Life Is like a Roller Coaster, Live It, Be Happy, Enjoy Life – Best Rides in Each States

Whether its Disney world and its insane rides or just a carnival with a Ferris wheel, everyone has been to some type of theme park in their life. Some people like to stick to the carousel but the adrenaline addicts love the rush of the height speed and suspense!

Roller Coasters

There are so many roller coasters out there with crazy drops, loops and most importantly, terror! We compiled a list for all you daredevils out there! Here’s a list of the best rides, roller coasters and water slides in every state that are sure to give you that adrenaline rush!

Alabama: Rampage

The Rampage is located at Alabama Splash Adventure in Bessemer Alabama. Tickets are just under $30.00 for the park so it’s a good place to take the family. There are also less scary rides for younger children.

Rampage Rides

The Rampage was originally built in the late ’90s! However, it was revamped in 2015 so it’s very safe! The ride is a wooden roller coaster that is 120 feet tall and the speed reaches 56 MPH.

Alaska: Master Blaster

Everyone loves a good water ride! Master Blaster is located in H2Oasis Indoor Water Park in Anchorage Alaska. It’s a nice place to cool off on a hot summer day, but since it’s indoors, you can go year-round!

Alaska Master Blaster

The Master Blaster is a water-powered slide! This ride is 505 feet long and while most water slides go downhill the Master Blaster is unique. What makes this slide so scary is that is goes uphill as well!

Arizona: Skydiver

The Skydiver is a roller coaster for the bravest riders. You can find this ride in an amusement park in Phoenix Arizona called Castles n’ Coasters. If heights give you an adrenaline rush you’ll love the Skydiver.


Since admission includes unlimited rides all day, you can fall 120 feet off of an 11 story building over and over again. Anyone who loves drops needs to take a trip to Arizona and check out the Skydiver.

Arkansas: X-Coaster

Just the name X-Coaster makes it sounds like this ride is dedicated to the bravest riders. If you are ever in Arkansas, stop by Magic Springs Amusement Park in Hot Springs.

Arkansas X-Coaster

The X-Coaster starts with a 150-foot vertical ascent. It has a backward loop and 360-degree corkscrew! This roller coaster operates at 65 MPH so this ride will keep your heart pumping!

California: Incredicoaster

There isn’t a shortage of rides in California. However, the most popular amusement park is Disney Land. Although people say it’s not as good as Disney World (in Orlando FL.) Florida doesn’t have the Incredicoaster!

California Incredicoaster

This roller coaster is modeled after Disney-Pixar’s movie The Incredibles! The Incredicoaster is a 6,000 feet fast-paced ride trying to catch the Super Family’s youngest child, baby Jack-Jack. It’s now the fastest and longest ride at the Disneyland Resort.

Colorado: Mind Eraser

The Mind Eraser is located at Elitch Gardens Theme and water park Amusement Park in Denver, Colorado. Admission to the Park is $60 but since it filled with rides and doubles as a water park it’s the perfect place to spend the day.

Mind Eraser

The Mind Eraser pulls the riders through several rollovers and double corkscrew spins! The Mind eraser hits the speed of more than 50 MPH. This is definitely one for roller coaster lover to try!

Connecticut: Boulder Dash

In Bristol, Connecticut at Lake Compounce Amusement Park, you can find the Boulder Dash! What makes this ride special is that it’s the first roller coaster to ever be built into an actual mountain!

The Boulder Dash
Source: Copyright: Piotr Redlinski

In 2013, Amusement Today gave Boulder Dash the title of the world’s best wooden roller coaster. Reaching a speed of 60 MPH I can see why. Plus it’s built on the side of a real mountain!

Delaware: Superflip 360

Superflip 360 can be found at Funland amusement park, located in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Funland is similar to a carnival so instead of admission, ticket are required to ride. You get 20 tickets for just $8.

Superflip 360

As you can probably figure out from its name, the Superflip 360 will flip its riders to a full 360-degree rotation! This rides also reaches a height of 40 feet! Sounds like I need to get to Delaware ASAP!

Florida: Mako

With all the Disney parks and Universal studios, there is so a shortage of amusement parks or roller coasters in Orlando Florida. However, Mako located in Sea World Orlando is one of the best!

Mako at SeaWorld Orlando

Mako is the only “Hypercoaster” in the region. It means that the ride can reach a height between 200 and 300 feet. Mako is named after the fastest shark and goes at an insane speed of 73 MPH.

