40 Uses for Vaseline You Never Knew Before

Vaseline is a brand of petroleum jelly that was established way back in 1872 in the US by a chemist called Robert Cheesebrough, who realized that it had several different potential uses. Since then, it has become a go-to product all around the world. Now, it’s a household name – and it’s not unusual for people to keep either a big tub in a cupboard or a small, travel-size pot in a purse or a pocket.

Vaseline box
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Most people think of Vaseline as relieving dry, chapped lips – so much so that the company has even released special pots aimed at lip care over the years. However, what many people are unaware of is how many other things Vaseline can be used for – from covering imperfections around the house and removing stains to improving your appearance and even healing ailments.

Read on to discover everything that it can do.

Getting Rid of Blackheads

Blackheads are not only unsightly but can also develop into large, painful spots if you try and squeeze them – which is always tempting. There are hundreds of skincare products on the market that claim to be able to rid your entire face of blackheads – however, conveniently for the brands, but inconveniently for you, most of them are pretty expensive.

Cleaning blackheads with Vaseline and plastic wrap
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Moreover, there aren’t that many that actually work as advertised – so, more often than not, you find that they’re actually a waste of money. Vaseline, however, is a very cheap game-changer. Wash your face, cover it in Vaseline, and then put plastic wrap over it (make sure you can breathe!). Place a warm towel over the plastic and wait five minutes. This will loosen the blackheads, which will wash off along with the Vaseline.

Cover Up Unsightly Scratches

Wooden floors are great to look at – and, admittedly, they’re a lot easier to keep clean compared to carpets. When you’ve just moved into a new place, however – or if you’re changing things up in your existing property – moving furniture around can be hard to do without scuffing or scratching the floor in some way.

Cleaning a wooden table
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Thankfully, there’s a quick, cheap, and simple solution – you guessed it, Vaseline. All you have to do is coat the scuff or scratch in it and leave for a whole 24 hours to work its magic. When you wipe the Vaseline off, the marks should be a lot less obvious than they were before. This also works on scratched furniture.

Accentuate Your Features with a Highlighter

If you like wearing makeup, you’re probably familiar with highlighters – and we’re not talking about the neon-colored markers that you used in school! A highlighter can be used to accentuate your cheekbones, and can also be used on your chin, the tip of your nose, and your forehead to help maintain a fresh, dewy complexion.

Women using Vaseline as a highlighter
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Like a lot of makeup products, however, highlighters can be expensive. Furthermore, some are a little over the top, with added glitter included that just makes you sparkly. Vaseline, on the other hand, is the perfect texture for just a fraction of the price. Just dab a little onto the areas you want to highlight, and you’re ready to go!

Bringing Your Temperature Down

Having a fever is horrible – not only do you feel awful in general because you’re ill, but you’re also hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable at the same time. Sometimes, you’re even simultaneously burning hot and freezing cold, which is the worst. There are few things you can do to make yourself feel better, often just having to put up with it and wait it out.

Man with cold sitting on a sofa with a thermometer in mouth
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Therefore, you’re going to want to try anything that may possibly relieve your symptoms – and Vaseline could be the answer. Simply put it into the freezer for a short period of time – as little as 10 minutes should do the trick – and then spread it on your forehead and inner wrists to feel its cooling effects.

Successfully Removed Dried-On Gum

One of the worst substances that you can get stuck on something is chewing gum – and when it’s a gum that’s dried onto the surface of something, it can be near on impossible to get rid of. Whether it’s on railings, stuck to the floor, or underneath tables, it’s not only disgusting and unsightly; it’s one of the hardest things to remove.

Gum stuck in the hair
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Forget getting on your hands and knees to scrape for hours on end – there’s a much simpler solution. Just apply a generous amount of Vaseline to the gum and affected area, then leave it for a while – the bigger and more stubborn the gum, the longer you should leave it. Wait until it’s softened, and you should be able to wipe it away without much difficultly.

