Seven Months in a Coma: A Shocking Medical Mystery

Kertisha “Tisha” Brabson fell victim to a baffling medical mystery. Tisha was a regular working woman who wasn’t feeling well one day. Like most of us, she pushed through it and thought it would pass. Unfortunately, her condition was a lot more serious than anyone would have guessed. Tisha was brought into the hospital after acting strange and delusional. Tisha fell into a coma, and doctors told her mother Kertease that she should consider pulling the plug.

Tisha and her mother
Kertisha “Tisha” Brabson and her mother. Source: Facebook

Like any good mother, Kertease refused. She wasn’t just going to let her daughter die. Kertease got a variety of second opinions until she found a doctor who was willing to help her. Thanks to her devoted mother and hardworking doctors, Trisha eventually woke up. Unfortunately, some things are out of our control, but other times, miracles really do happen. Miraculously, the treatment worked and brought Tisha back, but her life would never be the same again. Here is her heartwarming story.

A Normal Life

Kertisha Brabson, known was Tisha, lived a relatively normal life in 2018. She lived in Alliance, Ohio, with her two young children, Diamonique and Perez. Tisha lived close to her mother, Kertease Williams, which was very important to her. Their mother-daughter relationship was really close.

Tisha and her mother
Source: Facebook / Kertisha Brabson

Tisha and Kertease were happy. It was like life couldn’t get any better. It took them a while to work hard and get to this joyous place. Unfortunately, everything shattered in a matter of days. Tish became a victim of a medical mystery. Even some of the best doctors around couldn’t figure out what was wrong with her.

Suddenly Feeling Sick

This medical mystery started very subtly. Tisha noticed strange signs and symptoms, but didn’t really think much of it and chose not to tell anyone. Tisha said that when she was 31, she felt a little sick, but still continued to go to work. Then Tisha started experiencing severe anxiety, something she never suffered from in the past.

Kertisha in her graduation gown posing with her mother
Source: Facebook / Kertisha Brabson

She kept brushing off the symptoms and went about her usual daily routine. Still, there was an unsettling voice inside of her, telling her something is off. She said: “I just don’t know what was going on inside of my body. I just knew something was wrong; I just didn’t exactly know what was wrong.”

The Fateful Phone Call

Tisha’s mom Kertease was going about her business. To her, it was just a regular September day; she had no idea what was about to happen. But then, she got a phone call that changed her life. Tisha’s friend called and said that Tisha has been acting strange, and she was getting worried.

Tisha’s mother
Source: YouTube / 13newsnow

The friend explained to Kertease that her daughter was acting weird all day. She was trying to reach objects in front of her when there was nothing even there. She was blabbing on about nonsensical things, and no one knows what she was talking about. Plus, she danced “as if she were at a rock concert.” Clearly, something wasn’t right.

Straight to the Hospital

Tisha was later asked what happened that day. Why was she acting so strangely? But she had no clue, saying, “I don’t remember anything.” Right after Kertease heard the news, she headed to the hospital to check on her daughter. She didn’t really know what was going on, but that only made her more concerned.

Source: YouTube / Fox 8 News Cleveland14

When she got to the hospital, Tisha was there with her friend (the one who called her mom). When hearing about Tisha’s bizarre behavior, the doctors were just as confused as her mother. They couldn’t diagnose her but kept her in the hospital for observation. As she was being watched by medical professionals, her illness took a turn for the worse.

From Bad to Worse

Tisha was acting odd when she first got to the hospital, but things progressed rather quickly. She was being monitored under professionals, and Kertease was trying to stay hopeful. But staying optimistic wasn’t easy; Kertease was heartbroken to see her daughter like this. The worst part was that nobody even knew what was wrong with her.

Doctors looking at a brain scan
Source: YouTube / Fox 8 News Cleveland

Kertease recalls that she remembers thinking, “something has taken over and is brewing in my daughter, I just don’t know what.” Well, a mother always knows. As it turned out, things were worse than anyone could have thought. Things got really bad, really fast.

Falling Into A Coma

Whatever Tisha’s condition was, it didn’t seem to be going away. If anything, Trisha appeared to be progressively more unstable since she first got to the hospital. Her mother said: “It was crazy because her body was deteriorating right in front of our eyes.” That’s obviously not easy for any mother to experience, but Kertease continued…

Tisha in the hospital bed
Source: YouTube / 13newsnow

“That’s your child, and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it, and that was really heartbreaking.” Then, Tisha suddenly got an insane seizure that sent her into a coma and sent her mother into a panic. The doctors finally returned with a terrible diagnosis.

A Devastating Diagnosis

Once Tisha fell into a coma, the doctors were pretty sure they understood what was going on with her. Sadly, it wasn’t a good diagnosis. The doctors revealed to Kertease that her daughter has an illness called anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis.

