The List of All Lists: Every Hack You’ll Ever Need

Okay, folks. We’ve seen the lists of hacks – for the home, the office, the kids, you name it – but this list trumps them all. This is a comprehensive hack list that covers just about every area in your life that’s in need of some good tricks to make life easier and cheaper. And who doesn’t want to make life easier and cheaper?

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What kinds of hacks do you ask? Well, you name it! From specific products – like aluminum foil, dish soap, duct tape, vinegar, and WD-40 – to cars to home to stain removal and more. You might as well go ahead and bookmark this page because you’re going to want to reference this incredibly long list again. I promise you, at least a few of these hacks will change your life for the better. And that’s the whole point after all, right?

Aluminum Foil Hacks

Did you know that aluminum is one of the very few metals that comes from the crust of the earth? Aluminum forms about 1.59% of the Earth and about 8.3% of the Earth’s crust. No wonder people started using it by the 5th century, although they didn’t know much about it at the time.

But besides all that, aluminum has lots of uses. You might have grown up thinking aluminum foil can only be used in the kitchen to cover up your meatloaf leftovers, but the truth is that the miracle foil can be used in many, many ways.

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This is not just any hack article. It’s a full-blown list of all the things you can do with your handy dandy kitchen staple. These aluminum foil hacks will undoubtedly make you respect the precious metal even more. Here are the many ways in which aluminum foil can make your life easier and thus better…

Fresh Bananas Anyone?

Did you know that the banana is the only fruit that never faces an insect attack? But it contains high amounts of reacting agents that make it prone to fast decaying. Strangely, aluminum foil can slow down its rotting process by breaking the air contact. Putting aluminum around its top stem will slow down the process of decay. The foil will slow the reaction enough for you to enjoy the stash of bananas for days, even a week or more.


Random banana facts: did you know that bananas float in water because they are less dense in comparison? Bananas are also one of the most popular fruits in America. Oh, and bananas may be considered a mood enhancer because they contain amino acid, tryptophan, and Vitamin B6 which help the body produce serotonin.

Natural Light Dispenser for Dark a Corner

If you have a cabinet in which the drawers or shelves are deep, chances are they’re going to have dark corners. They don’t get enough natural light. And you don’t want any places where cockroaches are drawn to. So what you can do is place aluminum foil on your cabinet shelves. It will reflect light to every corner, decreasing the darkness and obviously, the number of insects.


Random aluminum foil fact: did you know that aluminum is present in more than 270 minerals? It is the most abundant mineral on the planet after oxygen and silicon. It is the most abundant metal found naturally on earth as well. And aluminum is globally the most used metal that doesn’t contain iron.

Pocket-Friendly Cookie Molds

Spending a holiday with loved ones and making cookies of different shapes and types is fun. Children, adults, and even the elders of the family enjoy cookies. It’s a great way to interact and learn. The fun part about making cookies is that you can make any shape and size of cookies. All you need is a folded strip of aluminum foil that you can bend, mold, and curve to form the shape you desire. So, don’t just make cookies, make memories too.


Random cookie fact: It’s generally believed that the first cookies date back to 7th century AD Persia; a time when sugar became commonly available in the area. The cookie craze spread across Europe and by the 14th century, they were already a popular treat.

Molten Ice-Cream Disaster Management

Children are very messy in almost everything they do, but eating something like ice-cream needs special attention. The soft ice cream can cause stains on clothes and create sticky hands, and no one likes sticky hands. So, the next time you get ice cream for your kids, wrap it with aluminum foil. It will create a barrier between the cone and their hands, collecting all the melting ice cream. You see, the best solution to the ice cream mess was always in front of your eyes.

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Random ice cream fact: did you know that the largest worldwide consumption of ice cream is in the United States? That’s right, in America, an average person consumes 48 pints of ice cream per year. That’s a lot of ice cream.

Homemade Radiator Efficiency Booster

After coming in from the cold outdoors, a warm indoors is something you want. However, a standard radiator is sometimes just not enough. You can upgrade it or get another one, but that would mean higher gas and electricity bills. But the solution is some flaps of aluminum foil over cardboard. Place it around the heat source and they will reflect heat to all the corners of the rooms, increasing the rate of heat dispensing. Hence the efficiency of the radiator.

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Random radiator fact: The Romans had the first underground heating in the world, known as the hypocaust. They were the first documented use of central heating, and it goes back to around 100BC. Only the wealthiest of Romans could afford this type of heating.

Dirt, Grim or Rust – We Deal with All

Imagine you have an important meeting and are all set for it but then you notice a small wrinkle on your shirt. Sounds simple, right? You remove the shirt and iron it. But, what if that iron has an accumulation of dirt? Now that’s where the situation gets tricky. Fortunately, the solution is right there in your kitchen. Roll a ball of aluminum foil and scrub the iron’s surface. All the dirt on the hot surface will get cleaned. You may end with some scratch, but that’s a small price to pay.


Random ironing fact: According to Old and Interesting, no one really knows exactly when or who started ironing. But the Chinese were using hot metal pans filled with hot coals that they used to move over fabric more than a thousand years ago.

Move Your Furniture Without a Scratch

Big, beautiful, and appealing pieces of furniture can be a disaster when you have to move them around your place. You don’t always have someone to help you carry them every time. So what do you do? You end up dragging it, and that leaves impressions on your floor. Here’s an idea to avoid these unnecessary consequences. He placed a layer of aluminum foil under each leg of the furniture. And voila.

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Random furniture fact: The average life-span of a sofa is 2,958 days (which is about 8 years).
Another random furniture fact: After buying a house and a car, upholstery is typically the third most expensive item you will buy during your lifetime. Think about that when you go to Ikea next time.

Wifi Issues?

A lot of fascinating stuff to do with a poor internet connection is probably the worst combination. You reboot your system, restart your router, check cables and still no improvement. Maybe the problem isn’t with the hardware. Maybe it’s the weak signal strength. We have a way to help you. The master plan starts with a card-shaped flap that you will cover with tin foil and place in front of the router. The aluminum layer will strengthen the connection to a greater extent.


Random Wi-Fi fact: There are over 9 billion Wi-Fi devices in the world. Some sources that cause interference with WiFi networks are smart TVs, microwaves, cellphones, Bluetooth devices, and even fish tanks. Barriers can also cause interference. Wood isn’t too bad, but metal is sure to stop your signal.

Glue Gun Hack

The hot molten glue from the glue gun is just incredible. It’s ideal for sealing, sticking, and a lot of other exciting stuff. But the glue guns don’t have that improved dispensing system and tends to deposit a layer of adhesive on the tip. The worst part is, this glue is too hard for room temperature and too hot in molten form. Aluminum foil is your best option here. It will help you scrub away all the material in no time.


Random glue fact: the earliest known example of humans using natural glues goes back to about 200,000 years ago. Our ancestors in old Italy used birch-bark-tar to bind stones together. Fast forward to today and people are gluing everything to anything.

Seal a Plastic Bag

Remember the last time you got anxious about your grocery items and ended up buying more than you needed? Those extras were not a big deal, at least until an opened chip bag fell and spilled all the chips on the floor. There are ways to reseal plastic packages, and you don’t need any particular machine for it. A strip of aluminum foil and a hot iron does the job.


Random aluminum fact: The top of the Washington Monument is topped off with an 8.9-inch aluminum pyramid. The aluminum cap served as the apex of the lightning rod, though it had to be supported with copper rods when it became clear that the cap itself wouldn’t prevent damage.

Door Knob Paint Protector

Whether you are painting a room or a full home, there are always some areas you want to leave untouched. Applying some paper with tape is an excellent option for door frames and ceilings, but what about the doorknob? It’s curvy, and pain to cover. Aluminum foil is efficient for this scenario, too. It takes the shape of the knob and catches all the drips of paint. Once the paint dries, you can dispose of the protector without the worry of any residue marks.

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Random doorknob fact: The first-ever doorknob was made in America around the middle of the 19th century. Doorknob designs and materials in America have changed over the years, with the first-ever ones being made out of wood.

Barbeque-Friendly Aluminum Foil

BBQ meals with family and friends are lovely, but the mess it leaves behind isn’t as fun. Cleaning the grill can take hours of hard work – something no one wants to do. And flavored greases fall on the coal, ruining the taste. Just stack some layers of aluminum foil together and place them on the grill to prevent dripping. The same foil mixed with some soapy water will also help you clean the rack within a few minutes.

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Random BBQ fact: The word “barbecue” comes from Spain, who adopted the term from Arawak Indians of the Caribbean, to whom the “barbacoa” was a grill of greenwood where strips of meat were placed onto it to cook or to dry over a slow fire.

Old Mirrors – From Distraction to Attraction

Mirrors are the latest trend in interior design. A group of mirrors adds a sense of luxury, light, and design to almost every household. However, with time the reflective layer of mirrors gets affected, and that results in unpleasant spots on it. The reflective paint around the mirrors is very similar to the silver surface of aluminum foil. So, you can use the foil to heal your valuable mirror. Take a strip of foil and tape it to the frame of the mirror.

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Random mirror fact: Mirrors aren’t just for seeing your reflection. They can actually reflect sound and light. Mirrors that reflect sound waves are “acoustic mirrors,” and were used in Britain in World War II to detect sound waves coming from enemy aircraft. This was before radar was developed.

Insect Protection with Enhanced Plant Growth

If you have a beautiful garden, then you may be familiar with the drastic effect an insect attack can have on it. The mulch can protect your garden from such an attack and adding some aluminum foil will further enhance the results. This metal is an effective remedy for all kinds of bacteria, insects, and more. Moreover, arranging some foil will help to spread sunlight and focus it on the plants. And everyone knows, sunshine is good for plant health and growth.


Random plant fact: studies have shown that vibration (including music or the sound of your voice) can affect plant growth. Myth Busters compared a silent greenhouse to one where they used a voice soundtrack and found that plants that “hear” sound grew more.

Save Your Phone

While this may be controversial and is yet to be verified, some say that aluminum foil can improve your WiFi signal. Every cell phone has an internal WiFi receptor and the act of adding aluminum foil to the phone can improve the signal. What does this mean? It means your YouTube videos are going to (probably) stream faster.

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Random WiFi fact: Previous names for WiFi were WaveLAN, DragonFly, FlankSpeed, WECA, and IEEE 802.11b Direct Sequence. Those were the names before the more consumer-friendly term WiFi was adopted. Can you imagine the scenario in which you ask your neighbor for their Dragonfly password? Let’s be glad that an uninteresting term like WiFi became popular.
Now, see how aluminum foil can help Santa Claus.

A Helping Hand for Santa

Aluminum can sustain a very high amount of heat, so it’s ideal for high-temperature areas like a hearth. If you have a fireplace, aluminum foil will come in handy to keep it neat and tidy. It’s a fair deal for eliminating the hassle of removing ash, soot, and semi-burned fuel that no one likes. Some layers of this foil will help you create a removable platform. You can simply remove the platform and trash it whenever you need to.

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Don’t have a fireplace in your home? In most homes, an efficient gas fireplace can be added for $1,500, including installation. It’s all made possible by direct vent gas technology. The fireplace is vented to the outdoors by a single pipe that runs through the side of the house, drawing air needed for the fire and expelling the byproducts.

Patch Your Clothes, Not the Ironing Board

That rip in your jeans can be tackled by sticking a patch on it. The process is quite simple, but it comes with a risk. The spot is prone to heat and tends to stick to the ironing board while ironing it on your clothes. A small piece of aluminum foil can help you deal with this situation.

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Slip some bits of foil under the hole, and it will form a layer of heat absorbent material that will prevent any unwanted sticking. After the ironing is complete, you can easily slip out the piece of foil.

Random jeans fact: you know that orange thread that Levi Strauss & Co. uses for stitching their jeans? Well, it’s trademarked. It’s used as a distinguishable feature to match the color of copper rivets.

A Sun Bed for Garden Plants

If you have some plants in areas that receive low sunlight, your plant will not survive for very long. Now, you can change the position of the potted plant, but if that’s not possible, a sunbed will come in handy. Take a box with four sides and cut one of them, then cover the rest with aluminum foil. Stick the three-sided reflector next to the pot and adjust it to face the direction of sunlight.

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This framework will focus more light on the plant, boosting the photosynthesis process and hence the plant’s health.

Sun fact: without the sun, plants can’t get the fuel they need to grow, reproduce, and basically survive. Plants are autotrophs, which means they create their own food source. Pretty neat, huh?

Think Big For Bigger Fishes

If you’ve ever gone on a fishing trip, you’re probably familiar with the fact that fish get attracted to the bright sun. So did you ever think of using this light as bait rather than using worms? Sounds a little crazy but it’s a proven trick. Just wrap a bit of foil paper around the fish hook, and you will notice how the fish get attracted to the glistening.

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Random fish fact: Fish make noises. For a long time, scientists assumed that the fish’s lack of external ears meant they were deaf. But they can hear just fine. Some species can even hear better than we humans can. Fish also growl, bark, click, hum, whistle, and croak!

Aluminum Foil – A Painter’s Best Friend

Whether you are a professional artist or an amateur painter, some problems will remain common. The worst is losing the cap of a paintbox which results in oxidation of the paint and makes it less than desirable. Aluminum foil is convenient for creating caps. Fold a piece of foil and place it on the jar. The foil will prevent air contact, and the CO2 will eliminate oxidation.

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Aluminum foil is also ideal for crafting a temporary paint palette.

Random paint fact: Paint colors can affect your mood. Cooler tones help create feelings of calm, peace, and happiness. And warmer tones can create feelings of anger or energy.
Random paint fact #2: In America, lead-based paint was banned in residential paints in 1978, but a lot of other countries banned it before 1920.

A Portable and Customizable Frying Pan

Everyone loves camping trips with friends. Most of all, we love it for bonfires and cooking. It comes with so much excitement that we often forget to pack essential things like a pan. Well, you can buy a pan while traveling but there’s a better DIY hack. Well, the easy alternative is a roll of aluminum foil. Stack a few bits of the foil together, bend them, and your pan is ready for use.

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Random frying pan fact: Early frying pans used to have rounded or flat bottoms because they were once used in hearths. The invention of dedicated cooking stoves with flat cooking surfaces (which were called “dampers”) in the mid-1800s signaled the end of rounded bottom frying pans.

Vinyl Tile Remedy

Vinyl tiles, especially the ones in bathrooms, have a habit of coming loose with time. It is not necessary to replace them or renovate the whole place for this small flaw. Simply, stick the tile back in its place, cover it with aluminum foil, and iron it. The heat will warm the adhesive and set the vinyl tile in its position.

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Random vinyl flooring fact: Long-lasting vinyl has come a long since its origins in the 1950s. There are three types of vinyl flooring: Sheet Vinyl, solid vinyl, and luxury vinyl tile. Vinyl is becoming one of the most popular flooring options as of late. And a huge plus of vinyl flooring is its water-resisting capabilities. So, no need to worry about spills ruining your floors.

Scan-Proof Credit Cards Cover

The RFID credit card is very useful in terms of convenience and quick payment. They don’t have a pin and you can pay by simply tapping them. However, the lack of pin also makes it vulnerable to unauthorized tappings. So what can you do? You can use some foil. Make a small pouch of aluminum foil and place your card into it. The aluminum will act as a barrier for scanning and reading of the card data.


Random credit card fact: It’s against the merchant agreements of Mastercard, Visa, and American Express for a vendor to have you provide your phone number, home address or other personal information when making a purchase. You also don’t need to present a driver’s license.

Professional Photography Hack

As a beginner photographer, the most annoying issue is the lighting. The thing is we don’t always have access to high-end flashes and have to compromise with underexposed images. Don’t get disheartened; aluminum foil is here to help you. Wrap a few layers of this metal sheet around a piece of cardboard and use it for focusing all the ambient light to a single subject.

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Random photography fact: The first color photograph was taken in 1861. The image was the result of layering three separate images of red, green and blue filters which were then projected onto a photosensitive plate. Thomas Sutton suggested this process. He was a photographer and inventor who also created the first SLR camera around the same time as the color image.

Dry Matchstick Containers

The discovery of fire was a revolutionary moment that changed humanity forever. But unlike our ancestors, we don’t have the time to produce fire with stones. We need something like a match stick, or rather a dry match stick. A small ball of aluminum foil is ideal. It can keep the sticks dry for a long time, even in moist environments. So the next time you want to go camping, roll the matchsticks in aluminum ahead of time to prevent them from getting wet.


Random match facts: There are two main kinds of matches: safety kinds, which generally can’t be lit unless stricken upon a specially made material; and those that can be ignited using friction on a dry and rough surface. These are known as ‘strike-anywhere’ matches.

Ready to Use Scissor Filer

Remember the last time when your kitchen scissor got blunt, and you had to spend a long time trying to cut with them? Well, it won’t happen ever again, at least while you have some aluminum foil in your kitchen. Next time, just grab some foil and start cutting it with the scissors. After a small duration of time, you will notice that the cuts start to become smoother.

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Random scissors fact: Scissors were invented in 1500 BC in Egypt and then later modified by the Romans in 100 AD.

Another random scissors fact: There are actually many superstitions about using scissors. One of those superstitions is that if you drop a pair of scissors, it means a lover is unfaithful.

Soap Bar Hack

Cleaning is a must. While it’s good to wash your hands a lot during the day, overusing your bar of soap comes at a price since the residue builds up and it becomes a soapy mess. Let aluminum foil be an aide in this situation. A small strip of foil under the soap will keep the bar in shape and increase its duration. It will also absorb some harmful chemicals, making it gentler on the skin.

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Random soap fact: Soap got its name from Mount Sapo in Rome. The word “sapo” is Latin for soap, which first appeared in Pliny the Elder’s Historia Naturalis. The first-ever soap was made by Babylonians around 2800 B.C. Early references to soap-making were for use in the textile industry and medicinally.

Effective Jewelry Cleaner

Every dress is incomplete without matching jewelry. Obviously, this jewelry needs to be clean and shiny, something which isn’t possible with regular loads of laundry. Now, you can polish your jewelry in a professional way at home. Just place your jewelry into soapy water along with some aluminum foil. The shine of your jewelry will return in no time. Easy-peasy.


Random jewelry fact: Egypt and Mesopotamia were the first ancient civilizations that started organizing the production of jewelry. Their accomplishments in metallurgy and gem collecting was important in the development of jewelry in every civilization that came after those two. And throughout history, jewelry went through lots of changes due to the rise and fall of many civilizations and fashion changes.

Flexible Paint Brush Covers

Painting a whole room or an entire house in a single go is almost impossible. You will need to stop painting at some point of the day and take a break. Obviously, you don’t want to clean the brush every time you take a break. Take a piece of aluminum foil and wrap it around the paintbrush before going for a break. The foil will have antifreeze qualities that help to maintain the consistency of the paint.

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Random painting fact: About 10% of all the paint people buy in the United States is eventually thrown out. And the majority of that is paint purchased for residential projects. So if you want to know the numbers; that’s more than 60,000,000 gallons down the drain.

Solar Light Distributor for Gardens

Sun is the ultimate source of energy for all living things, so don’t restrict it to just plants. We know that you can’t sit under the sun all the time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t direct light to other things. Take an attractive lamp or some beautiful hanging light piece and attach some aluminum foil to it. Adjust the foil in a way that it can balance the light and distribute it. You can direct the natural light to your sitting arrangement or any other part of the garden.

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Random solar energy fact: Solar energy is a safe alternative that can replace current fossil fuels like coal and gas. The use of solar energy will eliminate the unsafe and unclean consequences of using conventional fossil fuels.

Interactive Cake Decors

Have you ever seen the beautifully decorated cakes at the baker’s shop and wondered how they do it? Is there a way to create those decorative flowers and embellishments at home? Honestly, we can’t help with the first question, but we do have something for the second part. Cut, wrap, or do whatever you want to get the desired shape from a sheet of foil paper. Coat them with some cream, paints, or icing, and your cake decoration is ready for use. Just, make sure that your guests don’t try to eat them!

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Random cake fact: The link between cakes and birthday parties date back to ancient Roman times. In the 1400s, there were bakeries in Germany that began selling birthday cakes that were made from sweetened dough. In the 17th century, the birthday cake took on its more contemporary form.

Safe and Secure Hair Curlers

A hot curler is great for getting those curvy flanges of hairs, but it comes with its own risk. For instance, it can burn your hair and even your hands or even your forehead. Fortunately, aluminum foil is a good conductor of heat, and a coat of it can help you avoid these destructive results. So, the next time you are styling for a party, use some layers of foil for safer and fast curling.

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Random fact about hair rollers: In 1968, there was a feminist Miss America protest where protesters symbolically threw feminine products into a “Freedom Trash Can”. These included hair rollers, which were what they called “instruments of female torture” and accessories of what they said were enforced femininity.

Stylus For Your Phone

Some people love to use a stylus for their touch screen phone. They usually spend a considerable amount on an advanced smartphone pen. If they only knew about the properties of aluminum foil. Stick some foil on the tip of a normal pen or a stick, and you can use it on the smartphone screen. So, the next time you decide to use a touch pen on your phone screen, don’t rush to the market, run to your kitchen instead.

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Random fact about touch screen phones: E.A. Johnson invented the first finger-controlled touch screen. His original device featured a “capacitive” touch screen and was only able to process one single touch at a time. The first human-controlled multi-touch device was invented at the University of Toronto in 1982.

Rusty Chrome Cleaning Solutions

Chrome is a typical choice for adding extra shine and weather resistance to metal. However, it’s a metal, so it will lose its shine and become rusty at some stage, anyway. A ball of aluminum foil will scrub away all the rust like a hot knife cuts a block of butter. Moreover, chrome is quite scratch resistant, so there is no risk of a scratched surface due to foil scrubbing.

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Random fact about actual chrome (not Google): chrome is one of the most important and also indispensable industrial metals due to its hardness and resistance to corrosion. Chrome is used for more than just the production of stainless steel and nonferrous alloys; it also creates pigments and chemicals used to process leather.

A Cheap Alternative to Teflon Spray

It’s challenging to cook food like eggs or streak on sticky pans, especially if you are trying to avoid oil and butter. Apart from the food wastage, the sticky situation also leads to extra effort in cleaning the thing. But wait what if you wrap the pan with aluminum foil? This way you can cook with zero stickiness and you won’t have to spend time cleaning the pan.

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Random Teflon fact: did you know that Teflon has been used to coat bullet cases in order to reduce the amount of wear on the barrel of the gun? In 1982, they believed this coating enabled bullets to pierce through armor. Unlike other guns, the guns using Teflon coated bullets fired brass rounds instead of soft lead.

Keep Your Oven Clean

Protect your oven from inevitable spills by placing a few sections of aluminum foil on the rack, under whatever it is you’re baking. That way if you cook something that might bubble, it will prevent having to clean your oven every time. Just don’t foil the actual floor of the oven, because it could cause a build-up of heat and warp the bottom of your appliance.


Random oven fact: In medieval Europe, it was common to use cauldrons and fireplaces, but it wasn’t until the 1700s when practical and modern ovens became commonplace. As of late, there is a resurgence of wood-fired ovens that are generally situated in outdoor living areas and are used to cook pizzas and other baked goods.

Protect Your Pie Crusts

Taking the time and energy needed to make a good pie is something to be taken seriously. No one wants to back a pie only to have the crusts fall apart or get warped in shape. The solution? Tinfoil, of course. When you finish making your next pie, wrap it around in tin foil. It will help keep the pastry warm and it will also help keep the shape and form of the pie!


Random pie fact #1: Pumpkin pie was introduced to the holiday table at the pilgrim’s second Thanksgiving way back in 1623.
Random pie fact #2: Pie has two days: both December 1st and January 23rd are National Pie Day.
Random pie fact #3: Ancient Egyptians around 2,500BC were known to have eaten pies made with oats or wheat that were wrapped around a filling of honey or figs.

Cake Pan Alternative

This is perfect for all those kid’s birthday parties where each one wants their own custom-made cake in the shape of a bunny rabbit or Dora the Explorer. All you need is some tin foil and some creativity. Use some aluminum foil inside another baking pan and shape the outline of whatever cake you want to make. You might want to look at the picture of the desired shape while you’re doing it.


Random cake fact: In Roman times, the ingredients of eggs and butter were commonly added to basic bread to give it a consistency that we would recognize as cake-like. Honey was used as a sweetener. Back then, the distinction between Roman concepts of cake and bread were quite blurred.

Freeze Those Leftovers

When it comes to freezing food like bread, meat, or fish, aluminum great for keeping all the smells and tastes for a long time. The foil traps all the particles inside, leaving the taste to last for weeks. So, next time you put something in the freezer after cooking too much, don’t forget to wrap it in lots of aluminum foil. You’ll be thankful when you have leftovers to take out, and all you have to do is reheat them.


Random leftovers fact: The bacteria that cause food poisoning can grow quickly at room temperature. To make sure your food is safe, put food in the fridge or the freezer within 2 hours of being cooked or taken off a heat source.

Steel Wool Preserver

Steel wool is one of those things that once you use it, you can never go back. It’s a great tool to use when you clean your sink or dishes. It’s just annoying when it becomes all rusty after its first couple of uses. When you see rust appear, don’t throw it out just yet. Try wrapping it in foil and putting it in the freezer. It can really increase the life of the steel wool and save you time and money in the future.


Random fact about steel wool: Steel wool is made by a number of manufacturers in the United States, but a large amount is made overseas and in Mexico. Steel wool got its name from the fact that the fuzzy mass of metal strings looks like wool.

Keep Your Sleeping Bag Dry

You’re camping with your family, and you want to go to sleep after a long day. As it turns out, tight sleeping bags can cause extra sweating during the night. But you wouldn’t want that extra moisture to attract wildlife, like bears. So the simple solution is to lay a long piece of tin foil under yourself when you go to bed in the tent. It will act as an insulator against any additional moisture. This way, you’ll get a good night’s sleep and wake up dry!


Random sleeping bag fact: Women’s sleeping bags tend to have more insulation than men’s or even unisex sleeping bags. Why? Men produce more body heat than women. A warmer bag helps women stay more comfortable on cold camping nights. The extra insulation is usually found around the feet and the torso of her sleeping bag.

Roller Pan Liners

Cleaning paint rollers can be a pain, which is the reason why most of us buy disposable plastic liners or pans. But that’s expensive and bad for the environment. If you just make a metal roller pan with some aluminum foil, it can work just as well! All you need to do is use a little foil as a pan next time you have to paint a room and throw it away after. You’ll save money in the long run now that you don’t have to buy a new one every time.


Random fact about painting front doors: In Feng Shui, a red door signifies a “welcoming energy”, or literally to “welcome”. In Biblical times, a home with a red door was a protection from the “Angel of Death.”

Prevent Skinning Paint

Those who like to do DIY projects around the house might be a little familiar with skinning paint. It’s what happens when builders leave cans of paint a bit open for a few days. The paint will solidify, causing a mess and sabotaging your next paint job. If you’re faced with this, just cut some foil and put it in the can. Blow some air into it while you close the lid of the paint can – the carbon dioxide from your lungs will prevent oxidation!


Random painting fact: When the White House was first painted, they used a lime-based whitewash that was meant to weather over time. It limited the white look to only cracks and crevices. The whitewash wasn’t meant to weather, however as it was periodically re-painted.

Create a Platter

Maybe you just got a creative burst of energy and felt like baking something fun. But the problem is that you don’t have a big enough platter. With aluminum foil, you can simply wrap some around the cardboard. It’s as easy as that! And you’ll see how you can now present it the next time you make a bunch of stuff. And if your baked goods are fresh out of the oven, the foil will keep them warm!


Where did finger food come from? It is believed that people have eaten with their fingers basically since the beginning of time. Finger food has always existed, but there are events that shaped the way we see finger food today. Finger food became popular during the Prohibition Era in America.

Improve Outdoor Lighting

Not only do plants need lighting, but humans do, too. We all need some extra light and especially if your front or back porch is too dark. If you think your outdoor space could use a little ramping up, put some foil outside. You can make a fancy decoration, and play around with it in a way that balances the light in a nice way. Stick it down with tape and see how lovely your garden just lightened up!


Random LED lighting fact: LED lights are very energy-efficient and consume less power than incandescent bulbs and halogen lamps. Nearly 90% of the energy used is converted into visible light. LED lights today have the lowest power consumption and longest life span for lighting solutions.

Untangle Your Plant Cuttings

Once you’ve used the hack to successfully place foil around your seeds and your plant is growing, you’re going to need another hack to deal with the cuttings! This means you’re one step closer to being a proud owner of a beautiful plant. Part of being a plant owner is dealing with your plant when it grows strong. Place the plants in a container covered with foil and poke some holes in it. It will keep the water in its place for longer and reduce the need to water it so much.


Random plant fact: water, light, and nutrients are essential to plant growth, but plants also need other things to live. Air is an essential part of plant growth and survival, providing plants with carbon dioxide. Plants use carbon dioxide during photosynthesis.

Protecting Tree Trunks

Having trees in your garden can be a blessing and a curse. Rabbits, mice, and even foxes can use the bark of trees as food and shelter during the winter, which causes problems in the tree’s development. When it’s that time of year when you look outside and think, ‘Winter Is Coming,’ you might want to wrap some tin foil around the base of the tree trunk. You can remove it once Spring comes back.


Random tree fact: Trees reduce stormwater by capturing and storing the rainfall in the canopy and then releasing water into the atmosphere through evapotranspiration.
Another random tree fact: In one day, a large tree can lift up to 100 gallons of water out of the ground and release it into the air.

Pressure Cooker Lifter

If you have a pressure cooker, you might know that placing and lifting bowls in and out of it can be dangerous. Aluminum foil is perfect for lifting things safely without scalding your hands and arms. What you need is a piece of foil the size of your bowl with an extra eight or so inches. You’ll be making a sort of sling to lift out the bowl with your makeshift aluminum handles. Fold the handles down when cooking.


While a slow cooker cooks food slowly, usually taking around 8 hours for most foods, a pressure cooker cooks food very quickly, taking only a few minutes. But it still gives you the same flavorful cooking taste like a slow cooker.

If You Ever Need to Scare Birds

As it turns out, some birds are scared of shiny things. If you have a fruit tree that you need to protect, you can dangle some aluminum foil from the tree. It will be a deterrent for those birds that just want to feast on those fruits. All the light-sensitive pests will want to steer clear of your shiny tree.


Random fact about birds: The chicken is the most common species of bird in the world. Kiwis are endangered and flightless birds that live in New Zealand. They lay the largest eggs of any bird in the world. Oh, and the Bee Hummingbird is the smallest living bird in the world; its length is just 5 cm (or 2 inches).

Fight Static

Word on the street is that using dryer sheets can leave a chemical layer on the things you use them with. And when it comes to towels, it compromises absorbency. You can switch from dryer sheets to balled up pieces of aluminum foil instead. You just toss the foil ball into the dryer and let the magic of foil do its thing. You can also use a tennis ball to speed the drying time, too, by the way.


