Animal Hybrids That Require a Double Take

Animals stick to their own kind, in general, when mating whether they are felines, canines, from the avian family or even cold-blooded family. Now imagine what happens when animals crossbreed. Often this happens naturally in the wild but sometimes science purposely intervenes.

lion tiger hybrid

Sometimes the results are amazing and you get “super” animals which take on the best characteristics of each animal. The flip side is that sometimes you don’t. The following shows images of the most interesting animals from all corners of the earth and ocean that you will ever see in your lifetime.

Grolar Bears

Sounding almost like a “granola bar”, these Grolar bears occur in the wild but it is rare as most times these two different species avoid each other.


Just in case you are wondering, a grolar bear is a perfect mix of a grizzly bear and a polar bear. I’m sure that these animals love the water!


Like Grolar bears, this animal carries two names as well – it is known as either the beefalo or the catallo. This cow/buffalo hybrid has been in existence since 1979. These animals are actually reproduced by the meat industry to meet the ever-growing demand for beef as they’re not only large in size but happen to also pack large quantities of meat.

cow buffalo hybrid
Source: Pinterest

Although they are contributing to the food supply, these animals are a hazard to the environment. They consume huge quantities of water, no less than 8 gallons per day, and also need to consume large amounts of food, which depletes fields.

The Leopon

Big cats have always fascinated people. To come across a hybrid is even more alluring. The leopon – a cross between a lion and a leopard – is an animal that seems to be fictional. Felines can mix, which is a wonderful thing when you get a “leopon.” The leopon actually exists in the wild and is a mix of a lioness and a male leopard.

leopard and lion hybrid
Source: Twitter

The spotted-bodied animal possesses the mane of a lion and has a unique appearance. Although there have been reports of sightings in countries like Ethiopia and Kenya, scientists have yet to find any official confirmation of their existence in the wild. Interestingly, they were first produced in India in 1910. By 2018, unfortunately, there were only 100 left on Earth.

Killer Bees

Although it’s a common name and a widely-known insect, people don’t really know that this little insect is actually a cross between African and European honey bees. The bees are very versatile and can stand extreme weather conditions such as those in the Amazon rain forests of Brazil.

Source: imgur

They are very adaptable and can adjust to hot and humid environments easily. These bees are known to be very aggressive, too, as their name would suggest, and they can attack in swarms with intensity that at times they may even cause death to humans! It’s highly suggested to stay away from their hives and habitats.

It’s Called a Zorse

The name is suggestive enough to understand that this animal is a cross between a horse and a zebra. When you look closely, you can see that it’s neither of the two and actually a hybrid. These zorses are quite interesting and beautiful to look at.

Source: Flickr

These were actually originally bred in the nineteenth century by none other than Charles Darwin but these days they are exceptionally rare as they are either infertile or sterile. Perhaps that is a sign that they shouldn’t interbreed.

Meet the Tigon

Take two of the biggest cats in nature and you’ll get this tigon as a result. it’s a cross between a male tiger and a female lioness, and this hybrid comes into existence when the two animals of entirely different habitats come across each other. Through this breeding, sterilization occurs and they can only exist in captivity.


Interestingly, in 1943, a tigon that was female bred with a male lion at the Munich Hellabrunn Zoo. Their cubs were raised into adulthood. That must have been very special.

The Liger: It Really Exists

Yes, the liger is real and not just something you saw Napoleon Dynamite draw in the movie. This is actually a really beautiful mix of 2 different felines. This beauty only exists in captivity and apparently does not exist in the wild.


A liger is one of the world’s most popular hybrids. The liger in this picture has a lion father and tiger mother. It certainly is beyond beautiful and even though lions don’t like to swim, tigers do and so do ligers.

Ancient Pigs

Though they are extinct, these ancient pigs were called Entelodonts. They were enormous animals and people feared them enough to have called them ‘Hell Pigs.’ Their immense size and power meant that they could kill anything in their path (including humans).

ancient pigs
Source: imgur

Since these pigs are now extinct, farmers have attempted to create hybrids by breeding domesticated pigs with wild boars. The results were similar, but they came out smaller in size, compared to these extinct animals. The hybrid pigs are also angry and stubborn in nature.

