Wake Up and Smell the Coffee – The Ultimate List of Coffee Hacks

For most of us, coffee is a pretty standard way to start the day. It gives us the energy to tackle the day. Did you know we only use 1% of coffee? There is another 99% full of nutrients that we can still use but usually don’t. If it’s painting a picture or even cleaning clothes, you can probably do it with coffee. Today, coffee is a pretty standard way to start the day, meaning there is usually some coffee grounds or coffee filters laying around somewhere.

picture of coffee
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With important nutrients that coffee grounds contain and the texture of coffee filters, there are plenty of ways to recycle these things! There is so much more to coffee than just giving you a morning boost! From gardening your plants to coloring your hair, here are 50 things you can do with coffee, coffee grounds, and coffee filters. 

Fights Cellulite

Almost everyone has cellulite somewhere on their body and its one of the most annoying things to get rid of! Sure, you can work out, but it doesn’t always work. Did you know coffee is the main ingredient in those overpriced cellulite creams?

coffee on woman’s leg
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All you have to do is mix a 1/4 cup of warm coffee grounds with one tablespoon of olive oil. Apply it on the areas of your body that you have cellulite, and wrap it with saran wrap. Take it off after 10 minutes and then shower as you normally would.  Did you know there are three different types of cellulite? Adipose cellulite is firm, Oedematous cellulite is soft and, Fibrotic cellulite is hard. I’m pretty sure I have all three.

Naturally Highlight Hair

Okay girls, do you ever want lighter hair or fun highlights, but scared of the damage bleach can cause? Wash your hair with strong cooled coffee! It will bring out your natural highlights and also help enhance the shine! You only need coffee grounds and two cups of hot water. Use it to clean your hair for about 15 minutes, and you will notice a vibrant radiance coming from your hair.

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Another method is to put some in your conditioner. This hack works best with all shades of brown and dark red hair. Not very recommended for blonde hair. Fun Fact: on average, a person has approximately 100,000-150,000 strands of hair on their head. It is the fastest growing tissue in the body after bone marrow.

Coffee Ice Cubes

There is nothing worse then the ice beginning to melt in your delicious ice coffee. It begins to lose its strength and tastes watered down. There is a pretty easy solution to this problem. Instead of drinking weak, flavorless coffee, make it stronger by using coffee ice cubes. Now, when the ice cubes melt, they will make your coffee even richer. This is a hack that I will be using every day this summer!

Coffee Ice Cubes
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Did you know that there is something called coffee cherries that you can eat? It’s true! Back in the day, people used to mix coffee berries with fat. It created an energy-filled snack that kept people caffeinated all day! PBS reported that the pulp would also be fermented to turn it into a wine-like beverage! Wine and coffee together! Sounds like my kind of drink!

Blue You’re Flowers

Planting is a fun way to brighten up your garden! The bright colors of flowers just bring the garden to life! Did you know coffee can help? Sometimes, certain flowers and plants change colors based on the PH level of the soil. Adding coffee grounds to the soil will reduce the PH level to ensure your flowers will grow blue and bright!

coffee and flower
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Flowers receive all their nutrients from sunlight, water and soil, but did you know that they are the reproductive structure in plans. As they bloom and blossom, it’s the biological function of a flower to effect reproduction. Flowers are basically what unites the sperm and the egg. This brings a whole new meaning to the term “The flowers are blooming.”

Keep the Cats away

Do you ever get tired of street cats wandering through your back yard? Do they keep you awake at night with their meowing? Just use coffee! Simply sprinkle some coffee grounds where you don’t want them to walk. Cats hate the smell of coffee, and it will deter them. This hack keeps away cats, dogs, and even rodents. To make this hack even more effective, you can add orange peels to it since citrus repels them as well.

coffee on the yard
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Fun fact: In 2005, scientists discovered that cats have a genetic deficiency that’s cancels the sugar detectors in their taste buds. Basically cats can’t taste sweetness. That must suck! I guess that explains why they can get pretty cranky.

