The Best Parent Hacks Ever

If you’re a parent, then you know how hard it can be. Any help is, well, helpful. These parent hacks are useful, practical, and borderline genius. And we know that you’re going to try at least one of them. Enjoy!

A Box and Some Markers

Got a package from Amazon? Don’t throw out the box. Give it to your toddler, throw in some markers, and you have about two hours of free time.

Safety First

Safety first, right? If you have a young child, get those little beads with numbers on them and make a bracelet together. It can be really useful if they get lost. But let’s hope it never comes in handy.

No Bath? No Problem.

Those little kiddie pools can be a great solution for those of us with only stand-up showers and no bathtubs.

Getting Your Kids to Clean Up

This is just genius. Tricking your children into doing chores while thinking that they’re in reality bothering you is a win-win. Good idea @AnnieMcCarren

No High Chair? No Problem.

No high chair? No problem. This dad found a quick fix to a real problem. Hey, whatever works right?

Race Track

Almost all kids have toy cars, but not all kids have toy car tracks. But this hack solves the problem. A bit of masking tape on the floor or carpet does the trick.

Washing Machine Fun

If you’re out of ideas of how to entertain your baby, you’re not alone. Sometimes the best solutions are the easiest and even cheapest things you can think of. For example, sitting your baby in front of the laundry machine…works like a charm.

For the Organized

For those children who love a good challenge, this one is a great one. A bag of pompoms and a muffin tray can give a kid a long time to sort out. And who said it has to be pompoms? There’s also pennies or cotton balls!

It’s All in the Presentation

Food can be one of the most frustrating things to have to deal with when it comes to feeding your kids. Almost all kids will go through picky phases. The trick is to trick them. If it looks cool, chances are they’ll eat it. Apple fries? Yes, please.

Cleaning Toys Doesn’t Have to be a Nightmare

Toys get dirty. Grab a bunch and throw them into the dishwasher.

Toy Organization 101

Buy one of those shoe/sock organizers and use it for all those little toy pieces. Lego is a popular one, but it can also be good for little dolls, blocks, art supplies, and so on.

Sleeping on the Go

A constant issue for families that travel with little kids is where they’re going to sleep. Not every AirBnB or hotel room has a crib. Turn your suitcase into a little baby bed and voila!

A Win-Win

Every parent knows that if you’re alone in the house with the baby, you can’t just go and take a shower. You have to plan it. So this amazing hack is perfect and a win-win for you and your baby. You get your nice hot shower and your baby gets his/her play time in the bathtub.

Edible Art

Art time at home can be a mess! Not to mention possibly dangerous if they’re not non-toxic. But this hack makes it possible for your kid to eat up the mess. Yoghurt and food coloring! You’re welcome.

Spy Mom

For all the moms that need to be upstairs but their little ones are downstairs playing, watching TV, or whatever. This “spy window” means you can keep an eye on them.

Art Doesn’t Have to Mean Mess

Another amazing art time hack. If you don’t want paint all over every piece of furniture in the house, try this. Paint and paper in a Ziploc bag.

Less Laundry to Do

Turn your child’s shirt into an art bib with cling film. Less mess and less laundry! Yes!

Shoe Hack

For all the parents with kids who just don’t cooperate at the shoe store. Trace their feet onto a piece of paper and take it with you to buy shoes. Makes the whole process that much easier.

A Pacifying Trick

Giving medicine to a baby is never an easy feat. But putting the dispenser into a pacifier will make it a whole lot better.

Going Green

They grow up so fast don’t they? But who says you have to get rid of their stuff? The practical, and also ‘green’, way to go about it is to repurpose their stuff. An old crib? Or do you mean a new desk?

Genius Solution to Common Problem

Popsicles = syrupy mess. Coffee lid = solution.

Sun Safety

Gardening? Hanging out in the backyard? Put a sheet over that playpen and now you can do whatever it is you’re doing outside.

You’ll Want One for Yourself, Too

Who doesn’t love a hammock? The only problem with this hack is that you’ll want to make one for yourself too.

Bed Safety

If your kid just moved to a bed from a crib, then they might fall out sometimes. So get a pool noodle and put it under the bed sheet. You can thank us later.

Teething Trick

Teething baby? Yikes. Put a pacifier into an ice tray and it’ll soothe them for a little while at least.