When Disaster is About to Strike: Heart-Stopping Moments Caught on Camera

With smartphones in everyone’s pockets these days, it’s a lot easier to capture moments on camera than even as recent as 10 years ago. While that does mean that we have way too many photos of useless uninteresting things, it also means that we have ridiculously epic photos that were miraculously caught at the right time and at the right place.

Man taking a selfie on the top of a skyscraper
Source: youtube.com

Every once in a while, we see a photo that was captured at the perfect millisecond, which also happens to be that slow-motion moment right before disaster strikes. And these are those moments. Try not to get sweaty palms when going through this list – it’ll make scrolling down that much more difficult.

Going Down with the Ship

This cargo ship came really close to toppling over. Let’s just say that the captain of the boat was holding his breath as this was going on. But believe it or not, the ship didn’t flip over. Everyone on board was seasick, but the cargo mostly stayed put.

Cargo ship almost toppling over
Source: youtube.com

And, thankfully, no one was hurt. But it did make for some insane photos.  As it turns out, only four of those large shipping containers ended up in the water. That seems like a small price to pay for a near full-blown disaster.

Ready, Set, Eject!

This pilot must have thanked his lucky stars that the jet had an eject button. He ejected himself right before his Harrier jet crashed in front of a massive audience at an air show of all places! Ummm, worst nightmare?

Pilot ejecting from a crashing jet
Source: youtube.com

Luckily, no one suffered any injuries. Some really smart (sarcasm) people even though it was a part of the show (no comment). If that were the case, it would be one heck of a grand finale. The photographer should be proud of this photo-capturing moment.

Look Out, Grandma!

While grandma is trying to look hip “like the cool kids” with her cut-off shorts and her pink spaghetti strap shirt that says “IRWINLAND,” she’s unaware of the fact that her life could be in serious danger in this very moment.

Woman standing in water
Source: youtube.com

But, of course, she had to stop and take a “cool” photo in the swamp where this gator just happens to live. Lucky for grandma, this gigantic reptile only photobomb her photo and retreated back into his humble abode. In the end, grandma wasn’t harmed, and neither was the gator.

Swimming with Hungry Whales

Swimming with whales can be either thrilling or terrifying, depending on how much of an adrenaline seeker you are. If you ask me, I’d rather die. But this adrenaline junkie chose to swim with the whales and that whale was very hungry that day.

Diver swimming next to a whale
Source: ebaumsworld.com

This whale came a little too close to realizing that humans don’t taste as good as they look. I’m glad his diver lived to tell his story and didn’t get swallowed whole by this gentle giant. Instead, the whale chose to stick to plankton and small crustaceans.

The Flying Race Car Driver

This doll-like figure you see flying sideways in mid-air is Nigel Corner, a driver in the Goodwood Revival back in 1998, who amazingly survived this brutal crash. How? Don’t ask me. I’m just here to judge the photo.

Racecar driver flying mid-air in a car crash
Source: mixping.com

In an interview with Motor Sports Magazine, Corner confessed: “those old Ferraris are bloody strong, but if I’d been belted in I’d be a dead man now.” Who knew that forgetting to put your seat belt on could actually save you in a crash? But don’t try this at home, kids.

Oh, and There Are Gators in the Water, BTW

This hovercraft ride got a little more entertaining when it began to topple over, giving tourists a run for their money. It just about dumped them all into an alligator-infested swamp. What’s funny is the tourists seem to be calmer than the guide.

Hovercraft turning over in the water
Source: funnypedia.org

But then again, she probably has more knowledge about what they had just gotten themselves into. They all got out quickly and safely if you’re curious. No people or alligators were harmed while making this hilarious photo.

When a Driver Yells “Timber!”

I have to admit that I can only hope that this photoshopped. Because for the love of Jesus, this is the scariest moment any driver can have. This is a moment in which famous last words were spoken. And hers were probably “Timberrrrr.”

Logs falling out of a truck from the driver’s point of view
Source: buzznick.com

This is one of those heart-stopping moments of fear that. What can you even do if this happens? Swerve out of the way as soon as possible, I guess. If you’re lucky enough to move out of the way in time, go and buy yourself a lottery ticket. Because you’re a lucky son of a B.

The Python Whisperer

This woman, who if I had to guess, was likely doing a photo shoot for some magazine, befriended a giant Burmese Python. This snake, by the way, is known to swallow humans whole. That’s right. Whole. And she’s completely peaceful.

Woman in the water with a python
Source: ebaumsworld.com

These snakes actually eat crocodiles, so the idea of swimming with one seems crazy to me. But models have to do some really scary stuff sometimes (I guess), and this is one example. And I think it’s safe to say that this snake didn’t eat her whole. Otherwise, it would have been the best news headline, and you would have heard about it.

The World’s Worst Headache, Coming Up!

