Save Money and Time – 10 Strange Car Tricks You Should Know

If the public transportation in your city isn’t good enough, you are likely to depend on a vehicle to move about. From taking your kids to school to going to work yourself, a car is an absolute necessity in today’s fast-moving world. However, the more your car runs, the more it requires gas and maintenance. The costs can sometimes be too steep for people with constricted budgets. One way you can avoid spending money on your car every month is by keeping it in tip-top shape; to that end, here are a few tips that can come in handy:

Defog Your Car on a Rainy Day

Don’t you hate it when you come running in the rain to get in your car, only to find the windscreen all fogged up? Well, fret not, as these set of steps will help you defog your car with ease. First, you have to turn the heater on.


Next up, you need to turn the A/C on. Now, switch back to the heater and carefully turn the recirculation button off. This will allow the outside air to come inside with the heater on. Now, open the windows only slightly. Within seconds, the fog will no longer be there.

Lock Your Car Using Your Head

What? “Lock my car using my head?” That is…absurd, right? Well, not really, and you don’t have to take our word for it; there is science to prove it. Let’s suppose you are quite far away from your car for the key-fob to work, using your head like a satellite, you can transmit the signals to your car and lock it.

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“Uh, how does that work?” Watch this video to learn the trick and the science behind it. All you have to do is put the fob beneath your chin, open your mouth, and then press the lock button.

Cool Your Car Down Without A/C

The sure-shut way of cooling your car down will be to blast the A/C on, but wait, won’t you like to save some of that gas for later on? Why don’t you try these simple set of steps instead?

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First up, you need to roll the driver-side window down. Scoot over to the passenger side; now, open and close the door at least 5-6 times. This will force the hot air out of your car, and you will feel a lot cooler.

Use Toothpaste to Clean Headlights

Headlights have a knack of getting cloudy every now and again, and it becomes a nuisance to drive whenever they do; especially at night. What if you use toothpaste to clean the headlights? No, no, we are not joking. Hear us out.

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Almost all toothpaste come with fine abrasives that are meant to polish your teeth. You can also use the same brushes to rid your headlights of the dust and even fill in some of those tiny cracks.

Hand Sanitizers Can De-Ice your Frozen Handle

Don’t do this in front of your kids (unless you work at the hand sanitizer factory) but you can use your hand sanitizer bottle to de-ice a frozen lock. The small amounts of alcohol within the sanitizer can melt the ice off the door handle easily.


If you are out of hand sanitizer, you can also try blowing warm air on to the door handle (but this will take some blowing). Another way to de-ice would be to warm your key by using some WD-40, or if you can be careful, a lighter.

Borrow Your Wife’s Nail Polish to Fix a Windshield Crack

Nail polishes can have more than one uses. You can use them to look good, and you can also use them to fix windshield cracks. (Disclaimer: Only use the nail polish your wife no longer likes. DON’T PICK THE RED MAYBELLINE LIPSTICK UP BY ANY MEANS.)


Remember that this trick only works for small cracks; so, as soon as you notice a crack, apply nail polish on it gently. This has to be done before the crack grows and the nail polish can no longer save you from the trip to the shop.

Delivery Guys Know Everything

Well, not really, but they do know a great deal about the neighborhood. Even though Google has already mapped out the entirety of our country using alien technology, you still might sometimes need manual instructions.

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If you are lost or have forgotten the way to your in-laws’ house, don’t bother the gas station guy, and instead ask any delivery guy you can lay eyes on. They know every block, and they know every street.

Air-Freshener Fix

Air-fresheners do cost a lot of money, especially since their only specialty is that their farts don’t smell bad. Instead of wasting money on them, you can just make use of an herbal tea bag.

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Try this: Wrap a tea bag in a breathable piece of cloth and hang it on your rearview mirror. Even if you have to replace it after a few days, they will cost considerably less than air-fresheners. If you aren’t impervious to road rage, a calming lavender tea bag would be ideal.

Clean the Small Crevices Yourself

All you need is a good-old screwdriver and a smooth cloth. No need to take your car to the paint shop for every small crevice, just channel your inner handyman and get rid of it yourself.

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Cover the flathead screwdriver with the cloth and get to work. You can even use natural cleaning agents like lemon juice and apple cider vinegar to spray on the spot you just worked on.

Club Soda and Your Windshield- A Match Made in Heaven

For our last tip, we will show you how you can use club soda to clean your windshield. If your car stays parked in the outdoors too much, it’s prone to develop a few hard-to-remove spots on it.


These spots don’t go off when you use the wiper, and they stick to the cleaning cloth when you try to do it manually. However, if you apply a bit of club soda on your rag prior to the scrubbing, you won’t believe the magic that would ensue.