Wedding Photobombs That Newlyweds Will Never Forget

When you finally get engaged to the love of your life and start planning your wedding, most couples want everything to be absolutely perfect. So they pool all their efforts into planning everything impeccably. From the picture-perfect ceremony to the seating plan and the best band, everything has to be accounted for. However, let’s face it, when the big day finally arrives, there are still things that are out of your control.

For these newlyweds, they wanted to make their day unforgettable, and capture their most cherished moments on camera. Still, you never know when something unexpected will happen, or if someone will have a sudden urge to rush over and photobomb your perfect moment. So let’s take a closer look at some of the most outrageous photobombs ever to surface online. We’re sure that these photobombs are so legendary, that the newlyweds will never ever forget them.

Ain’t No Wedding High Enough

Sometimes with wedding photobombs, it’s all about perspective. While this happy couple might think that they are the victim of this photobomb, this adorable chipmunk was probably really caught up in his own moment in nature.


So perhaps this newlywed couple are in fact, guilty of stealing the spotlight from the chipmunk. Maybe he was just about to start his rendition of ‘Aint No Mountain High Enough’. Who says the newlyweds have to always be the center of attention anyway!

I Now Pronounce You Owl & Wife

At this legendary wedding, it was also a huge day for this owl. While it might look like this lady is just about to marry her own hybrid owl-head, were just so happy someone managed to capture this impeccably-timed photo.

Source: YouTube

With outdoor weddings like this, you can try your best to make the guest-list perfect, but sometimes there are always some people that you left off the list. Like this owl, who grabbed the opportunity to fly in and crash the wedding, and was just in time to take their front row seat. We’re just hoping he had a hoot!

My Best Friend’s wedding

While most wedding guests are happy to see the loved-up couple on their big day, this best man clearly had his own feelings and emotions about their wedding. In pictures like these, sometimes a photobomb can speak a thousand words.


We can only hope that the expression on this best man’s face is just cleverly disguised tears of joy. Or else he was just shocked that he saw his best friend kiss someone for the first time. We only hope that he managed to enjoy the rest of this best friend’s big day.

Is That Lock Ness?

Scottish weddings are usually filled with their own set of unique traditions, like wearing kilts and dancing to the Highland Fling. So perhaps this couple also wanted to make their big day complete by looking underwater for another enchanted Scottish legend, the Loch Ness monster.


In this case, they didn’t quite manage to find Nessy, but they did get photobombed by this adorable dolphin instead. It seems that they wanted to make their wedding day even more unique and special by getting married in an aquarium in Edinburgh, and they have an epic photo to prove it.

Holy Catrimony

While this awesome photo may be a little blurry, it might just be one of the best fur ball photobombs to ever to surface online. Maybe this feline creature mistook the camera for a bowl of milk, or perhaps he is just a seasoned wedding cat photo bomber.


In cases like this, the cat cameo really makes the photo even more epic. It would almost be boring to see just a happy couple posing for a perfect photo now. The fact that the feline friend is completely oblivious to the newlyweds, makes it even more hilarious and unforgettable too.

All Aboard

Some happy couples can’t wait to invite all their closest friends and family to their big day. For other couples, their weddings wouldn’t be complete without their favorite pets too. Still, when this bride invited her beloved dog, it looks like he was finding the idea of sharing her with another man, a little tough.


While her dog seems to be intent on sitting tight on her wedding dress train, we’re glad that the bride and groom can see the funny side and are happy to marvel at the adorable situation. We’re sure the dog understood too, eventually!

Look, Guys, No Hands!

In some weddings, even the pastor tries to make the day even more unforgettable for the couple. So while this loved-up couple were caught up in the moment at the altar, this joking pastor tried his best to think of the most unique way to celebrate the moment.


Whether it was an impulsive decision or he always had a burning desire to do a miraculous stunt, the pastor jumped up to lie across the altar in a plank position. He wanted to make it appear as though he was floating on the groom’s head for the photo. Well at least he has a sense of humor, so we would hire this pastor for our wedding any day!

I Need a Boyfriend

This maid of honor got more than she bargained for that day when she agreed to sit on the head table at the wedding. While it must have sounded like a cute idea at the time to sit next to the bride, she found out the hard way that being a wedding photo bomber was unavoidable.


While the happy couple got caught up in their perfect moment at the reception, they probably felt like nothing else mattered. Except for the fact that the maid of honor had to sit there, awkwardly, waiting for that intimate moment to just stop. We only hope she moved a few seats down so she could enjoy the rest of the wedding with the other guests!

