What Happened to Owen Wilson?

Award-winning American actor Owen Cunningham Wilson has had his fair share of highs and lows in the entertainment industry. His personal life is also quite interesting due to his multiple relationships with A-list female stars such as Demi Moore and Kate Hudson.

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The 52-year-old actor is also a father of three children born to three different women, and he has never been married. Though Owen is known as the funny guy on the silver screen, he has faced difficult times that almost led him to end his life in 2007. That being said, we take a deep dive into the extraordinary life of Owen Wilson.

The Early Life of Owen Cunningham Wilson

Wilson is the second son of photographer Laura Cunningham Wilson and Robert Andrew Wilson, a public TV station operator and advertising executive. He was born in Dallas, Texas, on November 18, 1968, and has two brothers.

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Owen’s older brother, Andrew, is a writer and director, and the youngest, Luke, is also a famous actor in his own right. Despite being a troublemaker as a child, Owen successfully graduated from New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell. Later, he was admitted to the distinguished University of Texas.

University of Texas Influenced Young Owen’s Choices in Life

As an undergrad at the University of Texas, Wilson became more exposed to a life of independence. The young man was forced to rethink his troublesome ways, and that was when he met a philosophy student named Wes Anderson.

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Anderson and Wilson related quite well and quickly became good friends. The young adults understood each other and realized they both shared the same approach to life. As time went on, Anderson would be the one to influence much of Wilson’s path in life.

Wes and Owen – Close Friends Turned Coworkers

Owen always thought Wes’s writing style was fascinating, which is a significant thing they both had in common. In 1996, they began working on a screenplay called Bottle Rocket starring Owen himself and his younger brother, Luke.

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The same year Bottle Rocket was released, Owen was asked to play a minor role in The Cable Guy starring comedy actor Jim Carrey. Ben Stiller was the director of the movie and a fan of Bottle Rocket, so he was thrilled to have Owen on board.

The Beginning of a Successful Acting Career

The Cable Guy was a significant hit and marked the beginning of Owen Wilson’s acting career in Hollywood. After The Cable Guy, Owen landed other roles that added to his success in movies such as Anaconda, Armageddon, The Haunting, Permanent Midnight, The Minus Man, and many others.

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Owen, Wes, and Luke were well on their way to becoming massive stars as their names became quite popular in the movie industry. In 2001, Owen co-wrote the movie script for The Royal Tenenbaums, directed by Wes Anderson.

Owen Wilson’s Romantic Relationships with Costars

The Texas-born, naturally blond actor has a great personality and an overwhelming sense of humor that won the heart of multiple female celebrities. He started dating singer Sheryl Crow in 1999 after meeting her on the set of The Minus Man.

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Owen went on to date Gina Gershon in 2000, Demi Moore in 2002, and then Kate Hudson in 2006. Le Call dated Wilson in 2007, and the relationship lasted for a year. In 2009, Jade Duell dated Owen.

The Romantic Relationships Continue

The next set of females in Owen’s life included Caroline Lindqvist (2013), Scarlett Benchley (2016), and Varunie Vongsvirates (2017). Though it’s not set in stone, Owen Wilson also had something with Angel Boris Reed, but presently the actor is most likely single.

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All the women Owen dated were either celebrities or women who had regular jobs. He also has a taste for foreign women because Caroline was from Sweden, and Varunie is originally from Thailand, although she was born in Los Angeles. Owen didn’t get married to any of these women.

Wilson’s Relationship with Jade Duell

In 2009, Owen Wilson spent some time in Washington, DC, shooting the movie How Do You Know. That is where he met Jade Duell, a U.S. Federal Air Marshall, and they quickly became acquainted with each other. A year after Wilson finished shooting the movie, he traveled back to the US capital to visit Jade most likely in the fall of 2010.

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Sometime in 2010, Jade became pregnant, and, of course, it was Wilson’s child. In January 2011, Duell gave birth to a son in Hawaii, and they named him Robert Ford Wilson. Sadly, the relationship only lasted for a short period, and the two parted ways in June 2011.

The Promiscuity That Ended Jade and Owen’s Relationship

Based on insider information, Jade and Owen’s relationship didn’t last long because the actor was unfaithful. He asked Jade for freedom to do whatever he pleased with his male and female friends, which did not sit well with Jade.

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Owen wanted to maintain his promiscuous lifestyle and his relationship with Jade and their son. However, Duell was uncomfortable with such an agreement and opted out of the relationship. Jade relocated to Long Island with little Robert and started living with her parents. On the other hand, Owen stayed in Santa Monica, California, as a single man.

