Woman Adopts a Tiny Pet Without Knowing What It Would Grow Up To Be

Yumna Saloojee is a woman from South Africa who couldn’t wait to adopt her first pet. As soon as she saw this adorable little Alaskan malamute dog, he stole her heart. He was just a small puppy at the time, and Yumna was so excited to take him home and raise him. She always wanted a pet, and her dream was finally coming true. Yumna named her pooch Tydus, but he turned out to be far from what she expected.

Yumna Saloojee's puppy collage
Source: Instagram @trez_and_tydus

After a few months, Yumna noticed a drastic transformation in Tydus. He definitely didn’t look a puppy anymore. She knew he would grow bigger, but this was not what she predicted at all. However, it only made Tydus more special. Check out the incredible story of Yumna and her dog Tyson. Plus, we included some more Alaskan malamutes posing with their owners. If you are a dog lover, this one is for you!

Adopting a Pet

There are a lot of factors to consider when you choose to adopt a pet. One of the most important is the size of the animal. Yumna Saloojee, from South Africa, decided she wanted to adopt a dog in 2014. The size was something she didn’t think much about until something unexpected happened. Honestly, she would have been fine with any kind of dog.

Yumna Saloojee close up
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Big pets are fun, but it can be a bit more challenging to take care of them. They need much more space and can be hard to handle. On the other hand, small pets are more convenient and tend to be easier to take care of. Still, bigger dogs seem like they are more fun to hug and cuddle. In the end, it’s a personal preference based on what you’re looking for. This woman had her eyes set on a puppy!

New Furry Friend

Yumna decided that she was finally going to make her dream come true. Yumna had her heart set on getting a puppy and couldn’t wait to have her furry friend by her side. Also, she finally felt like she was mature enough and ready to take on the responsibility of owning a pet. It was time to start her search.

Yumna Saloojee and her pet
Source: Instagram @trez_and_tydus

It didn’t take long for Yumna to find her new best friend. The adorable fluff ball she fell in love with was an Alaskan malamute, a delightful and small puppy. It would be hard to imagine how much this little thing could grow. Either way, as soon as Yumna looked at the pup, she knew it was meant to be. She realized that her life was about to get better, but it changed in more ways than she expected.

The One

Yumna was so happy to finally adopt a dog. She never owned a pet before, so she was even more excited. She knew she had to do some searching, but once she laid eyes on the charming little Alaskan malamute puppy, she was sold on the spot. “I fell in love the second I held him,” she expressed.

 Yumna Saloojee and her little pet
Source: Instagram @trez_and_tydus

When the pup saw Yumna, he loved her right back. When she first found him, he was two weeks old and made her heart melt. Since he was so young, the puppy still needed to be nursed by his mother. That’s why Yumna had to wait two weeks before she could pick him up. She was looking forward to the big day to come, and when it did, she was extremely surprised.

Coming Home

After two long weeks, it was finally time for Yumna to pick up her new precious puppy. When she got there, she noticed he had grown up a bit. She had his name picked out and called him Tydus (which means “great, giant warrior”). The little fluff ball had a special personality from the start. He was so friendly and lovable.

Yumna Saloojee holding her little pet
Source: Instagram @trez_and_tydus

He also knew he was the new boss, but Yumna didn’t mind. When she decided to adopt the Alaskan malamute, she knew exactly what she was getting herself into. She was initially looking for a small dog, and she was aware the Tydus would grow some more. What she didn’t know was how much more. Yumna soon discovered that her new pup was more exceptional than other malamutes.

Getting Comfortable

Tydus got pretty comfortable as soon as he came home. He settled in with a new cozy bed, delicious treats, an array of toys, and of course, lots of love and attention. Tydus also found his natural love for running around in the grass, and in his new loving home, he had so much open space to run around. As he continued to grow, a lot of space was necessary.