A Goat or a Sheep?

Yup, the name of this adorable creature is a “Geep.” Not a Jeep – “Geep.” This is a very rare crossbreed of (you guessed it) a goat and a sheep.


Unfortunately, when the two of these breeds mix, it is very common that their little babies are stillborn which must be an awful experience for these tender animals. Sometimes crossbreeding is better left alone.


Though the name sounds like the pronunciation of a toddler for a dolphin, this is the name of our hybrid, which is a cross between two species of dolphins. The wholphin is a product of a killer whale (a type of dolphin) mating with a bottlenose dolphin. It is a rare hybrid to occur despite both its parents sharing the oceans.  Even though this gorgeous creature in the picture looks like a dolphin, it is actually a “wholfin.” A wholfin is a mix of a killer whale and a bottlenose dolphin.


They do breed naturally, even though it is rare, and exist in the wild. If you’re curious, you can find one living at Sea Life Park in Hawaii. There have been wholphin sightings in the wild but per the official records, there are only two of them in the world, and both are at Sea Life Park in Hawaii.

Savannah: A Gemstone of a Pet

This hybrid is registered as its own breed of cat with the International Cat Association. Due to its cute look, it gained admiration from cat breeders. This hybrid is a cross between a serval and a domestic cat and is usually more friendly than ordinary domestic cats tend to be. The savannah is also the world’s tallest domestic cat and grows at a fast rate.

Savannah cat
Source: imgur

They are mainly found in the wild and they are the perfect mix of domestic cat and African wildcat. They look pretty adorable and I sure make adorable pets, but are definitely meant to play outside as well! These cats are very unique and beautiful. They are often compared to dogs with regards to loyalty and intelligence and surprisingly can be trained like dogs as well.

A Wolfdog That Will Fight to The Death

The wolfdog is the product of a wolf and a domestic dog. They look as cute as usual dogs but their behaviors are more unpredictable. Currently, in the United States alone, there are between 300,000 and 500,000 wolfdogs, which is a considerably large population of hybrids.

Source: Pinterest

They say dogs are descendants of wolves so this is a hybrid that would work really well! People started breeding dogs and wolves for their exotic value. Hence the name wolfdog. On the other hand, people probably bred these two species to have dogs that would protect the home more and wolves that would be more domesticated. A perfect mix indeed!

Jaglion: Something of a Fantasy

This black beauty is another feline mix although this one looks very mystical and enchanting indeed. It is a cross between a male jaguar and a female lion. These hybrids in the pictures are named Jahzara and Tsunami and are living in the Bear Creek Wildlife Sanctuary of Ontario in Canada.


The story behind this black beauty is that it was bred by accident when a lion and a jaguar shared the same space at the zoo. Well, they must have liked each other a lot!

Dzo: A Breed for Dairy Lovers

This interesting-to-look-at animal is a cross between a yak and a domestic cow. It’s called a “dzo.” They first came from Mongolia and Tibet. it’s also known as a yattle, and it carries great value among these farmers. The domestic cow and a wild yak hybrid is the most common hybrid in Asia.

Source: Pinterest

They are usually stronger and larger than cows and yaks and normally produce bigger amounts of meat as well as milk.

Coywolf: Making the Best of the Canine World

The canine family mixes quite well and the coyote and wolf breed well together as a coywolf and are able to produce offspring without complications. The two together is called a “coywolf” and show off many characteristics of both species. When it comes to size, they are somewhere between a coyote and a wolf.


These animals have different shades of brown on their coats that happen to possess the behavioral traits of both their parent breeds. These hybrids have different varieties of their own, including  the North-Western gray wolf-coyote and the Mexican gray wolf-coyote.

