How to Up Your Duct Tape Game: Little-Known Duct Tape Hacks

Duct tape may seem like a simple household toolbox item. But you’d be surprised at what a simple roll of duct tape can do. Ever thought of using it to open a tightly closed jar? What about making a nifty bag for your kids? You’ll see what we mean.

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Check out all these useful duct tape hacks and you’ll find yourself keeping some handy from now on.

We are kicking off our list with Opening Jars

Everyone has come across those pesky situations where you find yourself using all the force within your body to try to open a jar of olives. The best-case scenario is that after hours of struggle, you finally got the jar opened, and the worst-case scenario is you get a hernia.

Source: YouTube

Try out this simple hack and see if you can either rip the skin off your fingers or get that jar open.

Shoe Grips

Hey ladies, those high heels you have that make you slip now and then? This is your solution. If you want to keep your favorite pair but also want to stay on both feet when walking, then this grip hack is perfect for you.


This hack is really easy to do. Just put some pieces of tape on the bottom of your shoes and voila.

DIY Shirts

Has your back to school funding been liquidated already on expensive school books and colored pencils? Did you forget to buy your kids a new wardrobe for class to impress their friends? Well, no trouble here.


Try using duct tape to design your own shirt stencil and come up with a fresh, original back to school design of your own!

Putting on the Pressure

This hack seems to be making its mark online as many people are using it. It’s more of a temporary solution. But apparently, duct tape can help keep your popped tire from losing too much air. That is, on your way to the mechanic.


So, if you find yourself cruising down route 66 and seem to be losing too much tire pressure, see if you have some duct tape in your trunk, and make it happen.

Pet Hair No More!

Did you buy too much duct tape lately? Have a few extra rolls lying around the garage? You probably also have a cat or dog that sheds way too much. This is the perfect hack for you.


Make your own lint/hair roller by applying the duct tape to a paint roller in your garage. Use it all over your couches and you’ll see how effective it is!


Homemade Sled

There are only two or at best three reasons someone may ever have the urge to make a sled out of duct tape. The first is their kids like to do creative activities, the second is you like DIY projects.

Source: YouTube

The third is your car got snowed in, but your kids want to go sledding on the local park hilltop.

Expensive Hacks

Okay, so this hack is not for the faint-hearted. It requires a handy can-do attitude, some know-how, and most likely a couple of miles of duct tape as well. However, if you know your way around building, and want to get the kids away from that tablet screen, this can be a great family project.


I would not try to use it to impress people in the local harbor though, but duct tape does float. So, there is no reason a duct tape canoe wouldn’t!

Rainy Shoes

Here’s another idea for a craft activity with your kids on a rainy day. Make some rainy day shoes! IF your backyard tends to get muddy, they can make these and slip them on to not get mud all over the house when they come back in.


You’re going to want to buy the colorful duct tape, too, to make it more fun for them. Plain old silver won’t cut it.

Fitting Your Dress

If you love yourself some DIY projects and love to make your own clothes, duct tape can come in handy. You can use it to create a makeshift form of your body so you can fit clothes on it.


WARNING, don’t put tape on your actual skin! Do this on top of tight clothing.

Sleepy Hammock Time

Duct tape can hold a lot of weight if you know how to use it right. And if you pull this one off well enough, then it may feel comfortable, and no one will notice that you made it yourself. Just don’t lay on this on a sunny day though.


Duct tape is also a heat insulator and will get very hot basking out in the sun.

Fear of Doctors

If you cringe and hide in your room every time you need to go to a doctor or have an anxiety attack at just the thought of it, then chances are you have a mental medical condition called latrophobia.


Latrophobia is a fear of doctors, and people who suffer from it come up with their own interesting ideas to deal with a broken arm just like this one.


Despite how ridiculous this looks; this hack is actually very effective in the event that you come across an injured person in a natural disaster.


One of the most important things you can do for a person that is wounded is getting them safely on a stretcher in the event that there are no more left at your disposal, make one out of duct tape!

Hanging Clothes

Have you just moved into a new home? No washer and dryer in the house yet? Did you forget to buy a simple clothes hanger and its Sunday night?


No worry’s, just stick a roll of duct tape from end to end outside, and you can hang your clothes to dry no problem.

