Cute Dogs That Crash and Land Just About Anywhere

It’s simply impossible to choose a favorite when it comes to dogs. Every fur-baby is so individual and unique, they all deserve the ‘man’s best friend’ title. It is undoubtedly a tough, tough life being loved and cared for fur-baby. These babies are funny, cute and we are fortunate to have them part of our families.

Lab sleeping and covering his face with his paws
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These fur-babies are so exhausted that they could fall asleep just about anywhere they desire. This often happens with puppies who can’t seem to figure out that exact moment they are falling asleep. Fortunately, we have some pictures below from some loving humans that happened to be there at the right place at the right time. Can you get to the end of the list without feeling overwhelmed with emotions?

Oh, That’s the Spot

Dog bread: The beautiful Golden retriever

Fun fact: Golden retrievers instinctively love swimming. They will always want to play a game of fetch in a pool or lake.

Cat sleeping on top of a puppy
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For some reason, these pups seem to be one of the most popular breeds all over the country. It seems that everyone wants one of these babies as a family member, I mean, how couldn’t you?

Well This Spot Seems Good Enough

Dog breed: Pitbull Puppy

Fun fact: Pit bulls have human-like emotions.

A Pitbull puppy fell asleep inside his food bowl

These heart filled babies are misunderstood because of lousy care and training. However, they are adorable, one of the cutest puppies in the world. They will remain sweet and kind-hearted if that’s the kind of example set for them.

What a Good Stretch

Dog breed: Bulldog

Fun fact: Bulldogs are one of the most popular breeds in the country, coming in at number 4

A bulldog sleeping on his back and looks as if he is stretching out his arms
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With a calm, friendly, and courageous personality, it’s not too hard to see why people fall head over heels in love with these babies. Bulldogs were officially living with American families from 1886, 130 years ago.

What? It Was Hot Outside, So I Found a Cool Place to Nap

Dog breed: Husky

Fun fact: They can change their metabolisms. Scientists are still trying to under how they do that.

Husky lying in a toilet bowl

Well, isn’t he just beautiful? Huskies are widely known for their wolf-like appearance and for those beautiful crystal blue eyes. Huskies are known to be gentle, alert, dignified and friendly but not aggressive.

His Battery Ran Out While On His Way to His Bed

Dog breed: French bulldog

Fun fact: The French bulldog, as a matter of fact, has English roots.

A dog that fell asleep with his arms underneath him while still standing on his behind legs
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These beautiful babies have the most adorable features, beautiful wrinkles, short nose and tiny face. However, the ears are what grabs our attention. They have these bat-like ears; it’s so adorable. That’s a recipe for a big, tight hug.

Make the Room Stop Spinning

Dog breed: American Staffordshire Terrier (AmStaff, Staffy)

Fun fact: Amstaffs are safe around children. Their breed is known for being tolerant and protective over the kids in their families.

The dog fell asleep in a position that looks like he fell down the stairs and stayed in his landing position
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This baby is enjoyable, fearless, passionate, loving and affectionate. Amstaffs are often mistaken for Pit Bull Terriers; they do share an ancestral bloodline. However, the Amstaffs are the more gentle kind.

Wait, I Think I Found the Spot

Dog breed: Bulldog

Fun fact: Apparently, there are around 3 million Pitbulls in the U.S

A Dog fell asleep sitting on a chair with his face on the arm of the chair
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Pits are known to be way more emotional than any other dog in the world. When it appears that they are stubborn, they are showing you that you hurt their feelings. They are less likely to act out but rather give you the ‘silent treatment.’

Don’t You Want To Tuck Him In?

Dog breed: Pitbull

Fun fact: These babies can grow up to be extremely large and heavy

A pit bull taking a nap on the couch, with his tongue hanging out
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The biggest pitbull in the world weighs around 174 pounds. He was raised to be a service dog, but eventually, he became a cute and gentle bodyguard, a companion to the family’s child. This big boy has eight fur-babies of his own.

That Walk Was Exhausting

Dog breed: Pug

Fun fact: Pugs are a very ancient breed.