Random dryer fact: The environmental impact of clothes dryers is severe in the US and Canada, with over 80% of all homes using a clothes dryer. If all residential clothes dryers were energy-efficient, “the utility cost savings would grow to more than $1.5 billion each year and more than 22 billion pounds of annual greenhouse gas emissions would be prevented.”

WiFi Signal Booster

Is your internet connection slower than you would like it to be? Here’s what you do: fold some tin foil into a parabolic dish if you want to boost your wi-fi signal from your router. Sure, it can look strange, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do in order to see cats on YouTube at high speed.


Random wi-fi fact: contrary to popular belief, WiFi is not a health problem. There is a common thought that WiFi signals are dangerous. But in fact, WiFi signals are a lot safer than mobile phones are. There have been no reports about any illnesses related to WiFi signals. So maybe that can calm your nerves maybe a little bit.

Easy and Effective Wet Bed Prevention System

Your child is finally potty-trained but they’re wetting the bed. It’s a common part of any young child’s life, but it can get frustrating. The trick of using a layer of foil paper between the bedsheet and mattress sounds weird, but it’s very effective. This trick is particularly useful for homes with young kids who still wet the bed. You can also use it to avoid mattress damages due to spilled liquids.

Source: Shutterstock

A layer of aluminum will act as waterproofing for the mattress and locks all the wetness away from it. If you think that crispy sound and study layer will cause uncomfortable sleep, use a soft towel to cover the foil. The absorbent fiber will get ruined with time, but it’s better than running the whole mattress.

Wrinkly Clothes? Not a Problem

A crisp collar and smooth surface of the shirt is enough to make an impression at any event. And there are many people that can’t leave the house with any sort of wrinkle anywhere on their clothes. Unfortunately, that crisp collar doesn’t last so long. With regular usage and ironing, the clothing soon develops some wrinkles that are very difficult to remove, especially if the ironing base is not that smooth. Well, the perfect solution for it is right there on your shelf.


Grab some aluminum foil, Grab some aluminum foil, wrap it under your cloth, and there you go. The metal will absorb heat from the boiling hot iron, giving you a crisp surface in no time. This way, you can feel good about your collar’s crispness.

Stop Aliens Reading From Your Mind

This is for the more paranoid among us. Do you know all those movies that show how aliens can come to Earth and read our minds? There are a number of conspiracy theorists who wear foil to protect themselves from such dangers. Considering how much you loved these aluminum foil hacks, we thought we could move on to another super handy household staple that has tons of hidden uses. Saran wrap, ladies and gentlemen!


If you got to this point, then it’s safe to say that “you love you some hacks.” Next, we’re going to show you all the hacks you never thought of for plastic wrap.
Word of caution – don’t let your kiddos get a hold of the plastic wrap!

Poached Eggs

You can make poached eggs in little pouches made out of plastic wrap. What you do is drop the pouches in boiling water and cut them open to serve. Line a tiny cup with plastic wrap and coat it in oil. Crack an egg inside, gather up the sides, and twist it into a pouch, then tie it up. Drop the pouches into boiling water to cook and when they’re ready just cut the wrap with scissors and serve.


What’s a poached egg? It’s an egg that’s been cooked, outside the shell, by poaching it (as opposed to simmering or cooking it in boiling liquid). This method is favored for eggs because it can yield more delicately cooked eggs than using higher temperatures as with boiling water.

A Tablet Protector

Like many of us these days, using a tablet is the new cookbook. It’s so much easier to watch a tutorial on how to cook something online than to read a cookbook. But that means your tablet might get all messy. All you have to do is wrap your device with saran wrap, and it will be the protective layer you need. Oh, and the best part is that your touchscreen will still work!


Random plastic wrap fact: it was discovered in 1933. The chemical in plastic wrap was first used as a spray in wars to protect fighter planes and other military gear from water. In 1949, the company Dow Chemical created the commercial plastic wrap that buy today.

Keep Paint From Drying Out

When it comes time to paint, keep a roll of plastic wrap handy. Add several layers around the handle to improve your grip and prevent blisters too. You can also wrap the paint roller tightly in plastic wrap which will help prevent the roller from drying out. All these tricks and you can call yourself a pro!


Random plastic wrap fact: Plastic wrap was originally made with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic. PVC is known for being hard to recycle and its toxicity has been questionable over the years. Yet, low-density polyethylene (LDPE) is becoming a lot more common these days, and manufacturers have been continually working on improving their products to create totally non-toxic food wraps. That’s a step in the right direction.

Removing Adhesive

If you’re anything like us, we love saving glass jars instead of throwing them out. The only issue is those pesky stickers that just don’t come off no matter how much we scrub! But you can easily remove the sticker by completely soaking it with warm water and dish soap. Wrap the wet container with saran wrap after and let it sit for 3-5 minutes. Remove the wrap and then wipe it clean. Voila!


Random fact about plastic wrap: Plastic wrap is also known as ”Glad,” ”cling film,” “saran wrap,” “cling wrap” and ”food wrap.” It wasn’t developed as a food wrap until 1949 when it was used in the food industry for the first time. By 1953, it was available for home use.

Rolling Out Dough

You can neatly roll out the dough between two sheets of plastic wrap so you won’t have to wash your cutting board afterward. And any way to clean up less is a winner in our books. Some people like using parchment paper, but the rigidness of the paper can sometimes make it more difficult compared to plastic wrap. Once you do it one time, you’ll find yourself using the hack every time.


Random fact: An industry research group found that in the past six months, 80 million Americans used at least one roll of plastic wrap. More than 5 million Americans went through more than 10 million boxes. Supermarkets and shipping account for the additional three million tons of plastic wrap that companies made this year.

Save Ice Cream From Freezer Burn

Freezer burn is one of those annoying things that happen to the best of our foods that find themselves in the freezer. And it would be a shame if you didn’t eat your favorite ice cream after it got “burnt” by the freezer a bit. All you do is place some saran wrap directly on top of the ice cream itself as well as around the inside of the carton. This will seal the ice out and prevent it from forming on the ice cream.


Random fact about ice cream: The most popular flavor is vanilla. After that comes chocolate, strawberry, cookies n’ cream, and then all the others. Ice cream cones were invented in 1904 for the World’s Fair in St. Louis. The large demand forced ice cream vendors to find help from waffle vendors. Together they made history.

Keep Bananas Going Brown

It really sucks when you buy bananas, then two days later, they’re brown, and you have to go out and buy some more. And buying fewer bananas, means you run out of them too quickly. What a dilemma! So, if you want the solution to this problem, you just found one. To keep your bananas fresher and longer, put some plastic wrap around the stems. It slows down the browning process so you can enjoy them longer.


Random banana fact: The type of banana you see and buy in the supermarket is called the Cavendish banana. This banana that was originally the preferred variety was the Gros Michel, but it became extinct by 1960, thanks to a fungus called Panama disease.

DIY Kids Cups

Any parent with a young child knows that giving them a grown-up cup is a disaster waiting to happen. And not everywhere you go do people have kids cups! Enter: saran wrap. It’s a perfect hack for toddlers. Take a regular cup, put some plastic wrap tightly over the top of the cup, and poke a straw through it. It will create a strong seal that keeps the liquid from spilling. You’re welcome!


Random sippy cup fact: If you are using disposable sippy cups with your kids, you shouldn’t reuse them because they’re not made for repeated use. You should avoid sippy cups with plastic straws. Straws are hard to clean and they are a common breeding ground for bacteria. So you should replace the straw after each use.

Organize Jewelry

When moving, packing can be a real headache. And if you have jewelry, it’s an added nightmare. You can’t just throw it all in a box because it will take you years to untangle it. Next time you move, lay out some plastic wrap. Lay your jewelry on top of it, and press another sheet on top of the jewelry and on the bottom of it. This is going to keep your jewelry in place and not slide around.


Radom jewelry fact: the tradition of engagement rings wasn’t around until romantic Maximilian of Austria gave his lover, Mary of Burgundy a ring as a promise of their impending nuptials in 1477. This tradition caught on and now engagement rings are a multi-billion dollar industry.

Keep Refrigerator Shelves Clean

Cleaning the refrigerator is tedious and no fun whatsoever. But this hack will change your life! All you have to do is take plastic wrap and line the shelves of the fridge with it. It actually sticks perfectly to the shelves, so it’s not going to move around and drive you crazy. So if something spills, just tear the wrap, throw it away, and reapply!


Random refrigerator fact: Albert Einstein is the co-inventor of the refrigerator. Einstein and his former student, Leo Szilard, received a patent for it in 1930. Coolants used at the time were toxic, so Einstein had the idea for a simple, single-pressure refrigerator when he read about how a sleeping family was killed by leaking refrigerator coolant.

Protect Clothes From Liquids

It happens sometimes when you travel somewhere where you gain elevation, in which anything liquid will explode from the pressure and pretty much get all over your clothes and whatever you’re around. There’s a great solution for this rare, yet serious, occasion. Take the lids off the bottles of the substance, then place a piece of saran wrap over the top and screw the lid back on. It’ll prevent the liquid from spilling out.


Random fact about suitcases: Despite all the ideas for wheeling luggage around in the early 1900s, it wasn’t until Bernard Sadow came alone that rolling luggage became an option. He attached four rollers to the base of a suitcase and patented the idea in 1970. Ever since the world embraced the idea of a wheeled version of luggage.

DIY Fruit Fly Trap

How annoying are fruit flies!? Doesn’t matter how fresh the fruit is, they just keep buzzing around. So this is what you do if you have a fruit fly problem. Cut up some fruit and put it in a bowl. A few pieces will do. Then put some plastic wrap and cover the lid of the bowl, then poke a small hole in the top. The flies will get trapped inside the cup, which means you won’t have them flying around you anymore.


Random fruit fly fact: They get their name from their strong attraction to ripening or rotting fruit. The fruit serves as both a food source as well as a place to lay their eggs. Fruit flies typically reach 3-4 mm in length and live for 40 to 50 days.

Marbled Nail Polish

If you want to get a cool nail polish style without going to the salon, you should try this hack. Start by painting your nails a base color. Then, once your nails are completely dry, paint over them with a new color. While the topcoat is still wet, crumble up some saran wrap and place it on top of your nails. When you remove it, you’ll see the marbled effect. Not too bad!


Random nail polish fact: Painting nails go back to 3000 BCE. There is archaeological evidence that the Ancient Babylonians painted their nails before they went into battle with a solid gold manicure set. And in Ancient China, in the Ming Dynasty, people used formulas made from beeswax, egg whites, gelatin and vegetable dyes.

Ice Cubes in the Dryer

You can forget the iron or steamer by using ice cubes in the dryer instead if you want to get wrinkles out of your clothes. Put two or three ice cubes in the dryer with one or two pieces of clothing and then place it on the hottest setting. The ice melts and turns into steam, which gets the wrinkles out. This trick isn’t so effective with heavier clothing, but it works wonders on lighter fabrics. The best part is that you only need to set the dryer for about 10 minutes or so.


Random ice fact: sea ice alone comes in all kinds of varieties, and Arctic and Antarctic sea ice have their own vocabularies. Brash, frazil, nilas, and pancake ice are some of the varieties found in both. If you’re near the poles, you should be able to distinguish an iceberg from an ice foot, a hummock from a hammock, and a floe from a floeberg.

Vinegar’s Many Uses

The kitchen staple can be a wonderful tool on cleaning day. If you have a collection of cloudy drinking glasses, don’t bother scrubbing with traditional soap. A little white vinegar will get those water stains out. For glasses, soak them in diluted white vinegar or just dunk a rag in the vinegar and clean as usual. This trick also does wonders for your coffee carafe and even dirty faucets. Vinegar also cleans dirty blinds!


Fun Fact: did you know that the name vinegar comes from the French words, “vin aigre?” They literally mean sour wine. Around 5,000 BC, the Babylonians used vinegar as a condiment and a preservative. The Babylonians are also credited with adding herbs and spices to flavor it.

Bread Isn’t Just for Eating

It happens to the best of us – we drop glasses sometimes. But picking up all those pieces is not easy, not to mention dangerous. The hack? Use bread! Yes, bread. Just put a bit of water on a piece of bread to make it damp and press it on the floor where the fragments of glass are. It’s a lot easier than trying to sweep up every last piece with a broom.


Random bread fact: Bread is often tied to religious expression and communion. For example, hot cross buns commemorate Lent and Good Friday; Greek Easter bread is set with eggs dyed red to denote the blood of Christ, and then there are Jewish families who celebrate the coming of the Sabbath on Friday evening with challah.

Shaving Cream to Clean a Mirror

Did you know that shaving cream works as a glass cleaner too? If you apply regular shaving cream to your mirror and wipe it down with some paper towel or a rag, you can rid the mirror of smudges and streaks. But that’s not all – it will also keep the mirror from fogging up during a shower for a few weeks! This trick will also be of use when cleaning your glasses and car windows.


Random shaving cream fact: an early form of shaving cream was used in Sumer around 3000 BC. The substance combined wood alkali and animal fat that was applied to a beard as a shaving preparation. By the early 20th century, bars or sticks of hard shaving soap were used.

Lemons are Natural Cleaners

Microwaves – they get their share of dirt inside of them! But instead of scrubbing and scraping, you can get a better clean by using a lemon. Squeeze the juice from a lemon into half a cup of water and drop the remaining lemon in. Put the lemon water mixture into the microwave for three minutes (long enough to come to a boil). The mixture, steamed, will now fill your microwave. Let it sit for five minutes, open the microwave, remove the bowl, and wipe the inside. Voila!


Random facts about lemons: Lemons are native to Asia and are a hybrid between a sour orange and a citron. Lemon trees can produce up to 600 pounds of lemons every year. Lemon trees also produce fruit all year round.

How to Rinse Your Blender

Instead of having to disassemble your blender and clean all those sharp blades by hand, there’s a much simpler hack that’ll save you time, effort, and a real headache. What you do is fill your blender halfway with hot water, pour in some dish soap, close the lid, and turn it on. It’s basically like a mini version of a dishwasher!


Random blender fact: the blender was patented in 1922 by Stephen Poplawski who was the first one who put a spinning blade at the bottom of a container. His beverage mixer was developed for the Arnold Electric Company. It is recognized as what is called a blender in the United States. But it is called a liquidizer in Britain.

Grapefruit is Another Natural Cleaner

Grapefruit is another citrus fruit that does wonders on cleaning day. And it can be perfect for when you need to clean the bathtub. First, turn the water on and get your tub fully wet. Cut a grapefruit in half, put a lot of salt on the fruit, and begin scrubbing! The citrus and the salt removes soap stains and other messes while also leaving a pleasant smell. You can do the same on sinks, faucets, and fixtures.


Grapefruit may help reduce body fat in some people when it is mixed with other compounds such as caffeine, grapefruit polyphenols, and other antioxidants that are found in the berry family of fruits. And yes, grapefruits are technically considered to be part of the berry family.

Soap to the Rescue

You know when that sock drawer gets stuck, and every time you open the drawer, it becomes a chore? Well, you can use something as simple as a bar of soap to fix it. Simply slide the bar along with the drawer glides. It will essentially act as a lubricant, letting the opening of the drawer become easy again and not something that will annoy you every morning.


Random facts about socks: The oldest known pair of socks is about 1,600 years old. They weres excavated at the end of the 19th century from the cemetery of ancient Oxyrhynchus, a Greek colony on the Nile in Egypt. The socks were made from red wool and have split toes so they could be worn with sandals.

DIY Sprinkler

If you’re someone who is looking to be more “green” and you actually care about the environment, then you should try this hack. It’s yet another thing that can be done with an empty water bottle. Take that bottle of soda and put it to some good use! If your sprinkler broke, or maybe you haven’t yet gone out to buy one, you can use this soda bottle instead, and it works well.


But it’s more of a temporary solution. Create a sprinkler from an empty soda bottle by piercing it with holes. Attach the neck of the bottle to your garden hose and there you go. Your very own DIY sprinkler. It’ll last up until you go and get a real one.

Rubber Bands for That Pesky Screw

Do you have a bunch of rubber bands hanging around in your drawer and you have no idea what to do with them? Well, this hack is something that many people find useful. And it’s something that happens all the time when it comes to screws.


The screw is stripped, and it makes screwing it in or out almost impossible. The next time this happens to you, don’t lose your mind just yet. Try placing a rubber band on it first. Put the rubber band flat against the screw head and fit the tip of the screwdriver over the rubber band and into the grooves. It will fill in the gaps in the screw, giving you the traction needed to turn the screw.

Cleaning Car Hacks

Cleaning your car can be a bit of a hassle, especially if you have a  9 to 5 job, and even more so if there is a family to take care of at home. Oh, and tons of bills to pay!

Source: Pinterest

We compiled 40 hassle-free car hacks that are easy to do and great for saving a buck or two!

Replacing Air Filters

Air filters collect dust at a very high pace. Especially if you have a full-ride every day.


Try and clean your air filter at least once a month. The result will be allergy-free, fresh-smelling car year around.

Engine Shine

Ever find yourself getting stuck out on a highway and when you open that engine hatch, it’s greasy and gross looking?


Apply Vaseline to the exterior of your engine and you’ll get a layer of protection, and a nice shiny finish too.

Odor Absorption

Are you struggling with a smelly aroma in your car? Maybe you have a messy kid or two, or maybe you have a long drive home from a chilly joint in the dead of winter, and can’t open the window, but you just cut the cheese.


No need to worry! Just put some fabric wrapped charcoal in the car and it will absorb any smell you challenge it with.

Make Your Own Solution

If you are tight on cash and can’t afford to buy a new bottle of car wash soap, look up the chemicals that can’t damage car paint.


Make a mix of some of the cleaning chemicals you have at home. It works just as well!

Clean Air

Ask anyone in the world: the first thing, before anything, that you need to stay healthy is to have clean air to breathe.


The air inside of a car can get very dirty, very fast. Keep a brush in you’re glove compartment, and at the end of every day, give your air vents a quick brushing. It’s worth the effort.

Cleaning Leather

Everyone knows how much of a pain in the butt it can be to clean leather. You can keep the leather in your car fresh by spraying a mixture of vinegar and linseed oil on the leather seats in your car.


It’ll keep them smelling nice, and looking good as new! Wait until you read how simple it is to clean the interior!


Take the rubber mats out of your car once a week and clean them with soap. You will be happy you did!


You don’t want to ride into a party with your friends when the car floor looks like the bottom of a dumpster.

Pet Hair

Most people who avoid getting pets avoid them because of the fear of driving them back home and the shedding getting all over their car seats.


Use a hand-held mop to pull pet hair off the seats of your car, and it will only take a couple of minutes to be completely hair-free. Another hint: this works for your couch too!

Grease and Oil Stains

Are you struggling in a family that doesn’t let you eat McDonald’s in the car? Are they telling you it’s because they don’t want grease and oil stains on their seats?


If so, great news! We found out that a bit of corn starch takes those pesky stains right out, and if your parents still don’t let you eat in the car, they either don’t want to let you win, don’t love you, think you’re fat, or all of the above!

“Become the Window!”

If you want spotless windows, you need to use the rubber window protectors to your advantage.


First apply a layer of solution to your window, scrub, then apply a second solution. After that, the window and the pressure on it from the rubber will clean all unwanted spots.

Joining the Club

Club soda for sure comes in handy in many cleaning situations, and cleaning stains on a car is just another one of those situations.


Do you have an exterior stain that just won’t come off? Try club soda. It may work!


Mayonnaise, yes Mayonnaise, is the perfect solution for eliminating those hard to remove stains on your exterior.


Just apply it on the stain of your car, let it sit and harden for 5 minutes, then wipe it off. You’ll be surprised to see the stain is gone. Just don’t forget to wipe it off or else you’ll have a new problem on your hands!

Cereal Container

Grab a plastic cereal container from any kitchen or storage store (e.g. The Container Store, Crate & Barrell, etc.), line it with a regular grocery bag, and use it as a portable trash can for your car.

Source: Twitter

Simple and easy, and it will definitely help keep your car cleaner.

Solution Boost

Different cleaning solutions have different effects and various uses for cleaning your car. But they all have one thing in common.


They can all be upgraded by mixing vinegar in them. Seems simple doesn’t it? That’s because it is! Keep going to see what other ways you may be able to use vinegar cleaning.

Removing Stickers

If you put some sticker decals on your car in college and need to get to a job interview for a serious job, you’re going to want to clean that car up.


An easy way to remove sticky things from your exterior is to carefully peel them off with a razor blade.

Cleaning Hard to Reach Places

If you’re like me, and you like to clean in between hard to reach places, then take a screwdriver with a cloth around it, and rub the inside of the crevices of your car with little hassle whatsoever.


I personally can’t stand seeing dirt in hard to reach places. So this was very helpful for me.

Covering a Crack

Just noticed a hairline crack in your paint job? Find nail polish with the same color and cover it up with that. It won’t fix the problem forever, but it will keep these cracks from spreading.


Most hairline cracks happen in the winter, so stock up on nail polish before the next snowstorm!

Don’t Forget to Tip

Q-Tip that is! Have Q-tips on hand in your vehicle at all times, and you will be able to clean interior hard to reach places, like the crease between the stick shift, or behind door handles.


I know most people only use the Q-Tip for ear love, but maybe this use is a better one than damaging your ears.

Child Proofing

Children tend to make a mess out of cars. One of the most common messes you will find is crayon stains on your upholstery.


If you take a slice of parchment paper and iron over it on the seat, it will melt these stains and they will stick directly to the parchment to be peeled right off.

Invest in an Eraser

If it’s really important for you to keep your car clean, try buying a magic eraser.


They come two in a pack and last very long. Just a small dip in Lysol and they should guide you through handling any new stain.

Sticky Mats

You can buy small sticky mats and put them in different locations inside your car.


All you need to do from there is make a place to hang your phone, glasses, and other small items that may fall and roll around on the seat and floor!

Mint Condition

Selling your car for a good price can be a difficult task, and the longer you have it, the harder it gets to sell for your ballpark.


There is not much you can do about the miles on your vehicle, but you can pour Coca-Cola on rust stains to get them off.

Give your Car A Mint

If you find yourself in the middle of a long road trip in the middle of the Nevada desert with a leak in the engine all a sudden, don’t get startled.


You can block that leak with some gum, or a half-chewed mint until you find the first car shop on the interstate.

Not really a Cleaning Hack

Okay so this one is not a cleaning hack at all, but if you haven’t thought of it yet, then its time someone told you.


If you have an old car that still has an ashtray in it, rejoice! This means you have a built-in phone dock ready to use.

Soaking up Spills

Did your baby just grow out of her diaper and you don’t know what to do with all the leftovers? Well, one thing you can do is use them to soak up spills.


After all, just because the toddler doesn’t use diapers anymore, does not mean there won’t be a mess in the back seat!


Getting ready for a cold winter? One of the things that always happen in below-freezing climates is that pesky ice getting into your keyhole, or making it hard to pull the door handle.


Don’t worry though, we have a solution. Just pour hand sanitizer on the spot, and you will find that the alcohol content should quickly melt the ice away.

Damp Paper

Are your license plates starting to fill up with useless old registration stickers? Just take some damp newspaper, stick it on the sticker for ten minutes, and presto – it peels right off!


This is also good if your party lost an election and you just want to move on! Or if your child stopped getting straight A’s.


There is one universal way to clean windows, and that’s to spray windows with Windex and then rub them with newspaper.


It takes a lot of time, but if you would like to cut that time in half, then spray the windows with vinegar.


Another way to remove pesky grease stains on the hood of your car is to stick a clay bar on them.  The clay will soak up the grease so you don’t have to worry about how to get it off!


This is a fun cleaning activity to do with your children too. Just make sure they don’t eat it!

Bug Stains

Bug stains are gross, and they are surprisingly hard to get off. A good way to remedy this is to use a wet dryer sheet to wipe them off. It will work, trust me!


Also, try spraying your car with bug spray before hitting the freeway. Just kidding, that’s a good hack for wasting money.

Cup Holding

Had the same car for 50 years? Do you really want a cup holder as they have in America?


No need to dwell over it, just take your 20-year-old shoe off, and put your fast food cup inside. At this point, your life should be shame-free!


Another way to get stickers and decals off your car is to apply some WD-40 oil to them. They should peel right off after.


Ask any engineer, pilot, or soldier who their best friend is for cleaning. They would tell you they would brush their teeth with WD-40 if they could!

Wiper Solution

Out of money this month? Need to apply more windshield wiper solution but can’t afford it? Just mix some ammonia and cold water with a ratio of 21/1 and you got yourself some home stuff!


It works much better than what they use at your local gas station.

Wiper Blades

Wiper blades can get pretty gross throughout time, and should be cleaned at least once a year. You don’t need to spend any money though, just apply alcohol to them, and wipe them off with a rag.


Always make sure to treat wiper blades at least once a month, as they can get rusty very fast!

Baby Shampoo

If you want to remove stains and don’t have anything else other than baby soap in the house, then that will work just fine to wash your car with.


It will just smell like a baby’s butt. You can also kill two birds with one stone and put a kiddy pool full of soap next to your car and put your kid in it!


After you have applied shampoo to your car, why not use some conditioner too!


If you use a lanolin-based hair conditioner on your car after cleaning it, it will give it the same shine you would get from buffing.


Are you still broke as a joke? Still can’t afford that new bottle of Windex?


Well, it’s a good time to quit. Take that left-over vodka and mix it in with the Windex you got left! It will work great for removing stains!

Tooth Paste

If your neighbors call you odd, just tell them you are doing a car hack. Then they will think you are crazy!


In this case, you will be putting toothpaste on your headlight windows to be able to get all those cloudy stains off it.

Protecting Vinyl

Vinyl can start to peel off very fast, especially in dry weather. To protect your vinyl, just rub it with a solution of olive oil and lemon juice.


If you made too much, you can use the rest to put on your salad too!

Shiny Tires

Ever miss the way your tires used to look when you first got your car? Well, you can clean your tires with bleach and they will shine right up again!


Email us if you have a solution for getting the new tire smell too! It the best smell on the face of the earth!

Streak Free

If you rub your window with a mix of alcohol and vinegar, it will be shiny and streak-free! Say goodbye to all those highly resistive window stains, say hello to the easy to do window shine that you always wanted!


You’ll never struggle cleaning your window again. Have fun!

Baby Wipes Just for Cars

Make it a habit to keep a pack of baby wipes in your car. Using them regularly to wipe down surfaces can effectively avoid any dust and dirt accumulation.

Source: Twitter

This a perfect little way of maintaining your car’s cleanliness.

Removing Dust and Dirt

If you need to grab some dirt and dust off your interior surfaces, you can use some homemade sticky slime made with a mixture of liquid starch, water, and glue.

Source: Facebook

This should give you an all-purpose cleaning slime in minutes! Although, you might get distracted and start playing with it instead of cleaning!

Olive Oil on Leather

To keep your upholstery looking as good as new, just rub a small amount of olive oil into it after washing off the dirt and grime with warm and soapy water.

Source: Pinterest

This should break up the dirt and stains while conditioning the leather as well.

A Good Use for Kerosene

If you’re looking for another alternative in attaining that glossy finish to your interior, just mix some kerosene with water and wipe this solution on your dry car to achieve that beautiful shine!

Source: Twitter

It does no harm to the paint, too!

Burn Stains and Raw Onion

You might want to use this trick if you’re looking into selling your car in the future. Remove those burn stains on leather or vinyl by applying a raw cut onion to the area.

Source: Pinterest

Just allow it to soak in for a bit before blotting it with warm water. This will effectively reduce the visibility of those stains! Your car will be on the market in no time.

Tooth Brush to Clean

With the simple use of a toothbrush dipped in some soapy water, you can effectively scrub away any dirt and dust on vinyl upholstery.

Source: Facebook

We recommend you do this before the gunk gets caked in the cracks of your seats. This should save you the time of repeatedly scraping them out.

Sheets & Aroma

Use those extra dryer sheets around various strategic locations in your car to keep that good aroma. These sheets should continue to emit fragrance for 1 to 3 months, varying by the climate.

Source: Twitter

Just allow it to sit on your cloth upholstery and mats before blotting it with a dampened rag. The stain should be gone in no time.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Another easy solution in removing those tough stains, such as blood, grass, or wine, is applying some hydrogen peroxide.

Source: Tumblr

A liberal application of hydrogen peroxide can remove even the toughest stains, such as blood, wine, and grass, from cloth upholstery and mats. Allow it to sit before blotting with a damp rag.

Being Thorough

The simplest way of saving money is to always be disciplined in thoroughly and regularly cleaning your car. Make sure you clean out the trash every day, pull out all the mats, and wipe down or vacuum all the surfaces.

Source: Pinterest

It’s ultimately up to you to be responsible for your car’s condition! Keep up those good cleaning habits and your car will always seem as good as new!

Makeup Brush

There’s nothing worse than turning on the air conditioning in your car and having a wave of dust blow over you. A car’s air vents get dusty with time, and it’s important to clean them out. Not only because you don’t want dust to blow in your face or all over the car every time you turn them on, but because it keeps them running better.

Source: Twitter

So, next time you get in your car, grab a new or used makeup brush (obviously washing it out if it’s used) and use it to dust your air vents before you turn the car on. The brush’s hairs reach all the vents crevices and are perfect for cleaning them out.


Cupholders are probably one of the dirtiest places in a car. They accumulate the remains of different drinks over time and inevitably serve as the place where you put everything you don’t immediately know where to throw in the car.

Source: Twitter

So, cupholders are usually very dirty with junk and gunk. But there’s an easy and practical fix! You can clean your cupholders and place silicone cupcake liners in them, so next time you go clean the car, simply take out the liners, rinse them quickly and place them back in!

Laundry Ball Hack

You can make your own car air freshener by using laundry scent balls and an empty mason jar. You’re probably familiar with the laundry scent balls you can throw into your dryer or washer with your clothes.

Source: Facebook

Well, you can look for an empty mason jar that you’re no longer using, fill half of the jar with laundry scent balls, and open a few holes in the jar’s lid. Presto! The balls won’t come out of the jar and they’ll keep your car smelling fresh!

Windshield Smudges

Often when we clean with a car’s windshield wipers, they leave smears and smudges on the glass. To avoid this, make sure to rub down your wipers with alcohol before you use them.

Source: Pinterest

This will prevent them from leaving marks on the windshield, making sure you have a clear, 20/20 vision.

Washer Fluid

You should always carry a bottle of washer fluid in your car, but it’s one of those things that we often overlook, and never remember to replace when we finish the bottle. Next time you’re in need of some washer fluid, but don’t have time to stop and buy, or you aren’t close to any car shop, you can just make your own!

Source: Pinterest

Mix 3 cups of grain alcohol, 2 teaspoons of dish-washing soap, and 4 cups of water. Shake well and place in an empty bottle. Keep the bottle in your car and simply make more whenever you need.

Use a Vacuum

Dust is especially annoying to clean when it comes to your car because it accumulates everywhere, and dusting just transports the dust from crevices, vents, and other places, to the floor in your car. And, we’re back to square one; now you need to get rid of the dust.

Source: Twitter

However, it is very easy to avoid this. Simply grab your vacuum cleaner’s hand-held attachment and hold it next to the brush as you dust. The dirt will immediately be removed by the vacuum.