Flavor Enhancer

This is a fun trick for all the chefs out there! Adding coffee ground or even brewed coffee can help enhance flavors. You can just replace the water in recipes with the coffee.  This hack works very well with chocolate cakes and chili; it enhances the flavor creating a bold rich taste.

man and woman cooking
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You can also try this for meat! Simply put one tablespoon of fresh coffee grounds into your marinade. It will not only make the meat tenderer, but it will add a slight smokiness. Of course, tasting happens in your mouth that’s not necessarily how flavor works. Did you know that up to 80% of flavor actually comes from smell? We just perceive it as taste. That’s why things taste weird when you have a cold.

Cleans “Garlic Hands”

Do you ever cut garlic or onions and can’t get the smell off your hands? Even worse, jalapeños and then accidentally touching your eyes. Sometimes soap just doesn’t. When that happens use coffee instead. All you have to do is keep some coffee grounds in your kitchen for easy access. Rub them on your hands after cutting garlic and other stinky foods.

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Not only does it overpower the garlic and removes the embarrassing garlic smell, but it completely cleans your hands so no more burning eyes. Fun garlicy fact: Did you know there is a psychological term for the fear of garlic? It’s called alliumphobia and it’s a real thing! I don’t get it? Who doesn’t love garlic?

Helps Clear Acne

Sometimes nothing works for acne. No matter how much money we spend on products and face wash, it won’t help! If you have coffee grounds around the house, it’s a cheap, safe way to clear up those stubborn pimples. Coffee contains antioxidant ingredients which help clean and tone your face. You combine the coffee grounds with some toothpaste that will create a paste.

coffee on woman’s face
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Rub in on your face and leave it there for about 20 minutes before washing it off. Your pores are little tiny holes in your skin. When oils are released from your sebaceous glands, hair follicles are formed. We all get pimples but unfortunately, if your pores get clogged or infected, it can cause acne.

Coffee Ice Pops

On a hot summer day, there is nothing more refreshing than an ice pop. They are very simple to make at home, but have you ever tried to make coffee-flavored ice pops? It’s just as easy as making regular ice pops. You simply combine iced coffee and cream. It’s the perfect adult snack and makes drinking your ice coffee even more enjoyable.

coffee ice pops
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Did you know that ice-pops were invented by accident? Frank Epperson left a mixture of water and powdered out on the porch in 1905. It contained a stir stick. When he woke up he discovered this delicious treat and named it the Epsicle. 18 years later he finally changed it to Popsicle. In 1922 the frozen desert was introduced to the world at an Oakland fireman ball.

Clean clothes

Coffee can do more than just turn on your brain in the morning. Did you know you can use it to clean your clothes? Just add some fresh coffee into your washing machine! I know this sounds crazy, but it actually works. The coffee will actually stain the clothes, enhancing the color making your dark clothes looking fresh! Of course, this only works with darks so don’t try this hack for a white load of laundry.

coffee on a dirty shirt
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You can’t see 70% of the dirt on your clothes. You sweat about 6 liters a day so it’s not that shocking if you really think about it. The first washing machine was called ‘Thor’ and was invented in 1782. Dryers have only been around for 200 years while ironing was a thing over 1000 years ago!

Insect Deterrent

We all know how obnoxious insects are. Especially in the summer, it seems as though spiders, ants, bugs, and cockroaches are all over the place. Coffee will help get rid of them for you. Just put a few coffee grounds in a jar. Put some extra sticky double-sided tape inside. The scent of coffee attracts the roaches creating a cockroach trap. You can also sprinkle coffee grounds wherever you don’t want ants, and can even be used to repel snakes.

Coffee with steams
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Fun facts about insects: There are between 6 million and 10 million different types of insects. Insects have three parts to their bodies, the thorax, abdomen, and head. They also have three pairs of legs, which sounds really gross for some reason.

Repair Scratched Furniture

We all get those annoying scratches on our furniture. Leaving the house to buy a scratch fixer, it is not only a waste of time but may not even work. What if you can solve this problem with something that you probably already have lying around?

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Try using coffee grounds to repair furniture scratches. You only need one tablespoon. Combine it with one tablespoon of olive oil, and Just use a cotton swab or cotton ball to apply it. It’s recommended to test it on a discreet area of the furniture first. Ready for a furniture fact? I know you were always wondering who invented the office chair. You probably would have never guessed, but it was Charles Darwin in the 1800s.

