Useful and Unexpected Ways to Use Dryer Sheets

Most of us have a box of unused dryer sheets stuffed somewhere in our laundry cupboards. You’re either someone who swears by the stuff or someone who just hasn’t gotten into the habit of it. And you might even be one of those people who hate the feeling of those sheets that you make your husband or wife handle them (it’s okay, some textures are hard to bear). So even if you’ve moved on to liquid fabric softener, it’s time to see why dryer sheets can come in handy – and it has nothing to do with laundry!

Clean your glasses with a dryer sheet. / Put dryer sheets in a fan and freshen up your room. / Light a bonfire with the help of empty toilet paper roll, with used dryer sheets inside / Clean a remote control with a dryer sheet.
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There are actually many uses for dryer sheets. Unlike fabric softener, dryer sheets were designed to work in your tumble dryer. Dryer sheets are coated with stearic acid; something that melts when heated. This is the main ingredient in helping to reduce static and increase the softness of your clothes and linens.

Here are 33 surprising uses for dryer sheets!

Clean Dirty Pots & Pans

Yes, this may sound weird and it’s definitely not the first thing you think of when you need to clean pots and pans. But give it a shot – it works! Dirty pots and pans are kind of tricky to clean. Grime from food can get scorched to the bottom of pots and pans after all that heat.

Clean dirty pots with dryer sheet.
Source: TheKitchn

So what exactly does this hack entail? Well, start by filling up your pot or pan with a couple of inches of boiling water, then toss a dryer sheet in it, and let it soak overnight. By the next morning, the burnt food and grime will lift right off with a simple swipe. Some say that letting it soak for an hour is enough. But overnight will get the job done right.

Clean Your Electronics

Here’s something I never thought of before but now it makes so much sense. Our electronics are electrically charged, which is why they are basically magnets for dust. That’s why all of our (usually) black electronics, like the TV, laptops, speakers, and everything else, are slightly grey to the layer of dust that accumulates way too quickly!

Clean a remote control with a dryer sheet.
Source: Wikihow

So if you’re like 99% of the population (I will always leave 1% to the strange few that are the exceptions to the rule) who hates the hassle of wiping off dust every day, then this hack should be a life-changer for you. Use a dryer sheet to wipe your electronics clean. The static is counteracted, which means less dust will be attracted to them in the future. Yes!

No More Drips

If you have kids, you know all too well the feeling of dread that comes with handing your child a popsicle in the house. The more drips you have on the floor, the stickier the walls get! Now you can use a coffee filter to keep the popsicle drip-free and your kids still happy. And this also means that you don’t need to make them stand in the back yard while they eat it.

Use a coffee filter to keep the popsicle drip-free.
Source: Sharably

Alright, folks, we’ve come to the end of the dryer hacks (and coffee filter) list. I hope you will find them to be as easy and useful as I have. I’m telling you – a box of dryer sheets have never been so attractive as they are now!

Clean Up Dry Spills

Just because they’re dry doesn’t mean that they’re any less annoying to clean up! Dry spills are sometimes even worse to clean than wet ones. Whether it’s sugar, flour, or powder, whenever you spill the stuff, it takes a few moments of just standing there, wondering how you’re going to clean it up. Here’s why a dryer sheet is going to be your savior the next time something spills.

Wipe up powder with a dryer sheet.
Photo by jessyratfink / Instructables

The thing about dryer sheets is that their slightly texturized surface and fibers will lift and hold dry particles in place. This is going to make your dry spill clean up so much easier next time. This hack is especially great for powder spills. They get all of that white stuff out of every nook and cranny. You’re welcome!

Remove Pet Hair

Being a pet owner means many things, like being responsible for another life, living longer (studies show it!), and having someone to come home to that loves you more than anything. All that’s wonderful, but one sure thing about having a cat or a dog specifically, is that they tend to shed. And sometimes the shedding can drive you literally insane.

Remove your cats hair with a dryer sheet.
Source: Pinterest

Pet hair around the home is not just hard to look at; it’s also unhygienic. And if you have allergies you can just forget about it! So here’s the hack: sweep a dryer sheet across anything your cat or dog has snuggled up with or rubbed themselves against. You’ll see the hair lift right up! This is another life-saver hack.