Make a Cup

Okay, this one I have actually done before as a young soldier. Sometimes you find yourself preparing a cup of coffee out in the field, and you forgot to bring cups with you.


At least that was my story, and you know what they say: “When there’s a will, there’s a way!”

Raft Hacks

Sometimes your camping trip comes to a halt when you see that your raft has a hole in it. Not to worry!

Source: YouTube

If you brought some duct tape with you, all you need to do is locate the hole, and place layers of duck tape over it in an X shape and you are good to go.

Hand Bag

This could either go really well if you have the creative talent to get it done, or it can also be an absolute disaster.


Just promise yourself not to try anything like this unless you can’t buy a bag. If you’re creative, you can make a duct tape bag look like a work of art.

Water Proof Pillows

If you go on Amazon, there are many waterproof pillows available for you to buy for a decent price to put out in your front porch.


But some people around the world have to work 9 to 5 hours just to make enough to buy bread, and hey, they deserve some luxury pillows too!

Phone Pouch

Are you an overly organized person who still owns an iPhone 4? Forget the new expensive Apple products on the market, you probably stole that phone from your neighbors anyway.


If you went that far then just go a bit further and steal their duct tape so you can make yourself a beautiful charging station next to the wall outlet.


Okay, so this hack is actually a prevalent one. Nine out of ten chances are that you have the same suitcase as someone else on the plane.


So, by all means, stick a colorful strip of tape on that suitcase handle, so no one accidentally picks your bag from the queue, and then flys off to Timbuctoo.

Prom King & Queen

Have you always dreamt of winning the homecoming queen prize at your local high school?


If you’re in a situation where you need to duct tape your dress and suit on you for prom. Then you can probably just keep dreaming because it’s not going to happen, but you make into the circus.

Circus Queen

Now here is an excellent example of two people who instead of trying to fit in, embraced the inner duct tape circus dancer that they really are.

Source: YouTube

In all cases, I do not recommend making clothes out something that you then have to rip off your skin, not to mention sweat in!

Dead Heads

These two seem to have either planned to go see the Dead & Co, Coachella, or Magna Ball festival.


Hey, we thought initially that it would be a good idea,” but it wasn’t, at best you perspired so much under all that tape that it all just peeled off. Stop people really!


Let’s be honest, not every parent can afford to give their children a fresh new costume to impress their friends with on Halloween, but that doesn’t mean they can’t give their friends a laugh, and get a creativity point or two for trying.


Also, the lunch ladies will notice your son and give him extra food free of charge at lunchtime.

Breaking Bad

Making wall art out of duct tape is a great idea, and I’m sure that if the artist applied some sort of self-criticism to his piece, and made improvements, then this thing would have been worth something.


Sadly it is very unpleasing to the eye and needs to come down. Can you do better?

Lawn Chairs

Hey, guys! I have a great idea. Let’s take ultra-heat insulating duct tape and take the time to set it nicely on an old rusty chair frame, and then we have an extra lawn chair on the beach!”


Great idea, only you are going to burn your butt like a fried egg if that thing sits out in the sun!

More Counter Productiveness

This hat should be used for everything and anything except for blocking your head from the sun.


I mean really, you can use it as a toilet for all I care, but if you go out on the beach with this thing on your head, you will get heatstroke faster than you can say “Surfing USA.”

Lunch Boxes

Being a child and opening up your lunchbox is always a fun experience. It’s that time where you can open yourself a box full of food that was made with love by mom and dad that reminds you how much they care.


However, if you are getting this as your lunch packaging, it’s a clear sign that your parents don’t love you! Just kidding. Of course, they do.

Pencil Cases

Okay, so part of me really does not want to hate this idea, not that it doesn’t look bad because it looks hideous. But schools have a lot of chutzpa for requiring kids to walk around with a pencil case all day.


So instead of buying one, you can make one and save the money to buy more duct tape.

What Kind of Sorcery is This?

This person actually had a chip on their shoulder with this very appealing hack of being able to seal any open lid in your tool shed, while simultaneously hanging it on the wall.

Source: YouTube

I may actually try this one out myself when the time presents itself.

