Incredible Photographs That Haven’t Been Digitally Altered, Yet

Nowadays, it’s so hard to be amazed by photography on the internet because of how digitally manipulated photographs have become. There’s nothing worse than seeing what you believe to be a mesmerizing picture only to find out that the images are photo shopped. Fortunately, there are numerous driven photographers out there, capturing the beauty the world has to offer us.

a beautiful display of fields covered in a blanket for blue flowers
Source: Hiroki Kondu

We have gathered a compilation of pictures varying between nature, international attractions and inventions that haven’t had any work done to them. Below are images that are both jaw-dropping and untouched by digital tools. You’ll find pictures that will make you take a second look, take up a new ‘photography hobby’ or even get out your passport. We think these pictures are pretty impressive. What do you think?

The Flying Dutchman’s Floating Ship

This picture of Sutro Tower in San Francisco has a cloud covering it almost entirely, only revealing the top of the tower which looks like the top of the Flying Dutchman’s floating ship.

A massive cloud covering a tower, creating an illusion of The Flying Dutchman’s floating ship
Source: Pinterest

The Flying Dutchman is a tale that originated back in the 17th century. This legendary ‘ghost ship’ is believed never to be able to port and is doomed to sail the oceans forever. For those of you who have watched ‘Pirates of the Caribbean,’ you might know about the legendary myth.

Bodily Shapes Created out of Lava

When I look at this picture, it makes me wonder if Michelangelo ran out of space to create his sculptures. However, there is an explanation for these body-like shapes. If you have an interest in visiting this beautiful attraction, you can find the volcano located in Hawaii. Many have called this specific volcano, ‘The gates to hell.’ I’m sure we can understand why.

Lava that formed shapes of bodies
Source: Imgur

Is your imagination running wild yet? What we are seeing are masses of the lava flow that has dripped into a lava skylight. Molten lava travels across channels called lava tubes. Well, that’s enough science in this matter. None the less, that’s pretty cool, right?

Frozen Methane Bubbles

I might be channeling my inner child here, but this picture looks like something I would have ripped out of my bed-time storybook. However, this is a photograph of a frozen lake in Canada that contains methane bubbles that remained in frozen bubbles.

a picture of frozen methane in a lake surrounded by snow
Source: Reddit

Over the months, visits to these gaseous captives (gas trapped in bubbles) at Abraham Lake have left photographers speechless, scattering mementos of their encounters all over the web. Unfortunately, this sighting can be viewed occasionally.

Asperitas Cloud Formation

The newest cloud type, Asperitas formations, are still rare. The cloud resembles a rippling ocean in the sky. How it forms is still somewhat a mystery, but there is much to debate over the confusion of how the wave-like clouds come about.

a Picture of a storm approaching in a wave-like formation.
Source: BigStormPicture

It appears that the atmospheric conditions are unstable due to the wave-like-cloud formations. Does this make you wonder what other new occurrences we will see in the near future?

The After Effects of a Volcanic Eruption

At the summit of Mt. Ontake, a group of rescuers, more than 500 military and police officers visit a shrine to look for those who had been affected by a volcano eruption.

a mountain covered in volcanic ash
Source: Pinterest

Although this picture looks beautiful, I have to tell you it has quite the story behind it. There was video footage posted on the internet, which showed a huge grey cloud boiling towards climbers at the peak of the mountain.

Our Beautiful Planet Earth

Back in 2005, NASA released a particular image from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter showing us how our planet Earth rises over the horizon of the moon.

a clear picture of planet earth
Source: Imgur

This photo was technically composed of a series of images taken at around 83 miles above the moons’ far side crater, ‘Crompton.’ Don’t you wish you were able to see earth and planets with your own bare eyes? I sure do!