Baking Soda

There’s nothing worse than when a smell takes over your car. Smells are absorbed by seats and carpets, and some are especially difficult to take out. Even if you’re a clean freak, you’re bound to encounter this problem at some point. Whether it’s getting in the car after a gym workout, picking up kids from soccer practice, driving your friend that smokes, etc.

Source: Twitter

There’s a simple solution to this: baking soda. Go to your kitchen, grab some baking soda, and sprinkle it over your seats and carpets. Let it sit for a couple of hours, pass the vacuum to clean the remains, and presto, your car will be smelling brand new.

Clean Your Windshield

We know this sounds like bad advice, and you’re probably thinking who in their right mind would use steel wool to clean glass. But, as it turns out, the windshield glass is very strong and thick and doesn’t scratch easily.

Source: Tumblr

So, next time you need to properly clean your windshield, use a steel wool sponge to scrub off the glass. You will never see a clearer looking glass!

Windex for Your Cup-holders

Before you take our advice of using silicone cupcake liners for your cupholders, as we mentioned above, make sure you properly clean out the actual cupholders.

Source: Twitter

Get a travel cup, cover it with an old sock from the bottom up, and spray some Windex on it. Place the cup in the cupholder and twist a few times. You’ll get every last piece of dirt out.

Great Car Freshener

We always want our car to smell clean and fresh, but it’s not always easy since some of us use our car all day long. So how do you keep it smelling nice?

Source: Twitter

Sprays don’t last, and car fresheners have too strong a smell, and, often, not a very good one. But there’s an easy, cheap and fast way to solve this. Grab a wooden clothespin, soak it in the essential oil of your choice, and pin it in your car’s air vents.

Floor Mats

A car’s floor mats are always disgusting. Even if you’re a regular visitor of the car cleaners, floor mats will always get dirty, and sometimes, going to a car cleaner every time gets annoying and expensive. There’s a simple cleaning hack to help with this.

Source: Twitter

Grab your floor mats, spray them with stain remover liquid, and throw them in your washing machine with regular clothes detergent. Set the machine’s cycle to the gentlest setting, and you’re good to go.

Pam Cooking Spray

If you’ve ever been driving on a hot summer day, you know what it’s like to see a giant cloud of bugs in the middle of the road, and you definitely know that what follows is having them all stuck to your bumper once you run them over with the car. Obviously, you can’t cause a road accident to avoid them. So, what do you do?

Source: Facebook

The best and easiest way to clean them with one swift movement is by spraying Pam cooking oil over your bumper and wiping it off with a cloth.

Avoid Salt Buildup

If you live in a place where there is the constant salt buildup on the roads because of snow, this can be very damaging for your car’s bodywork in the long run. And by damaging we mean it’ll slowly melt away your car from underneath, so this is something you should stay on top of.

Source: Twitter

To avoid this, next time it snows, mix water and vinegar in a spray bottle and spray the bottom part of your car with it. It’ll melt the salt right off.

Using an Iron

It is unavoidable for sticky messes to happen in your car – your kid drops a gummy bear and the sun melts it into the fabric, a friend drops a piece of gum in the seat, you sit on a bug and it goes all over your seat fabric, etc. The possibilities are endless, and the solutions not so obvious. But don’t worry, next time this happens, and you want to cry because you think your car is doomed, grab an iron, a thick piece of paper, and some patience.

Source: Pinterest

Place the paper over the mess and iron over it for 30 seconds. Whatever it is, it’ll attach straight onto the paper and out of your car.

Rubber Gloves

Whether you’re an animal lover or have friends and family members that are, this hack will surely come in handy. You don’t want to be the one to refuse a ride to our furry friends, but you also don’t want pet hair all over your car seats. And usually, pet hair finds a way to get everywhere.

Source: Pinterest

The best solution for this is to put on a rubber glove, like the ones you would usually use for washing dishes or cleaning the house, and wipe it over your car’s upholstery. The gloves will pick up every last hair and leave your car looking brand new.

Under Your Kids’ Car Seat

For those that are parents or for one reason or other have a kids’ car seat in the car, you know the mess that’s left behind after a little one takes a ride on the seat. Once you lift it, you can see all the things your kid dropped and left behind.

Source: Facebook

In order to avoid having to clean out the car every time this happens, put a sheet under the car seat, and next time you can just pull out the sheet, throw it in the washer and voila!

Towel to Dry Your Car After Getting It Washed

Whether you go to a professional car wash, or just rinse your vehicle out on the driveway, your car is likely to get water spots if it isn’t dried properly.

Source: Twitter

To avoid this, always carry a towel with you, and quickly hand dry it after it leaves the car wash. This will leave your car truly spotless.

Garage Bumper

Those of you that park in a garage will know how annoying it is every time you hit the car door with the garage door when getting out of the car. This hack will make sure that never happens again.

Source: Facebook

Grab a pool noodle and screw it or glue it to the wall where your door will touch it once you open it. Now you know your door will never get scratched or damaged. A simple, DIY garage bumper.

WD-40 Hacks

Did you know that WD-40 (Water Displacement, 40th formula) has a lot more uses than just fixing squeaky hinges, preventing rust, and displacing moisture?

While the substance is popular for being common in American households, their versatility is still unknown to some individuals. WD-40 was made way back in 1953 to prevent a missile from rust and corrosion. But then it was found that it acts as one of the most useful tools in your home maintenance arsenal.

Source: Pinterest / Instagram / Twitter / Twitter / Pinterest / Twitter

Whether you are looking to repel insects and roaches, remove tough scuff marks, clean the toilet bowl or wipe away the tea stains, WD-40 comes to your rescue.

Well, the applications don’t end here. This substance is also perfect for getting off that stuck ring, winter-proof shoes, clean license plates, loosen the zippers, keeping the squirrels off the bird feeder, and a lot more uses.

Although handymen and mechanists mainly use this substance, it also works ideal for you; if you don’t want tons of products on your cleaning shelf.

So, if you have WD-40 lying in the garage, here are 40 amazing ways on how you can use it.

Remove Stuck Chewing Gum from Hair

Chewing gum sticks on almost everything, be it hair or fabric. But perhaps, one of the worst situations occurs, when chewing gum is stuck into your child’s hair. Well, you need not worry; nor you have to run for scissors or cutters, as there is a much easier remedy for this nightmare of a situation, WD-40.


Spray WD-40 on the gummed hair, comb them, and the gum will come out with ease. After combing, make sure to wash your hair thoroughly. Before you spray, ensure that you are in an area with good ventilation as the substance has petroleum, and you don’t want it around your body for a longer duration. You also don’t want to get it all over your clothes.

No More Lipstick Marks on Your Collar

Well, lipstick marks are the stains that you don’t want to take home and show it to your significant other. They also don’t look good sticking on the collar of your white shirt. However, to get rid of them, spray a squirt of WD-40 on it. It comes with a water displacement formula that works as a pre-wash treatment for your stain.


Spray WD-40 directly on the stain; leave it there for few minutes, and wash it. You can remove it either by washing machine or hand wash. However, make sure you don’t wash it directly. Chances are the lipstick stain may spread on the entire collar. Also, don’t let the clothes dry until the stain is fully out. Once the stain sets, there is no going back.

Loosen Up Stuck Zippers

No situation can come up worst rather than you waking up late and finding that your bag, shoes, or even your brand new sweater has got a stuck zipper on it. You might want to try tugging on it, but there is a chance that you might end up breaking it. WD-40 is the solution.


Spray it lightly on the zipper teeth, work it up and down, rub-off the excess substance and you’re good to go. If you want to avoid getting WD-40 on the fabric, spray it on a lid, and then apply it on the surface with a brush. The best thing is that it works for all kinds of zippers because of the petroleum inside of the product.

Give Tarnished Silver a Polished Look

Dawn may be really tough on grease and oil, but it’s surprisingly gentle on jewelry and metals. This is why it also makes a great jewelry cleaner. You guessed it, we will mix together seven parts hot water with one part ammonia and just a dab of Dawn dish soap.


Use an old toothbrush to scrub your jewelry with the mixture until it’s sparkling and clean like when you first bought it. If the jewelry seems a bit more fragile, feel free to use a soft bristle toothbrush so that nothing happens to the jewelry. Once you finish cleaning it off, rinse off the excess product and wipe dry with a clean cloth.

Clean Water Stains from Your Shower Door

Has your shower caused the water stains on the door? There is no denying that removing water stains is one of the most frustrating home cleaning problems. Personally, I have tried every product out there and haven’t found one yet. But not anymore! Find yourself some WD-40, get spraying on the shower door, let it sit down for 20 minutes, and rub them down with a cloth.


This process removes even the most resistant water stain. Not just the resilience, but it will also help you get rid of the unsightly water stains. While it may take you some time to clean the entire shower, the results will give you the shower back in its original condition. You might also be surprised at how dirty it was in the first place, and you didn’t even realize it.

Remove That Tight Wedding Ring

There are times when the skin becomes sweaty and expands, and any pregnant woman knows what happens to her fingers during that period of time. Whether you need to remove it to change the ring or just to take it off once in a while, a spray or two of WD-40 slips it right off from the finger. This hack could have come in handy for me a few weeks back. I tried everything in the book, and this hack could have saved me some time.


Just a short burst of spray helps you take it off. So, while you are trying to lose those extra pounds or just planning to do the dishes, WD-40 will do nothing but help you remove it. Remember to wash your hands properly after spraying it on them.

Waterproof Your Shoes for Winter

Do you hate wet socks or dread when water gets into your shoes? If yes! Waterproof your shoes by spraying a layer of WD-40 on it. Make sure that you cover the entire sole or shoe so that the footwear is not prone to any damage.


The WD-40 layer acts as a barrier and does not let the moisture to seep in and wet your socks. It not only creates a waterproof barrier for shoes but also helps you to get rid of salt stains during the winters. Just spray WD-40 on to the stains and wipe them off with a clean cloth. Instead of spending extra money on an unnecessarily expensive product at the shoe store, why not try this?

Keep the Toilet Bowls Clean

Does your toiled bowl have stubborn stains? It is apparent that you’d like to clean it, but none of the special cleaning products seems to work on that ugly junk. To keep the stains from becoming permanent on it, use WD-40. Wet the area with stains with a spray, and then let it sit and soak the product up, just by waiting for a few minutes.


As the substance will settle down on stains, it will break down the gunk, and then you can scrub the area with a toilet brush. Moreover, it will also prevent any future debris from sticking along the sides. Once you have cleaned with WD-40, you can complete the cleaning with the products such as vinegar, bleach or plain soap.

Open up a Rusty Door Lock

Nothing is more troublesome than coming home to find that you don’t have entry due to a rusty door lock. WD-40 is a light lubricant that attracts less dirt and loosens the rust accumulated in the lock. WD-40 also has a small skinny red nozzle to make it easier to spray into smaller areas. Spray a shot of WD-40 into the lock through the thin nozzle, and you will witness the crazy results within minutes.


The best part about using this lubricant is that it helps the key fit in the lock, regardless of the amount of rust in it. We recommend investing in a new lock if this is coming up as a consistent problem, but for that, every once and a while issue, WD-40 comes to your rescue.

Is Your Phone Screen Cracked? WD-40 Can Fix It

We’ve all been there. We drop our phones and look in disbelief when the screen is cracked. As disappointing as it is, there’s now a solution! Of course, WD-40 comes to the rescue again. Boy, do I wish that I knew about this temporary fix back when my phone screen cracked.

Source: giveitlove

Sure, it won’t actually completely “cure” the crack, but it can really improve the appearance of the screen itself. That is, at least until you decide to finally go and fix the screen. Just go ahead and spray the WD40 on the screen, then grab a dry and clean cloth, and wipe everything off of the screen. You will see that it makes things a lot easier to look at.

Remove Tea and Coffee Stains from Furniture Items

Whether you are struggling through a late-night assignment with a cup of tea or sipping on caffeine casually, we all are guilty of spilling them. With this, they become one of the toughest stains to remove from furniture items. You don’t want something so strong that it peels off the finish on your furniture, but you also don’t want something so light that it doesn’t budge. But you need not to worry as WD-40 helps you remove them.


Just apply a squirt or two of this cleaning solution on the surface, give it some time to work, and then scrub it with a clean cloth. As you start wiping it, you will see, the table will reflect a cleaner surface than ever.

Clean Tar Stains from Your Car

All car owners have gone through the pain of removing tar from their cars without scraping the paint from it. While many of you might be spending a fortune on expensive cleaning products, you don’t realize that a WD-40 can also do the trick. So, if you’d like to save some time cleaning your car, WD-40 is excellent at removing tar.


To clean tar stains, spray WD-40 on the affected area, wait for the product to settle in, and then gently scrub it away. Now we all know how important it is to most people that they put products on it that won’t mess with the paint. With this approach, you will find it easier to remove the stain, plus the car paint or polish will not suffer any damage.

Get Rid of Mildew from the Refrigerator Gasket

Like every other house owner, you might have dealt with mildew in your refrigerator gaskets. When moisture buildup coincides with the outer warmth, the gaskets in your refrigerator become a place for mildew and mold. To clean it, spray a spurt of WD-40 on the affected area, let it sit for a few minutes, and then wipe it off.


You can also spray some WD-40 onto a rag or a clean cloth, and then wipe the mildew away. Use cotton swabs for tighter areas, and repeat it until all stains are gone. Not only will your fridge look new, but it should never attract the bacteria ever again. The WD-40 will act as a coating in the places that you used it to clean.

Break the Morning Frost Build-Up on Windows

Do you live in a country with a cold climate or does the weather forecast predict a winter snowstorm? You can’t stop the snowstorm from coming, but you can definitely prevent the snow or frost from building up on your windows, car mirrors, doors, and locks. Just spray a coat of WD-40 on it before the snowstorm is about to come, and the frost won’t stick on it.


If there already is a frost build-up, spray some WD-40 on the windows, let it sit, and the frost will automatically melt away. Later, a wipe or two will wipe away the existing ice. This approach may seem cold and tedious to you, but the result makes you deal with no more ice.

Clean and Polish That Pair of Scissors

It comes as no surprise that scissors are a handy tool for various activities. Whether you want to sew, craft, cut chicken, or do gardening, scissors always help. But with time, they rust, get gunk on them, and become sticky. We all know how annoying this can get. So, to clean and give them a longer life-time, just spray a dash of WD-40 on it.


Apply some of the WD-40 on the hinges and blades by opening and closing them repeatedly, let it sit, and wipe it down with a clean cloth to prevent rusting. Make sure that you do not use any water on it as it can cause rusting in the future. All you need to do is wipe it down with a dry cloth so it doesn’t get wet.

Remove Stickers and Decal Residue from Any Surface

We all have sticker residue stuck on the car windshield and bumpers, but who says you need a chisel or fingernail to remove it? Spray a squirt of WD-40 on it, let it lubricate the surface, and then wipe it off with the soap and a clean cloth. The lubrication that the WD-40 provides detaches the sticky part from whatever surface you’re trying to remove it from.


The same approach also works to remove stickers and decals from just about any surface. Coat the sticker with WD-40, wait for a few moments so that it can soak adequately, and then gently peel it away. However, make sure you wash your hands afterward so that no substance is on your fingers.

Squirrel Proof the Bird Feeders

While bird feeders are a great way to attract birds to do some bird-watching, it also draws pesky little squirrels. These creatures have a strong inclination to climb the poles mounted on the top and eat all the seeds in it. However, to prevent it, all you need is to spray the entire pole with WD-40.


The squirts of WD-40 will make the pole slippery enough making it so the squirrels will keep sliding as they attempt to score a free meal. Not only will this approach keep your bird feeder safe, but it will also prevent yourself from fighting with those squirrels. I would say to spray this around your garbage cans also, but that just seems like it would end badly for us and not the squirrels.

Note: You can use Pam or Crisco to grease the pole to avoid poisoning the squirrels.

Remove Crayon and Marker Marks from Walls

Do your little ones use walls as a coloring book or are your walls already scribbled with wax crayons at some point? Perhaps it wasn’t even the kids, maybe some friends came over and had a few drinks. Well, you need not panic as WD-40 will come to your rescue. Although crayons are difficult to remove due to a waxy ingredient in it, WD-40s water displacement technology works for it.

Spray some WD-40 on the crayon stains, scrub them, and the stain will disappear in no time. The best thing about using this substance is that it will work without damaging the wall paints. So, whether your kid is a budding artist or likes to create artworks on walls, now you know how to clean them.

Keep Dead Bugs from Sticking on Your Car

Every time you plan a trip or drive on the highway, your car ends up getting bugs on it. There usually isn’t much that you can do about it. The dead bugs stick to everything when you’re driving that fast, be it car radiators, windshields or number plates. To avoid it, spray some WD-40 on the prone areas before you hit the road. This helps prevent the bugs from sticking.


As you spray to prevent bugs from sticking, you can use a dry and clean cloth to help you take off the sticky residue. You can also take a squirt on the cloth, wipe the affected area, and the bugs that are stuck will just slide right off.

The next one is for anyone who is a fan of make-up…

Clean Mascara from Hardwood Floors

We apply mascara on eyelashes, but that wand sometimes slips out of your hands and ends up on the floors. You don’t have to clean up with water, even if you wanted to it doesn’t fully take it off. Turn to WD-40 instead. All that you need is the WD-40 and dry, clean cloth. Just use a couple of sprays and then wipe it off with a clean cloth.


Cleaning with WD-40 will not only restore the floor to its original condition, but it will do this without actually damaging its integrity. This trick is not just for mascara, though. It will help you remove all the makeup product spills, be it lipstick, foundation, eyeliners, eyeshadows, eyelash glue or blushes.

Extend the Life of Shower Heads

A great shower is essential to enhance your everyday bathing and overall experience. This can make or break your day. But shower heads get grimy with time and sometimes have rust in them. I know personally, I can’t get in the shower when the showerhead isn’t 100% clean. So, have you ever thought of a substance that can help extend the life of showerheads?


Extend the life of showerheads by spraying them with WD-40, letting it sit for a few minutes, and then rubbing it down it with a dry, clean cloth. This process will help prevent rust formation and will remove any water stains as well. You can also use WD-40 for other bathroom fixtures to prolong how long they last for you.

Filter Dust from the Air Conditioner

In the summer season with its scorching heat, we can’t imagine our lives without air conditioners. ACs act as lifesavers but they also come with a lot of problems. The main problem we are focusing on here is the machines blow around the dust. While you prefer to leave the maintenance to professionals, how about trying a WD-40 hack?


First, clean out the filter as you normally would. Then, spray some WD-40 on the filter. This cleaning solution will enable the dust to aggregate instead of entering your home. Not only does this approach give you cleaner air, but an honest and good filter helps cut down on energy bills and keeps your air conditioning running efficiently. Moreover, you will also get cleaner air to breathe in.

Remove Leftover Adhesive Tapes from Any Surface

Whether you are to fix something or hold things together, Adhesive tapes work excellent on any surface. But removing it without leaving any residue is no less than a daunting task. If you are also dealing with the same situation, look no further than using WD-40. This solution works for all of the tags and tapes that just refuse to come off.


To remove the leftover tape, drench the surface with a spray of WD-40, let it sit for a few minutes on the area with the tape, and then wipe all of the leftover tapes off. So, regardless of what you use your adhesive tape for, now you know how to clean its residue off of just about anything.

Keep Your Shovel Snow-Free

While most of the applications need a spray or squirt of WD-40, you’ll need plenty of it from this specific tip. Applying a liberal amount, but a thin layer of this substance to both the sides of the shovel will prevent the snow from building on it. If you have a snow thrower, you can spray it on the inside walls of the chute so that snow does not clog it.


However, you will have to keep it handy, as you will more probably need to reapply it every once in a while. Not only will WD-40 keeps the shovel snow-free, but it will also enable the shovel to get through different materials quicker, like dirt, mud, or even gravel.

Clean Dirty Tiles in your House

Have dirty tiles in your bathroom or kitchen? Well, you are not the one! The tiles come in dull colors and are quite prone to get dirty. You might have used a soap solution to clean them, but here is an easy remedy to get that dirt, filth, and grim off. What else could I recommend here but use the infamous WD-40.


Spray WD-40 on the dirty tiles and wipe the dirt off with a dry, clean cloth. But after cleaning it with WD-40, it is very important to make sure that you clean the tiles with soapy water as this cleaning solution is a bit slippery, and you definitely don’t want to slip and fall on your way.

Remove Stuck Prostheses

If you or someone you know wears a prosthetic device, you might be aware of how difficult it can be to remove at times. It can be even tougher when no one is around to help you. But who says you need to depend on someone else to be around at the time? The trick is to have a can of WD-40 by your side.


Next time you see an individual having trouble removing their prosthesis, just let them know that they can spray some WD-40 at the junction. The WD-40 contains solvents and lubricants that make it easier to remove it.

Did you know that now there are approximately 31,000 prostheses sold per year? The earliest prosthesis discovered was actually for a big toe. It was found in Egypt, and is said to be dated between 710-950 B.C.E.

Clean Residue From Sinks

Do you have toothpaste residue or another residue stuck in your sink? These can be some of the trickiest messes to remove, but you can get rid of them by using WD-40. This substance works like a miracle in cleaning out all of the leftover residues that’s stuck in your sink.


Spray a squirt or two on the area with residue, let it soak in, and then wipe the gunk with a scrubber. With this cleaning process, you’ll have a fresh sink that is all set for your cooking, party, and potluck adventures. I don’t know about you, but for me, having clean sinks and other surfaces in the bathroom and kitchen just helps me keep it cleaner in the long run.

Separate Stuck Glassware

Is there anything more annoying in the kitchen than you reach for a drinking glass and getting them locked (stuck tightly inside other) together? It’s dangerous when drinking glasses get stuck together because they can break as you try to unlock them. Now, you don’t want to risk breaking one of them or both by trying to pull them apart, neither you will like to exert extra force on your precious wares.


However, stuck glasses separate with ease if you spray some WD-40 on the joint line. Wait for some time so that the substance can work its way between the glasses. Now, just pull the glasses apart very gently. But remember to wash the glass thoroughly with a soap solution before you use them.

Restore and Clean your Vehicle’s License Plates

Vehicle’s License Plates are made up of metal and tend to rust, as they come in contact with water or moisture. However, there is no need to leave them like that anymore. To help restore a license plate, spray it all over with WD-40, let the area soak in the solution, and then wipe the rust and dirt off with a dry, clean rag.


WD-40 will remove the light surface rust from the plate and won’t leave it with a greasy feel. In fact, not only it will remove the current rust on it, but it will also work to prevent further corrosion occurrence in the future. After hearing this, you just can’t go wrong with keeping WD-40 in your car at all times.

Prevent Wasps from Building Nests

Don’t let the wasps, yellow jackets, or other insects ruin your spring and summer garden or your outdoor parties. We all know that most people are not excited to have these insects flying around. Bees and wasps tend to build nests under eaves and in nooks and crannies of your house. So, the next time that the spring season is here or just about arriving, spray some WD-40 under all the places that are prone to nest building.


WD-40 has a strong effect and will block the wasps from building their nests in the nooks. However, be careful when you start spraying. If you spray it in the evening or when the temperature is low, the wasps do not move quickly because of the colder temperatures.

Remove Doggie-Doo from your Sneaker

Have you ever stepped in dog poop while you were on your evening walk? Although cleaning it off from the bottom of your sneaker is quite unpleasant, the whole process becomes a lot easier with a can of WD-40. Just spray some of it on the sole of your shoe, and then use an old toothbrush like you normally would to clean the crevices.


After cleaning, rinse them with cold water, and your shoes will be as good as now. There won’t be any dog poop that couldn’t get off and you have to just deal with. Moreover, now you are all set to go back on your daily stroll. But next time you hit the pavement, watch your step.

Remove and Prevent Fingerprints

Fingerprints are not only caused by a sweaty or dirty hand, but they can also occur due to the oil that your skin produces naturally. If you have kids around your home, you’ll know that none of the surfaces are free from fingerprints. Personally, I have made myself crazy before with constant cleaning of the stainless steel appliances in my kitchen.


However, it is much easier to keep up with the cleaning with this hack. If you see fingerprints on stainless steel surfaces, use WD-40. Spray a spurt of WD-40 on the surface with fingerprints and then clean them off. As WD-40 is water-based and contains a solvent, it works as a degreaser and removes every inch of the marks.

Remove Strong Glue from your Fingers

Have you been doing a few Do-It-Yourself tasks? Forgot to wear protective gloves when using a strong glue and now some of it is on your fingers? Well, this can happen to anyone. Moreover, the glue is basically impossible to remove from your skin. If you didn’t guess what I was going to recommend already, there is one miracle product known as WD-40 that makes the glue removal process a lot easier.


Just reach for some WD-40, spray it directly on your fingers, and rub your hands together, until your fingers are no longer sticky. You can use this glue removal hack to easily remove glue from other unwanted surfaces as well. Just make sure to use a dry, clean cloth for surfaces that could be scratched.

Prevent Corrosion on Guitar Strings

If you are a guitarist or play any other string instrument, you might have noticed that strings often tend to corrode. We know that the strings can affect the sound, the way the instrument plays, and the way it feels when you play it. To clean and prevent corrosion of guitar strings, just apply a small amount of WD-40 on the strings after every guitar playing session.


You can spray it on a rag or a dry, clean cloth and then wipe the strings with it. Just make sure that you don’t spray it directly on the guitar strings as you don’t want WD-40 to build upon the body of the instrument. You can use this same process to clean your other string instruments, as well.

Remove Grease from your Hands

Whether you are fixing your car or working with radiators, your hands get black and greasy with grime. But instead of spreading black grease all over your sink, use WD-40. Spray some WD-40 on your hands, rub them together, and then wipe with a paper towel.


Ensure that you wash your hands so that extra grease and WD-40 can get off. Don’t use soap solutions before spraying WD-40, as it may not work to its full potential.

Did you know that engine oil is meant to withstand extreme temperatures? That’s right, it can withstand anywhere from 53 degrees Celsius to -50 degrees Celsius. Engines just heat up during a drive, this is just something that happens. Also, cars should just be run optimally no matter what the weather is.

Break-in your New Baseball Glove

Breaking in a new baseball glove is one of the uses of WD-40 that might have not crossed your mind yet. Until now, you might be using neat’s foot oil to break in it, but how about using WD-40, instead? Spray the glove, put a baseball in your palm, and fold it sideways.


Take a band and tie it around the folded glove. The WD-40 will soften the leather and help it form the shape around baseball. Keep the glove overnight, wear it for a while, and it will begin to take the shape of your hand.

Did you know that the longest baseball game in history lasted 26 innings? I bet after that game, everyone’s glove was broken in.

Keep Wooden Tool Handles Smooth

We know that no tools can last forever, be it wood or metal, but you can prolong the life of wooden tool handles by preventing splintering. Not only for prolonging its life, but none of us enjoy getting a splinter. Just reach out for a can of WD-40 from your garage and rub a good amount of this substance on all of your wooden tools.


This layer of WD-40 will shield the handles of wood tools from moisture, water, and other corrosive elements. Moreover, it will increase its life and keep the wooden tool handle smooth and splinter-free. With tricks like this, I like to purchase a more expensive product. It’s more worth it when you know you can keep it in good condition.

Keep Wind Chimes Rust-Free

What’s more soothing than the soft twinkling of wind chimes on a windy summer day? But, during the cold and rainy days, these chimes have to put up with a lot. They are in contact with moisture and often tend to rust or corrode. To keep them rust-free, all you need is to do is give them a spray of WD-40. This substance acts as a water displacement formula, due to which, it prevents and removes rust. Once they are rust-free, they look great and sound lovely.


Did you know that wind chimes work with wind energy, Feng, to enhance the chi? If you hang wind chimes by the back door when it is directly in line with the front door of the house, then it will prevent all of the good chi from rushing out of your house. If you place the chimes near a fan or in front of an open window, then it is keeping the energies circulating while you are not home.

Untangle Old Jewelry

There are times when you don’t wear our old jewelry pieces including necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more. But you also can’t leave them tangled in your jewelry box or can’t spend hours in untangling them. If you ever see yourself in this situation, use WD-40.


Just spray a small amount of WD-40 on the jewelry tangles. The knots will then loosen up automatically, and the items will slide apart more easily. Make sure that you don’t use a large amount of WD-40 as it may harm your jewelry.

Another trick to remember when detangling jewelry is that the more gentle that you are with it, the easier it will just come apart. So, between this and the WD-40, you shouldn’t have a problem.

Remove Tomato Sauce Stains from your Clothes

We agree that snacks don’t taste their best without tomato puree. But when you were indulging in it, your blouse or shirt gets hard-to-remove stains on it. I can’t count how many shirts I’ve ruined with tomato sauce before I heard of this hack. Before you dip the shirt in a detergent solution and wait for hours to clean it, try WD-40.


Spray a squirt of WD-40 directly on the spot, wait for few minutes, and then wash the shirt as usual. You can also remove the stains from other sauces by using this same process. Now, whether you are not able to resist the homegrown tomatoes or want to have some sauce, you know how to get rid of the stains.

Dawn Dish Soap Can Do A Lot!

If you loved all those WD40 hacks, you’re definitely going to love these dish soap hacks. Do you have a bottle of Dawn dish soap? It does a lot more than just clean your dirty dishes. For instance, do you have an oil stain on your driveway?

Source: Shutterstock

Squirt a large amount of the soap onto the oil stain and use a large bristle brush to scrub it stain until you see the oil pulling out of the asphalt. Rinse it off with a hose and continue to repeat the process until the stain is completely gone. There’s nothing like coming home to a clean driveway after a long day at work.

Next, see another common household product that has limitless uses!

Sparkling Window Cleaner

This is considered one of the best uses of the soap – and one that many people who buy Dawn dish soap might not even consider. But the soap is perfect for cleaning windows, leaving them sparkly clean.

Source: Shutterstock

This tip was actually provided by a professional cleaning company, and now it’s the only method many people who know of the hack use. Place a few drops of Dawn in your container with a couple inches of water. Here’s what you do: dip a scrubby pad into water and squeeze out, scrub the glass, the Dawn and the scrubby gets the dirt off without leaving residue. Squeegee the window, starting at the top and working down, wiping off the blade every time with a cloth.

DIY Grill Cleaner

Everyone who loves BBQing doesn’t love the clean-up involved afterward when it comes to scrubbing the grill. But guess what? Dawn is good for that too. Dawn’s grease and oil-fighting power is the perfect way to clean your barbecue grill.

Source: Shareably

What you do is fill a bucket or sink with hot water and spray a squirt or two of Dawn soap. Let your grill racks soak for about 10-15 minutes, then scrub and rinse. It’s a lot easier than your previous way of cleaning them. If you don’t have a bucket big enough for your grill rack, I recommend going to pick one up because this hack is worth it.
This next hack will help you come home to newer seeming floors.

Grout Cleaner For Your Floors

Who doesn’t hate cleaning dirty tile and floor grout? Dirty grout makes cleaning day that much worse. But thankfully, this chore can be made a lot easier with this simple hack using none other than Dawn dish soap, some vinegar, and a toothbrush or hard-bristled cleaning brush.

