Best Dog Adoptions – the Do’s and don’ts of Rescuing K-9’s

Animal homelessness is a serious dilemma being tackled by the world today. Dogs and cats from all Walks of like find themselves in animal shelters around the country and get very limited stays in these shelters if they do not get adopted. According to “,” approximately 7.6 million companion animals enter shelters nationwide every year! Of those 3.9 million are dogs. “Do something” goes further to state that only 1 out of 10 dogs born in America ever find a home! One of the main reasons for animal homelessness points the finger at irresponsible owners. According to “Shelter Pet PR,” owners either give their animals up at the shelter without registering them or even just leave them at the door. In more common occurrences, dogs are found on the street and collected by animal control. The number of homeless dogs and cats in the united states is predicted to be disturbing 70 million around the country. There is no need to lose hope though as more and more Americans are rescuing dogs around the nation. Scroll through to see some heart-melting adoption photos, and read up on some facts on how to keep your new companion cheerful and calm!

A Smile That Says It All!

Pit bulls are one of the most misunderstood animals on the planet! The dog was given a reputation by media of being aggressive and unpredictable and accompanied with third strongest jaw out of all dog breeds in the world; it’s understandable why people would stay away.


But according to the ASPCA Pitbull stereotypes are very wrong! The breed is very gentle around children, and when giving a loving home, and correct training, become the perfect family pet! This little guy proves precisely that.

First Day in the Yard

Dogs have extremely sensitive senses; they can hear sounds waves and smell scents thousands of times stronger than humans. Hearing things we did not even know exist, and also being able to sniff out cancer.


Their brain even maps out the terrain in front of them using just the sense of smell! This little guy must have felt like he was in an amusement park when he first saw his backyard!

Day One

On a dog’s first day home, the tail tends to go down, and your new best friend may seem a bit timid. This is because dogs develop an institutionalization in their shelter cage. New owners tend to leave their dog be on its first day, but this is actually ill-advised.


Many dog trainers recommend highly that a dog is given a routine from day one. Starting with a nice walk around the block to sniff out the new neighborhood, followed by a good meal in their blanket filled crate, followed by tons of hugs and kisses. The next dog requires a very active routine to be happy in her new home!

Ready to Serve!

This 4-month-year-old Golden Retriever rescue gives us the perfect example of a dog ready to love you from day one! The golden breed is among the most popular in the world. Generations of the breed have fruited a K-9 that wakes up ready to work, and goes to sleep only to dream of more work!


However, these energetic little pups tend to lose their minds if they are not active enough. So, make sure you’re ready to play fetch for at least 30 minutes. Welcome home, Maya! The next dog is not a dog.

This is Not a Dog

Shepherd Mixes tend to get some funny features depending on what gene pool they dipped in. This little guy has tons of features that are just adorable! First of all, he thinks he is a human baby. The ears seem to be bigger than the paws, and the nose is the same length as the head.


This must be one of them crazy dog deer crossbreeds! This little girl needs lots of love and kisses on her adoption day, and if a dog is what you want, then be prepared for the kisses and hugs!

Pure Bliss

Dogs rolling on their back is a direct evolutionary result of their domestication by humans, and goes against their primal instinct! This little Chihuahua mix may be small, but her first ancestor was actually a wolf.


Wolfs being wild animals would never even dream of exposing the most vulnerable part of their bodies to the dangers of the wild. But to dogs, this is the perfect way to show humans that they feel safe, loved, and blessed!

Not Really a Guard Dog

Allot of people interested in getting a dog, don’t necessarily know a thing about them, one of the most significant dog misconceptions people can fall for is the “Guard Dog” theory, and German Shepherds seem to be misunderstood for that role 9 times out of 10 when possible owners are screened for their adoption motive.


The truth is there is no such thing as a “guard dog” Different Shepherd dogs have different roles they were bred for that they tend to have a natural instinct to learn. The German Shepard also is known to be a great family dog that is very sensitive, and hyper-aware. It sees its pack as its family and wants to stay close by to keep them happy and herded. The German Shepherd is compassionate and the farthest thing from an aggressive guard dog! So, if you want a dog to keep your kids from running away, get a German!

Old Dogs Need Lovin’ Too!

The average K-9 life span is between 11-13 years, and health complications usually begin at around age 7. Although the percentage of dogs abandoned at old age has dropped drastically, not everyone can afford the financial burden of have an old pup at home and are forced to turn them into shelters, and animal hospitals.


