Uh Oh: Hilarious Times People Tried to Be Smart (and Failed)

Street smarts and book smarts. While there are a lucky few who have both, many people are lacking at least one. Fortunately, we have it all documented.

A tweet reading I wish we could choose our baby's fathers / A fake ID posted by the police where the guy used a photograph of him with his girlfriend / A Starbucks cup with the name Cark on it
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From misspelled tattoos to misunderstanding fractions and flat-out cooking fails, we have everything covered. This list will make you shake your head, laugh, and wonder why people post things like this to social media. Get ready for our list of times people failed at being smart. Let’s check it out!

They Already Have It

We’re assuming that this young lady either didn’t take a government class in high school or just doesn’t have the world’s best street skills. I’m hoping the former. To clear up any confusion, let me explain.

A photograph of a girl who wrote If you use facial recognition for anything….the government has your face and a response that says wait until you find out about driver licenses
Source: Facebook

Your driver’s license and passport are government-issued, meaning that they have copies of your pictures. Sadly, this lady doesn’t realize that the government already “has your face,” way before facial recognition technology came out. Let’s hope that this was just a one-time thing for this social media user.

Going, Going, Gone

Buying a TV for your house is always fun. But can you guys guess what’s even more fun? Finding one for cheap. This guy was so excited to find a 30-inch television for a low price that he didn’t even realize that the seller had already sold the television, even after the seller repeated it… twice.

A conversation between a buyer and a seller where the buyer asks if he is still selling the TV, the seller responds that he already sold it, and the buyer keeps trying to negotiate and eventually tells the seller not to waste his time
Source: Pinterest

But instead of owning up to his mistake, the potential buyer became furious with the seller. Let’s hope that he reads things a bit more carefully in the future. He’ll be able to save himself from becoming a hilarious screengrab trending on the Internet.

Hmmm… I Don’t Think It Works Like That

Let’s just hope this woman was so excited about her sister finding out that she’s pregnant that she made a silly mistake. Because there’s no way, someone actually thinks that’s how the process works.

A photograph of a girl with the caption My sister is pregnant I can’t wait to see if imma be an aunt or an uncle
Source: Twitter

Regardless of what went through her brain before she posted this, I’m happy that Xavier was there to point out her mistake. His comment just makes the post that much better. Let’s hope that this woman quickly realized her mistake after she posted this!

Panther? Never Heard of One

Get ready to laugh because this one is pretty amazing. One friend asks the other if the Pink Panther is a lion. After explaining twice that the Pink Panther is, indeed, a PANTHER, the first friend still didn’t get it.

A conversation between two friends about what a panther is
Source: Pinterest

Fun fact: Pink Panther is actually the name of a very valuable pink diamond from the show, not the name of the character. The diamond got its nickname from a small flaw in the center that resembled a leaping panther.

There Is Such a Thing!

I understand that this person was trying to be deep, but, yes, there is such a thing that lets multiple people listen to the same song at the same time. It’s called FM radio.

A photograph of a girl with the caption do you ever wonder if anyone else in the world is listening to the exact same song as you and on the exact same lyric as you, with a response saying no.. I am already familiar with the concept of FM radio
Source: Twitter

Well, I guess now that Pandora and Spotify are gaining traction, younger generations are clueless about the good old days when radio was a thing. It’s still a thing, right? Fun Fact: FM is short for frequency modulation, which gives a better sound quality than AM or amplitude modulation.

Where Do I Begin?

I’m lost for words. I don’t even know how to begin to answer this question. I even re-read it just to make sure that it said what I thought it said. Let’s just hope that Angel was kidding. If not, I hope there’s someone who can explain the concept of pregnancy, gently.

A post asking why women never have to take a DNA test to see if it’s their child and a response that says I have no hope for humans anymore
Source: Twitter

It should be very obvious why mothers don’t need DNA tests, but, then again, I wouldn’t put it past this new generation. Some people seriously lack common sense.

Free Avocados? Sign Me Up!

