Tips For Organizing Your Home

Organizing your home seems like a difficult task, but like any other projects, you only need to set your goals and start implementing them. Take time to plan every step on organizing your home, closet, and every room in your house, backyard, and even your garage.

Give each of these places enough time and attention to avoid clutter and chaos. Always remember, even the smallest tweak can make the most significant difference in how charming and comfortable a house is to use and live. Check out these tips to help you organize your home.

Planning and Taking Action

This tip might look simple, but this is the first and one of the essential parts in organizing your home. If you don’t plan what you need to do, you end up not doing anything. Make time on organizing every part of your house. You can use a calendar in scheduling every single room in your house that needs organizing.


Make sure to bring everyone in your family in the planning phase so you can equally distribute the tasks at hand. If you live alone, and you need help in moving heavy things in your house, you can ask some of your friends.

Taking action after planning is essential, so you aren’t stuck on just planning and doing nothing at all. You can prepare a checklist to remind you of what you need to do. Also, don’t forget to prioritize things that need immediate attention, such as, keeping your backyard and every room in your house clean and tidy to avoid the spread of any unnecessary health diseases.

Consistency is the Key

An organized house doesn’t happen in just a blink of an eye. It is neither an end to justify your means. An organized home is a continuous and consistent result of routines and habits that maintain a clutter-free environment for the longest possible time.


Sometimes cleaning and organizing your home gets overwhelming and you lose your momentum and even your interest. If you don’t want to start from scratch, then make sure to arrange a little bit every day. Continuous effort is the key to an organized home. Form a declutter habit and be committed to it every single day.

According to a study, it takes about two months to form a habit, but sometimes it varies depending on the person, situation and the specific behavior. Therefore, if you’re not an organized person, make organizing a consistent commitment in your life. Apply it to your house daily, and you will see amazing results.

Make a Better Living Room

The living room is often the place in your house that you spend most of your time (living alone or with a family) and it can turn to chaos in a short span of time. Therefore, it is best to make an inventory of the things that you most needed and regularly used in your living room and sort them out. For example, movie DVD’s, music and video games CD’s that you often used should be placed in a case or DVD tower near your entertainment system.


Most coffee tables have storage drawers. Maximize these drawers by putting magazines or books and other stuff that you can store to eliminate clutter. If you have children, you can also use these drawers to keep their favorite toys organized.

Scattered photo frames in your living room can look messy, so it is better to hang them up on the wall in an artistic way to make the living room more spacious and appealing. Televisions, DVD player, video game player, speaker, and other entertainment appliances are mostly found in the living room, and this means a lot of cords and wires. To keep the cables and wires tidy, you can use a cord zipper or cable organizer. You can also hide the cable or wires behind the baseboard of your wall or push it into the space between the bottom of the baseboard and the floor. If you have carpets, you can easily hide the cords this way.

Keeping a Relaxing Bedroom

Clutter in the bedroom starts with an untidy bed. Always keep your bed made because this can help in maintaining the rest of your room clean and organized every day. When you wake up in the morning, get into action right away and make your bed.


The bed is like multifunctional furniture that allows you to restore your energy while sleeping and at the same time keeping your bedroom organized. The footboard and the space underneath your bed can become storage areas for your extra bags, blankets, shoes, clothes and other stuff that you don’t usually use. You can also transform the headboard of your bed into a storage space. Build shelves and cubicles for your favorite bedtime books or display photos.

Your bedside table can also help you in organizing your things in the bedroom. You may use a study table with drawers or a dresser for your bedside table. This way, you don’t use the table for your bedside lamp, but you can also use it for studying or doing reports for office work and storing some things such as your phones, wallet, other study paraphernalia, old clothes and many more.

Maximize the walls of your bedroom. You can make shelves or cubicles for your stuff. You may also add some hooks on the shelves to hang some of your things, such as caps, sunglasses and small handbags that you often use.

Keep your everyday clothes in your closet and store old and unused clothes in different storage. Make a storage space for your shoes in your closet to minimize clutter in your room. Also, arrange your pieces of jewelry in a box, organize your perfumes and watch neatly.

A laundry basket is necessary for your bedroom. You need it for your used clothes. Place it in the corner of your room near your closet, or if you have a bathroom inside your room, you may place the laundry basket there. Don’t forget to have a covered trash bin in your bedroom to maintain cleanliness.

A Clean and Organized Kitchen

Organizing your kitchen means sorting things that work together. Place pans, pots and other cooking utensils near the stove area so you can have easy access to these kitchen tools while cooking. Keep the plates, bowls, spoon and fork and glasses together, while mugs should be near the coffee maker and coffee supplies. Put away the kitchen tools that are seldom used on the upper part of the kitchen cabinet.