The Stuttgart Library

The image is almost a testament to the quality of German engineering and artistry. German’s seem to be so advanced with their engineering and developments, don’t they? The Stuttgart library ‘Stadtbibliothek Stuttgart’ is quite beautiful.

a 5 level building, library, decorated in white
Source: Reddit

A tourist who explored the Stuttgart Library said, “It’s all white, as it’s named ‘White Library’, with a modern design and especially in the center of the library. Each level offers you different collections. Go to the top level, then look down, and you will see a great view.”

Laguna Colorada View from Space

NASA released this image in 2015. Of course, astronauts take pictures from the space station. I mean, who wouldn’t? Anyway, this picture of the ‘Laguna Colorada’ was one of those beautiful pictures.

a picture captured in space; a view of the orange lake surrounded by dunes.
Source: TheGuardian

At the time of the image, the lovely lake had a rich red-brown (appears orange-like), which is caused by algae which thrive in salty waters. People have mentioned that the color of the water varies depending on the temperature and the salinity of the water.

Hot Water in Antarctica

There are times where I wish I understood physics, like most women understand shopping and makeup. The term ‘Mpemba effect,’ in laws of physics, means that warm water freezes faster than cold water. Did you know that?

during the sunset, a man threw hot water in the Antarctician air, watching it instantly freeze above him
Source: Pinterest

The beautiful ‘Mpemba effect’ in this photo was captured in Antarctica. Someone found the perfect moment in the sunset, threw hot water in the air and TADA. As you can see, it instantly froze.

South African Skies

This picture was submitted to the Sony World Photography Awards back in 2013. This photo was taken by a photographer named Florian Breuer, which displays an impressive night’s sky over South Africa.

African Skies, the stars shine so brightly it almost looks unreal
Source: Florian Breuer

The stars shine so brightly in Africa, and I can personally confirm these beautiful sitings. The stars appear so clearly that eventually, legends became of it. The Zulu people believed that the stars were the eyes of the dead, while many Tswana people thought that they were the spirits of those who were unwilling to be born.

The Water Bridge

Oh look, here we have sophisticated German creations again. Well no, your eyes do not deceive you, no ma’am. The bridge is a water bridge called Magdeburg in Germany.

bridge of water crossing over a lake
Source: Reddit

Magdeburg Bridge is the largest canal under-bridge in Europe. It spans the river Elbe and connects channels so ships can pass between Rhineland and Berlin without any complications.

The Devil’s Bridge

The Rakotzbrücke Devil’s Bridge is in Kromlau, Germany. The bridge is a 19th Century stone bridge with a fantastic arch that forms a perfect circle in its reflection below the waters when it’s calm.

a semi-circle bridge reflecting off calm waters, resembling a complete circle
Source: Pinterest

Like other similar attractions around Europe, the Rakotzbrücke is nicknamed the ‘devil’s bridge.’ There are controversies about such bridges. According to many, these bridges were so dangerous that they might have been built by Satan.

Nighttime in Deadvlei, Namibia

A lady named Beth McCarley captured this beautiful moment. This image was captured at night without city light interference. The moon was so bright, it lights up the dunes, but it was still dark enough to see the Milky Way.

night sky filled with stars, the moon is shining so bright that it looks like day time.
Source: Beth McCarley

Here we have a dead camelthorn tree standing proudly at about 900 years old. The tree has been dead for a long time. Due to extreme weather conditions, it hasn’t been able to decompose.

What in the Name of Holyness is This?

Back in the days, people assumed we would have flying cars. However, I guess this qualifies. In 2015, Robbie Maddison, multiple world record holder, and motocross athlete decided to team up with ‘DC Shoes’ to achieve an impossible dream of his.

a beautiful picture was taken out in nature with bright, beautiful waters whiles a man drives his dirt bike across the water
Source: Pinterest

Like some of us who have extreme sports dreams, Robbie’s goal was to ride his dirt bike across the open waters and boy oh boy, did he choose a great place to do so. That’s pretty impressive if I do say so myself.

