Repurpose Your Mismatched Socks With These Hacks and DIY Projects

Somehow, we all have mismatched socks. Science hasn’t really discovered where the other sock disappears, but we know the washing machine eats them! Either way, we are left with socks missing their mate and never really know what to do with them. I mean, who walks around with one sock? I don’t know about you, but I either wear a pair of socks or no socks at all.

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You may have never thought to repurpose these socks, but there are so many sock hacks you didn’t know about. Mismatched socks can make your life so much easier. Plus, we added some simple DIY projects you can make using mismatched socks. If you’re looking for an activity, you can create anything from Holiday Decorations to children’s toys. Check out these incredible hacks and DIY ideas to put your lonely socks to good use.

Window Fog Prevention

Did you know that you can keep your car window from fogging? All you need is a mismatched sock and Kitty litter. Okay, I know this sounds a bit strange, but stay with me. This is a hack you definitely need to try. Simply fill up the sock with Kitty litter until the ankle.

Sock with kitty litter on the car dashboard
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Then tie it in a secure knot and slip another sock over it. Now, just place it next to your car windshield (inside the car, on the dashboard), and that’s it. Basically, the Kitty-litter-sock with absorb the moisture and prevent the windows from fogging up. This is a hack that most people haven’t heard of, and the results are incredible. If you hate foggy windows, this one is for you.

White Board Eraser

We all know how gross and dirty dry-erase boards can get. Unfortunately, the erasers intended for whiteboards don’t usually work very well, and when they do, they have a pretty short life span. Well, this is a problem you no longer have to worry about. I got the perfect solution for you! All you need is a mismatched sock.

A women cleaning the board with a white sock
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Replacing erasers with socks will change your life. This hack will save you time and money on dry board erasers that don’t last long. Not only is it a much more efficient method of cleaning, but you can throw it in the washing machine afterward and reuse it again and again.

Protect Your Valuables

A simple sock can make a huge difference when you are moving or packing. You can put jewelry or other valuables inside the sock. That way, you won’t lose them, and if you drop it by mistake, the sock will act as a cushion. Most of the time, the items will be protected, but it also depends on the item, and how thick the sock is.

A box filled with valuables stuff wrapped in a sock

If you decide to put glass in there, you should still be careful. But the good news is that if it does break in there, the glass is in the sock. That way, you would avoid any damage or cuts on your hands. This is perfect for people who love to travel.

Game Piece Holder

If you prefer board games over apps, this one is for you. Board games are super fun, but the pieces are so tiny, you can easily lose them. Unfortunately, for most games, you need all the pieces to play. Here is how to keep them from getting lost.

Dice games inside a sock

You guessed it, a mismatched sock! Socks can act like little bags. If you put all the game pieces in there, they will all be together, and you don’t have to worry about any of them falling out (unless there is a hole in your sock). Try it! You will thank me after your next game night when all your pieces are safe and sound.

Dry Hands and Feet

Dry hands and feet are the worst! Some winters, they can get so bad that they get completely chapped and cracked. If you are regular to rough winters, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you need to soften up your dry skin, I got the answer to all your problems. Well, at least to this problem.

Katy Perry with socks on her hands

All you have to do is cover your hands with moisturizer, lotion, or Vaseline and cover it with socks. The socks help absorb the moisture, which will heal your skin better and faster. Plus, the socks are covering your hands, so you don’t have to worry about getting Vaseline all over your sheets.

Beverage Cozies

Imagine leaving the house on a cold winter day with a nice hot coffee to keep you warm. The only problem is, the beverage can get so hot that it burns your hands. Sure, you can look for coffee cozies, but they are usually big and bulky. Plus, wouldn’t it be more fun to customize your own?

A can and a water bottle wrapped with a sock

All you need to do for this hack is cut off the bottom section of your sock (ankle and calf). I recommend measuring your coffee cup before choosing the sock. Plus, if you want to turn this into a DIY project, you can decorate the sock however you want first!

Protect Your Shoes

This one is a little ironic, but it does the trick. If you are cleaning with bleach or painting your home, the last thing you need is to ruin your shoes with stains. Get out the mismatched socks for the solution. Just put the socks over your shoes to cover and protect them. It really works!