Yumna Saloojee's little pet playing
Source: Instagram @trez_and_tydus

Like any new dog, this Alaskan malamute was the king of the house. He was pretty spoiled and lucky to have such a warm, loving home. He loved playing with Yumna and her human friends. The puppy was active, affectionate, and loved the attention. Luckily, everyone around them was happy to give Tydus what he needed.

Perfect Pup

When Tydus was about eight weeks old, he was so adorable. He started growing up and exploring the world around him. He started to learn new games and loved playing with soccer balls. He was also a perfect pet model! Yumna had absolutely no trouble getting him to pose for the camera. She got so many shots of his fluffy face.

Yumna Saloojee's pet playing with a ball
Source: Instagram @trez_and_tydus

Like many other new dog mamas, Yumna documented everything Tydus did. She was so proud to show off her new pet, and who could blame her? If I had such a cute pup, I would also document his every waking moment, too. Tydus was also growing up fast, and she didn’t want to miss out on a thing! However, when he was fully grown, it would be hard to believe this was the same puppy.

Pooch at the Pool

As we mentioned, Tydus was a pretty lucky dog. Besides having a huge yard to play in, he also had a pool! Alaskan malamutes really love to swim, so Yumna wanted to get him used to the water. Of course, his proud owner made sure to document Tydus getting acquainted with the pool scene.

Yumna Saloojee's pet near a pool
Source: Instagram @trez_and_tydus

Little Tydus wasn’t ready to jump in yet, but he was happy to be around the water and got to play in the grass. Yumna took a picture of her photogenic pooch, and her perfect dog is even smiling for the camera. Look at that adorable face! I know he looks tiny, but Tydus continued to grow at an incredible pace.

Part of the Family

Clearly, it wasn’t hard to fall in love with Tydus. He was growing cuter and bigger by the day, and he already felt like part of the family. His favorite thing to do was play with Yumna and all of her human friends and family. He could play forever and never seemed to run out of energy.

Yumna Saloojee's pet Tydus
Source: Instagram @trez_and_tydus

As soon as you look at this dog, you can tell it’s the most irresistible dog out there. That tiny face, fluffed hair, and those little paws are enough to make anyone’s heart melt. Yumna, of course, was so happy with her decision to adopt the Alaskan malamute. But she still had no idea what was in store for her.

Growing Up

All dog owners know that puppies are only small for a short amount of time. Before you know it, they grow substantially bigger. Yumna knew her Tydus was getting bigger and didn’t suspect anything strange about his early growth spurts. She knew that when he was fully-grown, he would be a relatively big dog because of his breed.

Yumna Saloojee's pet
Source: Instagram @trez_and_tydus

What nobody realized was Tydus was a little different. His early growth spurt helped him surpass all the other Alaskan malamutes of his age. As he was growing into his full size, Yumna fell more and more in love with her pooch. She would still love him no matter his shape or size. It was only a matter of time before she realized how big he would get.

Living up to his Name

Tydus didn’t seem to have any trouble living up to his name, which means Giant Great Warrior. He continued to grow exceptionally large ever since Yumna first got him. He was still a puppy when he grew into a full-grown dog and already weighed 120 pounds. That’s already big for an Alaskan malamute.

Yumna Saloojee's pet in the garden
Source: Instagram @trez_and_tydus

However, Tydus continued to grow. He looked like some kind of fictional-looking bear or lion. He was unrecognizable from the tiny thing he once was. Still, Yumna didn’t realize that he would keep on growing. She still adored him, though. No size would change her feelings, but how big was he going to get? Would she be able to take care of such a large dog?

The Alaskan Malamute

Normally, the Alaskan malamute breed reaches around 85 pounds (35 kilograms) and can stand 25 inches (65 centimeters) tall. The “giant” versions of this breed reach up to 140 pounds (64 kilograms), but their bodies aren’t built to carry that much weight. It was obvious that Tydus was above average.