Georgia: Twisted Cyclone

Opening in May 2018, Twisted Cyclone is one of the newest Roller coasters in Six Flags in Austell, Georgia. Since the amusement park is filled with plenty more roller coasters and rides, adult admission is $60.

Twisted Cyclone Roller Coaster

The Twisted Cyclone is 2,400- foot long wood and steel hybrid. This crazy roller coaster reaches a height of 100 feet and a 75-degree drop! Head over to Georgia to ride one of the best roller coasters in Six Flags.

Hawaii: Tornado

Hawaii is a popular island where people love taking vacations. If you ever find yourself vacationing in Hawaii make sure you stop at Wet ‘n Wild Hawaii located in Kapolei. That’s where you can ride the tornado!

Tornado - Wet n Wild Hawaii

Wet n’ Wild has named the Tornado as one of the park’s most extreme rides! If you like to get soaking wet, this one will take you through a 130-foot tunnel before shooting you out!

Idaho: Tremors

Built-in 1999, Tremors is a classic wooden roller coaster that people have been enjoying for 20 years. You can find this awesome ride at Silverwood Theme Park, located in Athol Idaho.

Idaho Tremors

Tremors featureד scary drops that can reach up to 103 feet high! The roller coaster even ventures underground! With a speed of 63 MPH, the entire ride lasts just one minute and forty seconds.

Illinois: Goliath

At Six Flags Great America in Gurnee Illinois, you can find the Goliath. This is one of the greatest roller coasters in six flags. After its grand opening in 2000, Goliath broke three world records!

Illinois Goliath

At 72 MPH this was the fastest wooden roller coaster of the time. It was also the 180 feet high which made it the tallest. The goliath was also the ride with the steepest drops at 85 degrees. The ride is no longer holding these titles but it’s still a classic thriller!

Indiana: Mammoth

If you have ever been Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari in Santa Claus, Indiana, you probably rode the mammoth! In 2016 the Mammoth broke the record for the longest water coaster.


Reaching 1,763 feet, that’s not a surprise. That means the roller coaster covers three acres of land! The Mammoth will keep your heart pounding with its steep drops and terrifying dark tunnels!

Iowa: Storm Chaser

You can ride the Storm Chaser at Adventure Land, located in Altoona, Iowa. If you roller coasters ever end up in Iowa, make sure to spend a day there exploring Adventure Land!

Iowa Storm Chaser

Storm Chaser takes its riders on a 35 MPH swing through the air! This is definitely a ride for the bravest riders! Since it takes you an astonishing 260 feet off the ground, this ride is not recommended for anyone who has a fear of heights.

Kansas: Sky Ride

You can test out Sky Ride if you ever in up at the Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson Kansas. Since Sky Ride is a fair, you can ride it for just $4 and you can get a round trip for only $6.

Kansas State Fair

Kansas doesn’t really have Amusements Parks so if you’re looking for a ride, the closest you will get is at the Kansas State Fair. The most exciting thing there is the Sky Ride. It goes high up and you can see the whole fair!

Kentucky: T3 (Terror to the Third Power)

Terror to the Third Power was given the nickname T3. You can find this ride at the Kentucky Kingdom, located in Louisville Kentucky. The Kentucky Kingdom is filled with other rides and a great place to spend the day.

Kentucky T3 (Terror to the Third Power)

Terror to the Third power is a suspenseful roller coaster. It’s filled with loops and five gravity-defying inversions. This one seems like it will get you dizzy so make sure to eat after you go on this one!

Louisiana: Ragin’ Cajun

Ragin’ Cajun is a Boomerang style coaster that is at Dixie Landin’ amusement park located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. If you’re ready for a gut-wrenching roller coaster, here it is!

Louisiana Ragin’ Cajun

The Ragin’ Cajun starts with a backward climb going up an 85-foot spike! It stays there for a suspenseful second before it shoots you down boomerang style with the speed of 47 MPH!

Maine: Thunder Falls

Thunder Falls is a water coaster at Funtown Splashtown USA located in Saco Maine. If you ever spend your vacation in Maine, this is a great Amusement Park to cool off on a hot day.

Thunder Falls Log Flume

Thunder Falls was promoted as “New England’s longest and tallest log flume” on Funtown Splashtime’s website. I hope you like getting wet because the drop at the end will definitely leave you soaked!

Maryland: Cyclone Cart Coaster

Cyclone Cart coaster is located in Jolly Roger Amusement park in Ocean City Maryland. For $45 you get two hours of go-carts and of course, it includes the Cyclone Cart Coaster.

