Useful Phone Hacks That Can Really Make a Difference

Hacks are great, but useful hacks are even better. We see hacks all the time about all kinds of things – solutions to stuff that you didn’t even know even a problem! But when it comes to phone hacks. The good and useful ones can literally be life-changing. I mean. Just consider how much you use your phone every hour and every day?

Using a syringe to clean a cell phone
Source: Pinterest

Source: YouTubeThink about how often it’s in your hand, in your pocket, and the feeling you get in your heart when you think for a millisecond that you lost it. Yeah…
From how to use headphones as a remote shutter to cleaning your screen to fixing your charger chord – these are only the best and most useful tricks you’ll ever need!

The Proper Way to Get Rid of Smudges

Why: Because your fingerprints are all over your screen.

How: Use a pencil eraser to literally erase the smudges off your screen.

Phone and an eraser
Source: 5-Minute Crafts

There’s more than one way to clean smudges on your phone’s screen, so why no offer some options? Using an eraser does the job – it erases everything and leaves your screen looking like it’s fresh out of the box.

Random phone fact: the first call from a mobile phone was on April 3, 1973. The call was made by Martin Cooper, an engineer of Motorola, from a cellphone on the streets of New York City. Who did he call? One of his biggest rivals in the business; engineer Joel Engel from AT&T. When Cooper was on the phone, he said something along the lines of: “Do you know where I am calling you from?”

Use Your Headphones as a Remote Shutter

Why: Because you hate taking old-school selfies with your arm in the photo. And you don’t want to buy a selfie stick!

How: Plug your headphones into your phone and use the volume buttons to snap photos.

Woman taking selfies with headphones
Source: 5-Minute Crafts

Not everyone wants to take regular close-up selfies, where you see one arm in the photo. This is perfect for taking selfies but in a more professional way. Say cheese!

Random phone fact: the first “smartphone” dates back to 1997. This is one of the better mobile phone facts. The first smartphone was the Ericsson GS88 “Penelope” model, which ended up becoming the first mobile phone that was called a “smartphone.” The term stuck, as you probably noticed. And now everything from cars to house alarms are called “smart.”

Tooth Paste for Smudges

Why: Because you don’t want grease marks all over your screen, duh!

How: Use some good ol’ toothpaste to wipe them off.

Toothpaste on a cell phone
Source: South Coast Sun

Rubbing toothpaste on a phone screen is said to do the trick of getting rid of smudges. It’s a widely popular internet phone hack. Have you tried it yet?

Random phone fact: did you know that the best-selling mobile phone is the Nokia 1100? To date, there are more than 250 million sold, and it is considered one of the toughest cell phones ever created. That alone probably explains this amount of success. Did you ever own a Nokia 1100? For those of you with iPhones, it’s almost otherworldly to think of such a concept.

Next hack – get your WD40!

WD40 Wipes it Off

Why: Because you accidentally got some permanent marker on your phone.

How: WD40 can easily get rid of permanent marker on your phone and its screen.

WD40 and a cell phone
Source: YouTube

Spray some WD40 on your phone or the screen and wipe it away with a cloth.

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Random fact: watches and alarm clocks will disappear with time. While many people still wear watches on their wrists, it’s more for the purpose of style and fashion. Today, most people really just use their phones to know the time and to wake them up. Statistics say that about 60% of users have stopped using these classic gadgets and replaced them with their cellphones’ clock and alarm clock features.

Silica Gel Packs for a Wet Phone

Why: Because, yes, you dropped your phone into the toilet. And it’s okay; it happens to the best of us.

How: Put the wet phone into a bag with silica gel packets.

Phone in a bag of silica gel packs
Source: Gufl

Those silica gel packets you find in pretty much everything that comes in a box – they’re useful! They’re great for getting rid of excess moisture; hence, the toilet water that socked your phone.