Kertisha “Tisha” Brabson
Source: Facebook

Basically, this terrifying diagnosis meant that Tisha’s body was fighting off its own brain cells. In severe cases, the condition can lead to delusions and hallucinations. Unfortunately, Trisha was showing even more symptoms, but the doctors didn’t know what to do, or if there was anything they can do. They really didn’t know how they would prevent the disease from progressing. After discussing Tisha’s condition, the doctors returned with their unimaginable recommendation.

Time to Pull the Plug

Days passed by, and they quickly turned into months, and Tisha was still in the hospital in a coma. Kertease exclaimed, “I don’t have no doctor’s background, never been to school for anything, but when it’s your child, you’re going to do everything in your power to bring your daughter back.”

Tisha waking up from the coma
Source: YouTube / Fox 8 News Cleveland

Sadly, some things go beyond her power to fight. As days dragged on, Tisha wasn’t really getting any better. After months, Kertease got an update from the doctors, but it was more bad news. They informed her that Tisha was braindead. Now, it was time to consider pulling the plug and taking Tisha off of the ventilator. Kertease was obviously devastated.

Various Second Opinions

Kertease later recalled, “Doctors said ‘pull the plug, she’s braindead,’ things like that. I wouldn’t do it.” Instead, Kertease chose to move Tisha to another hospital. The desperate mother went to see various different medical professionals, but they all gave her the same awful diagnosis. But she wasn’t going to give up.

A doctor looking at brain scans
Source: YouTube / Fox 8 News Cleveland

Kertease said: “We were just going to keep moving because once I saw the doctors scratching their heads, that clearly let me know they gave up on her, and they don’t know what’s going on.” She wasn’t ready to accept it and wished that there was somebody out there that can help. And then, Kertease had a spark of hope to hold on to.

Keeping Tisha Alive

Three months have passed since Tisha experienced that massive seizure that sent her into a coma. Throughout those long months, Kertease didn’t get a glimpse of good news about Tisha’s condition. The determined mother didn’t care. She wanted to see her daughter have a future and continued to seek help.

The Ohio State University Medical Center
Source: YouTube / Fox 8 News Cleveland

The mother explained, “Every decision that I made was because she’s got two little people that were depending on their mother to come home, and those were her kids.” Keeping her grandchildren in mind, Kertease decided to move Tisha to the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. The doctors said that they could help Tisha, but found something even more puzzling about her condition.

Another Medical Mystery

Kertease met Dr. Shraddha Mainali, a specialist in stroke and neurological clinical care at Wexner’s Brain and Spine Hospital. Even though she was a professional, Tisha’s situation baffled her. As she was analyzing the condition, she found Tisha was experiencing at least 20 seizures a day.

Busy Nurse's Station In Modern Hospital
Source: Shutterstock

By this point, Kertease thought she had heard it all, and she was painfully aware of how awful her daughter’s situation is. But this new information shocked her core. She was continuously receiving news that she might lose her daughter. She said, “I was asking God ‘just give me a sign, tell me what to do, please don’t tell me I’m about to lose my baby.”

Coming up with Plan B

Dr. Mainali knew how ugly the diagnosis was. As she stood by Tisha’s hospital bed, she explained, “In someone like her condition, there is a mortality rate above 60 percent.” But she told the distressed mother that she had a plan, and Kertease needed to know that it would be a difficult journey for the whole family.

Dr. Mainali
Source: YouTube / newsnow10

The treatment plan was demanding. Dr. Mainali and her crew put Tisha on new aggressive medications that would help treat the disease and her seizures while being closely observed for progress. Dr. Mainali warned Kertease that the treatment is not guaranteed to work, but the mom remained hopeful. No one could have predicted what happened next.

The Waiting Game…

For Kertease, everything seemed to be happening all at once… and then suddenly, nothing was going on. Three months after, Tisha fell into a coma, and the new treatment plan gave Kertease the boost of hope she needed. Things appeared to be progressing, but the nervous mom didn’t receive any updates.

Source: Facebook

At this point, it has been four long months since Tisha’s treatment plan began, but sadly, she was still in a coma. The doctors kept telling the anxious mother to be patient, but she couldn’t; it has been seven months since she saw her daughter awake. Then, Kertease got another life-changing phone call.

Best Day Ever

April 7th, 2019, at 5:10 AM is a moment in time Kertease will never forget. She kept the ringtone on her house phone extra loud so that she wouldn’t miss anything. With the phone’s volume on so high, Kertease woke up to a phone call at that moment. A familiar voice was on the other line.

Tisha in front of shiny silver tinsel
Source: YouTube / 13newsnow

It was someone from Dr. Mainali’s team. Kertease was desperate for some good news and didn’t allow her mind to think negatively. Kertease was so excited when the doctor told her that Tisha woke up. The mother said: “Oh my goodness, we jumped up and down and screamed, and nobody slept that morning.” You must be wondering what the heck happened?

To The Hospital!