You know what’s better than a money tree, an avocado tree! I would do anything to have fresh avocados growing in my yard. Luckily this girl’s friend has an avocado tree, and she DIDN’T EVEN KNOW IT!

A tweet about how someone’s friend keeps finding avocado’s in his yard and doesn’t understand where they are coming from and mentioning that he realized he has an avocado tree / An avocado tree
Source: Pinterest / 123rf, Sunet Suesakunkhrit

Fun Fact: avocados are a fruit and not a vegetable, and their trees cannot self-pollinate, meaning they require another avocado tree in the same area to grow. Also, while avocados mature on a tree, they only ripen when they either fall off or are picked from the tree.

You’ve Got the Wrong Number

We’ve all done it before. Texted or called the wrong number just to be gently informed that we contacted the wrong person. It can be a pretty funny situation, especially if you know how to laugh at yourself.

A text chain between someone trying to send out a schedule and an incorrect phone number
Source: Pinterest

But this person here doesn’t understand that although the number is technically correct, the person on the receiving end isn’t. Instead of realizing the mistake, the sender became agitated and began to argue with the receiver. Hopefully, this person came to their senses!

Four Positives Means Four Kids?

While most of us learned about the birds and the bees (and all the problems that can come with them), not everyone has had the same opportunity. But, come on, you would think that most people know the basics at least.

A tweet reading I bought my friend 4 pregnancy tests, they all came out positive and now she’s crying, she gon ask me how tf am I going to afford to feed 4 kids
Source: Twitter

Then again, there wouldn’t be these hilarious screen grabs if they did. Yes, women can be pregnant with twins, triplets, or even more, but they find out by having an ultrasound at the doctor’s office, not by taking multiple pregnancy tests.

No, Just No

Oh sweetie, you need a map because New York is definitely still part of good ‘ole US of A. Maybe it was a joke? Because New York is so different from the rest of America? Let’s hope that’s what this girl meant.

A woman on vacation in New York with a caption Goodbye America Hello New York
Source: Twitter

Fun fact: More than 800 languages are spoken in NYC, making it the most diverse city (linguistically) in the world. It also means that 2 in 5 households speak a language besides English. That’s amazing!

Someone Needs Another “Talk”

This woman posted that she wishes women could choose the father of their child. Either this woman is in an arranged marriage, or she doesn’t understand how human anatomy works.

A tweet reading I wish we could choose our baby's fathers / A woman looking confused
Source: Twitter / 123rf, chajamp

Someone needs to tell her that she actually has the choice to choose the father of her baby before she gets pregnant. As funny as this Tweet is, we are going to give her the benefit of the doubt that she was being sarcastic and just looking to vent.

Shhh… Don’t Tell Them

Just like the radio, the library is sadly becoming a thing of the past. Either this person has never been to one, or libraries are becoming so outdated that he or she never thought of one while writing this Facebook post. Luckily, her followers were there to point out her hilarious mistake.

A funny Facebook post asking if there is a book subscription where you can read and return books for more, and someone responding that it is called a library
Source: Facebook

Fun fact: With more than 170 million items in more than 450 languages, the Library of Congress is the world’s largest library! While the library is open to the public, only high-ranking government employees (and library employees) can check out books.

Cool Kids Don’t Use Umbrellas

While school kids may think it’s nerdy to use an umbrella, adults prefer not to get soaked with rainwater. So, yes, adults use umbrellas. Is it okay that we wear coats too? Or does that cramp your style?

A Twitter post stating People really be grown and still using umbrellas? And a response asking, are you supposed to become waterproof after you turn 18 or something?
Source: Twitter

Fun fact: The first man who carried an umbrella in public was a British lad named Jonas Hanway. Soon everyone across England and then the world began using an umbrella. Well, that is, if you’re not too embarrassed.

A Dedicated Fan

Fox Network’s Family Guy isn’t for everyone. The humor is a bit crude and over the top, but true fans have learned to expect the unexpected. It’s not that surprising that this guy thought that the Spanish dialogue was just another one of the animated series’ jokes.