Maryland: Cyclone Cart Coaster

Cyclone Cart Coaster is a fun combination of a go-cart and a roller coaster. It opened in 2015 and became the first “cart coaster” in the world! The track is five stories tall and measures over 1,500 feet long!

Massachusetts: New England Sky Screamer

In 2014, the oldest Six Flags in the United States opened up the New England Sky Screamer, located in Agawam Massachusetts. The New England Sky Screamer is currently the tallest swing ride on the planet!

Massachusetts New England Sky Screamer

The New England Sky Screamer is a terrifying ride that takes you over 400 feet in the air dangling you! If that’s not scary enough it swings you around at 35 MPH but it feels much faster.

Michigan: Shivering Timbers

If you’re a roller coaster lover, you need to check out Shivering Timbers! You can find this chilling roller coaster in Muskegon, Michigan at Michigan’s Adventure. It’s the signature attraction of the amusement park.

Michigan Shivering Timbers

Shivering Timber is the longest wooden roller coaster in all of Michigan. It speed through 5,383 feet of track! The ride goes up to 65 MPH but for a bigger thrill, try riding it at night!

Minnesota: Avatar Airbender

Avatar Airbender was inspired by the TV show Avatar: The Last Airbender. It opened in 2008 at Nickelodeon Universe located in Bloomington Minnesota.

Minnesota Avatar Airbender

Ride Experiences described the Avatar Airbender as “almost like that of a tilt-a-whirl set in a halfpipe.” With reaching heights of 70 feet in the air, this ride is sure to give you the rush you’re looking for.

Mississippi: Backsplash

Backsplash bears is the name of the first waterslide in America of its kind! You can ride Backsplash at Geyser Falls amusement park. This is a must if ever pass by Choctaw Mississippi.

Mississippi Backsplash

This water ride is complete with a tunnel! It even has a ramp that you slide down backwards ending up in the splash pool. What can be better than a water slide and roller coaster combination?!

Missouri: Time Traveler

Time traveler is also a newer roller coaster which only debuted in March 2018. You can find this ride at Silver Dollar City in Branson Missouri. Get ready to feel like you’re traveling through time!

People riding the Time Traveler
Source: YouTube

Time Traveler cost about $26 million! It sends you through three inversions which is actually a record for a spinning coaster. This ride also features a 95-foot tall vertical loop. Have fun!

Montana: Geronimo Speed Slide

Geronimo Speed Slide is another waterside roller coaster! This one is located in Big Sky Water Park in Columbia falls Montana. It only costs $27 for a fun-filled day of water rides.

Geronimo Speed Slide
Source: Youtube

Getting up there must take a while and although it’s very high up, it would probably be considered a water slide before a roller coaster. That’s why there is no seat belt and you have to cross your arms over your chest before you slide down!

Nebraska: Rockin’ Rapids

Fun-Plex Rides is a water park located in Omaha Nebraska. It’s filled with many water slides including Rockin’ Rapids which just debuted this summer. It’s the park’s first double rider slide!

Rockin’ Rapids water slide
Source: Fun-plex

Rockin’ Rapids is five stories high and amazingly 1,200 feet long! This ride is so big that it moves 3,000 gallons of water per minute! If you needed an excuse to go to Nebraska, here you go!

Nevada: Canyon Blaster

Las Vegas is a common vacation spot for people to party and gamble. If you ever find yourself vacationing in Las Vegas Stop by Adventure Land to ride the Canyon Blaster.

People riding the Canyon Blaster
Source: Cashmanphoto

This roller coaster reaches a speed of 55 MPH. Even though this classic ride has been open since 1993, apparently the Canyon Blaster is the only indoor double-loop, double-corkscrew roller coaster.

New Hampshire: Yankee Cannonball

You can find one of the world’s oldest roller coasters at Canobie Lake Park, located in Salem New Hampshire. What makes this wooden roller coaster scarier is that it was build 88 years ago!

Yankee Cannonball ride
Source: Pinterest

However, Yankee Cannonball is in very safe and it great condition. This roller coaster survived damages from a hurricane and a fire but, knowing how old it is heightens the fear! This classic ride speeds up to 35 MPH!

New Jersey: Kingda Ka

Kingda Ka, located in Six Flags Great Adventure is a must for roller coaster lovers passing by Jackson, New Jersey! This ride hits 128 MPH in 3.5 seconds, which is faster than the fastest Ferrari!

Kingda Ka roller-coaster in Six Flags
Source: Tripsavvy

Kingda Ka is a 50 second ride that takes you into a chilling 70 degree spiral! Kingda Ka remains is currently the fastest roller coaster in America and the second-fastest in the world!

