All the Shoe Hacks You Wish You Knew About Before You Threw Out Your Last Pair!

Ladies, ladies, ladies. What’s better than buying a pair of amazing new shoes? And now, what’s worse than your favorite pair getting scuffed up and you fear having to throw them out? Have no fear, ladies! There’s a hack for that.

Shoe hacks
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These are, honestly, amazing shoe hacks that I never even heard of before. But now that I know about them, I’m definitely going to use these hacks before I even think about getting rid of my shoes! Shoes too tight? Getting blisters? These are the solutions you wish you knew about before you threw out your last pair.

Loosen Tight Shoes

Problem: Your new shoes are too tight, and you need to loosen them up

Solution: Place them in the freezer with Ziploc bags filled with water

Shoes with Ziplock bags
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It’s amazing how well it works! Your new shoes might be too tight, or maybe you’re pregnant, and your feet have swollen up. This is what you need to do: fill up two Ziplock bags with water and place them inside your shoes. As the water freezes, the bags will slowly expand and gently stretch the walls of your shoes.

Get a Grip!

Problem: Your shoes are lacking grip, and you’re scared to slip on smooth floors

Solution: Apply some sandpaper to the soles of your shoes

shoe with sandpaper

New shoes, in particular, can lack a bit of grip on the soles. And it makes walking in them (especially high heels) scarier than it needs to be. All it takes is a quick fix. Scrub some sandpaper on the soles to create texture and traction, and you won’t end up on your friends Instagram post with the hashtags #fail #shoefail #fallingisalwaysfunny

Fix Creases with a Steam Iron

Problem: Your favorite sneakers have far too many creases

Solution: Use a steam iron and a damp towel to iron out the creases

Steam iron and shoe

This one can be for the fellas, too. We all have sneakers that have been worn a lot (hence, your favorite shoes) and they have too many creases. This is also a great crease preventer, by the way. Use a wet cloth and put it on top of the creases of your sneaker, then gently rub over it with a steam iron. It won’t get rid of all the creases, but it’ll make a huge difference.

Prevent Blisters with Deodorant

Problem: You get blisters on your heels, and it’s painful!

Solution: Rub clear gel deodorant on the inner heel of your shoes

Deodorant and a shoe
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I don’t know anyone who hasn’t had blisters from a new pair of shoes that still need to be worked in. Deodorant can do wonders for preventing blisters. Grab some clear gel deodorant, and rub the inner heel of your shoes. You’ll be thankful that you did.

Heal Your Heel Tips

Problem: Your high heels’ tips are worn out, making them look a lot older than they are

Solution: Buy some heel caps and put them on your heel tips

Heel tips
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There are long-lasting instant heel caps for those damaged or worn-out heel tips that we all have in our shoe closet. The caps cover the exposed metal nail and stop that annoying clicking sound and even prevents skidding! The heavy-duty rubber locks onto your heel with a self-fusing wrap for an extra secure fit.

Fix Shoe Scuffs

Problem: Your shoes have scuff marks

Solution: Use a cotton swab or Q-tip with Vaseline to rub the scuff marks

Vaseline and a shoe
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Vaseline has tons of uses, and restoring shoes is one of them. Apply some of the petroleum jelly on a cotton swab or Q-tip and rub gently over the scuff marks until they’re gone. This trick works best on a patent leather shoe.

Get Rid of Squeaking Shoes

Problem: People can hear you from a mile away by your shoes’ squeakiness

Solution: Put some baby powder underneath the shoes’ soles

Shoe and baby powder
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Squeaky shoes can be heard from miles away, and it’s probably not the kind of attention you want. But what you can do is put a bit of baby powder underneath your inner shoe soles. It allows for better cohesion between both parts of the shoe, and thus less squealing.

Widen Your Boot Shafts

Problem: Your high boots are too tight on your calves, and it’s uncomfortable

Solution: Stuff the boot shafts with newspapers

Boots with magazines in them
Source: MacGyverisms – Howto

Boots that have a firm grip on your calves are never comfortable, and it’s a shame to not wear those boots that look so good with your outfit! All you need is a few newspapers. Stuff the shafts with the papers whenever you’re not wearing them.