A Pug passed out lying on his back in a sitting up position
Source: Shutterstock

The history of pugs seems to date a bit too far back, so it’s hard to pinpoint their history. Many believe that pugs originated in China and were alive before 400 BCE. Buddhists used to keep them as pets.

Sunny-Side Up and Well Done, Please

Dog breed: Bulldog

Fun fact: No two Bulldogs in the world are the same, at all.

A Bulldog sleeping flat on his back
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These babies come with four different mark patterns and around ten different fur colors. The colors could be fawn, brindle, piebald and much more. So each bulldog you see will be unique.

I Should Have Hung A ‘Do Not Disturb’ Sign

Dog breed: Labrador Retrievers

Fun fact: You can have puppies consisting of three different colors from the same litter

A Lab stuck between the sofa's back base and the pillows
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Regardless of their parents color, in one litter, she could give birth to three different colored babies, which include yellow, brown and black. Two genes can cause the pigmentation in their coats.

These Two Babies Fell Asleep Whiles Playing With a Tennis Ball

Dog breed: Labrador Retrievers

Fun fact: Labs are quite the water babies

two Labs fell asleep with their mouths entwined
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How romantic are these two fur-babies? These beautiful Labs are built for swimming. They have a waterproof coat and semi-webbed feet. They look adorable whiles they are swimming, I call this stroke ‘doggy-style seal.’

I Sleep Best Like a Taco

Dog breed: Bullmastiff

Fun fact: Bullmastiffs don’t bark or bite.

A cute puppy lying inside a box, he looks like he is inside a taco

Bullmastiffs are a completely different kind from traditional guard dogs. They used to be trained as guard dogs; they would never bark or bite an intruder, but rather to apprehend them. These instincts have remained with bullmastiffs. They still play the role of a gentle guard dog and as well as a family companion

Wake Me Up When September Ends

Dog breed: Pomeranian

Fun fact: Michelangelo had a Pomeranian at his side whiles he painted the ceiling in the Sistine Chapel

A Pomeranian that fell asleep inside a kids' swing
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Pomeranians roots are traced back to them being large sled dogs weighing in at around 20 to 30 pounds. The Queen of England, Victoria was the reason we have small Pomeranians these days, she bred them to be little lapdogs.

I Land Here. I Stay Here

Dog breed: Greyhound

Fun fact: Greyhounds were part of ancient Egyptian history. Their existence dates back to around 3,000 B.C, hence being mentioned in the bible.

A greyhound that's slipped of the couch, face planted on the floor, leaning on his nose
Source: Shutterstock

There aren’t too many breeds that can be traced back to ancient times except for this beautiful pup. Ancient stone drawings, statues and sculptures often characterize the slender canines with exaggerated pointy faces and ears.

I’m Dreaming about Eating Chicken

Dog breed: Cocker Spaniel

Fun fact: Did you know there are two different kinds of Cocker Spaniels?

A dog sleeping up against an armrest, with his mouth open

Although the two do look similar, they are recognized as two separate breeds. The American Spaniel tends to be a bit smaller with a rounder head. An English Spaniel has a less distinctive eyebrow and a longer snout.

I Have No Words. This Is Too Cute!

Dog breed: Beagle

Fun fact: Beagles are pack dogs, they get along well with all dogs

A beagle sleeping inside of a washing machine
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Beagles love companionship a lot. Whether it’s with dogs or humans, they don’t like to be left alone for to many hours. Beagles are very strong-minded and inquisitive.

This Baby Practices Yoga A Lot

Dog breed: Boxer

Fun fact: They really do box. When playing, they stand on their two back legs and kick out their front paws, sort of what a human boxer would do.

A dog sleeping in a position that looks as if he's been folded in half
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Most of the time, being described as clownish and puppy-like, Boxer’s combine loyalty, courage, and intelligence with vitality and playfulness that make this pup one of the most popular breeds in the U.S.

