of white fur. All he’s missing is the ‘A’ to its top left and bottom right, and he would have been the ace of spades. This little guy looks like if he doesn’t work at the casino, he is a frequent gambler.

A grey cat with a white patch of fur in the shape of spades.
Source: Pinterest, Irina Abelgans

And if not at the casino, he knows how to put bets down online. If that doesn’t work out for him, he could pick up some extra cash as a magician’s assistant. How funny would it be if you went to see a magician, and instead of a bunny rabbit, this cat with his spade came out of the hat?

Multi-Color Eyes

This cat’s eyes are just gorgeous. We all have that friend whose eyes you can’t stop staring at. Usually, they are either blue, green, or brown, and just look so enticing. This cat took beautiful eyes to the next level. On each of his eyes, half is brown, and half of it is blue, and they are separated by his pupil.

A photograph of a cat with each eye, both blue and brown.
Source: Pinterest

You can say that blue is the ocean, and the brown represents the sand onshore. You could also think of the sky and the earth. You can go even further and investigate the meaning behind colors. Blue is a calming, imaginative and confident color, while brown represents stability and protection. Looking at his eyes, this is what I feel; cool, calm, and collected.

The Cookie Monster

This cat was born with a unique pattern on his stomach, one that I haven’t seen anything resembling until today. He has a patch of fur on his stomach, which is shaped like a chocolate chip cookie. This cat would be so cute dressed up as the cookie monster for Halloween. Apparently, the cookie monster is supposed to be showing awareness of eating healthy foods.

A cat with a spot of fur on his stomach in the shape and style of a chocolate chip cookie.
Source: imgur

I have been watching Sesame Street since I was a kid and didn’t think of him as being even a little bit healthy. I don’t think I’ve seen him do anything other than chow down on cookies. However, it is said that the cookie monster enjoys eating his fruits and even eggplant. Don’t worry; you aren’t alone. I missed those episodes also.

The Heisenberg

This cat comes to us straight out of Breaking Bad. At one point in this series, Walter White lets people think his name is Heisenberg to mask his identity. When I was watching it, it even seemed like he took on a different personality throughout time with a darker and more put together facial hairstyle (using hair color, and before he stopped taking care of himself all together).

A white cat with black patches of fur on his chin and next to his ears resembling Walter White.
Source: Pinterest

This cat looks just like him here, with the perfectly shaped and colored beard fuzz and the dark black hair at the top of his head. Just like White, this cat looks like he’s enjoying the fancy life in his backyard with beautiful green grass and lots of space for activities.

The No. 1 Cat

I’m going to name this cat, Helga. She has a patch of fur in the shape of the number one in the center of her face. Helga is number one, and she knows it, posing for a photograph in front of her floral curtains from the ‘80s. She has darker fur around the number, so it really stands out, showing everyone around her that she is a Queen, capital ‘Q.’

A cat with his fur in the shape of the number one on his nose, sitting directly between his eyes.
Photo by kramlite / Imgur

The number is also exactly in between her eyes as if it was put there on purpose. Perhaps Helga got a tattoo in a past life, and it ended up being transferred over in the form of different colored fur on her face. I guess we’ll never know.

Top Hat Kind of Guy

This next kitten is just too cute for words and seems to keep up with the latest styles. This fluffy white cat has a patch of black fur on his head in the shape of a tiny top hat. That’s right; this new style is just getting bigger to the point that cats are getting in on it.

A cat with a patch of black fur on his head in the shape of a top hat.
Source: Pinterest, Home You

I thought glitter beards were weird, but these crazy mini hats can be found on headbands and even just come as tiny hats with clips on them. Now, I know this style is more for younger people, but this is still a kitten. Instead of paying too much money for a hat that is smaller than usual and that has no actual use, this cat has a free tiny hat built into his fur, and his style is on point.

