What are 40 ways to “Life Hack” a Coffee Filter?

While the rest of the world maybe gets up a bit earlier and stops by the café to grab an espresso. Americans seem to still love the process of making coffee with a drip filter. In 1 out three of American households you will find a coffee brewer, and some are even automatic. Mom and Dad fill the brew machine the night before, set the timer, and by the time they wake up in the morning, they have freshly brewed coffee. Now some Americans are waking up with some extra cash to buy a Nespresso Machine. So, let’s say you took that extra step. What are you going to do with all the coffee filters stored in your garage? We listed 40 alternative life hacks to the use of coffee filters. You may be surprised at what we found!

Homemade Teabag

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Most people drink coffee in the morning, and end the day with a cup of tea. I you bought yourself a new coffee machine and don’t need your filters. Don’t go out and by a teabag. Make your own! It’s cheaper to buy herbal mixes, and tie them up in a coffee filter, and store them just as well. With a pair of good hands, one coffee filter can turn into three tea bags, and hey, maybe you can sell them at the local market!

May Look Weird

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Okay so this is a use, but not a first resort. Let’s say its Sunday, and you ran out of tissues. Your meeting some friends at the park on a hot day, and all the stores are closed around town to buy more tissues. Need not to worry, just pop a couple filters in your pocket, and make sure no one is looking when you wipe your face. They may think you’re some type of crazy.

Glass Cleaning

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Cleaning glass is very important if you want to feel nice and organized at home, but its not that easy! There are many techniques to cleaning glass. I personally used a newspaper until I found out how easy it really is with a coffee filter.


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A great use for coffee filters is can be simple arts and crafts for children. Found yourself stuck through the rainy weekend without power at home? Are the kids going nuts? Break out the coffee filters and a couple of crayons and let the creativity begin! If you have no kids and just want to get rid of your filters, then don’t sweat that either, find a local kindergarten, and they will be happy to take the filters off your hands and up-cycle them for a better purpose.

Nail Polish Removal

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Coffee filters have many layers and microscopic ridges inside of them. These ridges assist in whipping off things that may be hard to remove from your skin, or even nails. Use the coffee filter to wipe off your nail polish and you will find that is a lot easier to do than it is when you use wipes, or paper towels. It will also save you some money.

Sun Tea

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Sun tea is tea you make by leaving out a jar of water filled with teabags out in the sun, and letting time run its course. Take the tea bag you made earlier with your coffee filter, and throw it into a jar of water, the process may be a bit slower, since the filter is thicker than a teabag, but you will get just as good of a result than you would have with the standard tea bag.

Shoe Shining

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There are millions of people around the world (mostly soldiers, and business people) who need to shine their shoes every morning. It would be reasonable to argue that this requirement is contributing to waste in the environment. You can save trees and repurpose your coffee filter to shine your boots in the morning before beginning your day.

Packaging China

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Anyone who has moved once or twice, knows what the repercussions of not storing your china and glass correctly are. The standard procedure of storing your valuable, and fragile china is to use tons of newspaper. But most people don’t read the paper any more. So instead of going out to buy newspaper just for the purpose of ripping it up in stuffing it between plates, use a coffee filter and you will get the same result!


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Female products are very unfairly over priced nowadays. A pack of waxing strips, that is really just strips of thick paper, can cost more than 5 dollars in some cases, even though they are worth way less. Save your five bucks, and cut your coffee filter into strips. You will get just as good of a result, save money, and make positive impact on your personal waste consumption.


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Ask any college student who their best friend in school is? They will not answer your question with a who answer, but more with a what. To the average college student, a microwave is their best friend. Microwaves are great for saving time, and when used right, can even heat food to taste good. Set a coffee filter over your soup bowl in the microwave to prevent splatter. It works pretty well!


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Foods like sandwiches often get soggy after a couple hours of storage because of the moister in the vegetables inside of them. You can staple two filters together and make a pocket to store your sandwich inside of it, and you will find that the moister gets removed and keeps your sandwich just as fresh after even a day in the fridge!


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When coffee is spilled on the carpet, don’t freak out! Blot, blot, blot! You may want to use a paper towel to blot away the stain, and you will find it being ripped to pieces by the carpet itself. Save the paper towel, and take out that coffee filter. It is a much more effective way to blot out a stain.


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Storing Christmas items with a coffee filter is not just a great way to repurpose them, but its also keeps them in used for years and years. Just like you don’t throw out your Christmas ornaments, you’re not going to throw out the coffee filters you use to store them, and you will for sure reduce that carbon footprint through time!


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A cold compress is a great way to sooth any mild blunt injury, or even a headache. You can dip your coffee filter into some healing tea water, and put that in the freezer. You will find you created a great cold compress to be used next time you’re not feeling 100%


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If you have kids, you know all to well the feeling of dread that comes with handing your child a popsicle in the house. It’s said if you want to know how ignorant your child is, just hand them a popsicle and let them roam around the house. The more drips you have on the floor, the stickier the walls get, the dumber your child! Now all children can be equal, with the help of the drip proof coffee filter trick!


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If you have cut yourself while shaving, take a deep breath, ignore your band aides and paper towels, and get your self a coffee filter from the kitchen.

