“We Can Never Have Enough of Nature” – Hacks That Make Camping Much More Fun

Ah, camping, camping can be a lot of fun, the great outdoors, the campfires, the woods, the food you’d never eat in a civilized society. Escaping the hassle of your daily grind can be refreshing, and there is plenty of time for games and leisure.

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There are a lot of fun things to do while camping, including water activities, games, meals, and hiking. It can be quite a challenge to be prepared for every type of occasion whiles outdoors. That said, there are a lot of different hacks to prepare for Mother Nature or even simple day to day tasks. Here are some fantastic camping hacks you can use to make your camping experience as wonderful as possible!

Single-Use Ointment and Toothpaste Packets

Instead of packing such large toiletry bags, you can cut up a straw and fill up the pieces with antibiotic ointments, creams or toothpaste for single-use packets. It’s as easy as that. Place the straw over the opening of a tube and carefully squeeze in a tiny amount of the product that is approximately one-quarter of an inch in length.

Straw cut into small pieces with ointment inside them
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If the product comes in a tube, use a Cue-tip to fill inside the packet. You’ll notice that a transparent straw would work best for this. Use a lighter to seal the ends; you might want to use pliers while doing so-so you don’t get your fingers burnt. There is nothing fun with getting melted plastic on your skin.

Foam Flooring

I’m sure nearly all who have been on camping trips know that sometimes you wake up with a deflated mattress. Now, don’t get me wrong; camping is about roughing it up. I’m sure if you could make it a little more pleasant, it would make a large difference. Before you plan your next camping trip, go to a children’s department store, grab yourself some foam puzzle pieces.

Children's foam puzzle pieces for the floors
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Place the foam puzzle pieces under your mattresses and you will find that your tent floor will be way comfier. You’re welcome. Oh, and if you have kids, this is a great game for them too. A funny idea, you can get the kids to do this while you’re doing the more grown-up jobs. Two actions in one!

Instant Lantern

When it comes to lighting in campsites, we either try to set up camp near toilet areas or near roads for better lighting, but there’s no need. Here is a fun way for you and your fellow campers to have better lighting. Simply get a large clear plastic bottle and fill it with water, apply a headlamp or another form of light, to the outside of the bottle for an instant lantern. That should give you enough lighting.

A large plastic bottle with a headlamp attached to the outside creating a 'lantern effect.'
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This is always a smart way to keep you guys at ease having a good source of light. Of course, it depends on where you are camping. A lot of places are completely in a forest or in a specific campsite. Either or, it’s always important to make sure you have a backup.

Spray Bottle for Tick Deterrent

Sometimes it can be a little frightening when getting all sorts of weird unexplained bites all over you after an outdoors trip. Especially for the frightened women scared of insects out there, yes you, you know I’m talking to you! But don’t worry, have no fear, the solution is here! (A solution to keep the bugs away, not a solution for the screaming at the site of bugs).

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You can make a natural tick deterrent if you prefer avoiding harsh chemicals. For a natural tick deterrent, you can put one part of tea tree oil to 2 parts water into a spray bottle. You should spray the treatment onto your shoes, socks and the cuffs of your pants. I would personally rub it all over me.

Garden ‘Candle’ Lights

If you would like to add that extra touch to your outdoors trip, get a little creative, and make your own DIY ‘romantic stakes’ for nighttime lighting. One, it could feel like a magical ‘fairytale-like’ feeling for your kids which can create a good camping experience. It could also simply be romantic for you and a partner.

candle in a jar
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You can use a tiny drill bit or toothpick to hollow out the bottom of the candle. Place a few craft dowels into the ground and then firmly place the candles on top of the dowels. It’s easy, affordable and pretty. It’s a nice way to add extra lights in an evening outdoors. Another option is to put sand in a jar, put a candle inside the jar and light it up.

Tic-Tac Spices

Another primary camping experience is cooking your food together. When we go camping, we like to eat well, for some that means making sure you have all the right seasoning and spies on hand. Here’s an easy way to bring all your favorite spices making sure you always have the best-flavored food.