Create Your Own Inner Soles

Problem: Some of your shoes are particularly uncomfortable

Solution: Cut out the shape of your shoe in a thick and grippy fabric

Source: Pinterest

If you feel discomfort when wearing certain shoes, it may be worth it to create your own inner soles. You can make your feet a lot happier by buying some thick and grippy fabric and cutting out the shape of your shoe. Just slip them on, and you’re good to go. Tip: cut bigger at first, and work your way down to the right size.

Take the Funk Out of Your Shoes

Problem: Your shoes are starting to smell

Solution: Put unused tea bags in your shoes when you’re not wearing them

Tea bags in shoes
Source: One Crazy House

If you have pairs that you love to wear a lot, you might find that they start to smell. Well, a great solution is to use tea bags. Place some unused tea bags in the shoes when you’re storing them, and the smell will become a whole lot more pleasant.

Get Rid of Water Stains

Problem: Your leather and suede shoes have watermarks on them

Solution: Use vinegar and a toothbrush to brush them off

Shoes, vinegar, and a toothbrush
Source: Une pomme par jour

Leather shoes are no match for water. They just don’t mix. So if you find watermarks on your shoes or boots, using this hack will help. Some vinegar and an old toothbrush duo are what you need to brush the water stains out.

Soften Up and Glam Up Your Flip-Flops

Problem: Your flip flops are uncomfortable and/or boring

Solution: Use a nice fabric and wrap around your flip flop straps to make them softer and prettier

Flip flop hack
Source: Pinterest

Some flip-flops have an uncomfortable strap, and it can hurt. And if they’re also plain and boring, then this is a perfect hack! Cover the straps in a soft and pretty fabric, and your feet will definitely be thankful. You’ll also have some bohemian sandals that people will for sure ask you where you bought them.

DIY Waterproof Shoes

Problem: Your shoes and are not rain and winter season-ready

Solution: Use beeswax to waterproof them

Beeswax shoe hack
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Something as simple as getting some beeswax and rubbing it on your shoes will save you and your shoes in the rainy and snowy seasons. Don’t think you have to buy only rain boots. Amazingly, the beeswax doesn’t leave stains or change the color of your shoes!

Buy Shoes in the Evenings

Problem: Your new shoes are tighter than they were when you bought them

Solution: Buy shoes in the evenings (when they tend to be more swelled up)

Shoe Store
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You might have bought a pair of shoes only to find that at home they were tighter than when you tried them on in the store. That’s because your feet have the tendency to swell up throughout the day, especially when you’re sitting down for long periods. So go shoe shopping in the evenings, when you’re more likely to get shoes that will actually fit you throughout the day.

Break Your Shoes In Quickly

Problem: You know your new shoes need to be broken in but you just simply don’t wanna wait!

Solution: Put on thick socks and blow dry any tight or uncomfortable spots.

Shoe hack
Source: Improvised Life

The best thing to do when you’re breaking in a new pair of shoes is to put on thick socks and blow dry any tight or uncomfortable spots dry. The heat will loosen up the shoe’s material and will make your feet get used to their new home much faster.

Absorb the Sweat

Problem: It’s the summer, and your feet are sweaty, and you don’t wanna wear socks!

Solution: Slip a panty liner inside your shoes and voila!

Shoe hack
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Desperate times call for desperate measures, right ladies? It sounds weird, for sure, but a panty liner is a great solution for absorbing your foot sweat. This is particularly great in the summer months. Less sweat = less smell! Genius, right?

Warm Up Your Shoes

Problem: It’s winter, and your shoes are simply not warm enough for your cold feet!

Solution: Put wool inside your shoes

Shoe hack
Source: Twisted Notions

This tip is perfect for the winter months when your toes tend to freeze, and you’re too stubborn to wear only winter boots. If there’s one material you can associate with warmth and comfort, it’s wool. Insert some wooly fabric in your shoes, and your toes will thank you.

An Alternative to the Panty Liner Hack

Problem: Your feet are too sweaty in the summer months (or in general!)