I Like To Live On The Edge

Dog breed: Coonhound

Fun fact: Scottish immigrants brought redbones to America in the 18th century.

a dog sleeping on top of a backrest of a sofa

The Redbone absolutely love the company of their human families. They do not display strong-willed behavior. As a matter of fact, they are often described as an easy-going and gentle breed.

A Real Little Lady

Dog breed: American Pitbull

Fun fact: They were bred from violent beginnings; as a result, they now have a terrible reputation

A dog sleeping and covering her lady bits with her paw
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These fur-babies were bred to be muscular, strong and fearsome, resulting in a bad reputation worldwide. FORTUNATELY, the tides are changing for this beautiful misunderstood breed. Many cities are considering to lift there ban.

Oh, This Little-Big Baby

Dog breed: Pitbull

Fun fact: Pitbull is not a breed; it’s a generic term which is used to describe dogs who have similar traits.

A big0ish dog sleeping in a babies car seat

Pit bulls have significant mental and physical characteristics that could make them the best partners to active, caring and responsible owners. When it comes to their hearts, they are just cute, loving and emotional babies deep down inside.

That Position Looks So Uncomfortable, But You Sell It So Well

Dog breed: Bulldog

Fun fact: They have a condition which is caused by their short snout, a snoring and gas condition.

bulldog sitting on a chair, leaning on his face with his tongue hanging out
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Bulldogs have some great traits, they snore, drool and fart! Doesn’t that sound like a dream of yours? I’m kidding; it’s absolutely adorable. Just make sure to feed them healthy ‘smelling’ foods.

What Spices Do You Want Me Served In?

Dog breed: Boxer

Fun fact: Boxers have a long history dated back to 2000 B.C

A boxer curled up in a large plate on an outside dining table

Apparently, these boxers have been traced back to the ancient Assyrians, all the way back to 2000 B.C. They were brave, compelling and often used during a war.

What Good Manners

Dog breed: Pitbull

Fun fact: Pitbulls love having friends, I mean, who doesn’t?

A Pitbull puppy passed out on his owners' lap with his leg crossed over his man bits
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At the beginning of the 20th century, pits were named nanny dogs or nursemaid dogs. The reason behind those names was because of their loyal, loving and nurturing attitudes towards children.

You’ve Should Work on Your Flexibility

Dog breed: Bull Terrier

Fun fact: Bullys are apparently the clowns of the dog world.

Bull terrier puppy sleeping on his back with his back legs stretched up straight in the air

Bullys might come off as a bit intimidating due to their muscular and sharp appearances, but you are wrong, they are sweet and gentle dogs. They are perfect members of active families. They are goofy, fun, love to play and to get into trouble.

Be Still Until I Have Finished My Nap

Dog breed: Goldador

Fun fact: A goldador is a mix between a Golden retriever and a Labrador retriever.

A cute pup who has fallen asleep on his back on his owners' lap
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Not only is the Goldador sensitive and extremely tolerant, but they are also intelligent and low maintenance. They love activities such as hiking, swimming and playing. They are great family members, amazing with kids and quite nurturing.

I Want To Be a Part of This

Dog breed: Great Dane

Fun fact: Males can reach up to 32 inches tall and weigh up to 120 pounds with the female falling in under 30 inches and about the same weight.

A Great Dane puppy cuddling a teddy bear
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Great Danes are gentle giants. They are affectionate, moderately playful and they are good with kids. They can be friendly with other dogs if raised to know other dogs.

What? He Couldn’t Sleep

Dog breed: Dalmatian

Fun fact: Dalmatians are very willful and independent

A Dalmatian covering the face of another dog by lying on top of him

Dalmatians are extremely intelligent and as a result, very independent dogs. If their families don’t invest time in giving them attention and training, they will become very willful and stubborn. If you can provide them with a lot of attention and exercise, they would be delighted to be with you.

It Wasn’t Me

Dog breed: Brown German Shorthair Pointer

Fun fact: This gorgeous dog can do it all. He has endless energy and can keep on going that you wouldn’t be able to keep up.