Empty Tic-Tac bottles being used to hold spices
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Space is always an issue for many, so you can all try this tick by using an empty Tic-Tac container. you can store all your favorite spices inside of it. This would also be a great solution for people who stay in vacation condos, motor homes, campers, and travel trailers. Why not? It could be great to have all your desired spices with you.

Hand-Wash Station

Tired of having to find a bathroom nearby? Things are always bound to get a bit messy. It seems inevitable. We think this is a pretty nifty DIY hack you should try. It does seem a little bit over the top when it comes to making it, but trust me, it’s so worth it. For women mostly, there’s nothing worse than having dirty hands.

Plastic laundry detergent dispenser is being used as a hand wash station
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It’s simple, you take an empty laundry detergent dispenser or another similar container that can be used and use it as a handwashing station. If you want to get all fancy, you may add a little toilet roll holder to the top of it. Now you have your own easy access handwashing station. What do you think?

Easy Pancake Mix

Eating pancakes on a camping trip early in the morning, wouldn’t that be fun for everyone? Just imagine waking up early in the morning, making pancakes out on a camping trip with that good smell, sounds perfect, right? If this sounds good to you too, well, it’s really simple. This mix doesn’t require too many ingredients. There are numerous recipes out there that are easy to follow.

A clear bottle containing pancake mix
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You can make delicious pancakes with a pre-made pancake mix using shortening and dry milk. It doesn’t need to be grocery stories refrigerated. If you would like to take it a step further, you can find powdered eggs at most grocery stores. However, keep it simple, it tastes absolutely perfect!

Easy Fire Starter

I was today years old when I found this hack, I ‘had’ to share this! You know when you want to get a fire going and it takes some time until it finally picks up? Or when you are trying to get creative to make a fire and you start making the whole place smell like you burnt down a whole forest? Well, here is a simple way to get your fire burning.

An empty egg carton filled with charcoal
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What you can do is take an egg box, replace the eggs with charcoal inside of the carton. Place the box on the barbeque as is and then simply light the box and you will find that it burns much easier. Of course, be cautious and make sure that the bbq area you are using can handle a proper fire! We don’t want any oopsies!

Bye-Bye Mosquitoes

Oh, don’t you just love it when you’re about to fall asleep and then you hear this annoying buzzing sound hovering around your head? I’m kidding; it’s the most annoying thing in the world. If you would like to avoid mosquitoes hanging around, you can take extra precautions.

bundle of sage
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After you are all finished eating, Marshmellow-ing and using the fireplace, you can put a bundle of sage on the campfire, the smell of the sage should keep all the mosquitoes away. Plus, I think it will make everything smell kind of nice, depending on your taste with fragrances. If you aren’t able to get your hands on some sage, you may also use rosemary, that should do the trick for you.

Emergency Whistle

I know people don’t take these things seriously until they have experienced something or someone close to them has experienced it. In my opinion, I think it’s pretty easy to get lost in the woods during a camping trip, I myself, have been lost once or twice. Here is a simple trick to teach your loved ones.

A demonstrative picture showing you how to open an accord and how to hold it
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If you open an acorn and use the cap, you can turn it into a whistle that could help you if you’re lost. It does take a bit of practice learning how to hold it correctly, but you should get noise from it. If this is too much of a complicated mission for you, simply go down to a kid’s store and buy a whistle!

Who doesn’t like scrambled eggs!

There are generally a few foods we desire on camping trips but feel that it’s impossible to have them, due to portable storage facilities. Well, we’re here to save you! Scrambled eggs on a camping trip is a ‘must’ have!  I know it almost seems impossible for carting around eggs and the bowls, and so on, but here is an easy way to travel with your eggs.

A plastic bottle containing raw egg liquid
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All you need is one water bottle that can hold up to 18 eggs. If you can make it a carton bottle instead of a plastic bottle, that would be great! Using a bottle, you can keep all your eggs in the bottle and save a lot of time and hassles, which also means no whisking and no extra bowls!


Okay, I know I’m adding a variety of food hacks, but I can’t help myself. This is fun! Doesn’t that look and sound delicious? And who wouldn’t like to be aware of new creative things to take a long with you while camping? You can advise friends or family with little ones, and they’d love it.