When Kertease finally received this unbelievable news, Dr. Mainali was on her way to the hospital. She said, “One of my residents who was on call at night texted me in the morning and says ‘you won’t believe what I saw today, and I was like ‘what happened?’ and she said ‘Tisha is opening her eyes and she’s following simple commands.”

Source: Facebook

After four long dreadful months of waiting for the treatment to work, this seemed to be some kind of miracle. Dr. Mainali was also emotional and recalled the case seven months after receiving that phone call about Tisha, but not just because of the medical marvel. Because of the news that had to come after.

What Day is it?

Waking up from a coma is obviously an exciting occasion. But what you probably never thought about is how you tell your loved one that they missed out on a portion of their lives. Tisha spent months asleep in the hospital. When she woke up, she had no idea what day it was, or about her mysterious medical condition.

Tisha taking a selfie
Source: Facebook

Tisha recalled the nurse coming into the room, and “she was like ‘yeah, Ms. Brabson, you’ve been asleep for seven months.’” Tisha was confused, to say the least. “I was shocked and appalled that I literally had been asleep for seven months, and then I just woke up out of nowhere.” She only had one question, though.

Her First Thought was her Mama

After finding out that she was in a coma for the past seven months, there was one question on her mind. Tisha recalled asking the nurses, “I was like, ‘does my mom know?’” They laughed and explained that her mother’s maternal commitment is most likely, the reason she is still alive.

Tisha and her mother during an interview
Source: YouTube / Fox 8 News Cleveland

Meanwhile, Kertease was on the way to the hospital. On the ride over there, she was filled with overwhelming joy and gratitude. She was so excited to finally see her daughter awake and responsive. After being told to pull the plug, Kertease felt like her daughter’s life was over. Now, she finally felt like her prayers have been answered. But the reunion was nothing like what her mom expected.

A New Normal

For the last seven months, Kertease was the one taking care of her daughter’s children and were getting used to their new situation. Just because Tisha was awake now didn’t mean everything would go back to normal, or the way it was seven months ago. Sadly, When Kertease got to the hospital with the kids, her daughter couldn’t even recognize her.

Tisha wither her mom blurry in the background
Source: YouTube / 13 newsnow

Kertease recalled, “She said, ‘you’re not my mother.’” She was over the moon to see her daughter awake but terrified when she realized how much of the road to recovery was yet to come. It would be months until Tisha and her family could go back to any resemblance of normalcy.

A Whole New World

From April until August 2019, Trisha stayed in the hospital and was observed by a team of doctors. It turned out that Tisha’s brain completely recovered from the disease that put her in a coma in the first place. At the end of the summer, nurses finally gave Tisha the green light to go home.

Dr. Mainali
Source: YouTube / 13newsnow

Even though Tisha fell into a coma and suffered from more than 20 seizures on an average day, Dr. Mainali had a positive outlook. “I am quite hopeful in her case that she’s going to continue to do well and hopefully live a normal life,” she revealed in an interview. But for Tisha, things won’t ever completely go back to how they were.

Forever Grateful

Physically, Tisha was almost recovered. She went back home to her children, and she was happy and grateful to be alive. But she knows things won’t be exactly the same. She feels like she “should not” be alive and statistically speaking, “it’s a miracle that I’m here,” she said. But her recovery also gave her a new perspective on life.

Tisha and her children
Source: Facebook / Kertisha Brabson

Tisha believes she owes her life to her wonderful mother and the team of doctors who treated her and never gave up. The first holidays she celebrated since returning home were even more festive. She was so appreciative that she still had people fighting for her, even after her mom was told to pull the plug.

Miracles Everywhere

Despite all odds being against her, Tisha recovered. Even medical professionals pronounced her braindead and thought she would never wake up from a coma. Not only did she wake up, but she was fully cured of the disease. Miracles could really come from the most unexpected places.

Tisha with her mother and children
Source: Flickr

This love story is a perfect example that every once in a while, we get messages intended for someone else. Usually, we respond, saying, “wrong number,” and everyone moves on with their lives. You probably will never think about that person again.

Well, in this next story, a wrong number led to another medical miracle, and a beautiful love story.

When we meet a couple, one of the questions we like to ask is, “so how did you two meet?” The answers involve a high school, work, online dating, and maybe even a matchmaker. But how often do you hear a couple say that they met by accident through a text message? It’s the first time I’ve heard of anything like that. Henry and Kasey would agree that the way they met is super unconventional and even strange.

Henry Glendening and Kasey Bergh
Source: Facebook

They would also tell you that what happened after those initial text messages is even stranger and more unlikely. But it’s their story nonetheless. This is how Henry Glendening and Kasey Bergh met through an accidental text message that became the catalyst to a love story that would ultimately land Henry in a hospital bed. Read on to see the unexpected chain of events that created a bond between them that will last forever. Who knew that such an innocent and accidental text would lead to what these two eventually went through!