Squirrel Lover

Cats are known for trying to chase around other animals, which are smaller than them. Squirrels usually are no different, and it can even get to the point that the squirrel loses his patience and injures the cat using his teeth or super sharp claws. They also can carry diseases and ticks, so cats should appreciate this creature from afar.

A white and ginger cat with his ginger fur in the shape of a squirrel latched onto his back with a long tail.
Source: Reddit

This next cat will have to be an exception to this rule, as it has a patch of fur on his back in the shape of a squirrel. You heard that correctly, this cat has a squirrel on his back who won’t start a fight with him and won’t transfer any disease. The fur on the cat’s tail even matches the patch, which looks like the squirrel’s body, so he has a full-on animal printed on him.

The Batty Cat

This batty cat also has a reminder of how batty he is within his fur. He has black fur all over except for a large patch under his chin, which is shaped like an actual bat, wing, ears, and all. At first glance, I almost thought they were angel wings, but the ears give it away like a bat. First, this is a very Halloween styled cat; you don’t even need to put a costume on him.

A black cat with a patch of white fur on his neck in the shape of a bat.
Photo by battousaiyngwie / Reddit

This also gives him a crazy amount of personality, which you can even see in the way he is squinting his eyes towards the camera. Also, a white bat is a real thing. Just like other bats, they only come out at night. So, a white bat against his black fur can look like a white bat coming out at night.

Pointed Me in The Right Direction

This cat looks like he has a lot going on. He is lying under a cardboard box. I would say for no reason, but cats just enjoy smaller spaces. Because he is lying on his back, it is the perfect position to catch a glimpse of this white arrow that’s pointing down his stomach.

A black cat with fur in the shape of a large arrow pointing down toward his tail.
Photo by alyohson / Reddit

It’s almost as if it is a reminder for him to aim downwards when he is using the restroom or even a reminder which direction his tail is in. Did you know that cats spend about 30 to 50 percent of their day grooming themselves? I didn’t, but now that I’ve heard it, all I can think is does this cat clean himself in the direction that the arrow is pointing.

The Labeled Cat

Just in case this little guy ever forgot, he came out with the word ‘cat’ printed on his side. Although he’s still a kitten, he is ready to grow and be the cat that he is. Until now, we’ve seen a lot of different markings on cats, which really get called you thinking, ‘how did that happen?’

A multicolored cat with the word cat written on in his fur.
Source: Pinterest, Ariela Zman

Well, this is another random marking that just can’t be explained. But it is funny. Imagine if a teenager got the word ‘adult’ or even ‘human’ tattooed across their head. He shouldn’t be getting ahead of himself. He should be enjoying his young days when he doesn’t have a care in the world!

This next kitten is similar, but not the same…

Self-Portrait Tattoo

Do you know those people who get other people’s faces, or their own, tattooed on their bodies? Well, this cat is kind of in that situation, but it was not on purpose. This kitten was born with some darker fur on his forehead, which is in the shape of a cat’s face. Unlike the actual words that were written on the last cat, this guy has a self-portrait drawn on his head.

A photograph of a cat with his fur in the shape of a cat’s head on his forehead.
Photo by butters_cotch / Reddit

If it didn’t look so much like the outline of a cat, I would say it was almost like Simba when he had his head marked in The Lion King. Rafiki shakes a gourd over Simba’s head while he paws at it, then sprinkles sand on him. Simba sneezed, which got everyone giggling. The Rafiki presented him to the other animals. I get the feeling this cat is ready to be presented.

The Harry Potter

This cat will bring back some nostalgic feelings for a lot of us. The first book of this series came out in 1997 and was called Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. It was released a year later in America under the name Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. This cat has a crazy marking on him, which looks like Harry Potter’s lightning bolt that is clearly etched in his forehead.

A cat with a lightning bolt-shaped by the fur on his head.
Photo by TheThingInTheCorner / Reddit

The fur on this cat’s forehead is orange on a black background, which really accentuates it. Unlike Harry Potter, this guy doesn’t have hair to hide it with. But it’s okay because he really makes the lightning bolt cute. Also, he didn’t get it in a painful way like Harry did; he was born this way.