An Oreo with a melted marshmallow pouring off the sides
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This is also quite a simple one. All you do is twist open an Oreo and put in a melted piece of chocolate (optional), and add roasted marshmallow to the middle. Close and you have yourself a S’mOreo! We hope you enjoy it! People who have tried this have mentioned that it was quite the delight on their trips!

Know Your Location While Hiking

When going out on a hike, the woods and trails could get a bit confusing. What would happen if you took a different path, how would you find your way back? Don’t worry, there is an easy solution. Go to your closest hardware store and get yourself some biodegradable trail-marking tape. It will work wonders and help you get back to where you need to be.

Biodegradable tape wrapped around a branch
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Also, if you are a more cautious person and you’re worried about kids or something, you can go a little more extreme. If you’re alone out in the woods, you can simply buy longer pieces of biodegradable trail-marking tape and tie it from tree to tree. That way you will have permanent guideline barriers eliminating all chances of getting lost. Happy hiking.

All in One Cleanser

Packing soaps, shampoos, mouth wash, and dish soap can take up so much space in your bags. There is a solution to this problem, which will make everyone’s lives easier. If you are a fanatic with having all the right stuff, this solution/ hack is absolutely perfect for you! There’s nothing better than being all squeaky clean.

A plastic bottle
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Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Soap is an unscented soap. It is completely natural, chemical-free and biodegradable. You wouldn’t have to worry about where you apply it. It can be used as shampoo, mouthwash, body wash, laundry detergent, and even dish soap. If you aren’t sure where to find products like these, I’m sure you could locate them in your closest drug store or natural stores.

Keep Warm on a Cold Night

Sleeping somewhere cold? I know usually just the idea of being cold while camping can be quite discouraging. That’s not a problem even when that campfire eventually dies down and it tends to get a bit cold. We found a solution to warm you up a bit and this solution that works really well according to many!

A packet with a heat bag inside, with 'HotHands' inscribed on the packet.
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The instructions are simple. You can even try this at home before taking the leap of faith if you will. Place a packet of ‘HotHands air-activated warmers’ at the bottom of your sleeping bag next to your feet. It should keep you toasty and warm all night long. If you want, you can bring extra along with you in case you require more or anyone else does.

Dry Wet Shoes

Wet shoes can be a serious discomfort for anyone while camping. Just the idea of having cold and wet feet makes me shiver to my core. If you are anywhere that is humid or wet, drying them out can also be a hard task. Especially considering you have a limited stock of socks on hand.

Hiking shoes stuffed with clothing
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Remove the insoles from the shoes and set them aside. Stuff dry used clothing or rags inside the shoes. Moisture usually spreads from wet to dry places naturally. The moisture inside your shoes will shift from the shoe into the dry material. In the morning, dry the moist material by hanging it up. If you don’t like the idea of using clothing, simply pack old rags and bring them along for those wet shoe moments.

Socks for Sleeping Only

I can’t stress this enough! It’s extremely hard to explain the importance of having a clean pair of socks only for sleeping. If you prefer sleeping in socks, try keeping one pair on hand for sleeping ‘only.’ They do not have to be thick socks; even thin ankle socks would be great and comforting for you.

Someone putting on a clean pair of socks
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I know there are times when you don’t have regular facilities available to you but even if you can’t shower, having a dry and clean pair of socks on whiles sleeping will help your body, and I emphasize, differentiate between your day’s activities and the solace of the night time. Wearing them will also help keep the inside of your sleeping bag nice and clean.

Kids Night Light

When it’s too dark inside the tent, the children may want a source of lighting.  But the problem is that the lights you’d want to hang up would be too bright. Here’s a fun solution that’s good for the kids and for you. When the kids or even adults are out in the middle of nowhere, it can be soothing and have a peace of mind having even the smallest source of lighting around you.

Someone holding a glow stick inside a tent
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This is such a simple hack. You can simply use glow sticks. It’s a camping hack that kids really enjoy. Glow sticks are a wonderful way to provide a little light in your tent that isn’t too bright for sleeping. You can hang one or two up in your tent. You should have just enough light to see.

Want to Keep Your Firewood Dry?