A puppy lying down with his paw held to his mouth giving a naughty giggle impression
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There is absolutely nothing he won’t retrieve when you throw something. He has the strongest retriever instincts and learns how to play fetch like a puppy instantaneously.

Home is Home, No Matter Where I Am

Dog breed: Labrador

Fun fact: A Lab actually became a mayor in 1981

A cute grownup Lab found a resting spot behind the toilet

A Black Lab won an election of Sunol, Calif, as the honorary mayor, where he beat two human candidates for the position. His slogan was, “A bone in every dish, a cat in every tree, and a fire hydrant on every corner.”

I Licked It, So It’s Mine

Dog breed: Pug

Fun fact: Pugs were a symbol for a Secret Society.

short description of the photo’s content

When a Catholic group was prevented from becoming Freemasons by the pope back in 1738, they formed a secret Freemason community/ society named the’ Order of the Pug’ in 1740. How weird is that?

I Guess You Could Play With Me Like You Play With the Guitar, After My Nap

Dog breed: Whippet

Fun fact: Whippets are the fastest domesticated animals according to their weight.

A Whippet sleeping inside a guitar case
Source: Imgur

These adorable babies can get up to the speed of 35 mph. Jaw-dropping, right? They use a double suspension gallop when running if you sit and watch them run, at some point you will notice all their four paws touching the ground and then next, all the four paws in the air at the same time.

Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, Knees and Toes

Dog breed: Beagle

Fun fact: A Beagle’s little nose knows it all.

short description of the photo’s content
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We, humans, have around 5 million scent receptors whiles this beautiful pup has above 220 million. Beagles have been often referred to as a ‘nose with feet.’ Pretty cool, right?

In What Language Is That Comfortable, Pup?

Dog breed: Beagle

Fun fact: Beagles appear to be one of the most vocal breeds.

A beagle stretching to reach the armrest of a chair and fell asleep in that position
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I’m sure for those of you who have a beagle in the family know that if you speak to him or her, they won’t be shy to talk back to you. Beagles love to yap, bark, and howl and make funny noises a great deal. I think it’s absolutely adorable!

Best Buds Forever

Dog breed: Red Golden Retriever

Fun fact: The Red Golden retriever has quite the red hue fur and is sometimes mistaken for the Irish Setter.

A cat cuddling a dog

The dark red tint in their fur can vary between a deep rusty color to a vibrant and bright red. Their beautiful double-layered coat makes them very warm in extreme climate conditions, the outer layer of their fur repels water.

He’s Helping the Flowers Grow

Dog breed: Basset Hound

Fun fact: Do you see those big floppy ears of his? Well, they have a great purpose for him.

A dog spread over two pot plants, sleeping of course.
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Those gorgeous, over-sized ears help draw smells from the ground directly to his face. His skin under his chin is called the dewlap, which allows him to hold the smells near his nose longer.

Look, I’m a kangaroo

Dog breed: German Shepard

Fun fact: German Shepards are extremely intelligent and obedient.

A dog squished between pillows, making him look like a kangeroo
Source: Imgur

German Shepards are known for their intelligence; it’s no secret. Apparently, they can learn simple tasks after being taught to him around five times. They obey their first commands that they get 95% of the time.

I’m On a Quest to See How Long I Survive This Challenge

Dog breed: Blue Lacy

Fun fact: This dog is a proper domestic dog, depending on where you live, of course.

A puppy sleeping with his face buried inside a shoe
Source: Pinterest

Blue Lacy’s prefer to be indoors because they have a very thin coat; they simply can’t tolerate those icy temperatures. If you are interested in having a Blue Lacy part of the family, if you have other pets, pay attention and make sure they are adjusting well.

I Will Never Get Over This

Now I know this little pug is not sleeping, but I had to share this lovely picture with you all. I hope it warms your heart as much as it does mine, every time I see it.

A pug slumped over, looking at a butterfly on his foot

I wonder what is going through this beautiful little pugs mind. Let me guess, ‘Hello friend, how did you get here?’ What a lucky human to have been able to catch that moment before it flew away.