Gardening Helper

Do you ever need help gardening? Maybe wondering why your plans aren’t growing as fast and colorful as you hoped. Coffee grounds are a great solution to help your plants grow bright and beautiful. By stirring coffee grounds into the soil or even the watering can, will give your seeds a nitrogen increase. You can also double your harvest if you use it when planting carrots or radishes.

coffee grounds into the soil
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The potassium, magnesium, and copper contained in coffee make it acidic, which can help with the blooms. I bet you didn’t know that there are more microorganisms in one teaspoon of soil than there are people on earth! Plants also respond to sound waves. Music and sweet sounds can actually help your plants grow.

Palate Cleanser

Do you ever notice how in perfume stores, there are usually small bowls of coffee beans close by? The reason for this is that after smelling different types of perfumes, it becomes hard to distinguish one from the other. Smelling coffee in between perfume samples can help us separate these smells.

picture of coffee beans
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The strong scent from the coffee beans triggers different areas of your nose, now your sense of smell becomes more sensitive, and you can smell the next perfume more clearly. The same perfume scent can smell differently on different people. Everyone has their own skin chemistry that produces a natural scent. The environment and even what you eat can have effect how a perfume will smell on your body.

Coffee Paint

Do you ever paint and accidentally take a sip of the paint water? If you’re anything like me, this happened to you a lot as a kid. Well, there is a way of painting with safe edible water. You can actually use regular brewed coffee as a form of paint! It will fade into a light brown. Of course this only works with brown, but adding layers to the brown “paint” will make it darker, creating different shades!

Coffee paint
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Also, the water is safe to drink because it’s not filled with toxic paint. During World War II, licensed oil was in very limited supply. Manufacturers were forced to discover other ideas. This ultimately led to artificial resins which were very practical. They were cheap and lasted a long time.

Minty Fresh

Do you ever run out of toothpaste? Or just ate onions and desperately need gum? Well, coffee can once again be your solution. I know coffee doesn’t seem like it can replace toothpaste but, sucking a whole roasted coffee bean will work just as well as mint. The strong coffee aroma removes bad odor.

Coffee and Bagels
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Next time you’re too scared to kiss your date because of bad breath, throw a coffee bean in your mouth. You will have fresh breath in no time! Did you know that the name mint comes from Menthe, a mythical Greek character? Ancient Romans used mint in perfumes and bathtubs. Ancient Hebrews spread it in the synagogue for the scent. Today one of the most popular mints is spearmint.

Flea Bath

Do you ever run out of toothpaste? Or just ate onions and desperately need gum? Well, coffee can once again be your solution. I know coffee doesn’t seem like it can replace toothpaste but, sucking a whole roasted coffee bean will work just as well as mint. The strong coffee aroma removes bad odor.

Itchy bugs on the dog
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Next time you’re too scared to kiss your date because of bad breath, throw a coffee bean in your mouth. You will have fresh breath in no time! Did you know that the name mint comes from Menthe, a mythical Greek character? Ancient Romans used mint in perfumes and bathtubs. Ancient Hebrews spread it in the synagogue for the scent. Today one of the most popular mints is spearmint.

Cleans Hair Buildup

We all get buildup in our hair. Whether we are using too many products, or simply don’t wash the shampoo/conditioner out all the way, there will be buildup. The rough texture of coffee grounds can reduce the buildup and oil from your hair. Just put some coffee grounds into your when you shower. You can even simply add it to your shampoo for an easy way to reduce buildup.

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This is recommended for brunettes since coffee can sometimes dye your hair. It’s important to remember that washing your hair too often isn’t good either. When you get rid of your hair’s natural oils and vitamins, it causes you too either have too much or not enough oil, depending on the texture of your hair.

Remove Dark Circles from Under Eyes

There are many benefits of putting the coffee on your skin. Other than reducing pimples and fighting cellulite, coffee can help remove dark circles from under your eyes. We’ve all been there. Not getting enough sleep and having embarrassing dark circles under and around our eyes.

Coffee under the eyes
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Since coffee contains ingredients that help tone your body, applying it to your face will tighten your skin, reduce puffiness, and redness. This will wake up your face before even drinking the coffee. Extreme fatigue or lack of sleep are the main reasons that fluid builds up under your eyes causing black circles. Sleep deprivation can also make your skin look dark and pale; as a result the black circles can be a shadow of your puffy eyelids.

