“How to Date A Quarantined Cutie”: A Quarantine Love Story Set in Brooklyn

We are all going through the same thing right now, we are practicing social distancing, but at the same time, we want our lives to continue. The situation especially affects the dating scene today. Jeremy Cohen from New York is going through the same thing. But he took things to a new creative level. Just like us, Jeremy was hanging out at his apartment. He saw a woman dancing on the rooftop next to him and waved. He hadn’t gone on a date in about a year and figured it was a good time to break that pattern.

Photograph of Tori sitting on the rooftop with a glass of wine. / Photograph of Jeremy holding flowers in front of a shop.
Source: Instagram / @toricigs, @jermcohen

Tori waved back at him, and it inspired a romantic gesture that would lead to him courting her in many ingenious ways. We’re going to take a look into the story of how Jeremy woos Tori, the sweet, beautiful, confident woman from Brooklyn who isn’t afraid to dance in front of everyone. Lucky for her (and us), Jeremy is a freelance photographer who recorded everything. From dinner dates to channeling the bubble boy, let’s get into Jeremy and Tori’s love story.

Who Is Jeremy Cohen?

Jeremy Cohen is one of the hundreds of thousands of people who are in quarantine around the world right now. He is a freelance photographer from New York who is great at spontaneous and sometimes even romantic photos. Back in February of 2019, he noticed a bunch of guys lining up on a street corner in San Francisco, picking up some last-second bouquets of flowers for their Valentine.

Jeremy Cohen is taking a selfie of himself with a large Sony camera.
Source: Twitter / @jerm_cohen

This inspired him to hang around for two hours, photographing the men after they purchased their flowers. Not only does he seem to enjoy romance, he recently took it one step further and photographed his own romantic endeavors. Here is the story about how Jeremy met a woman in quarantine.

It Started with A Dance

During these times of social distancing, everyone is getting creative. People are doing virtual work out sessions and other things like this to try and pass the time. We should all take a page out of Jeremy’s book and be spontaneous every once and a while. He was in his apartment working and spotted a cute girl with curly hair out of the corner of his eye, dancing to what seemed like a TikTok video on her rooftop, and he was intrigued.

Tori dancing on her rooftop with ‘anyone knows this dance?’ written on the photo.
Source: Twitter / @jerm_cohen

Jeremy had to make some kind of contact with her. In his TikTok video, he said, “I looked out my window and saw this girl dancing, perhaps to a TikTok song? I needed to say ‘Hi’ to her.” How can this creative man let the story end there? Lucky for us, he doesn’t.

Breaking the Ice

How do you get in touch with someone when you can’t get close to them? Jeremy has the answer to this. “So, I waved out on my balcony, and she waved back.” What a simple opener that brought the two together. Once you read the rest of their story, you will see how a simple gesture can change everything. But this is where Jeremy had to get creative.

Jeremy is waving at Tori from his balcony.
Source: Twitter / @jerm_cohen

At this point, he doesn’t know anything about this girl except that she is pretty and isn’t afraid to have fun in public (dancing alone on a rooftop). Since people started quarantining, you hear a lot of stories about guys getting creative to take a girl on a date. But without knowing who they are, and without a dating app, how do you get in touch with someone?

Meet the Rooftop Cutie

Meet Tori Cignarella, the beautiful girl on the rooftop who likes do dance. Of course, she was also spending her time quarantined. She graduated from Florida State University and was living in Brooklyn right across the street from Jeremy. The coincidences here are crazy. Her last name sounds like it is straight out of a fairytale, and that’s exactly what’s happening in her life right now.

Tori is sitting in a room with a light pink shirt on, and she is sticking her tongue out.
Source: Instagram / @toricigs

Not many other people can say that they were romanced during their time in quarantine. Let’s be real; its 2020, and the dating scene isn’t the best. But Jeremy is out there breaking the barriers down, and maybe this will give men in general an idea of how to put down the dating apps and romance a woman.

Bringing in the Drones

Jeremy Cohen had to figure out a way to get in touch with her while keeping up with social distancing. Not only does he seem to have a sense of humor, but he is proving to be very creative. What better way to catch Tori’s attention during this pandemic than to us a drone?