Who Frightened Him? He Jumped Out Of His Skin

The first time I saw this picture, I couldn’t believe how cool this was. I am not quite sure how people survive in such cold conditions, though.

a picture of ice that's frozen in the shape of the front of a car. It looks like the vehicle reversed and left an ice shell behind.
Source: Twitter

The ice is a left-over ice-cast of a truck that must have been standing there for some time. Somehow, the shell was left intact after the car had departed. Oh and you are forgiven if you thought this picture was photoshopped in some way, but it’s not.

The Pink Wave

Just because it’s pink doesn’t mean it’s cute. This image was captured in Australia back in 2003. I don’t know, but I get chills just looking at this picture. What would you do in this situation?

a boat is out in the ocean in calm waters, and from near it appears like a giant pink wave is about to hit the ship.
Source: Reddit

On relatively calm waters stands a tall pink wave which threatens to engulf the ship soon. The quiet and smooth waters don’t seem to correspond to the incoming tide. Well, folks, that’s because it’s a massive inbound dust storm.

Swollen House

Have you ever seen those cute videos or pictures where a dog or cat gets stung by a bee, and their muzzle swells up? Well here’s a house that looks like bees have attacked it.

a house made out of rocks up on a mountain. The house looks like it had an allergic reaction to a bee sting.
Source: Wikipedia

This house is someone’s home in Nas Montanhas de Fafe, Portugal, which is also known as ‘Casa Do Penendo.’ It is a lovely architectural monument constructed way back in 1972.

Red Mountain, China

This picture probably comes off as digital alteration. However, we can say it’s most definitely not. If you are visiting Lijiang, Yunnan, China, you should take a bus to Jade Dragon Snow Mountain to see the ‘Impression Lijiang.’

the beautiful picture is of a mountain covered in snow and clouds, with workers carrying baskets up red rampways to the top.
Source: Dimitra Stasinopoulou

This view is a sight for sore eyes. This mountain remains covered in snow most of the time. You can enjoy a multi-ethnic Lijiang performance about 18,360 feet above sea level. The talented photographer is Dimitra Stasinopoulou who took the picture.

Sky Line Forrest

The Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is a unique national forest park. You may find the forest located in Zhangjiajie City, located in the northern Hunan Province, in the People’s Republic of China.

a large rock that’s so big it seems to be almost touching the sky. The stone has a forest growing on top of it.
Source: Pinterest

The Zhangjiajie Park is one of several national parks within the Wulingyuan Scenic Areas. Its nickname is Avatar Hallelujah Mountain after the floating mountains in the science fiction movie.

House of Wax

This is the melting house in Paris. A few years ago, tourists and residents of Paris were able to witness an apartment that didn’t quite fit into any conventional frame. This house appeared to have uneven walls, blurry windows, and indistinct shapes. It seemed as if the house was slowly melting away from the sun.

a house in Paris which seems to be melting the way plastic would.
Source: Pinterest

The key to the strange phenomenon was that this building was an architectural experiment, which left some people somewhat disappointed when it got demolished. The French name for the ‘melting house’ in Paris is ‘Trompe-l’oeil,’ which means ‘optical illusion.’ The house no longer stands, but the address was 38 Rue De George V.

Branding At Its Finest

I think almost all of us once in our lives have said, ‘I wish I had a private island.’ Well for very few of us, owning an island may be the case. If you had a private island, what would you do with it?

Skyview picture of a beach with the name 'Hamad' branded in the sand.
Source: Pinterest

A man named Sheikh Hamad Al Nahyan is a billionaire from the United Arab Emirates. Hamad is part of the Abu Dhabi royal family. He decided to inscribe his name onto his private island, so when you fly above it, you may see his name proudly and clearly.

Book Tower

There are so many aspiring artists out there, finding new ways to express their talents. Some artists make such big statements that can catch the eye of the public.

a tower of disused books which is in the shape of a large tube leading from the window to the floor of the building.
Source: Reddit

A Madrid-based artist named Alicia Martin found a way to transform thousands of disused books into towers that pour out of windows into the streets. That seems like it could be a beautiful thing to drive by and see.

