Channel Your Creativity With these Amazing Mason jar Hacks and Fun DIY Projects

Mason jars are a fun, trendy item that seems to have come back in style in recent years. Everyone loves the gorgeous rustic farmhouse style, and Mason jars can help embrace that theme throughout the house. However, you would be surprised with what else you can do with simple Mason jar.

Mason jar fairy lights
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Mason jars give off a comforting and homey vibe, that’s why they work incredibly around the house. However, you can do almost everything using mason jars, from a toothbrush holder to a nightlight. Check out these incredible hacks and DIY projects you can make with a Mason jar.

Lamp Base

If you like arts and crafts and want to get some creative juices flowing, try making this awesome lamp! The base is made from a Mason jar, and it comes out looking amazing!

Mason jar lamp base
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This is a fun activity, and it looks nice around the house. You can even throw some paint on it and put these lamps in the kid’s bedrooms. It also makes a wonderful gift!

Magnetic Spice Rack

This one is fun and very easy, you just need to use mini Mason jars. Simply fill them up with spices, label them and glue magnets on the lids. This way, you have magnetic spices ready to go.

Mason jar magnetic spice rack
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These go perfectly on the fridge. Now you won’t have to go through cabinets looking for a certain spice. They are all right in front of you at all times. It’s also a wonderful way to spice up your kitchen.

Picture Frame

Mason jars are a unique way to frame pictures. It gives the area a cool farm-like sensation. However, it’s important to be really careful! Because of the shape of mason jars, they could make for some crazy optical illusions.

Mason jar as a picture frame
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On Halloween, you can put in pictures that look scary in the jar. However, on a normal day, this is just an elegant way to frame photos of your kids or even wedding pictures!

It’s pretty easy to make it look like you have a human head in your mason jar. This is a really fun trick for Halloween, but on a normal day, it may convince people you’re a serial killer.

Sewing Kit

If you ever sew, you probably experienced the frustration of losing yarn, sewing needles, and bobbins. However, this hack is a perfect way to keep your sewing things in one place.

Mason jar sewing kit
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This Mason jar display is adorable and so convenient. You don’t have to worry about losing anything! You keep the yarn in the jar and the needles on top for easy access.

Coffee-mate lid caps!

As we know, mason jars are a cool way to store anything, and coffee is no exception. Mason jars are a convenient way to separate coffee flavors and have easy access to them.

Coffee-mate lids for Mason jars
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The best part of this hack is that Coffee-mate lids fit mason jars perfectly. You can store some powdered creamer inside the jars and use the red coffee-mate lids to add some color and fun!

Salt Shakers

Mason Jars are a fun way to add your creativity into things around the house such as salt shakers! You can simply decorate the jar however you want, and then make some holes in the lids.

Mason jar salt and pepper shakers
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You can even take lids that come on other items such as, Parmesan cheese containers. This way you already have a cap with holes. It’s a fun way to add your own touch into a simple household item. This can be used for all spices.

The blender trick

Did you know that blender blades fir perfectly into an empty mason jar? That’s right; you can blend anything directly into the jar! This is convenient for blending soups or sauces that you want to store for later.

Using a Mason jar for the blender
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This is an easy way to save some dirty dishes, and it makes controlling portion sizes much easier. Try making yourself a delicious solo smoothie straight in the Mason jar!

Serve Cocktails

Here is a fun party trick! If you ever want to add a cool rustic twist to your cocktails, check out this awesome hack! You simply grab two Mason jar lids and drill a few holes in of them.

Mason jar as a cocktail shaker
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Simply shake up the drinks with the regular lid and then strain it in the lid with the holes. Serve the cocktails in the Jars. This could be a cool way to serve cocktails at a wedding, and they work for all drinks.

Oil Lamp

A really fun project to make with an oil lamp using a mason jar. It could look very beautiful in your backyard. Plus, this hack can be extremely convenient if there is ever a power outage.

Mason jar oil lamp
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Just fill two-thirds of the jar with lamp oil and close the lid tightly. Then add a cotton wick and let it soak up the oil. After about an hour, simply make a hole in the lid and pull the wick through a bit. Then light your lamp and enjoy.

Toothpick holder

Any jar is usually suitable to store things around the house. Small mason jars look really cute and are convenient when you don’t want to lose little items. That’s why they are perfect for storing toothpicks.

Mason jar toothpick holder
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For this hack, all you have to do is a use a hammer and nail to punch a few holes in the hid. Then you simply shake the jar to dispense. If you like projects, try decorating the jar to channel your creativity.


Being organized is important but hard to maintain, especially without enough storage space. Mason jars are a perfect solution! They are great for storing pens, paper clips, and other school supplies.

Mason jars as school supply holders
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You can also use them in your bathroom. They are very helpful when it comes to pony tales, bobby pins, and Q-tips. They will match nicely with your Mason jar toothbrush holder.

Toothbrush Holder

Mason jars are a very simple way to add a comforting feeling to your home. The classic rustic style adds so much if you’re trying to organize or decorate. That’s why they work so well in bathrooms.