Jeremy is posing with his drone. / Jeremy is writing on a piece of paper with tape and his drone next to it.
Source: Twitter / @jerm_cohen

In part one of this adventure, he says, “I grabbed my tape, pen, drone, and paper. Then I wrote down my digits and sealed them on my drone. Flirting is normally daunting for me, but since I’ve been quarantined in my apartment for a week now, I was screaming for social interaction.” What a creative way to meet someone, even after the pandemic passes.

Taking A Chance

So, Jeremy Cohen wrote his number on a piece of paper and taped it to his drone. The next step was to send the drone across to her rooftop. This must have been nerve-wracking for him, not knowing how she will react. But you don’t get anywhere in life without taking chances. He added the words “text me” and went out to his balcony.

A photograph of the drone with ‘text me? 610…’ written on it. / Jeremy is guiding his drone.
Source: Twitter / @jerm_cohen

Jeremy prepared himself and gently guided his drone across the street. There was no telling how this story would play out, but she was still sitting on her balcony since he waved to her. Reaching out to someone like this takes courage, but thankfully, Tori went right along with it.

Tori’s Reaction

As the drone was landing next to the ledge that Tori sat on, you can see she was smiling and excited. Who else can say that someone gave them their phone number using a drone? What a crazy story to be able to tell your grandkids. She seemed excited, but even Jeremy wasn’t sure if she would go for it.

The drone is flying towards Tori’s rooftop. / Tori is excitedly waiting for the drone to land.
Source: Twitter / @jerm_cohen

Lucky for him (and all of us), she grabbed the drone and took his number. He said, “2020 has been off to a terrible start, but I still needed to shoot my shot. She picked up my drone, and I guess it worked because I got a text from her an hour later.” Let’s see how the story continues…

Getting to Know Each Other

Tori texted him within an hour, saying, “hiiii it’s the girl from the roof!” This is where Jeremy needed to get even more creative than he has been until now. He really wanted to get to know her, but how can he do that with social distancing? It seemed like an impossible task, but he rose above it with a great idea.

The text message from Tori is saying, “hiii it’s the girl from the roof!”
Source: Twitter / @jerm_cohen

After he sent over his number, the two texted the whole day. The next morning, he had a brilliant idea and asked her out for dinner. She responded, “hi!! Yes – but where and how? We’re quarantined, lol.” Of course, he had a way around this while still keeping up with the rules of quarantine.

Dinner Plans

“I still can’t believe this happened the other day. Now it’s time for part two. I asked her out for dinner, but she said ‘How?’” Jeremy said in his TikTok video. He makes this seem too simple. He wasn’t alone planning it and “…sneakily coordinated with her roommate earlier to set it up.”

The text conversation between Jeremy and Tori, where he asked her to go to dinner, and she said, “Hi!! Yes – but where and how? We're quarantined lol” / Tori’s roommate is carrying a table with flowers across the rooftop to set up her date. s
Source: Twitter / @jerm_cohen

Her roommate brought out a little table and set up Tori’s half of the date a half hour before they were set to have dinner. He wanted to make sure that it was romantic and intimate, but that they still followed the rules. He made sure her table was pre-set with flowers and a delicious microwaved dinner for one. Of course, you can’t forget the wine.

Getting Ready

While Tori was getting ready, and her roommate was setting things up for Jeremy, he was also doing what he can to get himself ready. He shaved and put on the perfect outfit. He even joked about cutting his own hair for the date since he can’t go out and get it done.

Jeremy standing in front of the mirror with a nice outfit on captioned ‘did I pick the right fit.’ / Jeremy is sitting alone at a table with a bottle of wine and a meal.
Source: Twitter / @jerm_cohen

Jeremy’s sense of humor came out during his Part II TikTok video of their dinner date. He starts it out by saying, “5 PM hits. It was time for our date. Wait, where is she? Just kidding. We follow the rules. I waved down at the balcony, she waved back.” What a great idea and Tori was very surprised. His hard work really paid off here.

Part II Plays Out

The two sat in their separate spaces on facetime and at their microwaved dinner together and drank some wine. Jeremy, being the gentleman that he is, said, “I told her she looked beautiful. So, we got on FaceTime and ate our matching organic, microwaved single dinners together.” He even took some professional photographs of Tori, which came out beautiful. Jeremy and Tori really seemed to be hitting it off.