Wilson’s Present Relationship with Jade and Robert

In the ensuing years, Jade and Owen put their differences aside and came to a mutual understanding. They decided to raise their son, Robert, together, and on many occasions, they’ve been seen in public enjoying each other’s company.

Owen Wilson plays with his son at the park.
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While Owen is still actively involved in his acting career, Jade Duell maintained her low-key lifestyle. The U.S. Federal Air Marshall has a few hundred followers on her Instagram account, @jadeduell. Though the account is private, she is pretty active there and has shared thousands of posts. She also has a Twitter account, @Jadeduell, and has a few dozen followers on the platform.

Owen’s Relationship with Caroline Lindqvist

Owen first met Caroline Lindqvist in 2003 at a party. At the time, he was separated from his ex-girlfriend Kate Hudson and had recently recovered from a suicide attempt. Lindqvist was married to Dr. Ritu Chopra, a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills. When Caroline met Owen, she was working as a personal trainer and real estate agent in Malibu, California.

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Owen hired Caroline as his trainer, and after working with her as a personal trainer, they kept communicating despite being in different locations. The two met each other again in 2007, and their constant encounters led to the birth of their romantic story. As friends, they both decided to have a baby together though they were not in a relationship.

Owen has a Good Relationship with Caroline and Their Son, Finn

When Caroline found out she was pregnant with Owen, she filed for a divorce from her estranged husband, Dr. Chopra. On January 30, 2014, Caroline gave birth to Owen’s second son, and they named him Finn. However, the two decided not to have a relationship with each other.

Owen Wilson holds his son Finn.
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Despite not being in a relationship, Owen provides financial support for the child and is very involved in raising him. Lindqvist said, “He lives right around the corner and comes by for a little bit of time each afternoon. He is planning to be part of the baby’s life and providing financial support.”

Varunie Vongsvirates and Her Relationship with the Hollywood Star

The Wedding Crashers star actor dated Varunie Vongsvirates on and off for five years before their relationship ended. The reason the relationship ended is unknown, but according to news from Radar, it did not end on a good note.

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Varunie became pregnant with Owen’s baby in 2018, and she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Lyla. Four months before the child was born, Owen went through a paternity test to determine if he was, indeed, the father. After confirming he was the father, the actor checked the “no visitation” box on the forms at the paternity hearing.

Has Owen Ever Met His Three-Year-Old Daughter?

The comic actor openly talks about his two sons who he shares with Jade and Caroline. He has a great relationship with his sons, but for some strange reason, he has refused to meet his only daughter. Yes, the Cars actor fulfills his legal and financial obligations. He pays about $25,000 monthly in child support, but he doesn’t know his daughter.

Varunie Vongsvirates holds he daughter.
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According to the girl’s mother, when Owen realized she was pregnant, he changed his phone number without a heads-up. In an interview where she addressed Wilson, she made it clear that the star was missing out on his daughter’s life.

Varunie Is Devastated That Owen Is Not Part of Lyla’s Life

Lyla bears a striking resemblance to the Hollywood actor, but that has still not moved him to contact his daughter. The pained mother went on social media to call out the actor, saying he keeps getting fatherly roles when he has never met his own daughter.

Owen Wilson / Owen’s daughter Lyla
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Sometime in October 2021, Varunie shared a picture of Lyla to celebrate her turning three. Lyla is an adorable little girl with big blue eyes and beautiful blonde hair. At the end of the paternity hearing, when the press asked Owen why he refused to associate with the child, his representative simply said, “This is a private matter, and it’s not appropriate to comment further.”

Owen Wilson’s Struggle with Depression and His Attempted Suicide

At the age of 38, Owen attempted suicide by overdosing on pills and slitting his wrist. Thankfully, Luke, his younger brother, found him at his Santa Monica residence and immediately dialed 9-1-1. Prior to his suicide attempt, Wilson had been battling depression, and he had harbored the idea of death since he was 11.

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Paramedics arrived early enough after receiving the distress call to rush him to St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica to receive treatment. After undergoing detox for the overdose and surgery for his injured wrist, the actor was transferred to Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Andrew and Luke Support Their Brother through a Difficult Time

After Owen’s attempt to end his life, an investigation revealed that the actor had been taking antidepressants. When the hospital declared that Wilson was stable and responding to treatment, the famous actor released a statement requesting privacy while trying to heal from his present predicament. “I respectfully ask that the media allow me to receive care and heal in private during this difficult time,” Owen said.