A tweet reading I accidentally hit the language button on my remote last night and watched family guy in Spanish for 10 minutes, thinking it was a weird joke / A screenshot of Family Guy
Source: Twitter / Photo by Cr: Fox, CR: Fox, Kobal, Shutterstock

What makes this even funnier is the fact that this is exactly the kind of thing that creator Seth MacFarlane would do. Fun fact: Fans were so furious that Brian, the talking dog, was killed off that they filed a petition to bring him back.

At Least Try to Make It Look Real

Fake IDs have been around for years, and many people are good at making them look real. However, this guy is definitely not one of them.

A fake ID posted by the police where the guy used a photograph of him with his girlfriend
Source: Facebook

Not only does this picture not have the classic blue background, but he used a picture of him and his girlfriend. We don’t condone the use of fake IDs, but if you are going to use one, at least try to make it look real.

Hot and Cold

Oh, landlords. You can’t live with them, and you can’t live without them… literally. If you’re one of the lucky few that has a great landlord, then kudos. Really, I’m happy for you. But for the rest of you, I feel you, I really do. Landlord disputes are the absolute worst.

A text chain between a guy and his landlord
Source: Twitter

In Patrick’s case, his landlord wanted pictures of the broken hot water. While we agree that the landlord most likely asked for pictures of the pilot light and dials, this picture is still worthy of a laugh.

A Blonde Moment

Listen, we’ve all done something similar, Jenn. Whether it was looking for our phone while we’re talking on it or tearing apart our house to look for sunglasses while they are on top of our heads, we’ve all had a blonde moment.

A screenshot of a phone conversation between a girl and her friend whose phone she thought she took
Source: Pinterest

In Jenn’s case, she thought that she accidentally took her friend’s phone. So what did she do? She texted her friend to tell her, but when her friend answered, it took Jenn a minute to realize that if her friend answered, that means Jenn hadn’t taken the phone.

American Holidays For Everyone!

The Fourth of July is a great holiday. But the thing about the holiday is that it marks the United States’ independence from Great Britain, meaning that no other country celebrates it. So to answer this person’s question, no, other cultures do not celebrate America’s Independence Day.

A woman’s post asking if people outside of the US celebrate American Independence day
Source: Pinterest

Fun fact: On average, the entire country eats 150 million hot dogs on the Fourth of July. And fireworks? It’s an American tradition that dates back to 1777, the year after the Declaration of Independence was signed.

Someone Needs a Math Course!

This one is funny just because it really does show how many people have a hard time with fractions. In an attempt to make the recipe less sweet, this lady added 1/3 of a cup of sugar instead of ¼, but she didn’t realize that she actually added more sugar than the recipe called for, not less.

A screenshot of a recipe with a review claiming she put 1/3 cup of sugar instead of 1/4 because her and her husband don’t like sweet stuff and that it came out great
Source: Pinterest

But hey, who really deals with fractions daily when not in school? I know that I don’t.

But Why Though?

This mom is really funny. She accidentally put the coffee in the tea container and the tea in the coffee container. But instead of just switching the contents of the containers, she took a Sharpie marker and re-marked the jars.

A coffee container with coffee crossed out and tea written on, and a tea container with tea crossed off and coffee written on it
Source: Twitter

Was it an honest mistake? Or did the mom know that she could have just switched the contents of the container, but was just too lazy to do so? Either way, this picture is hilarious.

Mmmm, Salmonella. My Favorite

Everyone seems to be a food blogger these days, but this lady should definitely stick to her day job. She didn’t stop to think, hmm, maybe there’s a reason why I’ve never tried medium-rare chicken strips before? Maybe it’s because there’s no such thing as medium-rare chicken!

A post of chicken which is undercooked and pink inside
Source: Facebook

Eating raw chicken can make a person incredibly sick and send them straight to the hospital. Don’t try this at home, people! You will get sick with salmonella poisoning.