Source: Shutterstock

First, place a cup of vinegar in the microwave, zap it for one minute and then put it in a spray bottle. Add one cup of the soap to the spray bottle and give it a shake. Spray the solution on your grout and let it sit for a few minutes before scrubbing the dirt away. You can use a toothbrush or a hard-bristled brush that was made for cleaning. Once you scrub, just rinse the floor with water and voila!

DIY Carpet Cleaner

All pet owners, parents, and wine-lovers alike know that carpets can get their fair share of stains. And everyone needs a handy carpet cleaner hack when the moment comes. If you have a nasty stain on your carpet, you actually don’t need to buy expensive carpet cleaners.

Source: Shutterstock

This DIY cleaner will have your carpets looking brand new. In a spray bottle, combine 2 ounces of hydrogen peroxide and 1 ounce of Dawn dish soap. Spray the stain and then scrub it with a rag. Then, spray the stain with some plain water and scrub to remove any remnants of the stain as well as the soap.
Also, I heard that white wine removes red wine from carpets. So if you don’t mind wasting some wine, you can pour the white wine on the red wine.

Ant and Insect Repellent

Ants are the worst! There’s never just one, they always come out in the hundreds. If you’ve noticed them crawling around your kitchen lately, don’t freak out just yet. There’s a great hack for getting rid of ants and other insects, and it only takes three ingredients to make it!

Source: Shutterstock

What you do is get a spray bottle, mix a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide, mouthwash, and some Dawn dish soap together. Then you can spray the area where they’re coming in from or congregating, and wait for about 5-10 minutes. Then just wipe up the spray and the ants together. Not only will this help clean them up in a moment, but it should also prevent them from coming back for a bit.

Brush and Comb Cleaner

Over time, oils and hair products end up building upon our combs and brushes which makes them yucky and just not the best way to brush your hair. They, like all things, need cleaning once in a while. This simple dish soap hack requires Dawn dish soap, Borax, and hot water. And start by removing all the hair from the brushes.

Source: Shutterstock

Fill your sink with warm water. Add a 1/4 cup of Borax and swish it around to help it dissolve. Squirt some dish soap in the sink and then finish filling the sink with warm water. Place the combs and hairbrushes in the soapy water and let them sit for a while.  30 to 45 minutes should do it. After that, your combs and brushes will be clean again.

Toilet De-Clogger

Look, it happens to the best of us. Toilets get clogged sometimes and un-clogging them isn’t the most fun. But that’s why hacks are so great. They make things that aren’t even close to fun easier to get done. And a clogged toilet is one of those unnecessary evils.

Source: Shutterstock

If your toilet is clogged, Dawn will help. Just pour a pot of warm water in the bowl and a few squirts of Dawn, then plunge or flush away the clog. The grease-cutting properties of the soap will break down oils and other materials in the drain, which helps remove the clog. Not only this, it will help take care of stains around the bowl, just give it a quick wipe down with the toilet brush after plunging.

Non-Toxic Pest Killer for Your Garden

Lots of people nowadays are looking for non-toxic ways to do pretty much everything, including getting rid of pests. There is nothing worse than bringing in your vegetables for harvest and having a spider fall out of one, or even have holes from insects biting the leaves. Here’s a dish soap hack for getting rid of pests in your garden without any toxins involved.

Source: Shutterstock

Although a Dawn soap and water mixture won’t kill all insects, it’s great for repelling spider mites, aphids, and other common pests that tend to show up in your garden. Fully coat with the spray, which should be in a solution of 2 to 3 percent. After this, you’ll notice that you don’t have as many random pests just hanging around in your flowers or vegetables.

DIY De-Icer

Ice on your sidewalk and driveway can be de-iced in more than one way. Buying large sacks of salt is one way, but it costs more money and it’s heavy to lug around. Or there is a lot of ice this season, and you just ran out of salt. Using dish soap is said to be a lot easier.

Source: Shutterstock

Mix a tablespoon of Dawn soap with a tablespoon of rubbing alcohol and about a half-gallon of warm water. Pour the mixture over the icy area and it will help prevent the sidewalk, stoop, or driveway from re-freezing. It also helps to push what is left out of the way with a shovel or a broom just to make sure it really doesn’t re-freeze.

A Homemade Flea Bath

Does your dog have fleas? Flea medication can be really expensive and as well as rough on your dog’s skin and fur. This hack is said to be a lot less harsh, yet still just as effective. To top things off, it uses our good old friend Dawn.

Source: Shutterstock

What you do is fill your bathtub with warm water, add one cup of the dish soap, and just soak your pet in the mixture for five minutes. After that, give them a good scrub from head to toe and rinse all of the soap mixtures out of your dog’s hair. Then, let them air dry and use a comb to comb through their fur to remove any fleas still hanging around.

Eyeglass Cleaner and De- Fogger

Anyone with glasses knows that they get all smudgy and foggy faster than we would like them to. And sometimes that little silky cloth for wiping your glasses just doesn’t do the trick on its own. Of course, there’s a hack for this problem too.

Source: Shutterstock

Using a small spray bottle, make a mixture of one part water, one part rubbing alcohol, and just a drop of Dawn dish soap. Spray the mixture onto your glasses and then rub around using the soft microfiber cloth. Your lenses will be so much cleaner in the end and you’ll be seeing clearer for a longer period of time!
This hack can also be great for cleaning the mirrors and other glass surfaces off around your household.

De-Grease Your Tools

Whether you or your husband use the tools often, cleaning the grease off of them doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore. It literally takes only seconds to clean greasy tools with Dawn Dish Soap.

Source: Shutterstock

All you need to do is drop a tablespoon of Dawn in a gallon of hot water. Use a rag to remove all the oil and grease from your tools. And there you go – your once really dirty and greasy tools are now clean and looking new.
If you are working with metal tools, just make sure to completely dry them off afterward so that they don’t get rusty. Also, you can spray some WD-40 on them to keep them from rusting in the future.

Homemade Bubble Fun

Who doesn’t love bubbles? If your kids are asking you for a bubbly good time, you can use Dawn soap to create a fun afternoon. So, instead of spending money on pre-made bubbles, you can just make your own!

Source: Shutterstock

You need a cup of Dawn, 6 cups of water, a 1/4 cup of light corn syrup, and a container. Put the water in the container and slowly pour the soap while stirring, without making it foam or bubble. Then, add the corn syrup, stir, and you’re all set!
If you want to take this hack to the next level, you can pick up some small containers from the crafts store and decorate them. You can even have the kids decorate their own containers, and you can make this into a birthday activity.

Hair Color Rescue

If you’re someone who prefers to dye your hair at home but went overboard by accident, there’s an easy way to rescue your hair. For those who like to dye their hair dark, don’t worry if you’ve found the tone to be darker than the one you wanted.

Source: Shutterstock

It may seem strange, but you can use Dawn to help. Just use the soap in place of your shampoo to lightly strip the color that you deposited down to your desired shade.
Remember that if you lightened your hair, the lightener will not come out bringing you back to the color you were before as color just doesn’t work this way. This will only work if you colored your hair darker with box dye.

Remove Bathtub Soap Scum

Cleaning day is coming up and you know your bathtub needs a scrubbing. Use this hack and you’ll end up using it every cleaning day. Dawn is really a miracle worker when it comes to cleaning the bathroom. Pour the liquid soap over the dirty area of the tub and let it sit overnight. Then the next morning, go and rinse it clean with water.

Source: Shareably

You’ll see how it cuts through all the scum, grease, and grime without harming the material. Another way to cut down on your shower needing to be cleaned in general is to make sure to squeegee off all of the water and soap each time you are done using the shower. I even go as far as to wipe the walls and floor down with a dry washcloth so there is no water or soap build-up left.

Car Wash

If you’re looking to clean your car tomorrow or next week on a nice sunny day in your driveway, you can use Dawn for that too. For a sparkling clean car, Dawn is the best solution. There is no need for an expensive product when all you need is some good old-fashioned soap and water.

Source: Shutterstock

Mix a tablespoon of Dawn liquid to one gallon of warm water and use that soapy solution to scrub your car with a soft sponge or cloth. Make sure not to use a hard sponge or something that can scratch the exterior of your car. Just remember that the Dawn soap will remove any protective wax you have on your car, so you’ll need to re-wax it afterward.

Removing Fleas from Your Carpets and Furniture

If your pet has fleas, chances are, those pesky little insects are probably living in your carpet also. So, after you’ve given your pet its flea bath as mentioned above(with the same dish soap), make sure to clean your carpets too.

Source: Shutterstock

Pour a tablespoon of Dawn into a spray bottle and fill the rest with water. Spritz your carpet and furniture and then let it sit for 15 minutes. Wipe everything off with a damp towel and then vacuum the carpet to remove the excess soap along with any dead fleas.
A cool and not humid climate is what fleas don’t like the most, so you can also freeze out your house to try and help get rid of them all.

Clean Oily Skin

If your skin is prone to being on the oily side, Dawn is going to be your new best friend. Use the dish soap in your daily routine by washing your face with just a few drops of Dawn and some lukewarm water. Lather the soap and water up in your hands and then wash your face off using circular motions with your fingers.

Source: Shutterstock

But you need to be sure to rinse your face thoroughly. Then once you’re done with this, just splash some cold water over your face to close your clean pores up. This helps prevent new ‘dirt’ from getting in our skin. The Dawn is really great at cutting through the grease without drying out your skin. And it’s a lot cheaper than any of the fancy face washes out there!

DIY Floor and Wall Cleaner

Not only do you have to wash your floors, but your walls need cleaning once in a while too! You can get your walls and floors looking like new also by using this Dawn hack. You’re going to need some Dawn, Borax, ammonia, and water.

Source: Shutterstock

Add half a teaspoon of the liquid soap, half a cup of Borax, and one teaspoon of ammonia to two gallons of warm water. Use gloves and a soft rag or a scrubbing brush to clean the floors and walls. You’ll watch the dirt and fingerprints come right off. Once you are done with your floors, be sure to wipe down them down with water to get any excess product off to prevent stickiness.

Keep Houseplants Insect-Free

If you have plants in your home also, you know that they can attract insects, like ants and other little critters. Not to worry, there’s a hack using Dawn for this too. Similar to the hack for your garden, the dish soap mixture can help with your indoor plants.

Source: Shutterstock

Use a spray bottle and place a drop of Dawn inside, then fill the rest with water. Shake well and spray your houseplants. It will prevent any insects from wanting to eat them or make it their home. The soapy water mixture is safe and non-toxic. If you are growing herbs or other edible plants inside, still make sure to wash them well so that you get all of the soap off before eating.

Use as Shampoo

Remember the hack for hair-dyed hair? Well, the soap doesn’t only work well to lighten the shade of your extra-dark hair. It can also be used as a regular shampoo. And if you have oily hair, it’s especially effective. Think of this soap with water as more of a clarifying shampoo.

Source: Shutterstock

You only need a few drops and some water. But make sure to rinse thoroughly afterward. You’ll be using a lot less than you think you need and thus spending a lot less too! It should remove more of the buildup of the product that is in your hair. You can also use a nice conditioner or mask afterward, which you will notice feels a lot lighter now that the buildup was removed.

Remove Soot from Your Fireplace

Soot and ash tend to harden and settle around your fireplace making the whole thing look rather unsightly and dirty. But Dawn is an easy fix for that. Just mix an equal part of the dish soap with iodized table salt. Then you need to add enough water to make it into a paste or cream.

Source: Shareably

Rub the mixture onto the stained bricks and let them dry for 10 minutes. Wipe them clean with a sponge and warm water until you can see that there is no ash left on the surface of the fireplace and you’re good to go. If there is any stuck, just repeat the process.
There are more great hacks out there, like this next one.

No More Painting Mess

If you’re about to paint a room and don’t want to get paint splatters are all over your skin, you can use Dawn to both prevent it and clean it up, making the whole process easier than you think. We all know how annoying it can be to have to remove the mess we make when painting.

Source: Shutterstock

Apply a layer of dish soap over your hands and arms then let it dry. Then when you paint and happen to get any on yourself during the job, it will come right off when you wash your arms and hands with water. Next time I paint, I am going to try this with my face as well. For some reason, I always end up with tiny drops of paint everywhere.

Remove Food Stains from Clothing

It sucks when you end up spilling food or drinks on your new or newly washed shirt. And it happens a lot more often when you have little kids in the house. But this dish soap hack will do the job of making that shirt look like you just went out and bought a new one.

Source: Shutterstock

Remove any food stains from your clothing by mixing 2 teaspoons of Dawn with two teaspoons of white vinegar and two quarts of warm water. Then just use the solution to soak and dissolve the stain, give the shirt a good wash, and it’ll be gone in no time.
The trick with stains on fabric is that if it is still there, don’t let the shirt dry. Try the hack again it is gone and then you can dry the shirt. It is said that once you try to remove a stain and let it dry, whatever is left won’t come out.

Finding a Puncture in a Tire

If you have a leaky car or bicycle tire but you can’t find where the hole is, you guess it correctly, Dawn can help with that. You might be wondering how the heck dish soap can help with finding a hole in a tire. But it surely can.

Source: Shutterstock

You need to mix a few drops of Dawn with some water and brush the liquid around the tire. You’ll be looking for small bubbles that will indicate where the puncture is. Once you can figure out where the hole is located, you’ll know if you can just fix it easily or replace it.
The next hack for Dawn dish soap is one that you will want to remember for future reference.

Help for a Yeast Infection

Anyone who has had yeast infections, which is the majority of women out there, knows how unpleasant and uncomfortable they can be. The medication for them can be expensive, especially if they reoccur and you need more than one treatment. Well, do we have a great hack for anyone in this situation?

Source: Shutterstock

You can make your own treatment at home using Dawn dish soap. This method can kill and stop the fungus from spreading by putting a few drops of the soap on the crotch of your underwear. Scrub it with water, then toss in the washing machine. It also helps to use this soap in the shower as well.
This next trick can help keep the wheels in your car clean.

Remove Brake Dust From Car Wheels

Since Dawn is so wonderful at cutting through grease due to the solvent in it, it makes for the perfect tool for cleaning your car, including its wheels. If your car wheels have lots of dust built up from braking, you can just use dish soap to clean it up.

Source: Shutterstock

Mix a few drops of Dawn in a bucket of water and simply sponge down your car wheels with the soapy mixture. Rinse the wheels clean with a hose and these wheels will be sparkling for you like they’re brand new. If the first round didn’t clean everything off of them, just repeat the process a second time.
This next hack will help out all of us reading this article who deal with cables and tight spaces.

Guide and Fish Cable Through Conduits

It may be a very specific situation, but when you need to guide cables through tight spaces, it can be a real pain. We can help make it easier with some Dawn dish soap. While this is a great hack, make sure not to be spraying this liquid near any electricity.

Source: Shutterstock

All that you need a spray bottle with water and a few drops of Dawn to spray the cable with the mixture before you guide it through the conduit or tube. The soap will help guide the cables through the windy and tight spaces, making it easier to fish the cables out of the other side too.
We already brought up insects on plants and insects that are already in your home, but how do we keep them from coming in?

Prevent Insects from Coming Into Your Home

Although Dawn can be a great solution for getting rid of insects and ants that have already found their way into your home, it’s also a good way to prevent them from getting in in the first place! The solution here is very easy to put in place.

Source: Shutterstock

All you need to do is squeeze out a line of the liquid dish soap around your home’s door jams and window sills. Also, make sure to place this line of liquid dish soap around any other holes that the insects tend to get inside with. This way, the insects will get caught in the soap before they can get inside. Getting rid of them is as easy as using a wet sponge or a hose.

A Manicure Miracle

If you’re someone that likes to save some money and do your own manicures at home, you’re going to want to use this Dawn hack. This hack is going to act as the solution that you soak your nails in when you are getting a manicure at the salon. The only difference is it isn’t a professional product. All that you need to do is soak your fingers in a bowl of warm water with a few drops of Dawn.

Source: Shutterstock

It will soften your cuticles, making it easier for you to remove them. The soap will also remove oils from your nails, making it easier to adhere to the nail polish. So make this part of your new manicure routine and you’ll be happy you did when you see the results.

Clean the Kiddie Pool

Those plastic wading pools that kids use in the summer months can be a source of fun, for sure. Whether you are a child or an adult who is just way too hot on a nice summer day, we’ve all used a kiddie pool at one point. But they can get moldy and grimy pretty quickly.

Source: Shutterstock

To clean it up, dump out the water from the pool and scrub it with Dawn using a wet sponge. Also, make sure that when you store it, the pool is completely dried out to avoid the mold and mildew. Avoid using any bleach because it will only weaken and dry out the plastic.
This next hack can really help in an itchy situation.

Soothe Poison Ivy Blisters

Poison ivy rashes and blisters tend to spread when the oil of the blisters pops and moves to other areas of the skin, making it for an itchy, inflamed, and uncomfortable experience. Just like other uncomfortable situations that have been mentioned already, I’m going to recommend Dawn as a great solution here.

Source: Shutterstock

Since Dawn is great for getting rid of oils, it’s perfect for soothing any poison ivy blisters. Wash the affected area with the soap and it will help dry up the blisters, preventing them from spreading to other areas of your body.
Just a fun fact, the rash itself isn’t actually contagious. The only way to get it is from the chemical urushiol which is in the plant and could potentially be left on a person’s clothing after contact.

Pool Cleaner

Just as Dawn is great for cleaning kiddie pools, it’s also a great cleaning method for in-ground pools as well. Does it take too long to clean out your pool to the point where you can’t clean it as often as you would like to? Cleaning your pool doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore anymore, thanks to Dawn.

Source: Shutterstock

If you squirt the soap down the length of the pool, all of the suntan lotion, dirt, and other yucky stuff will move toward the edges of the pool, making it all easy to scoop up! The pool will absolutely sparkly clean afterward.
One of the next things can be very irritating, but not to worry, we have a fix for you.

Non-Toxic Lubricant

If there is anything that causes a headache, it’s a squeaky door hinge! Nothing is more annoying than that. Well, I can think of a few things, but this is easily fixable and doesn’t need to ruin your day! Apply a little drop of soap on the squeaky hinge and your squeaky door will be squeaky no more.

Source: Shareably

It works like a charm and it also cleans the parts that it’s lubricating. Double whammy, indeed. Just make sure to completely dry off the metal afterward so that the piece doesn’t rust. You can also throw some WD-40 in there and then wipe it off with a dry, clean cloth.
This next one is for anyone who appreciates a nice fruit tree.

Aphid-Free Fruit Trees

Aphids can be every gardener’s worst enemy. While these insects only live between one week to 40 days, they can reproduce very quickly and it doesn’t take long for them to multiply and take over your garden. These insects damage the plants by sucking sap from any new growth the plants have.

Source: Shutterstock

You can keep these insects off your fruit trees by following this simple hack. Mix two tablespoons of Dawn soap into a gallon of water and add it to a spray bottle or garden sprayer. Spray both sides of the leaves, branches, and also the trunk. Let them sit and soak it up for 15 minutes, and then be sure to rinse the tree thoroughly afterward with a hose.

Clean Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers are super economical and good for the environment, but the problem is having to clean them, which is no fun at all! Not to worry, you can clean them quickly and without any hassle with Dawn. As Dawn helps remove oils, it will make it easier to keep up with using cloth diapers.

Source: Shutterstock

Just prepare your washing machine with the dirty cloth diapers inside and the usual soap, and then add a drop of Dawn dish soap to the mix. Make sure to run a hot wash and rinse until there are no more bubbles left. However, don’t overdo it as you could end up having a sudsy mess on your hands like the one you usually would see in a movie.

Make Tarnished Jewelry Shine Again

Dawn may be really tough on grease and oil, but it’s surprisingly gentle on jewelry and metals. This is why it also makes a great jewelry cleaner. You guessed it, we will mix together seven parts hot water with one part ammonia and just a dab of Dawn dish soap.

Source: Shareably

Use an old toothbrush to scrub your jewelry with the mixture until it’s sparkling and clean like when you first bought it. If the jewelry seems a bit more fragile, feel free to use a soft bristle toothbrush so that nothing happens to the jewelry. Once you finish cleaning it off, rinse off the excess product and wipe dry with a clean cloth.
This last one is a great hack which can save you some nice money in the long run.

Cleaning Your Makeup Sponges

In addition to cleaning your brushes, you can also use Dawn to clean your makeup sponges. Make a solution of 2 cups warm water and 1-2 drops of Dawn. Soak your make-up sponges in the solution for around 30 minutes. Rinse and repeat until they’re clean.

Source: Shutterstock

There is also a rubber mat that has recently been put out on the market with little dots on it which you can rub your make-up brushes and sponges on with the water and Dawn mixture. This product really helps you make sure that there is no make-up left sitting in these make-up tools. Make sure to dry them fully afterward before putting them away so you don’t risk mold or mildew inside the sponge.

Vinegar Hacks

Vinegar is a pretty common household item. You probably have a bottle at home somewhere, and if you don’t, you should get one for emergencies. Forget about stocking up on food and water; just make sure you have vinegar. Just kidding, but vinegar can really make your life so much easier. Because of the acidic components found in it, it can help sanitize and kill off bacteria. From cleaning stains to cleaning your pets, you will be amazed by all the impressive things you can do with it.

A photograph of a bucket and cloth, spray bottle, jar of baking soda, and a bottle of vinegar.
Photo by ThamKC / Shutterstock

Vinegar is a pretty standard condiment. Most of us have some in the fridge, but you wouldn’t necessarily think it can serve multiple purposes. If there is an apocalypse coming, make sure to be stocked on vinegar. You never know when you might need a bottle. Check out these incredible hacks that vinegar can help you out with. Some of these are actually extremely convenient and good to know.

Showerhead Scum

After a period of time, showerheads start to gather a build-up of soap scum, hard water minerals, and bacteria. People tend to overlook this little detail, but it’s important to keep your showerhead clean and fresh. You don’t even need to go buy some expensive cleaning products, as long as you have white vinegar in the house.

A showerhead with a plastic bag filled with vinegar tied around it.
Source: Pinterest

It’s easy. All you have to do is pour some vinegar in a shower cap, put the shower head inside, and close it with a rubber band. Once it’s secure, let the shower head soak overnight. In the morning, take off the bag and use a lint-free cloth to wipe the showerhead down. Your showerhead will shine and look brand new!

Fruit and Veggie Cleaner

Obviously, it’s important to keep your fruits and vegetables clean. With all the germs going around, you can get really sick if you don’t wash your vegetables correctly. Unfortunately, sometimes water doesn’t always cut it. By using a spray bottle and some vinegar, you can make your own fruit and vegetables cleaner.

Someone is spraying peppers, tomatoes, and a zucchini in a strainer inside of the sink.
Photo by Joe Lingeman /

Simply pour one cup of vinegar and four cups of water into the spray bottle and mix it together. Then, when you are ready to eat, spray the vegetable before rinsing it in water. The vinegar will help all the germs slide off. If you want to make sure your fresh and delicious produce is also clean, this hack is for you!

Iron Mark Eraser

Have you ever accidentally forgotten to turn down the heat setting on your iron? It’s okay… I do this more often than I’d like to admit. Unfortunately, it leads to scorching marks that are seemingly impossible to get rid of. I thought I’d just have to live with my careless mistakes and deal with iron marks on some of my stuff.

A bottle of white vinegar next to an iron, sitting on an ironing board.
Source: Pinterest

What I didn’t know is that there is a super simple way to get rid of scorch marks. Just check your cabinets and make sure you have some vinegar lying around. You can get rid of these iron stains on fabrics by rubbing them gently with vinegar. Then use a clean cloth to wipe it off, and there you go! Good as new!

Shiny Faucets

After extensive use, faucets and fixtures tend to look a little rusty and lose their shine. It seems inevitable, right? Wrong. There is actually a way for you to get the shine back, and all you need is vinegar and a microfiber cloth. Just like the showerhead hack, this will bring back some shine into fixtures.

A faucet with a cloth soaked in vinegar covering it.
Source: Pinterest

All you have to do is saturate the cloth with white vinegar and secure it on top. Leave it on there for about 15 minutes and wipe it away. That’s it. You don’t have to wait to buy a new faucet once it starts to lose its sparkle. I’ve used this hack, and I was shocked by how well it worked.

Rusty Screws

Rust is one of the most frustrating things to get rid of. Acid or, more specifically, citric acid is an awesome trick when it comes to removing rust, making vinegar the perfect solution. You can loosen rusty screws but pouring vinegar over it to help it dislodge. Then, if you want to remove the rust from the screws, soak them in vinegar.

 A man holding a bottle of apple cider vinegar above a paper towel filled with screws.
Source: YouTube

You can use white vinegar, but some people say apple cider vinegar works better. Pour it into a plastic bottle, throw the rusty screws in there, and shake the bottle. Let the screws soak for about a day, and they should be good as new. If they are still rusty, it means you need to leave them in a little longer for the acid to really get its job done.

Disinfect the Microwave

Most of us don’t clean our microwaves nearly enough. We use it so often, and don’t realize how many germs and dirt can accumulate in there. Sometimes food can splatter in the microwave, and the gunk can get stuck to the microwave walls. Well, I might have a solution to make sure your microwave is clean and sanitary.

Someone is placing a bowl filled with water and vinegar into a microwave to clean it.
Photo by Volkove Iuliia / Shutterstock

Every so often (depending on how often you use it), you should steam clean your microwave. Just fill up a bowl with hot water and vinegar (it should be an equal amount), and simply microwave it for five minutes. You will immediately start to see the gunk peel right off, and you can easily wipe it away.

Deodorize the Refrigerator

Does your fridge seem to smell a little funky every once in a while? That’s okay. It happens to all of us. I mean, all different kinds of foods are in there together and sometimes, the various smells mix together and get absorbed into your refrigerator. Even once you take the food out, there is still that lingering smell.

A woman cleaning off shelves of a refrigerator with vinegar and water.
Photo by LightField Studios / Shutterstock

Well, if you want your refrigerator smelling refreshed, you can deodorize it using vinegar! Mix an equal amount of vinegar and water together. Then just use it to wipe down the shelves, walls, and drawers in your fridge. Not only will it make your fridge smell better, but it will remove some extra gunk that you may not have noticed.

A Fresh Lunchbox

Plastic containers are a convenient way to store food. If you want to take lunch to work, you pack it in Tupperware. Typically, Tupperware is meant to be used more than once. But if you forget to unpack your lunch or leave something sitting in the fridge for too long, these containers can really start to stink!

Vinegar being pouring into Tupperware.
Source: YouTube

Even once they are washed, sometimes there is a persistent stench that won’t go away. If it gets to that point, I just throw out my containers. But, instead of buying new Tupperware, swab the one you have with a microfiber cloth dipped in vinegar. This will cause the smell to disappear completely. If you have kids, this hack also works on school lunch boxes. You’re welcome.

Carpet Stain Helper

If you know anything about cleaning, you know that carpet stains can be some of the most stubborn to remove. There isn’t much you can do to prevent it because people are always walking on it. So even if you keep food and messy toys away from the carpet, it will eventually start to get dirty just from accumulating dirt.

A person spraying vinegar on a carpet to clean it with baking soda.
Photo by Andrey_Popov

You can make your own stain removing solution at home. Just combine two tablespoons of white vinegar and ¼ cup of salt; mix it together and then rub it into the stain. Give it time to dry, and the next day just vacuum the remains. If you are one of those people who manage to keep the carpet clean, this stain remover can work on clothes as well.

Paint Brush Reviver

If you are a big fan of arts and crafts, you probably have to buy new paintbrushes quite often. After several uses, the brush gets dirty, and the bristles get stuck together, causing the brush to harden and become unusable. Well, if you are a painter, I think I’m about to save you a few extra dollars on paintbrushes.

Vinegar sitting next to Tupperware and a paintbrush.
Source: Pinterest

You have probably tried to clean them off with water, but after a couple of times, the water just doesn’t cut it. An effective way to clean off paintbrushes is by using vinegar. Just soak them for about an hour, then place them in a pot (bristles down, obviously) and bring it to summer. Drain, rinse and allow them to dry fully.

Say Bye to Pet Hair

Are you a dog owner? Or someone who likes to be around animals? If you are, you probably experienced the struggle of trying to remove fur from your clothes. Even after a good wash, sometimes the fur is seemingly impossible to remove. The secret to getting it off is by using… you guessed it – vinegar.

A woman spraying vinegar on her blue dress to reduce static cling.
Source: Pinterest

Just add ½ a cup of white vinegar to your wash cycle, and it will help stop the dog hair from clinging to your clothes. Because the acid reduces static electricity, this will also prevent other lint from sticking to fabrics in the washing machine. This trick really works wonders. If you are a pet owner, this hack can be life-changing and is definitely worth trying.

Freshen up the Toilet Bowl

At one point or another, most of us experience some gross toilet bowl residue. If you’re out of Clorox, or just don’t like the blue color of the chemical, there is another solution. Cleaning toilets doesn’t sound like a fun activity. You just want to get it cleaned properly and not have to worry about it. That’s when the vinegar comes in.

Vinegar being pouring into a toilet bowl tank.
Source: Pinterest

All you have to do is grab a mason jar and fill it up with some white vinegar. Punch a few holes in the lid, and simply place the jar in your toilet tank upside down. Every time you flush, a little bit of the vinegar will pour out, constantly cleaning it. This way, you are keeping your tank clean and preventing future stains.

Coffee Table Rings

No matter how many coasters I have, people tend to ignore them and place their glasses directly on the table. This leads to several ring stains left behind on my wooden table, and I kind of just accepted it at this point. Sure, I can try and wipe off the sticky juices, but eventually, it soaks into the wood resulting in stains. Especially when it comes to coffee.

Someone is using a toothbrush with beeswax and vinegar to scrub a drink ring off of a wooden table.
Source: Pinterest

It turns out I don’t have to give up on my beautiful wooden table so easily. If you have some extra vinegar, you can get rid of these stains. Simply mix together an equal amount of vinegar and melted beeswax. If you don’t have beeswax, melted candle wax also works. Rub the mixture on the ring stains and watch them disappear.

Musty Laundry

The best part about doing laundry is undoubtedly the fresh and flowery smell of your clean clothes. Unfortunately, every once in a while, we are left disappointed with our clothes smelling damp. Gross! Nobody wants their laundry smelling like that. Luckily, I might have a hack to help solve this problem.

A woman is adding vinegar in the slot where the detergent goes in a washing machine.
Source: Pinterest

There is nothing worse than expecting clean clothes only to have them smell worse than before. If you are experiencing musty or unpleasant smells coming from your clean clothes, you’re not alone. Before your next wash, add a cup of vinegar to the wash. I know it may not sound like it will make your clothes smell better, but life is full of surprises. It doesn’t actually add a new scent; it just removes the damp smell.

Washing Machine Cleaner

Some people may not realize how important it is to clean your washing machine regularly. We already mentioned that clothes could come out of the machine smelling damp. This is because the washing machine isn’t clean enough to work at its maximum efficiency. As we know, water creates mold; so it makes sense that without keeping it clean, the machine will start to give off an odor.

