Samantha Sepulveda: A Police Officer Leading a Double Life

Samantha Sepulveda started her law enforcement career so that she could help people in her community. She always aspired to help others and realized that the best way to satisfy her goal was to become a cop. As her career progressed, some of her work friends discovered that Samantha was living a double life. Everyone has a life outside of work; sometimes, they even have a second job, but Samantha’s personal life surprised many people.

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Her fellow-cops decided to keep Samantha’s secret because they were worried that if the public found out the truth, their precinct would become a laughingstock. That’s why it took until now for Samantha’s story to come out. She revealed her story to the New York Post, and now everyone knows the truth about her.

Samantha’s secret life may shock you because you would never guess that your neighborhood police officer leads this type of lifestyle.

Model Cop

Samantha Sepulveda is a model police officer. She attended the University of Massachusetts, where she earned a distinction in her management degree. She then continued her schooling and did her MBA in finance. However, it didn’t take long for things to change.

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Everyone knew Samantha wanted to be a cop. What they didn’t know was that Samantha had other dreams and aspirations. Her double life was a surprising revelation, and when it became public knowledge, folks had a lot to say about the police officer’s hidden agenda.

Who Is She?

So, Samantha was born in the Dominican Republic in 1984, but she didn’t stay there for long. Her family decided to move when Samantha was just five. So, she headed to the United States with her mom and her sister. You might be wondering why they moved to America.

Samantha Sepulveda lifting and hugging her old mother
Samantha Sepulveda and her mother. Source: Instagram/@jorge.alonzo.56

Samantha’s mom had a good reason for relocating her entire family. She was employed at an American factory and thought that living in America would provide more opportunities for her family. She knew it would be beneficial to her daughters’ education and quality of life.

Samantha Growing Up

From a very young age, Samantha displayed amazing athletic abilities. She had some real talent, and she was also extremely passionate about sports. Her capabilities didn’t go unnoticed. In fact, her skills were so admired that she was offered a lacrosse scholarship to the University of Massachusetts. During this time, her second life hadn’t even begun.

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Samantha earned her bachelor’s degree from U Mass, but she continued her schooling. After receiving her BA, she enrolled at Hofstra University, where she got her master’s degree. But like many of us, she ended up on a career path that has nothing to do with her degrees.

Interesting Career Choice

Even though she has great business knowledge, Samantha switched to a totally different profession. She reported to the New York Post in 2017 that she wanted to help people. She truly felt that this was her calling and that she would be more fulfilled working as a police officer than she would as a Wall Street employee.

Samantha Sepulveda in a police uniform sitting on a bicycle
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Everyone had their own opinion about Samantha’s career choice, but most people just found it odd. I mean, she had degrees in business and finance, but that wasn’t all. She didn’t exactly have the traditional stature that you’d expect an officer to have.

A Different Type of Police Officer

Unlike most cops, Samantha is pretty small, measuring at just five feet and two inches. Even next to tall, muscular men, Samantha’s short height didn’t concern her. She was confident she would be a good officer.

Samantha Sepulveda jumping up high in the air simulating a fight with a friend
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Despite her small physique, she enrolled in the police academy, just like every other hopeful applicant. After finishing all her required training, she was recruited for a job in the police force as a street patroller of Freeport, Long Island.

Being a Female Cop

In 2010, Samantha began her career as a cop. After working in the force for seven years, she told the New York Post that she loves her job. Being a police officer fulfills her and gives her the opportunity to help people in need.

Samantha Sepulveda standing in the center with her police team members
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Samantha also admitted that as a woman, she finds it easier to soften up some of the criminals she has to deal with. Criminals tend to let down their guard more easily when dealing with a female cop. There is less aggression, so certain situations are more easily defused.

She Could Arrest Me Any Time

Samantha is just like every other officer on the police force. She rocks the traditional uniform and pulls her hair back in a bun that goes well with her make-up free look. You might think this attire makes her look as masculine as possible… but that’s just the look she’s going for.