Hinny: The Horse and Donkey Love Child

A “hinny” is a combination of male horse and female donkey genes. They are a little bit smaller than horses and have further coats. These little fellas need scientific help to exist as they cannot reproduce on their own. This makes them very rare indeed!

Source: Pinterest

Since horses and donkeys have a different number of chromosomes, it is hard to successfully mate them in order to produce a hinny. For this reason, this is a rare hybrid animal. The hinny itself also has an unusual number of chromosomes and thus also has a hard time breeding.

The Adorable Cama

No, no, no! this hybrid that actually exists in just way too cute. Look at it! It’s a mix of a male camel and a female llama. It’s called a cama. This mix appears as smaller, fluffier camels. They are artificially reproduced scientifically to make an animal that can produce a bigger amount of wool than a llama.


To this date, there are only five of them that have been produced in the world. Of those five, one needs serious discipline training while the other four have reasonably gentle dispositions.

The Mulard: A Poor Fate for a Beautiful Breed

Moving on to birds, this is a mixture of a mallard duck and a Muscovy duck. Alas, these two shouldn’t be crossbred as they can’t create offspring. Unfortunately, these hybrids don’t have the best quality of life as farms commercially produce this domestic duck only to eat it and sell it as food later as foie gras and lean meat.


These ducks are mass-produced for the meat industry, especially in France. That’s why these birds are fairly common in France, and they now outnumber geese in the country when it comes to making foie gras.

The Mule

This bird is an intriguing hybrid that is a mix between a canary and a European goldfinch. These birds have been artificially bred since the Victorian era – a time when they were famed as songbirds.

bird hybrid
Source: imgur

These birds are famous for singing the best of all birdsongs and that’s why they served as cage birds back in those days. Now they’re not as common as they were in that era, but they still are bred and kept by aviculturists. These birds are sterile despite still being bred for captivity.

Blacktip Shark

These hybrid sharks are found in the northern and eastern oceans of Australia. They are a cross between Australian blacktip and Common blacktip sharks. interestingly, there’s no human interference in the production of this hybrid; they occur naturally in the wild and are actually a recent discovery among marine biologists.

blacktip shark
Source: Flickr

There is still a lot to learn about these animals and therefore testing and examination is required, but the blacktip shark is vulnerable to overhunting by humans because its fins are choice for the production of shark-fin soup.

The Narluga Whale

This real-life hybrid found in the deep blue ocean, called a narluga, is exceptionally rare and just to capture a picture of it is very special as the one we have here.


It has actually been seen in the North Atlantic Ocean and is a mix of a narwhal and beluga whale. The nose which is rather long of the narwhal is missing and the head looks like the beluga whale.

Hybrid Iguana

Hybrid iguanas are found in and indigenous to the Galapagos Islands. They are a combination of male marine iguanas and female land iguanas. These can be distinctly recognized due to their white speckles by their heads and darker shades all over their bodies.

hubrid iguana
Source: Pinterest

They are conceived naturally and somewhere near 20 of them have been discovered since 2003. Since they are the offspring of marine and land iguanas, they can adapt to both environments. They can also dive into the seas to find seaweed to eat, while at the same time their claws let them climb cacti for food.

Dingo Dog

Hybrid dingo dogs are a combination of dingos and domesticated dogs – if that wasn’t already obvious. They have pretty diverse traits in terms of size, shape, and color. Each dog is unique in its look but typically they’re a variation on a ginger body with white paws.

dingo dog
Source: Pinterest

Dingo dogs exhibit hunting patterns of true dingos and are known as apex predators in their habitat of Australia. The population in Australia has actually found to be decreasing while the hybrid cross-population has found to be on the rise, which is threatening the existence of the pure dingo.

A Zubron?

Here we have a hybrid between a cow and a European bison – which come together as a zubron. They were bred in Poland for the first time in 1969 and were given the name in a naming contest organized by a Polish magazine.

Source: Flickr

These hybrids are large and bulky and the males can weigh as much as 2600 pounds! Their dark and shaggy coats make them resemble their parent animal, the bison. They were meant to replace cows but the project was declared a misstep.