Unclog Drains

If you ever need to unclog your drain, and you keep your coffee grounds, you’re in luck! There is so much you can do with coffee! Coffee grounds may even be able to unclog your drain.

Coffe on the sink
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You just drain the sink as much as you can before adding the coffee grounds. Then simply add a few drops of dish soap and boiling hot water. This hack works on both kitchen and bathroom drains!

Eliminate Odors

Drying coffee grounds can help eliminate bad odors. Simply put them in a bowl and place them into the refrigerator or freezer. The cold will release the coffee aroma to freeze and neutralize odors, getting rid of bad smells. You just put the bowl of coffee grounds where the bad scent is coming from such as closets, cabinets, or even your car.

coffee in a bowl
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This hack works on lingering smells too! Freezing the coffee grounds in an ice tray will give you more at your disposal, for easy access to fresh smells. Did you know that the average person can smell one trillion scents? You can smell even smell feeling such as fear through sweat and then experience the same emotion.

Cleans the Fire Place

Next time you make some hot coffee on a cold winter day, save the coffee grounds! This can be very useful when you need to clean up the fireplace. Once they are cool, spread the grounds on the fireplace and clean as you normally would. The grounds have an absorbing component that helps contain the dust. Now when you clean the coffee grounds, you’re actually getting rid of more dirt.

Coffee grounds and fire
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Once it’s clean, make some coffee and sit by the fireplace, but don’t forget to keep the grounds! Chimneys have been around since the 11th and 12th centuries. The tallest chimney in the whole entire world is located at the GRES-2 Power Station located in Ekibastuz, Kazakhstan. It was built in 1987 and stands at 1,377 feet tall.

Cleaning Scrub

Sometimes dish soap isn’t enough to get the dirt off your pots and pans. No matter how much you scrub, the dirt is so built up that it won’t come off. Coffee grounds can help remove this caked on filth. The rough texture of the coffee grounds also removes the stains baked into pots and pans. By just wrapping a cloth filled with coffee grounds, you can create a coffee ground sponge simplifying the cleaning process.

Cleaning with coffee grounds
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It’s important to note not to use this hack for ceramic dishes because they can stain. Have you ever heard the microwave trick to clean sponges? Supposedly, if you microwave a sponge for two minutes in kill 99% of the germs. Be careful! There is a pretty big chance you can start a fire.

Grow Mushrooms

Do you ever get bored and want to grow fungi? Well if you save your coffee grounds, you’re in luck! Did you know we only use 1% of the coffee bean? We don’t need to waste the other 99%. Mix them with oyster mushrooms! The rest of the coffee bean is filled with nutrients that oyster mushrooms love to grow in.

Mushrooms with coffee grounds
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This is an actually beneficial way to grow mushrooms because not only are you conserving the coffee grounds, but the brewing process already purified them for healthy, safe to eat mushrooms. Mushrooms are considered a fungus, not a plant. The difference is that plants need sunlight for energy and fungi don’t. There are also over 30 types of mushrooms that glow in the dark.

Natural Body Scrub

Coffee grounds are very rough and help clean built-up dirt. Not only is coffee grounds safe for your body, but it holds a toning compound that can actually tighten your skin. Since they contain natural antibacterial properties, coffee grounds will clean and also disinfect. This is why it’s very safe and helpful to use on your body.

natural body scrub from coffee grounds
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It can remove dead cells and be used as a body wash. If you don’t like using toxic chemicals to clean surfaces, you can just use this scrub! Fun fact: After 10 years your mattress doubles in weight and it’s mainly due to dust mites and dead skin! It’s very important to scrub really well… any to maybe buy a new mattress every 10 years.

Coffee Candles

If you like making candles, you’ll love using coffee as an ingredient. Layering coffee grounds into the candle will make it look amazing! Also, the rich natural coffee scent smells much better than those essential oils you usually put in your candles. Even if you never made candles before you should try this fun trick! Once the candle starts burning down, exposing the coffee grounds, it will fill the room with a strong, delicious coffee aroma.