Jeremy is yelling across to the rooftop, ‘you look beautiful.’ / A professional photograph that Jeremy took of Tori sitting on the rooftop holding her wine.
Source: Twitter, @jerm_cohen / Instagram, @TodayiPhotographed

“The date was going so well, and depending on how long this quarantine lasts, I might be in a long-distance relationship with someone who lives across the street from me. I excused myself to the bathroom. Of course, I didn’t have to go, I just wanted to tell my group chat how well this was going.” I’m sure that Tori was texting her friends at the same time, but what a great sense of humor. His friends seemed to be just as excited about it as he was.

Channel 4 New York

On March 26th, NBC New York interviewed Jeremy and Tori about their creative first date while social distancing. They focused on how, during a time like this, Jeremy can bring some positivity to people around him. When describing what he’s done, Jeremy said, “We don’t have sports right now, so it gives people something to root for.”

Jeremy is being interviewed via a video phone call.
Source: nbcnewyork.com

He couldn’t be more right. Together, his first two parts have over 45 million views on TikTok alone. We all waited for Part III, and we’re still waiting patiently for Part IV. It really is like the new sport we have to follow, but he keeps taking it to the next level, so the surprises just keep coming (for Tori and for us).

Tori’s Interview

Tori joined them for the virtual interviews on Channel 4, and we got to hear a bit about how she was feeling. “My first impression was he’s a cool guy, I was definitely intrigued off the bat, it was the coolest thing anyone’s done for me,” she said during the interview.

Tori being interviewed via a video phone call.
Source: nbcnewyork.com

“It was funny because I could see him from where I was, but then I’d feel weird, I was talking to him (on FaceTime) then I’d look over, and I’d see him on his balcony. It was an interesting scenario for sure,” Tori said. She described it as the most unique date she has ever been on. This is for sure, and it’s more unique then most dates people go on.

Good News in A Time of Bad News

Tori was asked again about her next quarantine date and said, “He’s definitely set the bar pretty high. No one knows what day it is anymore, it doesn’t matter because we’re all just at home, so it’s kind of nice to kind of look forward to something.” And to think all of this started because a guy saw a random girl dancing alone on her rooftop.

A photograph of Jeremy Cohen doing finger guns at the mirror and it is captioned ‘I’m about to make my most romantic gesture yet.’
Source: Instagram / @jermcohen

It’s nice to have some good news out there in a time where all you really hear about are the bad things. I wonder how many stories like this are out there. I’m sure that this is a time that more people are getting creative, and they should share it all with us!

Taking Things to The Next Level

This romantic quarantine adventure doesn’t stop there. Jeremy has big plans up his sleeve and “…wasn’t ready to share them with anyone. But one thing was for sure, he was going to outdo his introduction to her as well as his spontaneous distant dinner. When he was asked about it, he only said that no one would expect it, even Tori.

Tori is walking out of her apartment building's front door. / Jeremy is working on his surprise.
Source: TikTok / @jeremycohen

He wanted to keep this date a surprise for her, just like he did with the first dinner date. This is such a sweet thing to come out of a bad situation. I just love that Jeremy is using his platform to spread positivity throughout the world. It seems like this is what he is taking out of the situation also, along with a great experience with a beautiful girl.

Part III of How to Date A Quarantined Cutie

Jeremy Cohen has another great idea, and he kept it a surprise for Tori until the last minute. How is it even possible to take that amazing date to the next level? At this point, his story had gone viral, and it was being reported in the news all across America. It is such an inspiring story during this pandemic that it went viral worldwide.

Jeremy is holding a bouquet of purple flowers outside of a flower shop.
Source: Instagram / @jermcohen

From “let this man and his drone teach you a lesson in how to effectively date in isolation” to “Drones, FaceTime and TikTok: Inside A Social-Distancing Meet-Cute,” his face was plastered everywhere. We were all sitting around waiting for him to put his next move out there, but we weren’t ready for what came next.

The Boldest Move Yet

Part III of his saga was posted on March 27th, and we all tuned in. “Okay, It’s time for my boldest move yet. I hope she doesn’t burst my bubble. I needed to see her, but I also wanted to respect the fact that we should be social distancing.” That’s right, Jeremy channeled the bubble boy. Now you might hear bubble boy and go straight to the episode of Seinfeld, where George got upset playing a game with the bubble boy and popped it.