The First Text

“Hey, it’s Kasey. I was supposed to connect with Maria in the park but her plane was delayed so I’m at the Westin.” That’s the beginning of a text message that Kasey Berg sent by accident to Henry Glendening. She meant to send it to her colleague, but it landed in Henry’s inbox instead. Kasey was on a business trip in Denver at the time and was hoping to see her friend and colleague on her downtime. She worked for Nestlé-Purina.

Henry Glendening and Kasey Bergh

The text found its way into Henry’s inbox, who was, at that point, a complete stranger. He received it at about 2 p.m. while driving to work, which was in the paint department at the Lowe’s in Maplewood. While many people would likely ignore a random text message that was obviously sent by accident, Henry felt the need to reply and tell this person that it was a mistake.

He Responded to Her

Henry wanted to show some courtesy to this person who clearly thinks they sent a message to a friend. He didn’t want her to be left high and dry, so he replied to the text right away. He informed Kasey that she texted the wrong person. “Sorry, you’ve got the wrong number. But if I wasn’t headed to work, I’d be down to hang,” he wrote in his text.

Henry Glendening and Kasey Bergh looking at the camera

His first response to her first message led to an apology from Kasey, who went on to complain about being stuck in Denver, and how she was unable to connect with her co-workers and make progress on a big project. “I was so frustrated because I couldn’t connect with anyone, and then the only person on the planet I connect with was the wrong number,” Kasey later said in an interview.

The Beginning of a Relationship

It didn’t take long until they realized that they had a lot more in common with each other than they probably thought. The text messages turned into emails (long ones), and the two would discuss their interests and beliefs, discovering how much they were alike. Henry wrote to her, saying that he was planning a trip out West, with a stop in Colorado.

The Secret – The book
Source: Amazon

The texting continued. He asked her if she knew of “The Secret,” a best-selling book about the law of attraction. It turns out they both believe in this Law of Attraction, which states that positive thoughts can attract anything you put your mind to. They were clearly beginning a relationship, but as many people would feel in a situation like this, Henry felt that this was too good to be true.

What is She Hiding?

For a week, the two kept texting, recommending books, movies, and music to each other. For the record: Henry loves electronica while Kasey is more of a classic rock fan. But Henry felt like there must be something he doesn’t know about Kasey; that she was keeping something from him. There had to be a secret of some kind, and his instincts were right.

Henry Glendening, Kasey Bergh, and their cat

The secret Kasey was hiding from this mystery man was that she was 30 years older than him. It came to a point where he asked her age. “Well, I’m 25 in my heart,” she wrote, avoiding the question the first time. But if they were making plans to meet in person, she knew she had to come clean. “Here it is. I’m 53,” she said.

He Didn’t Flinch

Her text message stating her age popped up on his phone’s screen. Kasey was worried that the age difference would be a factor that could spoil their developing relationship. But when she gathered up the courage to tell Henry, she was surprised to see that Henry, then 23 years old, didn’t care at all! He continued to talk to her despite the huge age gap.

Henry Glendening and Kasey Bergh in a restaurant
Source: Facebook

“It really didn’t make any difference,” Henry later said. “We were so connected at that point through deeper stuff.” One week after their first SMS exchange, the two decided to meet in person and met up at Coffee Cartel in the Central West End. Henry said how it was an instant attraction. “It’s not like she had an aura. I’m not sure how that kind of thing works. But there was this positive, open energy about her,” he said.

When Kasey Met Henry

After coffee, the two went to Fair St. Louis in Forest Park to see the band Third Eye Blind perform in a concert. Kasey had tickets to the concert and asked Henry if he wanted to come along. And, of course, Henry accepted her offer. It was as though the law of attraction was coming into play already. At the concert, Henry stood behind Kasey and had the guts to place his hands on her waist.

Henry Glendening and Kasey Bergh in a concert
Source: Facebook

“He was standing behind me and put his hands on my hips, a slightly intimate gesture,” Kasey said. This was a pivotal moment, where she said their relationship moved beyond friendship. They ended up spending the rest of the evening having drinks at Vin de Set, a rooftop restaurant in Lafayette Square.

Drinks Lead to Another Date

They decided to meet again for a second date at Kaldi Coffee. Kasey got there early and ordered an iced Mayan Mocha (her go-to drink in the summer). When Henry got there, he ordered the same thing. The universe was showing its signs! Apart from the same coffee order, they found out that they shared other things as well.

Henry Glendening and Kasey Bergh
Source: Facebook

It was a short date because Henry had to hit the road and head for Great Basin National Park in Nevada. He told Kasey that he was planning a solo trip to focus on what he wants to do with his life. “I was in this awful place. I didn’t want to do retail forever,” he explained. So their relationship was about to be interrupted.

They Wouldn’t Be in Contact Anymore

“I just wanted to take a week and a half, go out West, and go where I can see the stars really, really well. The whole trip was about solitude, reconnecting with the universe and myself.” As Bergh remembers it, she said: “He had sworn up and down that he would not be in contact while gone.” Their new relationship that started with a text was now going to be dormant for a while.