Underwater River

Here we have an underwater river. Yes, you heard right, an underwater river. The river is a flow of hydrogen sulfide which is denser than water. It flows beneath the waves.

a picture was taken underwater. The picture shows an underwater stream is flowing at the bottom of the river.
Source: Anatoly Beloschin,

The stream is reminiscent of methane hydrates which are more substantial than water. Methane can revert into gas spontaneously when temperatures or pressure changes and are a prominent non-anthropogenic driver of global warming, especially in the Arctic.

Airplane Loading Bridge

At first, when you see this picture, it gives you a sense that something is very wrong here, but in fact, this is a loading bridge for an airplane.

a picture of an airplane on a bridge which is on top of a highway.
Source: Twitter

It was Singapore’s Changi Airport that was the first airport in the world to build a loading bridge for airplanes. That sounds pretty cool. Imagine driving under that bridge.

Fish with Human Teeth

I know this looks like it’s photoshopped, but it hasn’t been. As you can see, this is a fish with human-like teeth. There are a few types of fish that have human-like teeth such as Pacu or Sheepshead.

a fish with a mouth full of human-like teeth
Source: Pinterest

If you take one look at a sheepshead fish, you might think he’s just picked up a sailor’s lost pair of dentures from the ocean’s floor. But don’t be fooled; those pearly whites are all natural. Handsome fella.

Floating Stages

Levitation? Could it be? A stranger appears to be levitating on a platform in the air in broad daylight whiles wholly surrounded. I’m joking, don’t worry, there’s no funky magic going on here.

a woman is standing on a wooden stage on the beach, she appears to be levitating.
Source: Reddit

This is a pure illusion that defies gravity by making an object or person appears to be floating in the air. The subject may appear to levitate unassisted, but it’s just the shadow creating the illusion in this picture.

Man on the Moon

Here and there, perfect timing can make or break a photograph, turning it into a coincidence or a fascinating illusion. I guess luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

a perfectly timed shot of a man skydiving, seemingly landing on the moon.
Source: Facebook

I know this looks a bit unreal, but this beautiful picture is just about timing. This stunning shot is a lucky one. Can you imagine having this great photograph of yourself seemingly standing on the moon to show to your friends and family?

Highway to Heaven

Let’s take a moment to ponder on the beauty in this image. In this case, they have managed to correctly portray the landing and take-off of aircraft at an airport.

a picture captured at night, of a runway created by lights leading to the sky.
Source: Twitter

This picture was captured as a long exposure photo. While we would like this to be a futuristic highway to the sky, unfortunately, it’s just the lights from an airplane taking off. When captured with a long exposure lens, this beautiful trail effect appears.

Taking Yoga Outside

Within the confines of a studio, yoga instructors try their best to create an ambiance of gentle lighting, pleasant sounds, and even an aromatic experience. However, striking the mood is perhaps just an attempt to evoke a natural setting.

a woman sitting in a yoga position as a wave is about to hit her.
Source: Keptelenseg

Outdoor yoga sessions add a different dimension to one’s practice, as you can see, this was a beautiful shot captured, perfect timing! Did you know that ‘Yoga’ means ‘union’? When it’s practiced outdoors, it’s a union with nature, humanity, and apparently, you then can feel the universe. Namaste.

Christ Statue Under Water

This famous statue is one of the most renowned scuba diving attractions in the world. Scuba divers from all over the world come to dive here. The figures location is in Key Largo dry Rocks, which is a beautiful intermediate reef.

a statue of Jesus underwater, in the ocean covered in coral
Source: Facebook

The statue depicts Jesus Christ in a pose which is offering peace. His hands and head raised towards the surface, with his hands approximately 11 feet below the surface.