Yumna Saloojee's pet in the park
Source: Instagram @trez_and_tydus

Not only was he bigger and taller than the average dog of his breed. No one expected him to transform into the size of a massive malamute when he was a newborn puppy. This growing dog meant there was more to love for Yumna, but how would she be able to tend to a humungous dog? For all she knew, he can grow even bigger.

So Big and so Fluffy

Tydus was never one to shy out of giving hugs. The friendly dog always loved jumping up and hugging his owner; the only problem is that now he’s bigger than her! He completely towers over her! When he turned two, he didn’t seem to be slowing down. He kept on growing…

Yumna Saloojee's pet and Tydus hugging
Source: Instagram @trez_and_tydus

Yumna told Get Leashed magazine, “To be honest, his size comes from all that magical fluff. I don’t think he will get any bigger now, and that’s okay. I might get crushed if he does!” I’m surprised she hasn’t been crushed already. The funniest part of all this and that the enormous dog seemed to be completely unaware of his size.

Cuddles and Snuggles

Yumna decided to make the best of all that fluff and cuddled with Tydus every single day. That giant Alaskan malamute is the best cuddle buddy out there if you ask me. He loves to snuggle just as much as she does. He smiles every time! I’m thinking of getting a dog this breed just so that I can have a cuddle buddy.

Yumna and her pet hugging
Source: Instagram @trez_and_tydus

Tydus’ size was obviously not what Yumna expected, but she loved him and continued to take pictures of her bear-sized dog all the time. She enjoyed the gift of having such a special pet. Like other proud pet owners, Yumna had no problem posting pictures of her dog and sharing them with the world.

Giant Teddy Bear

Tydus continued to act like a puppy, despite his humungous size. He was just unaware of his proportions, which is hilarious. He climbed on Yumna’s lap when he clearly couldn’t fit! That fact that he resembles a bear makes him even more lovable. Like a huge teddy bear! How can anyone not find this adorable?

Yumna's pet
Source: Instagram @trez_and_tydus

Yumna and her family were quickly getting used to Tydus’s large size. When he was out in the street, strangers also recognized how big he was and how much fur is covering his body. Yumna was worried that people would be scared of her dog just because of his size. However, everyone loved his friendly personality and proved her wrong.

Everyone Loves Tydus

Whenever Yumna took her dog out for a walk, he grabbed everyone’s attention. I mean, he is huge and still extremely active. Yumna expressed to The Dodo, “His fluffiness is the first thing that catches attention, then his size.” People do ask about him a lot.

Yumna and her pet looking at the camera
Source: Instagram @trez_and_tydus

Yumna continued on to explain, “wherever we go, even just for a walk around the block, we get stopped and asked about his size, age, and most often, ‘What breed is he?’ I guess it’s not often that you see a lion-dog walking in the street.” Since she was getting so much positive attention for her amazing pet, Yumna decided she was going to show off his beauty to the world. You’ll never guess how!

Instagram Star

Yumna was proud of her beautiful and special malamute and couldn’t wait to share him with the world. Instead of posting pictures on her social media, Yumna made Tydus is own Instagram account. She would post pictures of him every day and showed off his delightful personality. He was always good in front of the camera.

Yumna and her pet posing at the camera
Source: Instagram @trez_and_tydus

When she opened the account, Yumna said, “If his looks didn’t get your attention, his personality definitely will.” It did take long for the dog-star to reach 140,000 followers! Yumna went on to say, “He has an amazing soul that earns everyone’s affection. He’s a little charmer… or a giant charmer.” Well, there was one other charmer getting a piece of all this attention.

Trez & Tydus

The reason why Yumna created the Instagram account was to show off Tydus and all his adventures. However, he does share the account with his brother, a Congo African Grey Parrot named Trez. The bird often makes random and adorable appearances. In fact, she named the Instagram account Trez & Tydus.

Yumna, her pet and a bird posing at the camera
Source: Instagram @trez_and_tydus

Yumna also gave her parrot a name with meaning. She called him Trez, “The Ruler of Everything,” because his favorite thing to do is mimic everyone while sitting there thinking he’s the king. Tydus and Trez both have unique personalities and are adored by everyone around them. Next to the tiny bird, Tydus looks even more massive! Still, these two friendly pets play together sometimes.