Relieve an Irritated, Itchy Scalp

There are many different causes of an itchy scalp, such as sunburn, dry skin, and irritations or allergies to hair products, among others. However, one thing is clear: regardless of the cause, an itchy scalp is extremely uncomfortable to deal with – and scratching only makes the problem worse, plus increases the risk of infection if you break the skin.

girl looking at her damaged hair
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There is hope, however, in the form of Vaseline. It’s recommended that people with a dry, itchy scalp rub a fair amount of the jelly onto the affected area and then leave it for around half an hour to allow it to work. After it’s been washed out, it should have moisturized and soothed the irritated area.

Banish All the Squeaky Hinges

It’s not unusual for one or more of the doors in your home to get squeaky hinges – especially if they’re fairly old. While it’s not a huge problem in relative terms, it can get extremely annoying to hear the high pitched sound whenever someone opens or closes a door. Most people would think of oiling the hinges, but not everyone has oil lying around – plus, it can stain.

using Vaseline on squeaky door hinges
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You’ll be pleased to know, therefore, that there’s a much simpler solution – Vaseline. And even better, it’s something that a lot of people will already have in their cupboard. Just rub the jelly onto the hinges, and it should have an immediate effect. Open and close the door a few times so that the Vaseline can get right into the nooks and crannies.

Relieve Minor Cuts, Scrapes, and Burns

If you’re a naturally clumsy person, you’re probably used to getting the odd minor cut or scrape every now and then – or maybe you have a young child that’s always falling over or bumping into things. Alternatively, you could be a chef that’s accustomed to minor burns as a professional hazard.

Women with a plaster on her knee
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Well, whenever you need it and whatever the reason, Vaseline can be used to treat and heal minor burns and cuts – without the need for a full first aid kit. Of course, the affected area should be cleaned and sterilized first, but applying a generous coat of Vaseline before covering with a bandage or plaster will help to speed up the healing process.

Gently Remove Makeup and Leave Skin Soft

Anyone that wears makeup regularly knows how important it is to remove it at the end of the day – otherwise, you’ll soon start to see the negative effects it has on your skin. A lot of people have a long night-time beauty routine to do just that, which can also cost a lot of money – after all, branded skincare products don’t come cheap.

woman removing makeup in front of a mirror
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Vaseline, however, does the job effectively while helping to keep the costs down. All you have to do it put a bit on a cotton wool pad and then use it to wipe the makeup off your face. Not only does it work, but it’s also kind to your skin and leaves it feeling smooth and soft. It can even be used to remove eyelash glue!

The Perfect DIY Manicure

Although many of us would love to have our nails professional manicured on a regular basis, unfortunately, it’s expensive and not in the budget for a lot of people. Therefore, we’re left with no alternative but to do our nails ourselves from the comfort of our own home – but this can come with some challenges.

Doing Manicure with Vaseline
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Not all of us are blessed with a steady hand, though, so getting nail polish on your skin surrounding your nail is easily done. However, if you apply Vaseline around your nail beforehand, it will provide a protective layer. In essence, any slips will put the nail polish onto the jelly, not your skin, so you can easily wipe it away.

Rid Your House of Flies

In the warm summer months, flies can be a nuisance at best and a real problem at worst. It’s never nice to see your home full of the black, buzzing creatures – not only are they annoying, but they’re also known for being dirty and spreading germs. There are a lot of methods of getting rid of them, but here’s another.

Catching flies with Vaseline
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All you need to do to solve your fly problem is melt some Vaseline in a jar, then leave it wherever there are a lot of flies. They’re attracted to the smell, so they will soon go to investigate what’s on offer. Unfortunately for them – but fortunately for you – they’ll get stuck. Alternatively, you can wipe melted Vaseline onto paper, then hang it up, and it will have the same effect.

Solve the Problem of a Stuck Zipper

We’ve all got at least one item of clothing that features a zipper fastening, whether it’s a coat, jacket, or pair of pants. While zippers work most of the time brilliantly, they can sometimes get stuck – and the majority of us have been in this situation at least once in our lives.

Opening a stuck zipper with Vaseline
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It’s never easy to get a zipper unstuck, but we’ve got a simple yet effective solution for you. Yes, you guessed it: Vaseline. Put some on the end of a q-tip and then swab the zipper. You may need to wiggle it around for a while to loosen it, but it will soon come loose and leave you ready to continue with your day.