The Blynx

This is what you get when you mix a bobcat with a Canadian lynx: the result is a blynx! Initially, it was believed that these animals were just fiction, but sightings of the hybrids convinced scientists that not only are they a regular occurrence but that they are also fertile.

blynx hybrid
Source: imgur

The blynx is the same size as their parent breeds and so it acquired the black-tipped ears from the lynx while its face resembles a bobcat. It will either have a very short tail or completely lack one.

Parrot Cichlid

In the mid-’80s, this hybrid was created by crossing Midas cichlids and Redhead cichlids in Taiwan. Its breeding gave rise to a huge controversy because of several negative genetic defects it ended up having, namely its mouth.

two fish
Source: Pinterest

It has a beak-like mouth that does not close properly and makes it difficult to feed; this became the reason behind its name. This fish is normally of orange color but does exist in yellow and red colors as well.

The Caraval

This cat hybrid is a result of a male caracal cat having mated a female serval cat. This cat looks quite strange because of its disproportionate head, which is small compared to the rest of its body. But look at how beautiful it is!

caraval cat hybrid
Source: Twitter

Its opposite hybrid, the cross between a male serval and a female caracal cat, is another breed that also exists and is known as a servical. At the Los Angeles Zoo when these two animals were kept together, servical kittens were produced accidentally. They had long black-tipped ears from the caracal and the spotted body of a serval. They’re usually bred to be sold as pets.

A Zonkey

It looks like zebras are popular creatures to interbreed as here they are again for round two. This time, instead of being mixed with a horse it is mixed with a donkey.


A donkey is more similar to the zebra’s height than a horse and perhaps easier to interbreed. This particular “zonkey” is quite a small guy who is donkey all the way up and zebra all the way down.

A Pumpard

Breeding a puma and a cougar produces an offspring called the pumpard. This hybrid tends not to grow to more than half the size of its parents and in fact, it exhibits dwarfism. That’s the exact opposite of the other cat hybrid on this list (i.e. the liger).

leopard hybrid
Source: Twitter

The pumpard came into existence in the late 1800s when they were first bred in Chicago of all places. It didn’t take much time for these cats to become a status symbol among the wealthy in the world. Their bodies are long like pumas and they have spots (called rosettes) which they got from leopards (though these spots are much faded compared to its parent).


Male zebras again can find another mating match in the form of female shetland ponies. And so they can produce to become hybrids known as zetlands. Given the number of hybrids zebras can create, they have a high fertility match with other species in their family.


Therefore, a “zorse” is a zebroid and a “zonkey” is a zebroid. Pity there are no unicorns, then that would be a really gorgeous mix, wouldn’t it!?

Bengal Cat

A Bengal cat is made through a process of cautious and precise selective breeding between both hybrids of domestic cats and wild Asian leopard cats that happen to be common throughout Asia. As the name suggests, these cats came from Bengal, India.

bengal cat

These cats tend to be fascinating pets because they have a gentle and calm demeanor acquired from the domestic cats while at the same time they’re exotic with their long, spotted bodies that make them resemble their cousins from the wild.


Yaks can mate with American bison to produce yakalos as their offspring. The two species don’t interact with each other in the wild, and thus it’s clear that yakalos don’t occur naturally. In fact, the animals were produced by scientists in the 1920s as an experimental project regarding hybridization.

yak hybrid
Source: imgur

They were produced using pure bison or, for the most part, beefalos (which we learned about earlier). The heads of these animals look like those of bison while their body has a mix of bison and yak . Unfortunately, the experiments surrounding these hybrids weren’t successful and were abandoned.

The Chausie

This is a hybrid of a domestic cat and a jungle cat. It’s also known as felis chaus. That alternate name became the origin of the name “chausie.” The jungle cat is native to the Nile River Delta, so the cat can trace its roots to ancient Egypt. These cats were respected in those times, enough to even be mummified.

chausie hybrid cat
Source: Pinterest

Domestic cats and jungle cats may have interacted back then to produce these chausies, but in modern times, the two animals were crossed to make hybrids during the 1990s under a dedicated program.