A Leap of Faith

Some people look at commitment on your wedding day as the ultimate leap of faith. This wedding guest took the idea of a leap of faith a little more literally when suddenly catapulted off the deck and dived into the sea in an insanely hilarious way.


Perhaps the wedding guest had been inspired by an emotional speech at the ceremony, or maybe he just thought this was the perfect moment to practice his deep-sea diving. Either way, we can bet that this moment would be one both he, and the happy couple would remember for the rest of their lives!

It’s Too Loud

Even with royal weddings, you can try to plan everything flawlessly, but you can’t always control everything that happens on the big day. Like this moment. When Prince William and Kate Middleton stepped out for the first time as husband and wife, everyone in the crowd was in awe and quickly took out their phones to snap the iconic moment.


While most of the crowd couldn’t wait to celebrate the new couple, one little royal flower girl wasn’t too impressed. Evidently, she couldn’t handle the noise and cheers of the happy crowd, so she hilariously put her hands over ears. It did make the moment even more iconic, and we’re sure that no one will forget that awesome photobomb.

Peeping Tom

Sometimes what really makes a wedding special is the little moments, as these later become the big moments to remember. This couple probably thought they finally could enjoy their moment on their big day, and celebrate their love with a romantic kiss.


So we’re actually thrilled this camera managed to capture this awesome moment in all its glory. Apparently, this hilarious guy wasn’t even invited to the wedding. He just happened to peep his head in at the right moment and grabbed his chance to shine and photobombed the happy couple.

Make Way, Coming Through

While some wedding photobombs are intentional, others just happen that way, which makes them even more legendary. When this wedding guest had the sudden urge to go, he probably thought he would be quick enough to rush past the happy couple who were signing their register.


Unfortunately, he wasn’t as quick as he hoped, and bolted straight into the front of their wedding registry photo. The funniest part is his expression as he tries his best to escape the picture.

A Ghostly Sighting

On first glance, this might seem like a traditional photo of some newlyweds, happily posing on a grand staircase after the ceremony. However, if you look a little to the right, you’ll see a ghost-like figure, standing there, lurking in the shadows, ready to spook us all.


We’re just hoping that this ghostly figure didn’t appear in the background of every photo in their album, like in the Shining. We also hope that this is just a female wedding guest that accidentally stumbled on the staircase. Either way, it is a legendary photo!

Star-Crossed Lovers

When most people come across some star-crossed lovers, posing for their romantic wedding photoshoot, they might stop and admire them. In some special cases though, some people really think this is their moment too, and grab the opportunity to get their photobombing groove on.


There are plenty of awesomely creative ways to photobomb, from cartwheeling or moonwalking to walking like an Egyptian. This imaginative guy grabbed his time in the spotlight and took the chance to do the perfect star-jump. We have to give kudos to him, as he does make the photo even more epic.

The Ultimate Wedding Crasher

Sometimes, a wedding crasher can appear from the most unlikely places. When this loved-up couple ventured out to the woods for a romantic wedding photoshoot, they probably felt that all they had to worry about was getting that picture-perfect shot.


They probably didn’t realize that they also attracted the attention of some other curious woodland creatures, who wanted to see what all the fuss was about. It was only when they got the photo album back from the photographer that they noticed their little meerkat wedding crasher, who happily popped up in the front of their shot!

We Need Boundaries

Some relationship gurus swear that a healthy marriage needs boundaries, and this also applies to friends of the happy couple too. It’s sometimes healthy to know when is the best time to pay your couple friends a visit, and when to not crash their wedding photoshoot!


Perhaps this wedding guest was a little too excited to say hi to the newlyweds, or maybe he doesn’t understand boundaries. Either way, he did help make the photo shoot a little more special, and a little more hilariously awkward, so we have to give him credit.

Run For Your Lives!

In most weddings, the tradition of throwing the bouquet is normally one of the iconic highlights. Since it holds symbolism, and most believe that the one to catch it will be the next to get married, many single female guests scramble their way to get it. The resulting photos are usually hilarious.


In this wedding, the resulting photo is hilarious for a completely different reason. While most of the younger female guests are competing to catch the bouquet, one older lady is running for her life in the opposite direction. Perhaps she’s jaded by the whole idea of marriage, but she clearly has a sense of humor about the whole thing!