We know it’s not fun to go on a trip and then all of a sudden, it starts raining and now your firewood is wet too. How would you keep everyone warm or how would you make food? I think this is the most important part of camping. This hack will have you thinking, ‘Why didn’t I think of that!’

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If you’ve collected wood, simply place the dry firewood underneath your car so that if it rains, it will stay dry. If you want to take extra precautions, you can also dig a small trench around your car to prevent the water from running under your car and getting the wood wet. Even if the weather looks great, rather keep the wood under the car anyway.

Solar Powered String Lights

Sometimes those portable camping lanterns just aren’t enough to light up the vicinity. Oh, and don’t get me started on the fact that sometimes they don’t even work! So here is a nice, smart and sufficient way to light up your campsite and tent.

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You can simply invest in a solar-powered string of lights, it’s a perfect way to light up your campsite. If you can’t seem to find any of these lights in the vicinity, there a quite a few options you can choose from on Amazon. You can purchase them in different sizes and lengths, depending on the area you want to light up. However, make sure that you purchase this at least two months before your trip!

Don’t Forget the Tinfoil

You can cook practically anything wrapped up in tinfoil on a campfire. Tinfoil has a numerous amount of hacks of its own but when it comes to food, we can’t go without it. If you’re worried about storage and bringing it along, you can either cut out squares before leaving or simply wrap it around a smaller roll, like a toilet roll.

Food wrapped in tinfoil on a fire
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You can stuff a baked potato with cheese and beans, season a fish, wrap them up in tinfoil and place them in the middle of the fire to cook. Oh, and another thing, if you want to prevent your meat from burning, you simply first cover it with cabbage, then tinfoil. Look, either way, don’t forget to take it along with you. We need it more often than not!

One Squirt Might Save You

A small sized bottle of hand sanitizer is not up for negotiation peeps. Research shows that it’s often bacteria from hands that’s the suspect in outdoors tummy-troubles, not wilderness bugs like giardia. Besides, if there are women and kids that came along on the trip, it’s important. Women in general love being clean and the kids, well, they are kids, they touch everything and then put their hands straight in their mouths.

Woman applying hand sanitizer to her hands
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Use an alcohol-based sanitizer after every toilet break and before every meal or snack. But that’s not the only reason to bring it—this magic in a bottle doubles as a fire starter and even as a topical antiseptic for wounds in a pinch, though it hurts and burns like heck.

Matches Are a Must

It would be pretty uncomfortable if something happened to your lighter or you simply just forgot to bring a lighter with you. I mean, how would you keep warm? How would you make any food? This item is extremely important just like having dry firewood. Do we have an understanding? Anyway, rant over, do yourself a favor and don’t forget it!

a small jar containing matches
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Keep your matches dry by crafting your own Mason jar or plastic container matchbox. However, of course, it will be better if you avoided using a plastic container. With a Mason jar, use the center of the canning jar lid or container, trace a circle or triangle on the sandpaper. Hot glue the sandpaper shape to the jar lid. Store matches inside.

Duct Tape

If you are a regular camper, you should know that just about anything can happen on your trip. Scouts honor, duct tape can come in very handy. (I was never a scout). It can help with any kind inflatable toys or objects, as well as small or big holes in the tent, or anything, in general, that may have broken along the way. There’s always something that needs fixing.

A bottle with duct tape wrapped around it
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Duct tape has a million benefits and can be a complete lifesaver on an outdoors trip. Again, if you are worried about space or simply couldn’t be bothered with bringing a big roll, you can just tape it around a water bottle or a lighter to make sure you have it with you all the time. I find that using a pencil is also an efficient way of not taking up too much space.

Missing a Grommet?

I know this is not something anyone in their regular, day to day minds would ever think of. However, these kinds of issues are real and stuff like this does happen quite often. More than we’d like. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and come prepared. This is not a hack that requires you to bring something from home.

A stone and stick in place of a grommet
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What happens if you don’t have a little grommet to hang your tarp up? You can easily put a stone or pebble where the grommet used to be and tie a knot around it and there you have it, a grommet. You could also do something a little more reliable by injecting a stick or small branch through the loop of the rope for easy tarp suspension.

