Graphic Design Wins: What are the Top 40 Food Package Designs of 2019?

Ever since the industrial revolution, graphic design has been evolving and growing to be an essential part of industrial packaging of any products, from foods and snacks to wines and spirits. Ever industry out there today has many competitors who all want to stand out. A good food design can cost a company hundreds of thousands of dollars sometimes, but it can also mean the difference between international success or failure. We have gathered some of the best food, beverage, and sweets not for their flavor, but the way they’re packaging itself is illustrated. Let us know what you think, or if there is anything you would have added to the list!

Re-Use & Let Live

Products today have lots of fancy packaging. However, many of these product packages carry with them a large carbon footprint and don’t have much use to them once opened.


I really like this wine case. Not just because of its sleek design, but more so because it can be easily re-purposed into a very functional birdhouse making it not only a gift to your spouse or parent but a gift to nature as well!

Never Sniff Again

Checking if your milk is still expired is a very gross, and somewhat cheap tradition that gets passed on from generation to generation. That is until today! Say goodbye to staring at the expiration date for hours on end as you try to syke yourself up to taking a whiff of the bottle.


“Is it bad? I can’t even tell. What’s expired milk supposed to smell like anyway!” This milk carton changes color through time, once your milk is expired, it will let you know on its own.

Half Trash

Nothing makes me cringe more than seeing someone in the subway eating peanuts and throwing the shells on the floor! But can you blame them? A man wants to eat his peanuts, what’s he going to do? Wait until he gets home so he can eat them like a human being?


Well, today old men in subway’s can finally contribute to society, simply by having a built-in trash bag in their peanut bag, so that they can keep shoving nuts down their pie holes!

Chocolate Paint’s

Well, not precisely chocolate paint. More so chocolate that is packaged and designed to look like oil paint cartridges. This is an excellent gift for anyone who likes both chocolate and art.


I’m not sure I would recommend it if there are toddlers in the house. They may try to eat an actual oil paint bottle, and that’s not fun for mom, dad, or baby!

Sustainable Egg Packages

According to the Washington Post, egg sales are at a 50-year high, and the average American eats about 279 eggs a year. Now multiply that by 400 million people!


The fact that Americans are able to afford an egg breakfast for almost every day of the year is excellent, but this comes at a high cost in so many ways. This sustainable packaging technique uses heat pressed hay and turns it into egg cartons. Thus, re-using and repurposing any leftover hey on the barn, and making for some gorgeous packaging!

Potato Bloom Chips

This is something I really like! Eating Pringles and lay’s stacks can get very difficult, once you pop you never stop, but as you go deeper into the tube, you run out of luck!


This excellent chip concept turns into a bowl the second it’s opened. Giving you the same delicious flavors, all without having to worry about getting your hands stuck inside the tube, or even worse, breaking all the chips up!

Gross Meets Design

One of the most useful things in the world of graphic design is that it can take some of the grossest, or less appealing foods on the market, and repackage them to look much more attractive, so at least you may want to try it before you judge.


This sardine package gives you both a laugh and provides you with a pleasant color palette, making it easier to disconnect from the fact that you are about to open a can of sardines.

Serving an Interior Function

This honey gift set is so beautiful, you may not even want to consume any of it! At least that’s what I would do! This is a perfect way to re-decorate your kitchen or dining room with an accurate and pleasant homage to nature.


Look closely at the picture too, even the bees are given credit! Not made in America, or China. No, this honey was manufactured by bees themselves, and even though they can’t speak for themselves, we should still give them some credit. Wouldn’t we expect that from them if it was the other way around?

Fridge Space

This type of egg packaging is perfect for your average college dorm fridge. If you have been there before you would understand. Living with 3 or 4 other people all in one small dorm, and having to share a small fridge together.


Everyone has their own section of the refrigerator, and boundaries are respected and set in stone! This egg packaging saves you space in the refrigerator, and helps you think outside the box, and more like a toaster!

Fun & Delicious!

Yet another gift that’s fun for adults, and may give the wrong idea to young children is the Parm Pen. It may look like a pencil from the outside, but on the inside, it is actually an entirely edible pencil made out of parmesan cheese!


A very fun way to serve a Caesar salad in a busy student café, and a way to mark the price of the salad up a bit too! I love it.

Cookies Revisioned

This cookie package completely flips the tables over on and says, if these cookies came out of an oven, then why shouldn’t they be packaged in an oven too!


Makes sense, and the box looks appealing. Makes you feel like you’re buying high-quality cookies, and the cookies do look delicious!