Replace Swiffer Pads

Everyone has, at one point, bought and used Swiffer pads when cleaning their floors. If you’re one of the many that stopped using the Swiffer simply because the pads themselves are a bit too pricey, then this is a way to get that Swiffer out of the closet again. Instead of buying new pads, use some dryer sheets instead.

Clean the floor with dryer sheet, as a swiffer pad replacement.
Source: The Family Handyman

All you need to do is place a couple dryer sheets onto your Swiffer head, and it will pick up all the dirt and dust just as efficiently. And you know what? It might even do the job better than the Swiffer did! But don’t tell anyone at Swiffer – they won’t be so happy to hear about this alternative.

Remove Crayon Stains

Moms unite! If you’re a mom, then you have almost definitely had some crayon markings on your wall or table. And you’ve probably also been asked by other moms if you have a trick up your sleeve for cleaning up those crayon marks. Well, now you get a hack as well as a tip to give your mom friends. And who doesn’t like to be a helpful friend?

Remove crayon stains with a dryer sheet.
Source: Shutterstock

For some reason, kids with crayons in their hands are drawn towards walls like a moth to a flame. Like come on kids, you have tons of paper in your room! But anyway, there’s an easy way to remove those stains. Just take a dry dryer sheet and rub the stained area until the marks disappear. Voila!

Clean Bugs on Your Car

Dryer sheets are as useful outside of the house as they are inside. If you’ve been speeding your way through the city or just came back from a road trip, chances are you brought back some souvenirs with you. And dead bugs aren’t the fun kinds of souvenirs – definitely not the kind you want to give to your kids.

Wipe bugs off your car with a dryer sheet.
Source: Small Joys

So, if you’ve collected a load of bugs on your car as a result, here’s an easy way to get rid of them. You don’t even need to give your car a thorough washing, either. Just wet a dryer sheet and wipe it over the areas covered in insects to wipe them off. Now you have a go-to method next time your car looks spotted brown when it’s actually meant to be silver.

Clean Your Glasses

If you lost the silky cloth that came with your glasses case, don’t think that you have to walk around forever with smudges and fingerprints on your lenses. You won’t be able to walk straight without bumping into things and reading will be out of the question. And don’t rub them on jeans. Either!

Clean your glasses with a dryer sheet.
Source: The Family Handyman

So if you don’t have that little cloth, you can turn to dryer sheets instead. Instead of buying a new one at Walgreen’s, use a dryer sheet. Gently rub the sheet over your glasses lenses to get them free of all those smudges and fingerprints. It will do the job without scratching them, which is what would happen if you used tissue or other fabrics.

Clean Your Iron

If you look after your iron, it will last much longer. It will also remain clean and won’t stain your clothes when ironing them. If you’ve ever managed to melt fabric onto the iron plate, the dirt and gunk can build up, making it difficult to clean. There are many ways to clean your iron, and using a dryer sheet is just one of them.

Clean iron with a dryer sheet.
Source: Pinterest

Put the iron on low heat, rub the dryer sheet over the iron plate, and make sure not to burn yourself! Continue to rub the sheet until the dirt and grime has been transferred onto the dryer sheet and the iron plate is clean. Watch the gunk disappear and your next ironing job will be a breeze.

Polish Chrome Surfaces

The texturized surface of dryer sheets is what makes them perfect for buffing away marks on chrome surfaces. There are products that are specifically made for polishing chrome, but they can be expensive, full of chemicals, or maybe they’re stored somewhere in the garage, and you don’t feel like going on a mission to find it.

Polish chrome wheels with a dryer sheet.
Source: Abrozzi

A dryer sheet will actually pull up the grime that gets stuck on chrome better than a paper towel would. Use the dry sheet in circular motions to get the surface shining. I’m telling you – once you try these hacks out and see just how well they work and easy they are to do, you’re going to start keeping dryer sheets in every room of the house!

Remove Deodorant Stains

You know, writing this makes me think of all those deodorant commercials, where the woman in a black dress walks out of the house and notices her dress has white lines on it from her deodorant. While those commercials are promoting their streak-free deodorant, I’m promoting the removal of those streaks – with dryer sheets! And no, I’m not being paid by a dryer sheet company…

Remove deodorant stains from a shirt with a dryer sheet.
Photo by jessyratfink / Instructables

It sucks to put on a nice black shirt only to find it (temporarily) stained with white deodorant marks. But if you act fast, those surface stains can be easily removed without having to take the shirt off and throw it in the laundry basket. Lightly wipe a dryer sheet over the white marks and dust them away. You’ll look be satisfied with the results – just try and see.