Old socks protecting shoes

I know this may sound bizarre because socks usually go in the shoes, but this is an awesome hack! Socks are stretchy, so if you need to, you shouldn’t have a problem getting them over your shoes. This is just a fun, easy way to put your mismatched socks to good use before throwing them out.

Bringing Back The ‘90s With Leg Warmers

Socks are a pretty good way to keep your feet nice and warm; however, your ankles still probably get cold. Back in the ‘80s, leg warmers were in style, but today they seem to have gone out of fashion. Well, desperate times call for desperate measures. What do you do when you have freezing ankles?

Ballet dancer tying slippers around her ankle woman ballerina pointe
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This hack is a well-known one, and it really works. Simply cut off the toe section of your socks, and there you have it. Cozy leg warmers. If you want to turn this into a DIY project, dazzle it up with some fun decorations. This is one I definitely need to try. No cold ankles for me this winter.

Create Your Own Duster

If you don’t like dusting sticks, it’s your lucky day. It turns out; you don’t even need one. A much better alternative is to use one of your mismatched socks. I know it may not sound like it can act as a duster, but trust me, this one works wonders.

Cleaning a window by using a sock on the hand
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It will trap all of the dirt, hair, and dust, keeping your surfaces clean and sparkly. You can even put the sock on a stick for hard to reach areas. You can dust appliances, tables, blinds, shelves, and any other household items. Try this once, and you will never use a dusting stick again. Plus, you can throw in in the washer after and reuse it over and over again.

Ice Pack Cover

Whenever we get a bump or bruise, our first reaction is to put ice on it; it will cool off the injury and help reduce swellings. However, applying ice directly on a bruise can cause more harm than good. The last thing you want is an ice burn or frostbite.

Ice pack covered with a sock

Still, you need the cold ice to get the blood flowing and heal the injury. So what do you do? Simple. Cover the ice pack with one of your mismatched socks. That way, it is just cool enough to heal your injury, but it won’t harm your skin. This works especially well for children who don’t like the feeling of cold ice on their skin anyways.

Storing Your Balls

If you have an extra sock lying around, they are perfect for storage. I bet you never thought of storing your tennis and golf balls in there. Just put the balls in the socks and throw them in the garage. That way, they are easily accessible and won’t roll away and get lost.

Socks with tennis balls inside them

You can make more use of mismatched socks when it comes to sporting equipment. In addition to your golf balls, mismatched socks can also be used to cover the heads of the golf clubs. That way, they won’t get scratched and will stay in perfect condition for your next game. If you’re a tennis or golf player, this hack should be useful.

Dryer Balls

If you run out of fabric softener and drying sheets, don’t worry! I’ve got a solution for you. All you need is a new tennis ball and of course, a mismatched sock. That way, you can make dryer balls! It’s so simple and the perfect alternative to fabric softeners.

A dryer ball inside a washing machine

Just put a tennis ball inside a clean sock and throw it in the dryer. It will soften up your clothes, just like dryer sheets! This is especially helpful when it comes to bed sheets and pillows! Trust me; you won’t even be able to notice the difference. If you absolutely need soft clothes and are out of softener, you’re welcome.

Furniture Protector

If you have ever moved apartments or houses, you know how annoying it is to move furniture. We have all been there. The floors and walls can easily get covered in scratches. For everyone who has a moving day coming up, this hack can be extremely useful.

Socks covering legs of a chair

Find some mismatched socks and put them on the legs of your tables and chairs to prevent scratches. The sock is thick enough to block the furniture from any direct contact with your walls and floors. This hack can be used to prevent scratches on walls floors at any time, not just during a big move. Anytime you are just reorganizing your furniture, this hack is highly recommended.

The Perfect Ballet Bun

A perfect ballet bun is a beautiful look but not very easy to achieve. A lot of the time, little hairs will fly out, and it won’t look as good as you want. But don’t give up on the ballerina bun. It’s actually a lot easier than it looks. The secret to a perfect ballet bun is a sock!

Ponytail Bands and Sock Buns

That’s right. Just grab one of your mismatched socks for a stunning bun. Cut the toe part off of the sock, and roll it up until it looks like a ring and uses it as a ponytail. Once your hair is up, roll your ponytail around the sock until it’s covered to achieve the perfect bun.