Lady in Blue

Isn’t that just beautiful? An adult fairytale. This is the monument of Islamic religious architecture of St. Petersburg. It’s the biggest Mosque in the European part of Russia.

a lady wearing a blue dress is camouflaged with the blue walls of a mosque in front of her
Source: Pinterest

The temple’s construction back in 1913, dedicated to the tercentenary of the Romanov house. It then took another seven years to complete the work on the interior designs and decoration of the structure. I think it was well worth the wait.

Disturbing Beauty of Oil Spills

This image is of a petroleum tank in Fort McMurray, Canada. This picture looks beautiful, but it is highly distressing to think that all industrial waste and oil spills. That’s quite unfortunate. Where are all my environmentalists?

picture of a bright orange landscape that almost appears as an oil painting
Source: J. Henry Fair

New York photographer J. Henry Fair showcases the human’s impact regarding the industries like mining, fracking and fertilizer productions. He said, “I wanted to make pictures that told a story about an economic system that wasn’t functioning.”

Capturing the Beauty of Birds

I’m sure you don’t have to be told that birds are incredibly exquisite creatures on our planet. One of the numerous ways that people can appreciate our birds of nature is by the photography of them in the wild.

short description of the photo’s content
Source: Nigel Hodson

With a vast array of colors, a large display of plumage, and an unmatched ability to constitute a symphony of songs, birds of all kinds easily capture our attention.

Man in Saudi Arabia

Let’s take a step back and take a minute to appreciate this picture, and I get a sense of harmony and peace in my stomach. I find this picture to be so gentle, yet I feel it is loud at the same time.

a man stands by the waterside with the sunset in the background, he throws a net into the air, and his reflection shines bright in the water.
Source: YouTube

Masterful control of complementary colors and shades is essential in composing an image. This photographer managed to capture a beautiful moment. If I were to select the photographer of the year, it would go to this photographer, what do you think?

A Gorgeous Panda in the Woods

When I looked at this picture, I too found it hard to believe that this is real. Well folks, guess what? It is indeed. How beautiful is this image?

a picture of a panda sitting in the forest
Source: Cosmopolitan

Friends, unfortunately, with climate change and pressure from humans have driven pandas to become refugees, they sort after any place they can find to breed and survive. I would say they have their backs against the wall.

Iguazu Falls

Brazil is an exciting place to visit; Rio and Buzios are excellent places to go on your vacation. If you search Brazil, you will be amazed at how many beautiful attractions they have.

a waterfall in Brazil with people watching the view
Source: Ian Kelsall

The waterfall is incredible, and so is the area surrounding them, it’s a very lush and tropical region. I feel like I could be a travel agent after talking about the falls, but if you’re looking for a great place to spend a vacation, this would be a great idea.

Moth on Steroids

I for one had no idea moths grew to this size. Giant moths are not as commonly seen as their butterfly family, mostly because of their nocturnal nature.

short description of the photo’s content

Three species of moths are known as significant, with the world’s two most giant moths are Noctuidae or Saturniidae. There are moths mostly seen around North America. I don’t quite know how I feel about this.

A Site for Sore Eyes

The Radisson Blu Hotel in Berlin appears like just another luxury hotel; however, once you go to the hotel, you will be stunned by the gigantic 82-foot high aquarium in the middle of the hotel’s lobby atrium. Impressed?

a man diving in an aquarium in the heart of a hotel lobby.
Source: Imgur

The aquarium is the world’s largest aquarium with one-million liters of seawater. It’s a stunning habitat for many species of tropical fish. I think I will travel to Germany to see this aqua dome.

101 Sheep

What would you do if you woke up in the morning, completed your morning routine, got dressed, had some coffee, and decided to leave for work, and then you leave the house in your vehicle, and then you get stuck behind this? What’s worse, Taxi cab traffic or sitting behind a flock of sheep?

a man leading his flock of sheep up a mountain road
Source: Giancarlo Rado

Italian shepherd Luigino Balzan leads his flock up the street whiles driving his bicycle. Luigino leads his flock to San Boldo Pass, Italy. The photographer that captured this moment was by Giancarlo Rado