New Mexico: The Hurricane

Western Playland amusement park in El Paso New Mexico, is where you can ride The Hurricane! If you love roller coasters, you should Plan your next vacation in New Mexico and stop at Western Playland.

The Hurricane roller coaster
Source: Revolvy

The Hurricane reaches a speed over 55 MPH. The Hurricane was first built at the Santa Cruz Beach in northern California. In 2013 it finally made its debut in New Mexico.

New York: Tantrum

New York is another vacation state with a lot of tourist attractions. Next time you’re there make sure you stop by Darien Center, New York and go to Darien Lake Darien amusement park!

People riding a roller-coaster
Source: Blooloop

In Darien Lake, you will find the Tantrum! This is a newer ride since it only premiered in 2018. This incredible roller coaster has a 90 degree drop! It’s the first ride in the state to descent into a beyond-vertical descent.

North Carolina: Fury 325

If you have ever been at Carowinds amusement park in Charlotte North Carolina, you probably got to ride on the Fury 325! If not you at least saw it there because the roller coaster is 325 feet high!

North Carolina: Fury 325

With the speed reaching 95 MPH this ride is sure to keep your adrenaline up. The Fury 325 gained national recognition when it opened in 2015. It won the Golden Ticket award for “Best New Ride in the World”.

North Dakota: Rarotonga

If you ever end up in Grand Forks, North Dakota, you have to stop at Splasher’s of the South of Seas. It’s the largest water park in North Dakota and you can slide down the Rarotonga!

Rarotonga water slide
Source: Wilmingtonandbeaches

This incredible water slide is like a “Cannonball” slide. It sends you splashing through an amazing tunnel before you land it the water. If you like the thrill of a roller coaster in a waterslide, this one is for you!

Ohio: Steel Vengeance

Steel Vengeance is the first steel-on-wood hybrid roller coasters. This thrilling ride located at Cedar Point Park in Sandusky, Ohio broke a total of 10 world records when it comes to rides.

Huge roller coaster in Ohio
Source: Bestfamilyescapes

Cedar Point dedicated a whole page on their website describing this ride and all its world records. The terrifying ride is over 200 feet high and will keep you in the air longer than any other roller coasters!

Oklahoma: Silver Bullet

The Silver Bullet is a Western-themed roller coaster located at Frontier City, an amusement park in Oklahoma City. If you like upside-down hoops you should definitely check this one out.

Silver Bullet ride
Source: Youtube

This is awesome ride has been giving the people in Frontier City an adrenaline rush since 1986. With the speed reaching 47.8 MPH, I can see why! The Silver Bullet is a roller coaster I need to ride!

Oregon: Adrenaline Peak

The Adrenaline Peak has it all! If you’re looking for an exciting experience, stop by Oaks Park in Portland, Oregon. Trust me, this roller coaster is guaranteed to give you the thrill of a life time!

Adrenaline Peak roller-coaster
Source: Themagical

Adrenaline Peak begins with an initial drop! It also features 97 degree loop and 1,050 feet track! Oaks Park actually held a contest to choose the name for the ride. The winner who chose “Adrenaline Peak” was giving a $500 gift certificate to the park!

Pennsylvania: Sky Rush

If you have ever been to Pennsylvania, you must have gone to Hershey Park! It’s located in Hershey Pennsylvania and you can ride Sky Rush! It’s a great way to spend a vacation day!

Sky Rush roller-coaster
Source: Coasterradio

You can bring the family or go alone but you have to try the sky Rush! It takes you 200 feet in the air before taking you down the highest drop in the entire park! Talk about a head rush!

Road Island: Extreme Big Air Jumper

Extreme Big Air Jumper is located at Adventure Land in Narragansett, Road Island. If you’re from Road Island you probably know that they don’t have amusement parks but Adventureland is the closest.

Bungee Jump ride in Adventureland
Source: Onlyinyourstate

Since there aren’t any amusement parks it’s hard to find rides. The extreme Big Air Jumper is kind of like fake bungee jumping. It can bounce you up to 25 feet and is safe for children who need a good rush!

South Carolina: Swamp Fox

You can find Swamp Fox located in the Family Kingdom in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. This 2,400 wooden roller coaster opened as soon as the Family Kingdom did back in the 1960’s.

People riding the Swamp Fox in family kingdom
Source: Cardcow

If you’re looking for some fun with a historical twist, Swamp Fox is the ride for you. Legend has it that the ride is named after a revolutionary war hero named Francis Marion. He earned the nickname “Swamp Fox” because of his knowledge of the South Carolina swamps.