Solution: Spray some dry shampoo into your shoes before you put them on

Shoe hack
Source: Pinterest

This is an alternative to the genius hack of putting a panty liner to absorb sweat. If that’s not your idea of genius, maybe this is. You can spray some dry shampoo into your shoes before putting them on.

Clean White Sneakers

Problem: Your white sneakers are awesome, but they get dirty way too fast

Solution: Wipe nail polish remover on them for a quick fix

Shoe hack
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First of all, you can always through them in the wash. But if you need a quick fix, wipe some nail polish remover on your pure white sneakers to remove the dirt. It works well on both the fabric and the rubber parts.

Cushion Tight Shoes

Problem: Your shoes that are too tight and uncomfortable

Solution: Use moleskin on the inside of your shoe straps to add cushioning

Shoe hack
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Similar to the pain that some flip-flop straps can cause, shoe straps can also be the cause of discomfort when wearing shoes. A quick fix is to put a little bit of moleskin on them or on the heels of your shoes. Your next event just got a lot more fun.

Save Your Heel Linings

Problem: Your shoes are wearing out, and the inner heels are starting to hurt your heels

Solution: Patch some material over the inner heel of your shoes

Shoe hack
Source: YouTube

Shoes eventually wear out, and the heel linings are usually one of the things that break down first. You can either buy specially made heel patches, or you can make your own with either taping or gluing fabric of your choice.

Get Arch Support

Problem: The arches of your feet when you wear some or all of your shoes

Solution: Put in arch support inserts whenever you wear shoes

Arch supports
Source: Footwear News

If you’re dealing with pain around the arches of your feet, arch support inserts can help relieve some of that body stress in a matter of seconds. You can buy them at pretty much any shoe store.

Switch Up Your Shoelace Patterns

Problem: You’re bored with your sneakers, and you want to switch it up

Solution: Tie your shoelaces in different patterns to give your shoes a whole new look

Shoelace patterns
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If you’re tired of seeing the same criss-cross patterns all the time, you can switch it up very easily. Just tie them up in a different way. And if you wanna get snazzy, you can buy different colored laces.

Tape Your Toes When Wearing Heels

Problem: Wearing heels are simply uncomfortable!

Solution: Tape your second and third toe together when wearing heels

Shoe hack
Source: Krazy Coupon Lady

This may seem odd, for sure. But there’s scientific reasoning behind this hack. Heels aren’t comfortable, and so there’s a lot of strain placed on the nerve that lies directly between your second and third toe. The best way to relieve some of the tension is to tape the toes together. But not too tight! Otherwise, you’ll cut off blood circulation.

No-Tie Shoelaces

Problem: You (or your kids) are often tripping over shoelaces that come untied

Solution: Get some no-tie shoelaces!

No-tie shoelaces
Source: Buzzfeed

No-tie shoelaces have become hugely popular lately, and they’re the perfect solution. You can stretch them quite far and trim them afterward. No need to tie your shoelaces ever again!

Clean Suede Shoes with Pieces of Bread

Problem: Your suede shoes have stains on them (as they easily do)

Solution: Use bread to rub out the stains

Shoe hack
Source: Pinterest

Anyone who owns suede shoes knows that suede is a delicate material to handle. And cleaning with a regular cloth can make things even worse. So you can use some bread to get rid of the stains. It actually works!

Keep Your Balance on Those Heels

Problem: You have an outdoor event, and your heels are going to be a problem

Solution: Buy heel protectors, and you won’t have to think twice

Heel protectors
Source: Boredom Therapy

Wearing heels at an outdoor event is kinda scary. All the small rocks, grass, and gravel – a heel (especially a stiletto) isn’t going to be fun. What heel protectors do is help you spread your weight on less sturdy outdoor surfaces.

Repair a Loose Flip-Flop

Problem: Your flip flops are too loose

Solution: Use a bread tag or a flat washer on the sole of the sandal to tighten them up

flip flop hack

Flip-flops are usually cheap, which often means they don’t last very long. Many flip flops become loose rather quickly. But instead of throwing them in the trash, first, try using a bread tag or a flat washer on the sole of the sandal for an easy and quick fix.