A woman pouring vinegar into the drum of a washing machine.
Source: Tumblr

If you haven’t cleaned your washing machine in a while and have noticed an unpleasant smell, this one is for you. Take a cup of white vinegar, pour it into the drum, and put the machine on the hottest setting. When the cycle is over, leave the washing machine open for a little while and allow it to air out.

Clay Cleaner

If you are a talented crafter or let your kids play around with clay, stains are bound to happen. No matter how careful you are, the clay gets all over the place and will make a mess. If you get clay anywhere, don’t try cleaning it up until it’s completely dry. Attempting to clean sticky wet clay will probably just lead to a bigger mess.

A person molding something out of clay.
Photo by Cristian Ispas / Shutterstock

Once it’s fully dry, try scraping and washing. If that doesn’t work, plan B is vinegar. Just combine one cup of white vinegar with three tablespoons of iodized salt and then spread it over the stain. This strange mixture should get the clay right off, making arts and crafts cleanup way less stressful.

Sweat Stain Remover

Okay, we have all experienced gross sweat stains, and if you say you haven’t, you’re lying. Whether you’re at the gym, dancing in the club, or just outside on a hot summer day, sweating is inevitable. It’s just a part of life and the human experience. Unfortunately, sometimes our favorite shirts get noticeable sweat stains that don’t come off in the wash.

A woman spraying vinegar on a sweat stain with a box of salt next to the bucket.
Photo by Ellyy / Shutterstock

A better solution would be to spray them with some white vinegar. The acid will help neutralize the stain, so let it sit for about 30 minutes. Your shirt should look as good as new! This hack works most effectively on synthetic fabrics like viscose, acrylic, or acetate. If you think you can’t wear a shirt because of some obvious sweat stains, think again!

Disinfect the Dishwasher

It’s important to make sure things around your house are disinfected in order to get rid of and prevent germs. This is even more vital when it comes to your kitchen, and anywhere else that you might keep food. If bacteria gets in your food and then you consume it, you can get really sick. That’s why you should keep the refrigerator and silverware clean.

Someone is pushing the bottom shelf of the dishwasher back in with a bowl of vinegar inside.
Source: Pinterest

What you may forget to disinfect is the dishwasher. I mean, its job is to clean, so isn’t it constantly disinfecting itself? The answer is no. Dishwashers need to be disinfected in order to be sure your dishes are too. All you have to do is fill up a small bowl with vinegar, put it at the bottom of the dishwasher, and run it on an empty cycle.


If you run out of Windex or any kind of window cleaner, don’t worry. As long as you have some vinegar at home, I think I can help you out. You can actually make your own window cleaning solution from the comfort of your own home. All you need is white vinegar, the same amount of warm water, and a pinch of liquid detergent.

A woman using newspaper and vinegar to clean her window.
Source: Flickr

Mix the ingredients all together in a spray bottle. Now you have a window cleaner to use with a newspaper. Wiping the vinegar solution with a newspaper will make your windows completely streak-free and squeaky clean. If you have some of the spray leftover, use it to polish glassware that is stained with watermarks.

Deodorant Stains

There is nothing worse than coming out of the shower, getting dressed, and seeing deodorant stains all over your black shirt! Deodorant is a necessity. However, sometimes it can lead to gross yellow stains in the armpits of your shirts. There are many occasions where deodorant will stain your new outfit, but I don’t think anyone is willing to give up deodorant any time soon.

A shirt with a deodorant stain.
Photo by New Africa / Shutterstock

And if you were planning on it, you don’t have to! Deodorant stains can be removed pretty easily by soaking them in vinegar. Then use an old (but clean) toothbrush to brush away the stains. This hack works on both white clothes and colors. You don’t have to be scared of your deodorant anymore!

Unclogging Drains

After prolonged use, garbage disposals drains and pipes eventually get clogged. Unclogging them can be disgusting and cleaning products for that kind of stuff is expensive. Instead, you can make yourself an all-natural cleaning solution. The first step is to pour a pot of boiling water down the sink, then add ½ cup of bicarb soda and leave it for about a half-hour.

Vinegar is being poured into a drain and it is bubbling up.
Source: Flickr

Next, mix together one cup of boiling water with one cup of white vinegar and pour that in. Then cover it up with a drain plug and let it sit for 15 minutes. This combination of ingredients will create a chemical reaction that will dislodge the gross grimy sludge. Before finishing, add one more pot of boiling water.

Perk up Flowers

Flowers are a stunning ornament that can make anything appear more beautiful. Adding bright flowers to a dull room can really liven it up. Flowers can really make a huge difference, but it’s not always positive. Dying flowers in a room can make it feel haunting or eerie. If you want to bring a sad-looking bouquet back to life, here’s what you need to do.

A person adding apple cider vinegar and sugar into a vase with water to keep cut flowers fresher.
Photo by ThamKC / Shutterstock

Simply add one teaspoon of sugar and two tablespoons of white vinegar into the vase. It will revive the plants and get rid of that depressing energy that the dying plants were giving off. This hack isn’t limited to bouquets and can work wonders in the garden too.

Clean Coffeemaker

Coffeemakers are life-changing, and once you buy one, there is no going back. The only problem is that they get tend to get dirty and aren’t the easiest things to clean. This may shock you, but one way to effectively clean your coffee machine is by using vinegar.

Vinegar sitting next to a drip coffee maker.
Photo by Joe Lingeman /

Simply pour the same amount of vinegar and water into the main chamber before turning on the brew cycle. Halfway through, turn off the machine and let it soak for a few minutes. Then you can turn it on again and let it complete the cycle. It should be clean, but I recommend running a couple of cycles with water before making your morning coffee. Vinegar-flavored coffee doesn’t sound very appetizing.

Leather Fixer

Leather is a difficult material to take care of. It can easily get covered in marks, and we all know how impossible it is to get rid of them. Whether it’s your purse, jacket, or even wallet, worn-out leather is not a good look. Well, what if I told you there was a way to hide the marks and restore shine into your favorite leather accessories?

Someone is cleaning a leather sofa using a blue microfiber cloth.
Photo by Freer / Shutterstock

This hack is unbelievably easy, and it actually works. All you need is a microfiber cloth dampened with vinegar. This hack has amazing results on scuffed leather. It really hides any marks and makes your leather look as good as new. If you have an old leather jacket that lost its shine, try this simple hack.

Weeds Killer

Do you ever notice weeds growing in the cracks of your walkway? How do they even grow if they are covered in cement? I’m no scientist, but don’t plants need sunlight? Anyway, if these inconvenient weeds are bothering you, or you’re like me and always trip over them, I have a hack!

Someone is wearing gloves and using a spray bottle with vinegar to spray the weeds on a fence.
Photo by April DeBord / Shutterstock

As you might have already guessed, all you need for this one is vinegar. Pour plain white vinegar onto them and allow them to soak into the roots. The acidic acid will kill the roots, so make sure not to put plain vinegar on the plants you want to keep alive. However, mixing it with water and using it on flowers is okay, as we mentioned in an earlier hack.

Moldy Walls

Mold can slowly start building up on your walls without you noticing. When you do realize there is mold, you will probably stress yourself out trying to get rid of it. Or at least I would be. There is no reason to worry, though, because apparently, vinegar can do it all, including removing mold.

A woman with a glove on spraying the wall of mold with vinegar in a spray bottle with a sponge sitting on the side.
Photo by Elvira Koneva / Shutterstock

Just spray white vinegar directly on the area with the mold and leave it for a half an hour. Then wash it off with a brush and make sure you allow it to dry completely. This hack also works really well on tiles and other non-porous materials. It should be noted that vinegar can scratch stone and marble, so make sure you avoid using it on those surfaces.

No More Moldy Cheese

Since vinegar can get rid of mold on your wall, it only makes sense that it can prevent your cheese from growing mold too. There is nothing more nauseating than moldy cheese. I know cheeses are technically mold and all that, but you know what I’m talking about. I mean, you see your cheese go from yellow to green. It usually starts off as a small little dot, but it doesn’t take long for the mold to grow.

A photograph of cheese in a Tupperware container wrapped in a paper towel.
Source: Pinterest

If you don’t want your cheese to start growing mold, this vinegar hack can help. Wrap the cheese in a cloth dampened with vinegar and put it in the fridge. The acid in the vinegar will essentially kill the mold before it even has a chance to grow.

Natural Air Freshener

Sometimes it can be hard to get rid of gross lingering smells. Whether it’s the garbage, cigarettes, or a sink full of dishes, cleaning doesn’t always help. Sometimes, the smell remains. Believe it or not, you can actually make an air or fabric freshener. Vinegar is actually the most effective and inexpensive air freshener you can get.

A woman spraying vinegar into the air.
Photo by Punyhong / Shutterstock

I know what you’re thinking. Vinegar doesn’t exactly smell like lavender. As opposed to giving off a new smell, the components in vinegar will neutralize and get rid of unpleasant smells. Just get a spray bottle and fill it up with white vinegar and use it as an air freshener. It will also get rid of odors on carpets, clothes, and even sneakers.

Shower Curtains

Shower curtains are not necessarily something we think about cleaning. The way I see it, they are being washed every day, so as long as I don’t stop showering, the curtains should be fine. Unfortunately, my thought process is incorrect. It’s important to keep your shower curtains clean in order to prevent mold from growing. It kind of works the same way as it does with the cheese.

Someone wearing gloves is using a sponge to wipe vinegar on their shower liner.
Source: Pinterest

The acidity from the vinegar will prevent mold from growing because it won’t be able to survive. I recommend keeping a spray bottle full of vinegar in your bathroom; that way, you can spray the curtains, bathtub, and other surfaces. Because of the steam and damp environment, it’s not uncommon for mold to grow in bathrooms. But we have a vinegar spray bottle to stop it!

Frosty Windshield

Morning frost isn’t the biggest struggle in the world, but what if there was a way to prevent it. This could really come in handy if your windshield wipers are broken, it’s a cold winter day, and you need to drive to work. The solution to your windshield problem is vinegar.

A news reporter spraying his window with vinegar to prevent frost.

As we know, vinegar contains a strong acidic compound that helps clear and prevent build up. Combine three parts vinegar to one part water and mix it in a spray bottle. Use it to coat your windshield and no morning frost. The vinegar will literally stop the ice from building up. If you’re into science, this hack could be a fun experiment.

Glossy Doggy

There is nothing more satisfying than cleaning your filthy dog. After letting it run around in the mud for about a month, the dog starts to get dirty and smell bad. After an annual or monthly bath, the dog smells good and looks fresh. There is one more thing you can do to make your dog look even better after its bath.

Someone is lightly spraying their Yorkie, who has their hair in a pink ribbon, with vinegar.
Photo by liliboas / Shutterstock

You can keep your dog’s fur coat extra glossy but spraying it with white vinegar after his bath. As we know, the acidity in the vinegar reduces bacteria and cuts odors. So not only will your dog look great, but he will smell great. The vinegar will also help prevent fleas and ticks. Just a couple sprays of vinegar goes a long way when it comes to your dog.

Litter Box Deodorizer

Cats are the best. They are cute, cuddly, and don’t cause a lot of problems. What’s not to like? I mean, I’m personally allergic, but that’s beside the point. If you are a proud cat owner, would you settle for anything less than the best for your kitty cat? That’s what you thought. This is why it’s very important for pet owners to keep vinegar around.

Someone pouring vinegar into an empty kitty litter.
Source: Flickr

If you can smell your cat’s litter box, even when it’s empty, there is a problem. Lucky for you, I have a solution. Pour half an inch of white vinegar in it and let it sit for about 20 minutes. Then rinse it out with cold water, and there you have it. The odor disappears, and you have one happy cat.

Gum Remover

Getting gum stuck in my hair is one of my biggest fears. The thought of not being able to get out, and having to chop off my hair is literally what my nightmares are made of. It looks like I have nothing to fear after all. Don’t get me wrong; I would always prefer not to have gum in my hair, but if it happens, there is a way to remove it.

A guy with gum stuck in his hair.
Photo by BlueSkyImage / Shutterstock

If you are in a situation where you have gum stuck in your hair, grab vinegar immediately! That’s what will save you. Pour warm vinegar over the gum and leave it alone. Eventually, it will dissolve. This hack also works if you are trying to get gum out of fabric.

Fix Scratched CDs

Remember when CDs and DVDs were a thing? Those were the days. Unless a song was on the radio or a movie was on TV, there was no way to access it. That’s why a scratched CD was one of the most frustrating things. You knew it was scratched as soon as the songs started skipping, and it sucked. It happened to all of us, though; it’s all part of being a ’90s kid.

A man wiping down an old CD.
Source: Tumblr

What my middle school self didn’t know was that I could have fixed them. All I needed was to wipe it down with vinegar. Of course, this doesn’t help much in 2020. However, I am going to dig up my old Jesse McCartney CD when I get home and see if this actually works.

Bath Time

If your skin is a little irritated and all you want is to relax, vinegar can help with that, too. Just add ½ a cup of your bathwater. I know bubbles may sound a little more exciting, but trust me on this one. It turns out that vinegar works as a natural remedy for dry and itchy skin.

Vinegar Hacks
Source: Shutterstock

Adding vinegar to your bath water will help remove dead skin cells leaving your skin extra smooth. You can also make a diluted vinegar solution and use it to wash your hair. It will remove product build-up, prevent dandruff, and restore shine. That sounds like a sweet deal. Who knew I could add vinegar to my skin and beauty routines?

The Very Last Drop

Sometimes, you want to get the last remaining drops of your condiments out of the bottles. For example, you need a little more ketchup to finish up your fries, but it won’t come out. The annoying part is that you can see that there is more left in the bottle. Well, you won’t have to eat ketchup-less fries ever again.

Someone is now easily pouring out the last drops of ketchup from a bottle.
Source: Pinterest

All you need is to throw in a few drops of vinegar, close the lid, and shake it up. The vinegar will dislodge what’s remaining so that you can get those last few squirts. This hack works on mayonnaise, salad dressing, mustard, and whichever other condiments you choose. This one may actually come in handy… I mean, its food!

Sticker Residue

Stickers take me back to a much simpler time. I remember putting stickers everywhere. I stuck some on the fridge, my walls, my locker, and once in first grade, I got in trouble for putting stickers on my desk. Why did innocent six-year-old me get lunch detention? I didn’t do anything wrong. They were Lisa Frank stickers…

Someone is removing a sticker from a photo frame using vinegar and a cloth.
Source: Pinterest

The reason was that the sticker didn’t completely come off and left the desk a little sticky. To remove sticker gunk, all you need to do is apply vinegar on it and let it sit for about 15 minutes; it will wipe right off. I wish my teacher knew this hack; maybe then I wouldn’t have gotten in trouble. Clearly, I’m over it.

Crayon off the Wall

If you have kids, you probably know what it’s like to try and get crayon marks off the wall. I’m not a mom, but I’ve done a lot of babysitting in my day and kids color on the wall pretty often. Or maybe I wasn’t a good babysitter. The point is, there is a crayon on the wall, and you need to get it off. What do you do?

Someone writing on the wall ‘Crayon on the wall? No problem.”
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Soap and water may work. But depending on how much crayon is on there, it could take hours to scrub off. A simpler solution would be to grab your handy dandy vinegar spray bottle. If you soak a clean toothbrush with white vinegar and brush gently, it should get the crayon right off.

Clean Piano Keys

Every once in a while, musicians need to clean their instruments. If you play the piano, you probably noticed that after prolonged use, the keys start to get dirty. You wouldn’t want any dirt building up or dangerous germs on it. I mean, you touch the keys whenever you play, so you have to make sure to sanitize them.

Wiping the vinegar off of piano keys using a microfiber cloth.
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To effectively clean the keys, mix ½ a cup of white vinegar and two cups of water. Dip a microfiber cloth into the mixture and gently wipe down each key. Then use different cloth to dry the keys. Leave the keyboard uncovered for at least 24 hours. Allow all the germs and bacteria to air out.

Bread Chopping

If you’ve ever tried slicing your own bread you probably either didn’t slice it equally or you completely removed the loaf.

No worries. Next time you’re slicing bread, just toss it to the other flat side and you’ll see how smoothly it goes!

Standing In Line

Nothing is more annoying than waiting in a long never-ending line at the bank, the store or doctor’s office.

And you’ve been doing it wrong all along. Standing in line “Caribbean Style” is so much better, as all you have to do is place your shoes where you stand and enjoy taking a seat in the meantime.

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Getting Rid Of Old Fiber And Hair From Your Couch And Clothes

Are you still using your old fuzz roller to remove all the hanging threads from your new couch and clothes?

Never again. As of today, you can use a razor to remove all these annoying bites and notice the difference!

Using Earphones

All these years you’ve been doing it all wrong. If you’ve been wearing your earphones the ordinary way with the string down, read this.

The earphones should go above your ear so they won’t come off.

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Quickly cooling a beverage in the freezer

Need to chill a drink quickly? Instead of trying to fill your freezer with beverages and hope they would instantly cool, try this.


Wet a paper napkin and wrap it around your beverage and your drink will be chill in a few minutes time!

Storing Groceries In The Cart

Ever wondered why the grocery cart was constructed in this specific way and had these lifted ring hooks? Well, there’s a good reason.


The hooks are designed this way so we could hang our bags on them and it will save us the room! Much more convenient, right?

Preparing a Cheese Sandwich

Anyone who ever tried making a cheese sandwich is familiar with the corner problem.

But don’t worry. All you need to do is slice the cheese in half and place it so the straight cheese edges will be equivalent to the bread’s lines.

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Number too toilet sitting instructions

You probably know that most people sit on the toilet in a conventional way while they are using the bathroom.

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But others believe that squatting above is better for you. Just be careful and don’t lose your balance.

Oranges Slicing

Oranges are delicious but cutting oranges is usually associated with messy sticky hands with the fruit’s pulp and juice everywhere.

Take a good look at the illustration above and learn once and for all how to do it the right way!

Reheating Leftovers

Endlessly reheating leftovers and wondering why your microwave never gets it right? Leaving you with unevenly heated food?

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Try creating a circle in the middle of your leftovers dish and you’ll notice how warm and tasty your food will be.

Find out how to create chip clips from your clothes accessories!

Buying Chip Clips

If you have a bag of chips and want to save them for later, here’s a good trick.

All you have to do is remove the clips from your old chip hangers which can work as great chip clips!

Squeezing Your Toothpaste Edges

If your toothpaste has run out and you are one of these people who squeeze the toothpaste’s tube and think it’s the right way, you’re wrong.

What you should be doing next time this happens is take a bobby pin and just glide it through the tube. So easy.

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Eating Cupcakes

Got cupcakes for your birthday and find it hard to understand how to eat them without getting messy?

Have no fear. We have the perfect cupcake manual for you. All you have to do is follow the chart above and you’ll eat them like a pro.

  Crossing Out Information

If you’ve ever written something and wanted to cross it out so no one would be able to understand, there’s a specific way to do so.

Simply crossing it won’t work. All you have to do is write a series of letters above the words, and you’re secret is safe!

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Your Bathroom Mirror

Constantly need to be reminded of things and leave yourself little notes around the house? We have an idea for you.

Try using your bathroom mirror as a dry erase board. It works like magic. You’ll brush your teeth and see all your memos in front of you.

Toothpaste Hacks

Toothpaste can be beneficial in many situations other than brushing your teeth. Toothpaste is an essential item that is always in the house. Therefore, toothpaste is a very convenient go-to item in urgent situations. The things you can do with toothpaste may surprise you. From clearing up your skin to cleaning up your house, you can use this item more often than you think. Seriously, some of the things you can do with toothpaste will make you wonder if you should be putting them in your mouth.

Toothpaste being squeezed on an iron
Source: YouTube

Toothpaste has been around for centuries! The formula has been changed so much over the years, and toothpaste used to be manufactured as a powder! When toothpaste first became a necessity it was  even used to be sold in jars! These incredible hacks are done with modern, minty, tubed toothpaste! Check out 40 surprising ways toothpaste can make your life easier.

Clears up Those Foggy Glasses

Everyone who’s ever had glasses knows how annoying it is when they get foggy and dirty. You need to go out of your way to find some expensive cleaner so that you can see. Now you can avoid all of the stress and just use toothpaste! It’s simple. You use a tiny drop of white toothpaste on both sides of the lenses.

A tube of toothpaste under a pair of glasses
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Make sure it’s not a gel toothpaste, and it will polish your glasses and prevent them from fogging up. This hack works with goggles as well! Did you know that the first wearable glasses were created as far back as 1284! They had heavy frames and were held up manually. Definitely not as stylish as they are today. The frames were made of completely natural materials such as wood, copper, leather, and even bone!

Make Your Shoes White Again

Everyone loves brand new white shoes! The obvious problem is how dirty they get after just wearing them a couple of times. You no longer have to worry about that because toothpaste can get them clean! Make sure that you don’t use color or gel. Just apply regular white toothpaste and rub it on the dirty areas. Maybe mix it with some water, and your shoes will feel brand new again!

Cleaning white shoes with a toothbrush and toothpaste
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Toothpaste was first used all the way back in ancient Egypt. However, the first minty fresh modern toothpaste was made in China. After toothpaste made it’s way to Europe and the United States in the 1800s it became mainstream and a standard part of life (a hygienic life at least).

Cleans Germs off Your Cellphone

Sometimes it’s hard to keep our phones clean because we are constantly using them. Shockingly, your cellphone is covered in more bacteria than a toilet seat! For this reason, it’s important to sanitize your phone every once a while to stay healthy.

 Applying toothpaste on phone screen
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You simply spread a thin amount of toothpaste on your screen and gently wipe it with a tissue. Not only is this an easy way to keep the germs away, but it even doubles as a screen protector! The toothpaste will remove little scratches on your phone screen and help prevent new ones. Did you know Colgate toothpaste was originally sold in a jar? The squeezable tubes weren’t invented until about 20 years later.

Clean Computer Keyboard

Every so often, we all start to notice some built-up dust in between our computer keys. With the amount of time we spend on the computer. Eventually, the keys become oily and dirty. This can be easily cleaned with the help of some toothpaste. Put some toothpaste on a damp toothbrush and simply brush it through the keys. It will immediately alleviate the amount of dirt.

A tube of toothpaste and toothbrush on a computer keyboard
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If you happen to have white computer keys, this trick will also whiten them. During the 19th century, something called tooth powder was sold. Until the turn of the century, it was even more popular than toothpaste. Today people prefer toothpaste over powder. However if you ever want to try tooth powder, it is still available in India.

Block Out Stinky Smells

If you are ever taking out the trash or changing a diaper, sometimes the smell can be unbearable! I usually just hold my breath so that I won’t throw up. This may sound strange, but putting two drops of toothpaste in your nostrils can block out bad smells. The strong smell of toothpaste will distract your sense of smell and overpower almost any scent! This hack even works with smells as bad a skunks!

A girl with toothpaste on her nose
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It was as recently as 1975 when the first commercially manufactured toothpaste came out. It was called Tom’s of Maine, and it was an herbal toothpaste as opposed to fluoride alternatives. In 1987, edible toothpaste was created for astronauts! Now they are more commonly used by children.

Relieves Itchy Bites

We all know what it’s like to be covered in mosquito bites. Whether we’re on a camping trip or even just relaxing at home, we have to deal with the infuriating itching! Although we can’t always avoid the bites, we can help them using toothpaste. By applying toothpaste on any bug bite, it will almost immediately relieve the itching.

Someone scratching a mosquito bite
Source: Mother Nature Network

Since toothpaste contains a powerful menthol ingredient, it cools down your skin overpowering the itchy feeling. This is a very convenient hack that can be helpful to everyone! The first whitening toothpaste was sold by Rembrandt. Although other toothpaste companies followed soon after, Rembrandt didn’t sell whitening toothpaste until 1989. Does that sound really late to anyone else?

Gives you Healthy and Beautiful Nails

Toothpaste is a perfect way to protect your nails without spending so much money on manicures. All you need is a toothbrush and toothpaste. You just scrub it over and underneath your fingernails. Over time, this helps your nails become stronger, longer, and even healthier. This is the perfect way to keep your nails clean and strong without leaving the house.

Using toothbrush to put toothpaste on nails
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Did you know the ancient Romans added some interesting materials to their toothpaste formula? Most of their toothpaste was urine-based! If you think that sounds gross, they also added some oyster shells and crushed bones. Yea sounds pretty disgusting to have to put that in your mouth! The reason why the Romans put urine in the toothpaste was that it contains ammonia, which is cleansers.

Removes Sticky Gum from Your Hair

Ever since I was a little kid, my biggest fear was getting gum in my hair and having to chop it all off. Luckily, this is no longer something I have to worry about. All you have to do it put toothpaste in your hair too! I know it sounds like this can make the situation worse, but the toothpaste breaks down the sugar in the gum.

A man with a lot of sticky gum out of his hair
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After leaving the toothpaste in for a few minutes, it will no longer be sticky, and you can just pull it right out!  Studies have shown that chewing gum reduces muscle tension and increases alertness. In addition, gum can also stop your ears from popping on an airplane. Just don’t let it get in your hair… unless you have toothpaste!

Style Your Hair

Although toothpaste might seem like a white sticky substance that you don’t want anywhere near your hair, it can essentially double as a hair product. This is a hack I wish I knew every time I ran out of mousse! Surprisingly, toothpaste is made with some of the same products like hair gel and helps keep hair in place. Next time you’re running late and out of hair product, don’t worry! Use toothpaste instead!

A boy putting toothpaste in his hair
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Did you know that Colgate, the famous toothpaste company, started off making perfumes? They sold perfumes for about a decade before switching to toothpaste in 1873. During that time, toothpaste was still being produced in glass jars. 23 years later, Colgate came up with the slogan “we could not improve the product, so we improved the tube” to promote their new toothpaste packaging.

Cleans Crayons off the Wall

Every kid loves to color! The only problem is when they don’t keep it on the paper. Most children color on the wall at some point, frustrating their parents because of how hard it is to get off. Parents don’t need to be concerned about that anymore! You don’t need to pay a cleaner or painter. Instead, smear toothpaste on the wall and rub it off with a wet rag.

A mother using toothpaste to get crayon off of the wall
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Did you know that there are over 100 colors of Crayola crayons! Right now, you can buy 120 different shades. Technically, there are a dozen more; however, you cannot buy them at stores. These limited edition crayons are either retired or reserve for very important people like Oprah.

Cleans Dirty Plastic Furniture

We all know the struggle of keeping outside furniture clean. No matter how hard we try, with rain and wind, the plastic furniture gets dirty so easily! It almost seems like nothing will help clean it. Mix toothpaste and water, and you don’t need furniture cleaner. As long as its plastic furniture, this combo should get it right out. It also completely gets rid of the stains and makes the furniture look brand new.

A woman cleaning a chair outside
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In 1806, William Colgate established his company on Dutch street in Manhattan. At first, the store was only selling soap, starch, and candles for a number of years. Later, William Colgate found himself searching for a job that led him to a new venture.

Use it as Wall Glue to Decorate

We all love to decorate our walls with pictures or posters.  Tape usually falls off, and anything else may damage the wall (nails especially). Toothpaste will once again solve your problems, use it as wall glue! Put the toothpaste on the back of the picture/poster and simply glue it to the wall. The pictures can easily be taken down at any time!


In 1799, Colgate founder was looking for employment. He boarded his canal boat, where the entrepreneur got inspired to manufacture toothpaste! Unfortunately, Colgate didn’t live long enough to see how his brand expanded and made him live on forever. Although Colgate is a well-known brand today, the product was only released 16 years after his death.

Doubles as Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish remover can be an easy thing to forget to buy. Sometimes it’s on the shopping list, and we still forget it! Luckily, as long as you have toothpaste and lemon at home, you don’t need it! The toothpaste and lemon mixture works as a nail polish remover by merely brushing it away! Next time you ladies run out of nail polish remover, don’t panic and try this hack!

Nails covered in toothpaste and a toothpaste tube
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In October 1929, when the stock market crashed, the world economy was disastrous. As we know, this led to the “Great Depression.” In 1930 Colgate was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Even though Colgate is only officially listed on the stock exchange for USA and India, it currently has organizations in 200 different countries.

Brings Back the Sparkle into Your Life

We all have jewelry that we love, but after some time, it starts to lose its shine. Another problem solved with, you guessed it, toothpaste! Once again, toothpaste can help and bring the sparkle back into your old jewelry. All you have to do is scrub with toothpaste and rinse with hot water. You may have to try it a few times, but it will ultimately restore the original glow back into your jewelry. This includes diamonds and almost everything in your Jewelry box (with the exception of pearls).

Applying toothpaste on a ring
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In 1953 the name Colgate-Palmolive was introduced to the world. However, the two companies (Colgate and Palmolive) already merged in 1928. Palmolive-Peet was a soap industrialized company and bought Colgate.

Baby Bottle Sanitizer

Anyone who’s been around babies for long enough knows how bad their bottles start to smell. No matter how many times you clean them, the baby formula gives a sour milk odor to the bottle after prolonged use. This hack is perfect for new parents! Instead of throwing out the bottles to buy fresh ones, you can get the smell out by washing it with toothpaste and some water!

Baby bottles on a drying rack
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Doing this trick will not only deodorize the bottles but will leave them looking shiny as well. In 1968, Colgate changed its formula and started using MFP Fluoride. Today, the compound is well known for being the best safeguard to prevent tooth decay. Seven quick years after the company opened its first factory in India, the establishment was the number highest-selling brand in the world.

Pest Control

Surprisingly enough, toothpaste can be used to deter insects. We all know the struggle of finding cockroaches and having to deal with them until the exterminator shows up. Toothpaste can prevent these pests, including mice, from showing up in your home. You simply rub the toothpaste on the baseboards of your wall, and anywhere else these pests can come from. They hate the smell so much that it will just turn them away.

Toothpaste spilling on the floor
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In Spanish, Colgate literally means “go hang yourself.” As you can imagine, this double meaning should have made it very difficult for the company to sell toothpaste in Spain. However, Colgate became a highly popular brand in Spain. Apparently the strange wording actually increased the consumer’s interest.

Helps Remove Those Big Red Pimples

We have all been there, a huge pimple the day before picture day. Pimples take a few days to go away, and when one is in the middle of your face, it can affect your self-esteem. This is where toothpaste can give you a confidence boost! The strong ingredients that toothpaste consists of causes it to dry out your pimples.

Toothpaste on a woman’s face
Source: 10 awesome

You simply cover the pimple with toothpaste overnight. In the morning, the redness should disappear, and the pimple will either be much smaller or completely gone. So next time you have a pimple the day before a date, don’t freak out and try out this trick! Did you know that acne is the most common skin condition in the United States?

Cleans up Messy Hair Dye

Okay, ladies, we’ve all been there! Trying to dye hair at home and making a complete mess! Your hands and bathroom all match the color of your hair! Since it is a permanent hair dye, it’s seemingly impossible to get out. Luckily toothpaste can get hair dye off of almost everything. It will instantly come off of your body, and you can definitely use it to clean up your bathroom sink as well!