Say Cheese

Yumna is obviously a great pet owner and loves her animals. She loves watching them play and smile for the camera. Tydus seems to be the real Instagram model, though; he wants to get all the attention. Here, you can take your eyes off of him because he looks like he is devouring his mother’s arm! It’s all in good fun, of course.

 Yumna and her pet looking at the camera
Source: Instagram @trez_and_tydus

Yumna posts pictures almost every day to capture the cuteness and playfulness of her fluffy dog. He goofs around all day and behaves like a puppy… only he is not the size of one. He loves to jump and play as if he doesn’t feel his weight. Are you wondering what else he likes to do?

Playing Around

Tydus spends most of his time playing around and being a goofball. He has an unlimited amount of energy. When Yumna isn’t around to cuddle, Tydus loves to play with his stuffed dolls, and when I say play, I mean destroy! Look what he did to poor little Mickey Mouse. He completely ripped him to shreds!

Yumna's pet making a mess
Source: Instagram @trez_and_tydus

I guess it’s not very shocking. Since she owns an oversized, high-energy Alaskan malamute, I’m sure Yumna is used to it by now. At least there is always some kind of entertainment keeping her occupied. Tydus also had a monkey to chew on during the day to keep him busy. That’s good because there is nothing really left of Mickey over there.

Silly Dog

The stuffed monkey isn’t the only doll Tydus likes to play with. This spoiled pooch has so many other toys. He loves his stuffed dinosaur, and he even has a toy gun! He looks like he is playing a game of cops and robbers with dino! This dog seems to be having more fun than most kids. It seems like there is not a worry in the world.

Yumna and her pet making fun in front of the camera
Source: Instagram @trez_and_tydus

At first glance, you may not realize it, but Tydus has a planned out schedule for him every day. Yes, he has time to play with his dinosaur (and kill Mickey Mouse), but Tydus doesn’t spend all his time goofing off and being silly. Sometimes, this Alaskan malamute has serious business to take care of.

Best Friend

When Tydus isn’t jumping around or playing with his toys, he likes to help his mama. A dog is a big responsibility, but Yumna still needs her day job. Look at him sitting next to Yumna while she’s working; he doesn’t seem to be bothering her. He just looks so wise… when he isn’t acting like an oversized puppy.

Yumna and her pet looking at a laptop
Source: Instagram @trez_and_tydus

You know what they say, the bigger the dog, the bigger the heart, right? In Tydus’s case, this is definitely true. He makes a great companion for Yumna, and he is her best friend. When they aren’t working or cuddling, Yumna and Tydus go on adventures together. Oh, and he makes a great driving partner.

Cruising Around

That’s right. These two take adventures outside of the house too. Whenever Yumna has places to go or people to see, she brings her giant friend with her. I sure hope everyone is dog-friendly. Tydus loves sitting shotgun and riding with Yumna. Plus, Tydus is so big that nobody in the streets would mess with his owner.

Yumna and her pet in the car
Source: Instagram @trez_and_tydus

Other than protecting her, another benefit of taking Tydus in the car is that he tends to capture the attention of other drivers. That way, Yumna can skip ahead when no one is paying attention. The love they share has no bounds. Also, can we talk about how adorable Tydus looks in those sunglasses?! I mean, can he be any cuter?

Just Playing

Just like most dogs, Tydus loves to chase his owner. One of his favorite things to do is play with Yumna and tackle her to the ground. As we mentioned, he has a tendency to forget how massive he actually is. When Tydus is playing, the fluff ball is in it to win it. Luckily, Tydus’ size never hurt Yumna. It’s always in good fun.