Knee Pads

If you were a clumsy kid like me, you know how important it is to wear knee pads when you are riding roller blades or even a bike. My knees are covered with a lot of scars, so I wish someone taught me this hack as a child. Obviously, I wouldn’t wear knee pads now that I’m an adult, but this hack is perfect if you have kids.

Protect Knees and Pants by using old socks
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Take your mismatched socks and cut the toe part to make knee pads! This is great for babies crawling around the house. Knee pads will help prevent injuries when your child is learning to walk. Plus, you are putting your mismatched socks to good use.

Car Cleaner

If you’re washing your car, you probably shouldn’t use a sponge because it can cause scratches. Of course, there are certain sponges intended specifically for cars, but who has time to go out and find one? It turns out you don’t need one, as long as you have a sock lying around.

washing a car using a sock
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The sock is thick, soft, and absorbent, so it can be used as a rag. You can wash your car and polish it using a sock. This trick works with motorcycles too. Since you probably wanted to get rid of your mismatched sock anyway, you can just throw it out (with no guilt) after it gets dirty from being used.

Wobbly Leg Fixer

We have all been there. Sitting on a table (or chair) that is completely wobbly. This can get extremely frustrating, especially if you are sitting at a bar or restaurant. You can try and straighten out, but usually, your drinks are sliding off the table. There is not much to do if you’re out, but if you have a wobbly table at home, here is what you do.

A sock on the leg of a chair.
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Go into your pile of mismatched socks and cut one into strips, and place one under the wobbly leg. If the table is still uneven, keep adding more sock strips. Not only will this hold up your table, but because socks are soft, you don’t have to worry about it damaging the floor.

Glasses Holder

There are many fun DIY ideas that you can do with your mismatched socks. Here is another one you probably never would have thought of. Socks can be a great place to store your glasses and keep them from getting all scratched up. If you don’t want to put in too much effort and want an easy hack, put the glasses directly in the sock.

Storing glasses in a sock
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If you have a little more patience, you can cut off the foot part of the sock and stitch it shut (inside out). That way, you can use it as a pouch. Fold over the top and shut it with a safety pin. Another option is sticking on Velcro to close it. If you want, you can get creative and decorate it!

Homemade Hacky Sack

Do you remember when hacky sacks were a thing? I remember being in middle school when we all played with one of those balls. They were pretty fun and remind me of summer camp. They used to sell them everywhere (and probably still do). But why would you buy one when you can easily make it from items you have lying around your house?

Making a hacky sack from a sock and rice

Find one of your various mismatched socks, and fill it up with plastic beads or rice. Sew or tie a secure knot, and there you have it, a DIY hacky sack. You can also decorate and personalize this one by writing your initials on the sock before pouring the rice in. If you are looking for an easy DIY project, there you go.

Cell-phone Armband

If you love to run and workout, you probably know an armband for your phone is necessary. I mean, it’s so convenient to have your hands free while still listening to your workout jams on your phone. Unfortunately, if you check Amazon for an armband, they don’t come cheap (plus there is shipping and handling).

Cell-phone inside a sock armband
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Well, guess what. You don’t need an expensive fancy band; just make one. Cut the ankle of the sock and place the tube around your arm. Fold it once, and you can put your phone right in. You can also add a personal touch to this one by decorating the sock first.

Aromatherapy Pillow

Aromatherapy pillows make you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud. Unfortunately, they usually cost a lot of money, but there is a popular DIY to solve this problem. For an inexpensive aromatherapy pillow, all you need to do is make one with…. you guessed it- a mismatched sock.

How to make aromatherapy pillow using a sock
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Simply fill up your old sock with rice and a few drops of essential oil. You can pick which oil, but lavender is a common one. Then either sew or tie the sock to make sure it’s completely secure. Once it’s tied, heat it up in the microwave or put it in the freezer, and it’s ready. Trust me, it works. Your neck will thank you later.

DIY Stress Ball

We live in a generation full of anxiety. With everyone’s busy work schedules, paying rent, and paying off student loans, it’s common to get stressed out every once in a while. We all have our moments where we just want to punch someone in the face to relieve all that stress. But here is a better solution.

How to make a stress ball using a sock
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Take a mismatched sock to make a DIY stress ball! This one is easy. Just put some play dough in a zip lock bag and then slip it into the sock. Now all you have to do is squeeze and you will de-stress instantly. Plus, making the Stress Ball can be just as calming.