Easy Brooming

It’s frustrating when you’re sweeping, and all the little bits of dirt just won’t go nicely into the darn pan! Well you know, a duct tape hack can fix that.

Broom pan with duct tape
Source: YouTube

Just add a piece of tape between the dustpan and the floor as a landing strip, and all the dust will go in. Bonus: you don’t have to bend over in order to hold it in place!

DIY Cup Holder

This is great for those who love to sit outdoors or go camping, but your chairs aren’t fancy and have built-in cup holders. This is where your friendly duct tape comes in.

DIY duct tape cup holder
Source: YouTube

Take a roll of duct tape and stick some pieces to the bottom of the roll. Then, wrap the end around itself and through the chair’s arm. There you have it!

Trap Bugs

No one wants bugs buzzing around inside their home. And the summer is just full of them. Keep bugs at bay by hanging up long strips of duct tape from the ceiling.

duct tape fly catcher
Source: yelp

If you’re looking do lose some calories, too, you can wrap a tennis racket or a badminton racket in duct tape (with the sticky side out) and wave it around.

Garden Labels

If you’re lucky enough to have made yourself a garden, you can keep your herb and produce beds nice and organized with adorable labels made from duct tape.

duct tape garden labels
Source: aunt peaches

You just need to find plastic or wooden sticks (Popsicle sticks are a good choice) and place some duct tape on the top as you see in this photo. Label them however you want and voila!

DIY Pen Top Roses

If you’re looking for a little project to do with the kids perhaps, this is a good one. They look difficult to make, but it’s easier than it seems.

DIY duct tape roses
Source: Household Hacker

Cut up 15 to 20 square pieces of duct tape, about 3-4 inches. Fold them into triangles, so there’s a little adhesive showing on each edge. Fold them over again, so there’s one adhesive edge left. Wrap the triangle around the top of the pen, with the point sticking up. Repeat!

Step Safety

Buy some glow in the dark duct tape to make your steps safer to climb up at night. And if you get up in the middle of the night a lot, this is going to be helpful for you.

duct tape on stairs
Source: Household Hacker

Put some glow-in-the-dark duct tape to the edge of each stair and that way you’ll always know exactly where you’re going.

Don’t Scratch Your Floors

We all have furniture in our homes that if we drag around make marks on our floors. And while many people go out and buy special floor savers, this is a lot easier. Cut a piece of duct tape the size of the legs of your chair or table and stick it on the bottom.

duct tape on furniture leg
Source: Household Hacker

Nobody will ever know that it’s there, and your furniture will slide smoothly and silently across the floor. You can move your stuff around with no scratches!

Fold Your Clothes Nicely

Dudes, if you’ve ever wanted perfectly folded shirts, this is your hack. Just cut up a cardboard box into 6 rectangles, about the size that you want a folded T-shirt to be.

DIY clothes folder
Source: Household Hacker

Lay them out three by two and tape the three middle pieces together along the seam, as well as the two top ones. You now have a free folding board.

No Clips? No Worries

I can never have enough bag clips at home. It seems like I open bags up and never finish them! So this hack is really actually very useful. Just take a couple of strips of duct tape and hang them on the inside of your cabinet.

duct tape bag clips
Source: Household Hacker

Now, every time you put the bag back in the cabinet, you have an easy and accessible way to seal your bag right there! Use this hack for chips, pretzels, pasta; you name it.

Heal Your Glasses

The struggle is real, folks. Anyone with glasses knows that wearing glasses sucks. And what sucks even more is when you glasses break on you. But you can still wear them for a while until you get them fixed.

duct tape to mend glasses
Source: Sensible Prepper

Just use some duct tape around the two pieces to “heal” the wound. And you should probably use the same color tape as your glasses to make it less noticeable!

DIY Belt

You can either use this DIY belt as an everyday belt if you’re the kind of person that likes to dress quirky. But you can also use this hack for when you’re in between pant sizes and need a quick fix.

DIY duct tape belt
Source: Top 10 Archive

Just take a long piece of duct tape and fold it into itself so that no sticky pieces can be felt. You now have a long belt. Snazz it up as much as you want after that.

