Tacky Custom Paint Jobs Fails That Ruined Their Cars

Judging paint can be very subjective. Many people dislike lowriders and ‘70s custom van paint jobs. However, those cars are somewhat impressive, and haters have different taste. There are many out there who despise all silly donk paint jobs and declare them as a travesty, while others clearly like them.

Tank-style car in gold
Source: buscarfoto.com

It’s clear that the people who made these 40 custom paint jobs featured below love their cars. Look at the couple in gold above, with their gold tank, look how happy they are! Gaze deep into their eyes and see the horror, they like how their custom car looks. Let that soak in for a second.

Yes, I Captured Him From A Lake

I’ll give credit for how realistic it appears; however, this is a strange request. What would ever possess you to put an alligator/ crocodile on the hood of your car?

A crocodile emerging from an engine
Source: clublexus.com

Cars and reptiles don’t usually mix so well, especially when they appear to be menacingly emerging from a swampy engine.

Ghost Rider Was Here

Can you imagine you are driving to work one day, you’re minding your own business, all peaceful and listening to your music and then….

Car appears to be on fire
Source: pinturassanz.com

…this car comes blazing by. You notice something odd from the side of your eye, and then next moment your heart is racing because the car looks like it’s about to explode.

I Take It You Like Fishing?

I guess there is some sort of creative element to this custom paint job, the fish’s mouth opens by the wheel.

Car looks like a giant fish
Source: interest.pics

And the shape of the car kind of fits in with the fish. I’m sure there are ladies out there who might find this attractive, the weird paint job.

Houston, We Have a Problem

Oh boy, oh boy, what do we have here? This kind of looks like a mean prank, I mean, how could someone want this on their car?

Paint job of a mans face surrounded by rockets and airplanes
Source: caroute.tistory.com

I feel like someone tried to make a baby collage and stuck it in the wrong place. No buddy, the scrapbook is inside.


What in the name of Jersey Shore is this catastrophic paint job? I mean that car appears to be quite the classic.

A leopard body on a classic car
Source: stamodifikasi.com

This paint job isn’t the best; however, the underbite and miniature hands seem to be the focal point on this car.

Snakes On a Plane…Car

Samuel L. Jackson, my friend, we seem to have a situation here. Somehow it appears that the snakes you got rid of on that airplane have made their way to this car.

short description of the photo’s content
Source: rclife.co.kr

I get that the person who owns this car is obsessed with snakes, but this is just tasteless and creepy. Make it stop!

I Get It; The Car Was Created In The Ice Age, Ages Ago

We aren’t too sure why this happened, maybe they don’t know how to say no to their children’s demands, or they simply really, really love the movie, Ice Age.

A squirrel running after his acorn
Source: clublexus.com

However, I don’t quite think a squirrel chasing an acorn is what Lexus had in mind in terms of performance levels. Kidding, although, if I were Lexus, I’d pay them to remove their ‘special branding.’


Sticking with the animal theme, can you believe someone spent this much money on having a paint job done of a Jag on their car?

Jaguar painting on the side of a car
Source: clublexus.com

We have walls at home for a reason, put it in the picture frame and hang it up on your wall. Or unless buying a Lexus was a mistake and you really want a Jaguar.

No Paper At Home?

Now, what would be the reason for this? This simply looks like someone ran out of space for ink on their bodies, so they continued with it.

Tribal design art stickers on the front of a car
Source: clublexus.com

I’m starting to wonder if that design reaches the back of the car. I sure do hope this car is for a sweet 16 and the stickers come off.


Mate, your dragon doesn’t appear to be alive. Meet the worst custom Corvette in the world. It’s the same car as the one coming up next.

Dragon theme car
Source: jalopnik.com

You could have a secret room for your dragon fetish, no one would know about it, but to display it on your car, we all know now.

Just Had My Nails Done

The award for worst paint job goes to this 2006 Corvette, which appears to have been painted with nail polish. They could have tried to tape up the headlights first.

Bronze paint job
Source: goodpicr.pw

I suppose if the inspiration to make your Corvette look like your daughter got hold of your wife’s nail polish, you hit the nail on the head.

Lightning McQueen?

Have you ever woken up in the morning with a sudden urge to destroy your Bugatti that you had custom made?

Blue car with lightning strikes
Source: Bisura.com

It’s hard to tell what impression the ‘proud’ owner is trying to portray when he let his local auto paint technician go crazy on his car.

Why Did You Take It Out On The Car?

