Dogs Who Wear Their Emotions on Their Sleeves

Our Pets or rather, furry family members are more like humans than we think. Quite like their human counterparts, our furry family members have no problem showing us when they feel loved… and when they’re mad at us.

Dog pulling a face

When things don’t go as planned for our furry family members, they aren’t shy about letting you know know how they really feel. Whether it be happiness, shock, sadness, betrayed, or disgusted. Below are fur babies that have been caught striking a pose for the camera, these hilarious pets wore their human-like emotions right on their sleeves, I mean paws.

Oh Boy, Oh Boy

Picture this. There are five dogs on this surfboard. Dog number two clearly had his life flash in front of his eyes. We all know too well how that feels.

Dogs on a surfboard

However, it seems as if dog number three just told dog number two how she feels about him, and now dog number four is sad. He thought they had something going.

Heard of Loyalty, Helen?

A gorgeous new kitten has so clearly just stolen the warm affection of this doggy’s tiny human best friend. It hurts.

girl holding her cat
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Despite her infatuation with the new family member, we think that the dog’s best-friend hasn’t forgotten about him after all.

You Broke My Heart

Stab him in the back, why don’t you? This poor kitty in the background seems to feel jealous and absolutely betrayed by his darling human family member.

Cat jealous of his other cat friend

This kind of exclusion hurts deeply, and so will a scorned cat’s claws. We hope you sleep with your eyes open!

Please Don’t Take Us There

“We are in this together, buddy,” said doggo. These funny hairballs assumed that they were being hauled to the dreaded vet.

Dogs hugging one another

Obviously, they are calming one another in preparation for the horror that awaits them. However, little did they know, they were being rewarded with a visit to the dog park!

It Was Like That When I Got Here

The absolute Queen of “Oh, I didn’t do it, what mess” takes the shape of a cute little pooch who’s just so tough to get truly angry at.

Dog sitting by the mess he made

It’s as if she is saying, “I don’t see anything, what are you talking about?” We wish we could tell them to clean up their mess! If only.

My Heart

The moment he realized he wasn’t going to the park was the moment he lost faith in everything he ever knew.

A puppy sulking

Or did you humans tell him he is naughty? Tell him you are sorry right now! This poor baby needs a big hug.

My Achy-Breaky Heart

“Mom, you know, I have to tell you, there are times I adore you and there are times I simply question your love for me.”

A puppy doing puppy eyes

I can’t put my finger on it. One moment you love me and then next moment you have me sitting in a bathtub. You know it’s not my favorite place!

Oh Shucks

“Oh, my goodness! No, this can’t be! No, is this really mine? That’s for me? Oh wow, that is the most beautiful thing I have seen in a few hours!”

Dog sees a meat cake

This cute picture speaks a thousand words. Pity we couldn’t get to see his excitement once he got the ‘go ahead.’

I Thought We Were Friends

Her face says it all. On the one hand, she looks like she’s fluttering her eyes and showing off how beautiful she. However, on the other hand, we know that’s not the case.

Puppy in the bath

The dishonesty, the deception. This little pup was so unenthusiastic by her owner’s devious scheme to give her a bath, and her refusal to hide it has us chuckling.

Mom, Can We Skip To Desert?

Weird, I thought it was supposed to be cats who get afraid of cucumbers? Regardless, don’t you find this adorable?

Corgi’s afraid of vegetable

I don’t know what trauma these pups have faced with vegetables, but I do hope they get to eat their dessert after they finish their veggies!

Scrub a Dub Dub

“Oh, how are you on this fine day, my lovely, wovely human? Well, I thought I’d treat myself to a spar today.”

Husky in a toilet bowl

This handsome husky looks completely happy with the idea of lounging in a toilet. However, that means its bath time!

Life Is Tough

She has had enough. You don’t even want to hear about this kitty’s stressful day with the dog. All he did was try to get me to play all day long.