Lube a Sticky Zipper

Do you know when you have those stubborn zippers that don’t zip or unzip with ease? If you pull really hard, you would probably rip and destroy something along the way. Well, there is a simple solution for that. Please keep in mind that this hack doesn’t require a candle being lit. We actually highly recommend that it’s not lit!

Rubbing the side of a candle on a stubborn zipper
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Rub an unlit candle over a stubborn zipper for a smoother movement. While we are on the subject of zippers, you know sometimes the slider breaks off and then you are left pulling the zipper by the tips of your fingers, it’s not fun. You can stick a large keyring through the small hole in the zipper so that you can get your fingers through or even if you have gloves on.

Glow in the Dark Bubbles

There are so many fun glow stick ideas. However, this idea is just a simple source of amusement and excitement for all ages (mostly kids), but we will go with all ages if you know what I mean. Kids (and adults) go absolutely mental over this! Very carefully, cut open a glow stick and pour the liquid into the bottle of bubbles mixture, give it a small shake and let the games begin.

Neon bubbles floating around
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If you are paranoid about the toxins inside the glow sticks, based on research on the internet, they are considered to be minimally toxic even with a mouthful of the liquid. The toxins also vary based on the different colors. In the end, the glow sticks are considered safe. You’re welcome!

Glow Stick Necklaces

And here we have another glow stick hack. Okay, who are we kidding? Just go down to a shop and buy boxes of them. So, you know when the sun fades away, that doesn’t mean that your kids do too. It can get pretty dark out in the woods or most campsites. IT’s just you, the dark sky and a black background. It’s very likely the kids would probably want to stay up late and play outside.

A child wearing a glow stick around his neck
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I mean, why not? it’s a camping trip. Now, to make your life that much easier looking after your bundles of joy, hang a glow stick necklace around their necks or arms so that you are aware of where they are at all times. You will see their little lights floating around like little fireflies. By the way, the glow sticks last for at least 12 hours.

Oral Gel for Those Bites

With this hack, you can use this anywhere you go, it’s not just for the happy campers. There’s absolutely nothing worse than looking like a dartboard or having to scratch yourself profusely all day and all night long. Next time you get bitten, give this a try. I’m almost sure you won’t regret it.

Someone applying an oral gel to a mosquito bite on his foot
Source: medicalnewstoday.com

Oral gel is the life savor here! All hail for the king! This gel works wonders for those itching and annoying mosquito bites. It generally helps with most bug bites. Anbesol is good to Treat Mosquito Bites. If you don’t like the idea of oral jel, Anbesol gel is a topical benzocaine medicament that blocks the nerve cells on and around the area where it is applied.

Belt and Hook Organizer

Whenever you go away, do you find yourself looking for a place to hang up those pots and pans? Sometimes there isn’t a way so we simply just leave them lying around the campsite which is not fun. Or maybe you just want a place to hang up your towels and swimwear so they don’t get all smelly.

A belt wrapped around a tree with pans hanging from hooks
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This is pretty simple. You can bring along a belt and some hooks from home, it will help you organize your camping kitchen, or you could use it to hang up different items to keep them out of the way. If you don’t feel like ruining your belt, you can just buy some thick rope from your nearest hardware store and use that instead.

Vacuum Seal Your Food

When it becomes dark outside and it’s time for you to start preparing the food for you, your friends and family, it can be a bit of a challenge to make do with the small facilities at hand. I know it’s not ideal when you feel like you have no order with the food. Sometimes we drop stuff or even waste stuff because it’s defrosted and you couldn’t eat it all.

Different varieties of vacuum-packed foods on a table
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The best way to manage your meals is by preparing your food prior to your trip can save a lot of hassles in the dark. Cutting and prepping the food will not only save you some problems but will also preserve the food longer. The best part of it all is if you open a package of food, you can close it again and put it back in the cooler.

Barbecue Grill Clamp Net

I know it’s not rocket science to get a good fire going and cook a good meal. But if there are ways to make life easier, then why not? This tip will help keep things neat and tidy for you. Even if you like doing things the traditional way, this will make your life easier for sure. I think it also makes the cooking go a lot faster, it eliminates the manual turning of food.