Bowl Pop

Americans eat an average of about 17 billion quarts of popcorn every single year. That’s enough to fill the Empire State Building 18 times! Just the state of Nebraska produces 250 million pounds of popcorn alone.


Conclusion, Americans love popcorn! So why not make popcorn packaging more fun and safer with a popcorn bag that opens itself up into an easy to use a bowl. That way you don’t have to worry about washing another bowl, plus you don’t need to burn your fingers trying to open the bag!

Movie Night Delivered

Pizza Hut wants you to be able to surprise your loved one next valentines’ day, and what better way to do that than ordering a pizza?


At first, she will think you are a lousy spouse who was too cheap to buy anything special, but once you break out that projector in the middle of nature, and put on her favorite movie, or show, it will be a date she will never forget!

Every Drop Count’s

One of my very first jobs was in a luxury restaurant, and I was not allowed to handle wine until the in-house sommelier gave me his crash course on all things wine.


One of the most important lessons I learned is that every drop of wine needs to be poured before you can take the bottle from the table. Easier said than done when it comes to wine cartons, although this wine carton seems to solve that problem with the ability to press out every drop of wine until the very end. Money saved is money well spent. I like to say!

Honesty is Key

For years now, health-conscious Americans have been complaining of false advertising on food labels. With companies trying to sell food’s with misleading labels like sugar-free, or low-fat, how are you going to know what foods you can trust?


Well that all changes with “The Most Honest Chocolate” box ever. Giving you a calorie count for each bar in the box.

Cute Tea

This little tea box is one of the cutest ideas for a tea gift I have ever seen. Sometimes small items at the supermarket don’t get the respect they deserve, and tea just like anything else on the shelf, deserves a fun packaging style as well!


I know what I’m buying next Valentine’s Day! My Girlfriend always hated having to hang my clothes for me, but will she enjoy hanging my teabags instead? I’ll let you know how that joke went with her in the future.

Kid Friendly

We have been covering a lot of more adult-directed food packaging designs, and I think it’s time we gave you a fun idea for your children too! Kid’s today only love one thing more than they love cookies, and that’s screens and video games.


So, finding a way to entice your child away from the screen is something I personally would pay any price for. The perfect trap offers your kid a cookie, and then show them how the box turns into a fun mask that both of you can cut out and put on each other’s heads!

All in One at Micky Dees

Okay, this is obviously a concept design made by a graphic designer, it should be so hard to make this happen!


Come on McDonald’s do me a favor here, I would pay top dollar not to have to open up a whole dining room table in my car just to eat a couple burgers, and I’m sure the rest of America would too!

Origami Tea

If the tea box from before was more to get a laugh, this one is more about a relaxing tea experience at home or in the office.


They say half of our taste comes from our eyes, and a pleasant bird in my cup is going to make for a delicious cup of tea!

Fit Routine

Americans today are starting to become very routine oriented. Yes, to some that routine may be eating pancakes every morning for breakfast but for others, it’s all about going to the gym and eating a high protein, heavy carb diet.


These fit buns give you that two in one combination, and in case you can’t read, the packaging will speak for itself. It’s also a great way to get a laugh at your next BBQ.

Crazy Wine

Today in the world, there are about 1 million different wineries’ in existence. So, unless you plan on standing out, don’t bank on getting noticed! This bottle of “Loco” wine will very much stand out in your local liquor store.


However, the message is unclear, is the wine crazy, or does drinking it makes you so mad that you end up waking up the next morning in a stray jacket. Regardless, I’m in! Let’s see what happens.

Fresh Banana

If you are making bottled fruit juice, you want to get the message out that your juice is fresh, organic, and natural.


So, what better way to convey that message than to make the drinker unwrap the bottle almost like one would unpeel a banana peel? That’s precisely what Del Monte did here. Give you a fun new way to open a bottle that reminds you that you are drinking fresh, real banana juice!

Novelty Pasta

Novelty bags of pasta has been market of its own for century’s now, and with modern design in the mix, things can get very interesting.


This box of pasta is meticulously designed to look like the Empire State Building when you open the box. It’s the perfect way to decorate your kitchen counter, or on the shelf in the dining room. Just make sure everyone in the house knows that this pasta is not for cooking.

Don’t Spoil Your Day

There have been many ideas floating around just like the milk carton where the material in packaging changes colors based on the chemical reactions inside the package itself. This type of technology is perfect for meat packaging freshness indication.


Although the smell of spoiled milk does not really spread that much in the fridge, it’s good to know if it’s too late to eat that steak before you open it!

Orange You Glad I Said Carrot

These two bags of oranges play a bit of a mind trick for the buyer. Their maybe oranges in the bag, but this bag looks like no other than the carrot.