Corn Husking

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When we peel off corn husks, it can get really frustrating towards the end as the small strands still get stuck to the corn. Take a coffee filter and just rub it down the corn from top to bottom. The strands will get stuck to the filter and come right off!


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A sachet is a bag filled with smell good substances inside it that keeps your closet, and shoe rack from stinking up your home. You can make your own sachet from a coffee filter, and you will find that it works quite well, and you can go out to the garden and find your favorite smells too!

Juice Brewing

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Some fruits like passion fruit, or strawberries have seeds in them that may be edible, but they don’t feel great in you’re mouth, and they don’t taste great either. After blending your favorite shake together, try running it through a coffee filter to get a smoother result, with no pulp or seeds. Just fruit juice!

Fresh Fruit

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Just like sandwiches, you can wrap you’re fruit in coffee filters, and put it in the crisper, and the filter will keep the moister from getting to bad, and help keep your fruits and veggies fresh and good as new for much longer.

Dryer Sheets

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Here is a secret about dryer sheets you may have not known about. They are made out of exactly the same material as coffee filters! So, forget buying more dryer sheets. Get yourself a bottle of essential oil, and make yourself a jar of scent water, dip the filters in, let them dry in the sun, and throw them in your next load. It’ll smell just as great.

Potty Assistance

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Potty training toilets can get pretty gross! But they are very important if you want your child to learn to not use a diaper! Put a coffee filter into the training toilet, and it will make cleaning up after a lot easier!

Butter Spreading

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When your baking yourself some cookies, tarts, or pastries, you want to spread a good thin layer of butter on the baking sheet. A good way to do that, is to put the butter into a coffee filter, and rub across your baking platform.

Organized Cleanliness

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If your cooking on the stove, and need place to put your spatula, just break out a coffee filter and place the spatula on top. Coffee filters are thick, and will keep your counter top from staining. A good chef is a clean chef!


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When you plant a seed inside of a small planter, it will eventually grow, and you will need to move it to a bigger planter, or into the ground, take off a couple extra steps in doing that by tying a string to a coffee filter, and putting inside the planter, and only then place the soil on top. When its ready to move, just lift it right out.


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When frying food, or making fatty food, people often prefer to dab their food on paper towels to soak up some of the oil. You can do this with a coffee filter and you will actually be much more pleased with the fact that the filter is actually soaking up more than the paper towel.

More Art

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Coffee filters can be a great replacement for fabric for backing embroidery pictures. But you may want to do some research on how to embroider first, once you understand how to do it, why not repurpose your filters for it as well!

Snack Packs

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Just like sandwiches, fruits, and vegetables. Snacks are stored very well inside of a coffee filter as well! If you take some crackers and put them inside a coffee filter, they will stay fresh and crisp throughout the day.


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Putting a coffee filter on top of a scale will help you keep the scale clean, and give you a disposable weighing mechanism. If you want to bake and clean as little as possible, this is the best way to do it!


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Seeds sprout very well inside of coffee filters, because the filter holds a lot of moister, and also stores enough oxygen for the seeds to sprout inside of. Dip your filter in water, and put some seeds inside, place the filter inside of a plastic bag, and wait a couple days!


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Nothing is more annoying then trying to keep your food bug free during a picnic. Fly’s find their way into the drinks, the sauces, the food, and everything else on the table! We have a solution! Place your coffee filters on top of the bowls until its time to serve.


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Whipping off spills is a much more effective with a coffee filter than it is with a paper towel. Paper towels leave a much bigger carbon footprint, and it’s better to repurpose your filter first before going out to buy paper towels. The filter soaks a lot more as well!

Holding You’re Dog

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After that first bite, you can’t put your hot dog down without it falling sideways. Set your dog down on a coffee filter and it will be sure to keep your dog from falling sideways! You can do this with a pita, as well!

Packing Material

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Take all your coffee filters and put them in the shredder. Now you have a perfect crumple to put inside the fragile box. It’s a good way to save paper, and help the environment!

Hamster Fun

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You can also shred your coffee filter and use the shreds as a bed for your pet rodents cage! They will love it, and because the filter is white, you will know when to clean it out! Your hamster will have a lot of fun playing inside too!

Dog Poop

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Plastic bags are doing a great deal of harm to the environment, and if you have some extra coffee filters at home use those first before going back to the bag to pick up after your dog. That is unless you have a big dog. Then its better to use a plastic bag!

Rain Water

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If your going on a long camping trip in the middle of the woods, you may want to plan ahead for the unknown. People get stranded and lost every day in camping trips around the world. If you cut a bottle in half with the cap side down, you can put a coffee filter on top and make a filtered water contraption. That way you don’t need to worry about drying up.

Wine Cork

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If you ever mess up opening your wine bottle, and you find yourself with pieces of cork in the bottle. Strain the wine through a coffee filter and you will be able to have your self some clean wine without any concerns.

Straining Yogurt

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Tie a coffee filter on top of a jar with a rubber band, and slowly poor yogurt over it. The filter will strain out all the excess liquid from the yogurt. What you get at the end is much creamier yogurt dip then what you had before.


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Last but not least, a big secret behind the coffee filter is that its oven proof. This is great news considering they are the perfect shape to line muffins in. So, if your racing to make some holiday, muffins and have nothing to use for a liner. Use your coffee filter and you will get the same result!