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Random phone fact: there is such thing as an addiction to mobile phones, and it’s called nomophobia. Roughly 200,000 million people suffer from this type of phobia – as people who are afraid to leave their home without their phones. Addiction to cell phones is a real thing, and people have actually switched to flip phones in reaction to this epidemic.

No More Annoying Chords!

Why: Because having too many chords is a trivial but nonetheless annoying part of life!

How: Wrap the chord around a marker, blow dry it, and it will become a compact spiral chord.

Wrapping a phone chord around a marker
Source: 5-Minute Crafts

If you’re sick of chords dangling and getting all tangled up, this hack is perfect. It makes the chord become one of those old-school telephone wires. Remember house phones? A thing of the past.

Random phone fact: There is something called “ringxiety;” a term that is used to describe that feeling of hearing the phone ringing when it is actually not. Then there’s a term called, “phubbing“, which describes the behavior of someone who ignores everything around them (including other people) due to the use of their mobile phone. Oh wait, this might even be you. So take a second and look up!

Dropped Your Phone in Water? Rice.

Why: Because your phone is wet and you have no silica gel packets!

How: Wipe the phone with a paper towel, take out the battery and the SIM card. Get rid of as much excess water as possible. Then put the phone in a bag of rice overnight.

cell phone in a bag of rice
Source: Apartment Therapy

Dropping your phone in water is an absolute heart-stopper. Especially if it’s a new one! But hacks like these and the silica gel one can really save you a lot of money.

Random phone fact: we check our cell phones about 150 times a day, on average. Although it is more likely that people with nomophobia do this a lot more often than the average phone user, it is said that we check our cellphones every 6 minutes.

DIY Projector

Why: Because you want to show your friends your favorite cat video, but watching it on your small screen sucks.

How: With a magnifying glass and a shoebox, create a DIY projector.

DIY projector
Source: 5-Minute Crafts

You need the glass from a magnifying glass that you might even have lying around the house. You also need a shoebox. After cutting a hole in the box, you just slide the phone in and direct it at the wall. Turn off the lights and enjoy the show!

Random phone fact: there are already more mobile phones than there are people in the world. This is happening due to the high number of people who have a mobile phone (about 5,000 billion), and the number is increasing as we speak. Each person has about 1.5 phones, on average, which means that there are close to 7.500 billion phones. The world is populated by 7.350 billion people.

Create Your Own Joystick

Why: Because you’re a gamer who likes to use your phone instead of a system with a real joystick.

How: Use some plastic, an elastic, and some aluminum foil to make your own joystick.

Gaming hack on a cell phone
Source: YouTube

As you can see, if you get a little handy with some aluminum foil, an elastic band, and some light plastic wire or tubing, you can create a DIY joystick for some nice gaming activity.

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Random phone fact: do you know what the most expensive mobile phone in the world costs? 95.5 million dollars! Insane? Yes. The Falcon Supernova Pink Diamond iPhone 6 has a case made of 18-carat gold with a large pink diamond on its back. But, there is also a more affordable version of the same phone, which costs ONLY 48.5 million dollars.

Cook and Scroll

Why: Because who uses old fashioned cookbooks anymore?

How: Put some plastic wrap on your phone while cooking and/or baking to be able to scroll and not get the screen dirty.

Plastic wrap on a cell phone
Source: 5-Minute Crafts

Let’s face it – cookbooks are a thing of the past (or for anyone older than 55 or a hipster). So yeah, this hack is perfect for making those vegan banana oatmeal cookies that you promised your friend you would make.

Random phone fact: mobile phones contain a lot more bacteria than a toilet brush. Ew. According to numerous studies, the number of bacteria found on the screens of cellphones is 20 to 30 times more than what has been found in a toilet bowl! So wipe that phone down, people! And wash your hands!

DIY Screen Pencil

Why: Because you’re wearing gloves or your fingers are too large.

How: Use aluminum foil on a pencil to get some precision scrolling and drawing action.

pencil with aluminum foil and a cell phone
Source: 5-Minute Crafts

It might be wintertime, and you’re wearing gloves, or your fingers might just be too big to properly use your screen. The solution? A pencil and some aluminum foil. Voila!