Get Rid of Dirty Toilet Rings

Look, it happens to the best of us. Life happens and we neglect to clean our toilet bowls for a while. A period of time that we’re not willing to admit nor are we proud of. But hey – we’re only human! So, if you’ve been neglecting your toilet bowl cleaning and are sick of seeing a dark ring near the water level, don’t beat yourself up about it.

Clean a toilet with dryer sheet.
Source: Pinterest

Just find that package of dryer sheets and take it to the toilet. Similarly to how you would use the dryer sheet to clean pots and pans, you can also leave a sheet to sit in the toilet basin. But this time, you don’t need to leave it overnight. An hour will do the trick. After an hour, the line will wipe away easily.

Minimize Diaper Smells

Here’s another one for the moms (or diaper-changing dads). And I personally love this particular hack because I am still in the diaper-changing period with my daughter. And since we don’t have one of those diaper genies, it means putting them in tightly-closed bags just isn’t doing the trick. The smell doesn’t go away with a simple tie of a knot!

Put a dryer sheet in the diaper bag to minimize bad smells.
Source: Pinterest

If you can’t get to the garbage can to throw out a dirty diaper right away, or you also dispose of each one in a plastic bag, try this the next time you change your little one’s diaper. Place a single dryer sheet in the plastic bag before tying it up to help absorb some of those less-than-pleasant smells.

Keep Your Gym Bag Fresher

That poor gym bag that you take to work out, where you toss all your sweaty clothes and shoes inside – that gym bag you never think to wash needs a little love. And if you don’t plan on emptying it out and throwing it in the laundry for a spin, then you might want to use a dryer sheet or two to freshen it up a bit.

Put dryer sheet in your gym bag to freshen it up
Source: Cradiori

It works best if you empty out the bag first and then put some sheets inside. This hack is also great for smelly gym shoes. Yes, there are all kinds of sprays and powders that you can buy to eliminate the odors, but a fresh dryer sheet will work just as well and it’s a heck of a lot cheaper.

Put Them in Your Drawers

Drawer liners may be a thing of the past, but doesn’t keeping your drawers fresh and smelling nice something we all could use? Dresser drawers can get musty after a long time, and nobody wants to put fresh clothes into a drawer if they know they’re going to smell when they’re taken out. And nobody wants to wear musty clothes!

Put dryer sheets in your closet drawer.
Photo by jessyratfink / Instructables

Dryer sheets make clothes softer and nicer in the dryer, but who said it has to stop there? Place some dryer sheets into the bottom of drawers before putting your clothes inside. Or you can slip some sheets in between the layers of clothing to help stave off the musty odor! This way, your freshly-washed clothes will be smelling better for longer.

Repel Rodents

I think it’s safe to say that using dryer sheets to repel rodents is not something you thought you would see on this list. Right? Well, here’s another surprising and useful hack. Almost all homeowners dread rodents (again, I’ll give the 1% to those who don’t), and discovering a potential rat problem is a major headache.

Stuff dryer sheets into all the nooks and crannies of your home to repel mice.
Photo by Sibya / Pixabay

The good news: rodents hate the smell of dryer sheets. So what you can do is place them in garden sheds, in your garage, or stuff them into all the nooks and crannies of your home and anywhere else that you have an issue with mice, squirrels, and rats. It’s a great temporary solution (until you call the exterminator to get the job done once and for all).

Start Fires Easily

Whether you have a fireplace or a BBQ that needs some easy lighting, this is a good one to try next time you fire one up. Dryer sheets are perfect for lighting that summer BBQ or that bonfire that you want to make as soon as you hit the campground. Any BBQ-lover and camper needs a great DIY fire starter.

Light a bonfire with the help of empty toilet paper roll, with used dryer sheets inside.
Source: Pinterest

What you need to do is grab an empty toilet paper roll and stuff some USED dryer sheets inside. Fold the ends of the toilet paper roll in on itself and place it under the grill or under the logs. Your BBQs and bonfires are going to be that much more fun from now on. Yes, this is one of the better ones!

Line Plant Pots

You got all these new plants and flowers and you want to put them in your nice new plant pots, but you know that the whole ordeal of potting plants is messy and can involve more than one soil spill. If you line the plant pot with a dryer sheet before potting them, it will save you a mess and the headache that goes along with it.