A sink that’s messy with purple hair dye
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Next time you dye your hair at home, make sure you have some toothpaste lying around. In 2011, PETA acknowledged that Colgate is one of the companies that was very careful about animal testing. They only conducted tests under government regulations. Reportedly, Colgate has been actively searching for different testing alternatives.

Fun Holiday Winter Paint

This is a fun one for all the holiday lovers! If you’re like me and love to decorate your house for the winter holidays, you probably love to decorate your windows using white window paint. Try drawing on the windows with toothpaste! It works much better than window paint. The toothpaste texture seems to make the white brighter, and it looks stunning from both sides of the window.

painting winter decorations on the window
Source: YouTube

The best part is, when you finally wipe it off, it will leave your windows cleaner and shinier than before. In 2007, Colgate helped set a Guinness World Record. In the Philippines, elementary school children set a record at the Colgate Super Mega Brushing Event. In 13 different locations, spread all around the world, there were 41,038 students all brushing their teeth at the exact same time!

Look Young Again

Not only does toothpaste help dry out pimples, but it can also be used to reduce wrinkles! Toothpaste contains Zinc, a chemical element with strong antioxidant capabilities. Our body naturally contains a certain amount of zinc, but it reduces with age. Since Zinc contains anti-aging benefits, applying toothpaste on your skin will reduce wrinkles and even fade the dark marks from your skin.

A woman laying down with half of her face covered in toothpaste
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In 2007, Colgate got in a little bit of trouble with the Advertising Standards Authority of the UK. Colgate was found to be deceiving potential costumers when they claimed that 4 out of 5 scientists recommend the toothpaste. Apparently, that statement was never proven to be true. Colgate was ultimately forbidden to continue making that claim.

Gets off Those Coffee Ring Stains

It’s hard to keep the furniture perfectly clean at all times. Most of the time, we don’t even know how it got dirty. It can come from something as simple as not using coasters. Hot beverages or pans directly on the table cause ring stains that can be very irritating to get off.

A gloved hand cleaning a coffee table.
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No need to worry! Just as toothpaste removed coffee stains from your teeth, it can remove them from furniture as well. Add baking soda to the toothpaste, and it will even work on wood! In 2016, Colgate was fined in France by the national competition regulator of France. The fine was because Colgate- Palmolive was allegedly fixing prices. You may be surprised to heat that Colgate is the biggest oral care brand in all of India.

Will Polish Your Headlights

Are your car headlights looking foggy? This is usually something most people don’t notice or worry about. Who’s going to go and spend money to get their headlights cleaned? But what if you don’t have to? Toothpaste cleans and eliminates the haze and fog. Simply combine water and toothpaste on a washcloth. Gently scrub the headlights, and they will quickly change from foggy to sparkling! Your car will look brand new!

A shiny headlight being cleaned
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IN 1940, Procter & Gamble started a research program to find the best ingredients that would release tooth decay, when added to toothpaste. During that time, it was estimated that America has over 700 million cavities a year! This made dental disease one of the greatest health problems in the U.S.

Make Scratched CD’s Work Again

Do you remember when CD’s or DVDs got scratched, and they would keep skipping? No matter how many times we tried to clean them, we couldn’t get them to work! Surprisingly enough, we could have just used toothpaste the entire time! Most people don’t use CD’s anymore, but if you find an old one and want to reminisce, you can just clean it with toothpaste! I wish I knew this trick when my little brother scratched my Britney Spears CD!

Applying toothpaste to a scratched CD
Source: YouTube

Procter & Gamble formed a joint research team in 1950. It was held by Dr. Joseph Muhler at Indiana University, and the purpose was to create and develop a toothpaste that contains fluoride. After testing the product, they found that children 6-16 showed a 49% reduction in cavities and tooth decay.

Whitens Those Yellow Refrigerator seals

We always want to keep our refrigerators clean. After all, that’s where we keep our food. That’s why it’s so frustrating when the refrigerator seal turns yellow. Sadly, there is not much we can do to prevent that, but a toothbrush and toothpaste can help solve the problem! The refrigerator seals have a sticky texture for the purpose of opening and closing the refrigerator.

A hand holding a toothbrush and opening a refrigerator seal.
Source: TheJoyfulwife

Naturally, dust and dirt will stick to it, causing it to turn yellow over time. This toothpaste hack works the same way it works in our mouth. The toothbrush cleans out the dirt while the toothpaste whitens it. In 2015, a market research firm called Kantar Wordpannel conducted a study. Their research found that over 50% of households across the world use Colgate brand toothpaste!

Use it Instead of a Carpet Cleaner

Carpet stains are a nightmare to get out! A carpet cleaner can be so expensive, and if you can’t afford it, you can’t get rid of the stains. Well, what if there is a much easier and cheaper way to clean them? It’s hard to believe that something like toothpaste can remove stains! My first thought is that this clumpy white paste will only make the stain worse. Remarkably, this actually works really well!

toothpaste being cleaned off the carpet
Source: Wikihow

Mix a tiny bit of toothpaste with water, as soon as mixture becomes foamy, use it as a carpet cleaner. The results will shock you! The American Dental Association reported that Crest toothpaste does indeed prevent tooth decay. By 1962, Crest was the number one selling toothpaste in America!

Long Lasting Match

Most people use lighters these days, but matches can be useful in emergency situations. If you want the match to last longer than usual, this is very possible as long as you have toothpaste. All you have to do is put the heads of the matches in toothpaste. You then dip them in water before wiping off the toothpaste.

a match being about to be dipped into a tube of toothpaste
Source: Africanreporter

When you light up the match, not only is does the flame last longer, but it’s also much bigger. After the success of Procter & Gambles’s study, Crest toothpaste with added Fluoristian launched in 1955. By January 1956, the company expanded on a national level. The American Dental Association confirmed that Crest toothpaste prevents tooth decay, which increased its popularity.

Erases Your Blackheads

We already know that toothpaste helps dry out pimples, but it can also easily wipe away blackheads! This simple method takes just a few minutes and gives great results.

A woman putting toothpaste on her face using a toothbrush.
Source: Newstracklive

Toothpaste contains Calcium carbonate; this mineral is actually why toothpaste is so effective in removing blackheads. All you need to do is apply toothpaste to the areas affected by blackheads. Keep it there for about 2-5 minutes and then wash your face as you normally would. Your skin will instantly feel softer with no effort!

Gets the Gunk out of Your Hair Iron

Straightening hair can be really convenient. It makes getting ready fast and easy. The problem is after long term use. It gets so dirty! The built-up oil and hairspray can decay the effectiveness of the hair iron. Toothpaste will help remove these stubborn stains from the straightener. All you have to do is put toothpaste on the hair iron and then clean it off with a wet cloth. Remember, keeping your hair iron clean will increase its long term efficiency.

cleaning hair straightener with soft cloth.
Source: Wikihow

The first hair iron was created by Isaac K. Shero in 1909. He literally just took two regular irons, heated them up and put them around the hair. A few years later, Sharrell made heated metal tools, such as hot combs. The hot metal straightener causes less damage to hair than other methods at the time.

Minty Fresh Car

Do you ever have a date to pick up, but your car smells bad? Maybe something spilled or you forgot food in there. Either way, you need to get the smell out of there and fast! This is where toothpaste can be very helpful! Just wrap a little toothpaste in a napkin and put it in your car. As long as all the doors and windows are shut, the scent will quickly fill up the car. This Hack will make your car smell minty fresh in minutes!

A lot of tubes of toothpaste on the ground next to a car.
Source: YouTube

Since its inception in 1955, Crest has been at the forefront of dental hygiene. In 2005, the company was excited to celebrate its 50 year anniversary. They helped provide beautiful and healthy smiles for families all across America. After the ADA approval, Crest’s sales tripled!

Hair Glue For Babies

Bows feel impossible to keep in baby’s hair! Sometimes they move their head too much so we can’t tie it correctly, and other times they simply rip it out themselves. Either way, it’s a safe bet that these bows will eventually fall out. This is where toothpaste comes in! Similarly to hair gel, toothpaste is sticky enough to style hair but still washes out safely. Just use it like glue and notice how much longer the bows will stick!

A baby with two bows in her hair
Source: Shutterstock

By 1962, Crest was the number one selling toothpaste in America. In 1976, Crest with fluoride was recognized by the American Chemical Society as one of the top hundred greatest discoveries of the past 100 years. The toothpaste received a Seal of Acceptance from the ADA against a number of different health conditions, including cavities, gingivitis, plaque, sensitivity, teeth stains, and bad breath.

Spackle up the Walls

Ever get little irritating holes in your wall? No time or energy for Spackle and paint job? You have nothing to worry about; just use toothpaste! Just put some toothpaste in the hole, and you will instantly see a difference. The holes will disappear, and the toothpaste is barely noticeable! This is a good trick to use if you’re having guests over or moving apartments. I can’t wait to go home and try this one!

a tube of toothpaste being held next to a wall with two screw holes
Source: Wonderhowto

Crest partnered with Scientific American magazine in 2006 for their ongoing research. They wanted to present the most inclusive and truthful information about the relationship between oral health and the overall wellness of your body. This included future possible consequences for health-care models in addition to expert opinions.

Use it as white out

Before computers, all students knew the struggle of writing down notes in class! Pencils obviously have erasers, but if we mess up with pens, we need white-out… or toothpaste. A drop of white toothpaste will stick to the paper, covering the ink, just like white-out. I wish I knew this in 5th grade instead of rewriting a whole page because I ran out of white-out!

Whiteout being used
Source: Itnews

The partnership between Crest and the Scientific American magazine showed that the company is highly committed to continuing its research on oral health. In 2008, the American Dental Association collaborated with Crest and Oral B and conducted a survey on America’s dental care. Eight out of ten Americans acknowledged that it’s absolutely crucial to take care of one’s mouth, teeth, and gums.

Relieves Painful Burns

Toothpaste is known to relieve bug bites and dry out pimples. It has positive effects on the skin and even can even help relieve minor burns. Next time you burn yourself on a stove top or hair iron, try applying toothpaste. The strong menthol ingredient will immediately relieve the pain. Not only will it get rid of the pain, but the cooling effect can actually avoid scarring.

A hand with toothpaste on it, covering a burn.
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Although one of ten people expressed the importance of oral health, only one-third of them said that they actually do a good job taking care of them. Americans seem to deem the smile the most important physical attribute. However, there can be many underlying oral health problems. One in three Americans also says that bleeding while brushing is normal… which it’s not.

Shines up Your Piano

Depending on how often you use it, a piano can get dirty over time. Like everything else, pianos collect dust, and after a while, the keys just don’t look as white anymore. This can easily be solved with toothpaste. Apply toothpaste on a damp brush and clean in between the keys. This will clean your piano from built-up dirt and will make the keys whiter as well. This hack works with all pianos and keyboards, including plastic ones.

Piano being cleaned with a toothbrush
Source: WordPress

Some of the health conditions associated with poor dental health are stroke, heart disease, and diabetes. Less common conditions that can be correlated with oral health include rheumatoid arthritis, certain types of cancers, eating disorders, and even a possible immune system disorder that causes dry mouth.

Sparkly Mirror

After a refreshing hot shower, our mirrors tend to fog up. The moisture and water particles stick to the glass creating fog. After a while, the fog builds up and can no longer be wiped off. Once again, toothpaste can save the day. Smearing toothpaste over the mirror will not only clear up the built-up fog but will also prevent future fog build up. You may not even notice that your mirror has built up fog until you try this.

“got fog” written in toothpaste on a mirror.
Source: BlogSpot

This works so well and will instantly make your mirror shinier! Oral-B was founded in California during the late 1930s. Henry Sargol invented a bristled toothbrush in 1938 and named it Oral-B. However, it wasn’t until 1950 when the brand finally became a reality. Periodontist, Dr. Robert W. Huston was the more recognized founder of the company.

Get rid of Those Stubborn Stains

Do you even get a stain that just won’t come out? Toothpaste is the perfect component to remove stains from clothes. It can remove permanent marker, makeup, wine stains, and much more. Cover the stain with toothpaste and fold over the clothing. You then simply rub it against the fabric for a few minutes. Rinse it out with warm water before throwing it in the washing machine. This trick works especially with white clothes!

A clean white shirt coming out of the washing machine
Source: Lovetoknow

Dr. Robert W. Huston was the one who sent designs for the “Huston Toothbrush” with the US Patent office. Finally, on October 24th1950, the patent was finally granted with patent number 160604. In August 1958, he received a new parent for a “mouth brush” that was very similar to the earlier model.

Buff Auto scratches

Getting a scratch on your car is always so disappointing. No matter how small it is, you always notice it because it won’t go away! What if this little scratch can stop haunting you with nothing but toothpaste? The ingredients and texture of toothpaste actually give it the power to get rid of these scratches and scuff marks. Simply apply toothpaste on a soft towel and use it to erase the scratches. This is an easy hack with very little work involved.

Fixing scuff marks on a car with toothpaste and a sponge
Source: Pakwheels

The difference in the new model was that it had multiple soft, flat-ended nylon bristles. Huston claimed during the filing process that this brush was less tough on tooth enamel and worked better for massaging the gums. He also stated that it’s better at picking up tooth powder than any other brushes that were available at the time.

Sparkly Bathroom

We all love a clean bathroom! After all, that’s where we shower and clean ourselves, so naturally, we want it to look and fresh. Did you know that toothpaste can clean better than some actual bathroom cleaners? All you need to do is apply some toothpaste on a sponge and scrub. This will remove soap scum buildup, polish the shower fixers, and whiten your toilet and sink. This is a life-changing hack that you can use right now.

bathroom floor being cleaned with a toothbrush
Source: Foreverymom

It is unclear exactly when Oral-B came out. However, it has been speculated that the first is known as “Oral-B 60” because it had 60 bristles. Ten years after the creation of the first patented brush, Oral-B was selling more than 5 million brushes a year!

Make Your Bruises disappear

We all get bruises, whether it’s from activities, sports, or just being clumsy. There isn’t much we can do to avoid bruises, but there is a way we can make them go away using toothpaste! Put some toothpaste on the bruise and cover it with a Band-Aid. This is best if done overnight and washed off in the morning. The ingredients in toothpaste are actually able to break the blood clot. This reduces swelling, which helps get rid of the bruise.

kid with a Band-Aid on his knee
Source: Shutterstock

The high sales were due to great design, in addition to professionals flaunting Huston’s product. Huston sold Oral-B during the 1960’s and continued working as a periodontist in San Jose. The sale was to Martin H. Smith Co, which was known as Cooper Tinsley Laboratories in 1961.

Leather Repair

Do you ever get small rips or scuff marks on leather shoes? Whenever this happens to me, I think I ruined my shoes, so I throw them out. This is because I didn’t know toothpaste can fix it! A tear in leather doesn’t automatically mean you need a replacement. First, try to rub some toothpaste on it with a dry cloth and then wipe it off with a damp cloth. This trick can save your leather shoes, wallet, and even jackets!

before and after pictures of damaged leather chair
Source: YouTube

In 1967 Cooper Tinsley Laboratory changed its name to Cooper Laboratories. However, after the sale, the company then began to develop quickly. Oral-B began selling other dental products, such as fluorides and floss, as opposed to just toothbrushes.

Brushing your Teeth

Yes, you can even use toothpaste to brush your teeth! There are so many things I can use toothpaste for that I almost forgot why it was created! Still, it’s important to use toothpaste for the purpose of brushing your teeth. Brushing your teeth twice a day has many positive benefits; it gets rid of bad breath, removes plaque, and even makes your teeth whiter!

A smiling boy brushing his teeth
Source: Shutterstock

Health risks such as gum disease can occur without brushing. Show off your smile, and don’t forget to floss! Obviously, there is a lot you can do with toothpaste. However, did you know that there are alternative uses for your other hygienic items? You know… just in case you run out of toothpaste.

Check out these bonus hacks that you can do with floss and mouthwash!

Fix your Glasses

If you ever lose the screw from your glasses, you know how frustrating it is. Especially when you’re busy or rushing, most of us don’t have the time to stop our day to get our glasses fixed. If you have floss lying around the house, you’re in luck! All you have to do is put the dental floss were the screw should be and tie it! This is a great hack that will keep your glasses together until you have the time to get them fixed.

Woman putting floss in glasses
Source: YouTube

It is believed that Oral-B toothbrushes were taken to the moon during the Apollo 11 mission in 1969. Gillette acquired Oral-B in 1984. They gave money to expand the company and its new innovations. They were paid $188.5 million in cash. At the time, this amount was thought to be fifteen times the amount of the business’s earnings and its assets.

Slides Sticky Cookies off the Tray

There is nothing better than smelling fresh baked cookies right out of the oven. You get so excited about your perfect batch of cookies, only to destroy them when you try to get them off the tray. There is a very simple solution. Avoid ruining your cookies by removing them with dental floss. The floss will slide under the cookie smoothly and lifts them up gently, keeping your cookies looking perfect!

freshly baked cookies
Source: Shutterstock

Braun was another brand within the Gillette group. The company began using the well-known name, Oral-B, for their electric toothbrushes. This is the first reported electric toothbrush that was made by the company. However, it is believed that there may have been a previous ‘D1’ model in 1978.


Have you ever lost a pony-tale and got stuck using a rubber band to tie up your hair? Most of us have been there, and it’s painful! It sticks to our hair and pulls it! Well, now there is another alternative… if you have dental floss, you can forget about those frustrating rubber bands. The floss is smooth, yet strong enough to keep your hair up. Try this useful hack next time you pony-tale breaks.

Floss tied in girl’s hair
Source: Hauterfly

The company won an Edison Award in 1991 for the indicator bristle design. This design is now commonly used on toothbrush heads. The introduction of the Oral-B Advantage toothbrush in 1993 was revolutionary. The toothbrush featured a multi-level trim pattern on the bristles. It offered more effective and better cleaning.

Decorate the Room

Do you have pictures sitting at home that you still didn’t hang up? Going out to buy the special string is so inconvenient and easily forgotten that it can take months until you finally put them up. Well, next time you want to decorate, just use floss! The strength of the string makes it the perfect alternative! Plus, you probably already have some in the house.

Couple hanging up a picture
Source: Shutterstock

The Cross Action toothbrush was introduced in 1998. The bristles were angled, and today, it is primarily head on electric toothbrushes. Oral-B Stages line was introduced in 2003. It was created for children and designed for all four stages of a child’s development. Oral-B joined the Procter and Gamble Company in 2005 after they merged with Gillette.

Get That Ring off Easily

Getting a ring stuck on your finger can be a very stressful experience! The situation quickly gets worse because additional stress will make your fingers swollen, making the ring even harder to get off! You don’t have to worry! Grab some dental floss and tie it around your finger under the ring. As you pull it up, it will push the ring up with it. Eventually, it will slide up your finger, and you can stop panicking!

floss and ring around a finger
Source: Jeweler blog

Today, the Oral-B company has expanded way passed toothbrushes. In addition, the company develops toothpaste, flosses, oral irrigators, and inter dental products. It’s one of the top leading brands in the dental care industry. They are continually innovating and creating new products to help achieve higher standards for dental and oral care.


There is nothing more inconvenient than a broken shoelace. You want to wear your shoes, but instead, you have to buy new laces. Not anymore, you can use floss in these emergency situations! Although floss may seem thin, floss is strong enough to keep your shoes tied until you have time to buy new laces! Next time you’re stuck with broken shoelaces, try this hack!

one shoes with laces and the other with floss
Source: YouTube

Okay, there is still one question left about this successful Oral-Care company. Where did Oral-B get its name from? Apparently, it stands for ‘Oral Brush.’ I mean, I guess it makes sense. I should have thought of that. Technically, a toothbrush is an oral brush. However, the company thought Oral-B sounded better.

Clean and Sparkly

We all have some little tiny nooks that are seemingly impossible to clean! This can be anything from your computer screen to a crack on your table. Dental floss is perfect for these crannies. Because the floss string is incredibly strong, it has the power to reach the dirt on furniture as well as surfaces. Try this trick next time you want your house extra clean! This will work in the car too!

a very clean house
Source: Shutterstock

In 1961, the first toothpaste designed for desensitizing and containing strontium chloride was introduced to the world. Strontium Chloride is effective in helping block the dentin tubules. Sensodyne F was the first toothpaste ever that contains potassium nitrate. It has been clinically proven to relieve pain inside the teeth and gums when used twice a day.

Who Needs a Sewing Kit?

We’ve all been in those situations where we have a little sewing problem and nothing to fix it. Sometimes people have a sewing kit, but if all you have lying around is dental floss, you’re in luck! The floss is discreet enough to be used on any fabric without being noticed. It’s also strong enough to be used for sewing buttons. Just start carrying floss around as an emergency sewing kit!

Someone sewing a button
Source: Shutterstock

Sensodyne Pronamel was launched in 2006. The formula included optimized fluoride which helps protect the negative effects of acid erosion on tooth enamel. In 2014, the company launched Sensodyne True White. This was a specialist whitening toothpaste, specifically for sensitive teeth. The company continued to develop different formulas.

Knife Replacement

Most of the time, people cut cakes with a knife. The thickness of the knife will collect chunks from inside the cake and ruin the frosting. Try using floss instead! This is my favorite hack! If you use dental floss instead of a knife, each piece of cake will be cut beautifully! In addition, the untouched parts of the cake will still be perfect and appetizing.

Perfectly cut Christmas cake
Source: Bookoferrant

In 2016, New Sensodyne Advanced Repair & Protect with NOVAMIN was released. It’s different from other Sensodyne toothpaste products. The toothpaste contains a concentrated calcium formula. The unique recipe has been clinically proven to repair weaker areas with the natural teeth materials. Using the toothpaste twice a day strengthens your teeth.

Gets Rid of That Dandruff

Do you have some dandruff in your hair that you can’t seem to get rid of? No matter how many special shampoos and conditioners you use, there is always a little bit of dandruff left. Mouthwash can actually help with this problem. After you wash your hair, simply soak a cotton ball with mouthwash. Dabbing it on your scalp will reduce dandruff.

Woman pouring mouthwash
Source: Teen Vogue

The toothpaste also has a minty taste to it leaving your mouth clean and feeling fresh. Leading experts in the field of tooth sensitivity started working with academic institution laboratories. This helped the public understand the importance of tooth sensitivity and how it can impact a person’s life.  As we continue to learn, we can apply more scientific knowledge to help relieve tooth sensitivity and pain.

Keep Cats From Peeing On Rugs

This is a very useful hack for all you cat owners out there! You know how bad it is when the cat pees on the carpet! Not only does it make the entire house smell bad, but it can even stain. Combine one cup of water and three tablespoons of clear mouthwash. Spray it on the carpet where your cat pees. Similarly to toothpaste, the mint smell with repel the cats and keep them away from your carpet!

Cat on a carpet
Source: Shutterstock

Scientists for Sensodyne continue to identify and formulate multiple specific technologies in the Sensodyne range. For example, to help relieve tooth sensitivity, potassium nitrate, NovaMin, and Stannous fluoride are used. These innovations are there to either soothe the nerves inside sensitive teeth or to protect exposed dentine.

Healthy Feet

It almost feels like there is no cure for athlete’s foot. No matter how many creams you use, it keeps coming back! Well, Listerine contains such powerful components that it will not only help get rid of athlete’s foot but can cure foot fungus’s as well. Simply apply some mouthwash on your feet every morning and night to help with the athlete’s foot. For foot fungus, combine the Listerine with warm water a soak your feet in it. To cure a more severe fungus, try adding 1/3 cup of vinegar.

Clean wet feet in a bowl
Source: Shutterstock

Dr. Joseph Lawrence, the creator of LISTERINE®, wanted to make sure that the mouthwash was named after the scientist who started it all. Lister was an English doctor and surgeon. He was actually the first surgeon to ever perform an operation in a chamber sterilized with pulverized antiseptic. This was the inspiration for Lawrence to create a unique formula that was perfect for killing germs in tissues (like in your mouth).

Piercing Solution

Everyone who has ever gotten a piercing knows how important it is to keep the hole clean. Especially within the first six weeks, not using the saline solution can cause infections. If you go on vacation or sleep at a friend’s house, it’s easy to forget to pack your solution. Don’t worry! Mouthwash is the perfect alternative. This hack is great because it works just as well!

Woman cleaning her earrings
Source: Pinterest

The history of LISTERINE® dates way back to the early days of modern medication. Sir Joseph Lister was using some of scientist Louis Pasteur’s theories. The famous scientist’s theories hypothesized that invisible germs could cause a number of different infections. After Sir Joseph Lister became the first surgeon to perform an operation in the chamber with pulverizing antiseptic in the air, it led to a major drop in mortality rates in patients during the 19th century.

Keep Flowers Alive

Are you like me and have a problem keeping your flowers alive. I water them, but they seem to die pretty quickly. Well, using mouthwash can help the flowers stay alive longer. Replace the water in your vase with four pints of water mixed with a tablespoon of mouthwash. This mixture will kill bacteria that can speed up decomposition in your flowers.

putting mouthwash in flower vase
Source: Mom4real

After a conference on his research activities, Sir Joseph Lister acknowledged two other people who were a huge part of the LISTERINE® brand. Dr. Joseph Lawrence, the creator and Robert Wood Johnson, founder of the group that markets the product to this day (Johnson & Johnson group). In 1879, Dr. Joseph Lawrence combined a formula in his laboratories. Of course, he was inspired by Sir. Joseph Lister, which is who he named the company after.

Fresh Food

Do you ever run out of food ties? Pony-tales are usually too thick to stay on the plastic. Once again, floss can we used as a wonderful alternative to tying up your food bags. Dental floss can keep your food tied. Simply wrap it around the bag a few times and knot it. This will keep your food sealed, safe, and fresh! This hack works great for wrapping cookies as well!


Lawrence soon partnered up with pharmacist Jordan Wheat Lambert. Together they formed the Lambert Pharmaceutical Company. They sold Listerine as a disinfectant for bathing wounds. Today LISTERINE®  is sold as a mouthwash. The intent was to improve oral hygiene by adding to the brushing process. It seems to have worked because today, LISTERINE® is used by over a billion people around the world.

Lemon Hacks

Lemons aren’t just cute patterns for hipster t-shirts; they also smell lovely and taste great. Oh, and more importantly, they’re multi-purpose. Lemons, or as I like to call them, the jack of all trades fruit, can do wonders for cleaning, cooking, beauty and skincare, and more.

Cleaning the grill with a lemon
Source: Cool Mom Eats

Lemons can get rid of the most annoying stains, remove the smelliest odors, and even keep you looking your Sunday best. Let’s see what lemons have to offer us. And you know what they say – when life gives you lemons, hack them up.

Keep Apples and Avocado from Browning

When life gives you lemons: Use them to keep fruit from going brown

What you need to do: place your avocado or apple slices into a plastic bag with small slices of lemon

Squeezing a lemon onto apple pieces
Source: Pinterest

Remember when mom would put apple slices in your lunch bag in the morning only for you to open it up at lunch to find brown slices? It’s not appetizing, to say the least. The lemon juice keeps them from browning because it’s full of ascorbic acid (vitamin C). To all the parents that want their kids to eat fresh and healthy food at lunch, you’re welcome.

Clean Your Cutting Boards With Lemon

When life gives you lemons: Use them to clean your overused cutting board

What you need to do: Squeeze a lemon onto the stained surface of the board and rub for a few seconds. Keep it on for about 20 minutes before rinsing it with clean water

Someone cleaning a cutting board with salt and a lemon
Source: A little craft in your day

Those stubborn food stains are hard to remove from light wood and especially from plastic cutting boards. But lemons do the job. You can also sprinkle sea salt before adding the lemon juice give it a harder scrub.

Clean Your Microwave

When life gives you lemons: Use them to clean your microwave

What you need to do: Microwave one cup of water with 1/4 of lemon juice for five minutes

Putting a lemon into a microwave
Source: Pinterest

Once that heats up, the stubborn stuck-on grease inside your microwave will come right off. It loosens grease or any other grime stuck inside on the walls. Now you have no excuse for those leftover tomato sauce splatters.

Whiten Your Clothes

When life gives you lemons: Use them to whiten your white clothes and linens

What you need to do: Mix half a cup of lemon juice with a gallon of hot water and let the fabric soak for a few hours

White t-shirts in a pot of lemon water
Source: Brightside

Have your whites stopped looking so white? It can be those pesky armpit stains on t-shirts or your kids’ food stains on their clothes. Lemons are safer and better for the environment than bleach. You can also add three teaspoons of lemon juice to your next load of whites.

Kitchen Sink Cleaner

When life gives you lemons: Make your kitchen sink nice and shiny

What you need to do: Blend baking soda and lemon juice and then pour it in and around the sink. Rub the mixture on the surface and rinse it with hot water after a few seconds

Lemon and salt in a kitchen sink
Source: Pinterest

Kitchen sinks are a cesspool of bacteria. All that food that sits in their can add up and make your sink lose its shine and craves a good cleaning. So it’s imperative to sanitize it. Use the above method at least once a week.

Clean Your Kettle

When life gives you lemons: Clean your electric kettle

What you need to do: Pour some lemon juice into your kettle, boil it, dump out the water, and give it a quick rinse

Before a kettle was cleaned and after
Source: YouTube

You know those crusty, white scales that forming at the bottom of your kettle? That can be fixed with some lemon juice. They’re actually calcium deposits, which are easy to get rid of with the acid from lemons.

Tenderize Your Meat

When life gives you lemons: Use them to make your meats even tastier

What you need to do: When marinating meat, you can add some lemon juice and put it aside for a few hours to let the meat soak it up

Squeezing lemon on chicken
Source: elenathewise

The acid from lemons helps tenderize meat by gently breaking down its fibers, leaving it softer and more succulent than it would have been without adding lemon. Your next chicken dinner just got a whole lot tastier.

Clean Your Garbage Disposal

When life gives you lemons: Use them to finally clean your garbage disposal

What you need to do: Throw a few ice cubes, a bit of salt, and a few lemon peels into your disposal and turn it on

Ice and lemon pieces in the kitchen sink drain
Source: Express Plumbing

Anyone who has garbage disposal knows that after time and a few certain meals, it can get a bit stinky. So if you’re dealing with a smelly garbage disposal, a few lemon peels could help with that. once you do this trick, your disposal will smell much fresher.

Keep Bugs Away

When life gives you lemons: Use them to keep those pesky bugs away

What you need to do: Take some lemon scraps and wrap them in a paper towel to form a bundle. Leave them by doors, windows, or anywhere bugs come in

Putting a lemon next a window
Source: One Good Thing

Here’s a fun fact: bugs like ants and flies actually hate the smell of citrus, especially lemons. Due to the acidic nature of lemons, it wards off all those annoying insects. This is also a lot better than spraying your house down with bug pesticides!

Create Body Scrubs

When life gives you lemons: Scrub your body with them!

What you need to do: Sprinkle some salt on a lemon half and use it to remove dead or discolored skin

Lemon scrub
Source: Pinterest

If you’re tired of wasting money on body scrubs, making your own with lemons and some salt. If you want to get a little fancier and make a little bottle of some homemade lemon scrub, mix some lemon juice, coconut oil, honey, olive oil, and sugar together and enjoy your next shower.