Random phone fact: the term “Bluetooth” comes from a Nordic king. The Danish and Norwegian King of the 10th century was named Harald Blatand, whose name was wrongly translated into English as Harald Bluetooth. This King was known for unifying the Norwegian, Swedish and Danish tribes and converting them to Christianity. Also, the Bluetooth logo combines the Hagall and Berkana runes, which were Harald Bluetooth’s initials.

Clean All the Dirt and Dust

Why: Because that port on your phone gets full of all kinds of dirt.

How: Use a syringe to clean the ports that are full of dirt and dust.

Using a syringe to clean a cell phone
Source: YouTube

If you have a syringe at home, you can use it to blow air into the port. All that dirt that builds up can prevent your phone from charging properly.

Random phone fact: So, in Finland, throwing mobile phones is considered a sport. But what’s the best part? The best part is that the sport is also organized annually, ever since the year 2000. There’s a world championship in throwing mobile phones. The distance record? To date, the record is set at 97 meters for men and 40 meters for women.

DIY Rubber Phone Holder for the Car

Why: You want to use Waze or Google Maps, but you don’t have a car phone holder.

How: Run a rubber band through the AC vent and just attach your phone to it.

Rubber bands as a DIY phone holder in the AC vent
Source: Pinterest

This will make navigating a whole lot easier and safer, at least for those who don’t have phone holders in their cars. This will make driving and navigating so much better.

Random phone fact: there is a mobile phone out in space right now. It’s a Google Nexus phone, which was launched into space back in 2013 by researchers from the University of Surrey (in the United Kingdom). They did it to check some things: the resistance of its components in vacuum conditions, and its ability to control a satellite in outer space.

Save Damaged Chargers With a Pen Spring

Why: Because your charger is starting to get damaged and you don’t want to buy a new one.

How: Take apart a pen and fit it around the end of the chord.

Phone charger with a pen spring
Source: Real Simple

The simplest way to protect damaged chargers is with a pen spring. Carefully bend the spring and widen it enough to fit around the charger head. Squeeze it back down to size until the wire fits snugly around the cord.

Random phone fact: did you know that 90% of the mobile phones in Japan are waterproof? For some reason, nearly 90% of the mobile phones in Japan are waterproof. Well, it might have to do with the fact that the people of Japan are so “fond” of mobile phones that they even use them in the shower.

Gloves and Phones Aren’t Friends

Why: Because it’s freezing and you need to wear gloves.

How: Just wrap some aluminum foil on your gloved finger.

Foil on a gloved finger for using the touch screen
Source: Brightside

This is perfect for when you’re wearing gloves, and the screen doesn’t respond. No need to buy special smartphone gloves. A piece of aluminum foil is all you need. Take that fancy overpriced products!

Random phone fact: did you know that Android is owned by more than 80% of cell phone users in the world?
Yes, we can all agree that the iPhone is the “king of smartphones”, but the numbers beg to differ. Despite being the biggest seller, Apple’s operating system doesn’t dominate the smartphone market. Android crushes the iOS market by 82.8%, according to comScore. Who knew, huh?

DIY Macro Lens

Why: Because macro-lens style photos are cool.

How: Carefully place a drop of water on your phone’s camera, wait a moment, then take a photo of something small.

Water drop as a macro lens
Source: YouTube

The drop can tremble a lot and easily fall. So it’s not really for reading the small print. It’s best for a makeshift macro lens of something really small.

Random phone fact: the Highest Mobile bill was $201,000. The unfortunate customer? Celina Aarons, who basically got the biggest shock of her life when she saw her cell phone bill and found out that she owed $201,000. Why? Well, Celina had two deaf and mute brothers who communicated with her via text. Usually, it wasn’t a problem, but on a trip to Canada, one brother sent more than 2,000 texts and downloaded videos that cost around $2,000 each!

Beach-Proof Your Phone

Why: You want to bask in the sun and also be able to scroll through your phone.

