A Royal Affair: Charles and Camilla’s Secret Love Child

For decades, rumors have been swirling about the love triangle between Prince Charles, Diana, and Camilla, and it has plagued the royal family. Alleged infidelity and secret meetings have made their way from the palace to the media. Even now, the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall’s marriage is scarred by a scandalous past. While rumors of an illicit affair may or may not true, one man believes he is the proof we’ve all been looking for.

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Simon Charles Dorante-Day thinks he is Charles and Camilla’s secret love child. If this is true, it could blow up the entire royal dynamic. His theory is that he is the first-born son of Prince Charles, which would technically make him the rightful heir to the throne. That sounds like a reason to make this up. Many people have brushed off his claims in the past, but thanks to new photographic evidence, people are starting to believe him.

Didn’t Always Live Down Under

For years, 55-year-old Simon claimed to have ties to the Royal family because of his “Windsor-like cheekbones and teeth” and his “Camilla-style hair. But his proof goes way beyond his physical features. The father of nine now lives in Queensland, Australia, with his family, but he didn’t always live in the land Down Under.

A selfie of Simon Charles Dorante-Day and his wife.
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Simon’s story begins in England in 1966. Reportedly, he was born in a hospital near Gosport in Hampshire. Even the skeptics who don’t believe that he is the love child of Charles and Camilla can’t deny that he was born with connections to one of the most powerful, high society families in the world.

An Adopted Child

When Simon was just eight months old, he was put up for adoption by Camilla Shand (later known as Camilla Parker-Bowles). The couple who adopted and raised him were Karen and David Day, but his adopted grandparents also played a huge role in his life.

A family photo of Simon, his adopted sister, and his grandparents, Winifred and Ernest.
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Growing up, Simon learned that his grandparents, Winifred and Ernest Bowden, had some royal history. His grandmother was a cook for the royal family, and his grandfather was a royal gardener. Throughout their jobs, they eventually got really close to the entire royal family.

His Grandma Told Him Stories

Simon’s grandparents were so close to the royal family that, apparently, Ernest received an Imperial Service Award for his work. And since they worked in the palaces, they got a glimpse into the family’s personal lives. This meant they knew information that was never made public.

Winifred and Ernest hold baby Simon / A five-year-old Simon poses for a school photo.
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Over the years, Simon’s grandparents told him some royal secrets, but his grandmother told him on multiple occasions that Charles and Camilla were his biological parents. Winifred said that Camilla took care of him for eight months after giving birth to him but then decided to give him up. As Simon puts it, his grandma “didn’t just hint at it, she told me outright.”

They Kept His Existence a Secret

As he grew up, Simon began researching the royal family and learning more about them. Thanks to his grandparents’ insider information, he was able to piece together a theory that Charles and Camilla kept his identity or even existence a secret to anyone outside of the palace.

A recent selfie of Simon.
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The theory suggests that Camilla and the upper echelon of the royal family used their power and protection officers to keep him a secret. While they managed to hide him for a while, Simon believes that Camilla quickly realized it would be a hard secret to keep, especially as the child grew up.

Camilla Gave Him Up

Dorante-Day’s theory then goes on to say that the intense pressure surrounding the affair between Camilla and Prince Charles became too much for them to handle. And once news broke that the royals wanted to have Diana Spencer as the next princess, Camilla realized that she couldn’t keep this secret forever.

Price Charles / Simon Day / Camila Shand
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Simon’s grandmother told him that as soon as he was “too old” for Camilla to take care of, they made an arrangement to give the child to Winifred’s family. Apparently, Camilla knew that Winifred had a daughter who always wanted a baby, so it seemed like the perfect fit. And the timeline totally checks out, according to Simon’s research.

His Birthday Makes Sense

Simon’s photographic evidence has convinced many people since he posted a picture online. Plus, his birthday and Charles and Camilla’s affair are spookily around the same time. Simon believes the couple started their romance in 1965, one year before he was born.

Charles with Camila at an event in 1975.
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He believes that Charles and Camilla’s first interaction was at St. Paul’s Cathedral on January 30, 1965. On that day, they both attended Sir Winston Churchill’s funeral and hit it off right away. What happened next was one of the most controversial love affairs in royal history.

Nine Months of Hiding

Simon was born in April 1966, meaning he would have been conceived that summer. Charles would have been 18 years old and Camilla 17 years old. Simon is convinced that he is the product of their love affair.