Help With Dandruff

When life gives you lemons: Get rid of dandruff

What you need to do: Massage 2 tablespoons of lemon juice into your scalp and then rinse with water. Then you can rinse your hair with 1 teaspoon lemon juice and 1 cup water

Lemons next to a dry scalp
Source: Home Hacks

Repeat this daily until your dandruff goes away. What lemons do is help balance the pH of your scalp, which in turn keeps dandruff at bay. So don’t be afraid to wear black anymore. This hack will save you!

Lighten Your Hair

When life gives you lemons: Give your hair some highlights

What you need to do: Squeeze a few drops of lemon juice onto a comb and run it through your hair before you go out to sit in the sun

Woman holding a lemon next to her hair
Source: Style Craze

You can also add the lemon juice to your favorite leave-in conditioner. This will make your day of tanning by the pool just a little more fun and exciting when you check yourself out later on. Your skin will get darker and your hair lighter!

Put Lemons in Your Fridge

When life gives you lemons: Keep your fridge smelling fresh

What you need to do: After you’ve already squeezed a lemon (on your salad or in a cup of water), place the remaining half in a bowl with the cut side up

A lemon in a bowl
Source: Icepop

This will freshen up your fridge in a matter of hours. While many people use the old trick of baking soda to keep the fridge fresh, others use cotton balls soaked in lemon juice (which is an alternative way to use lemons in your fridge). Just make sure to switch the swabs every week.

Eliminate Odors in the House

When life gives you lemons: Give a wonderful smell to your house

What you need to do: Leave the lemon and/or the rinds hidden in plain sight throughout the house or throw them on top of the trash

A bow of lemons in water
Source: Buzz Feed

Other than odors that can pop up in your home, odors can also stick to your skin. Like when you’re done cooking, but your hands still smell of onion, garlic, or fish. It’s almost impossible to get rid of the smell by just washing your hands with soap. However, rubbing lemon juice on your hands will neutralize odors from food. Ever been to a Chinese restaurant that gave you warm lemon water at the end of your meal? That’s why.

Some Safe Dog Cleaner

When life gives you lemons: Help clean your dog’s tear spots

What you need to do: Mix equal parts baking soda, water, and lemon juice, and lightly rub in the areas around your dog’s eyes but not in them. Leave on for ten minutes and then rinse with water.

Cleaning a dog’s fur
Source: Ali Express

Dog expert Cesar Millan aka The Dog Whisperer gave some safe options for cleaning your pets. This hack will help brighten those brownish pink spots on your dog’s fur.

Kitchen and Bathroom Tile Cleaner

When life gives you lemons: Clean your bathroom and kitchen backsplash grout

What you need to do: Combine 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, a ¼ cup of vinegar, and a ¼ cup of water, then dip an old toothbrush into the mixture and scrub

A bowl of lemons on kitchen tiles
Source: Brit + Co

You can even use this on the grout around the kitchen sink. You can also add salt to the mixture to make it coarser. But don’t use lemon on marble surfaces because it’s too acidic.

Clean the Grill

When life gives you lemons: Use them after a BBQ to scrub down the grill

What you need to do: Combine one cup of salt with 3- 4 tablespoons of lemon juice and scrub the grill

Cleaning the grill with a lemon
Source: Cool Mom Eats

This one is for the griller of the house. And if it’s your husband, maybe this hack will make him a bit more excited to do it next time. If you can actually remove the grill grate, by the way, it will be easier.

Makeshift Wood Cleaner

When life gives you lemons: Make your very own wood polish

What you need to do: Mix 1 cup of olive oil with a ½ cup of lemon juice. Simply rub it onto furniture with a soft cloth.

Lemon juice and olive oil
Source: Fab How

You don’t have to spend money on furniture polish or cleaner when you want to shine your gorgeous wooden floors. This method is safer than those products, a heck of a lot cheaper, and smells better!

Infuse Your Water

When life gives you lemons: Add them to your much-needed glass of water

What you need to do: Cut some lemon pieces up and add them to your water pitcher or glass

Lemon water
Source: Shutterstock

Don’t think that fancy and pretty looking water is only something you can drink at restaurants. It’s the easiest thing to do at home, and your body will thank you. Cut up some lemon as well as other fruits with antioxidants and add them to your water.

Whiten Your Nails

When life gives you lemons: Make your nails whiter

What you need to do: Cut half a lemon and squeeze it into a small bowl. Soak your fingers for ten minutes. Rinse with vinegar.

A hand in a bowl of lemons
Source: The nail and tanning salon

Are you going to have a girl’s night anytime soon? This is the perfect homemade manicure for a night in. Turn your home into a salon and get those nails whiter. Nails naturally get a yellow tint to them with time and age (and even worse if you smoke). But lemons are here to save the day.

Get Rid of Acne

When life gives you lemons: Use them to get rid of pimples

What you need to do: Cut half a lemon and rub the juice on your face, especially in the problem areas. Let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes and rinse off.

Teenage girl with acne problem holding lemon against color background
Source: Shutterstock

This is a quick and easy home remedy that can help those with mild acne. Your diet also has a lot to do with the quality of your skin, so be sure to eat healthy foods if you want to avoid breakouts.

Kill Weeds in Your Yard

When life gives you lemons: Make a natural weed killer

What you need to do: Squeeze lemon directly onto the weeds or squeeze some juice into a spray bottle. Coat the leaves in the juice, then let it sit for a couple of days.

Spraying lemon juice on weeds
Source: The Krazy Coupon Lady

After a few days, you’ll notice the weeds will start to disappear. You can also mix some vinegar into the spray bottle if you want to give it an extra boost. Vinegar smells a bit funky, though, so it’s not going to smell as fresh.

Clean Your Pots

When life gives you lemons: Make your pots squeaky clean

What you need to do: Mix together lemon, distilled white vinegar, and baking soda to scrub down those pots and pans

A dirty and clean pot
Source: YouTube

Pots and pans can be expensive. But once they’ve tarnished, it doesn’t mean you have to buy new ones. You can use this method to scrub them down and get them looking almost new again.

Fluff and Separate Rice

When life gives you lemons: Make your rice fluffier

What you need to do: Add a little bit of lemon juice while the rice is boiling

Pouring lemon juice into a pot of rice
Source: Jillee

If you make rice, you’ll know that it can get clumpy and stick together. And no one wants clumps of rice. This hack will make your next pot of rice a lot fluffier and have a slight lemony taste. Yum!

Clean Your Silver

When life gives you lemons: Keep your silverware and jewelry shinier

What you need to do: Use two tablespoons of lemon juice and 1 cup of water and lightly rub the silver with a cloth

Spoons and a lemon
Source: Hive Helper

Whether your silverware or silver jewelry is tarnished and dull, use this mixture of lemon and warm water to bring them back to life. The acid in the lemon juice will clean the tarnish. Voila! You silver just got a lot shinier.

Clean Plastic Containers

When life gives you lemons: Use them to keep your Tupper wear clean

What you need to do: Use water and lemon juice to cover any stained area. Once you fill it, let it soak for about 24 hours.

Holding a lemon in a plastic container
Source: YouTube

If you’re anything like me, you use plastic containers on a daily basis. Lunches, leftovers, etc. But they can get stained (hello, spaghetti!) So you can just take a day and soak them all in the lemon water for a full 24 hours, and you’ll be good to go.

Freshen a Humidifier

When life gives you lemons: Use them to freshen up your home humidifier

What you need to do: Add a few tablespoons of lemon juice to the humidifier

Source: Shutterstock

Is your humidifier getting a little bit musty? You don’t want to be breathing in musty humid air, do you? Especially if it’s in your kids’ rooms. The lemon juice will not only freshen it up, but it’ll disinfect it, too.

Make Your Own Lemon Oil

When life gives you lemons: Turn them into oil!

What you need to do: Simmer it in an oil of your choice and then strain out the lemon remains when it’s cooled down and ready to use

Lemons and a bottle of oil
Source: Clean MySpace

Another way to make your own lemon-infused oil if you’d rather not get your stove involved is to let lemon rinds soak with cold oil for a few weeks until it becomes fragrant. The lemon oil really tastes great on salads or in pasta.

Make Decorations and Garnishes

When life gives you lemons: Make them look pretty in your home and in your cocktails

What you need to do: First, you need to dry a bunch up and then use them as nice additions

Cocktail with a lemon garnish
Source: Shutterstock

Make some homemade household decorations and cocktail garnished with lemons. Turn lemon rinds into garlands, hang them on the rim of cocktail glasses, or even them to warm drinks like tea for a hit of concentrated lemon flavor.

Use Dried Lemon Peels in Your Fireplace

When life gives you lemons: Turn them into fire starters

What you need to do: Take dried lemon peels and throw them into your fireplace to get the fire started

Source: Shutterstock

Dried lemon peels make for perfect fire starters. Along with a few logs, dried peels in your fireplace will get the fire lit in no time. And the best part is that your fire will smell amazing! I wish I had a fireplace to try this out.

Homemade Potpourri

When life gives you lemons: Make your own homemade potpourri

What you need to do: Take 2 sliced lemons, 2 sprigs of rosemary, and 1 tablespoon vanilla. Place them into a pot and fill with water to about 1 inch below brim and simmer.

Lemons and rosemary in a pot
Source: Huffpost

Ever been to a home that smells absolutely delicious and it wasn’t from cooking anything? They probably had some homemade potpourri lying around. Become one of those families by making this amazing potpourri. It should last a few days. But since it’s so easy, do it every week!

Make Fancy Finishing Salts

When life gives you lemons: Make some infused sea salt


Zest from one lemon

1/2 cup coarsely ground sea salt

2 tsp fresh thyme

Seasonings and salt
Source: Food Hacks


Combine ingredients in a small bowl and place the salt mixture on a cookie sheet and spread out thinly. Bake in a 225-degree oven for two hours, mixing gently after one hour. Remove from oven and let cool. Use the flat part of a spoon to gently press out any lumps that formed. Store in a tightly sealed glass jar and sprinkle onto seafood or other dishes before or after cooking.

Homemade Vinaigrette

When life gives you lemons: Use them to make your own salad dressing

What you need to do: Add lemon juice to olive oil, salt, pepper, and any other flavoring agents honey and Dijon mustard, for example.

Lemon vinaigrette
Source: Shutterstock

With the help of lemon juice, a super easy salad dressing is within reach. Make your own vinaigrette with the ingredients above and store in the fridge. You’ll have a go-to salad dressing for every salad you make.

Don’t Be Wasteful

When life gives you lemons: Use them in their entirety

What you need to do: When baking your favorite cakes and other baked goods, use the entire lemon

Dessert with lemon zest
Source: Shutterstock

Double down on all the lemony flavor in when making baked goods by using both the juice and the zest. And just so you know, using the zest will make you look fancy AF. And it’ll impress your friends or better yet, your mother in law.

Add Lemons to All Your Recipes

When life gives you lemons: Make life taste better

What you need to do: Add a squirt of lemon juice to your food

Man hand squeezing lemon on avocado.
Source: Shutterstock

I personally have a bowl of lemons out in the kitchen all the time. Why? Because they’re perfect for pretty much anything, you’re going to make for dinner! Lemons are great additions to pasta, soups, salads, and roasts alike. The juice brings a much-needed freshness and contrast.

Write Secret Messages

When life gives you lemons: Make some magic with invisible ink

What you need to do: Use the lemon juice as a sort of pen and use heat to reveal the message

“I Spy” written with lemon juice
Source: FMS Blog

This is perfect for your little ones! Show them how to make magic by having them write secret messages to people with lemon juice. After applying heat from a blow dryer, they’ll see the message come to life. Cool, huh?

Lettuce Reviver

When life gives you lemons: Use them to revive your wilting lettuce

What you need to do: Adding juice to a bowl of cold water and put in the limp lettuce leaves to soak for an hour

A bowl with lettuce and a lemon
Source: Pinterest

Make your wilting lettuce a little bit crispier by adding a little lemon juice. Once dry, the leaves will be crispy again. You can also use this tip for apples, avocado, potato, cauliflower, and pears to keep them from browning.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

When life gives you lemons: Clean your toilet!

What you need to do: Cut a lemon in half and sprinkle the bowl with coarse sea salt. Wearing rubber gloves, scrub the bowl until any stains start to lift

Squeezing a lemon into the toilet bowl
Source: Sungazing

Not all toilet bowls are alike. Some are more stubborn than others and need a hack like this to do the trick. So if your toilet is one of those, you’ll be happy to see that this tip really does the trick.

Soothe a Sore Throat

When life gives you lemons: Put them in your tea

What you need to do: Gargle lemon juice with salt and water and drink lemon, honey, and ginger tea

Lemon tea
Source: Shutterstock

If you have a sore throat, you’re more than likely on the brink of a cold or flu. Don’t bother buying sugar-filled lozenges, though. A good old gargle and some hot tea (all with lemon, of course) will do the trick.

Make Lemonade

When life gives you lemons: Make lemonade!

What you need to do: Cut a lemon in half and squeeze both parts into a cup, then put one of the halves into the cup as well. Boil sugar and water to make a simple syrup. Fill a fourth of the mixture into the cup with the lemon. Add ice and water to the brim of the cup and enjoy!

Source: Shutterstock

If you got to this page, good job! You clearly love your lemons and want to use them for good. But let’s not forget what lemons are best for – lemonade! It’s the perfect drink on a summer day. Enjoy!

Coffee Hacks

For most of us, coffee is a pretty standard way to start the day. It gives us the energy to tackle the day. Did you know we only use 1% of coffee? There is another 99% full of nutrients that we can still use but usually don’t. If it’s painting a picture or even cleaning clothes, you can probably do it with coffee. Today, coffee is a pretty standard way to start the day, meaning there is usually some coffee grounds or coffee filters laying around somewhere.

picture of coffee

With important nutrients that coffee grounds contain and the texture of coffee filters, there are plenty of ways to recycle these things! There is so much more to coffee than just giving you a morning boost! From gardening your plants to coloring your hair, here are 50 things you can do with coffee, coffee grounds, and coffee filters. 

Fights Cellulite

Almost everyone has cellulite somewhere on their body and its one of the most annoying things to get rid of! Sure, you can work out, but it doesn’t always work. Did you know coffee is the main ingredient in those overpriced cellulite creams?

coffee on woman’s leg

All you have to do is mix a 1/4 cup of warm coffee grounds with one tablespoon of olive oil. Apply it on the areas of your body that you have cellulite, and wrap it with saran wrap. Take it off after 10 minutes and then shower as you normally would.  Did you know there are three different types of cellulite? Adipose cellulite is firm, Oedematous cellulite is soft and, Fibrotic cellulite is hard. I’m pretty sure I have all three.

Naturally Highlight Hair

Okay girls, do you ever want lighter hair or fun highlights, but scared of the damage bleach can cause? Wash your hair with strong cooled coffee! It will bring out your natural highlights and also help enhance the shine! You only need coffee grounds and two cups of hot water. Use it to clean your hair for about 15 minutes, and you will notice a vibrant radiance coming from your hair.


Another method is to put some in your conditioner. This hack works best with all shades of brown and dark red hair. Not very recommended for blonde hair. Fun Fact: on average, a person has approximately 100,000-150,000 strands of hair on their head. It is the fastest growing tissue in the body after bone marrow.

Coffee Ice Cubes

There is nothing worse then the ice beginning to melt in your delicious ice coffee. It begins to lose its strength and tastes watered down. There is a pretty easy solution to this problem. Instead of drinking weak, flavorless coffee, make it stronger by using coffee ice cubes. Now, when the ice cubes melt, they will make your coffee even richer. This is a hack that I will be using every day this summer!

Coffee Ice Cubes

Did you know that there is something called coffee cherries that you can eat? It’s true! Back in the day, people used to mix coffee berries with fat. It created an energy-filled snack that kept people caffeinated all day! PBS reported that the pulp would also be fermented to turn it into a wine-like beverage! Wine and coffee together! Sounds like my kind of drink!

Blue You’re Flowers

Planting is a fun way to brighten up your garden! The bright colors of flowers just bring the garden to life! Did you know coffee can help? Sometimes, certain flowers and plants change colors based on the PH level of the soil. Adding coffee grounds to the soil will reduce the PH level to ensure your flowers will grow blue and bright!

coffee and flower

Flowers receive all their nutrients from sunlight, water and soil, but did you know that they are the reproductive structure in plans. As they bloom and blossom, it’s the biological function of a flower to effect reproduction. Flowers are basically what unites the sperm and the egg. This brings a whole new meaning to the term “The flowers are blooming.”

Keep the Cats away

Do you ever get tired of street cats wandering through your back yard? Do they keep you awake at night with their meowing? Just use coffee! Simply sprinkle some coffee grounds where you don’t want them to walk. Cats hate the smell of coffee, and it will deter them. This hack keeps away cats, dogs, and even rodents. To make this hack even more effective, you can add orange peels to it since citrus repels them as well.

coffee on the yard

Fun fact: In 2005, scientists discovered that cats have a genetic deficiency that’s cancels the sugar detectors in their taste buds. Basically cats can’t taste sweetness. That must suck! I guess that explains why they can get pretty cranky.

Flavor Enhancer

This is a fun trick for all the chefs out there! Adding coffee ground or even brewed coffee can help enhance flavors. You can just replace the water in recipes with the coffee.  This hack works very well with chocolate cakes and chili; it enhances the flavor creating a bold rich taste.

man and woman cooking

You can also try this for meat! Simply put one tablespoon of fresh coffee grounds into your marinade. It will not only make the meat tenderer, but it will add a slight smokiness. Of course, tasting happens in your mouth that’s not necessarily how flavor works. Did you know that up to 80% of flavor actually comes from smell? We just perceive it as taste. That’s why things taste weird when you have a cold.

Cleans “Garlic Hands”

Do you ever cut garlic or onions and can’t get the smell off your hands? Even worse, jalapeños and then accidentally touching your eyes. Sometimes soap just doesn’t. When that happens use coffee instead. All you have to do is keep some coffee grounds in your kitchen for easy access. Rub them on your hands after cutting garlic and other stinky foods.

Source: YouTube

Not only does it overpower the garlic and removes the embarrassing garlic smell, but it completely cleans your hands so no more burning eyes. Fun garlicy fact: Did you know there is a psychological term for the fear of garlic? It’s called alliumphobia and it’s a real thing! I don’t get it? Who doesn’t love garlic?

Helps Clear Acne

Sometimes nothing works for acne. No matter how much money we spend on products and face wash, it won’t help! If you have coffee grounds around the house, it’s a cheap, safe way to clear up those stubborn pimples. Coffee contains antioxidant ingredients which help clean and tone your face. You combine the coffee grounds with some toothpaste that will create a paste.

coffee on woman’s face

Rub in on your face and leave it there for about 20 minutes before washing it off. Your pores are little tiny holes in your skin. When oils are released from your sebaceous glands, hair follicles are formed. We all get pimples but unfortunately, if your pores get clogged or infected, it can cause acne.

Coffee Ice Pops

On a hot summer day, there is nothing more refreshing than an ice pop. They are very simple to make at home, but have you ever tried to make coffee-flavored ice pops? It’s just as easy as making regular ice pops. You simply combine iced coffee and cream. It’s the perfect adult snack and makes drinking your ice coffee even more enjoyable.

coffee ice pops

Did you know that ice-pops were invented by accident? Frank Epperson left a mixture of water and powdered out on the porch in 1905. It contained a stir stick. When he woke up he discovered this delicious treat and named it the Epsicle. 18 years later he finally changed it to Popsicle. In 1922 the frozen desert was introduced to the world at an Oakland fireman ball.

Clean clothes

Coffee can do more than just turn on your brain in the morning. Did you know you can use it to clean your clothes? Just add some fresh coffee into your washing machine! I know this sounds crazy, but it actually works. The coffee will actually stain the clothes, enhancing the color making your dark clothes looking fresh! Of course, this only works with darks so don’t try this hack for a white load of laundry.

coffee on a dirty shirt

You can’t see 70% of the dirt on your clothes. You sweat about 6 liters a day so it’s not that shocking if you really think about it. The first washing machine was called ‘Thor’ and was invented in 1782. Dryers have only been around for 200 years while ironing was a thing over 1000 years ago!

Insect Deterrent

We all know how obnoxious insects are. Especially in the summer, it seems as though spiders, ants, bugs, and cockroaches are all over the place. Coffee will help get rid of them for you. Just put a few coffee grounds in a jar. Put some extra sticky double-sided tape inside. The scent of coffee attracts the roaches creating a cockroach trap. You can also sprinkle coffee grounds wherever you don’t want ants, and can even be used to repel snakes.

Coffee with steams

Fun facts about insects: There are between 6 million and 10 million different types of insects. Insects have three parts to their bodies, the thorax, abdomen, and head. They also have three pairs of legs, which sounds really gross for some reason.

Repair Scratched Furniture

We all get those annoying scratches on our furniture. Leaving the house to buy a scratch fixer, it is not only a waste of time but may not even work. What if you can solve this problem with something that you probably already have lying around?

Source: WikiHow

Try using coffee grounds to repair furniture scratches. You only need one tablespoon. Combine it with one tablespoon of olive oil, and Just use a cotton swab or cotton ball to apply it. It’s recommended to test it on a discreet area of the furniture first. Ready for a furniture fact? I know you were always wondering who invented the office chair. You probably would have never guessed, but it was Charles Darwin in the 1800s.

Gardening Helper

Do you ever need help gardening? Maybe wondering why your plans aren’t growing as fast and colorful as you hoped. Coffee grounds are a great solution to help your plants grow bright and beautiful. By stirring coffee grounds into the soil or even the watering can, will give your seeds a nitrogen increase. You can also double your harvest if you use it when planting carrots or radishes.

coffee grounds into the soil

The potassium, magnesium, and copper contained in coffee make it acidic, which can help with the blooms. I bet you didn’t know that there are more microorganisms in one teaspoon of soil than there are people on earth! Plants also respond to sound waves. Music and sweet sounds can actually help your plants grow.

Palate Cleanser

Do you ever notice how in perfume stores, there are usually small bowls of coffee beans close by? The reason for this is that after smelling different types of perfumes, it becomes hard to distinguish one from the other. Smelling coffee in between perfume samples can help us separate these smells.

picture of coffee beans

The strong scent from the coffee beans triggers different areas of your nose, now your sense of smell becomes more sensitive, and you can smell the next perfume more clearly. The same perfume scent can smell differently on different people. Everyone has their own skin chemistry that produces a natural scent. The environment and even what you eat can have effect how a perfume will smell on your body.

Coffee Paint

Do you ever paint and accidentally take a sip of the paint water? If you’re anything like me, this happened to you a lot as a kid. Well, there is a way of painting with safe edible water. You can actually use regular brewed coffee as a form of paint! It will fade into a light brown. Of course this only works with brown, but adding layers to the brown “paint” will make it darker, creating different shades!

Coffee paint

Also, the water is safe to drink because it’s not filled with toxic paint. During World War II, licensed oil was in very limited supply. Manufacturers were forced to discover other ideas. This ultimately led to artificial resins which were very practical. They were cheap and lasted a long time.

Minty Fresh

Do you ever run out of toothpaste? Or just ate onions and desperately need gum? Well, coffee can once again be your solution. I know coffee doesn’t seem like it can replace toothpaste but, sucking a whole roasted coffee bean will work just as well as mint. The strong coffee aroma removes bad odor.

Coffee and Bagels

Next time you’re too scared to kiss your date because of bad breath, throw a coffee bean in your mouth. You will have fresh breath in no time! Did you know that the name mint comes from Menthe, a mythical Greek character? Ancient Romans used mint in perfumes and bathtubs. Ancient Hebrews spread it in the synagogue for the scent. Today one of the most popular mints is spearmint.

Flea Bath

Do you ever run out of toothpaste? Or just ate onions and desperately need gum? Well, coffee can once again be your solution. I know coffee doesn’t seem like it can replace toothpaste but, sucking a whole roasted coffee bean will work just as well as mint. The strong coffee aroma removes bad odor.

Itchy bugs on the dog

Next time you’re too scared to kiss your date because of bad breath, throw a coffee bean in your mouth. You will have fresh breath in no time! Did you know that the name mint comes from Menthe, a mythical Greek character? Ancient Romans used mint in perfumes and bathtubs. Ancient Hebrews spread it in the synagogue for the scent. Today one of the most popular mints is spearmint.

Cleans Hair Buildup

We all get buildup in our hair. Whether we are using too many products, or simply don’t wash the shampoo/conditioner out all the way, there will be buildup. The rough texture of coffee grounds can reduce the buildup and oil from your hair. Just put some coffee grounds into your when you shower. You can even simply add it to your shampoo for an easy way to reduce buildup.


This is recommended for brunettes since coffee can sometimes dye your hair. It’s important to remember that washing your hair too often isn’t good either. When you get rid of your hair’s natural oils and vitamins, it causes you too either have too much or not enough oil, depending on the texture of your hair.

Remove Dark Circles from Under Eyes

There are many benefits of putting the coffee on your skin. Other than reducing pimples and fighting cellulite, coffee can help remove dark circles from under your eyes. We’ve all been there. Not getting enough sleep and having embarrassing dark circles under and around our eyes.

Coffee under the eyes

Since coffee contains ingredients that help tone your body, applying it to your face will tighten your skin, reduce puffiness, and redness. This will wake up your face before even drinking the coffee. Extreme fatigue or lack of sleep are the main reasons that fluid builds up under your eyes causing black circles. Sleep deprivation can also make your skin look dark and pale; as a result the black circles can be a shadow of your puffy eyelids.

Unclog Drains

If you ever need to unclog your drain, and you keep your coffee grounds, you’re in luck! There is so much you can do with coffee! Coffee grounds may even be able to unclog your drain.

Coffe on the sink

You just drain the sink as much as you can before adding the coffee grounds. Then simply add a few drops of dish soap and boiling hot water. This hack works on both kitchen and bathroom drains!

Eliminate Odors

Drying coffee grounds can help eliminate bad odors. Simply put them in a bowl and place them into the refrigerator or freezer. The cold will release the coffee aroma to freeze and neutralize odors, getting rid of bad smells. You just put the bowl of coffee grounds where the bad scent is coming from such as closets, cabinets, or even your car.

coffee in a bowl

This hack works on lingering smells too! Freezing the coffee grounds in an ice tray will give you more at your disposal, for easy access to fresh smells. Did you know that the average person can smell one trillion scents? You can smell even smell feeling such as fear through sweat and then experience the same emotion.

Cleans the Fire Place

Next time you make some hot coffee on a cold winter day, save the coffee grounds! This can be very useful when you need to clean up the fireplace. Once they are cool, spread the grounds on the fireplace and clean as you normally would. The grounds have an absorbing component that helps contain the dust. Now when you clean the coffee grounds, you’re actually getting rid of more dirt.

Coffee grounds and fire

Once it’s clean, make some coffee and sit by the fireplace, but don’t forget to keep the grounds! Chimneys have been around since the 11th and 12th centuries. The tallest chimney in the whole entire world is located at the GRES-2 Power Station located in Ekibastuz, Kazakhstan. It was built in 1987 and stands at 1,377 feet tall.

Cleaning Scrub

Sometimes dish soap isn’t enough to get the dirt off your pots and pans. No matter how much you scrub, the dirt is so built up that it won’t come off. Coffee grounds can help remove this caked on filth. The rough texture of the coffee grounds also removes the stains baked into pots and pans. By just wrapping a cloth filled with coffee grounds, you can create a coffee ground sponge simplifying the cleaning process.

Cleaning with coffee grounds

It’s important to note not to use this hack for ceramic dishes because they can stain. Have you ever heard the microwave trick to clean sponges? Supposedly, if you microwave a sponge for two minutes in kill 99% of the germs. Be careful! There is a pretty big chance you can start a fire.

Grow Mushrooms

Do you ever get bored and want to grow fungi? Well if you save your coffee grounds, you’re in luck! Did you know we only use 1% of the coffee bean? We don’t need to waste the other 99%. Mix them with oyster mushrooms! The rest of the coffee bean is filled with nutrients that oyster mushrooms love to grow in.

Mushrooms with coffee grounds

This is an actually beneficial way to grow mushrooms because not only are you conserving the coffee grounds, but the brewing process already purified them for healthy, safe to eat mushrooms. Mushrooms are considered a fungus, not a plant. The difference is that plants need sunlight for energy and fungi don’t. There are also over 30 types of mushrooms that glow in the dark.

Natural Body Scrub

Coffee grounds are very rough and help clean built-up dirt. Not only is coffee grounds safe for your body, but it holds a toning compound that can actually tighten your skin. Since they contain natural antibacterial properties, coffee grounds will clean and also disinfect. This is why it’s very safe and helpful to use on your body.

natural body scrub from coffee grounds

It can remove dead cells and be used as a body wash. If you don’t like using toxic chemicals to clean surfaces, you can just use this scrub! Fun fact: After 10 years your mattress doubles in weight and it’s mainly due to dust mites and dead skin! It’s very important to scrub really well… any to maybe buy a new mattress every 10 years.

Coffee Candles

If you like making candles, you’ll love using coffee as an ingredient. Layering coffee grounds into the candle will make it look amazing! Also, the rich natural coffee scent smells much better than those essential oils you usually put in your candles. Even if you never made candles before you should try this fun trick! Once the candle starts burning down, exposing the coffee grounds, it will fill the room with a strong, delicious coffee aroma.

Source: Imgur

It’s a fun activity, and you’re not wasting coffee grounds! You might be burning your candles incorrectly. The first time you light a new candle is the most important. You should let the candle burn long enough for the entire first layer of wax to melt. This way the candle will burn evenly.

Fresh Fridge

Obviously, everyone uses a refrigerator; it helps keep our food fresh and last longer. Of course, sometimes we can forget something in there for too long, and it starts to smell. Coffee grounds can actually help remove the odor.

coffee ground on the fridge

Try this hack to keep your fridge smelling fresh! Did you ever hear of National Clean Out Your Fridge day? I didn’t either. It’s a real thing and takes place on November 14th every year! I definitely clean my fridge out quite often but I don’t think I have ever done it on November 14th.

Save Them for the Snow

In some places, the winter can be brutal. Snow and ice pile up everywhere, making it way more difficult to get around. Coffee grounds work very similarly to salt and can be used as a de-icer! Coffee is loaded with nitrogen, which is known to melt ice. They also deliver points of friction, making it less likely for you to slip.

coffee grounds melt the snow

Unlike salt, coffee grounds won’t cause any environmental harm, so you can sprinkle as much as you want to while feeling guilt-free! Fun fact: Did you know that Syracuse, New York attempted to make snow illegal. The City’s common council passed a ruling that any more snow before Christmas Eve is illegal. Apparently, mother nature doesn’t follow the rules.