How: Simply place the phone in a sandwich bag.

Phone in a sandwich bag
Source: 5-Minute Crafts

Listen, going to the beach doesn’t have to be such a hassle. Yes, you’re going to get sand in places that only a thorough shower and possibly a bidet will suffice. But your phone doesn’t have to suffer.

Random phone fact: Google didn’t create Android. Android began as a startup that was aiming to create an operating system that could use digital camera devices to access computer services. Google then bought the company in 2005. The amount they bought it for remains an undisclosed sum (but estimates put the number at about $50 million).

DIY Sunglasses Stand

Why: Do I really need to give a reason for why you want to prop your phone up?

How: Sunglasses. Do you have a pair? Then you’re in luck.

Sunglasses stand for a phone
Source: Avery Stone

If you’re like most of the people on this planet, you like to watch things on your phone. But you want it to be comfy, of course. Just prop up your phone on your sunglasses. It’s too easy.

Random phone fact: When it comes to ads, iPhones are always set to 9:41. Next time you see a billboard, commercial, or ad that includes an iPhone screen, you’ll notice that it’s always 9:41. According to Scott Forstall, the former iOS chief, it’s about the moment when the products are unveiled at Apple keynotes.

Airplane Phone Hack

Why: Because watching videos on the phone is the only way to pass the time.

How: Hang a plastic bag on the airplane seat for easy entertainment.

Airplane phone hack
Source: MacGyverisms

Long plane flights need entertainment, and those of us who can’t sleep on planes need easy watching action. Instead of holding your phone in your hands, this hack gives you hands-free entertainment for your flight!

Random phone fact: half of younger adults live in a home with three or more smartphones. More than 96% of 18- to 29-year-olds say they live in a household with at least one smartphone. Yet many older adults also live in homes with multiple smartphones. For example, 39% of 30- to 49-year-olds say their home contains three or more smartphones.

Hide Your Cash and IDs

Why: Because you only want to carry your phone, but you need money and ID.

How: Just put the cards or bills between your phone case and your phone.

Cash in a phone case
Source: Reddit

You don’t need to lug around your purse or bag, or even carry things in your pockets. It’s as easy as putting the few cards and cash behind your phone case.

Random phone (and health) fact: many cases of insomnia, confusion, and headaches are caused by mobile phone radiation. Experts have identified the cases of ringxiety, nomophobia, telephonophobia, and frigensophobia as conditions that involve cell phone usage that can affect people. This only makes you wonder – when you have those headaches and can’t sleep no matter how much water you drank and how tired you actually are – something else is up.

DIY Phone Stand

Why: Because it’s easy to make and really works.

How: Using just a paperclip, create the most lightweight and useful phone stand.

Paper clip phone stand
Source: YouTube

Your phone will fit on the unfolded paperclip perfectly. Now you can watch videos without worrying that the phone will fall. It’s so simple, yet so genius.

Random phone fact: Verizon passed on the iPhone. Did you know that Apple originally approached Verizon about serving as their exclusive carrier for the iPhone when it first launched? After all, at the time, it was the largest carrier in the U.S. But Verizon didn’t like Apple’s demands, like having to retain control of software updates. In the end, AT&T was willing to go along and thus became the exclusive carrier.

Make a DIY Phone Tripod

Why: because you want to take a group selfie from a distance.

How: Use some tape and rubber bands and hang your phone from wherever you want.

DIY tripod for the phone
Source: Brightside

Use a roll of wide Scotch tape, place your phone in it, and secure it with two rubber bands. This is perfect for taking a group photo from a distance that’s further away than your arm’s length.

Random phone fact: the first iPhone demo was nearly a disaster. The unveiling of the original iPhone at Macworld in 2007 almost went off the rails. As Network World explained, “the device was still very much in prototype form…From fixing Wi-Fi connectivity that would drop off randomly to a host of other usability problems, Apple engineers went into overdrive between the iPhone’s introduction and its original debut in stores.”