Say Goodbye to Dry, Hard, Cracked Feet

If the soles of your feet are dry, hard, and/or cracked, you’re not alone – it’s a common problem for people of all ages. Not only that, but it’s also pretty hard to get rid of with the usual moisturizers that you buy from drug stores – and the worse it gets, the harder it is it to treat and, consequently, get rid of.

Using Vaseline on cracked feet
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Enter the miracle cure: Vaseline. It’s fantastic at softening hard, dry skin – even if you think it’s reached the point of no return. Simply slather the soles of your feet in it, put a pair of socks on, and leave them overnight. In the morning, rinse it off and see the difference! For more severe cases, repeat the process for a second and possibly third night.

Get Rid of Embedded Candle Wax

Lighting candles is an excellent way to create ambiance and, if they’re scented, leaving a room smelling delicious. Plus, they can also make for pretty ornaments to decorate your house. However, there’s one potential nuisance: falling candle wax that stains furniture, floors, and carpets, which can be extremely hard to get rid of.

Candle wax stains on blue fabric
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It seems like the more you try to get the wax off a surface, the worse it becomes – it can even become more embedded and, therefore, difficult to remove. If you haven’t before, try Vaseline – just apply to the edges of the wax and leave it for a while. It could take a few hours, but eventually, you should be able to wipe the wax off easily.

No More Dry Paws for Your Pets

Just like humans can suffer from dry and cracked feet, pets can also experience the same with their paws. This is especially true in the warm summer months, where pavements and paths are hotter than usual. This is not only uncomfortable for the pet but also potentially dangerous, as it could lead to an infection if left untreated.

Dog feet and Vaseline
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So, as soon as you notice that your pet’s paws are getting dry and cracked, just turn to your trusty pot of Vaseline. Clean the paws first, then apply a generous amount of Vaseline, and leave for as long as your pet will let you. A great tip is trying to time this treatment just before they take a nice long nap!

The Original Selling Point

This is the most obvious use for Vaseline – as it’s what it’s marketed for, after all – but we couldn’t leave it off this list. Dry, cracked, and chapped lips are a problem at some point for most people – especially in either extreme cold or extreme heat. Not only are they unsightly – and make applying lipstick impossible – they’re also painful.

woman is applying balm to lips on white background
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Applying Vaseline to sore lips not only instantly soothes them and acts as a moisturizer but also helps to protect them against further damage by the elements – so it’s a great all-rounder. It’s so successful that the company offers small pots (perfect for slipping into a purse or pocket) in multiple different flavors for this use specifically.

Make Your Jack-O-Lantern Last

Halloween is an incredibly popular holiday – especially in the US. It’s not unusual to see people go all-out, whether that’s with their costume or decorating their house. One of the most popular and well-known Halloween decorations is the Jack-O-Lantern, which is essentially a scary face carved into a pumpkin, which is hollowed and filled with a candle.

Woman carving a big orange pumpkin
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A little-known but interesting fact is that Vaseline will help your Jack-O-Lantern to last much longer than it usually would. Just coat the inside of the pumpkin with a fair amount of the jelly before you light the candle and place it outside. It will help the pumpkin to last for a couple more weeks than normal.

Avoid Stains When Dying Hair

If you’re someone who dyes their hair regularly – or even occasionally, for that matter – then this is a great tip specifically for you. Although it’s much cheaper to dye your hair yourself at home than having regular appointments at a professional hair salon, it doesn’t come without its challenges – the main one being avoiding getting dye on your face and neck.

Paint stains on the back of a girl
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This problem is easily solved, however, by just applying Vaseline around the edges of your hairline – including the back of your neck – before you start the process. This way, any stray or dripping dye will go straight onto the Vaseline rather than your skin, so it’ll be easy to wipe away after and won’t stain.

Put Off Your Next Trim

Split ends. Everyone hates them, but, unfortunately, they’re inevitable – unless you get your hair trimmed every three weeks or so, that is. Not all of us have the time or the money for that, though, and are, at times, left to figure out a way of combating them ourselves. Of course, this starts with a good hair care routine, but there’s also one other relatively unknown tip.

Women with splits in her hair and women without splits side by side
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Grab your trusty pot of Vaseline and rub a small amount into the ends, leaving it on for as long as possible (overnight would be best) before washing it out. If you do this every now and then – maybe once a week, but relative to your hair type and condition – then you should be able to keep split ends at bay for longer.