Carrots and Caffeine

If you love both carrots and coffee, you’ll love this hack! Before planting carrot seeds, mix them with some coffee grounds. We know coffee gives us more energy; it can do the same with plants. Planting the seeds with coffee grounds will boost the energy of the product as soon as it starts to grow.

coffee beans and carrots

Also, the coffee grounds will keep away pests, and you don’t have to worry about animals eating the carrots before you can get to them! Orange carrots are the most common and what people eat on a daily basis. However carrots can also be yellow, red, purple, and even white! Hilariously, Mel Blanc, the guy who voiced Bugs Bunny hated carrots! How ironic?

Golden Dye

We all know what it’s like to get coffee stains on white shirts. I usually come to terms with the fact that it’s never coming out and get rid of the shirt, but what if we can turn the situation around! You can soak coffee grounds in water and dye almost anything! Other than changing your white shirts to a light golden brown, you can dye almost anything with coffee such as feathers and even Easter eggs.

Coffee grounds in water

Interestingly, Easter eggs have been around longer than Easter. Some researchers have found that Easter eggs were around all the way back during Medieval Europe. The Christians were there and possibly started the tradition of giving eggs. In many different cultures, it represents a new life, Fertility, and rebirth.

Caffeinated Soap

Drinking coffee wakes you up in the morning, but absorbing coffee through your skin can wake up your face too! It has anti-inflammatory effects which help reduce puffiness on your face, such as dark bags under your eyes.

Woman drinking coffee

It can also stimulate blood flow, increasing positive effects, as well as draw water out of fatty cells reducing cellulite. With all these positive side effects, it’s easy to find caffeinated soaps all over the internet, but you can very simply make it yourself!

Wood Stains

The worn natural outlook looks great on wood. Whenever you want to spice up your wooden furniture and maybe give it a little more of a rustic look, try using coffee grounds. Natural coffee will stain the wood without the toxic chemicals that are filled in the store-bought stains. This way, you can avoid the messes, expenses, and toxins, while still enjoying the beautiful wooden rusty look

Natural coffee on wood

The most expensive wood can be found in the African Blackwood, one of the rarest trees in the world. It often used to make wooden instruments such as clarinets. It costs about$25,000 per cubic meter. Wow that’s a lot! The African Blackwood is considered an endangered species. They can only be found in Tanzania and Mozambique. They are instincts everywhere else.


Filling up Mason Jars with coffee grounds can make beautiful decorations for the house, especially in the fall seasons. Get creative and add some flowers into the mason jars too!

Coffee beans in two bottles placed on the table

Now your house will smell like a delicious café, and the coffee grounds help plants. The flowers in the mason jars will grow bright and beautiful! This can also be used as a fun DIY gift!

Air Freshener

Banish all unwanted smells from your house with coffee! As we previously said, coffee contains components that help reduce odor. Use coffee grounds to make your own coffee air freshener! This is very simple because all you need is salt and paper shakers. Simply fill them with coffee grounds and sprinkle when needed. The fresh smell of coffee will absorb and then abolish almost any other odor keeping your house smelling fresh!

Coffee beans and dry tea in glass jars on the shelf. On a wooden background

Coffee is a natural alternative because Air Fresheners can be really bad for your health. They contain classic chemical compounds that are commercially available to neutralize bad smells. There is evidence suggesting that all the chemicals can increase some health conditions, specifically asthma. It’s always better to use an organic alternative.

Fisherman Helper

If you like fishing, combine coffee grounds to horse manure for the best worm bed mix! You’ll grow nice thick ones for fishing! Although coffee tends to repel most insects and animals, it actually attracts worms. Coffee gives a little bit of flavor to the worm’s usual kitchen scraps. The coffee smell attracts fish, so simply use flavored coffee worms as bait!

coffee grounds and roasted coffee beans

Enjoy this Hack next time you go finishing and catch the most fish! Sadly, over 1000 different types of fish are in danger of going instinct and that’s just what we know of. The world is 75% water and humans only researched 5% of the ocean. Anything can be down there! At this point human beings seem to know more about outer space than they do about our own planet.

Help Asthma Attacks

Did you know that coffee might be able to help with asthma attacks? A study conducted in 2007 found that small amounts of coffee can improve airway function for up to two hours compared with a placebo. Researchers warned that even the improvements are slight. Even though they can be noticeable, it should never be used as an alternative to actual asthma medication.

Caffeine supplementation bottle with pills and roasted coffee beans on a wooden plate

However, it might help prevent asthma attacks, and a sip of coffee will provide temporary relief. When it comes down to it, asthma is highly related to allergies. Someone who gets seasonal sneezing attacks is basically having an asthma attack. The difference is that during an allergic reaction, your symptoms are stuffy throat, puffy eyes, and runny nose. An asthma attack also affects your lungs.

Medicine Disposal

Anyone with children or even pets know, to never directly throw medicine into the garbage. The obvious reason is that children and animals can get to them easily, which can be very dangerous.

Blue caffeine pill, roasted coffee beans on a wooden plate

Instead of throwing them out, mix them in a bad with coffee grounds, the pills will be less recognizable combined with the grounds. This will make the medicine less appealing to the child or pet going through the trash.


Woman product tends to be unfairly priced. Waxing strips that barely work cost so much money, and they are never worth it. Save your money and use coffee filters!

Use strips of coffee filters as waxing strips for your eyebrows.

Simply cut your coffee filter into strips! You will get the same or even better results than you would when buying regular wax strips.

Dryer sheets

What if you didn’t have to spend money on drying sheets anymore? You probably didn’t know that drying sheets are actually made with the same exact material as coffee filters! Instead of buying drying sheets, get a bottle of essential oil. Mix the oils with water and dip the coffee filters in. Once they dry, your homemade drying sheets are ready for use!

a box of laundry dryer sheets being placed on top of a dryer
Source: Mike Fig Photo /

There was a time where coffee was much more than just a drink. In the past, people would sit around to drink coffee and exchange information. It’s not so different today because culturally, coffee has always been a social activity. That’s why Starbucks and other coffee chains are such a good market. It brings people together.

Potty Training

We all know potty training toilets can get really disgusting! Still, they are obviously crucial if you want to get your child out of diapers. Why does it have to be so gross? With nowhere to flush, just make sure to keep coffee filters nearby. Thanks to the texture, coffee filters make these potty training toilets a lot easier to clean! I’m definitely using this when my kids are getting potty trained.

Little girl on white potty with digital tablet

In a culture where everyone is obsessed with coffee, it’s shocking to find out that only two states in the United States actually produce coffee. This is mainly due to the climate. Coffee grows better closer to the equator. That’s why Kona coffee is America’s gift to the world.

Nail Polish Remover

Coffee filters have many layers and tiny ridges inside of them. These ridges can help wipe off things that may be difficult to remove from your skin or even nails.

Girl removes the nail polish with cotton wool

Next time you need to get rid of nail polish, try using coffee filters! You’ll notice it’s way more comfortable than using paper towels or wipes. You will be putting your old coffee filters to good use, instead of just wasting them.

Shine Your Shoes

Believe it or not, there are tons of people around the world who need to shine their shoes every day. Whether they are in the military or have a business meeting, shining your shoes every day adds to the waste piling up in the environment.

Shoes master polishing shoes with cloth

You can simply start cleaning your shoes with coffee filters. This way, you can keep your shoes clean while still helping the environment. Recycling coffee filters can actually get you shoes to shine while you’re saving the trees!

Packaging China

Anyone who has ever moved houses knows how important it is to store glasses and china correctly. Ripped up newspapers have been the standard way to protect your glass.

Pack China & Crystal for Moving

Since no one really reads the paper anymore, it seems inconvenient to go out and buy one, especially if we’re just going to rip it apart anyway. What we do always usually have lying around the house are coffee filters. It’s more accessible and will give you the same results.


Almost every college student relies on microwaves! They are a fast, simple way to make and heat up food when you’re tied up in a hectic school schedule. The only issue is that the food can sometimes splatter and create a mess.

Damp Coffee Filter to Prevent Splatters

The only thing a college student uses more than a microwave is probably coffee. Reusing those coffee filters to cover the food will prevent it from splashing! This is a useful hack for anyone using a microwave!

Butter Spreading

Here’s another fun coffee filter hack for all the bakers out there! While you’re baking some cookies or pastries, it’s nice to get that nice thin layer of butter on the baking sheet. Coffee filters can assist.

Strain the Butter Through a Coffee Filter
Photo Credit Jessica Bose/Food Hacks Daily

This is a straightforward hack for that even some of the most amateur bakers can use. Simply put the butter into a coffee filter and rub it across your baking platform. Easy enough and gets you the perfect amount of butter!

Clean Spills

Whipping off spills is a much more effective with a coffee filter than it is with a paper towel. Next time you spill something, try out this hack! Paper towels leave a much bigger carbon footprint, so recycle your filters!

Closeup coffee spilled in a black cup on wooden floor

It’s always better to repurpose your filter first before going out to buy paper towels. This will help the environment and your wallet. The texture of the filter will cause it to absorb even more water than paper towels.

Holding your Hot Dog

Street food can be enjoyable! However, at times, it can create a huge mess! Have you ever bought a delicious street hotdog, which you wanted to put down after a few bites? I bet you didn’t think a coffee filter can help with this!

Tasty hot dogs on paper on wooden background 

Set your hotdog on a coffee filter. The ridges from the filter will hold up the hotdog, preventing it from falling sideways. This cool hack works with other street foods such as pita as well!

Packing Fragile

You can even use recycled coffee filters for your most valuable items. All you have to do is take all your filters and put them in a shredder. Now you have the perfect amount of crumple to put in your fragile box.

use coffee filters to protect small plates and bowls from scratching
Source: Pinterest

This hack works almost like bubble wrap. Of course, it’s not as fun because you can’t pop the bubbles, but it protects the items just as well! Also, keep in mind you’re helping the environment by recycling!

Pooper Scooper

Every dog owner knows they need to clean up after their dog. Other than the fact that it’s gross not to, people tend to judge people who leave their dog poop around. Since none of us want to be that person, this hack is perfect for all dog owners.

Bouncing dog playing at back yard jumping with toy ball

Since plastic bags aren’t so good for the environment, you should use your old coffee filters to pick up after your dog. Of course, if you have a big dog, I’m sure the environment will forgive you if you use a plastic bag.

Save the Wine

We’ve all been there; we think we can open a bottle of wine only to accidentally break the cork. Once it breaks, little pieces of the cork will fall into the bottle; coffee filters can help solve this problem.

Use a Coffee Filter to Eliminate Cork from Wine

You can save some of the wine by straining it through a coffee filter. The filter will catch the cork and stop it from getting into the clean wine. Then you can drink your glass with no concerns!

Shoes Hacks

Ladies, ladies, ladies. What’s better than buying a pair of amazing new shoes? And now, what’s worse than your favorite pair getting scuffed up and you fear having to throw them out? Have no fear, ladies! There’s a hack for that.

Shoe hacks
Source: Awesome Inventions

These are, honestly, amazing shoe hacks that I never even heard of before. But now that I know about them, I’m definitely going to use these hacks before I even think about getting rid of my shoes! Shoes too tight? Getting blisters? These are the solutions you wish you knew about before you threw out your last pair.

Loosen Tight Shoes

Problem: Your new shoes are too tight, and you need to loosen them up

Solution: Place them in the freezer with Ziploc bags filled with water

Shoes with Ziplock bags
Source: DIY Cozy Home

It’s amazing how well it works! Your new shoes might be too tight, or maybe you’re pregnant, and your feet have swollen up. This is what you need to do: fill up two Ziplock bags with water and place them inside your shoes. As the water freezes, the bags will slowly expand and gently stretch the walls of your shoes.

Get a Grip!

Problem: Your shoes are lacking grip, and you’re scared to slip on smooth floors

Solution: Apply some sandpaper to the soles of your shoes

shoe with sandpaper

New shoes, in particular, can lack a bit of grip on the soles. And it makes walking in them (especially high heels) scarier than it needs to be. All it takes is a quick fix. Scrub some sandpaper on the soles to create texture and traction, and you won’t end up on your friends Instagram post with the hashtags #fail #shoefail #fallingisalwaysfunny

Fix Creases with a Steam Iron

Problem: Your favorite sneakers have far too many creases

Solution: Use a steam iron and a damp towel to iron out the creases

Steam iron and shoe

This one can be for the fellas, too. We all have sneakers that have been worn a lot (hence, your favorite shoes) and they have too many creases. This is also a great crease preventer, by the way. Use a wet cloth and put it on top of the creases of your sneaker, then gently rub over it with a steam iron. It won’t get rid of all the creases, but it’ll make a huge difference.

Prevent Blisters with Deodorant

Problem: You get blisters on your heels, and it’s painful!

Solution: Rub clear gel deodorant on the inner heel of your shoes

Deodorant and a shoe
Source: Onedio

I don’t know anyone who hasn’t had blisters from a new pair of shoes that still need to be worked in. Deodorant can do wonders for preventing blisters. Grab some clear gel deodorant, and rub the inner heel of your shoes. You’ll be thankful that you did.

Heal Your Heel Tips

Problem: Your high heels’ tips are worn out, making them look a lot older than they are

Solution: Buy some heel caps and put them on your heel tips

Heel tips
Source: Pinterest

There are long-lasting instant heel caps for those damaged or worn-out heel tips that we all have in our shoe closet. The caps cover the exposed metal nail and stop that annoying clicking sound and even prevents skidding! The heavy-duty rubber locks onto your heel with a self-fusing wrap for an extra secure fit.

Fix Shoe Scuffs

Problem: Your shoes have scuff marks

Solution: Use a cotton swab or Q-tip with Vaseline to rub the scuff marks

Vaseline and a shoe
Source: Pinterest

Vaseline has tons of uses, and restoring shoes is one of them. Apply some of the petroleum jelly on a cotton swab or Q-tip and rub gently over the scuff marks until they’re gone. This trick works best on a patent leather shoe.

Get Rid of Squeaking Shoes

Problem: People can hear you from a mile away by your shoes’ squeakiness

Solution: Put some baby powder underneath the shoes’ soles

Shoe and baby powder
Source: Brit + Co

Squeaky shoes can be heard from miles away, and it’s probably not the kind of attention you want. But what you can do is put a bit of baby powder underneath your inner shoe soles. It allows for better cohesion between both parts of the shoe, and thus less squealing.

Widen Your Boot Shafts

Problem: Your high boots are too tight on your calves, and it’s uncomfortable

Solution: Stuff the boot shafts with newspapers

Boots with magazines in them
Source: MacGyverisms – Howto

Boots that have a firm grip on your calves are never comfortable, and it’s a shame to not wear those boots that look so good with your outfit! All you need is a few newspapers. Stuff the shafts with the papers whenever you’re not wearing them.

Create Your Own Inner Soles

Problem: Some of your shoes are particularly uncomfortable

Solution: Cut out the shape of your shoe in a thick and grippy fabric

Source: Pinterest

If you feel discomfort when wearing certain shoes, it may be worth it to create your own inner soles. You can make your feet a lot happier by buying some thick and grippy fabric and cutting out the shape of your shoe. Just slip them on, and you’re good to go. Tip: cut bigger at first, and work your way down to the right size.

Take the Funk Out of Your Shoes

Problem: Your shoes are starting to smell

Solution: Put unused tea bags in your shoes when you’re not wearing them

Tea bags in shoes
Source: One Crazy House

If you have pairs that you love to wear a lot, you might find that they start to smell. Well, a great solution is to use tea bags. Place some unused tea bags in the shoes when you’re storing them, and the smell will become a whole lot more pleasant.

Get Rid of Water Stains

Problem: Your leather and suede shoes have watermarks on them

Solution: Use vinegar and a toothbrush to brush them off

Shoes, vinegar, and a toothbrush
Source: Une pomme par jour

Leather shoes are no match for water. They just don’t mix. So if you find watermarks on your shoes or boots, using this hack will help. Some vinegar and an old toothbrush duo are what you need to brush the water stains out.

Soften Up and Glam Up Your Flip-Flops

Problem: Your flip flops are uncomfortable and/or boring

Solution: Use a nice fabric and wrap around your flip flop straps to make them softer and prettier

Flip flop hack
Source: Pinterest

Some flip-flops have an uncomfortable strap, and it can hurt. And if they’re also plain and boring, then this is a perfect hack! Cover the straps in a soft and pretty fabric, and your feet will definitely be thankful. You’ll also have some bohemian sandals that people will for sure ask you where you bought them.

DIY Waterproof Shoes

Problem: Your shoes and are not rain and winter season-ready

Solution: Use beeswax to waterproof them

Beeswax shoe hack
Source: Pinterest

Something as simple as getting some beeswax and rubbing it on your shoes will save you and your shoes in the rainy and snowy seasons. Don’t think you have to buy only rain boots. Amazingly, the beeswax doesn’t leave stains or change the color of your shoes!

Buy Shoes in the Evenings

Problem: Your new shoes are tighter than they were when you bought them

Solution: Buy shoes in the evenings (when they tend to be more swelled up)

Shoe Store
Source: Shutterstock

You might have bought a pair of shoes only to find that at home they were tighter than when you tried them on in the store. That’s because your feet have the tendency to swell up throughout the day, especially when you’re sitting down for long periods. So go shoe shopping in the evenings, when you’re more likely to get shoes that will actually fit you throughout the day.

Break Your Shoes In Quickly

Problem: You know your new shoes need to be broken in but you just simply don’t wanna wait!

Solution: Put on thick socks and blow dry any tight or uncomfortable spots.

Shoe hack
Source: Improvised Life

The best thing to do when you’re breaking in a new pair of shoes is to put on thick socks and blow dry any tight or uncomfortable spots dry. The heat will loosen up the shoe’s material and will make your feet get used to their new home much faster.

Absorb the Sweat

Problem: It’s the summer, and your feet are sweaty, and you don’t wanna wear socks!

Solution: Slip a panty liner inside your shoes and voila!

Shoe hack
Source: Pinterest

Desperate times call for desperate measures, right ladies? It sounds weird, for sure, but a panty liner is a great solution for absorbing your foot sweat. This is particularly great in the summer months. Less sweat = less smell! Genius, right?

Warm Up Your Shoes

Problem: It’s winter, and your shoes are simply not warm enough for your cold feet!

Solution: Put wool inside your shoes

Shoe hack
Source: Twisted Notions

This tip is perfect for the winter months when your toes tend to freeze, and you’re too stubborn to wear only winter boots. If there’s one material you can associate with warmth and comfort, it’s wool. Insert some wooly fabric in your shoes, and your toes will thank you.

An Alternative to the Panty Liner Hack

Problem: Your feet are too sweaty in the summer months (or in general!)

Solution: Spray some dry shampoo into your shoes before you put them on

Shoe hack
Source: Pinterest

This is an alternative to the genius hack of putting a panty liner to absorb sweat. If that’s not your idea of genius, maybe this is. You can spray some dry shampoo into your shoes before putting them on.

Clean White Sneakers

Problem: Your white sneakers are awesome, but they get dirty way too fast

Solution: Wipe nail polish remover on them for a quick fix

Shoe hack
Source: Pinterest

First of all, you can always through them in the wash. But if you need a quick fix, wipe some nail polish remover on your pure white sneakers to remove the dirt. It works well on both the fabric and the rubber parts.

Cushion Tight Shoes

Problem: Your shoes that are too tight and uncomfortable

Solution: Use moleskin on the inside of your shoe straps to add cushioning

Shoe hack
Source: Pinterest

Similar to the pain that some flip-flop straps can cause, shoe straps can also be the cause of discomfort when wearing shoes. A quick fix is to put a little bit of moleskin on them or on the heels of your shoes. Your next event just got a lot more fun.

Save Your Heel Linings

Problem: Your shoes are wearing out, and the inner heels are starting to hurt your heels

Solution: Patch some material over the inner heel of your shoes

Shoe hack
Source: YouTube

Shoes eventually wear out, and the heel linings are usually one of the things that break down first. You can either buy specially made heel patches, or you can make your own with either taping or gluing fabric of your choice.

Get Arch Support

Problem: The arches of your feet when you wear some or all of your shoes

Solution: Put in arch support inserts whenever you wear shoes

Arch supports
Source: Footwear News

If you’re dealing with pain around the arches of your feet, arch support inserts can help relieve some of that body stress in a matter of seconds. You can buy them at pretty much any shoe store.

Switch Up Your Shoelace Patterns

Problem: You’re bored with your sneakers, and you want to switch it up

Solution: Tie your shoelaces in different patterns to give your shoes a whole new look

Shoelace patterns
Source: Twitter

If you’re tired of seeing the same criss-cross patterns all the time, you can switch it up very easily. Just tie them up in a different way. And if you wanna get snazzy, you can buy different colored laces.

Tape Your Toes When Wearing Heels

Problem: Wearing heels are simply uncomfortable!

Solution: Tape your second and third toe together when wearing heels

Shoe hack
Source: Krazy Coupon Lady

This may seem odd, for sure. But there’s scientific reasoning behind this hack. Heels aren’t comfortable, and so there’s a lot of strain placed on the nerve that lies directly between your second and third toe. The best way to relieve some of the tension is to tape the toes together. But not too tight! Otherwise, you’ll cut off blood circulation.

No-Tie Shoelaces

Problem: You (or your kids) are often tripping over shoelaces that come untied

Solution: Get some no-tie shoelaces!

No-tie shoelaces
Source: Buzzfeed

No-tie shoelaces have become hugely popular lately, and they’re the perfect solution. You can stretch them quite far and trim them afterward. No need to tie your shoelaces ever again!

Clean Suede Shoes with Pieces of Bread

Problem: Your suede shoes have stains on them (as they easily do)

Solution: Use bread to rub out the stains

Shoe hack
Source: Pinterest

Anyone who owns suede shoes knows that suede is a delicate material to handle. And cleaning with a regular cloth can make things even worse. So you can use some bread to get rid of the stains. It actually works!

Keep Your Balance on Those Heels

Problem: You have an outdoor event, and your heels are going to be a problem

Solution: Buy heel protectors, and you won’t have to think twice

Heel protectors
Source: Boredom Therapy

Wearing heels at an outdoor event is kinda scary. All the small rocks, grass, and gravel – a heel (especially a stiletto) isn’t going to be fun. What heel protectors do is help you spread your weight on less sturdy outdoor surfaces.

Repair a Loose Flip-Flop

Problem: Your flip flops are too loose

Solution: Use a bread tag or a flat washer on the sole of the sandal to tighten them up

flip flop hack

Flip-flops are usually cheap, which often means they don’t last very long. Many flip flops become loose rather quickly. But instead of throwing them in the trash, first, try using a bread tag or a flat washer on the sole of the sandal for an easy and quick fix.

Revitalize Leather with a Banana Peel

Problem: Your leather shoes have aged and look old

Solution: Rub a banana peel over the shoes to make them look a lot newer

Shoe hack
Source: Pinterest

Leather ages quite uniquely. Some people like the aged leather look and purposely wear out their boots, but others like to keep their leather footwear in perfect condition. If you’re more of a perfectionist, rub a banana peel over your leather shoes, and they’ll look like new.

Buff Out Stains On Suede Shoes

Problem: Your suede shoes have stains on them

Solution: Use a nail file to buff out those stains

Shoe hack
Source: Pinterest

Here’s another option for getting rid of stains on suede shoes. If the bread method isn’t working, you’re your shoes, try a nail file. It works even better on those tough dirt stains. Use the side of the nail file that is gentler and give your suede shoe a quick buff.

Blister Relief

Problem: You get blisters easily from your shoes

Solution: Soak your feet in warm black tea

shoe hack
Source: Pinterest

This is more of a feet hack than it is a shoe hack, but it’s related! If you’re getting blisters from your shoes, black tea can help. Soak your feet in warm black tea to soothe the pain and reduce chances of an infection.

Shine Patent Leather

Problem: You want your patent leather shoes to shine like they’re supposed to!

Solution: Wipe your shoes down with glass cleaner

shoe hack
Source: Krazy Coupon Lady

You really don’t need to buy fancy shoe products and sprays. Windex or any glass cleaner will do the trick when it comes to getting those patent leather shoes shiny again. Just give them a spray, gently scrub, and the scuffs should come off easily.

Prevent Tall Boots from Falling

Problem: Your knee-high boots fall when you store them, causing to crease unnecessarily

Solution: Stuff them with pool noodles when you keep them in the closet

shoe hack
Source: Bored Bug

Cut the pool noodles into the length you need and stuff them inside your boots when you’re storing them. It’ll hold their shape and keep them from creasing.

Remove Scuff Marks

Problem: Your shoes have scuff marks

Solution: Keep it old school and use a pencil eraser!

shoe hack
Source: Wiki How

There’s always more than one way of doing something. And using a pencil eraser to remove scuff marks is another way to do it. Just use the eraser as you would normally remove a pencil mark, and the scuff is gone.

Give Your Old Shoes a New Look

Problem: Your old shoes are boring, and you want to jazz them up

Solution: Get creative by using accessories to give them a new look

shoe hack
Source: YouTube

Grab some blank shoe clips, attach them to your old pair, and get creative. You can use buttons, decorations, patches, and other things to give your footwear a completely new and distinctive look.

DIY Shoe Polish

Problem: You want to make your shoes shiny again

Solution: Use good old fashioned cooking oil!

shoe hack
Source: YouTube

Cooking oil is another way to shine your shoes. It makes for a great DIY shoe polish. Just don’t use it on brown leather shoes because they can stain or darken them.

DIY Paint Job

Problem: Your rain boots are old and haggard

Solution: Give them a new look with spray paint

rain boots hack
Source: Pinterest

If you have a pair of rubber boots that are old and/or you’re sick of the color, yet they’re still comfy and functional, give them a makeover with spray paint. You’re going to want to do a top goat of clear glossy paint to make them shiny.

DIY Colored Soles

Problem: Your high heel soles are black or brown, and you want to spice them up

Solution: Rub them down first with rubbing alcohol and then paint them with nail polish

shoe hack

We’ve all seen those heels that have bright red or other colors on the soles, which makes them look a lot cooler. So if you want to DIY some colored soles, start by cleaning them with rubbing alcohol, and then paint them with nail polish.

Waterproof Your Shoes

Problem: Waterproof your shoes before the rain season starts

Solution: use a small candle to coat the shoes

shoe hack
Source: Expert Home Tips

If you don’t have any beeswax, this is another hack for waterproofing your shoes in a reliable way. Try rubbing them with a small candle, and then use a hairdryer to set the wax coating.

Know Your Shoe Size!

Problem: You’re a traveler and also a shoe shopper and need to know your shoe size

Solution: Check out this shoe size chart to see what your shoe size is in other parts of the world

Shoe size chart
Source: Gubba

Know what shoe size you are in other countries with a handy dandy conversion chart. You’ll never be stumped while you’re shoe shopping again.

The Egg Shell Problem Cracked

We are starting our list of Kitchen Hacks with eggs. Most people have experienced loose pieces of shell falling into the white when cracking eggs – not only is it annoying, it’s also challenging to get them out by using your fingers.

Source : Shutterstock

But here’s a much easier method: just make your fingers wet before you put them in the egg. The pieces of shell – no matter how small – will stick to your finger and, therefore, slide out much more comfortable. You’ll be amazed at how well this simple hack works!

Cook Your Way to a Pancake Cake

Pancakes are delicious and a firm family favorite throughout the Western world, but preparing and traditionally cooking them can be time-consuming, messy, and tricky. If you have a rice cooker, though, you can simplify the process and make them with minimal fuss.

Source : Shutterstock

Just pour pancake batter inside and watch in amazement as a giant pancake rises inside, ready to be cut like a cake and enjoyed as a delicious breakfast or treat.

Soften Butter in Seconds

Forgetting to take the butter out of the refrigerator in time for it to go soft can put a spanner in the works of any dinner party.

Source : Shutterstock

But don’t worry – just take a small glass and warm it up by running hot water over it or microwaving it for a few seconds, then place it over the butter. The butter under the glass will quickly soften, leaving it with just the right consistency to cut and spread quickly.

Make Dry Cookies a Thing of the Past

Freshly baked cookies are delicious – even more so when they’re moist and chewy. When you leave them for a while, however, the consistency changes – but here’s a fool-proof way to stop that from happening. Instead of storing them in a jar, simply put them in a Tupperware box along with a wedge of apple.

Source : Shutterstock

The cookies will draw in the moisture from the apple and retain their moistness and chewiness for much longer than usual. And if you’re storing them for a while, you can always replace the apple wedge with a new one to keep the moisture levels up. 

Seal the Freshness of Guacamole

Those of us who love guacamole know how difficult it is to preserve due to exposure to oxygen causing it to turn brown and change the flavor. To prevent this, put leftover guacamole in a container and add a thin layer of water on top. This acts as a protective barrier, preventing the guacamole from reacting with the oxygen in the air.

Source: Shutterstock

Pour the water out of the container when you are ready to eat it, and the guacamole will still be green and delicious!

It’s Always Sunny with this Egg-cellent Hack

If you have problems getting your sunny-side-up eggs to turn out perfectly, you’re not alone! It’s not unusual for them to cook unevenly or even burn, and it’s incredibly frustrating.

Source: Shutterstock

But here’s a handy hack: take a bouillon bowl or something similar, break your egg in it, and whisk the whites – but be careful not to break the yolk! This simple step will help your egg to spread out perfectly in the frying pan and cook evenly. 

Add Flavor, Not Water

When you’re serving drinks, you should consider adding frozen strawberries, grapes, or other fruit pieces instead of ice. This will cool down your drink without watering it down and, in the end, you can eat the fruit. The type of fruit you choose will subtly change the flavor of the drink, though, so it may take some experimenting to figure out the best combinations.

Source : Shutterstock

One of our favorites is frozen white grapes in white wine!

De-Stoning Cherries Is the Pits

Cherries are delicious, but those pesky stones are annoying! Even if you try pitting before eating them, the usual outcome is a huge amount of mess – and cherry juice can stain clothing and other porous materials! A genius way to avoid this is by taking an open soda or beer bottle, setting the cherry on top of it, and pushing through the top of the cherry with a chopstick.

Source : Shutterstock

The stone will fall out into the bottle, leaving you with pitted cherries and a clean kitchen!

Cut Your Tomatoes and Preparation Time Simultaneously

Here is a neat Kitchen Hack. Cherry tomatoes add color and flavor to almost any dish, but cutting them in half one by one can be extremely time-consuming. However, if you have two plastic lids that are the same size, you can use them to get the job done much quicker.

Source: Shutterstock

Just put as many as you can on one of the lids (with the inner part facing up) and place the other lid on top to sandwich them inside. Hold the lid down, grab a knife, and cut through all of them at once. Pull off the lid, and all your cherry tomatoes will be sliced neatly and cleanly.

To Float or Not to Float

If you’re ever in doubt as to whether an egg is fresh or not, try this simple but effective kitchen hack. Place the egg in question in a large bowl of water – if it sinks and rests on its side at the bottom of the bowl, you can rest assured it is fresh and, therefore, safe to eat. If it is on the bottom but upright, however, it is about to go off.

Source: Shutterstock

You should, therefore, eat it as soon as possible, considering hard boiling it to be on the safe side. If it floats, there’s no question that it is rotten and should be thrown out immediately.