Prince Charles chats to Camilla Parker-Bowles at a polo match.
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Simon’s research showed that Charles was sent away to Australia on a royal tour right when he was born. This meant that Simon’s dad was pretty much out of the picture and, apparently, so was his mother. He tried to find evidence of Camilla before he was born, but she was seemingly missing from the social scene for nine months. All of this further enhanced his claim of being their love child.

Secret Meetings With Some Lady

Most of this theory is based on research and Simon’s grandmother’s stories, but there was more to it. In addition to the photograph, Simon says he actually has memories to rely on. In fact, he has a lot of memories from his earlier years, and a lot of them had to do with secret meetings with a woman.

Simon as a young man / A recent photo of Camila Duchess of Cornwall.
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Simon said his parents and grandparents would take him to a weird house not far from where he grew up. He said that he would spend time with a woman when he went there, and the royal protection officers would guard the entrance. In his heart, he now truly believes this woman was Camilla.

The Heir to the Throne

After a whirlwind journey, Prince Charles and Camilla are now happily married, but they never publicly had a child together. Simon believes that it makes the story even more suspicious. He thinks the royal family covered up his existence because they were worried about getting in the way of Prince William eventually ascending the throne for king.

A selfie of Simon / Charles and Camila on holiday.
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After all, if he is Prince Charles and Camilla’s child, Simon would be the rightful heir to the throne, before William. Simon is 17 years older than William, and as the potential son of the future king, he would be placed second in line to the throne. However, they were still skeptics, so Simon released another picture.

Social Media Followers

Simon has attempted to make this truth known to the public. He spoke to the press and even tried to reach out to Charles and Camilla. However, the communication method that got the most attention was his Facebook page, which currently has over 10,000 followers.

Simon is giving a thumbs up / A photo of Prince Charles.
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On his Facebook page, he tells everyone to look beyond what the royal family says and to look at his proof instead. He posted a bunch of photos, and many of them have been compared to different members of the royal family. But it was a picture of his son that got everyone talking.

Eye Color Changing Surgery

Simon does share a resemblance with his children, but his theory claims that his appearance was altered when he was young. While looking at his own baby pictures, he noticed he had blue eyes, just like Charles and Camilla, but now his eyes are brown.

Simon, along with his wife and kids.
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Simon believes that the royal family forced him to undergo surgery to change his eye color to throw off any potential investigators. But his own children didn’t go through this kind of procedure, and Simon believes that they are spitting images of the royals.

The Royal Similarities

Since he believes that his children’s resemblance to the royal family is more obvious than his, he spent years uploading pictures of his kids onto Facebook. He has a total of nine children and believes that their similarities to the royals continue to grow.

Simon’s teenage daughter / A photo of Queen Elizabeth from 1947.
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Some of Simon’s followers also assisted him on his quest for the truth. They agreed that the photos of his children speak volumes about his relationship with the royals. Many of them even make their own side-by-side pictures comparing his family members with members of the royal family. And just like Simon, they believe there is more to the puzzle.

That Photo of His Son

Simon regularly causes a stir with the photos he posts online. There was one in particular that got his fans, skeptics, and even the press talking. He posted this picture of his two sons, Lachlan and Liam, on a fishing trip to Bribie Island. He posted the picture to show off the fun he was having with his kids and never expected the reaction that would follow.

Simon with two of his sons.
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The picture really convinced people that his theory was true. His followers looked through all his pictures to find glimpses of the royal family, but now, they believe this is the ultimate proof. That’s because they couldn’t deny the similarities between 14-year-old Liam and the queen when she was younger.

Comparison Photo

One follower even went as far as to create a comparison photo of Liam and the queen. They turned the photo black and white and found a picture of the queen in a similar position. When Simon received the finished photo, he knew he needed to share it with the world.

A photo of Liam / A picture of the young Queen Elizabeth.
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Almost instantly, the photo became a viral sensation. Many of the haters and skeptics who had called Simon “crazy” and accused him of “making it all up for publicity” have changed their minds after seeing this photo. Simon finally has some convincing evidence that he is the child of Charles and Camilla, and people are finally starting to believe him.

More and More Supporters

During a television interview, Simon spoke about the side-by-side photo saying: “I think the evidence speaks for itself.” And it looks like thousands of people agree with him. The photo has hundreds of comments on it since it started circulating online. The resemblance is uncanny.