Senior dog adoption is very low standing at only 25% comparing to younger dogs that get adopted at an annual rate of 60%. But this little guy was able to defy the statistic and find himself happy in his new home!

Do Not Disturb

There are few things to note about big dogs that you wouldn’t otherwise expect. Dogs are light sleepers, and most big dogs will wake up and follow you around the house the second you get up from the couch and will not leave your side until they see you relax again.


But at night they prefer their beauty sleep, and even if they keep it to themselves, they hate being woken up big time! This little Pitbull seems to be loving his first nap on his new carpet. If you catch your K-9 blissing out like this, leave him, and you may even catch your little guy running in place while dreaming!

Cute Little Baby

Meet Luna. She is an adorable little Australian Shepherd/ Border Collie Mix. When her parents rescued her from the shelter, they posted this picture and got more than 1500 likes on Instagram.


This little shepherd mix must have spent weeks dreaming of what it will be like to finally have a pack to be part of. In this adorable photo, she seems to be melting onto her new human’s arms. Feeling pure happiness one can only be jealous of!

Finally Going Home

People tend to stray away from adopting “ugly dogs,” whatever that means. This little pup waited a good month before getting adopted, so it’s understandable that he is fast asleep with a big smile on his face.


You may notice, that there is no fur around his eyes. Usually, this happens as a result of different skin diseases or infections that result from fleas, and unkept coats. It doesn’t seem to bother him though!

A Second Chance

Many puppies are actually sent back to shelters a short time after their adoption because their humans did not anticipate the training and care that comes with bringing a new family member home.


That’s this little beagle shepherd mix’s story. But when his new owners saw him sitting with his ears down behind the cage, they knew he was not cut out for the shelter life and brought him home! This before and after pic says it all.

Little and Ready to Mingle

The recommended age for adoption age for dogs is three months or more. This Belgian Shepherd mix seems to have just hit the three-mile mark! Well, congratulations little guy! Belgian Shepherds have a very high drive.


They love to play, and enjoy long walks with tons of activities in the mix! It’s actually highly recommended to train them when they are puppies. Just like toddlers, dogs sponge a lot of their knowledge at a young age! So get started on day one.

Let’s Take a Selfie

If there is one thing dogs do great, it’s expressing themselves! They tell you how they feel all the time. All you have to do is look. If your dog wags her tail slowly, then that means she is confused and does not know what you may want.


It’s important to take control at that moment and give your dog assurance through assertiveness and petting to show her that everything is okay and you have control. In this picture, you’re seeing a dog that’s clearly relaxed, as this natural “side tongue,” is actually an instinctual relaxation of the mouth, showing the human that they are doing a great job!

Time to Rest

There is a phrase in the veterinary world called “puppy zooming.” It lasts in dogs until the age of three years old, and even longer depending on personality. A puppy zoom is when your K-9 decides to very abruptly zoom through the grass at the highest speed it can possibly achieve.


In big breeds like German Shepherds, this phenomenon can last almost 15 minutes! That’s 15 minutes of running at speeds of a slow-moving car! When you have a puppy doing it, that time gets cut to just 1 or 2 minutes at most, and is followed by a long nap to get more energy and do it again!

Off-leash but Still Here!

First-time puppy owners often are very anxious about keeping their little pup safe and keep them on a short leash at all times. Leash training is essential and gives dog boundaries and self-control. But even leash training needs some moderation.


Studies show that dogs that were walked without a leash when they were very young tend to be more attentive to their owners call in later years. Obviously, if cars are driving around, it’s a big no-no, but if you take a trip down to the park. Take that leash off, and as a matter of fact, you will notice your best friend staying close by your side, showing you how safe and happy they feel with you!

What a Catch!

Dogs in shelters vary from all types of breeds, and you never know what you’ll find next time you go to adopt! Meet Rodrigo; he’s a miniature bull terrier that was rescued in Spain in 2015, and he has become an Insta-star with almost 10,000 followers! He gets his first-class ticket home to his new family in Milan Italy.


Talk about your lucky day! These types of dog breeds get sold usually for thousands of dollars, to people who would instead buy a dog than save a life. This little one got the best deal if you ask me, and so did his humans!

Taking Up All the Space

Big canines all have one thing in common; they don’t understand how big and strong they really are! And when a dog chooses their spot on the couch, they are not going to give up without giving you the cutest fight you’ve ever seen!


