Life Hacks to Simplify Your World

Do you want to know the secret of an easy-going and stress-free life? The answer lies in simple life hacks which are so easy to understand and implement that you are going to wonder why you didn’t think of them in the first place. While some hacks will help you in saving on unnecessary expenses, others will help you organize your life better, and yet others will teach you something new and useful. Check out our compilation of the top 20 life hacks that you will thank us for.

1. Paper Clip Hack For Organizing Tangled Up Cables

It gets difficult to distinguish between a USB cable and a phone charger cable, especially when they are all tangled up and you need one in a hurry. Use this time-saving hack to arrange your cables so that they are separate and differentiated at all times without looking messy or tangled up.

2. Delicious Chocolate Sundae With Scrapes of Nutella

We know our heart aches when we have to let go of that smooth milky chocolate spread that is left clinging to the jar of Nutella when it is almost finished. Not anymore!

You will never have to waste even a drop of that yummy chocolate spread if you just put in a scoop or two of your favorite ice cream to turn it into a mouth-watering chocolaty sundae!

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3. Colorful Keys For an Organized Cabinet

A great way to identify similar looking keys is to paint them with different colored nail polish. Not only is this a great way to add some color to your life but it is also a useful way of using up old nail polish which have crossed their expiry date. So, get set and start coloring up your keys.

4. No-Mess Pancakes For a Perfect Sunday Morning

Pancakes make for a wonderful Sunday breakfast, especially when you have them with the sweet maple syrup and cut fruits. But making pancakes can be a bit of a messy experience, especially if you are a novice in cooking. Avoid the mess by merely using an old ketchup bottle to fill in the pancake mix and then squeeze it out on the pan to make perfect pancakes.

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5. Photographic Evidence For Your Borrowed Stuff

Do you often forget which of your many friends and relatives has borrowed something from you and you don’t even know who to chase after for returning your stuff? Now, you can implement this rule: whenever anyone borrows something from you, they will have to get a picture clicked holding that article. This way, next time that you wonder who borrowed your things, you will have a whole gallery which you can browse through.

6. Filling Water the Clever Way

If you want to fill a large container with water from a wash basin, it can often turn out to be tedious work. However, it can be made into a much simpler process by simply using a clean dustpan to act as a kind of funnel for the tap water to spill down over the rim of the washbasin and into the large tub or bucket placed on the floor below.

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7. Crunchy Tacos Within Minutes

Next time when you are in the mood of having homemade tacos, try this easy trick of using muffin sheets to make the crunchiest taco shell. All you need to do is to turn the muffin sheet upside down, spray it with some cooking oil and then use them to bake the tortillas at the usual temperature for about 10 minutes.

8. Multipurpose Hair Straighteners

You can make use of hair straighteners not just for ironing the hair, but also for ironing shirt collars. The fundamental principle on which hair straighteners work is pretty much the same as that of a clothes iron. Next time that you have an upturned collar try pressing it with a hair straightener for a quick and smooth ironed look.

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9. Vertical Stacks of Clothes

You know how frustrating it can be to pull out a shirt from underneath a huge pile in your wardrobe. Keeping your clothes in vertical stacks will not only keep your clothes fresh and ironed but will also give you better visibility so that you don’t have to rifle through the whole pile.

10. Separating Egg Yolks Was Never This Easy

Crack open an egg and spread it out neatly on a plate. Then, simply take an empty plastic bottle with a small neck, place it directly on top of the egg yolk and gently squeeze the bottle. Doing this will create air pressure which will suck the egg yolk into the bottle. To release the yolk, simply position the bottle on another empty place and release the pressure.

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11. An Ice Pack That Never Drips

The worst part about ice packs is that they start melting rapidly and dripping cold water all over you even when you are not yet done with them. Use a frozen sponge soaked in water wrapped inside a plastic bag as an ice pack which will never drip no matter how long you keep it outside the fridge.

12. Toothpaste For Cleaning Car Headlights

Did you know that your simple toothpaste is such a good cleaning agent that it can quickly clear away the dirt and grime from your card headlights? Try this hack today to see how your foggy car headlights turn bright and gleaming.

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13. Enjoy Your Drink Without a Worry

Does it bother you when your straw keeps rising as you sip through a can of aerated drink? To avoid that, don’t throw away the can’s tab and instead slip the straw through the tab opening.

14. Genius Way to Use the Sliver of Old Soap Bar

Using the old sliver of soap bar can be annoying, yet you don’t feel like just throwing it away. Why don’t you try sticking it on top of a new bar of soap? This way you will be able to use the soap fully without any hassle.

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15. Re-Heat Food Evenly With This Hack

Make a kind of circle in the middle of whichever dish you are placing in the microwave to heat. This ensures that the food is evenly heated and you don’t have to face cold dregs of the dish at the bottom of the bowl.

16. Pool Noodle to Protect the Kids

If your baby has a habit of rolling off the bed, you can try placing a pool noodle on the side of the bed which will prevent him from falling on the floor. Of course, a fitted bed sheet will also add to the security of the kid.

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17. Brownie in a Mug

Craving for something sweet? Here is a quick recipe to make a brownie in a mug. The whole recipe takes hardly ten minutes to make and gives you a delicious dessert that is perfect for cold winter nights or when you need some cheering up.

18. Don’t Waste Your Tears on Onions Anymore

A fail-proof way of cutting onions without letting them sting your eyes is to chew some gum alongside. Try this hack in your kitchen today, and you will be guaranteed to never pick up an onion for chopping without first popping a piece of gum in your mouth.

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19. Lighting Candles With Spaghetti

Half-burned candles which have sunk in their coverings can be hard to reignite with a simple matchstick or lighter. Instead, try this smart way of using a long stick of spaghetti to reach the candle wick without any danger of burning your fingers in the process.

20. Easy Tricks to Knot a Tie

Take note of these easy to follow steps of knotting a tie quickly and neatly. You sure will be thanking us when you have to rush off for a big meeting and have to include a tie in your attire in a hurry.