Henry Glendening, Kasey Bergh, and friends
Source: Facebook

Kasey didn’t know what to expect. She clearly liked the guy and felt that it was a mutual feeling. But they both thought that starting a relationship together would be slim. Henry was in a rocky relationship with another woman, was unhappy with his job, didn’t like his job working in retail, and wanted to unplug and think. Kasey, on the other hand, gave up on love after 6 years of being divorced.

He Went on His Way

Henry was driving through Kansas when he passed a field with sunflowers. He had emotions surge through him, feeling like Kasey’s energy was there. So he decided to take a little detour and went to the field to and pick out a sunflower which he kept on his dashboard. That sunflower remained there for the rest of his trip.

Henry Glendening, Kasey Bergh
Source: Facebook

Henry couldn’t deny the strong feeling and close connection to Kasey. He was starting to think that it wasn’t just a crush. But he told Kasey that he wouldn’t be in contact with her during his trip. But when he got to the western edge of Utah, about half an hour from the national park, he checked himself into a hotel and contacted Kasey.

A Not So Simple Voice Memo

Henry ended up cutting his trip short by a few days. He said it was because the weather forecast called for cloudy skies, which wasn’t ideal for his plans for stargazing. But I think we can also assume that he just wanted to see Kasey, who meanwhile was listening over and over again to the voice memo that he left for her.

Henry Glendening and Kasey Bergh in front of a Christmas tree
Source: Facebook

He couldn’t get her off of his mind, and everything was reminding him of her. While Henry tried to remind himself that he needed to stick to his word and not do anything crazy, he ended up caving and left her a voice memo. It simply said: “I love you.” There you go – he said it. Now he just needed to see what she would say.

The Same Wavelength

“I was just like ‘wow.’ Someone else might have seen this guy as over the top,” Kasey later said of how she felt when receiving that voice message. But that three-word message didn’t freak her out. It did, however, make her rethink her thoughts on having a serious relationship. Kasey was still getting to know him, but there was something real between them.

Kasey Bergh, Henry Glendening and their grandson, Lucas
Kasey Bergh, Henry Glendening, and their grandson, Lucas. Source: Facebook

“From the very, very beginning, it felt like we were on the same wavelength,” Henry said. Kasey kept replaying the voicemail again and again. They never would have guessed that a mistake text message would bring them to this point – to this declaration of love. And they especially had no idea of what was in store for them.

Giving Love Another Chance

At that point, Kasey was divorced and had been single for years. “I had totally embraced that I was single and that I never needed a guy,” she explained. “Then, I met Henry.” She decided to give love another chance and very soon, Henry and Kasey became a couple. And their friends and families were really happy for them.

Kasey Bergh, Henry Glendening, and his two brothers
Source: Facebook

Despite the age gap, their friends accepted the fact that they seemed to be meant for each other. No one voiced any doubts or reservations about their relationship. Henry and Kasey were simply a good fit for each other, despite the age difference. They brought out the best in each other, and Kasey was good at helping Henry figure out for himself which direction to go in his life, which was at a major turning point.

She Was Inspiring Him

Before he met Kasey, he often felt like his life was going nowhere. “Kasey is a huge inspirer. She wasn’t recommending or advocating any particular direction I go, but she encouraged exploring, finding out what I want to do.” He went to the University of Missouri in Columbia but never finished. He was also interested in developing apps.

Henry Glendening at the Apple's World Wide Developer Conference
Source: Facebook

Kasey suggested that he begin “informational interviews to find out how people got to where they got to.” A friend of Henry’s worked at a digital agency and agreed to introduce him to the head of the company. After a chat with the guy, Henry was offered an internship, which then led to a job.

But at that point, Henry was still living at home with his parents…

People Would Stare

Their partnership was unorthodox, and even though their families and friends accepted it, everyone else was still adjusting to it. An age gap of 30 years is uncommon, especially when the woman is the much older one of the pair. “You can’t blame them,” Henry said of people who gave them looks. “It’s not a relationship you see very often. One that defies the age stereotype.”

Kasey Bergh and Henry Glendening watching musicians play Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd
Source: Facebook

Kasey was an executive working for Purina, and Henry was meeting her colleagues, most of whom were high up on the corporate ladder. The couple would attend work functions. “Initially, there was that social anxiety, that people would think he was my son,” Kasey said. But with time, the anxiety decreased and the two became more secure.

They Moved In Together

It was only two months after that first text message that they decided to take the next step. Kasey had her own place, while Henry was still living with his parents. So they figured moving in together was the right move. Henry then moved out of his parents’ house and into Kasey’s apartment in Lafayette Square.

Kasey Bergh and Henry Glendening at home
Source: Facebook

Both Kasey and Henry believed that things happen for a reason. A text message brought him to Kasey, who became the love of his life. He was living with her, admired her, appreciated her, and knew that it was a matter of time until he would go ahead and pop the big question. At this point, they had been together for two years.