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It’s a fun activity, and you’re not wasting coffee grounds! You might be burning your candles incorrectly. The first time you light a new candle is the most important. You should let the candle burn long enough for the entire first layer of wax to melt. This way the candle will burn evenly.

Fresh Fridge

Obviously, everyone uses a refrigerator; it helps keep our food fresh and last longer. Of course, sometimes we can forget something in there for too long, and it starts to smell. Coffee grounds can actually help remove the odor.

coffee ground on the fridge
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Try this hack to keep your fridge smelling fresh! Did you ever hear of National Clean Out Your Fridge day? I didn’t either. It’s a real thing and takes place on November 14th every year! I definitely clean my fridge out quite often but I don’t think I have ever done it on November 14th.

Save Them for the Snow

In some places, the winter can be brutal. Snow and ice pile up everywhere, making it way more difficult to get around. Coffee grounds work very similarly to salt and can be used as a de-icer! Coffee is loaded with nitrogen, which is known to melt ice. They also deliver points of friction, making it less likely for you to slip.

coffee grounds melt the snow
Source: gardenista.com

Unlike salt, coffee grounds won’t cause any environmental harm, so you can sprinkle as much as you want to while feeling guilt-free! Fun fact: Did you know that Syracuse, New York attempted to make snow illegal. The City’s common council passed a ruling that any more snow before Christmas Eve is illegal. Apparently, mother nature doesn’t follow the rules.

Carrots and Caffeine

If you love both carrots and coffee, you’ll love this hack! Before planting carrot seeds, mix them with some coffee grounds. We know coffee gives us more energy; it can do the same with plants. Planting the seeds with coffee grounds will boost the energy of the product as soon as it starts to grow.

coffee beans and carrots
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Also, the coffee grounds will keep away pests, and you don’t have to worry about animals eating the carrots before you can get to them! Orange carrots are the most common and what people eat on a daily basis. However carrots can also be yellow, red, purple, and even white! Hilariously, Mel Blanc, the guy who voiced Bugs Bunny hated carrots! How ironic?

Golden Dye

We all know what it’s like to get coffee stains on white shirts. I usually come to terms with the fact that it’s never coming out and get rid of the shirt, but what if we can turn the situation around! You can soak coffee grounds in water and dye almost anything! Other than changing your white shirts to a light golden brown, you can dye almost anything with coffee such as feathers and even Easter eggs.

Coffee grounds in water
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Interestingly, Easter eggs have been around longer than Easter. Some researchers have found that Easter eggs were around all the way back during Medieval Europe. The Christians were there and possibly started the tradition of giving eggs. In many different cultures, it represents a new life, Fertility, and rebirth.

Caffeinated Soap

Drinking coffee wakes you up in the morning, but absorbing coffee through your skin can wake up your face too! It has anti-inflammatory effects which help reduce puffiness on your face, such as dark bags under your eyes.

Woman drinking coffee
Source: healthline.com

It can also stimulate blood flow, increasing positive effects, as well as draw water out of fatty cells reducing cellulite. With all these positive side effects, it’s easy to find caffeinated soaps all over the internet, but you can very simply make it yourself!

Wood Stains

The worn natural outlook looks great on wood. Whenever you want to spice up your wooden furniture and maybe give it a little more of a rustic look, try using coffee grounds. Natural coffee will stain the wood without the toxic chemicals that are filled in the store-bought stains. This way, you can avoid the messes, expenses, and toxins, while still enjoying the beautiful wooden rusty look

Natural coffee on wood
Source: moneypit.com

The most expensive wood can be found in the African Blackwood, one of the rarest trees in the world. It often used to make wooden instruments such as clarinets. It costs about$25,000 per cubic meter. Wow that’s a lot! The African Blackwood is considered an endangered species. They can only be found in Tanzania and Mozambique. They are instincts everywhere else.


Filling up Mason Jars with coffee grounds can make beautiful decorations for the house, especially in the fall seasons. Get creative and add some flowers into the mason jars too!

Coffee beans in two bottles placed on the table
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Now your house will smell like a delicious café, and the coffee grounds help plants. The flowers in the mason jars will grow bright and beautiful! This can also be used as a fun DIY gift!