The Broken-Hearted Cat

Just like me, this cat wears her heart on her sleeve. Although hers is really on her back. This cat was born with fur in the shape of a heartbroken into two pieces on her back. The only thing that would make this sweeter would be if it was a red color, but we’ll have to settle for grey on white.

A cat with dark fur on his back shaped like a broken heart.
Source: Reddit

This cat was actually posted up on Reddit for everyone to see, and he mentioned that she is a stray. There is a line of white that runs through the heart, severing it into two. It’s almost like the longer this cat roamed the streets, the more separated the heart got, and the sadder the cat got. I hope they found a home for it now!

The Shag Rug

This cat looks like the shag carpet from my Grandma’s house in the ‘80s, even the late ‘70s. Shag is back in style, but I didn’t realize they had cats with this kind of fur also. The black and white fur is so mixed that it looks like a multicolor rug. Shag rugs actually take a lot more time and effort when it comes to cleaning.

A cat with black and white mixed fur all over, resembling a black and white shag carpet.
Source: Imgur

I wonder if it’s the same deal when it comes to this cat cleaning himself. I have a shag carpet now, and if I get a cat, I think I will adopt one like this. This way, when his hair falls out, it will blend into my carpet, and I don’t have to worry about constant clean up.

Why So Serious

‘Why so serious’ is a famous line of the Joker from The Dark Knight. In the movie, there were a lot of different ‘reasons’ for the cuts on his check, which were in the shape of a smile. At one point, the Joker mentioned that his father gave him the cuts after doing it to his mother, which is where why so serious comes from.

A cat with a large black fur patch shaped like the joker’s smile.
Source: Facebook

He also claims he did it himself, but there isn’t a real story that’s known, not even in the comics. This cat probably gets this a lot, but his fur makes him look just like the Joker. Thankfully, I doubt that he got it the same way as the Joker did. This cat was just born this way.

The Assassin’s Creed Cat

No, it is not just an ‘A.’ The Assassin’s Creed insignia has been changed slightly over the years, but it is basically the lower part of an eagle’s skull. The game is filled with eagles in all kinds of way, whether its an actual eagle or just a hint towards one. This cat has a very prominent symbol in the middle of his face.

A cat with fur on his face shaped like the Assassin’s Creed insignia.
Source: Imgur

It looks like either the insignia of Assassin’s Creed or the Freemason logo. I’m going to stick with this cat being a gamer (or someone into filmography) and a serious Assassin’s Creed fan, so much so that it was known before he was conceived, and he was born with it on his face.

Cat on A Cat

This is just one more example of someone tattooing themselves somewhere on their body, or just another cat who was born with a cool mark. This cat has a cute little cat on the tip of their nose. It is almost like when someone gets a small tattoo on their neck, which is usually a small filled-in shape, and I can picture it on someone.

A black and white cat with a spot of fur on his nose shaped like another cat lying down.
Source: Twitter, TOKAITRICK_bot

Did you know that cats can’t see directly under their nose? I would say that the cat on his nose is in the way, but this is just his blind spot. They don’t need to see there as their prey comes from a different place. For times that vision is needed down there, the cat will usually use their great sense of smell.

Sword Play

When you first look at this cat, it just looks like a random intricate design on his back. But if you actually look at it, there is a sword pattern running down the cat’s head, back, and tail. It was interesting when I thought it was just a pattern, but a sword is even cooler.

Photograph of a cat sitting next to his food with his fur shaped like the outline of a sword with a nice handle down his back and tail.
Source: Reddit, maisiedaise

The handle is on his upper back and head with a complicated design. It’s like a fancy sword welded for a king or queen. Perhaps he is a samurai warrior and is just hiding his sword. Like Kung Fu Panda, do you think this kitten knows how to fight with this fancy thing, or is it just for show?