Mules are a cross between a male donkey and a female horse and they’re not uncommon. They demonstrate the best traits of both the horse and the donkey. Mules are much more tolerant than a horse is and have more stamina, too. And at the same time, they’re less stubborn than a donkey and are more intelligent.

Source: Pinterest

The sizes of mules vary and it depends on the size of the female horse that is mated with the male donkey. Males are always sterile while the female mules at times can conceive.


A liliger is a hybrid within a hybrid – to make things more confusing! This animal came into existence when a male lion mated with a female ligeres, which is the female version of the liger (which we learned about previously).

liliger hybrid
Source: Twitter

The first of this second-generation hybrid was born in Germany in the Munich Zoo in 1943. In recent times, liliger cubs were born in the Moscow Zoo in Russia. The liliger above is one of those cubs. Although her ligeress mother was striped, her cubs display spots on their bodies.

Russian Bear-Dog

This cross sounds absurd and it’s probably more myth than fact, but this list has room for pics of strange hybrid animals that went viral. It was said that it’s a cross between a bear and a dog, or a wolf perhaps. It does give that impression with its canine body and bear-like face.

bear-dog hybrid
Source: Flickr

word has it that the animal shelter that took this dog-bear in named it Chow Chow. After inspecting it, they understood that the animal is a result of a canine cross with a stray dog. Given the conditions it was in, it developed a bad temperament. Its aggressive attitude combined with its appearance probably led to the Bear-Dog myth surrounding it.

Hybrid Pheasant

Although pretty common and are basically thought to be just another ordinary bird, pheasants have hybrids, too. The hybrid pheasants are a mix between ringneck pheasants and reeves pheasants. They’re typically viewed as game birds for hunting and eating. The hybrids occur naturally or with the help of human intervention.

hybrid pheasant
Source: Pinterest

Hybrid pheasants are probably the kinds of birds that hunters in old movies would be shown to hunt. It’s said that they taste just like chicken!

Hybrid Crocodile

Yai is the name of this hybrid crocodile who is a mix between a saltwater crocodile and a freshwater Siamese crocodile. The crossbreeding happened only because its parents were kept together in a zoo. It wouldn’t have occurred in the wild as the two types of crocodiles have different habitats.

hybrid crocodile
Source: Twitter

The result of their crossbreeding was a 20-foot long colossal crocodile weighing 2,500 pounds. It’s certainly not something you would want to come across yourself!

African/Asian Hybrid Elephant

Motty the elephant was born in 1978, and he was a hybrid of a male African elephant and a female Asian elephant. Apparently, it’s the only one of its kind. Sadly, Motty died when he was 12 days old.

baby elephant and a trainer
Source: Pinterest

Its death had nothing to due with its hybrid genes, though. Rather it was an infection that occurred in its umbilical cord stump. Motty was an exceptional animal and probably was the only one of its kind. So the Natural History Museum in London, England preserved its body and has since kept it on display.

Orangutan Hybrid

This hybrid is the result of genetic shuffling between a Bornean and Sumatran Orangutan. These hybrids are referred to as cocktail orangutans, probably because the word cocktail is used as a synonym for a mix or hybrid.

Source: Imgur

If you would like to see these cocktail orangutans, it’s best to schedule a visit to the zoo since these animals have always been bred in captivity. That is, you won’t find them in the wild. The numbers in captivity have decreased as there’s been a stop put on their breeding.

The Huarizo

The huarizo is a hybrid between two already similar-looking animals: the llama and the alpaca. This mix is found in different parts of the world but it’s most common in South America.

llama alpaca hybrid
Source: Flickr

It’s believed that huarizos are naturally occurring in the wild and are sterile. Because of this, there isn’t much opportunity for their species to thrive naturally. In order to see the huarizo thrive, human intervention is required. Genetic modifications can improve their fertility rates of these hybrids.

