15 Cats That Should Be Sorry but They Really Just Don’t Care

All You Need Is Love

These naughty cats were looking for love in all the wrong places…but that’s okay. These three cats seem to have no shame.


You can see their guilty faces that look like they actually did something wrong, but the notes turn them in.

Eating Disorder

This cat needs to relax. It doesn’t need to eat so fast! Who wants to eat their own vomit?


Obviously, this cat has a problem. Slow down silly, and start taking small bites, it will all be alright.

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Don’t Mess With Me

This one is a bad-ass. He’s only a small cat but made it pretty clear to everyone that no one can mess with him.


Not even dogs. And now he’s trying to advertise himself and his bullying capabilities to the public. What a character!

A Dark Soul

This cat has an evil soul. He seems harmless and sweet, but he’s a really not nice. Your sister too?


Actually, the more you look at him the sneakier he seems, right?  Where did you learn this little kitty?

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My Dog Ate My Homework

This is the classic “my dog ate my homework” excuse. He decided to eat the tax return right on time!


Who likes the RIS anyways? He seems so full and calm. It must have been appetizing.

Feels Like Teen Spirit

This cat has the soul of a teenager raging on their parents and wants to teach them some very serious fashion lessons.

guerda_guenzl/Bored Panda

Why are you so angry?  Fashion is an acquired taste. Surely that dude who’s not your real father will appreciate it someday.

Next, you wouldn’t believe what this cat’s hobby is.

New Obsession

What’s the big deal? This cat has some free time and wanted to expand his horizons with a new hobby.


You are adults, you can fish your stuff back, right? Look at how good he’s been getting. Just don’t teach him how to flush.

Guilty Pleasure

This cat will do anything for a good laugh. Even if that means getting a mouse in the toilet. Have mercy, cat!


His spots make him look surprised and full of expression like he really planned the whole thing in advance. Bad boy!

Next, you would never guess what this cat’s favorite game is.

Wicked Game

What’s with these cats? This cat seems to enjoy it and is actually playing a game with himself.


The things we do for fun. It seems as though he can use a friend to hang out with to keep him busy.

I Like Soft Blankets and I Can Not Lie

At least he’s honest. Some won’t admit their sins, but not this buddy. And his unapologetic tone makes him even cuter.


But still, it’s upsetting to discover tiny pee spots on your new blanket. Can you find a new hobby, please? How about the outdoors?

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Smelly Cat

This cat has some passive aggressive issues, but hey, at least he’s aware of it. Such a considerate cat.

Sunny skyz

Surely, this picture was a result of one of this cat’s poop acts. Be a careful owner, he might poop again just to punish you!

Warm Welcoming

Ever wondered how this even happens? It’s as if the little kitty has done it on purpose, poor owner.


What a warm welcoming. Literally. She probably woke up and panicked to the strange well-known feeling after so many years!

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Who’s The Boss?

This cat is on a power trip, trying to make the dog his slave. How does one become so arrogant and bossy?


The look in his eyes seems very serious as if he’s pissed off. Some of these cats are much scarier than dogs.

   Control Freak

This one took it a bit too far. Seriously? Taking your own poop in your mouth and put it on your owner’s bed?


This owner must have wanted to throw the cat out along with his excrement.

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Where Are Your Manners?

This cat has some serious problem with adapting to changes. His note is so funny and cruel at the same time, it’s genius!

Sunny Skyz

Don’t worry Spider, you’re still going to get lots of love. No need to be so charming, save something for later.