Popping the Question

On June 29, 2014, two years after Kasey sent that text, they went to Vin De Set, the restaurant where they had their first drinks together after the concert. Henry had it all planned out. While they were sitting at a table having dinner, he excused himself to go to the bathroom. He went over to an employee and handed him his iPod. His instructions were: “Wait for 15 to 20 seconds before pushing play.”

Kasey Bergh and Henry Glendening on their wedding day
Source: Facebook

He then walked back to the table, dropped down to one knee, pulled out a ring box from his pocket, and held it open for Kasey to see. As he was proposing to her, Kasey could hear her favorite song playing quietly in the background. “I knew he had arranged that too. It’s not a song you’d typically hear in a place like that,” she said. The song? Led Zeppelin’s “Thank You.”

“If the sun refused to shine, I would still be loving you. When mountains crumble to the sea, there will still be you and me…”

Of Course, She Said Yes!

Yes, obviously, she said yes to Henry! Kasey later recounted how she had come a long way from a girl who thought that she didn’t need a man in her life to say yes to the man of her dreams. But no one expected that the couple would end up getting married. But that’s exactly what they did. Three years after their first exchange, Henry and Kasey got married.

 Kasey Bergh and Henry Glendening on their wedding day
Source: Facebook

They wed at the floodwall of the Mississippi River, which was a spot covered by graffiti by local artists from St. Louis. It was one of Henry’s favorite spots and what he thought would be an ideal place for them to get hitched.

Things were going great for the newlyweds until things took a turn for the worse…

In Sickness and In Health

After everything was going well for a while, things started to go south. Kasey had an underlying health condition. Her kidneys were failing, and it was starting to take over her daily life. She had to undergo 3 to 4 dialysis treatments every week. The couple knew that it was going to be a serious problem because she had a kidney transplant years before they met.

Kasey Bergh in the Hospital
Source: Facebook

This wasn’t a secret or anything, though. Kasey was upfront about her health, and Henry knew about the transplant and the impending health issues before they got married. He was aware that Kasey would need a new kidney soon, but that wasn’t going to stop him from being with her. In sickness and in health, right?

Finding a Donor

Nearly 20 years ago, Kasey went through the same process of finding a kidney donor. She knew how difficult it would be to do it all over again. The average time it takes to find a kidney transplant is five years, so they had to accept that the dialysis treatments would have to continue and become a part of their life.

Kasey Bergh and Henry Glendening
Source: Facebook

They were now two years into their marriage, and all of their plans were going to have to be put on hold. Henry was a helper and doer and determined to find a way to help the woman whom he loved so much. He was desperate to find a solution. And desperate times call for desperate measures. So Henry came up with a solution…

Donating His Own Kidney

Henry wanted to see if he would be able to donate his own kidney to his wife. This would be seen as quite odd since most of the kidneys that are donated to those in need are from relatives, not spouses. However, Henry didn’t wanna give up. He knew he was going to have to undergo many tests to determine whether or not his kidney was even viable for Kasey.

Kasey Bergh and Henry Glendening
Source: Facebook

But that wasn’t going to stop him from trying. So he went through a series of tests to see if he would be a match. The tests showed that he was indeed a positive match and able to donate his kidney. The doctors wanted him to know, though, that Kasey’s body could reject the kidney.

What Are the Chances?

Yet, in spite of all the risks, Henry knew that he wanted to give his kidney to his wife. He had no second thoughts. The tests showed that Henry had the blood group O, which meant he could technically donate an organ to a person of any blood type. Kasey had a low volume of antibodies that could potentially attack Henry’s kidney.

Kasey Bergh and Henry Glendening
Source: Facebook

Her doctors even said, “Not only did she marry her soul mate, but she married her immunologic soul mate.” What are the chances? The doctors themselves were amazed at what they were witnessing. When Kasey told her doctors how the two had met, the staff at the hospital started to cry. It was an emotional and inspiring story in the making. And they were a part of it.

Before the Surgery

John Herlihy, who is a close friend of the couple, came to visit Kasey on the last day of her dialysis before her surgery. He brought her balloons to make her feel better. Some people from a local coffee shop, who were also friends of the couple, came to wish her well. They had clearly made friends and inspired people around them.

Kasey Bergh and Henry Glendening
Source: Facebook

The day arrived, and the couple made their way to Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis. The following few hours would decide their future. The doctors prepared to remove one of Henry’s kidneys and prepare the transfer to Kasey. As they said their goodbyes before getting wheeled away, Kasey said to Henry: “We’re doing this thing, huh?” and Henry said, “YES.”

Logic or Love?

The doctor talked to Henry and his father about the surgery and informed them of all the risks that were involved in donating a kidney. Henry was aware of all of the risks, but he had no second thoughts. He was ready to go through with it. He saw it as the logical choice since he wouldn’t have any trouble living with one kidney.