Mason jar as a toothpaste holder
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To make a toothbrush holder just outfit the jar with chicken wire. This will keep your toothbrushes upright which is the best position for drying. It will also prevent the toothbrushes from touching one another and spreading germs.

Meal Prep

This hack is genius! Mason jars are perfect for meal prepping, and pizza is no exception! Just add the ingredients and keep the jars in the fridge. Whenever you are hungry simply bake and eat.

Pizza in a Mason jar
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Mason jars are safe to bake as long as you immerse them in a deep baking dish filled with water. You can make pizza and other personalized on-the-go meals. This is delicious and convenient.

Soap Dispenser

You can easily make yourself a cool rustic-style soap dispenser using a mason jar. All you need to do is pop a hole in the lid so that you can glue a pump from any old soap dispenser.

Mason jar as a soap dispenser
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Then you fill it with soap, and it’s ready to use. This would look beautiful in both the bathroom and kitchen. To make it feel more personal, feel free to decorate the jar.

Label it!

Mason jars usually have cool imprinted letters on it. Usually, they spell out something simple like ‘mason.’ The words are visible even when they are painted over because of the indent.

Labeling Mason jars with a hot glue gun
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However, what do you if you want to personalize the writing on your mason jars? You just use a hot glue gun! This is so simple that you would never think of it! Just inscribe the label with a hot glue gun and paint over the jar when it dries.


This is a fun project to do with younger children. All you have to do is cut up a glow stick and put in the Mason jar. Once you seal the lid, shake it around. You can also add a cartoon character for fun!

Mason jar nightlight
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This DIY project is really fun and helps kids who may be afraid to sleep in complete darkness. You can even add diamond glitter to make this nightlight so much cooler!

Place Setting

Using mason jars are a great idea to use as a silverware holder for outdoor meals. It’s perfect and convenient for picnics or even barbeques.

Mason jar place setting
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You can put all the silverware in bigger mason jars, or make cute personalized sets for everyone. It’s easy to be creative with this idea. You can throw in some napkins to make it classy or some candy to make it fun.

Sippy Cup

This project is a fun way to start off the summer. Grab a Mason jar to make personalized sippy cups with the kids! This is a perfect way to make sure they are drinking and hydrated while preventing spills.

Mason jar sippy cups
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Of course, sippy cups are not limited to children. Anyone can use them at any time. Go crazy on the jar, and you can even paint the lid. Just make sure to create a hole on top so that you can attach the straw.

Snow Globe

Mason jars can be so perfect for DIY projects. One of the most creative ideas is making a snow globe. This is a perfect activity for the holidays, and they can make great gifts.

Mason jar snow globe
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You simply glue a tiny toy to the inside of the Mason jar cap. Then add glitter and water. It’s highly recommended to clue the lid shut so avoid the snow globe from opening up or leaking.

“I’m Gonna Swing from the Chandelier”

You can make beautiful items using mason jars. You can even make stunning Mason jar chimes. That’s right. You can use something as simple as a Mason jar to create a chandelier.

Mason jar chandelier
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Let your imagination run wild because there are so many different ways to do this. It can be a regular chime outside your front door or a classy chandelier perfect for your home or rustic themed wedding.

Tissue Holder

If you like finding creative ways to incorporate mason jars into the theme of your home, this is a great idea. Create this decorative DIY tissue holder from a Mason jar.

Mason jar tissue holder
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This is an easy one. Decorate the jars however you want and place them in your bathroom, bedroom, or living room. Cut a little slip in the Mason jar lid, so that the tissues can come out.

Candle Holders

If you like arts and crafts, this project is definitely for you. All you really have to do is decorate the Mason jar however you want. You can use paint, glitter, stickers, or whatever else your heart desires.

Mason jar candle holder
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Once you let it dry, drop a candle in there and light it up. These candleholders can make any table look more exotic. Based on how you decorated them, they can be fun and exciting, or elegant and romantic.

The Best Coasters

Here is another hack that you probably never thought of. Use the Mason jar lids as coasters! Sometimes people will use their Mason jar for something, and not need the lid. Don’t throw them away!

Coasters made from Mason jar lids
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Make these fun coasters! Decorate them with some glitter, or mix and match fabrics. You can give all your friend’s drinks without worrying about cup stains. Plus, you get to show off your awesome coasters.

Pour Spout

We have all experienced it- trying to pour a tiny bit of flour or baking soda in a bowl when half the bag comes out. This hack will help you avoid this situation. Simply add a spout to your Mason jar lid.

Salt spout on a Mason jar
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Since this spout comes with salt, you should have one in the house already. Once you attach it to your mason jar, it will help will proportions. You can even paint them different colors if you want to get creative with it.

Pencil Holder

Mason Jars are great for organization. Many people use them to hold pens, highlighters, and other office supplies. However if you have children, this can be a fun activity to do with them.

Mason jar pencil holder
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Make a special pencil holder. Creating a unique jar for school supplies might help encourage your children to do their homework. This could also make a wonderful gift for the teacher.