On cold winter days, it’s recommended to give your dog at least an hour on the couch. Once the hour is up, push your little buddy off the couch, and you will have the warmest spot on the block!

Correct Car Training

Most dog owners develop a powerful bond with their four-legged friends, and some even use them for therapeutic purposes. Veterans with PTSD take their dogs to work with them. Pregnant women are de-facto encouraged to have their K-9 around them at all times during their last trimester, as the dog actually can sense when you’re about to go into labour.


So, you need to train them for transport, this is a perfect example of a dog being trained to sit in the car nicely next to the owner with her ears down, in a submissive state.

Incorrect Car Training

Yes, this picture is charming! And this dog looks very happy, but it’s important to note especially for medium or big breeds, that sitting on their human is a dominant trait and can turn into a bad habit in future car rides.


In some cases, with bigger dogs, it becomes impossible to drive with them without them caged up in the trunk because they will not stop trying to sit in front of the wheel thus obstructing your view of the road!

The Fun Basket

This little mixed up mutt is a fun example of a happy, relaxed dog. Her ears are back, and her mouth is wide open. This is very much attributed to her content inside the basket she’s sitting in. It has a nice soft towel, and a couple chew toys with holes to peak out the side without getting up from her nap.


This healthy habit is called crate training, and it is highly advised for any dog owner. It’s a way to give your dog a designated spot in the house with all the things they love in it.

Flea Bath

This Big dog named Fiddle was adopted at almost 70 kilos, and big dogs will often stop to rest where ever they see fit without so much as asking! Fiddle is laying in what looks to be the dirty ground of a dog park, and dog owners consider these sandy grounds to be a flea bath, only with the dog bathing with fleas instead of soap.


It’s important to stay up to date with the best preventative flea medicine in the market. Ask your vet what they recommend for your dog, as different dogs require different types of product. It’s imperative this is done before going out with your dog as, like this picture, your little friend is not going to ask you where it’s okay to relax!

Dog Seatbelts

This picture, in my opinion, is the cutest picture in the whole article! This little Australian mix seems to be in Graceland and dreaming about all her favorite things in life. But it’s critical to have your dog strapped safely before being out on the road.


Dogs tend to have very little control of their limbs in a vehicle, and even the smallest tap on the breaks can send the little one flying out of their seat, and in the best-case scenario, you ruined their dream!

Harness is for the Best

Meet Rocko. He’s a high energy pincher mix who is ready to go out and see the town! But Rocko has some big neighbor’s who seem not to like his playful behaviors and kids who get scared when he jumps at there legs for hugs.


Some dogs are just like this no matter how you try and train them, and if you find yourself adopting a dog with high drive, try harnessing them up, and they will have less power than you on the leash. With time your dogs should become more submissive on the leash, and still keep their big happy smile!

I’m only Dreaming

So, when I first adopted my now three-year-old German Shepherd, I was like a neurotic parent! I called the vet every week with new questions about her teeth, ears, nose, and any sign of limping would give me a heart attack. But the first time I saw my dog dream I thought for sure something was wrong!


I quickly called my vet and told her that my dog seems to be rolling her eyes back, and her paws were twitching. “Is she having a seizure?” I asked. My vet laughed and said, “no sweetie she is dreaming, that means you’re doing a great job, and she is delighted.”

Adventure Time!

Studies show that dogs are more in tune with their wild self when they go on hikes out in nature. If you took your dog, let’s say to the desert, or a cast forest, you may notice that they are a mix of comfortable and hyper-aware. That’s because all their senses have been supercharged by instinct, and they are ready to explore.


Don’t be afraid to take that leash off. As they actually will keep a reasonable distance between you and any possible predator out there lurking, and act as early warning so you can both go the other way. Big dogs like the Caucasian Shepherd walk as far as 2 miles from the heard of creating a perimeter around them.

Staying Warm

It’s a good idea to read as many details as you can about your breed’s coat and what it requires for good keeping. Some dogs like German Shepherds or Poodles have three layers of “smart coat” that can regulate their internal body temperature all season round!


But other dogs especially small breeds, some times may need a bit of help staying warm, so don’t be afraid to tuck the little fur baby in!

Yeaaa….. Right There!!!

Dogs like humans, tend to feel a lot of stress. The more submissive your dog is, the more its anxieties may be pinned up inside, and just like humans, that stress travels up to the brain. Vets recommend giving your dogs a daily ear message for 15 to 30 minutes a day.