Samantha Sepulveda in the center with other policewomen
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Oftentimes, she faces jokes from individuals she arrested. Reportedly, a lot of the criminals she went after stated that she could arrest them at any time. One time, a suspect even stopped in the middle of his getaway when he saw that she was the police officer who was chasing him.

Good Looks Come in Handy

According to the New York Post, Samantha and her partner were running after a guy who assaulted his wife and then the cops. But as soon as he saw Samantha, he stopped running away. He even went so far as to ask her on a date. The nerve!

A woman cop arresting a criminal
Illustrative photograph. Photo by 123rf/lightfieldstudios

Her good looks are a weapon for Samantha. She can basically subdue any person of interest without pulling out an actual weapon. She also revealed that she can talk men into handcuffs, which is an incredible skill for an officer. But what did the other cops think about that?

A Second Job

Everyone who has worked with Samantha treats her respectfully. Still, her beauty didn’t go unnoticed. Her stunning appearance led Samantha to embark on her second career and a double life. However, it’s not rare for cops to have different jobs on the side, but what was Samantha’s new career?

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Even though it’s not uncommon for cops to pursue a second career, they are usually pretty traditional jobs such as electrician, plumber, or some other kind of trade work. But Samantha had other aspirations and chose a completely different path.

Not Using Her Degree

When her co-workers discovered what Samantha’s second career was, heads turned. Her side hustle didn’t have anything to do with business, finance, or the skills she acquired from being on the police force. This career was more focused on her looks than her knowledge.

Samantha Sepulveda standing holding a bag
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Many people wondered how an officer would get into this kind of field. Well, a friend actually suggested the idea to Samantha, three years before she joined the police force. So, I know you’re dying to know! What the heck was her second career?

More Than a Model Police Officer

Samantha wasn’t just recognized as a model police officer. Her friend suggested that she should be an actual model, a lingerie model to be exact. Since then, Samantha’s modeling career has blossomed, taking her to places like England, Australia, Nicaragua, and Spain.

Samantha Sepulveda wearing a black dress, sitting and laughing
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Samantha’s friend was working for a bathing suit and lingerie company. This was a shoo-in for Samantha, and her friend recognized how perfect she would be for their runway fashion show. Everything skyrocketed after that.

Working the Runway

In 2017, Samantha made her New York Fashion Week debut wearing a stunning bridal gown that closed the Azulant Akora show. The designer later explained that including the police officer as a model was the perfect closing to the show.

Samantha Sepulveda wearing a bridal gown walking on the catwalk
Samantha Sepulveda during New York Fashion Week 2017. Source: New York Post

Samantha went on to say that she enjoyed modeling because it gave her a new kind of adrenaline rush that felt different from the one she experienced during her day job. She clearly thrives in this environment; however, many people don’t approve of the police officer’s public image.

Haters Gonna Hate

Many people believe that Samantha’s pictures are way too provocative. Many folks also disapprove of how Samantha proudly shares these suggestive photos on social media platforms such as Instagram. But none of these opinions bothers Samantha.

A close up of Samantha’s face
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Samantha told the New York Post that she doesn’t find these photos offensive at all. In fact, she sees her pictures as a way of celebrating her body. She said that if her pictures make anyone uncomfortable or “offended,” they can just close their eyes. No one is forcing them to look.

Social Media Verified

Considering the number of Instagram followers Samantha has, it looks like she has plenty of people looking at her photos. Since the revelation of her double life came to light, her platform has grown significantly, and she now has over 413,000 followers. That’s pretty impressive!

Samantha wearing an evening gown standing between two flags
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Samantha took to Instagram on International Women’s Day to share an important message with her followers. Her goal was to uplift those who wanted to work hard and be respected while simultaneously feeling sexy. Her fans felt her support and thanked her for being a wonderful inspiration.

Support and Recognition

Samantha admitted that she received an incredible amount of support, even in Fremont, where she still works on the police force. The locals encourage her second career, and people are so much nicer to her since the truth came out. Instead of being looked at as a jerk cop, people feel like they know her.