Workout With Your Phone

Why: Because you don’t want to go and buy a fancy phone pocket.

How: Cut up an old sock and use it as an armband phone case for your workout sessions.

Working out with an armband
Source: 5-Minute Crafts

Who said you need to buy a product that is overpriced and a hassle to find? This is almost too easy to make and also makes me want to work out again. It’s been a while…

Random phone fact: smartphones can see your blood pulsing. Who needs medical equipment when there are smartphones? Apps like Instant Heart Rate (and many other new ones) can read your heart rate through your skin! You need to hold your finger in front of the camera and the app can detect the slightest shifts in your skin’s color as blood pumps through your finger. Pretty neat.

DIY Night Light

Why: Because you want a little bit of light. Not that you’re scared of the dark or anything…

How: Put a bottle of water on your phone’s flashlight to make a nightlight.

Source: Pinterest

This is for those who want some light in a dark room, but not for the whole night. Maybe just to get into bed without stubbing your toe.

Random phone fact: well, what do you know – the majority of Apple’s revenue comes from their iPhones. Laptops and tablets are not cheap, but it’s the iPhones that bring in the vast majority of Apple’s revenue. According to Statista, in the company’s first-quarter of 2017, 69.4% of their revenue came from iPhone sales. Those small phones are big business.

Nail Polish Headphones

Why: You and your family or roommates all have the same white earphones!

How: Use masking tape and/or nail polish to customize your headphones.

Cellphone chords and nail polish
Source: Brit + Co

If your family is constantly mixing up their headphones or the kids are fighting over whose are whose, then this is perfect, and fun. All you need is masking tape and nail polish, and there you go!

Random (and somewhat creepy) phone fact: In the U.S., mobile phone towers and antennas are, more often than not, disguised. Engineers have developed ways to install the needed equipment into telephone poles, church roofs, clock faces, and even in signs. Even the obvious mobile phone tower is usually disguised as plastic trees. I guess they just don’t want you to notice how many there are.

Make a Cute Mini Lamp

Why: Because it’s cute and you can impress your date with it.

How: Break an egg and put the shell on the smartphone flashlight.

eggshell phone lamp
Source: Brightside

This light hack creates pleasant lighting, and it’s just quirky and fun. It can also provide the obvious benefit of lighting up a dark room. There’s that, too.

Random phone fact: the first touchscreen phone was invented in 1992. The world’s first touchscreen phone was invented in 1992 by IBM. IBM developed a touchscreen smartphone dubbed the “Simon,” which was later marketed to consumers in 1994 by BellSouth Corporation. Simon was simple and crude to say the least, but it played a major role in modern-day touchscreen smartphones. It paved the way for smarter and more advanced handsets to come.

Prevent Headphone Chord Tangling

Why: Because what’s more annoying than a tangled up chord that you have no patience to untangle?

How: Prevent your next headache and simply place your magnetic headphones to your laptop.

Putting headphones on a laptop
Source: 5-Minute Crafts

Okay, did anyone else have no idea that they were magnetic? This is another way to prevent chord bungled up frustration. You also have the option to just place them on the edge of your laptop, too.

Random phone fact: Apple sold 340,000 phones per day. This was back in 2012 when Apple had just released its original first-generation iPhone. It was clearly a hit, selling more than 340,000 units each and every day. To put that into perspective, it is roughly one iPhone sold every four seconds.

In Case of Emergency

Why: Because you can lose your phone! It happens!

How: Change your phone’s lock screen background to a photo of your name and an emergency contact.

Lost phone hack
Source: MacRumors

You can type it into your notes app and take a screenshot of the image. Then you have to hope that whoever finds your lost phone will be a good Samaritan and actually call you.

Random phone fact: you don’t need to worry about the fingerprints. Have you ever wondered why your fingerprints don’t interfere with the functioning of your smartphone? It’s because most smartphones are made with a protective oleophobic coating that is placed on the surface of the touchscreen interface. It creates a barrier of protection between the screen and fingerprints (among other things).