Leaky Hose No More

A leaky hose is no fun. It gets water everywhere and in places that you didn’t mean to get wet. It’s also no fun to try and fix that leak either! So, if your hose is leaky, this is the easiest quick fix.

duct tape around hose
Source: Top 10 Archive

No instructions needed here as the picture is self-explanatory. Just make sure to wrap enough around the hose so that the water stays in securely. Good job!


Fancy Up Your Water Bottle

Here’s another idea for a crafty Sunday with the kids. If your kids want to have their own personal water bottle, this is a fun and cheap way to give them what they want.

DIY water bottle
Source: Karen Kavett DIY

And it’s also just fun to get together and be crafty! So choose whichever colors you or they want, and go nuts! You can make any kind of design that you’re in the mood for.

Fancy Up Tissue Boxes

You can do more than just fancy up your water bottles. You can make your tissue boxes pretty, too! And who says you have to throw them out when they’re finished!

DIY tissue boxes
Source: Karen Kavett DIY

Here’s a hack for those who like to recycle/upcycle. Use a cardboard box with a hole in the top and use duct tape to customize their style. Have fun with this one!

Back to School

This is good for the kids, but it’s also really useful for the adults, too. Basically, anyone who has a notebook or agenda and uses pens will find this useful.

Notebook and pens
Source: Flickr

Choose a nicely-designed duct tape from your favorite handy store and just put a piece on top of your notebook. Now your pen and marker are here to stay.

Blackheads, Watch Out!

This is for the braver ones: if your nose is covered in blackheads and you don’t have pore strips lying around, duct tape can also do the trick. Apply a strip to your nose, wait a few minutes, and rip it off like a Band-Aid.

duct tape on nose
Source: YouTube/AlphaM

Keep in mind that this isn’t great for your skin, so don’t think that this is a permanent solution. It is, however, a temporary solution for the night before a date or prom night!

Chair Marker

If you hate it when you get in the car after someone else drove it, and you have to spend five minutes adjusting your seat, try this really easy hack. Duct tape can solve the problem!

car seat
Source: YouTube/crazyrussianhacker

Next time your seat is adjusted just the way you like it, take two small strips of tape and line them up, one on the floor and one on the seat. Now you know exactly what spot to realign it to.

Drill Measure

You don’t want to mess up when drilling a hole into the wall. To get the perfect measurement each time, you can use the drill itself. Compare the size of whatever you want to stick into the wall with the tip of the drill.

Drill and duct tape
Source: YouTube/wearex

Then make a little duct tape “flag” where it stops. The flag will stick up and let you know where to stop drilling.


Duct tape burns well, and for a long time, too. If you want to get more life out of your matches, or need a bigger flame, try using duct tape around several matches together.

duct tape on fire
Source: YouTube/wearex

And if you’re going camping and need an easy fire starter, a duct tape ball with some lint in the middle will really do the trick!

Add Grip to Your Tools

Using tools for hours on end can leave you in blisters. So save your hands by taking a smaller roll of your desired color duct tape and wrap it around the handles of your tools.

duct tape on tools
Source: YouTube/wearex

Your hands will thank you and your tools will be much less painful to grip next time. Not only that, but your toolbox will look a lot cooler with all the new colors.

Frayed Shoelaces

Don’t want to buy new shoelaces every time the little plastic tab falls off your shoelaces? You don’t need to. All you have to do is use some duct tape.

duct tape on a shoelace
Source: YouTube/wearex

What you do is cut a small piece of tape and wrap it around the end a couple of times. Your shoelaces won’t fray anymore after that.

Luggage Tag

You really don’t need to buy any fancy tags for your luggage that just gets thrown from place to place anyway. This simple and useful hack is perfect for those who have generic-looking luggage.

duct tape X on luggage
Source: Household Hacker

All you do is get a brightly colored roll of duct tape and put a big X (or any other shape) on your bag. That way, you’ll know exactly which one is yours when you wait for your luggage at the airport.

Doggy Bowl

If you need to make a portable doggy bowl, this is the perfect solution. It’s great for going on hikes or camping. Before you head out, take your doggy bowl and wrap duct tape around it, sticky side out, around the outside.

DIY doggy bowl
Source: Household Hacker

Now rewrap it, this time with the duct tape facing the other way, so now there’s no adhesive showing. Remove it from the bowl and fold it up and put it in your pocket!