Air Freshener

Banish all unwanted smells from your house with coffee! As we previously said, coffee contains components that help reduce odor. Use coffee grounds to make your own coffee air freshener! This is very simple because all you need is salt and paper shakers. Simply fill them with coffee grounds and sprinkle when needed. The fresh smell of coffee will absorb and then abolish almost any other odor keeping your house smelling fresh!

Coffee beans and dry tea in glass jars on the shelf. On a wooden background
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Coffee is a natural alternative because Air Fresheners can be really bad for your health. They contain classic chemical compounds that are commercially available to neutralize bad smells. There is evidence suggesting that all the chemicals can increase some health conditions, specifically asthma. It’s always better to use an organic alternative.

Fisherman Helper

If you like fishing, combine coffee grounds to horse manure for the best worm bed mix! You’ll grow nice thick ones for fishing! Although coffee tends to repel most insects and animals, it actually attracts worms. Coffee gives a little bit of flavor to the worm’s usual kitchen scraps. The coffee smell attracts fish, so simply use flavored coffee worms as bait!

coffee grounds and roasted coffee beans
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Enjoy this Hack next time you go finishing and catch the most fish! Sadly, over 1000 different types of fish are in danger of going instinct and that’s just what we know of. The world is 75% water and humans only researched 5% of the ocean. Anything can be down there! At this point human beings seem to know more about outer space than they do about our own planet.

Help Asthma Attacks

Did you know that coffee might be able to help with asthma attacks? A study conducted in 2007 found that small amounts of coffee can improve airway function for up to two hours compared with a placebo. Researchers warned that even the improvements are slight. Even though they can be noticeable, it should never be used as an alternative to actual asthma medication.

Caffeine supplementation bottle with pills and roasted coffee beans on a wooden plate
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However, it might help prevent asthma attacks, and a sip of coffee will provide temporary relief. When it comes down to it, asthma is highly related to allergies. Someone who gets seasonal sneezing attacks is basically having an asthma attack. The difference is that during an allergic reaction, your symptoms are stuffy throat, puffy eyes, and runny nose. An asthma attack also affects your lungs.

Medicine Disposal

Anyone with children or even pets know, to never directly throw medicine into the garbage. The obvious reason is that children and animals can get to them easily, which can be very dangerous.

Blue caffeine pill, roasted coffee beans on a wooden plate
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Instead of throwing them out, mix them in a bad with coffee grounds, the pills will be less recognizable combined with the grounds. This will make the medicine less appealing to the child or pet going through the trash.


Woman product tends to be unfairly priced. Waxing strips that barely work cost so much money, and they are never worth it. Save your money and use coffee filters!

Use strips of coffee filters as waxing strips for your eyebrows.
Source: homehacks.co

Simply cut your coffee filter into strips! You will get the same or even better results than you would when buying regular wax strips.

Dryer sheets

What if you didn’t have to spend money on drying sheets anymore? You probably didn’t know that drying sheets are actually made with the same exact material as coffee filters! Instead of buying drying sheets, get a bottle of essential oil. Mix the oils with water and dip the coffee filters in. Once they dry, your homemade drying sheets are ready for use!

a box of laundry dryer sheets being placed on top of a dryer
Source: Mike Fig Photo / Shutterstock.com

There was a time where coffee was much more than just a drink. In the past, people would sit around to drink coffee and exchange information. It’s not so different today because culturally, coffee has always been a social activity. That’s why Starbucks and other coffee chains are such a good market. It brings people together.

Potty Training

We all know potty training toilets can get really disgusting! Still, they are obviously crucial if you want to get your child out of diapers. Why does it have to be so gross? With nowhere to flush, just make sure to keep coffee filters nearby. Thanks to the texture, coffee filters make these potty training toilets a lot easier to clean! I’m definitely using this when my kids are getting potty trained.

Little girl on white potty with digital tablet
Source: Shutterstock.com

In a culture where everyone is obsessed with coffee, it’s shocking to find out that only two states in the United States actually produce coffee. This is mainly due to the climate. Coffee grows better closer to the equator. That’s why Kona coffee is America’s gift to the world.

Nail Polish Remover

Coffee filters have many layers and tiny ridges inside of them. These ridges can help wipe off things that may be difficult to remove from your skin or even nails.

