Awesome Holiday Hacks for Surviving the Winter

Who said winter and the holidays have to be stressful and cold? Well, sure, winter can be really cold. But doesn’t have to be unbearable. We have some hacks that will keep you warm. And sane. We have hacks for the home, clothes, car, staying healthy, and even Christmas! Enjoy.

1. Leave The Oven Door Open After Baking

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Cold weather and warm cookies always seem to be the perfect combo. Take advantage of the oven warmth by leaving the oven door open after cooking. It can heat up the kitchen quickly and you also get the nice scent. Just make sure any small children aren’t close by!

2. Warm Up Your Bed with a Hot Water Bottle

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There’s nothing more enjoyable than a hot water bottle in the winter. You can hold it close to your body for immediate warmth and it feels good. It also serves as a quick and safe way to warm up your bed before hitting the hay at night.

3. Place Tinfoil Behind Your Heater

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Boost the power of your wall-mounted radiator or heater. Place a layer of tinfoil opposite the wall. This will help reproduce the heat into the room. Be careful not to use anything else flammable. And be careful not to burn yourself if the heater is really hot.

4. Run Your Ceiling Fan On Low And Spin It Clockwise

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Running your ceiling fan on low and having it spin clockwise will push the warm air rising to the ceiling back down. Do this a couple of times to produce warm air around the room. It’s an easy way to warm up the room without having to turn on any extra heaters.

5. Use A Lighter And Your Key To Thaw A Frozen Lock

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De-ice a frozen door lock by heating your key with a match or lighter, then gently push the heated key into the lock to melt the ice as you apply pressure. Just be careful as the key will be hot. Another option is to apply a few drops of hand sanitizer on your key and open a frozen door lock. You can do this for your house door or your car door.

6. Start the Fire With Toilet Paper Rolls and Dryer Lint

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What’s cozier than a lit fireplace in the winter? But sometimes lighting the fire is what makes people avoid doing it in the first place. But it doesn’t have to be complicated. Get some toilet paper rolls, some lint, and voila. You have a simple way to start a fire. Make a bunch so that you can have them ready for the next time.

7. Use Pebbles to Dry Your Wet Boots

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To keep your home dry, you can create your own pebble boot tray for everybody’s winter shoes. It’s an easy DIY that you could make yourself. It’ll drain rain and snow well. And everyone knows how annoying wet and dirty winter boots can be. Especially if there’s a lot of them in the entranceway! This hack is both useful and nice looking.

8. Remove Static in Your Hair

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Remove winter hair static and frizz with dryer sheets. Or you can go even further and put a dryer sheet on your hairbrush to get rid of wild, static-filled hair. And if you notice your hair gets static-y at work, bring one in your bag and use it when you need to.

9. Keep Your Feet Soft and Smooth

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Winter takes a toll on our skin. Your feet are especially neglected in the winter months since no one’s wearing sandals. But why not keep them nice and smooth? A pair of cozy socks and some Vaseline are all you need for super soft feet. And the best trick is to do it before you go to sleep.

10. Diy Lip Scrub for Chapped Lips

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We all know what chapped lips are like and how uncomfortable it is. Sometimes lip balm you buy in the store just doesn’t do the job. Which is why a DIY lip scrub is your solution. It’s so easy: mix coconut oil, honey, brown sugar, and vanilla extract (optional) and you have your very own handmade lip scrub. Use it every day. Your lips will soft and refreshed.

11. Put a Shower Cap on Your Bike


Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean everyone has to hide indoors. Some of us still enjoy a good bike ride! But the bike seat can get cold and frozen. So keep the bike seat dry with a shower cap. Shower caps aren’t just for your hair!

12. DIY Anti-Freeze

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Who says you have to buy every product that you need. And that goes for anti-freeze as well. Make your own by combining one teaspoon of liquid dish soap, one tablespoon rubbing alcohol and about one gallon of water. You can use the solution to pour over sidewalks, stairs, driveways, etc. so they don’t freeze. And therefore you won’t slip and fall!

13. Keep the Shovel From Sticking

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Anyone who has shoveled a snowy driveway knows that snow can stick and it weighs down on the shovel, making it more difficult than it needs to be. So all you need to do is spray the shovel with cooking spray to keep the snow from sticking.

14. Use Socks as Windshield Wiper Covers

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Knee-high socks slipped over windshield wipers before a storm will save you from de-icing. The ice won’t build up and make it hard to freeze. So the next time you hit the road in a winter season, store a pair of socks in your compartment and save your windshield from icing.

15. Waterproof Shoes with WD-40.

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WD-40 is something you would never think to use for anything other creaky door hinges. But it has many uses! Not only does WD-40 create a waterproof barrier on shoes, it will also help remove any salt stains on boots during the winter months. Just spray onto the stains, and wipe with a clean cloth.

16. Keep Your Feet Warm with DIY Insoles

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A good pair of socks doesn’t always do the job of keeping your feet nice and warm during the winter. Sometimes we need to take extra measures. Place homemade wool felt or fabric inserts in shoes to keep your feet warm. And make a bunch! For you, your spouse, and your kids.

17. Keep Baby Wipes Handy

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Baby wipes are good for so many things. They’re not just for babies’ bums! You can use them to wipe off your shoes and boots in the snowy months. They will wipe off the salt which if left unwiped, can stain. Keep a package of wipes next to your shoes so you won’t forget. And also in your bag, so you can wipe off your shoes when you get to work!

18. Stuff Newspaper into Wet Boots

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This hack will come in handy during the snowy winter months. Wet boots can stay moist for hours! But all it takes is some newspaper. Put some in your boots when you come home and you’ll see that your boots will dry up a lot faster than they would normally.