Samantha Sepulveda standing with other two friends
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Once, when a hospital patient recognized Samantha as the stunning model police cop, Samantha didn’t know how to react. She said that even after that, she couldn’t get used to the fame or attention, and she probably never will.

Just Another Cop

The cops who work with Samantha barely even notice the model police officer’s fame. Even after the force found out about her double life, it was business as usual when they were on the clock. Everyone continues to treat her the same way. She appreciates that her co-workers don’t act differently around her.

Samantha Sepulveda with another policewoman
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Even though Samantha has a modeling job that requires her to wear lingerie, she claims she never really wears these items when she’s not working. In fact, she revealed that she would much rather wear an oversized t-shirt to bed.

Fame and Opportunities

Samantha is thriving in both of her careers. She was included in a list that Muscle and Fitness magazine compiled as one of America’s hottest girls of the gym. The gorgeous model cop has also appeared in Inside Fitness magazine. She never expected all this attention and recognition.

Samantha Sepulveda at a basketball game
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Ever since the New York Post shared Samantha’s story, her career blossomed even more and has reached heights she never thought possible. She was soon featured in a pictorial for Maxim magazine, and various platforms approached her asking her to do an interview.

Brains and Beauty

Samantha explained that no matter how much success and praise she’s getting in the modeling world, she still loves her job in law enforcement. She has no plans of leaving her job at the precinct. But with that said, she still wants to do some more international work in the future.

Samantha Sepulveda standing wearing a floral shirt
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Like the rest of us, Samantha has dealt with struggles throughout her life. She explained that it wasn’t easy for her to find a partner who loves her brains and beauty. It has been hard to find a man who has no problem with the modeling photos she shares online.

Problems in Love

So many of her ex-boyfriends questioned why she felt the need to constantly show off her body. She said that she isn’t a stupid girl and knows that people are going to be looking at her body no matter what. Instagram was a place for her to help other women.

Samantha Sepulveda sitting in front of cosmetic products
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The cop model hopes that she can combine her business knowledge with her social media platform and police experience to make the world a better place. She had an idea of building sustainable energy plants in Thailand.

A Busy Lady

Among these hopes and aspirations, Samantha also wants to live a more traditional lifestyle. She hopes to get more bridal modeling gigs because she’s ready to settle down. If you check out her Instagram now, it looks like she has found her special someone.

Samantha Sepulveda standing hugging her fiancé
Samantha Sepulveda and her fiancé. Source: Facebook

The idea of Samantha settling down with someone seems a bit out of character. She is pursuing two careers – both demanding. In addition, she keeps getting more and more recognition and achievement as a model and as a police officer.

Life-Changing Articles

It’s clear that ever since the New York Post article was published, Samantha’s life completely changed. Once the world found out about a cop doubling as a glamour model, her social media accounts exploded. She currently has over 400,000 followers, and that number keeps growing and growing.

A close up of Samantha Sepulveda
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With all that fame and sudden recognition, many folks assumed that Samantha’s co-workers wouldn’t understand or even develop feelings of resentment towards her once the article was released. So, how did her fellow police officers respond to her second career?

Mostly Supportive

As you can imagine, Samantha’s co-workers were happy for her and extremely supportive of her modeling career. In fact, most of them knew about her other endeavor long before the article came out. I mean, she had been modeling for about three years before the article, so it makes sense that she told some of her fellow cops.

Samantha Sepulveda modeling a bridal gown
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While the majority of her co-workers were totally supportive, Samantha said she was well aware that “mostly older officers” didn’t have the kindest things to say about her other job. She also knows that their comments and remarks are made “behind my back, sure.”

Finding Out

Samantha was worried that the police department might receive negativity after she was featured in the New York Post article. For that reason, she decided not to reveal the exact name of her department.

Samantha Sepulveda and three other cops standing in front of the “The Village of Freeport” sign
The Village of the Freeport Police Department. Source: Facebook

Although Samantha made an effort to protect the anonymity of her police department, it didn’t take long for Internet sleuths to figure it out and make it public news. A New York government website claimed that she is working as a police officer in Freeport, Long Island, making $143,000 in 2016.