It may seem like something you do all the time, but if you make part of a routine, you will find your dog more relaxed in the hours in between.


This little fluff ball is doing the easiest trick in the book; it’s called “paw.” Different breeds can do numerous tricks and even help you out with some chores around the house if you start training them early. People often spend tons of money on dog trainers and send them to special camps to teach them new tricks, but you can avoid the expense and do it at home too!


Despite what most people think, it’s not that hard. Just have your dogs favorite treat or toy preference at hand, and guide them through their nose using a leash at first, and then gradually attaching voice commands to the actions they are doing. Every time they do it right, give them praise, and a little treat and they will remember to do it without one.

Watch Out for the Mess

Dogs and Puppies alike have sharp teeth and powerful jaws! This little guy may look harmless, but you can be sure the ball damage on the right there probably was done in the span of a couple of minutes of chewing and ripping.


Make sure to buy your new friend toys that they can play with and chew on without breaking, and keep your house clear of anything that isn’t a heavy-duty chew toy when you’re not home as you may come back to confetti of miscellaneous items.

The Perfect Sibling

The number of children with learning disabilities and social anxiety in America has gone up! Dogs have been proven since the early 1900s, to be a great therapeutic companion for children.


Today anyone in America can certify their dog as an “emotional support animal” with some kids bringing their dogs to school with them and according to their teachers, the focus goes up, and the student becomes much more relaxed.

First Visit to the Vet

After adopting your canine, you will need to take him/her for their first check-up. Make sure, to shop for your first vet in advance. Some have better reputations than others, and you can never be too sure. It’s also essential that reception is friendly and the energy in the office itself is a positive one.


A good trick to find the best vet is to come in busy hours, and see how they handle the rush. If they are keeping their cool in the traffic, and the floor is still clean, then that the one you want.

Dogs Adopting Seniors

Dogs have been proven to extend the life span of seniors, and improve their overall mental health! Life for old people can get very lonely, the grandkids are in college, the children are busy with life, and if your one of the lucky ones, maybe you get a visit on the weekend.


That’s why dogs are taking a stand, and adopting seniors and giving them what they always wanted. Someone to smother forever and ever!

Keeping Things Interesting

See this little guy looking out the window. His ears are down, and his chin is on his mommy’s shoulder for comfort. It’s a vast world, and he can’t smell or hear everything he is looking at. Luckily his momma is taking him to a new place in the neighborhood where he can explore. Dogs that see and smell new places weekly tend to have much better mental health than dogs who stay at home all day or go for the same walk week to week.


This is because dogs use their senses to see from a distance, but If they do not understand what they sense, then anxiety goes up. Imagine if you could hear two animals talking to each other from a mile away, and didn’t know who they were?

Stay Calm and They Will Too

Dogs can sense our emotions pretty quickly, they don’t just read our body language, but they can also smell our feelings too! Sweat glands give off different scents that very few animals on the planet can smell. If you are sad, your dog will do whatever they can to cheer you up, because every time they saw you down in the past, the smell was consistent.


Same goes for anger or fear. If you see a big dog approaching during a walk, try to stay calm, confident, and relaxed. If you’re not there is a big chance your dog may lunge at the dog in front of it because of the false sense that something is wrong.

Lots of Hugs When their Babies

When your future Pitbull is a puppy, he will require tons of one on one petting, and snuggling time. Canines actually release endorphins in their brain when their human is petting them. This endorphin is important because puppies are prone to being very anxious for various reasons all at once.


Daily petting sessions, will remedy this stress, and keep the little pooch calm and submissive, and if you want that Pitbull to keep you warm in the coming winters, try tucking him under the blanket at night, and he may grow up to sleeping in the bed with you every night of the week!

Going to the Store

If you’re like me, then you enjoy going everywhere with your dog. Be sure to research dog-friendly institutions to take your partner in crime to.


You’ll be surprised to find out that there may be Dog-friendly restaurants, malls, bars, and even supermarkets close to home! This will make daily chores a fun adventure for both of you.

Anyone Can Do It

After learning a thing or two about rescuing K-9’s, you’re now ready to adopt one yourself. Just like dogs come from all walks of life, so do their mommy’s and daddies! If you follow the rules of the game and give your dog lots of love, affection, and discipline, then there is no reason you can’t do it too!


So, look up your local kennel, and give them a visit. There is no wrong choice, no dog unlovable, just find the one you connect with the most and give em’ a home!