Line plant pots with dryer sheet
Source: Pinterest

A dryer sheet is the solution. Not only is it a good way to reuse the leftover sheets from the dryer, but they’re permeable while also being solid enough to prevent the wet soil from seeping through. That’s the perfect combination for soil.

Next, another unexpected hack that helps you deal with unwanted sand…

Get Rid of Leftover Sand

Going to the beach is one of my favorite things to do – the sun, the sand, the water, the sun-kissed skin – all amazing. Sand is awesome when you’re at the beach. When you’re at home? Not so much. But sand has that way of getting into the crevice of your shoes, bag, and even your body. And that’s why sand if one of the most annoying things to deal with after a beach day.

Get rid of leftover sand by dusting yourself off with a dryer sheet.
Photo by Nadine Asfour / Pixabay

So a good way to remove sand from your body is to dust yourself off with a dryer sheet. It’s quick, easy, and you can tell your grumpy husband who says he doesn’t want to go to the beach because of the sand that this is the solution for him.

Give Suitcases a Fresh Smell

This one is similar to the drawer liner hack. The same thing can happen with suitcases since we pack them tight with clothes, basically stuffing as much as we can possibly fit in. packing before we head out for vacation may mean that the suitcase is full of freshly-washed clothes, but heading home is another story altogether.

Put a dryer sheet in your suitcase.
Source: Destination KSA

And sometimes it’s the suitcase itself that’s already musty and hasn’t been used in years. So even if your clothes are fresh and clean, a must suitcase will stink them up in no time. Tuck a few dryer sheets in there before you zip it up one last time and by the time you throw that thing on the hotel bed and open it up, you’ll enjoy the scent.

Clean Appliances

In general, never throw away your dryer sheets after taking them out of your dryer. The used dryer sheets, as you can see, can come in really handy – just as useful as they are unused. One such example is using used dryer sheets to clean your appliances. Those black electronics aren’t the only things that need constant dusting.

Clean the fridge with a dryer sheet.
Photo by jessyratfink / Instructables

The fridge, stove, washer, and dryer all could use a good wipe and the used dryer sheets a perfect way to recycle and repurpose. The sheets work wonders to remove dust and it leaves your household sparkling. The next time someone asks if you recycle (with a judgmental look on their face), you can tell them you reuse your dryer sheets. Bam!

Clean Your Ceiling Fan

When’s the last time you turned off your ceiling fan and really looked at it? If you can’t remember the last time you have or if you never have, then it’s high time that you do. Those ceiling fans collect a hell of a lot of dust and when you think about how that dust is just spinning around endlessly, spreading the dust throughout your house, you’re going to want to put this on your to-do list.

Clean the ceiling Fan with a dryer sheet.
Source: Shuter

Ceiling fan blades are hard to clean since they’re up so high, and that’s why they rarely get cleaned. But that doesn’t mean they need to be. They definitely require cleaning as much as your table needs a good wipe down. Here’s the trick: instead of standing on a dangerous wobbly stool to wipe them down by hand, you can wrap a paint roller with a dryer sheet and dust them while safely standing on the floor.

DIY Embroidery Backing

This one is for all the ladies who like to embroider. If you do, you’ll know how important backing is for the process as well as the results. If you’re out of backing or don’t want to go out and buy some, you can use some leftover dryer sheets instead. They make for a great substitute for the usual material.

Dryer sheet embroidery.
Source: Home Hacks

Place a dryer sheet behind your embroidering ring, pin, and go ahead and stitch as normal.

Random fact about embroidery: throughout history, embroidery has been used to distinguish one social class from another. In general, higher social classes would have embroidered clothing, while the lower social classes wouldn’t. Fortunately, we have evolved, and anyone can wear embroidered clothing today.

Make Sewing Easier

This is another sewing trick in which a dryer sheet will make your sewing a lot easier. Anyone who sews knows that there’s nothing more frustrating than a knotted thread. Am I right? It means you can’t pull the needle through whatever it is you’re working on. To prevent such an inconvenience, a great trick is to pass the needle and thread through a dryer sheet before you even start sewing.

Keep threads tangle free with a dryer sheet, while sewing.
Photo by jessyratfink / Instructables

It sounds weird, sure, but a dryer sheet will actually condition the thread a bit to prevent it from knotting. You can also keep the thread knot-free with a dryer sheet by dragging the needle through the sheet, the thread will then stop sticking to itself, and then it will be less likely to get tangled.