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In a 2021 interview with Esquire, the now 52-year-old actor talked about how his older brother, Andrew, helped him heal after his suicide attempt in 2007. Andrew allegedly stayed with Owen in his house after the attempt. His big brother also helped him write small schedules daily to make life a bit more manageable. The actor is grateful for the gift of a family who was there to support him through a difficult time.

Breakup with Kate Hudson May Have Led to the Suicide Attempt

The reason for Owen’s attempt on his life is not yet known, but some suggest that his breakup with Kate Hudson may have been the cause. The suicide incident happened shortly after a major misunderstanding occurred with an unknown close friend.

Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson talk during a basketball game.
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Wilson met the beautiful actress while shooting the movie You, Me and Dupree, but Kate was married to rock star Chris Robinson at that time. That same year in the fall, Hudson grew closer to Owen. In June 2007, People magazine announced that the two had split up, but sources insisted that the breakup was not the cause of Owen’s emotional stress.

Robert Wilson, Father of the Wilson Brothers, Passed Away at the Age of 75

Robert Wilson was a legendary TV pioneer and father of the famous Wilson brothers—Andrew, Owen, and Luke. After many years battling Alzheimer’s disease, the superstar dad passed away. However, the actual cause of Robert’s death is still unknown.

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In 2015, at the age of 48, Owen talked about his father’s battle with Alzheimer’s in an interview with the Dallas Morning News. He said, “It is a rough thing.” He further said that he would never have imagined this would happen to his dad if he had been told about 10 years ago. Nevertheless, Owen has accepted that such things happen and encourages anyone who wishes to honor his late father’s memory to donate to PBS.

Robert Wilson, the Legendary Patriarch of Television

Robert Wilson, popularly known as Bob, was a public television station executive. In 1965, he was in charge of the Dallas public TV station KERA. The iconic TV personality employed Jim Lehrer and placed him in charge of KERA’s public affairs programming.

Owen Wilson and his father Robert arrive at the premiere of 20th Century Fox's
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Bob was the boost the Dallas Times Herald editor needed, and soon he was made anchor for a nighttime program called the Newsroom. Lehrer also anchored The NewsHour for PBS. Based on Robert Wilson’s decision, KERA became the first US television station to show Flying Circus created by Monty Python.

Owen Wilson Was Expelled from Private School

As a young boy, Owen was quite troublesome and carried out a lot of pranking, wisecracking, and charming but irritating insubordination. All those naughty acts led to Owen’s expulsion from the private school he initially attended. After Owen was expelled, his older brother, Andrew, stepped in with an interesting suggestion to help young Owen.

Owen Wilson’s yearbook photo from Military School.
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Andrew suggested that Owen enroll in the New Mexico Military Institute to try to tame his wild ways. After spending some time under strict disciplinary training, Owen had to succumb or face the music. When Andrew and his father visited him, Owen could tell they were shocked to see him “buzz cut, uniform, his room, and his locker, and how they had to walk in straight lines.”

The Royal Tenenbaums Star Shares Rare Update on Fatherhood and Co-Parenting

The 52-year-old, camera-shy father of three spoke to Esquire about life as a father and what it’s like co-parenting with his exes. Wilson takes pride in telling his two sons—Robert, 10, and Fin, 7—bedtime stories because they really get into it.

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One time he shared a story about “this little pack of boys in a postapocalyptic world, and there’s a pack of dogs,” and one of his sons encouraged him to bring the story to life in a movie. The Golden Globe Nominee may be great at storytelling, but he admits that he isn’t an excellent cook. “I make pretty good sandwiches,” joked the Texas native.

Owen Wilson Really Enjoys Parenting

As part of Wilson’s many stories about the times he spends with his sons, he shared a story about trimming his youngest son’s fingernails. When his son Finn told him not to go below the line, Owen simply responded, “Relax.” When the funny actor was done, he asked Finn to say thank you.

Owen Wilson holds his son in his arms.
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Though the little boy agreed initially, he later whispered the words “for nothing.” Wilson reflected on the moment and recalled when he used to say those exact words as a child. However, he joked that saying that kind of thing can be one of the reasons a child ends up in military school.

The Internship Actor Lives Close to His Baby Mamas

According to the report from Esquire’s Ryan D’Agostino, Owen Wilson chose to live close to Caroline and Jade as his way of being available for his sons. The former couples get along quite well, and Owen raises his sons while following a well-structured, single-dad schedule.