Whoever this guy is, I hope he didn’t “look what I can do!” before this happened. Because that’s not only a horribly embarrassing moment, but he’s going to have the worst headache imaginable. All I can say is ouch.

People in a swimming pool
Source: youtube.com

Look, kids, if you’re going to do a cannonball into a swimming pool filled with people, make sure you scan the area and see how much space you really have. Maybe he underestimated his range, not realizing that he’ll get as far as he did. Poor guy.

Off-Roading and In-Laking

Okay so maybe he thought she was pretty and got carried away and skid off his path a bit. But, come on, man. At least keep it on land. This dude went full on and head into the lake where this girl and her mother’s kayak trip just got that more entertaining.

Bike rider falling into a lake
Source: youtube.com

This poor guy embarrassed himself in front of the girl he was looking at or even worse, trying to impress. And you know what? He probably felt like this was worth it, too. And to be honest, it probably was. He got an awesome photo to show her when they go on their first date.

A Costly Wandering Eye

This man’s wandering eye almost cost him an eye. We get it – she’s pretty. But do you need to risk ruining your face to get that last look? This poor guy is about to embarrass himself by running into that pole.

Man about to walk into a pole
Source: ebaumsworld.com

But he probably went into the office after and told his coworkers all about it in the break room while pressing a bag of frozen peas on his face. Who knows, maybe he even got a date out of it when the woman saw it happen and came up to him and asked if he was okay.

A Titanic Fail

I’m not sure what this photo was taken for – maybe for their engagement or wedding photos. Maybe they love the movie and wanted to reenact Jack and Rose’s scene on the boat. But little did they know their photo would become more epic than the movie itself.

A bird flying into the face of a woman
Source: mixping.com

While they were playing out the scene, a seagull decided to swoop in and photobomb them in the best way possible. While everyone present found this hilarious, the seagull was more inconvenienced than anyone else.

They Better Duck Down

This wakeboarder achieved some awesome height. But I can’t help but feel like this was all by accident. I think whoever was driving the speedboat played a prank on these dudes that could easily have ended up in disaster.

One wakeboarder flying above two water skiers on a lake
Source: buzznick.com

The two guys on the bottom are on water skis; they’re just larger and apparently safer. The wakeboarder flying in the air can see the impending disaster and is only hoping that they will duck down in time. Otherwise, someone’s head is coming off.

Sharking With Surfs

What many like to call adrenaline junkies or thrill seekers, I like to call crazy. This surfer dude can see this shark lurking a few feet away from him in the water. But does he care? Doesn’t look like it! To surfers, a wave is wave is a wave.

Surfer on a wave with a shark in the water
Source: ebaumsworld.com

And nothing beats a “gnarly” wave. Not even a shark that could potentially eat you for lunch. But hey, that’s the life of a surfer. Gnarly waves take a certain amount of risk. I just have to question how high that risk is. At what cost? At what cost!

She Doesn’t Look Pleased

Poor thing. This prank went a little too far judging by the look on her face. This woman was definitely freaked out when her husband picked up a stingray and literally plopped it on her back. Ew. Can you imagine the rubbery texture?

A woman with a stingray on her back
Source: mixping.com

Nothing happened to her, but her reaction made this a priceless photo. She was probably aware of how Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin died (with stingrays) and wanted out of there! I don’t know about you, but this photo makes us wanna take a shower.

Freeze! Don’t Crawl!

Meet Officer Chuck Lamm. He’s a serious cop with a serious fear of alligators. A run-in with a thief at a bank robbery – no problem. But a face-off with a 6-foot alligator on the side of a road? No way, Jose!

Cop pointing his gun at an alligator
Source: funnypedia.org

He held that gator at gunpoint after it snuck up on him when he was trying to pull someone over. The gator and Officer Lamm were on a stare down for 20 minutes before he went back into the swamp. The alligator that is. As for the guy, Officer Lamm wanted to pull over? He was long gone.

“Where’s the Shade Coming From?”

These two boaters suddenly felt a cool chill on a cloudless sunny day while on a tiny little boat. That sudden shade was due to a gigantic whale coming up for a belly flop. Where? Right on their teeny weeny boat.

A whale jumping out of the water next to a boat
Source: buzznick.com

When people say whales are harmless to humans, they forgot about the fact that they can literally crush you into bits and pieces by their sheer weight and size. Sure, they won’t eat you, but where does property damage fit in the story?

An Elephant’s Caress

This couple may seem calm and collected while a giant elephant is resting his trunk on the top of their car. But looks can be deceiving. They are swallowing their fear and literally holding their breath as the elephant is thinking of lifting the car and tossing to the side.

An elephant next to a car
Source: youtube.com

This is one of those times when your helpless and powerless existence is fully apparent as this giant animal can be the deciding factor in whether or not you live to tell your kids about this story. But, luckily, this couple drove off in time.