Fun Pet Toys

Another thing you can do with all your mismatched socks is to make them into a present for your furry friends. If you have a cat, fill an old sock with catnip, and your cat will be entertained for hours! Plus, if you want to add a personal touch, you can get creative with the design.

A cat playing with a toy made from a sock

Don’t worry! I didn’t forget the dog lovers. If you have a pet dog, you can also make toys with mismatched socks. Take a few of your unwanted socks and roll them into a ball. Then secure it with a shoelace, and there you have it. Your dog’s new favorite toy.

Keep Your Baby Busy

It’s always fun to do DIY projects with or for your kids. Well, if you have a cute little baby, you can use mismatched socks to make a raddle. All you need is a jingle bell, stuffing, and of course, a sock. The best part is that it really doesn’t take that much effort or sewing.

A Baby rattle made out of a sock
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Since it’s made out of the soft material of a sock, the raddle can be chewed on, and it won’t scratch the furniture. Sure, you can just buy a raddle, but this way, you can make something a little more personal for your baby. And if we’re honest, you were probably just going to throw out those socks anyways.

DIY Wrist Rest

If you are like me and you sit at a computer all day, I don’t need to tell you the strain it has on your wrists. If you are not using a wrist rest, you should probably start. It can help you avoid tendonitis, carpal tunnel, and other injuries you can sustain from holding your hands to the keyboard for nine hours a day.

How to make a wrist rest with a sock
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The good news is, you can just make a wrist rest yourself! You simply need rice, and you guessed it, mismatched socks. Stuff up the sock with rice, and sew it up. It will give you the comfort you need. Plus, you can heat it up in the microwave for extra sore wrists.

Jump Rope

Go into your pile of old mismatched socks, and you can make a jump rope. Take all the socks, different colors, and different sizes for a fun, vibrant looking jump rope. Plus, you will be the only kid in school with such a unique jump rope. All you have to do is weave them together.

Making a jump rope from a sock

This is a fun project you can do with your kids or for them. The best part about the sock jump rope is that it’s extremely soft, making it much safer than the jump ropes you buy at stores. Plus, jumping is healthy and great exercise. Fun, safe, and healthy. That’s a triple win in my book.

Decorate With Sock Pumpkins

If you are anything like me, you love to decorate for the winter and fall seasons. With all the pumpkin spice in the air, it’s only natural to get into the spirit and start decorating. It turns out that seasonal decorations are actually pretty easy to make.

Creating a pumpkin out of old socks.
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These sock pumpkins are another fun one to do with the kids. Plus, if you do have kids, the more mismatched socks you have lying around. All you have to do is stuff them with pillow stuffing and then stitch them together for the cutest little decorations. Go outside and find a stick to glue on top. It really brings the pumpkin together wonderfully.

Sock Swiffer Pads

Swiffer is a great tool for cleaning your house, but what happens when you run out of the wipes? If you need a Swiffer pad, those fluffy pair-less socks can make a wonderful alternative. Simply cut off the toes and slip the sock over your Swiffer to dry mop.

Making a Swiffer pad from a sock

Swiffer pads are amazing, and many people swear by them! Unfortunately, it can get really expensive to keep buying and replacing them. If you use old socks, you’ll never have to buy Swiffer pads again. Well… until you run out of old socks, I guess. Anyway, this is an awesome trick, and your floors will be just as shiny, so you won’t be able to tell the difference.

Keep Your Dog Warm

I know you have plenty of mismatched socks. No one really knows what happens to the other one, but there are a lot of things that you can do with the ones you have left. Another fun project you can do is make a sweater for your furry friends. A large tube sock is a great way to keep your little dog warm and comfy.

How to make a dog sweater with a sock
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This one does take some effort, so bring over some friends for a sewing party. If you don’t mind a little cutting and stitching, you won’t need to go to a pet shop for a dog sweater. Sew all your mismatched socks together for fun, colorful sweater designs.

Decorate For Christmas

This is another one perfect for holiday lovers! This is actually a really cute idea! You can turn socks into really pretty Christmas ornaments. Simply grab one of your mismatched socks and add stuffing and a few stitches. You can even decorate them as a fun Christmas project! They fit wonderfully into the holiday spirit!