Cat sitting like a human

The nerve, I mean, doesn’t he know I need to sleep 22 hours a day? “I require a beer and to watch ETV to properly unwind.”

How Much Is That Bacon In The Window?

You put me outside while you’re cooking bacon? Why would you do that? I thought we were best friends.

Dog staring at bacon

Just remember you are going to want room tonight in the bed. Hmm, I don’t know, I’m feeling a bit hot today, I might stretch out my legs really wind, I don’t know.


Human, what the hell are you laughing at so much? What’s so funny? I don’t understand you sometimes. What? Do I have something on my face?

Panoramic photo fail of a dog

This panorama was taken straight from hell. I’m sure almost all of you who have tried to take panoramic pictures have suffered a similar, funny result.

Destress Mode

“Whatever, I am sure it’s six o’clock somewhere in the world right now. Look, I don’t do this regularly, Janice!!! Gosh, darnit!”

Pup sitting on the couch with a glass of wine

I’m sure this dog would really love to enjoy a glass of wine on the couch without all of you judging him. The big boy had a tough day. Let’s give him a break!

The Shame

“This is embarrassing, Karen! What universe is this considered cute? I am a giant lobster! Oh Lord, just let me know when you’re done having ‘a moment,’ okay?”

Dog dressed as a lobster

Animal parents love making their fur-babies dress up in miscellaneous animal costumes for fun or even Halloween, which practically always delivers hilarious results. However, this poor dog isn’t impressed.

You’re Alive?

“Oh, my goodness. I am so sorry! I thought you were my human’s bath toy, the one that makes that ‘tweet-tweet’ sound!”

Dog scared of a duck

“My goodness, the humans should really consult me first when it comes to bringing home strangers.”

Do I Amuse You?

Well folks, here’s a traumatizing experience I thought I’d share with you. This picture led to my neighborhood bullying.”

Dog dressed as a unicorn

One of my pals happened to be walking by our window while his human took him for a walk. To his surprise, this is what he saw, and he just happened to share it with the whole neighborhood, thanks, mom.

Dad, I Tried To Stop Him

“Act natural. You see, we were laying outside in the sun tanning, we heard a strange noise and immediately tried to contact you.”

Dogs ripped up a magazine

“Thank goodness you are home; we couldn’t find your number in the phone book. Excuse the mess!”

Floating on Cloud Nine

How could anyone be mad at this? Look at this little dude. He is in heaven! I can just imagine the pillow fight he had.

Dog covered in pillow feathers

By the lack of remorse, I’m guessing he won the pillow fight and is now embracing feather-heaven!

What Ya Doing?

“Oh, I didn’t expect you home so early. I heard a noise and saw that everything fell out of the fridge, so I came to put it back. Nothing to see here.”

Dog caught digging in the fridge

This little-big dog got caught red-handed with both his paws on the pizza box! He took a stand against his dog pellets; those are simply not good enough.

Where’s The Good Stuff At?

“Do you think that is funny? I wouldn’t take a bite even for a meat treat! What do you take me for George?”

Dog cringing

What is it with dogs and kids when it comes to vegetables? These faces they pull are hilarious! This dog appears to be cringing at the sight of broccoli.

I See You!

While many dogs and cats can be best friends, some can’t quite handle getting along. Look at this puppy.

Dog and cat having a stair down

He isn’t taking any risks when it comes to spying on the kitten trespasser who is presently sitting on his master’s knee.

You Can’t See Me, Right?

This fur-baby, like many other dogs, happens to be frightened of thunderstorms. His favored place to go into hiding when there are thunderstorms is somewhat different.

Dog hiding in a bookshelf

His safe place is inside a bookcase. He prefers being surrounded by plenty of reading material to keep him busying until the storm passes. What do your dogs do?

Your Chair?

“What does she mean by ‘Get Off My Chair’? I mean, surely you know how this all goes down, right?”

Dog looking nervous

“First, we steal your heart, make you love us a lot, and then we simply steal your seat. It’s as simple as that.”

