15 Everyday Things We’ve All Been Doing Wrong

Bread Chopping

If you’ve ever tried slicing your own bread you probably either didn’t slice it equally or you completely removed the loaf.


No worries. Next time you’re slicing bread, just toss it to the other flat side and you’ll see how smoothly it goes!

Standing In Line

Nothing is more annoying than waiting in a long never-ending line at the bank, the store or doctor’s office.


And you’ve been doing it wrong all along. Standing in line “Caribbean Style” is so much better, as all you have to do is place your shoes where you stand and enjoy taking a seat in the meantime.

Next, find out how to get rid of threads from your couch in new creative ways.

Getting Rid Of Old Fiber And Hair From Your Couch And Clothes

Are you still using your old fuzz roller to remove all the hanging threads from your new couch and clothes?


Never again. As of today, you can use a razor to remove all these annoying bites and notice the difference!

Using Earphones

All these years you’ve been doing it all wrong. If you’ve been wearing your earphones the ordinary way with the string down, read this.


The earphones should go above your ear so they won’t come off.

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Quickly cooling a beverage in the freezer

Need to chill a drink quickly? Instead of trying to fill your freezer with beverages and hope they would instantly cool, try this.

Source: Headcramp.com


Wet a paper napkin and wrap it around your beverage and your drink will be chill in a few minutes time!

Storing Groceries In The Cart

Ever wondered why the grocery cart was constructed in this specific way and had these lifted ring hooks? Well, there’s a good reason.

Source: Headcramp.com


The hooks are designed this way so we could hang our bags on them and it will save us the room! Much more convenient, right?

Preparing a Cheese Sandwich

Anyone who ever tried making a cheese sandwich is familiar with the corner problem.



But don’t worry. All you need to do is slice the cheese in half and place it so the straight cheese edges will be equivalent to the bread’s lines.

Next, you may have been using your toilet completely wrong all these years. Find out more here.

Number too toilet sitting instructions

You probably know that most people sit on the toilet in a conventional way while they are using the bathroom.

But others believe that squatting above is better for you. Just be careful and don’t lose your balance.

Oranges Slicing

Oranges are delicious but cutting oranges is usually associated with messy sticky hands with the fruit’s pulp and juice everywhere.


Take a good look at the illustration above and learn once and for all how to do it the right way!

Reheating Leftovers

Endlessly reheating leftovers and wondering why your microwave never gets it right? Leaving you with unevenly heated food?

Source: YouTube

Try creating a circle in the middle of your leftovers dish and you’ll notice how warm and tasty your food will be.

Find out how to create chip clips from your clothes accessories!

Buying Chip Clips

If you have a bag of chips and want to save them for later, here’s a good trick.


All you have to do is remove the clips from your old chip hangers which can work as great chip clips!

Squeezing Your Toothpaste Edges

If your toothpaste has run out and you are one of these people who squeeze the toothpaste’s tube and think it’s the right way, you’re wrong.


What you should be doing next time this happens is take a bobby pin and just glide it through the tube. So easy.

Next, you’ve been eating cupcakes the wrong way. Find out how to eat them the right way.

Eating Cupcakes

Got cupcakes for your birthday and find it hard to understand how to eat them without getting messy?


Have no fear. We have the perfect cupcake manual for you. All you have to do is follow the chart above and you’ll eat them like a pro.

  Crossing Out Information

If you’ve ever written something and wanted to cross it out so no one would be able to understand, there’s a specific way to do so.


Simply crossing it won’t work. All you have to do is write a series of letters above the words, and you’re secret is safe!

Next, learn how your bathroom mirror can help you memorize all your tasks!

Your Bathroom Mirror

Constantly need to be reminded of things and leave yourself little notes around the house? We have an idea for you.


Try using your bathroom mirror as a dry erase board. It works like magic. You’ll brush your teeth and see all your memos in front of you.