An Octopus Backpack

This alien looking thing is an octopus and if you’re wondering why it’s on this man’s back – that’s a good question. And I don’t have the answer. But what I’ve heard is that an octopus can leave a person paralyzed and unable to breathe or even swallow if it perceives a threat.

An octopus on a man’s back
Source: ebaumsworld.com

So this man had to stand ultimately still to disarm the thing, and he was able to be peeled off without causing any harm to the poor guy. So if you’re walking down the boardwalk, watch out for these 8-legged beauties.

Just a Little Bite

Camels may seem like harmless and rather docile animals that simply walk across the desert, but they have their moments. Camels can actually be aggressive with one another and even display violent behavior towards humans. But it’s rare.

A camel biting a woman’s head
Source: mixping.com

This camel wasn’t trying to be aggressive; he was just really hungry, and this girl’s head seemed like it might taste good. Camels enjoy sniffing humans and will sometimes play with their hair, too. Keep this in mind the next time you’re at the petting zoo.

Pole Dancing and Holding an Ice Coffee is Harder Than It Looks

Most pole dancers know not to attempt to dance while holding a drink in their hand. It’s just not physically possible. But this girl is a novice and little overconfident it seems. And not only that, but she’s trying to show off on the subway, no less.

A Woman spilling her drink on a man on the subway
Source: funnypedia.org

This man was probably watching this woman attempt to do something silly and amusing but never expected to become a victim at the same time. Poor guy has to go home and change his shirt now.

Poolside Conversation

This lady has no idea that she unwittingly became one of the best photobombers in the history of photobombing. I swear, it looks like she’s holding an invisible string and that’s how she’s just casually leaning into the pool.

Woman about to fall into the pool
Source: buzznick.com

Either that or she’s about to fall right in. Which begs the question: did one of those ladies push her or did she randomly fall backward? I have so many questions! And what is this guy in the photo doing just standing there? He has a lady he has to help get out of the pool.

So This is What it Looks Like

*Knock on wood* I have yet to be stung by a bee. Does that mean it’s only a matter of time before I do get stung? Because I really don’t want to be! Just looking at this photo makes me realize that I’m lucky it hasn’t happened. Yet.

A bee stinging a person’s arm
Source: youtube.com

Not so fun fact: When a honey bee stings, it can’t retrieve its stinger. Instead, it has to fly away and leave this part of its abdomen, digestive tract, muscles, and nerves. Thus, the honey bee dies as a result. So let it at least be worth it, right?

He’s Gonna Need to Pay for That

I’m not sure which museum would keep one of their pieces under plexiglass but leave another out in the open. I also can’t understand why a museum would allow guests to walk up to the pieces without having their pedestals attached to the ground.

Man taking a photo in a museum
Source: mixping.com

But either way, let’s assume that this photo was taken at the most chill museum you’ll ever find. This guy is going to need to get out his checkbook soon because he’s going to have to pay for that vase that’s about to crash into a million little pieces.

She Was Sick of This Party

This is probably what happened at this moment: The girl who’s throwing up was probably keeping her composure for an hour or so, knowing that her stomach was turning over inside. But then everyone wanted a group photo.

A group of teenagers at a bar
Source: ebaumsworld.com

So when they started yelling for someone to take a photo and started shuffling in, it was just too much for her to handle. Amateurs, take this as a lesson. If you feel sick, you’re probably going to puke. So just go to the bathroom and get it over with.

This Is Why Women Live Longer Than Men

Seriously, guys. Using a front loader to hold up a ladder for the other guy to climb in order to cut down a tree isn’t the smartest method. Not to mention that it’s totally unsafe and borderline disastrous.

Two men cutting down a tree
Source: funnypedia.org

I have no idea what’s going on in this sh*&show of a project, but someone’s going home with an injury. Let’s just hope it’s not a sawed-off finger or arm for that matter. Don’t try this at home, folks!

Take Him out at the Ballgame

Talk about classic photos that make their way around the web; this photo has had its time in the sun, so to speak. And it’s a reminder that what may seem like harmless family fun can actually lead to a trip to the emergency room.

A man in the bleachers with a baseball bat about to him
Source: youtube.com

Baseball games are supposed to be fun, and they are! But don’t underestimate the danger involved. While it’s more common to catch a baseball in the bleachers, it’s also possible to catch a baseball bat. Poor guy. And I’m not even going to comment on the toddler whose father is ducking behind her.

It’s a Bird Eat Bird World

Ah, bird fights; so tiny, cute, and funny. These two are different species, and you can even say they’re like the Capulets and the Montagues. They don’t take kindly to one another. And if the opportunity arises, a battle ensues.

Two birds fighting
Source: youtube.com

How else are they going to claim their meal? Those seedy little snacks come at a high price – one must die. Mother Nature is a lot tougher than you think. It’s a bird eat bird world, after all. Grab the popcorn – it’s a birds fight!