Flowerhorn Cichlid

Here’s another cichlid that is the result of humans playing around with the genetic makeup of animals. Various cichlids were kept together and the result of their breeding became the flowerhorn cichlid.

fish hybrid
Source: Twitter

Initially constrained in their habitat in captivity, people eventually started to release them into the wild where they have now attained a status of pests in countries like Singapore. Their quick breeding means they multiply in numbers quickly and become hazards to the environment. It is due to these issues that these fish are not allowed in Australia.

Buckfast Bees

About 100 years ago, a monk from the Buckfast Abbey monastery got curious and experimented with bees. The result was a hybrid form of bees that we now know as Buckfast bees, and they are a hybrid of many subspecies of bees.

buckfast bees
Source: Flickr

These bees were born out of a desire to produce bees that would be resistant to diseases that sweep and destroy bee populations. In order to tackle that problem, this monk drew a table listing bees with required traits and characteristics for the planned breeding program. He bred them to eventually produce the Buckfast bee.

The Clymene Dolphin

Another dolphin hybrid is the Clymene dolphin. It was only discovered in the mid-19th century, probably because its appearance was hard to distinguish it from one of its parents – the spinner dolphin and striped dolphin.

clymene dolphin
Source: imgur

This hybrid is similar to spinner dolphins when seen from afar, but up close there are some obvious differences that can be seen. These dolphins have a shorter beak and a triangular dorsal fin, which distinguishes them from the other species of dolphins.

The Brewer’s Duck

The brewer’s duck is a mix between a mallard and a gadwell. It has dark feathers in the front and green on its head and so it looks very similar to its mallard parent, but it’s definitely the friendlier-looking duck.

Though mallards and gadwalls mate commonly in the wild, their hybrids aren’t commonly found. If you want to find one, you’ll need to search for yourself. And you might get lucky if you scour the ponds and rivers of the Lonestar state in Texas.

A Whole Lot of Cattle

What you are looking at here is actually a mix of American buffaloes and domestic cattle. They love grazing and do what buffaloes and cattle do.


The first time there was accidental interbreeding of this animal happened almost 300 years ago. Scientists purposefully engineered the specimen with the goal of helping the beef production industry in 1880.


This slightly frightening look creature is a mix of a hedgehog and an eagle. This is quite a humorous mix as this could never occur in nature.


Although you will never see a “heagle” in real life it certainly would be nice to catch a glimpse of one. I guess though it wouldn’t be too happy as it can’t fly.

Getting Up to Fun With a Grizzly

This very strange looking hybrid is what a bear and an elk would look like if they interbred. This grizzly bear wouldn’t really be impressed if was able to see the top of its head.


A bear is strong and can be ferocious if it wants to be. With antlers, they would be able to cause damage, although hiding in small caves during the winter could be uncomfortable.

Can You Just Imagine This Mix?

This is a very interesting creature with the very suitable name of miraffe would absolutely never exist in the wild but is very entertaining to look at.


Giraffes are known for their extreme height and long necks. I bet if they woke up one day and had the body of a meerkat they would not be very impressed!

A Hybrid That Looks Like Fire In The Sky

This gorgeous red bird sports the face of a red fox. Now, obviously, this could never occur in the wild although it would be a magnificent spectacle if it could.

Source: Pinterest

It does look like this fox and bird are made for each other and the red bird would have more food options and maybe the fox would love to fly!

A Golden Mix That Attracts Humor

What you are looking at here is a fictional llama mixed with a lion. Llamas are traditionally friendly and docile creatures in the wild.


I guess that with a little bit of lion mixed in, a llama could be a little bit tougher. Poor lion though, he wouldn’t feel very strong in a llama’s body.

Taking Snakes to a Whole New Level

Ok, this is an absolutely ridiculous hybrid. Actually, I’m sure cats have swallowed small dogs on very rare occasions but it still would not cause this ridiculous looking creature to occur.