It’s not really that disruptive of an idea, but it will make people at the supermarket “remember” they have to buy carrots after they had picked up the oranges. I would not be surprised to see carrots sitting side by side this thing in a bag shaped like an orange!

The Royal Bath

Novelty products are always a fun and funny gift to buy when you don’t know what to get for someone. I was always told growing up that the second-best thing next to a sentimental gift, is a gift that gets a laugh.


With these novelty tea bags featuring the Queen of England, and Angela Merkle, you are sure to get a chuckle or two out of grandma.

Squeeze and Stir

There are two things in this world, that had they not existed, the Earth may literally stop spinning. Those two things are money and coffee.


Sometimes we have so little time in the morning to go out and buy some or make some at home that an on the go alternative means the difference between getting fired or being an employee of the month. This Squeeze and stir coffee spoon are perfect for people who need coffee on the go.

Careful Landmines Ahead

Land mine ketchup that is! This ketchup company wanted to raise awareness of a problem plaguing the whole world. In 89 different countries in the world, people run the daily risk of stepping on an old landmine.


Some countries try their best to take care of the problem, while others pay no attention to it. This packet of ketchup shows you what happens when you step on one yourself.

Wood Themed Food

When I was little, I would look at the designs on tables and doors, and almost everything that resembled a bar of chocolate in either shape or color immediately gave me a craving to eat chocolate myself.


These chocolate bars really captures the association between the two really well. It’s making me hungry already!

More Wine

Like I mentioned before, there is a lot of wine being distributed around the world, so far, we have seen a bottle that can get repurposed for nature, another one that tells you that you’re going to have a good time, and this one gives a challenge for the mind!


Are you getting bored while drinking? Give this crossword wine a try, you may become happier and smarter at the same time!


Many people go vegan because they disagree with how the milk and meat industries are run, and they don’t like how many animals are crammed into these farms and live a whole life for human consumption.


This Milk company tries to counter that by making a bottle that shows you exactly what cow you are drinking your milk from and sells their milk from free-range roaming cows rather than a fenced in animal.

The Soy Train

If you are starting to get sick of eating meat, don’t be too nervous about it, it’s very reasonable. Studies show that as humans get older, they start to have a worse reaction to their meat diets than they would under a vegetarian or vegan diet.


This low-fat soy drink is perfect if you need that milky fix without all the symptoms and guilt.

“This Beer is Bomb!”

With all the violence going on in the world, and the censoring in almost every industry in America, it’s hard to believe that this beer company could get that very far in the market with their product.


But I guess there are still people out there who like ammunition shaped beverages. I think I may be one of them, heck, these bottles look pretty cool!

A Smile for Dessert

Packed lunch may seem like no big deal, but studies show that a well-balanced packed lunch, (whether they eat it or not,) is very beneficial for children’s mental health.


Kids who have their lunch packed for them by their parents tend to have better grades and have much healthier social interactions with their peers than children who buy food at the cafeteria. Add an extra touch to your child’s lunch with this smiley face box of chocolates, just make sure to encourage them to share with their friends.

Fresh Harvest

Finding locally sourced fruits and vegetables in big cities like Boston, or NY can be a very challenging task. To tackle this problem, New Yorkers, for instance, are starting their own community gardens through community centers, and locally sourcing their own food.


If you are part of a local community garden, break out this sleek paper bag, and show off all the special veg inside to your neighbors, maybe they’ll want to join too!

Choose Your Flavor

This small tube of organic root chips gives you the ability not just to control how seasoned your chips are, but you can even pick what type of seasoning you’re in the mood for!


I would personally be very irresponsible with these types of chips. I would probably just dump all of everything and see what it tastes like.


To be honest, maybe this would work in a bubblier country like Japan or Korea, but I’m not sure Americans would be too enticed to buy meat packed in pink coating.


Especially considering the fact that most Americans order they’re meat well done saying they don’t want any “pink” in their steak! But if you have a friend who likes colorful ham packaging, send them one of these. Let us know what they’re response was!

Don’t Be Fishy

I have to admit I really like this concept. Many people around the world sometimes travel long distances to get to their local fish market, and at the fish market, there are not many clean systems of packaging the fish for any long-distance travel.


With this, you can gently store your fish in a sterile place, slab it over your shoulders and go on with your day, and the best part is no one will know or smell the fish hanging off your back!

High Five

This is a perfect novelty present for people who love high fives and sausages equally! With pinky’s sausages, you can get 100% “Hand-Reared Pork,” that is fresh and delicious.


Now we need just to figure out what in the world “Hand-Reared Pork” is? Let’s just hope it means these pigs died with dignity.