Triple Whammy Birthday Cake Fail

Happy 16th birthday! Now can you clean up your cake from the floor? That fear everyone has when holding a large cake came to fruition when this mom (aka Butterfingers) held her son’s birthday cake before she dropped it flat on the floor.

A woman dropping a birthday cake
Source: mixping.com

There’s no disappointment like dropping a birthday cake that doesn’t belong to you. And it’s even worse if you spent the whole day making it, too. And even worse – it’s for a sweet 16 birthday party. We call that a triple whammy fail.

His Face Says it All

It was Halloween, and some alcohol was involved, which also means that poor judgment was a part of this night. And poor judgment is what made this bike rider do what he did, which he thought would be a cool stunt.

Man falling off his bike
Source: buzznick.com

And everyone knows that alcohol and showing off stunts don’t go so well together. Another known thing about alcohol, what otherwise would have sent him off crying in pain instead just made him laugh and do it again.

Hey, That’s My Dinner

This guy may have just made a kill while out hunting, but what he doesn’t know is that he’s lower on the food chain than the mountain lion that’s lurking behind him. This big cat couldn’t care less that it isn’t the one who made the kill.

Man next to a moose with a mountain lion behind him
Source: funnypedia.org

It’s hungry, and it wants to eat. That’s a fact. Mountain lions are aggressive animals, and when they’re hungry, they’ve been known to attack humans. So dear happy hunter, your expression is about to change.

Do Horses Have an Eject Button?

Jockeys, or those who ride horses for sport, know very well that mishaps like this can result in very serious injury. Do I need to mention Christopher Reeve? The Superman actor that was paralyzed for life after falling off his horse at a competition.

A jockey thrown off his horse
Source: youtube.com

Anyways, it’s no joke. If you think about it, it’s pretty much as dangerous as riding a motorcycle—but the motorcycle is jumping up and down and instead of wheels has skinny legs. Both involve wearing helmets.

That’s Not How it Works…Is it?

Do you know what’s happening here? From what I was told, this isn’t the proper way to hold a rifle and can cause major damage. This woman should actually be shouldering the rifle instead of holding it over her eye socket like this.

A woman holding a rifle
Source: youtube.com

The recoil is going to send that scope into her eyeball. Ouch. But then again, maybe that’s not necessarily true. Maybe she’s a true sharpshooter and knows her way around a rifle. I have to say it again: Don’t try this at home, kids!

Pizza Party Fail

While I wouldn’t really consider this a disaster – more of a fail – this could potentially be a mini-disaster for all those were starving and waiting 20 minutes for the pizza to be ready. And Butterfingers here ruined everything.

A woman dropping a pizza
Source: ebaumsworld.com

It was probably the end of a night filled with partying. Why else would her friend pose with a thumbs up for a photo with a pizza? Looks like someone’s going to need to call to make a pizza order because there are no more frozen pizzas in the freezer.

When Cats Prank Dogs

If this dog was aware of the cat hanging from the door frame, he would definitely be looking up at it. Which only means he’s not aware that the cat is there. Which then means that the cat is obviously pranking the dog.

A cat holding onto a door frame
Source: mixping.com

This cat could drop down at any time and give that dog a heart attack. But then again, maybe this Garfield-looking house cat likes to prank her canine buddy every day, and it’s more annoying to him than anything else. But this cat can’t get enough of it.

That’s Supposed to Be Attached to the Bike

Here’s why you need to always check your bike’s nuts and bolts before doing anything else. This guy was probably dizzy from all of those donuts he just did for everyone who was watching on the side of the road.

A man driving a motorbike with a wheel coming off
Source: funnypedia.org

But then once he saw the wheel of the bike not attached to the bike he was sitting on, he knew something wasn’t right. I’m assuming he did about 87 more donuts before he finished spinning and landed on his side. At least he’s wearing a helmet.

When Pigeons Attack

This photo is a tried and true classic that has made its way around the internet multiple times. It has too many hilarious features. It’s as though this pigeon has targeted this child for some sort of revenge. But maybe he mistook him for another kid.

A boy running away from a bird
Source: buzznick.com

The poor kid just wanted to feed the birds and have a nice day at the park. Who knew he would become the target and victim of a bird’s raging attack? As someone who’s been attacked by a crow, it’s a lot scarier than it looks.

Attack Suits Do the Job

It’s got to be really scary when training police dogs. Even if you’re covered in a suit of armor, those dog attacks can really send you into panic mode and make you want to run for your life.

A man being attacked by a dog
Source: buzznick.com

This type of training usually starts in the puppy stage of the dog’s life, so that makes for a fun couple of years for the dog since he gets to run after and attack human beings. But then they become the most disciplined of all.