If it did occur, no doubt the dog would feel highly frustrated slithering all over the place and not being able to run or play fetch.

A Mix of a Devil and An Angel

This little cutie looks like he has a lot of attitude. This fictional hybrid would be very amusing as Labradors are known to have very gentle natures while Tasmanian Devils are a bit spunky, to say the least.


If they actually existed, they would either stay the size of a Tasmanian devil and cause havoc or would be bigger like a lab. Cute and ferocious!

Creating a Lovable Creature

This must be one of the cutest fictional hybrids. This is a perfect mix of a hippopotamus and a hedgehog. At least one thing they have in common is the fact that their names both begin with an “h.”

It really is rather adorable and all you want to do is tickle this little creature on its belly. We wonder if it would enjoy dips in the water!

The Most Interesting Gray Animal You Will See

This mix would be interesting (and impossible) indeed. Never mind the fact that elephants are indigenous to India and Africa and Koalas are found in Australia.

Source: Pinterest

I guess an elephant having the body of a koala would make life a bit swifter but a koala having the face of an elephant would probably complicate eating.

The Scariest Fake Hybrid That Will Haunt You

What exactly would you call this if you saw this in the wild? Oh, we know: “Run for your lives!!!” Not all our fictitious animal hybrids could be cute and fluffy.

Source: @Sean_speezy

This “spake” is definitely not cute although its legs may be a bit fluffy or hairy. This is a terrifying hybrid that would give people nightmares if it actually existed.

The Absolute Epitome Of a Cute Hybrid

Aw, don’t we wish a creature this adorable actually exited? You just want to pick it up, kiss and hug it and put it on your shoulder.


This gorgeous creature will obviously never occur but if they did, they would certainly be one of the most popular animals or pets on the planet!

A Hybrid To Fascinate Young Children

This “rare” fake hybrid is simply stunning. With the body of a chameleon and the face of a toucan, it is colorful and looks like a rainbow.


Unfortunately, we don’t think a creature such as this could actually exist in the wild. Firstly, its head is too heavy and the fact that it is so disproportionate it would probably have problems with balance and just getting around.

A Wolf That Wouldn’t Like Its Own Size

This is a creature that when snarling looks absolutely ferocious. This is a strange combination that only belongs on the pages of fairy tale books.


It is rather adorable in a certain way. We just wouldn’t want to get on the bad side of it. A mix of a pygmy marmoset and wolf means that this little creature can really jump!

Making Poland a Very Proud Country

This is a crossbreed that was, at first, thought to be the perfect replacement for cattle as they were stronger and more resistant to the different types of diseases that would affect entire herds to their death.


But, if you really are keen on getting an eyeful of this real-life hybrid, you will only find them in a small herd in Poland’s Bialowieski National park.

A Little Thumper That Barks

This little guy is just too cute. Can you imagine a pug with ears like this? It’s enough that his face is so squashed that he has breathing problems.


This fictional hybrid is actually really cute. It’s so cute it almost looks real. I’m sure that if this creature existed in real life people would flock to keep it as their very own pet.

A Turtle That Just Wants To Stick Its Neck Out

This must be the cutest turtle we have ever seen. The “girattle” is the perfect mix of a giraffe and a turtle. Totally fictitious this creature certainly would win hearts over!


The two together almost look like they belong together. We almost wish that this creature did exist just so that we could pick it up and play with it and then let it go back to the water where it belongs.

A Bull That Would Never See Red

This very sturdy and fictional hybrid is a bull and a cocker spaniel mix. I’m sure the spaniel part of it would appreciate the strength.


No doubt, it’s almost certainly true that the bull part of this hybrid would appreciate the heightened hearing and olfactory senses.

Seeing Way Too much Green

Turning to cold-blooded animals, this crossbreed would be rather scary. Crocodiles have quite snappy jaws on them and frogs can really jump.


The result of this mix, this “frocodile” would be simply frightening. Just imagine the harm and damage they can cause when grouped together.