Genius Kitchen Hacks That Will Change Your Life

The Egg Shell Problem Cracked

We are starting our list of Kitchen Hacks with eggs. Most people have experienced loose pieces of shell falling into the white when cracking eggs – not only is it annoying, it’s also challenging to get them out by using your fingers.

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But here’s a much easier method: just make your fingers wet before you put them in the egg. The pieces of shell – no matter how small – will stick to your finger and, therefore, slide out much more comfortable. You’ll be amazed at how well this simple hack works!

Cook Your Way to a Pancake Cake

Pancakes are delicious and a firm family favorite throughout the Western world, but preparing and traditionally cooking them can be time-consuming, messy, and tricky. If you have a rice cooker, though, you can simplify the process and make them with minimal fuss.

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Just pour pancake batter inside and watch in amazement as a giant pancake rises inside, ready to be cut like a cake and enjoyed as a delicious breakfast or treat.

Soften Butter in Seconds

Forgetting to take the butter out of the refrigerator in time for it to go soft can put a spanner in the works of any dinner party.

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But don’t worry – just take a small glass and warm it up by running hot water over it or microwaving it for a few seconds, then place it over the butter. The butter under the glass will quickly soften, leaving it with just the right consistency to cut and spread quickly.

Make Dry Cookies a Thing of the Past

Freshly baked cookies are delicious – even more so when they’re moist and chewy. When you leave them for a while, however, the consistency changes – but here’s a fool-proof way to stop that from happening. Instead of storing them in a jar, simply put them in a Tupperware box along with a wedge of apple.

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The cookies will draw in the moisture from the apple and retain their moistness and chewiness for much longer than usual. And if you’re storing them for a while, you can always replace the apple wedge with a new one to keep the moisture levels up. 

Seal the Freshness of Guacamole

Those of us who love guacamole know how difficult it is to preserve due to exposure to oxygen causing it to turn brown and change the flavor. To prevent this, put leftover guacamole in a container and add a thin layer of water on top. This acts as a protective barrier, preventing the guacamole from reacting with the oxygen in the air.

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Pour the water out of the container when you are ready to eat it, and the guacamole will still be green and delicious!

It’s Always Sunny with this Egg-cellent Hack

If you have problems getting your sunny-side-up eggs to turn out perfectly, you’re not alone! It’s not unusual for them to cook unevenly or even burn, and it’s incredibly frustrating.

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But here’s a handy hack: take a bouillon bowl or something similar, break your egg in it, and whisk the whites – but be careful not to break the yolk! This simple step will help your egg to spread out perfectly in the frying pan and cook evenly. 

Add Flavor, Not Water

When you’re serving drinks, you should consider adding frozen strawberries, grapes, or other fruit pieces instead of ice. This will cool down your drink without watering it down and, in the end, you can eat the fruit. The type of fruit you choose will subtly change the flavor of the drink, though, so it may take some experimenting to figure out the best combinations.

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One of our favorites is frozen white grapes in white wine!

De-Stoning Cherries Is the Pits

Cherries are delicious, but those pesky stones are annoying! Even if you try pitting before eating them, the usual outcome is a huge amount of mess – and cherry juice can stain clothing and other porous materials! A genius way to avoid this is by taking an open soda or beer bottle, setting the cherry on top of it, and pushing through the top of the cherry with a chopstick.

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The stone will fall out into the bottle, leaving you with pitted cherries and a clean kitchen!

Cut Your Tomatoes and Preparation Time Simultaneously

Here is a neat Kitchen Hack. Cherry tomatoes add color and flavor to almost any dish, but cutting them in half one by one can be extremely time-consuming. However, if you have two plastic lids that are the same size, you can use them to get the job done much quicker.

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Just put as many as you can on one of the lids (with the inner part facing up) and place the other lid on top to sandwich them inside. Hold the lid down, grab a knife, and cut through all of them at once. Pull off the lid, and all your cherry tomatoes will be sliced neatly and cleanly.

To Float or Not to Float

If you’re ever in doubt as to whether an egg is fresh or not, try this simple but effective kitchen hack. Place the egg in question in a large bowl of water – if it sinks and rests on its side at the bottom of the bowl, you can rest assured it is fresh and, therefore, safe to eat. If it is on the bottom but upright, however, it is about to go off.

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You should, therefore, eat it as soon as possible, considering hard boiling it to be on the safe side. If it floats, there’s no question that it is rotten and should be thrown out immediately.