Piggy Bank

Create your own little piggy bank using a Mason jar. This is an amazing idea for anyone who is trying to save up for something specific. All you really have to do cut a hole in the lid so you can insert money.

Mason jar piggy bank
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You can always decorate the jar, and it helps to label it with what you are saving up for. For example, if you are saving up for a trip, decorating with this map is a fun idea!

Candy Jars

This is a really fun project idea for a child’s birthday party. Make some candy jars as centerpieces. You can get creative with different color candy and how you put them in the jar.

Mason jar filled with candy
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For this one, it’s better to use a clear Mason jar so that the colors of the candy will be visible. You can have them out around the tables, and the kids can take them home as goody bags!

String Lights

This is a beautiful idea for anyone who likes to spend nights outdoors. Make these stunning string lights! What’s important here is cutting the hole on the Mason jar lids and putting the string through.

Mason jar string lights
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Other than that, you can have fun and get creative. You can decorate the jars or maybe throw some glitter in there. Just put some tea lights in there to brighten up your evening. This would look amazing if you have a balcony.


This is so cool! Get rid of your matchbox and try this little hack instead. It’s very convenient and so simple to do. You just have to get sandpaper and cut it down to the shape of the Mason jar lid.

Mason jar matchbox
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Once you have the lid done, put the matches inside. For easy access, you can even cut a small hole in the sandpaper. This is easy to pack and carry for camping trips, or it can just look pretty sitting on your shelf.

Chalk Paint

Mason jars can be used to create unique and personalized gifts or party favors. You can use chalk paint to customize these jars as cute little goody bags or as a classy way of assigning seating at weddings.

Mason jars with chalk paint
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This chalk paint can be used on mason jars in so many different ways. Another fun one is for labeling! Cover the lids in chalk paint and write on them. That way, you know where everything is.

Candle Making

So anyone who has ever made candles before knows how much fun it is, and anybody who hasn’t made candles is missing out. You can decide on everything from the scent to the colors!

Mason jar candle
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A mason jar is a perfect container for making candles. You have so many options of how to decorate it and which flavors to use. If you’re a candle lover, save your Mason jars for this!

Rustic Lights

Mason jar lights look incredible outside but can look just as beautiful inside. If you enjoy having a rustic farmhouse theme around your house, this project is perfect for you!

Mason jar rustic lights
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Attach metal chains to the jars and then hang them over a regular piece of woof for a bit of an antique twist. This may seem very simple, but once the candle is lit, it creates a whole new vibe.

Holiday Spirit

With the holidays coming up, everyone wants to find fun, creative ideas to get into the holiday spirit. Here is a fun one! Instead of throwing all your candy in a boring old drawer, why don’t you use a mason jar?

Mason jar decorated for the holidays
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Since you get to decorate the jars, this is a fun way to channel your creative side. These can be a pretty addition to your holiday decorations, but they can make great gifts as well.

Plant Holder

Mason jars can make great plant holders. Not only do they look adorable but, the rustic feel goes really well with gardening. Simply put the flowers in the Mason jars.

Flowers in a Mason jar
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That’s literally all you have to do, and it will look amazing! Maybe put some water at the bottom of the jar to keep them from dying. However, the colors will brighten up your house, and the flowers will also release a wonderful scent.

DIY Wedding

A rustic style has been a common theme in weddings for years. Lately, we have seen a lot of people saving money by planning DIY weddings and here is a perfect decoration!

Mason jars decorated in pearls
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Bring elegance into your wedding by designing these gorgeous Mason jars. The pearls and flowers make it look so fancy when it doesn’t actually take much effort at all. You don’t even need to put anything in them.


Mason jars really don’t get enough credit, but they can make wonderful gifts. Just throw some little presents or candy inside, and give to a friend. This is perfect for birthdays and holidays.

Mason jar present
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To personalize it, you can always decorate the jar. Not only do they get little fun presents inside but, now they have a Mason jar to do their own DIY projects with.

Kitchen Décor

You know what they say, the kitchen is the heart of the home. That’s why it’s very important to make sure the kitchen feels comfortable. A great way to give off a warm, homey feeling is with Mason jars.

Mason jars in the kitchen
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Decorate Mason jars and put them around the kitchen. Not only will the rustic style look good in any kitchen, but these jars can be very useful for wooden spoons and other kitchen essentials.

Fairy light

If you want to brighten up the night, try making these awesome fairy lights! They’re beautiful, elegant and calming. You get to be creative with this one because you can basically do whatever you want.

Mason jar fairy light
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After decorating the Mason jar, put a glow stick around the bottom. If you want it to glow more, you can just break open the glow stick and shake it up in the jar.

Paint Containers

Next time you need to paint the walls, no need to take over garage space with a ton of huge paint buckets. Instead, store the paint in mason jars.

Paint in Mason jars.
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In addition to saving space, this is a great way to stay organized. You can even label the caps with the color, and because they are packed up in Mason jars you get much easier access.