To avoid clutter in the kitchen cabinet, you may add a lid rack to organize your cooking utensils. You can also install slide-out shelving so you can easily store and pick up kitchen tools.

The use of containers, boxes and other small jars are ideal to keep your kitchen supplies tidy. Make sure to label the boxes, small jars, and containers accurately so you can easily find the ingredients or spices you need when cooking or preparing dishes.

Use baskets and bins to store small items and place them in the cabinet. Also, have a storage area for cleaning utensils and tools. When you have a dedicated space for cleaning materials, you will always be reminded that you have to keep your kitchen clean all the time.

Use the bottom cabinet to store a trashcan and make sure to put plastic into the bin before placing kitchen waste or garbage so you can quickly get rid of them. Arrange your garbage can according to the recycling system in your town.

Build a Functional Bathroom

An organized bathroom should go beyond the looks. You need everything stored and placed functionally so that your bathroom can become relaxing and easy to use. Start with decluttering the countertop of your bathroom. Nothing can make your bathroom look messy than an untidy countertop. Keep a few things on your countertop. Use trays to organize the vanities and toiletries that you often used. Place the tray on the side corner to allow more space on your countertop.


Use shower caddies or cabinets to store items in your bathroom. For your medicine cabinet, keep the necessary things and throw outdated medicines. If you have a bathroom closet, make sure to put only the stuff you regularly used to avoid clutter.

Place soaps, shampoos, and other bathing toiletries near your shower area or bathtub so you can quickly get them when you’re showering or taking a bath. Also, put the bathroom cleaning supplies and tools in the cabinet under your countertop and use them to clean your bathroom regularly.

The Chaos in the Garage Ends Now

Organizing your garage should be done now! If you delay cleaning and organizing your garage, you’ll end up piling more things in chaos and disorder. Sort your stuff in four categories – Keep, Sell, Throw and Donate. When you’re done with selling, throwing and donating the things in your garage, you’ll have more space to keep the necessary items you still need.


Throw items that are broken expired and didn’t have any use at all. If you have difficulties throwing them, take a picture of the things you can’t let go for keepsakes. Donate tools, items and all the other stuff that you think can help people who are in need. Put up a garage sale so you can also earn money for the stuff that you no longer need. Spend the money you earned by donating or building shelves and cabinets for storing items in your garage.

Organize tools, outdoor gears, and materials, pet food, backyard equipment in shelves or cabinets in your garage so you can easily find them. Make sure you have enough space for your car because the garage is mainly used for cars and not for piling things or trash from your house.

Hang out and Have Fun in the Backyard

Create a backyard wherein you can play with your children and loved ones or hang out with your friends and relatives. Organizing tools, plants, appliances and items in your backyard is a must to create a fun and loving environment in your place.


Use benches with storage compartment so you can store things and keep your backyard orderly. Put all your gardening and backyard tools in one place. You can use a corner cabinet in your garage, or if you have a shed, you can use that to store bulky equipment and yard cleaning tools.

Build a garden hose stand to keep your hose accessible and prevent it from ending up in a tangled pile on your backyard. You can also reduce the risk of injury among children when your hose is kept in a stand.

Have ornamental plants and other plants arranged creatively so your backyard will also look beautiful. Keep your backyard clean at all times.

Go for Efficiency and No to Procrastination

Try to imagine if organizing your house will improve the way you live. If you believe that an organized home will lead to maximizing efficiency, then do it your way. Your efforts in organizing your house will only lead to positive results if you follow what works best for you. For example, if you think that putting labels on boxes and arranging your clothes by color or sizes can make you more productive, then apply these things when organizing your home.


Chaos, disorder, clutter or mess are all because of procrastinating. When you have a habit of postponing cleaning, storing or putting away things, they’ll end up piling in a certain place or area in your house. Therefore, it is best to avoid procrastination at all times. Be responsible enough to make your house tidy, clean and organized. It will only take a few minutes to throw garbage or putting back books on the shelves or making your bed in the morning.

Reduce Things, Become Creative and Resilient

The most effective way of organizing your home is to reduce the things that you have. If you have unused clothes, shoes, bags and other items, you can either sell or donate them. Throw things that you no longer need especially broken, damaged and expired items.


Become creative in organizing. In this high technology era wherein you can watch DIY (Do it yourself) videos or read articles on the internet, you can easily build or create things from scratch or recycle materials. You don’t need to spend more and buy more items that will pile up in your house when you no longer need them.

If you want something new, don’t just buy them out of desire, you should assess and plan carefully what you frequently need in your house.