Yumna and her pet playing in the park
Source: Instagram @trez_and_tydus

He does look humungous next to Yumna, but it looks like fun. I definitely wouldn’t mind wresting Tydus… as long as he doesn’t crush me (I saw what he did to Mickey Mouse)! I have completely fallen in love with Tydus’s beauty, size, and personality. In fact, I just started following him on Instagram.

Jumping with Love

Whenever Yumna walks through her front door, Tydus leaps into the air because of how excited he is. He looks like a bear flying through the air. I wish someone would be that happy to see me. Maybe I should get a dog. Look at that smile! I don’t know about you, but that’s the happiest Alaskan malamute I have ever seen.

Yumna and her pet playing in the garden
Source: Instagram @trez_and_tydus

Looking at this picture basically sums up the love that Tydus shares with his owner. It didn’t take Yumna long to get used to his big size; the way she sees it, there is more to love. I’m just wondering how much food this kind of dog requires. He must eat a lot to sustain himself and to keep up his puppy-like energy.

It’s the Real Deal

As we know, Yumna wanted a small dog. Although she didn’t realize she would be taking care of a bear-sized pooch, he is ultimately happy with her choice to adopt the Alaskan malamute. His fun personality and his endless energy are enough to make any dog mama proud. His big size only adds to their wonderful relationship.

Yumna and her pet looking at the camera
Source: Instagram @trez_and_tydus

At times, Tydus’s social media fame can be associated with another famous dog. Once in a while, a dog named Loki, the Wolfdog steals the thunder from Tydus, the dog. Loki is a husky-malamute breed, and this one has been melting the hearts of internet users for a while. Loki, the Wolfdog, has 1.7 million Instagram followers since the account was opened in 2013. (We’ll get back to him later).

Double Giants

We love Tydus, but he’s not the only enormous and adorable Alaskan malamute in the world. This next guy also showed off his fluff babies when he posted a picture of his two giant dogs online. Let’s just say, Reddit users went wild! He captured the photo writing, “My tiny puppies. I gotta get a bigger couch.” Well, he definitely has a sense of humor.

two Alaskan malamute and Turdman
Source: Reddit/Turdman13

Various people wrote back to this man online. He is only known by his screenname, Turdman 13, but that didn’t stop strangers from commenting. One internet user noted how challenging malamutes could be and commented, “Tradeoff: more money for food, lower heating bill. Just cuddle.” Can’t argue with that! Imagine cuddling with those two.

Next Dog

I just wish this man the best of luck trying to walk this gigantic dog. It must be difficult to control a dog that heavy. This dog could easily walk his owner. If you own a gigantic malamute like this one, a simple morning walk requires a lot of patience, energy, and upper body strength. Trust me when I tell you, these things are way heavier than they look.

Yumna Saloojee's malamute and Tydus looking at the camera
Source: Instagram @trez_and_tydus

Of course, if you own a giant Alaskan malamute, than you are probably used to their extra-large size. Plus, it saves you time at the gym. Just taking that dog for a walk is like a workout. Still, these giant pets are lovable and extremely loyal. Dogs never break their owner’s hearts.

Giant Friend

This Alaskan malamute is enormous, and the owner has absolutely no problem with that. Just like Yumna, she sees it as more to love. The two seem pretty comfortable on that couch, but the dog might need something a little bit bigger; he barely fits up there! I guess size doesn’t matter because this fluff ball is as cute as they come.

Alaskan malamute sitting on a couch
Source: Instagram/@malamutemoosh

This picture even managed to spark a meme with the caption, “I don’t know what type of dog this is, but I would definitely ride it into battle.” Yea… this is definitely not a dog I want to mess with. Just snuggle with! Whoever owns this dog has the best cuddle buddy ever! I think it’s time for me to get a dog.

Playtime and Paws

Here is another giant Alaskan malamute, but this one is very similar to Tydus. They don’t necessarily look alike, but they definitely act alike. Just like Tydus, this dog is completely unaware of how large he is. His owners also treat him like a little pup. Here, his owner is attempting to teach him the “paw” command.