Making stocking ornaments by using an old sock
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Plus, these aren’t limited to Christmas, you can decorate them uniquely for different festivities. For example, you can add some pastel colors for Easter! I love the idea of homemade holiday decorations, so this one is on my to-do list. They also make an amazing, fun, and personal holiday gift! All my friends are getting one of these this year.

Sock Monkeys

If you are looking for another way to spend time or entertain your kids, this is a great idea. Sock monkeys are such a classic toy, and you probably never realized how simple they are to make. If you have enough socks, you make a whole sock monkey family!

How to make a sock monkey
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If you know how to sew, this will be a breeze. All you need is stuffing and, of course, cute little accessories for a very special monkey. This toy may be a bit more interesting for a younger kid, but it’s a childhood toy they will probably keep forever because of the sentiment behind it. When I have kids, each one is getting a personalized sock monkey!

Coin Purse

If you want an easy DIY project, try making this cute little coin purse! I actually have made this before, and I was surprised by how simple it is. All you have to do is stitch a clasp to a little sock, and you’re done! The most important part is to use a baby sock, so it will be the correct size.

making a coin purse from an old sock
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However, if you find larger clasps, you can use a bigger sock too. Personally, I used baby socks, and I think the size is perfect. Because socks are stretchy, it can hold a lot more than you would think. Plus, the size is perfect to fit into my purse. I think this is easy, convenient, and a great gift for kids of all ages!

DIY Sock Chia Pet

Back in the ‘90s, I had no idea what “chia” actually was. My definition was a goofy plant with grass hair! I remember planting these in elementary school, and they were so much fun. If ‘90s kids loved these plants, there is no reason kids today wouldn’t.

Making a Chia pet from an old sock
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This reminds me of a simpler time; before technology took over. If you are feeling nostalgic, you can travel back to the good old days… via your mismatched socks! All you have to do is put grass and dirt into an old sock and tie it. Than use pushpins to hold the buttons for the face. Then, just water it every day and watch the hair (grass) grow.

Remember The Hobby Horse?

If you never heard of a hobby horse, it’s basically a horse’s head attached to a stick. Usually, kids will put their legs over the stick, and pretend they are horseback riding. Now that I’m explaining it, it doesn’t seem like a very fun toy. Kids these days have apps that are way more entertaining.

Sock Hobby Horse DIY Fit For A King

However, if you make them out of rainbow and fluffy socks, this toy can be fun! Maybe even look like a unicorn. All you have to do it stuff an old stock and glue a stick on. You can use simple stitching and buttons to decorate and style the horse in a creative and personal way.

Make Your Own Rugs

If you have a bunch of mismatched white socks, you can make a cool rug. You basically just have to cut and braid the socks before sewing it together. What’s nice about using white socks is that they are normally already faded into a cream or tan shade. This means dirt on it will be less noticeable.

making a rug from old socks
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Still, you can use colorful socks as well. If you have a whole bunch of different mismatched socks, you can make a bright, vibrant rug. It can go perfectly in a playroom or a child’s bedroom. I think it’s adorable, and it doesn’t even look like it’s made out of socks. It does take time and requires patience, but the end result is awesome!

Warmer Mittens

I don’t know about you, but the cold weather kills me! As someone who grew up in Florida, I never had a real winter as a kid. Now, when the temperature drops a little, I’m freezing my butt off! That’s why this hack is perfect for someone like me (and all my other Floridians out there).

warmer mittens from an old sock

As we know, the secret for the winter is LAYERS! If mittens don’t do the trick, add another layer by using mismatched socks. No one will notice them under your mittens, and it will warm you up! Just cut a little hole for your thumb to make sure they can fit into the mittens comfortably.

DIY Puppet Show

Sock puppets are another classic kid’s toy. Unfortunately, with modern technology, this toy has stayed in the past. However, it’s never too late to bring it back. If you have some mismatched socks, use them to make an adorable puppet. I recommend using knee-high socks because ankle socks might be too small.

Making a sock puppet

You really need to use your imagination and personalize the puppet. You can make it as straightforward or as complicated as you wish. It’s common to put some eyeballs on there and maybe glue yarn for hair! Some supplies that may help you get started are googly eyes, yarn, markers, glue, and a needle and thread.