Adorable Pictures Show Dogs and Their Owners Growing Older Together

Everyone who owns a dog or has ever owned a dog in the past knows how wonderful our canine companions can be. More than just pets, dogs can be brothers, sisters, and best friends. They can be faithful members of the family, looking after us when we’re feeling blue, lifting our spirits on those dark days, brightening up any occasion, and making life so much better.

A dog will stand by you through thick and thin, always wagging its tail when you step through the door, always looking for more cuddles and affection, always eager to please and always loyal. Dogs are wonderful companions to have and can indeed improve daily life in a million different ways. Both as puppies and old-timers, they’re still able to put a smile on your face.

Many people grow up with dogs, and the dogs grow up right alongside them. They spend their lives together, forging a special bond that can never be broken and memories that can never be forgotten. These beautiful photos show that even as time passes and dogs get bigger – sometimes a lot bigger! – their friendship with their owners always stays as strong as ever.

Someone Had A Growth Spurt

What an amazing transformation! When this man last saw his furry friend, he was only the size of a teddy bear, but by the time he got back home, the pup had grown into a genuinely huge bundle of fluff.


Members of the military often have to spend long periods away from their friends and family members, as well as their dogs, but furry friends are always happy to see them when they get back home.

Still Having Sleepovers

This lovely pair of photos shows a young girl and her best buddy, Lily the Boxer. We can see the pair enjoying a little ‘sleepover’ together in the top photo, and then the scene was perfectly recreated once again a couple of years later.


Both Lily and her human best friend have grown a lot in that time, but their unique friendship and love of each other’s company clearly haven’t changed at all.

Double the Fun for This Dog Owner

What’s better than one dog? Two dogs, of course! That’s the logic this woman had when she bought herself a pair of adorable fluffy puppies. We can see both of the young pups in their small and charming state, and then we can see the hilarious ‘after’ shots.


The second photos show these little dogs all grown-up and almost too big and heavy for their owner to even lift off the ground! She must have some big muscles to be able to carry them.

A Year in The Life

Here we see a trio of photos, side by side, showing a cute little girl and her canine companion growing up together. The images were taken over a year. We can see the little girl hasn’t changed all that much, but her pup sure has.


This just goes to show how fast dogs can grow up. Many people choose puppies for their small size and cuteness, but those tiny pups can grow into huge dogs in just a matter of months!

You Got A Lot Heavier

Again, we see the speed at which dogs can grow, as these two photos were taken less than a year apart! The first photo shows a dog owner cradling his cute pup lovingly with just one arm.


In the second photo, he has to use all of his strength to lift his canine companion off the ground. Dogs can change a lot in their size and appearance, but their love and loyalty to humans only grow stronger over time.

Best Friends from Day One

Many dog owners have beautiful stories to tell about how their dogs reacted when a new baby came into the home. Often, dogs take it on themselves to become ‘guardians’ for new babies.


They’ll watch them when they sleep and always check up on them, just like the child was their own. We can see that here, as this dog watched over a baby as she slept, before becoming her best friend when she was old enough to play with him.

How Is He Even Lifting That Dog?

This guy must have had to do some serious sessions at the gym to be able to lift his furry friend after a major growth spurt. From an adorable little fluff ball to a true giant, this dog has grown a lot but still looks as cute and playful as ever.


The difference in size here is just enormous, and the dog almost looks bigger than his owner, but the pair are still sharing that special bond that started a long time ago.

A Family Grows Together

Many people say that dogs and cats aren’t just pets, they’re members of the family, and we can see beautiful evidence of that in this fantastic series of photos, showing a whole family growing older together.


The funny thing about these photos is how the poses all stay the same. Everyone has their favorite way to snuggle up to dad, and even when the couch eventually changes the style, the poses remain the same.

From Young Pup to Old Timer

It’s a sad fact of life that dogs are a lot faster than us and very few of them live to see their 20th birthday or beyond, but this one did! These two photos were taken twenty years apart, and we can see just how much the boy and his pup have grown.


The dog is clearly an old timer now, with a little grey in his fur, but the fact that he lived so long is a sign of how loved and cared for he must have been.

Look at Those Happy Smiles

This pair of photos is particularly lovely and can definitely brighten up even the dullest and darkest of days. We can see a young girl on the left and her young pup friend. The girl is grinning brightly, while her pup has a slightly sheepish expression.


Years later, when the pair posed for a recreation of this classic shot, it looks like the dog has finally learned to smile! He’s grinning just as brightly as his friend.

Getting A Little Grey Together

These two photos were taken no less than 14 years apart, showing a big difference in both the man and his dog, but the best part of all is how the man is still smiling so brightly and looks so happy to be sharing some time with his canine companion.


Both the man and his dog have grown a few grey hairs over the years, but they’re still together, and that’s the most important thing of all.

The Biggest Dog of All

We wonder if this guy knew what he was getting himself in for when he first brought home the cute fluffy puppy we can see in the first photo. A year or two later, that little pup had grown into this truly gigantic, bear-like being which the guy couldn’t possibly lift up all by himself.