Jeremy is getting himself ready in a bubble, and then walking across the street inside of it.
Source: TikTok / @jeremycohen

But they took this joke from a real situation the same way “A dingo ate my baby” was actually a real story about an Australian woman whose baby was actually eaten by a dingo. This story was just as sad as a young boy had to walk around in a bubble as he didn’t have an immune system. Jeremy used the bubble in a positive way.

Bubble Boy 2.0

Jeremy wrote, ‘Just because we have to social distance doesn’t mean we have to be socially distant. Remember to spread love and kindness to another.” He picked up a gift for Tori and got a large plastic bubble to walk around in.

Jeremy is trying to hand Tori flowers through the bubble with the caption ‘oops.’ / Jeremy and Tori are walking through the street with Jeremy in the bubble.
Source: TikTok / @jeremycohen

That’s right, and he wanted to see her so badly that he put himself in a plastic bubble. It took him a lot longer to blow it up than he thought it would and was a bit late for the date, but it’s really the thought that counts. I’m sure there are girls everywhere, hoping that someone pulls off a romantic gesture like this for them. I know I wouldn’t mind if someone did this for me.

“You Can’t Spell Quarantine Without U R A Q T”

“I crossed the street and texted Tori to come outside and look to the left. I think she liked it. I brought flowers and hand sanitizer, but that was a misstep considering I was locked inside of this bubble.” When she first walked out and looked over, she fell to the floor, laughing. What a great surprise.

Tori and Jeremy are standing together with Jeremy in a bubble with flowers and holding flowers.
Source: Instagram / @jermcohen

He jokingly tried to give her the gift but walked around with it the whole time as he was trapped in the bubble. The two took a nice walk around the neighborhood and had some great conversation. It all went from Jeremy needing some social interaction to him, finding a really kind, genuine, and beautiful girl that he really connects with.

Stopped by The Cops

During Part III of their date, a cop car showed up next to them. Of course, the first reasonable reaction most people have is ‘oh s***… what is going to happen now.’ But Jeremy and Tori’s story was plastered all over the news the past few days, and these cops recognized them. I mean, they have comments from people following them all the way over in London, Germany, and even Nigeria!

The officers are taking a selfie with Tori and Jeremy.
Source: TikTok / @jeremycohen

People are even commenting that it should be made into a movie. So, luckily this didn’t put a damper on their date. “We were having a lovely walk in the neighborhood when a cop car pulled up. ‘Channel 4, right?’ But he recognized us from the news last night and just wanted a selfie. Phew.”

Part IV?

Part IV is coming soon, and Jeremy is already trying to think of a great way to top the last two dates. I’m wondering if he will get a chance to get these flowers and hand sanitizer to her before the flowers die, but again, it’s really the thought that counts. After such a crazy story, people all over are putting together romantic gestures for their loved ones or even taking a chance to meet a new person in a new way.

Jeremy’s story from Instagram with him meditating next to a large stack of pizza boxes, and a thought cloud that says ‘thinking about ways to take part 4 to the next level.’
Source: Twitter / @jerm_cohen

Social distancing may have made dating harder. In my opinion, it has taken a broken dating system and made it a bit more tolerable. People are getting out of their comfort zones of sitting behind a screen, and they actually want to put themselves out there.

Tori’s Side

Tori was asked about her experience and said, “I was up on the rooftop with my roommate, and a bunch of other people were on their rooftops as well. I needed to let out some pent-up energy, so I started dancing to High School Musical. I didn’t care who was watching, and clearly, someone was! Jeremy saw me from his balcony across the street and waved to me. I smiled and waved back. I could already tell he was a fun, genuine guy.”

Jeremy and Tori are walking in the middle of the street while Jeremy is in the bubble.
Source: TikTok / @jeremycohen

“He told me he was going to send something my way and not to move, so I stayed put. A few minutes later, I noticed he was sending a drone from across the street! There was a note taped on it with his phone number, but I couldn’t text him until I got back into my apartment because my phone died. Jeremy documented what happened next in a series of TikTok videos that went viral. I feel so lucky to have met someone who has managed to make me laugh so much and keep me so on my toes during quarantine. I’m really, really lucky.”

Inspired by Jeremy and Tori

One cute story that came from this happened near me. This girl, let’s call her Jackie for privacy reasons, met a guy on an app before Coronavirus was going around. They met right before he went on vacation, so they planned their first date for when he got back. But things changed, and he had to go into quarantine for 14 days, and now it’s not recommended to leave the house at all.