South Dakota: Rushmore Mountain Coaster

Rushmore Mountain Coaster is the main attraction at Rush Mountain Adventure Park in Keystone, South Dakota. Since you only have to be 3 years old to ride with an adult, this is perfect for the whole family.

People riding the Rushmore Mountain Coaster
Source: Blackhillsbadlands

The ride gives you an option to sit in a one-person cart or two-person cart. It’s connected to 3,400 feet of rails across the mountainside. Therefore, you can admire nature during this thrill!

Tennessee: Wild Eagle

The Wild Eagle is America’s first “wing coaster.” You can find the Wild Eagle at Dollywood amusement park in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

Huge roller-coaster
Source: Pinterest

You just sit on either side of the track and let the Wild Eagle take control of your life. You will feel the air in your face as you shoot up 40 stories high before coming down! Talk about an adrenaline rush!

Texas: Titan

We all know six flags has some of the best roller coasters! However, the one in Arlington, Texas features the Titan! This heart-pumping ride is sure to give you the thrill you are looking for.

Titan roller-coaster in Six Flags
Source: YouTube

The Titan is a steel hypercoaster that begins with a drop of 225 feet and back to back 540-degree spirals! The Titan reaches a speed of 85 MPH. The Titan lasts 3 minutes which is quite long for a roller coaster!

Utah: Cannibal

If you are a daring rider who wants your stomach tied up in a knot, go on the cannibal! It’s located at Lagoon Amusement Park in Farmington Utah, but get ready to be scared!

Cannibal roller-coaster
Source: YouTube

The cannibal has 4.2. G-force and reaches the speed of 70 MPH! This roller coaster takes you in a 116 degree beyond vertical-free fall. The fall takes you into an underground tunnel which is the best part!

Vermont: Timber Ripper Mountain Coaster

The Timber Ripper Mountain Coaster is a year-round attraction located at Okemo Mountain Resort in Ludlow Vermont. It only costs $15 to drive and $12 to ride, so it’s definitely worth stopping by.

Timber Ripper Mountain Coaster
Source: Facebook

The ride starts off with a five minute vertical climb before sliding down a 3,100 foot track taking you around Vermont’s gorgeous mountainscape. There is even a “Twister” section where the cart reaches 25 MPH!

Virginia: Intimidator 305

The name Intimidator 305 should scare you enough! Located at Kings Domain amusement park in Doswell, Virginia, the Intimidator is sure to give you a rush with a speed reaching 90 MPH.

Intimidator 305 roller-coaster ride
Source: Pinterest

After its debut in 2010, the Intimidator 305 has been terrifying riders with a 300 foot initial drop! Amusement Today gave it second place for the “Best New Roller Coaster.” It lost only to Universal’s Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride.

Washington: The Wild Thing

Next time you’re in Washington, you should stop by Wild Waves Theme and Water Park. It features both, rides on land and in water! It’s a nice place to take the family and you can ride The Wild Thing.

The Wild Thing roller-coaster in Wild Waves
Source: Twitter

Just being called The Wild Thing makes me want to ride this thing. The ride includes a 64 foot drop and a double corkscrew! Not bad for the amusement park’s very first roller coaster.

West Virginia: The Rattler

If you are ever in West Virginia, you have got to stop by Camden Park in Huntington! First of all, it’s the only amusement park in West Virginia but more importantly, you can ride The Rattler.

The Rattler ride in Camden Park
Source: Themeparkreview

If you want a roller coaster to leave you slightly dizzy, you should try the Rattler. It’s the only roller coaster in West Virginia but don’t underestimate it! This swinging ride will leave you with ahead rush!

Wisconsin: Hades 360

You can find Mt. Olympus Water Park and Theme Park in Wisconsin Dells. It’s a Greek pantheon-themed park and features the Hades 360. This ride features the biggest coaster tunnel in the world.

Hades 360 upside down roller-coaster
Source: Imgur

With an 800 feet tunnel, a 360-degree loop and speeds reaching 75 MPH, it takes a real daredevil to ride the Hades 360. Don’t worry, if you’re too scared the theme park has plenty other rides!

Wyoming: Super Star 500

If you like scary water rides, you will love the Super Star 500! It’s located at Star Plunge amusement park in Thermopolis, Wyoming and is marketed as one of the largest water slides in the world.

A little girl sliding down a water slide
Source: Starplunge

The Super Star 500 takes you down a 500-foot force that jets over 2,400 gallons of water every minute! If this doesn’t sound like a refreshing way to get an adrenaline rush, I don’t know what does.