DIY Balloon Phone Case

Why: Because it’s fun and cute and awfully cheap.

How: First, inflate a balloon (about half the maximum volume), then squeeze the phone into it.

Balloon phone case
Source: Brightside

The balloon will cling to your phone like a glove. This is a cute mini project for your kids or even a solution for when your case broke or you’re in-between cases.

Random phone fact: your smartphone is causing “screen apnea.” Stanford’s Calming Technology Lab’s researchers found that searching the internet causes us to take shorter breaths  and even hold our breath entirely , which can restrict oxygen to our brains. It comes from the same “flight-or-fight response” that early humans experienced through evolution. We are processing overstuffed inboxes in the same manner that we would have processed warding off hungry lions.

Night Vision!

Why: Because anything that makes you feel like you can be a spy is cool.

How: You have to download a night vision app and voila!

night vision app

A simple download of a night vision app and your phone’s camera turns into night vision goggles. It’s perfect for those who want to spy on someone in the dark and not be caught. Nothing too creepy, though!

Random phone fact: 45% of smartphone owners will accidentally damage their phones. Damaging your mobile phone is most likely to happen in your home, while watching TV, cooking in the kitchen, and unfortunately in the washroom! The reason why they happen at home is largely psychological: it’s because we feel safe in our own homes, and thus are more careless with our devices.

Store Chargers and Headphones in Your Glasses Case

Why: Because your bag is big and you don’t want to always search for your headphones and charger.

How: Just store them in a glasses case.

Glasses case with a charger inside
Source: Adventures of La Mari

If you don’t want to struggle every time to find your phone charger in your bag, this is the easiest solution that you might never have even thought of. Sometimes, the simplest solutions are the best!

Random phone fact: the average time from buying your phone to breaking it is approximately 10 weeks. When you buy a new phone, you get excited and want to keep the thing safe, so you buy the case and the screen protector. But, as time goes by, you take the case off because you think nothing could go wrong.

Replace Your TV Remote

Why: Because you have 7 remotes lying around the living room and you’re sick of it!

How: Download a remote control app, and your life just got that much better!

Phone remote app
Source: Android Gadget Hacks

If you’re sick of looking around for the remote for an average of 3.7 minutes every time you sit down to watch TV, this hack will save your sanity. There are now tons of phone apps to replace your remote, so you can always control your TV.

Random phone fact: 28% of consumers will drop their phones into liquid and 8% will spill onto their device. Water damage are those two dreaded words that aren’t covered by the one-year manufacturer’s warranty. Some advice: when you’re in the washroom, your phone is by no means safe in your back pocket!

Lamp Clip

Why: Because you like gadgets and being different.

How: You need to buy this little gadget and attach it to your phone when you want to turn it into a lamp.

Phone lamp clips
Source: ABC Ideal Partners

You can easily turn your smartphone into a lamp without needing a water bottle or an eggshell. This little clip connects to the flashlight on your phone, which diffuses the light and is perfect for reading.

Random phone fact: 15% of people will break their phone by dropping it from their lap. How annoying is this one? It’s too easy to forget that you left your phone on your lap, and so when you stand up, it crashes down to the floor. You only wished that you had put on that damn phone protector!

Use a Battery as a Stylus

Why: Again, you either have wide fingers, or it’s glove season.

How: Use a battery instead of your fingers.

Battery as a phone stylus
Source: Brightside

A battery is a great alternative to a stylus. And keep in mind that for this to work, you need to use the negative side of the battery as the part that touches the screen.

Random and fun phone fact: back in 1997, when Android was unveiled to the world, Nokia was quoted as saying, “we don’t see this as a threat.” And a member of Microsoft’s Windows Mobile team had also stated that “I don’t understand the impact that they are going to have.” Oh, how people really had no idea what was coming for them. There was before smartphones and after smartphones.

The Proper Way to Hold Your Phone – Spine

Why: Because whether you like it or not, your back health is super important.