Restored vintage Chevrolet and Ford pickup trucks are usually popular vehicles for many right reasons at most local car shows.

purple and white matt pickup truck
Source: carsoid.com

So, when you happen to stumble across this picture of a purple vintage pickup truck, I figured it was a good candidate for this list.

Howdy, Modern Day Carriage?

The last time I saw any car wearing a bit of Wild West panache the time I saw the movie called Back to the Future. What is this disastrous wagon-wheel modification?

A black hummer with wooden wagon wheels
Source: netcarshow.com

While he’s driving, he has the Wild West track on with horse cantering sounds in the background. Kidding, I don’t know if that’s what he really does.

I Don’t Do Fashion; I Am Fashion – Coco Chanel

This car looks like it rolled off a show called ‘Rolling on Dubs’ but the version of everything Coco Chanel.

Themed as Coco Chanel
Source: carsoid.com

This car is so hood, extremely tacky and very wrong on every conceivable way. I think someone found one of those Chinese phone covers of Chanel and said, ‘I want my car to look like this.’

Sinuses This Time Of The Year

Sporting a 3800 V6 and two turbochargers, the V6 sure does prove to be a hard-solid motor even by today’s standards. So, why in the world would someone put a dragon on the side of their car?

Dragon blowing literal smoke out its nostrils on the door of a car
Source: depicol.pw

This is not just a mythological flying creature, but it blows smoke out from its nostrils which I’m sure is to draw attention from anyone bored person that has time watch.

When Life Hands You Lemons

Clearly, this guy has a wife that said, ‘No!’ I guess, if you aren’t allowed to drive the bike of your dreams, you make do.

Sticker of a motorbike on the side of the car
Source: freshional.nl

Poor guy, all he wants is to drive a bike, look at the lengths he had to go to-to drive his dream bike. Woman, whoever you are out there, let him be.

Do You Sh!t Rainbows?

That joy-ride car they’re driving in looks exactly like a design I saw last night on a toddler’s bib, minus the food stains, of course.

Baby blue sportscar with cartoon stickers on it
Source: autoblog.gr

However, I do think that this is an enormous waste of a Ferrari 458 Spider. I mean who knows, it could be for his daughters sweet 16.

Wait, Who Won?

I’m not quite sure what to say about this paint job, but it’s a Corolla covered in you know what. I feel like this car could have starred in ‘American Pie.’

Black car with white tadpoles on it
Source: jalopnik.com

They would have called him, ‘The sperminator.’ No really, this is by far the worst paint job I have seen, yet.

A for Effort

Wouldn’t it be cheaper to buy yourself a drawing book instead of ruining your car? I mean, surely you can see that your markers have run out in certain sections already.

colored his white car in with black markers
Source: funnyjunk.com

Look, at the end of the day, who am I to judge your unique artwork. If this is what you think is beautiful and creative, go ahead.

Jungle Fever

Hold on, hold the phone, did you guys notice the leaf decorations that have been added to the wheels?

jungle theme car
Source: adnanodebatcom.yoo7.com

Have any of you heard that song, ‘My head is a jungle?’ Well, this song applies 1000% here. This car could just be a work vehicle for some sort of jungle-themed place.

Girl, No!

Girl, keep those prints on your bedroom walls. I feel like you had extra wallpaper and couldn’t think of anything else to do with it.

Pink wallpaper-look-alike paint job
Source: giaoduc.net.vn

On the other hand, I see a Paris Hilton-like woman driving this car with her Chihuahua sitting in the passenger seat.

He Loves Me, Loves Me Not

Well, this car isn’t as bad as the rest of them have been. To be honest, the others have been so bad that this one almost seems like a treat to see.

Teddy bear on the side of the car
Source: littlethings.com

However, this car looks like a darned toilet paper commercial. I’m curious about what is on the other side of this car; they seem to be trying hard to hide it.

Shut the Front Door!

This Volkswagen Beetle you’re seeing is made from 50,000 pieces of oak. It was built by a charming 71-year-old man; it was always a dream of his.

car made from wood
Source: motor1.com

This is very different from anything else we have seen here so far. Well, well done to the elderly fellow who got up and succeeded in doing something so out of the ordinary.

Hello, Concierge?

Now, why would you go and do that to your car? It looks like you have an aunt that’s a little bit too involved in your life.

Floral print all over a car
Source: Imgur.com

Or you look like you drive around people for a hotel. However, I just saw that this was done on Russian Pimp My Ride, is that to match your curtains?