Simon and his son Liam are giving a thumbs up.
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One online user wrote, “Yes, can see the resemblance. Also, lots of other people from all sides. Prince Philip’s family. Also, the royal family. I think you have the same types of features as Philip.” Another person commented, “Too many similarities between yourself, your children, and others for it to be a mere coincidence or conspiracy theory.”

Turning Skeptics to Believers

The photo of Liam and the queen quickly sparked a flame among those who didn’t believe or understand Simon’s story from the start. But once this viral sensation took over the world, he decided to give his followers another comparison photo. It was another photo of Liam, only he was younger with shorter hair. And so was the queen.

A younger photo of Liam / Queen Elizabeth as a young girl.
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But despite the age and hair difference, his followers couldn’t deny the similarities between Liam and the queen. And as they started to learn more about Simon and his theory, many people started to do their own research about Charles and Camilla having a love child. It was like a detective project for a lot of them.

A Love Child Isn’t Impossible

Charles and Camilla’s secret love affair was the subject of numerous rumors throughout the years. They started way before Charles even married Diana in 1981. That’s why the fact that there was a secret love child wasn’t that hard for people to believe. After all, the royals are no strangers to keeping secrets.

Prince Charles And Princess Diana looking distant from each other.
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Many people loved the idea that Simon might be reunited with his biological parents one day, and others feel sorry for him. Those who don’t believe Charles and Camilla are soulmates think this is just another scandal that would have broken Princess Diana’s heart.

The Royal Love Triangle and Pop Culture

Princess Diana’s fans keep her memory close. When she passed away in 1997, they all got extremely protective of her legacy. Because of this, people are so curious about her life and are interested in any story that involves her. That’s why so many people keep talking about Simon and his theory.

Camilla Shand marries Major Andrew Parker-Bowles / Prince Charles, and Princess Diana wave from the balcony on their wedding day.
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But as it turns out, most of what Simon has to say isn’t just a theory. It’s been talked about in pop culture, and even official royal biographies state that Charles and Camilla had a romance when they were younger. Even shows like The Crown show us that the royal family didn’t approve of their relationship, so he ended up marrying Diana Spencer. So, it’s not unfathomable that they had a child during this time.

A Child Is the Ultimate Connection

At the time, Charles and Camilla went their separate ways and married other people. But Prince Charles’ authorized biography claimed that their illicit affair started up again in 1986. This was five years after he married Diana and 13 years into Camilla and Andrew Parker-Bowle’s marriage.

Simon in his office / Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles In 1979.
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The affair went undetected for a little while. But soon enough, they were spotted at the same events, and rumors began to spiral. Many people wondered what would bring them back together if they were both happily married. Simon thinks the thing that brought them back to each other was him. He believes if two people share such a big secret, nothing can keep them apart.

He Thinks Princess Diana Knew

Simon is now sharing his truth with the world. He was overwhelmed to find out that his photographic proof could change the minds of skeptics. But he also believes that his life would have been very different if Diana were still alive. That’s because, according to Simon, the “People’s Princess” knew about him before she passed away.

A shy Lady Diana Spencer with fiance, Prince Charles.
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In 2019, he stated that if Diana were still alive, he wouldn’t have to go through so many obstacles to prove that he is, in fact, the secret child of her ex-husband and his mistress. He also spoke about Diana’s involvement in hiding his secret.

Diana Wanted to Reveal the Secret

Simon argues that Diana understood that Simon existed a few months before she died. He even goes as far as suggesting that she was going to make this information public so that everyone knew about Prince Harry and Prince William’s potential half-brother. But as we know… that never happened.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana with Prince William and Prince Harry in the gardens.
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Simon said: “At the time, there were all sorts of rumors flying around about the royal family, and my existence was one of them. We believe that Diana knew of my existence and that she put the pieces together. I think Diana was at a point where she was finding out answers about her life, how she was wronged, and she was going public with it.”

Now, Simon Made It Public

Even though Diana couldn’t make this royal revelation public, Simon is now making it his mission to find out the truth about his family heritage. He wrote to Camilla and Prince Charles in 2012 and outlined his theory. He wanted then to acknowledge that he was their secret love child and thought that his letter would open up a conversation.