Two people in full white suits and masks on a date in bed.
Photo by Daria Ahafonova / Shutterstock

So, he got very creative and ordered a delivery for Jackie of sushi and soup from her favorite sushi place, and they ate dinner together on Zoom. That’s right, chivalry is not dead. Coronavirus is bringing out the best in a lot of people, and Jackie is one lucky lady.

Love Is Quarantine

Who hasn’t heard of the show Love Is Blind? It has taken over Netflix and got the new generations hooked. There are a few guys who are taking advantage of the quarantine time and created an Instagram page called @LoveIsQuarantine. They take people from across the country and vet them to make sure everything is safe.

The logo for love is quarantine, with a mask over the word quarantine.
Source: Instagram / @LoveIsQuarantine

They then have the contestants “enter the pod” by having a conversation with random people who could be their perfect match. They then record it and let us know how they are feeling. The show can go on differently while we are still following the rules. They have a few rounds of it so far, even though they only started a little over a week ago.

Open to Everyone

The two guys who started this Instagram phenomenon are Thi Q Lam and Rance Nix. Like all of us, they are quarantined and keeping their distance from others. What better thing to do with your free time than to start a dating show? They took things to the next level, and they are open to people of any sexual orientation.

Thi Q Lam and Rance Nix are posing together.
Source: Instagram / @thiqlam

Until now, they only produced one queer match, but the men decided they were better off as friends. According to their Instagram page, they are taking submissions for ‘Season 8.’ Hopefully, this means we can get some more LGBTQ couples in there. They also had a great idea of making a Tall and Short night, which took (obviously) both tall and short people and paired them up.

Staying Connected

Being from one of the cities hit the hardest by the coronavirus pandemic, Thi and Rance wanted to find a way to lower the anxiety and put out some content with light-hearted fun. This show really shows everyone how much we rely on the internet to feel like we are still connected with people. Anya Schulman of “season 4” had a great experience on the show and really connected with one of the girls, Abi.

Anya Shulman in her video confession after choosing Abby.
Source: Instagram / @loveisquarantine

She said, “As a queer woman, it’s tough to meet people no matter what. I talked to seven strangers for six hours and felt exhausted by the end. It was the most fun I’ve had in quarantine, and it was surreal to have six hours of conversation with people I wouldn’t have otherwise crossed paths with.” She and Abi are still texting today!

How Contestants Are Chosen

For everyone who hasn’t seen Love is Blind, the Netflix show hosted by Nick and Vaness Lachey, they place the contestants in “pods” where they can talk but not see each other. There is a colorful glass separating them in place of a door or window. The couples are revealed only after they decide if they want to get married or not.

A screenshot of the Google spreadsheet for Love Is Quarantine.
Source: Instagram / @loveisquarantine

They guys of Love is Quarantine have contestants sign up using a Google spreadsheet, where they enter their first name, age, gender, sexuality, city, and phone number. Thi and Rance then reach out to these people and places them in the 12 creatively named “pandemic pods.” Then, the two complete strangers are set up to go on their “date.”

The Actual Date

Thi Q Lam and Rance Nix like to refer to themselves as obviously being Nick and Vanessa Lachey. This mini Instagram show likes to bring humor into everything, and I love it. When the contestants are set up to connect for a date, this basically entitles them to call each other. They ask everyone to record themselves getting ready for the date and while they are on the phone. Also, they ask for a ‘confession-style’ recording from after the date so that we can all hear what they thought about it.

A conversation between two contestants where one has seen the other one a bit and mentioned that they are cute.
Source: Instagram / @loveisquarantine

In an interview, Rance said, “In 2020, I think texting is the predominant form of communication, and we want to get back to the grassroots and treat it just like the show ‘Love is Blind,’ because essentially, people are in the pods. The pods are in your apartment, and we want people to communicate and test that vibe over the phone.”

A Unique Backstory

This show can also open things up for Nix, who has achondroplasia. This is the most common form of dwarfism. He mentioned that this show is great because “I’m 4’6” and attracted to girls that are taller than me, and that can be difficult when they’re used to dating people who are 6’4”. You get the opportunity to meet someone without being judged, and there’s a lesson learned for me to be open to people who aren’t necessarily my type.”

Rance Nix
Source: Instagram / @rancenix

I think with the apps that we have nowadays, this is a problem on a general scale. You can see exactly what you have in common, weight, body type, and you make your decision based on what you see rather than after having a conversation or two. Maybe these two guys are part of the change.