Keeping Wild Eyebrows Tame

Eyebrows are a huge thing right now – and having them longer and thicker, but still perfectly groomed, is all the rage at the moment. Sure, you can just grow them as much as possible and then pluck them into shape, but the last part – keeping them in place and looking neat – is often the hardest.

Close up on a women eye
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Well, that’s until you realize that Vaseline is perfect for preventing your eyebrows from looking wild and out of place. Just dab a little onto the end of your finger, then smooth. Alternatively, if you want to be a little more precise, you can use an eyebrow brush to coat and shape the hairs more specifically.

Getting Makeup Stains Out

If you ever use makeup – whether on special occasions only or every single day – you run the risk of spilling or dropping some, either on a floor or other surface, or onto your clothes, which can often leave stains that are incredibly difficult to remove. Sometimes, the more you try to mop it up or rub it off, the worse it gets.

Lipstick stain on the collar of a men's dress shirt.
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To give yourself the best chance of getting a makeup stain out, dab it with a small amount of Vaseline, then dampen a clean washcloth in warm water and use it to wipe the Vaseline and the stain. Nine times out of ten, the stain will quickly lift out of the fabric, leaving it looking as good as new.

No More Lipstick on Your Teeth

Anyone who wears lipstick regularly knows that getting it on your teeth is a risk – and it’s pretty embarrassing if you realize you’ve been walking around like that for a while. Thankfully, however, there’s a sure-fire way to guarantee that this problem will be a thing of the past.

Lipstick on teethes
Source: health.com

Simply apply a thin layer of Vaseline onto your teeth before you apply your lipstick – any color that goes onto your teeth will just sit on top of the jelly, leaving you able to wipe it away easily when you’re ready to go. It may feel slightly strange to have Vaseline on your teeth, but it’s worth it!

Re-Vamp Old-Looking Leather

If you wear a lot of leather clothing or shoes, or you love leather bags and belts, this is a great tip for you. While it’s a durable and long-lasting material, after a lot of use, leather can start to look a little bit lifeless and dull. But never fear – it doesn’t mean it’s time to get rid of it!

Cleaning shoes with Vaseline
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In fact, you can use Vaseline to shine it up in seconds. Just take a small amount and rub it into the leather with a cloth – you won’t have to it for long at all before you start to notice a difference. This trick can even be used on leather furniture!

Remove a Stuck Ring

Have you ever found yourself completely and utterly unable to get a ring off your finger, no matter how hard you try? Maybe it was too small in the first place, or maybe your finger swelled up in the heat after you put it on – either way, it’s painful, anxiety-inducing, and also embarrassing if you’re in public (especially a store!).

removing a ring from a finger
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There are a few different tricks for this, but some involve access to running water and soap, and the string trick can be painful and cut off circulation. Instead, simply lubricate the finger, knuckle, and ring with a generous amount of Vaseline and wiggle – the ring will slide off pretty easily.

No More Diaper Rash

Anyone who has had children will know about diaper rash – it seems to be pretty unavoidable in the baby and toddler years. Diapers, however, are staples in any household with young children, so it’s not a problem that looks like it’s going anywhere. There are a few products specifically made to combat diaper rash, but here’s another suggestion.

Mom giving baby a diaper change at home. Focus on the mother's hands.
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All you have to do is rub a decent amount of Vaseline onto the baby’s bottom before you put the nappy on, and it will act as a protective barrier on the skin. Many parents have reported that this works better than baby powder or branded creams, so it’s well worth giving it a go.

Making a DIY Exfoliator

Some people’s skincare routine involves a number of different steps, with cleansing, exfoliating, toning, and moisturizing being some of the most popular. Buying all of these products can be very costly, however, so it’s always great to learn a life hack that not only works but helps you to save your hard-earned cash.

A DIY skincare with Vaseline
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One example is using Vaseline to create your own DIY exfoliator. All you need to do is mix a reasonable portion of the jelly with sea salt and use it as you would a normal exfoliator – and many people claim it changes the look and feel of your skin for the better, leaving it glowing and soft.