Still Didn’t Find Nemo?

Everyone has their own taste and own interest. As you know, your car says a lot about who you are and says a lot about your personality.

Finding Nemo, underwater theme car
Source: Imgur.com

In this case, this person just really took a liking and got emotionally attached to Finding Nemo. Or they are a kindergarten teacher.

Modernized Cruella Deville

Come on; every woman loves a bit of bling and sparkle here and there. However, we all express our passion for sparkles differently.

Sparkle design
Source: Pinterest.com

I mean, if you bedazzle your nails, sure, if you bedazzle your phone covers, sure, or heck, even ornaments in your house, but your car?

Target Practice

What’s going on here? Is this target practice? Is this a board game? In my opinion, this car is trying to hide bullet holes.

Different color squares
Source: daypic.ru

If you look closer to the grille and the headlight in the front, it looks like there was something worse underneath it.

Horses Lend Us the Wings We Lack

Okay, so you thought it looked great on your desktop’s background, now it’s on your car. Well, I guess it is an interesting piece of art.

A horse and cat causing havoc in a fairytale land
Source: Imgur.com

Did you ever imagine a horse and a cat fighting together? That horse is breathing fireman. I think someone got confused with the Shrek movie.

Oh, Aren’t You Just Fabulous Darling?

If you buy fake Burberry scarves, bags, shoes or clothes, you could probably get away with keeping it secret that it’s fake.

Burberry car wrapping
Source: twitter.com

But that’s your car; you can’t get away with that, there aren’t any Burberry cars. However, I do think the cars wrapping looks great.

She Needs A Pillow

Well, I’m sure this artwork has turned a lot, and I mean a lot of heads on the roads. I could just imagine someone driving and seeing this; I would have a heart attack.

A woman tied up in the back of a truck
Source: Imgur.com

I can’t imagine the thoughts and nightmares this guy is giving kids. Well, I think this is probably just some college kid playing around.

An Alternate Universe

I guess this fellow felt torn about deciding whether he wants a cat playing a DJ set on a pizza or if he’d like a picture of himself painting.

Picture of him painting another picture
Source: Pintrest.com

Eventually, he decided, why should I have to choose between the cat I love and my gorgeous face? I want the best of both worlds. This is the result.

Salad Promoting Strategy

Dear Diet, things just aren’t going to work out between us. It’s not me; it’s you. You are tasteless, boring and I can’t stop cheating on you.

A picture of a large person sitting in the driver’s seat
Source: geometroforum.com

One of the issues with making salad is its bland lettuce. It seems to be quite a problem that requires addressing.

Are You A Good Guy or Bad Guy?

It’s quite hard to understand if he wants to be apart of the villains or to be a superhero. But this fellow has watched a lot of Marvel.

Marvel stickers
Source: flickr.com

Judging by choice of stickers and the car being a Chevrolet Camaro, this guy does want to be a Harlem Villain more than anything else.

Hit and Run

I really had to investigate this, at first, I thought wow, what a strange paint job. But then I noticed the letters ‘Range rover.’

Car stickers look like a crime scene
Source: visualizpicture.com

Do you see it looks like they literally hit someone? Well, of course, it’s a paint job, but what made someone think, ‘Let’s gory-fy the car and put blood spatters everywhere?

Hulk Smash?

This car has had quite a terrible paint job done. The exterior is quite disappointing. I’m not sure what this is supposed to be.

firsts coming out the hood of the car
Source: Imgur.com

However, the fists remind me of the marvel character ‘The Hulk,’ he is known for ‘The Hulk Smash.’ So, let’s go with that.

Got My Eye On You

For the life of me, I can’t understand what would inspire someone to come up with such an idea, an eyeball among blue flames.

Eyeball among blue flames
Source: Pinterest.com

If any of you are aware or know where this came from, you can let us know in the comments below. However, it’s still an odd paint job.

Someone Call An Exorcist

Okay mister dark and mysterious, you have my attention. I have heard that there are a lot of priests that can perform exorcisms till today.

A demon-like figure playing with skulls
Source: Imgur.com

Whoever you are out there, just know that we are here for you and we’d be happy to help with un-demonizing you.


I have two explanations for this pizza vehicle. This could possibly feel very strongly and passionate about his pizza delivery job.

Pizza stickers
Source: Imgur.com

Or, this guy has a huge fetish for pizza. I mean, ‘PizzaMan?’ If you guys have better explanations for this, please explain.