Owen Wilson arrives at an event.
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In August 2021, Owen’s younger brother, Luke, had an exclusive interview with US Weekly and mentioned that Robert and Finn are huge fans of their dad’s and uncle’s movie projects. “I think it’s getting to be just kind of the regular thing around the house, but it is hilarious,” said 49-year-old Luke.

Owen’s Wealth Does Not Come Only from Movies

Owen Wilson currently has a net worth of about $70 million, and that’s quite huge but not too shocking for many reasons. First, Wilson is an A-lister whose presence in movies and even supporting roles warrants a big paycheck. Also, when he is featured in a movie or takes part in a project, the outcome is always successful.

Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn in a still from Wedding Crashers.
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So studios know that if they cast Owen Wilson, that translates to automatic colossal box office numbers. Wedding Crashers in 2005 earned more than $200 million at the box office, and Owen himself made up to $10 million from the film. Aside from the many dollars rolling in from his movies, Owen also owns real estate and properties worth $40–$50 million.

Luke’s and Andrew’s Net Worth Compared to Owen’s

Andrew, the oldest brother, is the chief executive officer of Electronic Arts. In 2021, he became the highest-paid employee at $39 million. As of May 2022, Andrew’s net worth was about $226.64 million. As CEO of Electronic Arts, he owns nearly 150,000 shares of the company stock and has sold some of them at an estimated value of approximately $299 million in the past 10 years.

Andrew Wilson, Luke Wilson and Owen Wilson during 2005 Maui Film Festival.
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On the other hand, Luke Wilson has a net worth of about $50 million that he makes from acting and other investments. He made a lot of money from movies such as Legally Blonde, Old School, and The Royal Tenenbaums. In addition, Luke invested in real estate, and currently, his Santa Monica home is worth about $20 million.

Famous Friends Love and Adore Owen Wilson

Owen’s longtime friend and collaborator, Wes Anderson, praised his friend’s creative mind after teaming up to create The French Dispatch. Wes said, “He’s deceptively intelligent and sometimes even hides his intelligence and how well-read he is.” Anderson also said Wilson is attractive.

Owen Wilson and Wes Anderson relax on a couch.
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Wes explained that people are easily drawn to the famous actor, and most people would always want to be a valuable member of their team if they had to choose. Jennifer Aniston, who co-starred with Owen in the movie Marley & Me, referred to her partner as “disarming.”

Jennifer Aniston and Ben Stiller Find Wilson Interesting

The star actress Jennifer Aniston explained that while they were shooting the movie Marley & Me, she had the opportunity to play volleyball with Wilson, and it went very well. Wilson was good, so they volleyed back and forth, making the game enjoyable.

 Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson walk on the beach.
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Jennifer also loved that Owen made her laugh a lot while on set. Wilson’s most recent collaborator, Ben Stiller, said that though he has worked with Owen on about 14 projects, you can’t fully know the Loki star because he is pretty mysterious.

Some Popular Owen Wilson Movies

The famous Dallas-born star has acted in so many movies that it’s pretty hard to keep track of them. Another thing to note is that when Owen acts in a film, his movies usually end up being A-listers. This award-winning movie star surely knows how to impact the entertainment industry.

Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller in a still from Zoolander.
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Some of his famous movies you have probably watched include Zoolander (2001), Meet the Fockers (2004), Night at the Museum (2005–2014), Cars (2006), Wedding Crashers (2005), Marley & Me (2008), Fantastic Mr. Fox (animation) (2009), and many others. Owen also played a major role in the newly released Disney + series Loki (2021).

Owen’s Role in the Disney Series Loki

The 52-year-old star captivated fans and critics with his role in the Disney+ series Loki. In the series, Owen plays the role of a security agent called Mobius for the Time Variance Authority (TVA). He acts alongside the god of mischief Loki played by Tom Hiddleston.

Owen Wilson and Tom Hiddleston in a scene from Loki.
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Loki and Mobius share a bromance-type friendship in the action-adventure series. The first episode begins with the TVA arresting Loki for crimes against the sacred timeline. The god of mischief gets in trouble with the TVA for using the Tesseract to escape from the avengers in Avengers: Endgame.

The Loki Disney Series Piles Up High Ratings

Loki’s act disrupted the timeline and natural flow of things. Mobius, the security agent who takes Loki in for questioning, finds Loki interesting from the beginning. Eventually, the two end up working together in later episodes of the series.

Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson in a still from Loki.
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Michael Waldron created the series starring Tom Hiddleston, Sophia Di Martino, Owen Wilson, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, and Wunmi Mosaku. Presently, the Loki Disney series has about 92% positive ratings with 4.8–5 stars. It’s safe to say the series is doing great!

The Imaginary Restaurant in The Royal Tenenbaums

In an interview with Esquire, Wilson confessed that while he and Wes Anderson were working on The Royal Tenenbaums, they had to create an imaginary restaurant. The restaurant they imagined was named Sloppy Huck’s, a favorite place for Gene Hackman’s character and his kids to hang out.

Owen Wilson, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Wes Anderson talk on the set of The Royal Tenenbaums
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“It was this place with peanut shells on the floor and an odd menu with stuff like rhubarb pie and corn-fritter casserole,” Owen said. However, the imaginary hotel was never included in the finished film. This 2001 blockbuster film got an Academy Award nomination for best original screenplay.

Zoolander Star Makes It to the Cover of Esquire Magazine at 52

The 2021 September issue of Esquire featured a detailed profile of the famous yet camera-shy actor Owen Wilson. He had not been involved in a revealing magazine piece for years until Esquire reached out to the 52-year-old actor, and he obliged.

Owen Wilson poses for the cover of Esquire.
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Ryan D’Agostino wrote the magazine piece, and Owen was styled by Bill Mullen and photographed by Mark Seliger. The September issue covered three interviews where Owen talked about his life, acting career, and role as a father.

What Is Currently Happening with Owen Wilson?

The 52-year-old award-winning actor also told Esquire that he was quite involved in many activities due to several projects. He wowed fans and critics in the summer Disney+ series Loki. Owen also recently traveled to the Cannes Film Festival.

Owen Wilson, Wes Anderson, Tilda Swinton and Adrien Brody during the Cannes Film Festival
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The film festival was necessary for the world premiere of The French Dispatch, directed by Wes Anderson and released in theaters in October. The actor was also preparing for the Valentine’s Day–inspired movie Marry Me, collaborating with Jennifer Lopez.

The 52-Year-Old Star Actor Is Full of Gratitude

In the same interview with Esquire, Wilson expressed his gratitude for how far he had come in life. His feeling of thankfulness may stem from his current project or the peace he feels having his family united. Nevertheless, Wilson feels on top of the world and sees life from a different perspective.

Owen Wilson attends a Fashionable Screening of Pictures film
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“I’ve been in sort of a lucky place of feeling pretty appreciative of things,” says Owen. “I know everything’s kind of up and down, but when you get on one of these waves, you’ve gotta ride it as long as you can—feeling pretty grateful. Well, grateful’s one of those words that get used all the time. Appreciative of, you know, stuff.”

Release Date for Owen Wilson’s Latest Movie Secret Headquarters

The Paramount Pictures production Secret Headquarters, directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, will be released in August 2022. In the movie, young Charlie Kincaid finds out there’s a secret headquarters beneath his home, and it might belong to a superhero.

Owen Wilson in a still from Secret Headquarters.
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Charlie shares the news with his friends, and they begin to suspect that his estranged dad might be living a secret double life. Jerry Bruckheimer produced the movie alongside Chad Oman, starring Owen Wilson. The star actor will also continue his role in the Disney+/Marvel series Loki on June 9, 2022.

What Upcoming Movies and Shows Are Ahead for Owen Wilson?

The return of Owen Wilson to continue the Disney+/Marvel series Loki in June also marks the return of the Oscar-nominated screenwriter. After years of disappearing from the public eye and not acting on big or small screens, the 52-year-old actor is back.

Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson seen filming on location for 'Marry Me'.
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Apart from the release of The French Dispatch in October 2021, Owen has other exciting movies and series lined up for the future. These future projects include possible sequels to Shanghai Noon, Shanghai Knights, and Wedding Crashers. Wilson is fully back into showbiz, and we look forward to what’s in store for the Marry Me star.

Is Owen Wilson Currently Dating Anyone?

Since the actor’s return to the limelight, there has been no news of his current dating status. However, the actor is willing to give love a try as long as he meets someone who connects with him. An insider revealed to OK magazine that the actor wants a long-lasting relationship.

Owen Wilson at the
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The award-winning actor hopes the right woman will show up, but until then, he is content being a single dad. Despite his age, the movie star still turns heads with his dashingly good looks. Owen Wilson has proved beyond a doubt that age is just a number.