Who Will You Meet in The Pandemic Pods?

Love Is Quarantine does things a bit differently than Love Is Blind, and they have a “season” where they did a Baby Boomer night. This was the cutest part of it. They even had one of the mothers of the contestants from the first round. For “season 6,” they called it Frontliners Nite, which is basically essentials only.

The t-shirt and hat that they are selling with ‘love is quarantine’ on it.
Source: loveisquarantine.com

This means that delivery drivers, nurses, doctors, volunteers, and grocery store workers all have a chance to find love during the quarantine. They have about 16,000 people following their stories, and it has just been growing. The people who started this also made the best out of it. They created a website where they sell ‘Love Is Quarantine’ t-shirts, hats, and socks where all of the profits go to helping COVID-19 efforts.

The Start Of The “Show”

For work, Thi Q Lam produces content for food and beverage startups. Rance Nix is actually an actor and a real estate agent. Due to coronavirus pandemic, neither of them are working now. They didn’t know what to do with themselves as self-proclaimed “extreme extroverts” in self-isolation.

A person with a mask on which says Love Is Quarantine across it.
Source: Instagram / @loveisquarantine

They had the idea to start this up and was a lot more popular than they thought it would be. It only took them about an hour to get “season 1” started, and everyone connected. For “season 2,” they put the Google spreadsheet out there and got about three hundred submissions! There were even people who signed up from Australia and South Korea. It wasn’t long before they had a fan base, and people were rooting for different couples.

Large Fan Base

With over 17 thousand followers currently, you can definitely say that they have gone viral and have a real fan base. Thi Lam and Rance Nix wanted to connect with their audience and created a tab on their spreadsheet called “Questions for the Lachey’s,” which is referring to the two of them. They also created a tab for fan gossip, where everyone gets to throw their feelings out there.

The Instagram post with Brooke and Red and a loaf of sliced bread.
Source: Instagram / @loveisquarantine

One of the first couples that people loved was Brooke and Red after they clicked on their phone date. Their fans were quick to create a nickname for them and started the hashtag “#Bred.” You can see above the cute Instagram post that Thi and Rance put out with a photograph of the two and a loaf of sliced bread covering half of the photos. It is titled “Let’s Get This #B(RED).”

After The Dates

After someone makes a connection on ‘Love Is Blind’ and they accept a proposal, they have the contestants meet, and they are sent to a couples retreat in Mexico. There, they get to meet the other couples who participated and spend time getting to know the partner they chose to be with.

Photographs of Katie and Steve with ‘It’s a match’ written under.
Source: Instagram / @loveisquarantine

After the retreat, they are sent back to an apartment complex in Atlanta and get to meet their partner’s families and friends, as well as see how they live. Of course, we should all be staying at home, so there isn’t really a way to continue the show in that aspect yet. But they do talk about plans to send everyone to Popeye’s for their honeymoon period after the lockdown ends.

Thi Q Lam and Rance Nix’s Take

Love Is Quarantine is another glimmer of hope for our love lives. “People are looking for community and to be entertained, but, most importantly, people are still looking for love. That will never go away. I think that’s why people are drawn to this show, and people are drawn to how crazy and chaotic and sporadic that this whole thing is,” Rance said about the show.

Thi Lam and Rance Nix are being interviewed virtually on the news.
Source: Instagram / @thiqlam

Thi added, “I think this is just a fun opportunity to spread some love. Were in a position of privilege, we are relatively healthy, grateful, and certainly want to help as much as we can in a tangible way.” The two are really putting their all into the show, and it is just growing in popularity by the day.

A Positive View

Thi Q Lam and Rance Nix don’t have any plans of stopping the show until the pandemic has passed. Until we feel like things are a bit more normal again, they want to make sure that everyone has a safe place on the internet “all day every day.”

Rance Nix is posing with a plaid shirt and a baseball hat in his hand. / Thi Lam is posing while sitting on a barstool.
Source: Instagram, @rancenix / Instagram, @thiqlam

They want to assure everyone that they are welcome to come to their safe space if anyone would like some help with some random matchmaking or even if they are just looking for a random distraction. This is just another story of coming together and bringing positivity to people from around the world in a time where everyone could use it. I don’t know about you, but I will be checking their Instagram page, @loveisquarantine, every day until this is over.

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