Creative Lady Transforms an Old Garage into a Home That’s Better than Some People’s Houses

It is not an easy task in maintaining your home. A lot of things must be put into consideration, and they include time, money and hard work. This can only make one wonder how any ordinary person is expected to transform their house into an excellent and beautiful place without having to spend an exorbitant amount of money.

As we all know the world we live in today, it is tough to find a decent and affordable apartment. Therefore, people who can’t afford these high costs have no choice but to settle for less. However, the story was different for Whitney Leigh Morris. The only thing she did was to move into her garage…

Whitney Leigh and her Family

Whitney Leigh Morris is a designer, blogger, and “small space living consultant.” For her and her family, living in a fantastic and beautiful city of Los Angeles, California, was a life-long dream.


Whitney and her husband, Adam lived a comfortable life in their lovely home. They had a son named West and 2 beagle-mix rescues with the names Stanlee and Sophie. Looking at the lifestyle of Whitney and her family, one would think they were among the wealthy elites living ins Los Angeles.

Whitney and Adam’s Little Secret

But that wasn’t true because they had a little secret. It turned out that Sophie’s family did not live in any of the numerous mansions that filled most parts of the city of Los Angeles. A much more shocking fact was that they did not live in a typical house. 


Instead, Whitney’s family lived in an old garage. The garage was part of a more significant building built in the 1920s. It wasn’t much of an issue as she and her boys only needed a small place to suit their living conditions.

Whitney’s Family Moves into a Garage

The garage was perfect. Keep it in mind that it wasn’t your regular kind of garage. It was a special one, and the interior made it so. The interior decoration was so beautiful that one wouldn’t believe it was in a garage if there was no photographic evidence.


The size wasn’t more than 362 square feet but it enough for them. Moving in sounded crazy but Whitney had a plan…a brilliant and cost-effective one. So excellent an idea that when she was done, the whole area took notice of her work. 

Whitney’s Talent Comes to Play

Being a talented designer, Whitney was able to blend her artistic and economic abilities into creating rooms enough for the whole family. The house was complete in the sense that it contained a bedroom, kitchen, and a living room.


It was stunningly beautiful. She had finally built her dream home, and it was awe-inspiring. She replaced the steel doors with large panels and glass doors that allow the passage of light into the house creating a warm and pleasing environment.

The Perfect Office Space

Whitney was also able to create a workspace for herself…where she did her professional job. She did this by fixing a small and functional desk just near the door. It wasn’t large enough, but it was perfect.


She hung a mirror over the desk which helped to make the room appear more prominent than it is. This is a very helpful trick. It always works no matter the size of the home. There are several other tricks she tried.

The Garage’s Dining Room

Just across the living room, there was a tablecloth placed neatly on the coffee table. This simple act was enough to transform the living room into a lovely dining room. It had all the stylish features of a cozy and standard dining room.


Usually, the rear wall that would have served the purpose of hanging garden tools and outdoor supplies was now adorned with beautiful stainless steel appliances, wooden cabinetry, and artwork.

The Creativity in Division

There was a beautiful L-shaped sofa placed strategically to serve as a divide between the entertainment area and the rest of the room. The couch was also big enough to receive a few numbers of guest. This also made one wonder…where did the family sleep?


For privacy reasons, Whitney separated the bedroom from other areas. Just as expected, she designed it with a touch of art and class. While this was going on, Stanlee and Sophie did an excellent job looking after West in their new apartment.

From an Outdoor Space to a Beautiful Backyard

To top it all, they had a lovely little backyard! Whitney and Adam transformed their small outdoor space into a perfectly sized patio area coupled with beautiful decorations of lights and flowers.


As small as the home Whitney and her family renovated was, it proved that bigger home spaces just like the other houses in the area, were overrated, most times unnecessary and overpriced.

Create Your Own Happiness

This shows that the size of your home is unrelated to your happiness and this small family has proved that to us! Whitney’s motto was that “people do not need to live large to live beautifully,” and her home and lifestyle showed that. 


We know there are a lot of people who would not welcome the idea of knowingly living in a small house. One thing is certain…the moment you see the excellent work of Whitney, you will have no choice but to be wowed and impressed.

And Whitney Lived Happily Ever After

For most of us, we use our garage for storage purposes and for our cars. Others might even abandon it without any usefulness. I am sure you never for once imagined that a whole home could be made from it.


However, Whitney imagined this, and she brought her imagination into a beautiful reality. She lived in the garage house with her husband and child and did not regret it in any way. It was worth it in the end, and she lived happily ever after.