Clean Soap Scum

Soap scum seems to be one of those things that finds its way on to every hack list. Nobody likes seeing soap scum, nobody likes cleaning it, and everyone is looking for a better solution than the one they have been using so far. At least I can say that for myself. And that’s why this is one that I am surely going to try on my next cleaning day.

Clean soap scum with a dryer sheet.
Source: Musely

A build-up of soap scum in the shower is pretty tricky to tackle. But a great solution is a dryer sheet. And this time, the hack calls for using a wet one. Wet the dryer sheet and wipe away the soap scum build up more effortlessly.

Freshen Your Vacuum

Stop for a second and consider what life was like before vacuum cleaners. What a difference, right? Vacuum cleaners are one of those things that makes your life that much better – and a really good one will make a big difference. But as amazing as vacuums are, they can start to emit smelly fumes after prolonged usage.

Add a used dryer sheet to to the vacuum bag, and freshen up while you vacuum.
Source: Pinterest

After years of sucking up dust and dirt, they tend to smell a bit musty while you use them, making the whole experience worse. By adding a used dryer sheet (or two) to the vacuum bag, the smell won’t be musty anymore. Instead, vacuuming will make your house smell like fabric softener. And who doesn’t like the smell of fabric softener?

Smooth Out Static Hair

Is it winter time and the static in your hair is getting you down? Especially as it gets colder outside, hair static can be hard to fight. Well, if you have a dryer sheet handy, it doesn’t have to! It might sound strange, and let’s face it – some hacks are strange, but this one does the job, and it actually makes sense when you consider the purpose of dryer sheets to begin with.

Rub a dryer sheet on the bristles of your brush and then brush your hair to remove fly-aways.
Photo by jessyratfink / Instructables

Just rub a dryer sheet over your hair to help eliminate the static electricity. You can similarly rub a dryer sheet on the bristles of your brush to tame those static fly-aways. This is a good reason to take a dryer sheet package with you in your purse (during the winter months, at least).

Clean Dirty Paintbrushes

Painting a room, let alone a whole house is a tough job. But not all of us can afford to pay for a professional painting company to come in and do the job. So many of us head over to Home Depot, but the necessary stuff, and make the next Sunday our painting day. But with the DIY projects come a big mess that needs its own DIY cleaning.

Clean a dirty paintbrush by tossing a dryer sheet into a pot of water along with a paintbrush.
Source: Photos by Jason Kisner / HDTV

Mysteriously, tossing a dryer sheet into a pot of water along with your used paintbrushes helps lift the paint from them. This is a lot easier than running each brush under the running tap for what feels like hours while watching the paint pour down the drain. Give this hack a go next time you’re redecorating.

Repel Insects

We already saw how dryer sheets could help repel rodents, but now let’s tackle the even more annoying problem of having insects in the house. What’s worse than having the occasional rodent show up unwanted? All the other unwanted guests – the ants, flies, and other bugs that crawl or fly inside. And what is it about ants that they just have to travel in the thousands? There’s never just one!

Repel insects by putting a dryer sheet under the door.
Source: Shutterstock

The word on the hacks street is that insects can’t stand the ingredients that are in dryer sheets. This is good news for us, pest-hating humans, especially over the summer months when they come in swarms. Simply pop a dryer sheet into your pocket or even under the door to keep bugs away.

Sharpen Scissors

All scissors go dull after prolonged use, but that doesn’t mean that you need to throw them in the garbage. It also doesn’t mean you need to buy a blade or knife sharpener. When your scissors go dull, just make some cuts into fresh dryer sheets. It will help to re-sharpen the blades. Now your favorite pair of scissors can stick around for longer.

Cut a dryer sheet to sharpen scissors.
Source: Pinterest

Random fact about scissors: It has been estimated that scissors, in a basic shear form made from a piece of metal, were invented back in 1500 BC in Egypt. Newer modifications of the original design, allowing a cross-cut action, were later made by the Romans in 100 AD. Who knew that scissors were around for so long!

Make Any Room Smell Better

Are some of the rooms in your house smelling a bit funky? Maybe it’s your teenage son or the laundry room where your cat’s litterbox is in. Whatever room it is, a simple and easy solution is to introduce dryer sheets into the space. Just remove your air conditioning grates and put a dryer sheet inside them. Voila!