A Dog’s Dream Come True

Oh, boy, oh, boy! Today is the D-A-Y! She said that we are going to the park! V-E-T spells park, right?

Jumping with excitement

Okay, well let’s get this blessed day started. Anyway, it’s a bathroom o’clock! Nothing could ever change the love I have for my human. One hour later…

Downward Facing Dog

Hilarious! Why did you put my bowl so far away, Christina? You know how sensitive my feet are on the cold wood!

Dog avoiding touching the floor

During winter, there isn’t anything worse than walking barefoot on a cold surface. Nonetheless, can you imagine how it feels for our fur-babies?

Meet Our Chicken

This big baby has always been afraid of stairs ever since he was a little puppy. He has no problem making his way up, but he refuses to go down.

Dog laying at the top of the stairs

His routine is to lay down at the top of the staircase looking down while whimpering and hoping someone will pick him up and take him downstairs.

What Are You’re Intensions, Young Man?

Listen, dude. Yeah, you’re nice and make a good cushion. But this is my human you are canoodling with.

Dog sitting on top of people

This is my mom. What are your intentions with her? We should establish some ground rules. You can sleep here, but the bed is mine.

Yeah, This Is Good

You might think that a big dog would rather walk than be carried by his mom, but that’s not always the case.

Lady carrying her big husky

This husky baby got jealous of his human, always carrying his smaller brother. Why doesn’t he get carried?

It Was Self Defense

“You won’t believe who I saw again today! That darn mouse again! He had the nerve to come back!”

Dog chewed a door

“Human, I remember how you screamed the last time you saw the mouse, so it thought I would try to catch him, that is until he went behind the door.”

They’re Everywhere, World War-Z All Over again

Good lawed, human! As if that one cat wasn’t enough to make my life hard, she went and multiplied herself!

Dog on a chair

How am I ever going to have peace in this house? Cat, can you please come and take your little minions away from me now!

It’s a Pooch’s World

“I am good, mom. You have no need to worry about me. Go on, go to work. I promise I won’t even move a muscle.”

Dog tucked in bed

Oh, what we would give to live a dog’s life. Staying in bed all snug and warm, being fed the best food and sleep all day.

But I Want To Sit There

This cat seems to be claiming his turf. “Dog, man, you snore so loud I can’t even hear myself thinking clearly.”

Dog peeping at a cat

“Well, it does look kind of nice, peaceful and quiet out here. I think I might come and join you.” Do you have animals with those love-hate relationships, too?

Give It To Me!

Dogs have their favorite toys, too. However, have you ever seen a dog react so enthusiastically when being presented with one?

A dog over-excited

This pug just can’t handle the excitement when she sees her chew toy. She’s like a die-hard teenager fan at her favorite bands’ concert.

I’m Just Here For The Massage

“The only thing I can’t understand is, why are humans too lazy to lick us clean? We want to lick you clean?”

Dog in a bath

The smile on this dog is proof that it isn’t just humans who feel amazing after taking a nice refreshing shower.

It Has Four Eyes

My doggo has been barking non-stop at this squirrel for half a year now, every day without fail until this happened.

Squirrel sitting on a dog’s snout

“Six months, six months, you have been yelling at me to come down from my tree! Well? Here I am! What do you have to say now?”

Kangaroo Jack?

Human: “Wait, is that a lab or a strange, dog T-Rex? Whatever could that be? Bigfoot? Bigfoot cross Lab?”

Water reflection made a dog look like a kangaroo

Our dogs are so hilarious. Without even trying, they manage to bring us so much happiness and laughter.

Maybe They Won’t Know What We Did

I’m sure every pet parent is aware of that feeling when you come home to find your dog/s hiding.

Two dogs hiding under a bed

The first thoughts are, “Oh no, what did they do?” Oh, please don’t be bathroom mistakes or I hope they did eat or shred anything they weren’t supposed to”. The joy of having our fur-babies. We simply can’t live without them.