No More Rusty Razors

Disposable razors often get a bad name, especially in recent years. One of the main reasons for this is the fact that they tend to become rusty after only a short amount of time – particularly because they’re generally kept in a damp environment, such as a shower or bath. As a result, people usually have to throw them out before too long.

wet disposable razor isolated. Close-up
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Vaseline, however, can be used to increase the longevity of disposable razors significantly. All you need to do – importantly, before it first comes into contact with water – is coat the razor blade with a thin layer of the jelly, then use it as you normally would. Try it – we bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Enhance Your Perfume’s Longevity

Unless you spend a lot of money on perfume (as in, buying a perfume or Eau de Parfum), you’ll likely have an eau de toilette, which, unfortunately, doesn’t last for quite as long, as it’s much less concentrated. By the end of the day, the smell is often completely gone.

Women putting perfume on the arm
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It would be great to be able to help the smell to last longer – and Vaseline provides you with a way to do just that! If you dab a little of the jelly onto your skin before you spray your perfume, the fragrance should last for longer. This not only keeps you smelling fantastic for longer but also helps to save you money.

Say Goodbye to Allergies

Millions of people all over the world struggle with allergies of all different kinds, but one of the most common is an allergy to pollen, especially in warmer months. As a result, some sufferers end up having to lock themselves away in the summer to avoid puffy eyes and coughing and sneezing fits all day.

Young beautiful girl throwing to her dog in a park at sunset
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This is where Vaseline can help – just apply a small amount to the inside of both your nostrils before you leave the house. It will create a barrier between the pollen and your nose, which means you’ll inhale less pollen and, therefore, experience less irritation. Simply wipe it off again when you get back home.

Expand Your Makeup Collection

Surely everybody loves to get multiple uses out of one product – if for no other reason, just to save you some cash. Well, we’ve got a trick that enables you to turn eyeshadow into a lip gloss – so if you’re finding it difficult to get that perfect shade, this may open up a whole new world!

Set of decorative cosmetics on wooden table
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Take as much of the eyeshadow as you think you’ll need to use and just add Vaseline in – start with a little and add to it slowly, as you can always keep adding but, if you use too much initially, you’ll have to start again or add more eyeshadow, which will be a waste. Smooth it onto your lips, and you’re good to go!

Keep Nail Polish Lids Loose

If you have a lot of different nail polishes, then it’s likely that you haven’t opened some in a while – and it’s not unusual for the lids to get completely stuck. That’s because the polish that’s left around the rim dries out and effectively acts like glue – and it can be nearly impossible to twist the lid.

Close up on a women nail polish
Source: insider.com

There’s one thing you can to do stop this from happening – which means you won’t have to keep throwing bottles out. Just grab some Vaseline, rub a little around the rim after you’ve painted your nails, and close the lid as usual. Next time you come to it – even if that’s months later – it’ll twist off easily.

Slip Your Earring In

Having pierced ears is pretty common in all areas of the world, but not everyone with pierced ears wears earrings all of the time. If this sounds like you, then you may have experienced difficulty when trying to put in a pair of earrings after not wearing them for weeks – or even longer.

Women putting on an earring
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Don’t worry – you don’t have to re-pierce them. One of the best ways to slide earrings into a stubborn piercing is by first rubbing a small amount of Vaseline onto the earring and the earlobe. One word of warning, though: it can be extremely slippery, so make sure you won’t lose your earring if you drop it!

Help to Prevent Wrinkles

Unfortunately, aging is a natural life process that affects everyone – no matter what we do to try and postpone it. There are, however, some methods that are more effective than others – and it may surprise you to learn that this particular one is a lot more cost-effective and simple than many others out there.

Smiling senior woman applying anti-aging lotion to remove dark circles under eyes
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According to consumer reports, many people claim that Vaseline is incredibly effective as an anti-wrinkle cream if used fairly regularly. All you need to do is just apply it to your skin every now and again – apparently, it promotes elasticity, thereby reducing the overall appearance of wrinkles. So there’s no need to splurge on costly creams and lotions – just head to your cupboard!