Girl removes the nail polish with cotton wool
Source: Shutterstock.com

Next time you need to get rid of nail polish, try using coffee filters! You’ll notice it’s way more comfortable than using paper towels or wipes. You will be putting your old coffee filters to good use, instead of just wasting them.

Shine Your Shoes

Believe it or not, there are tons of people around the world who need to shine their shoes every day. Whether they are in the military or have a business meeting, shining your shoes every day adds to the waste piling up in the environment.

Shoes master polishing shoes with cloth
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You can simply start cleaning your shoes with coffee filters. This way, you can keep your shoes clean while still helping the environment. Recycling coffee filters can actually get you shoes to shine while you’re saving the trees!

Packaging China

Anyone who has ever moved houses knows how important it is to store glasses and china correctly. Ripped up newspapers have been the standard way to protect your glass.

Pack China & Crystal for Moving
Source: rockymountainmovers.net

Since no one really reads the paper anymore, it seems inconvenient to go out and buy one, especially if we’re just going to rip it apart anyway. What we do always usually have lying around the house are coffee filters. It’s more accessible and will give you the same results.


Almost every college student relies on microwaves! They are a fast, simple way to make and heat up food when you’re tied up in a hectic school schedule. The only issue is that the food can sometimes splatter and create a mess.

Damp Coffee Filter to Prevent Splatters
Source: lifehacker.com

The only thing a college student uses more than a microwave is probably coffee. Reusing those coffee filters to cover the food will prevent it from splashing! This is a useful hack for anyone using a microwave!

Butter Spreading

Here’s another fun coffee filter hack for all the bakers out there! While you’re baking some cookies or pastries, it’s nice to get that nice thin layer of butter on the baking sheet. Coffee filters can assist.

Strain the Butter Through a Coffee Filter
Photo Credit Jessica Bose/Food Hacks Daily

This is a straightforward hack for that even some of the most amateur bakers can use. Simply put the butter into a coffee filter and rub it across your baking platform. Easy enough and gets you the perfect amount of butter!

Clean Spills

Whipping off spills is a much more effective with a coffee filter than it is with a paper towel. Next time you spill something, try out this hack! Paper towels leave a much bigger carbon footprint, so recycle your filters!

Closeup coffee spilled in a black cup on wooden floor

It’s always better to repurpose your filter first before going out to buy paper towels. This will help the environment and your wallet. The texture of the filter will cause it to absorb even more water than paper towels.

Holding your Hot Dog

Street food can be enjoyable! However, at times, it can create a huge mess! Have you ever bought a delicious street hotdog, which you wanted to put down after a few bites? I bet you didn’t think a coffee filter can help with this!

Tasty hot dogs on paper on wooden background 
Source: Shutterstock.com

Set your hotdog on a coffee filter. The ridges from the filter will hold up the hotdog, preventing it from falling sideways. This cool hack works with other street foods such as pita as well!

Packing Fragile

You can even use recycled coffee filters for your most valuable items. All you have to do is take all your filters and put them in a shredder. Now you have the perfect amount of crumple to put in your fragile box.

use coffee filters to protect small plates and bowls from scratching
Source: Pinterest

This hack works almost like bubble wrap. Of course, it’s not as fun because you can’t pop the bubbles, but it protects the items just as well! Also, keep in mind you’re helping the environment by recycling!

Pooper Scooper

Every dog owner knows they need to clean up after their dog. Other than the fact that it’s gross not to, people tend to judge people who leave their dog poop around. Since none of us want to be that person, this hack is perfect for all dog owners.

Bouncing dog playing at back yard jumping with toy ball
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Since plastic bags aren’t so good for the environment, you should use your old coffee filters to pick up after your dog. Of course, if you have a big dog, I’m sure the environment will forgive you if you use a plastic bag.

Save the Wine

We’ve all been there; we think we can open a bottle of wine only to accidentally break the cork. Once it breaks, little pieces of the cork will fall into the bottle; coffee filters can help solve this problem.

Use a Coffee Filter to Eliminate Cork from Wine
Source: cbc.ca

You can save some of the wine by straining it through a coffee filter. The filter will catch the cork and stop it from getting into the clean wine. Then you can drink your glass with no concerns!