Kasey Bergh and Henry Glendening
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However, to this day, Kasey doesn’t think that it was logical that drove Henry to do this incredible deed. She believes that the decision was not logical at all. That instead, he was driven by his love for her. She was constantly amazed by the things Henry was doing for her and was very grateful. Now it was a matter of time to see what the results were.

The Surgeries Were a Success

Both surgeries were successful. There was a necessary but brief recovery period which meant that Henry and Kasey wouldn’t be able to see each other. Henry’s parents were supportive during the whole process and waited with him by his hospital bed until he was able to see his wife again. Henry was pretty much out of it, but he was eager to see Kasey.

Kasey Bergh and Henry Glendening at the Missouri Botanical Garden
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That night was hard for Kasey because she was suffering from bouts of nausea. When morning came, the first thing she saw was a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers in her hospital room. Remember the sunflowers that Henry saw on his solo trip? Henry ordered the sunflowers days before this morning came, knowing = they would cheer her up. And they did.

No More Dialysis

Henry finally went over to Kasey’s room with his parents, and everyone was so happy to hear that the surgeries were a success. Kasey remembers asking Henry if he really did give her his kidney. Henry softly replied with a “yes.” A full recovery was a long way to go, but Kasey was now off the hook for dialysis treatments.

Kasey Bergh and Henry Glendening
Source: Facebook

The couple was released from the hospital, but they still had to follow a very strict recovery regimen. Kasey definitely had it harder than Henry since she had to take 11 pills a day to keep her body from rejecting her new kidney. While the chances were slim, the doctors weren’t going to take any chances. Henry, too, had to take some pills daily.

Getting Back on Track

Henry knew that they were going to need a hobby to pass the time while they were recovering at home. He decided to try his favorite childhood toys: Legos. He bought a set before being admitted to the hospital. It may seem childish, but it helped him pass the time. Even Kasey helped him every now and then.

Kasey Bergh at home holding balloons
Source: Facebook

Every day, the couple took short walks to make sure Kasey would gain her strength back. It also allowed them to bond even more. After their walks, Kasey would get tired and take a short nap before continuing on with the rest of her day. Their four cats also served as a welcome distraction for both of them.

They also decided to memorialize something special…

Framing Their Texts

The couple decided to turn their text messages into framed art. They saw it as a token of their first conversation as strangers and an homage to what it turned out to be. The framed art hangs on the walls in their home and reminds them of their special story. They say that it also humbles them to realize that there’s always a bigger plan in action.

Framed text messages of Kasey Bergh and Henry Glendening
Source: Facebook

Word of their story entered the mainstream, and there was a lot of buzz around this amazing couple who were lucky to have each other in their lives. Their love story went viral after a local newspaper published a piece about them. They started to receive mail from people around the world with words of encouragement and admiration.

They Created a Blog

The couple created a blog where they would keep people updated on their daily lives and the status of their relationship. It allowed readers from around the world to get a personal view of their relationship and their story. The couple documented their travels and future prospects and common interests. They also spoke of the requests people were making of them.

Kasey Bergh and Henry Glendening in a soccer match
Source: Facebook

With all the love and admiration that came pouring in from all parts of the world, people were asking Henry and Kasey to turn their love story into a TV series or even a movie. But they didn’t plan on doing any of that. The blog should suffice. In the blog, Henry and Kasey have some messages that they like to share.

Donate, Folks!

First of all, Henry encourages everyone healthy to donate a kidney or be an organ donor which can increase the chances of someone getting a much-needed kidney somewhere in the country. He says this can mean saving or improving up to 75 lives for every person who becomes an organ donor. With those numbers, donating a kidney was a logical choice!

Kasey Bergh and Henry Glendening
Source: Facebook

The couple says the success of their relationship is thanks to five simple things: affirmation, quality time, gifts, acts of service, and physical touch. They believe that it takes these five things to make a relationship really work, and if any of them are missing it could lead to the downfall of a relationship.

Avid Readers

Henry and Kasey are avid readers, and a lot of their broad perspectives come from the various books that they read. They also find solace in times of need by reading books. They said in their blog how they highly recommend The Celestine Prophecy, a book that Henry read after a friend of his had disappeared and passed away under mysterious circumstances.

Celestine Prophecy Kit - James Redfield

He said the book gave him an insight into how things happen in life. Kasey and Henry’s story may sound too good to be true, but it’s just what it is. The couple believes they met for a reason and that the Universe or God or whatever had a plan for them. Kasey said ever since she was 23, opportunities presented themselves to her, and Henry was one that came along.

Recovering Almost Too Well!

A few months after the kidney transplant, Kasey and Henry are happy and attending activities like baseball games and concerts. People who know them well say it does not look like they underwent surgery at all. They recovered so well, and it is likely due to their bond and dedication to one another. Such endings are rare today, where we almost expect something bad to happen.