A barbecue net clamp containing food
Source: amazon.com

The grill net is the only grid you should need on your trip. You can also make various different kinds of food on it. You can make fish, toasties, steaks, or gourmet dishes (if that’s your thing). This type of grid eliminates tongs and can handle anything with just a simple flip.

Pop-up Garbage Can

Well, this is fun! Instead of having plastic packets hanging around the campsite attracting unwanted flying friends or having the trash bags lying on the floor everywhere, you can simply invest in this little accessory. These mesh net baskets are extremely affordable.

A mesh laundry basket being used as a trash can
Source: Pinterest.com

This pop-up trash can cost nearly nothing. It folds into a shape that doesn’t take up any space. This is a nice way to keep your campsite nice and tidy and in order. Also, as we mentioned before, if you want to avoid those unwanted flying friends, you can place the pop-up trash a few feet in front or behind your tent. Make sure that animals can’t get to that, depending on where you’re camping.

Toiletries on a Rope

How do you pack your bag when you’re going on a trip? You always need your shampoo and conditioners, your soaps and cleansers, your creams and sunblocks and so on. Of course, that always takes up a lot of space in your bags or can even cause a mess in your bags. Let’s not get started with you arriving and products leaking in your bag, that’s a nightmare!

Toiletries kept in small containers attached to a lanyard
Source: newpict.icu

When packing, choose your favorite toiletries you can’t go without, (We all have those), put them in those tiny travel bottles that you can find in most drug stores and then simply attach them to a lanyard. It would take up less space and be less messy. If you can’t find the containers, you could probably order them online.

Glow Stick in Your Cooler

Need to get out a torch or your phone every time you need a drink from the cooler box? I know the struggle. This is a no-brainer, but it’s still a pretty handy tip and it can be a whole lot more fun doing this. It’s kind of like a college hack. If you bring a see-through bucket to put ice and drinks in it, you can throw in the glow sticks too, it will be an outside light too!

A Cooler box filled with ice and drinks, glowing from a neon stick
Source: Pinterest.com

Now, are you ready for the ‘No Sh$t Sherlock’ moment? You can drop a glow stick in your camping cooler box. It will shine a bright color and reflect off the ice, brightening up everything. You can get your drinks or whatever you are looking for, in the dark, and it looks really pretty.

Poison Alert!

Don’t worry, we don’t expect you I’m sure you to start studying every single plant on the planet and learn about their dangers. However, it might help if you become familiar with what kind of threats you face in the area you are headed to. Libraries or camping stores might have little pamphlets that you can take in case you do encounter something on your trip.

A picture showing numerous amounts of poisonous leaf types
Source: Pinterest.com

If not, try learning how to recognize and distinguish between poisonous plants. Poison ivy, for example, can cause bad itching and rashes. Of course, if you do have an encounter with such plants or leaves, you might want to see a doctor. He will tell you if you need to come in and see him or not.

Clean Water Is a Must

There are no questions when it comes to having clean drinking water. Clean water to drink is a must. There are people out there that bring gallons of water, but for some, that’s too much baggage to bring along. If you are someone that brings gallons of water, please make sure to put your plastic bottles in the recycling garbage places.  If you find yourself in a pickle without clean water, follow the steps below.

A dirty glass of water vs. a clean glass of water, after being filtered
Source: YouTube.com

If all you have is a container with dirty water, you can put the end section of the cloth in the glass and stick the other end in another empty container box. After a while, the water filters itself through the cloth, leaving all the dirt in the first container.

Frisbee All-in-One

If you are OSD or simply enjoy the simplicity of having less clutter around you, then you’ve come to the right place. I know this might sound odd and might take the term ‘roughing it out‘ to another level, but just hear me out. A little Frisbee can play a bigger role in your camping trip.

A Frisbee being used as a plate for food
Source: boondocksus.com

Not only can your Frisbee be used for fun and games, if you had to run out of plates, they can also serve as a plate ( pasta, stews, solid food, hot foods), a cutting board (it will probably get scratched), a shovel (not for bodies), or even a simple water container for your furry family member to drink out of. We hope this list comes in handy! Enjoy your camping trip!