Look at the Moon Guys!

There’s nothing better than take a walk in the moonlight, but not every floating orb in the sky is the moon. In this case, this person mistook a dimly lit streetlamp for the moon.

A photograph of a lamp post with a small light
Source: Imgur

I’m not going to lie; I’ve accidentally mistaken a round window for the moon, so I understand where this person is coming from. Good thing we can have a nice laugh at our own silly mistakes! It makes life that much better.

Don’t Forget to Eat Your Gummy Bears

I can’t imagine whom this would appeal to, but if it’s at the grocery store, then there must be people who buy it. I just want to know one thing: who eats gummy bears in their sausage? Who?!

Ground pork with gummy bears in it
Source: Facebook

Onions, I understand. Garlic, even better. But gummy bears? I’m all for adventurous eating and trying new food combos, but this is taking it way too far. Let’s hope that this food craze fizzles out as quickly as the last one.

Where’d It Go?

This is one of those moments that we’ve all had, especially after a sleepless night or spending all day at work. But it’s one of those things that even if you think it, you ask the question in your head and never out loud.

A photograph of a badminton racket with a shadow of it underneath and a comment that asks Where’s the W
Source: Instagram

This guy, however, was quick to comment on social media before he had the time to think his question through. The reason why the “W” doesn’t show up on the shadow is because it’s painted on the badminton racket.

Mark with a “C”

Baristas are known for misspelling customer’s names on coffee orders. These misspellings are usually minor and don’t completely change the entire name. In this customer’s case, he told the barista that his name was Mark with a “c.”

A Starbucks cup with the name Cark on it
Source: Pinterest

He obviously meant “c” instead of “k,” but, instead of writing Marc, the barista wrote Cark. While I hope that this spelling mistake was on purpose, I highly doubt it. The barista was probably in such a hurry and wrote his name wrong without even thinking twice. Either way, it’s a hilarious picture.

“Patients” is a Virtue

Apparently, the nurse life chooses you; you don’t choose it. “Patience” is a virtue, and “patients” are what doctors and nurses take care of. When you get a tattoo, you should always use spell check. Always!

A tattoo that says Patients instead of Patience
Source: Instagram

If not, you’re stuck with that spelling mistake for the rest of your life. Unless you get laser removal, which is even more painful than the tattoo itself. I hope this person learned their lesson! Next time, use a dictionary.

Long Lost Twins?

It is a bit strange that Dwayne Johnson and the Rock look so much alike. What are the chances that two people with almost identical features are both famous in Hollywood? Maybe they are long lost, twins?

A guy’s post with two photographs of Dwayne Johnson, one of them from his wrestling days, wondering if they look like each other
Source: Twitter

I’m just messing with you. Dwayne Johnson is the Rock. They are the same person. The Rock is just Johnson’s wrestling persona. This person must not have put two and two together. It’s okay, buddy, baby steps.

The Secret Ingredient

Iced tea is the best on a hot summer day. But make sure you save your sweat, though! It really brings out the floral flavors in your tea. I’m just surprised that this person misspelled “sweet,” especially because it’s spelled correctly right at the bottom of the jug!

Sweet and Unsweetened tea labeled sweat and unsweat
Source: Pinterest

Let’s just hope that no one thought that the tea actually contained someone’s sweat. That sounds pretty gross. To make matters worse, the “unsweat” is on the sweet jug and vice versa. You had one job!

You Mean Lactose Intolerant?

I’m not going to lie, this one took me a second to understand. Lack toast and tall or rent? What does that even mean? He can’t eat this ice cream because he doesn’t have any toast in the pantry? And he’s short and can’t pay his rent on time?

A guy holding ice cream with fruit and crackers with the caption When you wanna eat this but you cant cause you lack toast and tall or rent
Source: Pinterest

To make matters worse, this guy knows that short, toast-free tenants that can never make rent aren’t allowed ice cream! But he bought some for himself anyways? Why torment yourself?