Genius Dog Breeds with Superior DNA

Dogs are our best friends but they are also super intelligent and can-do things that a lot of human beings even struggle with. The following is a list of super-genius dogs.

Jack Russell Terrier

This feisty gorgeous little animal with a lot of bounce is simply delightful. They’re naturally cheerful and brighten up our days. They understand repetitive commands and would be good on the set of any dog commercial and they are very agile for their build.

Credit: Wag Brag

Because they are great little workers and follow instructions well, breeders are aware of this and try to keep the breed as pure as possible. These little fellas are known to be extremely smart, fearless, athletic with strong little muscles and a sturdy build, vocal and protective.

The Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain dog is a gorgeous, large animal. An average adult weighs up to 100 pounds. Because of its size, it needs a lot of exercise and their sharp brain makes them the ideal doggy candidate for outdoor training.

Credit: YouTube/funny animals

These dogs are great for the entire family and are especially good and gentle with children. They are known for attaching themselves to one particular adult in the family “pack”. They’re friendly and gorgeous and make a gorgeous pet.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi (or “Corgi” for short) is not really a small dog. Instead, it is very low to the ground as it has a cute set of four short legs. They are renowned for being the Queen’s favorite pet as she has a group of these in the palace.


The Corgi is easily trainable as it is very responsive. Besides being great herders, they are also amazing watchdogs as they are always so alert and bark only as needed. They love getting the attention of those around them and love other pets as well as children.

The English Setter

The English Setter is a field dog and has a sharp intellect that comes from hundreds of years of hunting as well as human companionship. They are skilled at fox hunting and tracking. They come with a combination of superior smelling skills with intelligence to work out where the prey has run or is hiding.

Credit: Alpha Dog Nutrition

It has a lovely temperament only described as a “Gentleman (or Gentledog) by Nature”. Alas, it is still a dog and is known to be strong-willed and mischievous. They are energetic and friendly dogs that are people-friendly that are best for families that can give them a lot of attention.

The Saint Bernard

For those who loved the movies in the 90s the lyrics “Roll over Beethoven” will ring a bell. It was the song in the movie “Beethoven” about a big Saint Bernard living with a family and its comedic trials and tribulations. This gorgeous breed is intelligent and is a skilled mountain dog from Switzerland.

Credit: IBDNA

These dogs are gentle giants (they are seriously massive) and are loving, patient, and really good with children. It is still important to train them as to prevent any possible fear or aggression. Stephen King made it the main character of his 1981 psychological horror novel Cujo about a Saint Bernard with rabies.

The Rottweiler

Now, these massive dogs are not to be messed with. They are highly protective of their owners and those they love and will easily attack anyone who steps on their turf. That said, they are amazingly intelligent.

young rottweiler dog lying on beech forest ground
young rottweiler dog lying on beech forest ground. Source:

Rottweilers have known to be used as service dogs. “Stinky” is a well-known Rottweiler who saved a former soldier’s life, just with unconditional love shown to the man with post-traumatic stress disorder.

The Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is a gorgeous family dog of high intelligence. They are happy to place their heads on your lap, look after the children, or even go for a swim with you in the pool or a lake. They are smart, lovable, and loyal and look to their owners for guidance.


The Golden Retriever is used as a disability assistance dog acting as a guide dog for the blind and hearing for the deaf. They are also trained in hunting, detection as well as search and rescue. They are wonderful family dogs although not the greatest guard dog as they would probably just lick an intruder to death.

The Labrador Retriever

Very similar to the Golden Retriever, The Labrador Retriever’s intelligence makes it an ideal companion for those with special needs. They are amazing communicators, both for their own needs and wants, and also for those humans that they love.

Credit: The Labrador Retriever

These animals are defined in two ways: American or English. The difference lies in their behavior. American Labs tend to be more energetic and better for experienced. owners who can devote a lot of time to them with regard to training.  English Labs are best for training and known to be the best as a family pet.

The German Shepherd

Many different police units around the world, including armies, use German Shepherds to help with catching the bad guys. They serve well in police K9 units and even sniff out drugs and are trained in explosive detection – sometimes to the detriment of the dog.

Credit: Junkin Media

German Shepherds are known to be one of the most intelligent breeds and it was discovered that they could execute simple tasks after only a few repetitions and obeyed the first command given over 90% of the time. They are also fiercely loyal and will attack anyone bringing harm to those human companions that they love.

The Border Collie

These dogs are known as one of the most intelligent breeds in the world. Border Collies are fast, agile, and quick-minded. They are very good at obeying commands. They developed their intellect as farm and ranch animal.


They can learn long lists of verbal, sound, and signal commands.  They have an excessive amount of energy, are very acrobatic and athletic, and make great sheepdogs. In fact, they are known as the most intelligent of all domesticated dogs.

The Standard Poodle

There is a lot you can do with the Standard Poodle. Even just for aesthetic reasons, the standard poodle stands tall and there is a lot you can do with scissors to make it look simply beautiful. They have amazing memories and are very obedient.


The poodle comes in various sizes – Toy, Miniature, and Standard, and all are very smart. Standard Poodles have a sharp working sense and are highly responsive to commands. They also make excellent swimmers.

Great Dane

These exceptionally tall and large dogs have enormous brains and are known to be gentle giants who are very protective of their owners. They really fit in well with families and make themselves comfortable as a member of the “pack”.

Credit: John Chaple / W

You would never imagine it, but Great Danes are very comfortable in small apartments. They are very accommodating and known as couch potatoes. They are extremely lovable – just be prepared to have a lot of dog food ready.

The Collie

Collies are beautiful dogs with thick coats. They were made famous in the 1940s because of movies starring “Lassie”, the Collie, and the very popular Elizabeth Taylor. They are extremely intelligent, adept at obedience training are very loyal pets who are great with the whole family.

Credit: NBC Sports

When young and full of energy, they are able to play the entire day and are great at following tasks, and instinctively highly motivated. They are exceptionally loyal as well.

Alaskan Husky

Known to be amazing in dogsledding, the Alaskan Husky loves the cold that knows its way in icy terrains. They have a unique almost wolf-life pack mentality. Because they often work together in groups, they have developed intelligent means of communicating and creating social order.

Credit: Alaskan Husky Behavior

Those that are North-American bred have maintained its Siberian lineage, contributing significantly to the Alaskan version. This shows evidence of crossing with European breeds to create the dog that we adore.

The Alaskan Malamute

This gorgeous dog is huge and cuddly. They love children and fit in very well with families. They are known to be pack animals and need a leader or Alpha personality in the group/pack. Once the family hierarchy is established, they will be extremely loyal.

Credit: YouTube / doglovesbaby

Studies show that the Malamute, the Siberian Husky, and Alaskan Husky all share a close genetic relationship with each other. After all, they do all look very similar, just with slight differences.