The Support of The Mayor

Robert Kennedy, Mayor of Freeport, also showed his support for Samantha’s two careers. He referred to her as a “well-respected” officer, saying: “Samantha appropriately executes her responsibilities as a law enforcement officer and is well-respected by the community and peers. Many police officers have legal businesses and Officer Sepulveda is entitled to the same opportunity.”

Robert Kennedy standing next to a flag
Robert Kennedy, the Mayor of Freeport. Source: Twitter

She was lucky to get all this support. It seemed like everyone in the community was on her side. Eventually, she found out about the Mayor’s comments about her. When asked about it, her response was: “Wow, he’s a rockstar.”

Double Standards

Despite her success and incredible support, there are always going to be haters out there. Many disapprove of Samantha’s second career choice. Many of the male officers who work as plumbers or electricians on the side don’t get criticized. Samantha said, “I’ve been under the microscope since I started.”

Samantha Sepulveda modeling a flowered dress smiling
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There are many folks out there who wonder why Samantha even wants to be a cop at all. Why not pursue a career in finance or work as a model instead? Samantha’s answer: “It sounds corny, but which career could I help people more in – money-driven Wall Street or civil service where you’re protecting people?”

Opening New Doors

It turns out that many people were extremely receptive to the news. That article in the New York Post certainly opened up new doors for Samantha and presented new opportunities for her. In fact, she was included in a pictorial feature in Maxim magazine in 2017.

A portrait of Samantha Sepulveda
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Since she first began modeling, Samantha has worked in England, Australia, Spain, and Nicaragua. It’s pretty cool that modeling allows you to travel all over the world and embark on new exciting experiences. It’s very different than her job in law enforcement.

Best of Both Worlds

Working as a police officer is no easy task. Samantha revealed that working as a Freeport officer means she is required to work 12-hour days for 15 days out of the month. With such a hectic schedule, where does she find the time to model? She is able to balance her double life by modeling on her days off from law enforcement.

Samantha Sepulveda talking through a walkie talkie
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Many people think having one job is hard enough and can’t even imagine trying to handle another one, even if it’s just part-time. Samantha was asked multiple times if she would ever consider leaving her job as a police officer and work as a full-time model.

Not Going Anywhere

When asked if she would ever leave her job as a cop, Samantha said, “I wouldn’t leave my police job for it. It’s fun. What girl doesn’t want to dress up and look pretty? But it’s not as fulfilling as saving lives and impacting people on a personal level. I like that I can do both.” She’s definitely got the best of both worlds.

Samantha Sepulveda in a uniform cop smiling and holding a baby
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One of Samantha’s defining traits is that she truly values giving back to her community and helping people. That was the reason she even chose to pursue a job in the police force in the first place. As a successful model, she would be just fine without her job as a cop. But she’s not planning on leaving law enforcement.

Giving Back

Samantha was part of an initiative in 2019 called “Dream Prom Boutique” that helps students by providing free and gorgeous outfits to wear to their high school prom. It happens to be the exact same high school Samantha herself graduated from.

Samantha Sepulveda holding some dresses and suiting them to a high school senior
Samantha Sepulveda helping Freeport High School senior Jylene Jaquez picking out a dress. Source:

The Long Island Herald featured Samantha helping student pick their outfits for prom. She also volunteers at a local Long Island program that makes sure that meals are provided to senior citizens in the community. In addition, she regularly speaks at high schools, encouraging the students to attend college.

Her Mystery Man

There is one thing everyone is dying to know about Samantha. With two successful careers, a kind heart, and good looks, how is it possible for Samantha not to be taken? As it turns out, she doesn’t like to discuss her personal life in interviews. But, luckily, we have her Instagram, which tells a completely different story.

Samantha’s boyfriend down on one knee proposing to her
Source: Instagram/@sammysep

Although she doesn’t reveal his name on social media, it looks like Samantha is off the market and dating a handsome guy. The equally model-esque man seems to make her extremely happy. The pair definitely look like they are in love, and Samantha’s fans and supporters couldn’t be happier for her.