The dog has grown so big it almost covers its owner entirely when cuddling up close and lying on top of him. It doesn’t look too comfortable, but at least the guy is smiling!

A Pup Becomes A Dog

Here’s an excellent time-lapse series of photos showing a woman and her dog over several months. She even took the time to dress in the same outfit and stand in the same spot for each photo.


In the first image, we can see the dog at just 8 weeks of age, but by the final one, she’s grown to 8 months. It’s a superset of photos, but it looks like the dog is getting a little too large to be lifted.

Recreating A Classic Pose

Ever looked at an old photo of yourself and wondered where all the time went? These two photos prove that point so well, having been taken 11 years apart but showing the same two subjects in the same exact pose.


These photos give us a look at a young boy and his playful pooch peering in the window of their home. They decided to recreate the pose over a decade later and are still the best of friends.

The Passage of Time

The previous set of photos were taken 11 years apart. This set was taken 12 years apart! We can see some pretty dramatic differences too, as the young boy has grown into a man, complete with chest tattoo.


The guy’s hair color has changed a little too over time. His young pup, meanwhile, is still a snowy white and very fluffy, but has grown from a bright-eyed puppy into a mature dog.

All That Growth in Just A Few Months

How long apart do you think these two images were taken? A year? Two years? Nope. In actual fact, there was just 12 weeks of difference between these two photos, and that really shows how fast a dog can grow.


Baby humans take years to grow big and strong, but dogs can turn from tiny pups into big wolf-like creatures like this guy in a matter of just a few months. What a big change!

Another Very Special Friend

A dog’s best friend is its owner, but many other people play important roles throughout its life and can develop strong bonds with it. The vet is an excellent example of one of those people, and we can see the relationship between a dog and its vet right here.


This vet looked after this dog from its early years right up to its old age. Both of them have changed a lot over time, and it’s lovely to see they still have a unique connection.

A Little Less Comfortable

We all love puppies. They’re so small, cute, and fit right in your arms, making them perfect for cuddles and snuggles. Big dogs can be great to cuddle too but, as we can see here, it can be a little trickier!


These hilarious photos show a woman and her pet pup, who was just two months old at the time, and then again with the dog fully grown. It seems a lot less comfortable to have him sitting on her lap in his adult form!

A Lot Has Changed Since They Last Met

Here we can see another example of a military dog owner who sadly had to leave their pet pup behind for a while as they went off to serve their country. The pair were separated for a total of two years, and these images show the incredible changes that happened in that time.


The owner was thrilled to see their dog when they finally got home, and the dog sure had changed a lot! Funnily enough, the dog’s unique coloring almost matches its owner’s military camo jacket.

Hold My Hand

There’s nothing cuter than seeing a puppy and a baby growing up together. Many people choose to adopt dogs when welcoming new babies into the world as a way for the child to grow up with a best friend who’s always around.


These photos show us how special the bond can be between a dog and a baby as the pair are seen actually holding hands (or paws) in both of these images.

Still Best Friends, 14 Years Later

These beautiful photos show a young girl growing into a young woman with her pet pup by her side. When they were both young, they loved to snuggle up together in bed, and they’re still doing the same, over a decade later.


We can see that the girl has changed a lot and her dog has gotten quite grey compared to his early years, but they still look super cozy and comfortable together.

So Much Fluff!

These three photos were taken just nine months apart, and the funniest thing about them is watching how the owner starts to struggle more and more to actually hold his dog up off the ground.


These photos also show how even when they get older, many dogs’ personalities tend to stay the same. The dog gets a lot bigger and heavier over time, but it still seems to enjoy being cradled like a baby.

Best Friends Reunited

This is Eli, the poodle. He was very young when his owner got sent off to serve his country on what would turn out to be a six-year trip. The owner was away for such a long time, little Eli might have started to think he’d never see him again.


However, eventually, the owner stepped back into the home and Eli was thrilled to finally be reunited. The loyalty of a dog can truly stand the test of time, as we see here.

Too Precious for Words

Here we see another excellent example of a baby and a pet pup growing up together. They both got through those early years together and are experiencing the thrills and challenges of getting older together too.


These photos show a beautiful friendship and a special bond that can never be broken or replaced. This little girl will always be able to say she had a best friend right from the day she was born.

Some Big Changes Happened Here

Time changes all of us. It changes the way we think and feel, but also the way we look and can have some quite dramatic effects every now and then on certain humans and their pets, as we can see here!


These photos, taken ten years apart, show a boy and his dog. Both of them have changed an awful lot over time; the dog has gotten a lot bigger and fluffier, while its owner’s appearance has also changed quite drastically.

Impossible to Lift

The slender girl in these photos could just about lift her pup when he was young and relatively small, but just look at how big he got a few months later! He’s basically the same height as her when standing up on his hind legs.


We can imagine she definitely would struggle to lift him up now, but at least he’s tall enough to give her hugs any time he sees her. Now that’s a good dog!