Alaskan malamute gives his paw to his owner
Source: YouTube

He still needs a little more practicing, though. Every time he tries, he ends up falling over into a snuggle and cuddle puddle! Aww, how cute is that?! That dog looks like so much fun to play with. I mean, if we’re being real, I wanted a giant dog ever since I watched Clifford for the first time as a little kid.

Giant Teddy Bear

This is a real-life teddy bear if I’ve ever seen one! This looks like one of those giant bears people get on Valentine’s Day… other people (like me) can win them at carnivals. Well, the bear, not the dog. Anyway, the point is, this looks like a huge teddy bear that came to life. Not only is he massive, but he’s fluffy too!

Moosh, Malamute Moosh, and his owner
Source: Instagram/@malamutemoosh

Since this dog is basically as big as his owner (or maybe even bigger), people must be in shock when they meet him for the first time. This dog and owner have an extremely strong bond. You can tell by their playful smiles. The massive size doesn’t bother the owner one bit. He wanted a big dog. Plus, you know what they say, the bigger, the better.

Adam and Evo

Look at this super cute duo! Evo is the Alaskan malamute, and he loves little Adam. Even though he is massive, Evo is always careful around Adam and plays with him very gently. When this picture was taken, precious Adam was just four months old! Evo is always there to take care of his baby buddy.

Evo the Alaskan Malamute and Little Adam
Source: YouTube

Alaskan Malamutes tend to be extremely active, but Evo is always calm around the baby! Nobody even taught him; it’s like he instinctively knows. Instead of jumping up close to his face, Evo shows his love for Adam by licking his socks. He doesn’t jump on him or cuddle with him yet, but I’m sure Evo can’t wait for Adam to grow up.

Giddy-up Doggy

This baby’s face says it all. I don’t think this is the first time little Gabe played with an Alaskan malamute. He is clearly not scared and looks like he hangs around them all the time. These dogs are bigger than him, but he doesn’t seem shocked or even phased by it. All Gabe knows is that he loves these doggies, and size doesn’t matter.

king kodah malamute and a friend
Source: Instagram@king_kodah_malamute

If Gabe adores his furry friend this much now, imagine the love these two will share as Gabe continues to grow. This is definitely a lifelong friendship. At least Gabe will always have a loyal pooch waiting for him at home. Another bright side, I don’t think Gabe will ever get too big to ride his massive dogs.

Hugs and Snuggles

Children and their pets tend to have an incredible bond. Especially when they grow up with their furry companions. Usually, the child continues to grow way passed the dog, but that’s not always the case. For this pair, the dog is certainly bigger. I mean, the child is still growing, so eventually, he will get bigger. Meanwhile, he can use his furry pal as a giant pillow.

an Alaskan Malamute, Arya dire wolf and a child on a couch
Source: Instagram/@arya.dire.wolf

The Alaskan malamute is definitely feeling the love back. All dogs love to snuggle, and this is no exception. The little boy seems calm and unbothered by the size of that thing. I guess he is used to it by now. This is one of the more precious pictures I have seen in a while. Those are the two cutest faces!

There’s 12 of Them!

Anneka Svenska is a TV host, who was tasked with an extra fun assignment. She got to visit and interview a woman who is probably the number one giant Alaskan malamute fan. The woman’s name is Lorna Bartlett and actually runs a kennel! It’s called Arctic Rainbow Malamutes and is located in Essex, England.

Anneka Svenska and her giant dog
Source: YouTube

The Bartletts live with 12 dogs, and they are all the same size as Anneka (if not bigger)! You can easily compare their sizes by looking at this picture. But we need to talk about that dogs face in this photo! I don’t know what emotion he is expressing, but it’s priceless. I wonder what it’s like to own 12 Alaskan malamutes! Just one seems like a handful.

Danny Dog

You gotta take a look at this dog! This is a giant Alaskan malamute named Danny. He is 12 years old and is a social media star along with his owner! I don’t know her real name, but her online username is Danny Direwolf. Danny had a pretty long trip because he was adopted from Singapore. I need a dog like this.