Put dryer sheets in a fan and freshen up your room.
Source: Small Joys

Random fact about our sense of smell: did you know that you can smell things better in the spring and summer? It’s because of the additional moisture in the air. For that same reason, it’s also stronger after you exercise, which increases the moisture in the nasal passage. I bet that’s something you never knew (I sure didn’t!) and will think about next time.

Remove Grime from the Oven

Oven racks can build up a lot of grime over time and usage, especially if you’re someone who likes to bake rather than fry everything! The thing is, sponges can’t scrape away every last bit of grime. But guess what – a dryer sheet can! The sheet’s rough texture will help get rid of built-up food residue.

Remove grime from oven racks with dryer sheets.
Photo by Jonathan Chan / Reviewed

Random fact about ovens: In medieval Europe, people would use cauldrons and fireplaces often. It wasn’t until around the 18th century that practical and modern ovens became more commonplace, although they were often more like a stove instead of a conventional oven. Ancient Greeks used ovens to make bread, and they made small, portable ovens that were used in the 1600s BC.

Stick around for some stain removal hacks!

Coffee Filter Hacks

While the rest of the world gets up a bit earlier and stops by the café to grab an expresso, many Americans seem to still love the process of making coffee with a drip filter. In one out three of American households, you will find a coffee brewer, and some are even automatic. Here are a few awesome coffee filter hacks to use at home!

Clean glass with a coffee filter.
Source: Pinterest

Take glass cleaning, for instance. Cleaning glass is important if you want to feel nice and organized at home, and be able to look out the window! There are many techniques for cleaning glass. I personally used a newspaper every time I needed to wipe down the windows. That is until I found out how easy it really is with a coffee filter.

Nail Polish Removal

Coffee filters have many layers and microscopic ridges inside of them. These ridges assist in whipping off things that may be hard to remove from your skin or even nails. Use the coffee filter to wipe off your nail polish and you will find that it is a lot easier to do than it is when you use wipes or paper towels. It will also save you some money.

Remove nail polish with a coffee filter.
Source: Pinterest

Coffee filters are also great for waxing. Female products are unfairly overpriced nowadays. A pack of waxing strips, that’s really just strips of thick paper, can cost more than 5 dollars in some cases, even though they are worth way less. Save your money and cut your coffee filter into strips. You will get just as good of a result, save money, and make a positive impact on your personal waste consumption.

Shoe Shining

There are millions of people around the world (mostly soldiers and business people) who need to shine their shoes every morning. It would be reasonable to argue that this requirement is contributing to waste in the environment. You can save trees and repurpose your coffee filter to shine your boots in the morning before beginning your day.

Shine your favorite shoes with a coffee filter.
Source: Plus.Lemonde.Co.Il

Another coffee filter hack is using them on carpet spills. Instead of freaking out, just blot, blot, blot! You may want to use a paper towel to blot away the stain, and you will find it being ripped to pieces by the carpet itself. Save the paper towel, and take out that coffee filter. It is a much more effective way to blot out a stain.

Packaging China

Anyone who has moved once or twice knows what the repercussions of not storing your china and glass correctly are. The standard procedure of storing your valuable and fragile china is to use tons of newspaper. But here’s the thing: most people don’t read the paper any more! So what’s the next best thing?

Keep your plates safe while packaging by placing a coffee filter between each plate.
Source: Chas’ Crazy Creations

Why, coffee filters, of course. So instead of going out to buy a newspaper just for the purpose of ripping it up and stuffing it between plates, use a coffee filter and you will get the same result! Moving to a new place and all the packing that comes along with it just got that much easier.

Here’s another surprising coffee filter hack…

Microwave Splatter

Ask any college student who their best friend in school is and they will not answer your question with a who, but more with a what. To the average college student, a microwave is their best friend. Microwaves are great for saving time, and when used right, can even heat food to taste good. Set a coffee filter over your soup bowl in the microwave to prevent splatter. It works pretty well!

Set a coffee filter over a soup bowl in the microwave to prevent splatter.
Source: Pinterest

Speaking of food, foods like sandwiches often get soggy after a couple of hours because of the moisture in the vegetables inside of them. You can staple two coffee filters together and make a pocket to store your sandwich inside of it, and you will find that the moisture gets removed and keeps your sandwich just as fresh after even a day in the fridge!