Kasey Bergh and Henry Glendening at the fair
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But if there was any couple that deserved such a fairy tale ending, it was Henry and Kasey. Henry and Kasey aren’t the only couples where one gives an organ to the other. In their case, it was successful and all is well. But that’s not always the case. Take the next couple for example…

She Donated a Kidney. Now She Wants it Back

Samantha Lamb saved her husband’s life when she gave him one of her kidneys. But after he got better, he left her. Samantha, a mother of one child, is furious because she believes that her husband Andy cheated on her. And because of that, she wants to take her organ back! Not for herself, but to give it to “someone more deserving.”

Samantha Lamb and her husband

Andy denies ever cheating on her. Samantha, age 41, told the Sunday People: “I can’t ­believe he now has a second chance to live to see his grandchildren grow up. I would definitely go through the operation again, but I wouldn’t give the kidney to him. I hate him. If I could, I’d take it back and give it someone else.”

In the Beginning

Samantha said that she doesn’t want people to be put off adding their names to the organ donor list. But all she wants from her husband is his name on the divorce papers. Samantha met Andy, age 45, while they were both drivers for a private ambulance firm. And, of course, things went very well at first.

Samantha Lamb and her husband

She recalled how they got together in 2004. He was on living on in Essex, and she was in London. “Andy was quick-witted and used to make me laugh. He had loads of one-liners.” They split up and got back together and ended up getting married in 2007. “We had a nice life, although there were signs that Andy wasn’t what I had hoped for. He was controlling, like not letting me wear perfume every day.”

There Were Warning Signs

Samantha admits that by the time they planned to go under the knife and go through with the kidney transplant surgery, there were already some warning signs and that she should have spotted them. They had a three-bedroom house on a lovely street, and they thought they were happy. “Then, Andy became sick. His kidneys were failing. But he didn’t face up to it; he just got angry.”

Samantha Lamb

“He thought the world was against him and everyone else was to blame. I loved him and wanted him to get better, but his moods were awful and he’d take it out on me.” Eventually, she made a very brave decision and even had to persuade him to accept one of her kidneys.

She Had to Persuade Him

“His condition had deteriorated. He needed a new kidney, or he would die. He was on dialysis three times a week.” She told her sick husband that he should go through with it. He already had children from another relationship and so he wanted to be there for them. That was the reason he went through with the transplant.

Samantha and Andrew

Before and after the kidney surgery, the couple was filmed for a BBC documentary about organ donation. Samantha said that it was the crew’s presence that made her scared that her sacrifice would not have a happy ending. “As soon as I went through with it, I knew I had done the wrong thing. Andy looked really ill before the operation, gaunt and grey.”

After the Surgery

After the transplant, Samantha felt awful, like she had been hit by a train. Meanwhile, Andy was the “picture of health and full of color.” She noticed how he had shaved for the camera. And when she mentioned it to him, he basically growled at her: “Don’t talk to me like that.” What a way to talk to someone who just gave you their kidney!

Samantha and Andrew

According to Samantha, everything went downhill from then on. Andy was as moody and resentful as he was before, even worse. He told her that she was never to mention the transplant surgery to anyone. “He said I could never throw it in his face,” she explained in the interview. For some reason, he was angry at her.

Anger and Guilt

“I’m sure the anger was caused by guilt,” Samantha figured. “He would spend hours on his laptop and then pick a fight that would end with him leaving for hours.” Then he would tell her that he was sitting in a parking lot, thinking. But she knew what he was really up to. She knew she had to confront him.

Samantha and Andrew

She confronted Andy about having an affair with her friend, Clare. “My mom and sister saw him with his arm around her. He denied it and stormed out.” She said they tried to salvage their broken marriage for the sake of Samantha’s daughter from a previous marriage, Beatrice. But she still felt like he was cheating, and so she confronted her friend.

Coming Clean

Samantha said how Clare admitted to the affair and said she was in love with him. “I wanted to throttle Andy,” Samantha said. She got Clare to phone him and put him on the speaker. She wanted to hear his reaction when she told him, ‘Sam knows.’ And what did he say? He just said, ‘Oh.’ And what did Samantha do?

man chatting using a laptop
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“I did what any woman would do. I cut up his clothes, put them in black garbage bags, and left them outside the house.” Apparently, she took him back for one more try. Only to find out that he was having online chats with women. Andy left for good in August of 2012, with his new kidney and all.

What Andy Had to Say

Samantha just wants a divorce. She is trying to get on with her life and deal with the frustration. And every time she sees her operation scar, she is reminded of how ungrateful her husband was. “At least he always has to remember where his kidney came from.” Andy was interviewed to see what he had to say about all this.

Samantha Lamb

“I did walk out on Samantha after she’d donated her kidney, but I wasn’t unfaithful. I never wanted her to donate her kidney because it was a big risk. But she insisted, and I’ll always owe her my life. I loved her but our relationship wasn’t working. We had big rows and her family never liked me. Despite what Samantha believes, I’ve never been with her friend. I just helped train her dog.”