Danny Direwolf and his owner
Source: Instagram/@dannydirewolf

Danny and his owner live in Canada now. They spend their time going on adventures and taking cute pictures together, showing off how much fun they are having. His owner even has a YouTube channel where she shares some secrets on how to take care of an Alaskan malamute and other dogs of that size.

Half the Trouble

Kelly Lund grew up in Denver, Colorado, with a family that extremely passionate about dogs! When he decided it was time for a furry pet, he was really up for anything. As soon as he saw the husky mixed with a malamute, he was hooked. The dog-loving guy saw the innocence in his eyes, and it was a no brainer.

Kelly Lund and Loki the Wolfdog
Source: Instagram/@loki

Kelly finally brought Loki home in 2012, and their journey began. Loki turned out to be mischievous, dominant, extremely smart, and energetic. Needless to say, he was quite the handful. Lund doesn’t mind one bit. He loves a challenge and his fluffy pet. This dog looks much smaller than the other malamutes. That should make it easier, right?

Ready for My Close Up

Don’t worry. He grew quite quickly. Lund named his dog Loki, and as soon as he brought him home, it was picture time! He just couldn’t help himself. Lund took some adorable pictures of his pooch and shared them online. Even though most people take pictures of their dogs, Lund can’t stop! He has so many beautiful pictures with Loki. But who can blame him?

Kelly Lund and Loki the Wolfdog
Source: Instagram/@loki

Lund’s obsession with pictures of Loki quickly swamped his social media account. That’s when he decided Loki needs his own Instagram. The profile is called Loki the Wolfdog if you’re interested in seeing the incredible life of malamute. My favorite part of this dog is his beautiful eyes. I love that they are two different colors.

Becoming a Star

Loki’s Instagram account was an immediate hit. Loki literally became a star overnight. The profile was opened in 2013, and he had 50,000 fans within just one year. This is difficult for humans to do; I can imagine it’s much rarer for a dog. Dog good companies offered to give Loki free food in exchange for posting pictures for them.

Loki the Wolfdog in the snow
Source: Instagram/@loki

Lund didn’t intend to make Loki famous when he opened the Instagram account. He really just wanted a place to post all these pictures. He certainly didn’t pay advertisers for followers, and he didn’t even use any hashtags. However, things weren’t slowing down for this famous pooch. By the end of 2015, he almost reached one million followers on Instagram.

Dynamic Duo

Lund expressed that he believes the social media success, comes from the special bond that the two share. He told Outside magazine, “Loki’s an animal that can tell what you’re thinking and knows how you’re feeling. Many people think that Lund is a photographer because of his breathtaking pictures. It turns out that he actually had no formal photography training.

Loki the Wolfdog behind the wheel of a car
Source: Instagram/@loki

He clearly has a talent and a natural inclination towards photography. He took his hobby, and Loki’s good looks and created success. Lund was ultimately able to leave his day job to manage the Instagram account. They got deals and projects with companies, such as GoPro, Mercedes, and even Google. That’s pretty impressive, especially for a dog.

Full-Time Doggy Daddy

Loki’s Instagram continued to grow. By 2017, the pooch has 1.7 million followers! Lund said he loves to spend time with his dog, and now he gets to all the time. In addition to taking pictures of Loki, they get to go on all kinds of business ventures together. So many people adore Loki that there is an online store selling his prints, calendars, mugs, T-shirts, and some other merch.

Kelly Lund and Loki the Wolfdog
Source: Instagram/@loki

When asked about his success, Lund said this: “A while back; I saw a dog meme that said, ‘Do what you love, and success will follow.’ The punch line was, ‘so I sat on my couch, ate pizza, and took selfies with my dog… I’m still waiting for the money to roll in.’ Turned out that actually worked for me.” If only I can make money by sitting at home, eating pizza.