19. Shave Away Sweater Pills

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Who doesn’t have an old sweater that you just can’t part ways with because you love it too much? But the thing is, it’s full of fuzz. No worries. Just take a disposable razor and shave them away. This can also be used on that throw blanket you have on your couch that you also love and don’t want to say goodbye to.

20. Use Pool Noodles for Your Boots

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If you have high boots, you probably notice that they fall to the sides all the time and they just don’t look or sit in a nice organized way. So cut up some pool noodles and put them in your boots to keep them upright. Don’t have pool noodles? You can also use used wine bottles.

21. Tissue Hack

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Have a cold? A runny nose? Blowing your nose every 30 seconds isn’t just frustrating and tiring, it’s also a mess! This hack will solve that part of the problem. When those noses start running, take a rubber band and connect an empty Kleenex box to a full one and use the empty box as a trash can. So simple, so smart.

22. Medicine Hack

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If you or your child needs some medication, it can be easy to forget when it was last taken. So you can mark the bottle with dosages and times given with a sharpie. It’s definitely a “Why didn’t I think of that?” moment.  It’s so easy to do and this way you won’t miss a dose!

23. Vicks Vapo Rub for Your Shower

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You can make shower tablets out of Vicks Vapor Rub with and an ice cube tray. The combination of vapors and a steamy shower is sure to alleviate cold symptoms. It will unclog your sinuses and it smells refreshing. You could even add glitter and give them away as a gift.

24. Put a Blanket on Your Windshield

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Ice on your windshield is annoying and also a huge time-waster. If you’re already late for work, now you have to spend 10 minutes just getting the ice off your windshield. With this hack, you can top ice from forming on your windshield. Just put a blanket on it overnight.

25. Cover Your Car Mirrors with Plastic Bags

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Another way to speed up your morning routine is to prevent ice buildup on your car mirrors. If you put plastic bags on them at night or even every time you get home, you won’t have to deal with it the next time you go out.

26. Buy Some Cat Litter. Seriously.

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Cat litter has some strange uses aside from being the material your cat poops on. If you put some under your tires, it gives them traction if you’re stuck in the snow. So it would be a good idea to keep a bag of cat litter in your trunk so you have it handy whenever you might need it.

27. Shaving Cream as a De-fogger

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Put shaving cream on the inside of your windows and then wipe it off. Shaving cream has a lot of the same ingredients that commercial defoggers have, and it leaves a layer on the window to keep the fog off. Keep a can in your car for handy use.

28. Park Your Car Facing East.

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By facing east where the sunlight is coming from, the frost in your car will melt fast. Let the sun’s heat do a lot of your snow removal work for you. And the less you have to do in your morning routine, the better. That’s letting Mother Nature take care of you.

29. DIY Dinner Party Hack

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Have lots of people coming over for Christmas dinner? It’s your turn to host and you don’t know how to organize the table as well as keep it pretty. Use chalkboard tape to turn plain dishes into party dishes. You can write the names of your guests so they know where to sit.

30. Storing Your Ornaments

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If you have a Christmas tree, you have ornaments. And you might be like the many people who have simply too many! But you don’t have to get rid of them just yet. You can organize them better is all. Plastic cups are great for storing ornaments. Glue them to a piece of cardboard for easy stacking.

31. Smell the Holidays

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Fill your home with the smell of the holidays. Place tangerines, cranberries, cinnamon sticks, cloves, ginger, and fresh pine branches in a pot and let it simmer on the stove. It doesn’t only have to be for guests. You can make this “holiday potion” whenever you want that holiday scent in the home. But it also impresses your guests if you do have some coming.

32. Make Your Christmas Tree Fuller

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Not every Christmas tree is full and healthy looking. Sometimes you have to make do with a not-so-happy-looking evergreen. But it’s okay. There’s a hack for that too! Use shiny green tinsel to make your Christmas tree look fuller.

33. Frozen Whipped Cream

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If you’re looking to spice up your holiday party but not have to spend lots of money, this is a really easy and fun hack. Freeze whipped cream on a cookie sheet and use a cookie cutter to make hot chocolate hearts. Plop them into your hot chocolate or coffee and voila!

34. Pizza Pitas

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If you want something different and also somewhat healthy, try this for your holiday party. Serve guacamole the festive way with pita bread and pretzel sticks. They make for nice photos too. And your guests will love them.

35. Cranberry ice cubs

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Another really simple and pretty hack is frozen cranberries. Fill an ice tray with water and cranberries. You can use them in water or any cocktail or glass of wine!

36. Waterproofing Your Canvas Shoes

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Don’t want to put away your canvas shoes for the winter? You don’t have to!  All you need to do is rub a candle or even beeswax against the entire canvas surface of your shoe, take a hair dryer and melt the wax into your shoe’s surface.

37. Organize Your Christmas Lights

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Everyone knows how difficult it is to untangle Christmas lights. But this time you’ll be prepared. Just take some clothes hangers and wrap the lights around them. This will save you about three hours of untangling in the future!

38. Make Your Gingerbread Cookie Into Ornaments

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Gingerbread cookies are so adorable, right? But they don’t have to be for eating only. Make some extra ones this year. Cover them with a few coats of varnish and now you have ornaments for years! And they make really sweet gifts and party favors.

39. Pipe Insulation As Draft Blockers

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If you have an older house with wide gaps under the doors, you probably feel that draft coming in all the time. Use a piece of pipe insulation to fill in the gaps. Slice along the length of the pipe and slide it underneath the door.

40. Use Natural Energy

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Sounds simple right? But using natural sunlight is one of the best ways to stay warm in your home. So if you notice it’s a sunny day, open up those drapes! Let the sun shine in!