Fix a Scratched LCD Phone Screen

Yes, there are many ways to clean your cell phone screen, and this is one of the. There’s no need to spend lots of money repairing a scratched phone screen when you have hacks like these. All you need to do is fill the scratch on your screen with Vaseline and wipe off the excess. But you should be careful not to press the Vaseline into the phone itself.

iphone screen with Vaseline
Source: Reddit

Why does Vaseline work in this situation? It’s because Vaseline has the same density as the LCD screen of your phone. Or so that’s what I read. Either way, it works! Try it out the next time you accidentally drop your phone and watch it fall slow motion to the ground.

Banish Sunburn and Windburn

Whether you love to go on beach holidays and sit in the sun or travel up to snow-capped mountains to enjoy ski resorts, sunburn and windburn are both pretty nasty – or, at least, they can be if they’re serious. Ideally, you want to avoid them both at all costs, but we’re all bound to suffer from one or the other at some point in our life.

Women wearing a heavy coat in the snow
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Vaseline, however, can be used to help to prevent the occurrence of both sunburn and windburn. All you need to do is apply a thin layer to the skin both before and after you go out into the sun or wind, and you can be sure your skin will thank you for the extra layer of protection.

Freshen Up Smelly Feet

Foot odor is extremely unpleasant, but unfortunately, it’s a problem for a lot of people around the world – a particularly embarrassing one at that. Whether it’s as a result of frequent exercise or a warm climate, or down to genetics and/or a specific condition, you’re going to want to do whatever you can to get rid of it.

Low angle view of a young woman walking down the mountain barefoot.
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Soap and water may be the obvious answer, but you don’t always have access to both those things when you’re out and about. Thanks to Vaseline, however, you can freshen up smelly feet wherever you are by slathering it on the soles of your feet, leaving for 15 minutes, and then wiping off.

Relieve Blister Pain and Prevent New Ones

Blisters, which usually form on your feet, toes, and ankles due to the shoes you’re wearing, can be one of the most uncomfortable and painful things – not to mention horrible-looking. Even small ones can make putting on shoes and moving around excruciating – and as for big ones, well, they’re just all-round agonizing. If they’re really bad, they can even become infected.

Close up on a blister on the foot
Source: Kuulpeeps.com

It’s great, therefore, that Vaseline offers a simple solution to ease the pain – plus, it even helps to prevent any more from forming. Just rub some of the jellies onto the part of the shoe that’s caused the blister, and it will create a barrier between the two, soothe the blister itself, and help to stop you from getting any more.

Re-Invent Your Old Lipsticks

Matte lipsticks became all the rage a few years ago, firmly replacing lip glosses as the go-to beauty product for lips. These days, however, lip glosses – and shiny, glossy lipsticks too – are coming back into fashion, and it seems like anything goes. Buying new makeup, however, hasn’t got any cheaper, and even a couple of new products can cost a lot of money.

Beautiful fashion woman putting on lipstick while driving in the car.
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Enter Vaseline, which provides a way to give your matte lipsticks a glossy effect and make the color pop. Just apply the lipstick as you usually would, then dab a small amount of Vaseline over the top, and you’re good to go – just make sure you don’t use too much, or it will end up removing some of the lipstick from your lip.

Sorting a Stubborn Lock

Stubborn door locks can be a nightmare – sometimes, they can be almost impossible to open, no matter how much you wiggle the key or how much effort you put into it. No one wants to be locked out of anywhere – or locked in somewhere, for that matter – but now, there’s a much simpler way of solving the problem than getting your lock replaced.

Unlocking a door lock
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All you need it some Vaseline, which can be used as a lubricant for the lock and the key. Put some around the key, plus in the keyhole, and try again – we bet it’ll work! Before long, you’ll be going about your daily business as if nothing ever happened.

Make Your Bird Feeders Squirrel Proof

Some people find squirrels cute, while others view them as pests. Whatever side of the fence you’re on, however, one thing’s for sure – they’re pretty greedy and are known to steal as much food as they possibly can from bird feeders, thereby depriving the birds of their usual feed. And guess how to stop them … that’s right – Vaseline.

Squirrel on a treehouse
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By simply rubbing some Vaseline onto the feeder and the pole beneath it, you can stop squirrels from running up and eating the food, as they will no longer be able to maintain adequate grip. It’s not great for the squirrels, who end up sliding down a pole a few times, but at least the birds will be able to get their food.