Prince Charles poses with Prince Harry, and Prince William / Simon holds his baby boy in his arms.
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But Simon didn’t receive a response. He has since filed papers to the High Court in an attempt to force the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall to take a DNA test. He still hopes that one day his cries will be answered, but so far, they haven’t even given this theory the time of day. He was shunned by the royal circle instead.

DNA Evidence Will Bring Answers

Simon repeatedly tried to connect with Prince Charles and Camilla through the proper channels, but it wasn’t easy getting in touch with royal family members. The family is highly protected and receives hundreds of thousands of letters a year. But that doesn’t mean Simon was just sitting back.

A high school photo of Simon / Prince Charles with his mother Queen Elizabeth II, in 1969
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Along with his popular Facebook page, Simon has also done several interviews throughout the years. He knows that Charles and Camilla must have heard about this theory, and they were choosing to keep the secret safe. He believes that their silence is just proof that they are scared of the truth coming out.

He Doesn’t Want Fame or Royalty

Most of Simon’s haters have suggested that he made up the whole thing for the fame and fortune that comes with being a royal. They think that he is putting two and two together and making five. They also believe that he is adding an element of excitement to a regular adoption story… There just happen to be some coincidences thrown in.

Prince Charles in his investiture robes / Simon in front of his home.
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But Simon said that he doesn’t want money or titles that come with being a royal. At this point in life, he is happy and feels blessed to have such a wonderful, loving family. He just wants to know a little more about his biological family. All he wants is a DNA test to find his birth parents.

His Claims Come at a Price

Simon talked more about the criticism he faced throughout the years. His theories were dubbed as “bizarre,” and many people called him a “lunatic.” But deep down in his heart, he knows there is truth to these claims. This whole fiasco put a strain on his family and cost a lot of money.

A photo of Simon and his wife.
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He said that “People seem to think I’m getting a big name and money out of this, I’m not getting anything out of this, this is costing me to do this. We’re forced to do this because we’re tired of moving around Australia hiding this secret that’s not our secret.” So, he promised never to stop.

Still Posts About His Connection to the Royals

Since the photo of Liam and the queen became a viral sensation, Simon has been more encouraged than ever and is thrilled with all the support he has received. There are many people out there who are trying to help him spread his truth, and it’s been circulating all over social media.

Prince Charles, Camilla, Prince William, and Prince Harry attend an event.
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Even though Simon has been shunned by Charles and Camilla throughout the years, his love for the royal family hasn’t changed. He regularly posts loving comments about royal family members, including Prince Harry and Prince William – whom he believes are his half-brothers.

Continues to Find Similarities

Many suggest that Simon doesn’t look like his possible half-brothers because of the age gap. But Simon started noticing the royal family in his appearance the older he gets. So do people on the internet. So many people have compared him to the late Prince Philip that he’s lost count.

Prince Philip, relaxed and smiling / Simon holds up a baby sweater.
Photo by Tim Graham Photo Library, Getty Images / Source: Facebook

And if his claims are true, it’s not unusual for someone to look like their grandfather, which would be the case for Prince Philip and Simon. Luckily, when Simon posts these pictures online, he is met with surprise and disbelief, as opposed to the disgust and disbelief that he used to receive. It seems like more and more people are starting to believe him.

He’s Still Waiting for a Response From Charles and Camilla

The more people believe Simon, the more pressure the public puts on Charles and Camilla or anyone in the royal family to at least acknowledge these claims. Simon himself asked the couple to “come clean” so he can stop bothering them about what he believes is the truth.

A selfie of Simon / Charles and Camilla attend an event.
Source: Facebook / BBC

He also mentioned that he would not give up on his fight to know who his birth parents are. At the end of the day, he is just an adopted person trying to learn more about his birth family. The only difference is that his birth parents are, you know… royals.

He Hopes One Day the Truth Comes Out

For now, Charles and Camilla haven’t said a word. But Simon believes that one day, they might accept his theory and confirm the truth: that they really did have a love child all those years ago. This would allow Simon to prove all of the haters wrong.

A photo of Simon and his family.
Source: Facebook

Meanwhile, he continues to live his own life while still posting new pictures of his family on social media. The more he posts, the more comparisons that are made. Perhaps if he continues posting, the truth will come out. Maybe the world will see that he is the love child that sparked multiple rumors throughout the years. What do you think?