How: Hold your phone in front of your face in an upright position. Don’t look down at it.

Proper way to hold your phone
Source: 5-Minute Crafts

If you don’t want to look like you have spina bifida at the age of 67, then pay attention to your posture, especially when you’re on your phone looking at Instagram for 36 minutes at a time 7 times a day.

Spina bifida is a birth defect that happens when the spine and spinal cord aren’t formed properly. It falls under the category of neural tube defects. The neural tube is an embryonic structure that develops into the baby’s brain and spinal cord and the tissues that enclose them.

The Proper Way to Hold Your Phone – Vision

Why: Because whether you like it or not, your eye health is also super important.

How: Keep your phone at least 30cm/12 inches away from your face.

Proper way to hold your phone
Source: 5-Minute Crafts

Just like you don’t want to have a humpback at a young age, you don’t want to worsen your eyesight either. So keep your lookers healthy and keep your screen at a safe distance.

Random phone fact: Carlton Rich was a convict who used his one phone call to call his girlfriend, who then called the jail on three-way. He did an impersonation of a prison official in New Mexico granting himself bail. He also somehow made a fax confirming his release. He was released! But he was arrested again three days later at his girlfriend’s house.

Not Waking Up to Your Alarm? Try This.

Why: You sleep through your alarm, and your mornings become a stress-nugget.

How: Use the old phone in a cup hack to amplify your morning alarm.

Phone in a cup
Source: The DIY Librarian

Most people know and even use the old trick of putting your phone in a cup to amplify your speakers. If you’re a heavy sleeper and aren’t waking up to your alarm, put your phone in a cup next to your nightstand before you got to bed. You’ll wake up on time tomorrow!

Random phone fact: cell phones have no effect on airplane equipment. It’s the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) that doesn’t want them to be used on planes. Why? Because when you make a call at 10,000 feet in the air, the signal bounces off cell towers, causing too many airline passengers clogging up the networks on the ground.

Clean Your Phone!

Why: Because studies show that the surface of a cell phone is, yes, dirtier than a toilet.

How: Use an alcohol-based cleaner or bacteria-removing wipes.

Cleaning a cell phone

Between all the hands, pockets, and surfaces that your phone touches all day every day, you’re going to want to wipe it down on often. If you don’t want to buy bacteria-removing wipes, all you need to do is make a simple solution of 80% water and 20% alcohol. Put it in a spray bottle, spritz, and wipe down.

Random phone fact: you can use your phone’s camera to see if the battery in your TV remote still has some juice in it. But, this only works on remotes that use infrared LEDs to communicate with devices. Your phone’s camera can also detect these infrared flashes when the remote is being used.

Replace a Toolbox Essential

Why: Because you’re a handy guy or gal who likes to fix things wherever you are.

How: Use the compass app as a level.

Phone as a level
Source: Rich DeMuro

You’ve probably filed away the app alongside the Stocks and Find Friends ones in a folder on the third or fourth “page” of your phone’s home. But his app is perfect for all those home DIY projects. You’ll see!

Random phone fact: in a 1982 episode of SNL, Eddie Murphy decided the fate of a live lobster by using two phone lines that were put on screen. Over 500,000 calls were made to those numbers, causing such a spike in traffic that AT&T had to set up communication with the TV networks to warn them of future disruptions, and it still exists today.

Remote Desktop Control

Why: Because you want another screen to watch what’s going on your computer screen.

How: Install a remote desktop app on your phone and the computer and bam! There it is.

Remote desktop control
Source: Windows Latest

Just install an app on your smartphone and the computer that you want to “spy” on. You can control any desktop remotely or just simply watch what’s going on there. Pretty cool, huh?

Random phone fact: Steve Wozniak (whom I assume you know of) is a collector of phone numbers. After he managed to get the number 888-8888 for his own cell phone, it ended up proving to be unusable because babies that were playing with phones kept on calling it. how’s that for a random yet really cute fact?