Revitalize Leather with a Banana Peel

Problem: Your leather shoes have aged and look old

Solution: Rub a banana peel over the shoes to make them look a lot newer

Shoe hack
Source: Pinterest

Leather ages quite uniquely. Some people like the aged leather look and purposely wear out their boots, but others like to keep their leather footwear in perfect condition. If you’re more of a perfectionist, rub a banana peel over your leather shoes, and they’ll look like new.

Buff Out Stains On Suede Shoes

Problem: Your suede shoes have stains on them

Solution: Use a nail file to buff out those stains

Shoe hack
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Here’s another option for getting rid of stains on suede shoes. If the bread method isn’t working, you’re your shoes, try a nail file. It works even better on those tough dirt stains. Use the side of the nail file that is gentler and give your suede shoe a quick buff.

Blister Relief

Problem: You get blisters easily from your shoes

Solution: Soak your feet in warm black tea

shoe hack
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This is more of a feet hack than it is a shoe hack, but it’s related! If you’re getting blisters from your shoes, black tea can help. Soak your feet in warm black tea to soothe the pain and reduce chances of an infection.

Shine Patent Leather

Problem: You want your patent leather shoes to shine like they’re supposed to!

Solution: Wipe your shoes down with glass cleaner

shoe hack
Source: Krazy Coupon Lady

You really don’t need to buy fancy shoe products and sprays. Windex or any glass cleaner will do the trick when it comes to getting those patent leather shoes shiny again. Just give them a spray, gently scrub, and the scuffs should come off easily.

Prevent Tall Boots from Falling

Problem: Your knee-high boots fall when you store them, causing to crease unnecessarily

Solution: Stuff them with pool noodles when you keep them in the closet

shoe hack
Source: Bored Bug

Cut the pool noodles into the length you need and stuff them inside your boots when you’re storing them. It’ll hold their shape and keep them from creasing.

Remove Scuff Marks

Problem: Your shoes have scuff marks

Solution: Keep it old school and use a pencil eraser!

shoe hack
Source: Wiki How

There’s always more than one way of doing something. And using a pencil eraser to remove scuff marks is another way to do it. Just use the eraser as you would normally remove a pencil mark, and the scuff is gone.

Give Your Old Shoes a New Look

Problem: Your old shoes are boring, and you want to jazz them up

Solution: Get creative by using accessories to give them a new look

shoe hack
Source: YouTube

Grab some blank shoe clips, attach them to your old pair, and get creative. You can use buttons, decorations, patches, and other things to give your footwear a completely new and distinctive look.

DIY Shoe Polish

Problem: You want to make your shoes shiny again

Solution: Use good old fashioned cooking oil!

shoe hack
Source: YouTube

Cooking oil is another way to shine your shoes. It makes for a great DIY shoe polish. Just don’t use it on brown leather shoes because they can stain or darken them.

DIY Paint Job

Problem: Your rain boots are old and haggard

Solution: Give them a new look with spray paint

rain boots hack
Source: Pinterest

If you have a pair of rubber boots that are old and/or you’re sick of the color, yet they’re still comfy and functional, give them a makeover with spray paint. You’re going to want to do a top goat of clear glossy paint to make them shiny.

DIY Colored Soles

Problem: Your high heel soles are black or brown, and you want to spice them up

Solution: Rub them down first with rubbing alcohol and then paint them with nail polish

shoe hack

We’ve all seen those heels that have bright red or other colors on the soles, which makes them look a lot cooler. So if you want to DIY some colored soles, start by cleaning them with rubbing alcohol, and then paint them with nail polish.

Waterproof Your Shoes

Problem: Waterproof your shoes before the rain season starts

Solution: use a small candle to coat the shoes

shoe hack
Source: Expert Home Tips

If you don’t have any beeswax, this is another hack for waterproofing your shoes in a reliable way. Try rubbing them with a small candle, and then use a hairdryer to set the wax coating.

Know Your Shoe Size!

Problem: You’re a traveler and also a shoe shopper and need to know your shoe size

Solution: Check out this shoe size chart to see what your shoe size is in other parts of the world

Shoe size chart
Source: Gubba

Know what shoe size you are in other countries with a handy dandy conversion chart. You’ll never be stumped while you’re shoe shopping again.