Still Having Cute Kisses

The more things change, the more they stay the same, as we can see in these adorable photos. The images show a woman and her pup growing older together, with these two photos having been taken 14 years apart.


The pup always loved to give its owner kisses on the chin from an early age and still seems to enjoy doing the same thing all those years later! What an adorable little tradition.

Two New Years, One Happy Family

The two photos you see here were both taken on New Year’s Eve of different years. The family took the first photo 11 years before the second, deciding to re-stage the whole thing over a decade later to see how much they’d changed.


All three have aged a lot, and the family dog is looking quite old in the bottom photo, but it’s great to see they all stuck together for so long and surely enjoyed many happy memories in those 11 years.

Love at First Sight

We’ve seen a few wonderful examples of dogs forging special bonds with babies and young children, and here’s another one. This dog was only a puppy when he met his lifelong best friend.


He was by her side as she grew older, always there to keep her safe and play around with her, always watching out for her, and always happy to spend time with her and see her smile.

Is That A Dog or A Wolf?

We have to ask the question if this is really a dog because it really grew to the size of a wolf in that second photo! It was already pretty big and heavy in its younger years and doesn’t look too amused about being carried in the ‘after’ photo.


The girl carrying the pup almost looks like she’s about to buckle under his weight in the second photo. Either way, his white fur is simply stunning!

Best Friends to The End

These two photos were taken a whopping 14 years apart, and we can see some very big differences from one to the other. The adorable little boy has grown into a happy young man, and his pet pup is much bigger and stronger too.


We can see that they were both ‘in sync’ from a very early age; the first photo shows them both staring at something off-camera, while the second shows them looking right down the lens.

A True Loving Embrace

This woman was thrilled to bring home a Labrador puppy in the first picture. And in those early days, a very special bond and friendship was formed that would last for many years.


The second photo was taken eight years later and shows just how close the dog and its owner have gotten as they share a loving hug. These photos are truly heart-warming and make us feel all fuzzy inside!

Still Snuggling Up Together

Many people get into little habits with their dogs. Maybe you and your dog have a favorite game to play or a favorite moment of the day for snuggling up on the sofa. For this girl and her pup, their special habit was getting cuddly and cozy in bed together.


We can see that their lovely tradition started at a very early age and continued for many years, even when the dog was old and grey.

A Best Friend and A Guardian

This set of photos show a time lapse of three years, as we can see a cute little toddler growing up into an adorable fairy princess, and the young pup by her side growing into a healthy adult dog.


The dog and the girl may have changed a lot, but they’re still the best of friends and are totally inseparable. The dog is always standing by her owner’s side as her faithful friend and loyal protector.

A Whole Family, Growing Together

These beautiful family portraits show a mom and her three children, plus another exceptional member of the family: their pet beagle. This shows just how important dogs can be to people and how they really are treated as full members of the family.


The photos were taken a decade apart and show the youngsters all growing up and changing into teens. The biggest change, however, is reserved for the dog, which was just a teeny tiny puppy, to begin with, but has really grown a lot over the years.

Still Wearing the Same Sweater

This trio of photos shows a man and his dog both getting bigger and fluffier over time. The dog grows from a pup into an adult and finally looks like quite an old guy.


Meanwhile, the guy grows from a teen into a young and then adult man, growing himself a bushy beard in the process to match his dog’s fur. The funniest thing about these photos is that the guy decided to keep and wear the very same sweater for all of them.

Can I Have A Bite?

Dogs are so good at getting snacks. They look up at you with those big puppy eyes any time you’re eating something tasty, and it can be so difficult not to give in to the temptation and hand them a little something to eat, just to see them happy.


We can see that this little pup has always been interested in snacks and it looks like he’s had quite a few as he appears quite chunky in the second photo compared to the first!

The Perfect Recreation

It can be a lot of fun to look through old family photos and try to recreate the same poses and scenes, many years later. It’s a nice way to see how much people have changed and look back on some happy memories.


Recreating photos with dogs can be a challenge, as you can’t always get them to strike the same pose, but this dog did a perfect job! He’s staring at his owner in the exact same way he did so many years ago.

One Has Grown Much More Than the Other

We’ve seen a lot of photos of dogs growing from small little bundles of fluff into much larger animals, almost turning into a bear or wolf-like creatures in some cases, but not all dogs end up enormous. Some of them stay small their whole lives, like this guy.


The biggest difference in these photos, which were taken over a decade apart, is the appearance of the owner, who has gone from a sweet little boy into a handsome young man. The dog has stayed more or less looking like a fluffy white teddy bear.

Simply Adorable

Last but definitely not least, we come to these beautiful photos of a very young boy and his best childhood friend. The first photo is so sweet; it almost looks like the dog is protecting the baby with the way it has its legs wrapped around him.


Then, years later, it’s the boy’s turn to wrap his arms around the dog as they enjoy another little nap together. Do you have any old photos of you and your dog to recreate?