“L’ Is For Llama

Did you ever hear the tale of the jealous llama who couldn’t handle the couple’s love? He was so emotional, he decided to photobomb the bride and groom while they were swept up in an intimate kiss. No? Well, we’d never heard of that tale either, until now!


We can only imagine that the jealous llama then confronted to groom and they both battled it out in an epic showdown. Well, maybe we are letting our imaginations run a little wild, but there’s no harm in trying to imagine the back story to this epic photo.

Love and Hate

Sometimes a photobomb is so perfectly timed, that the result is magical. While this happy couple posed under a beautiful waterfront canopy, against the backdrop of the beach, they wouldn’t have known what was happening behind them.


Whether these awesome guys really are in the middle of an intense dispute, or they took the chance to pose for an intense fight, we have to take our hats off to these awesome guys in the background. They made this photo legendary, and it captures the perfect combination of love versus hate.

The Ultimate Third Wheel

While some people may joke about being the third wheel in the relationship, this guy literally took the concept to the next level. He ended up being the ultimate third wheel after unwittingly riding his bicycle through this organized wedding photoshoot.


This guy was probably just on his way to work, blissfully unaware that he was riding next to a group of wedding guests. He did later notice, but it was a little too late. Still, the hilarious expression on his face and the laughter that we managed to cause for the wedding guests makes this photo even more viral-worthy.

Time for a Honeymoon Exit

With some photobombs, they truly live up to the word, bomb. In this case, the couple probably thought they’d found the perfect spot in the fields for their sunset photoshoot. As the sun glistened through the trees in the background, all they had to do was hold their best poses.


Still, they wouldn’t have known that there was another creature in the background, who also wanted to enjoy their own moment in the field. So this cow was a little bit angry and ready to pounce. We’re just glad the couple managed to jump out of the way, just in time.

Odd One Out

The more you stare at this epic wedding photo, the more hilarious it becomes. While it might not be a traditional photobomb, this little bridesmaid manages to steal the show and make us all smile with her stunned expression.

Source: YouTube

While the bride and her other bridesmaids are happily laughing while they pose for this awesome shot, the little girl manages to stand out for a few reasons. While she may be the youngest and the smallest, she also looks like she didn’t quite hear the same joke as the other bridesmaids. So, seeing as she didn’t really know where to look or what to do, she looks hilarious stunned.

Where’s Waldo? The Wedding Edition

If there was ever an occasion that you would expect to find Waldo, a wedding photoshoot would be the last place you’d expect to see him and his trademark red and white stripes.


Perhaps Waldo didn’t get the memo that you’re supposed to wear a suit for a wedding. Or perhaps he just spends his time wandering around, always ready to pop up in the most unexpected places.

They Didn’t See the Signs

Sometimes, a photobomb is just waiting to happen before you’ve even set up the wedding canopy. In this case, the couple chose the perfect spot to tie the knot. Before the minister had time to ask ‘If anyone objects to this union, please speak now?’, there was a giant STOP sign waiting to be discovered.


It seems amazing that the giant STOP sign seems to have been ignored by every person involved in setting up the wedding. It was only when the photographer took this ironic photo, that you can see it. We’re hoping it was just a funny coincidence and not a real sign that they shouldn’t rush into marriage.

Getting To the Bottom of It

Some photobombs are just impeccably timed and completely unintentional. So when the photographer captured this perfectly-timed wedding photo of the bride gazing out of the window, we wonder if she realized what she was staring at.


Maybe she was innocently looking at something else outside, but from this angle, all we can see is a workman bending over outside, directly in front of her. What makes it even more awesome is the fact she has her hands on the window, directly over his bottom half. Well, it sure made the photo even more legendary.

Unexpected Guests

In some weddings, no matter how hard you try to just invite your closest friends and family, there can be a few random guests that no one quite knows. Some of these wedding crashers manage to slip under the radar, and you assume they are just extended cousins. Still, these unexpected wedding guests stood out more than most.


When these newlyweds decided to pose for a romantic photo shoot in the woods, we’re pretty sure they thought they were alone. However, they were actually crashing the party of reindeers. Maybe they had actually became the forest crashers themselves.

What You Looking At?

There seems to be a running theme with outdoor wedding photoshoots and unexpected visitors. This photographer probably searched for a while to find the most picturesque place to capture the perfect shot of the couple, until that cat wandered onto the scene.

Source: YouTube

There’s a lot of elements to think about for a wedding shoot, so when everything was in place, they just had to position the camera in the perfect place to get the romantic long-distance shot. This cat had their own agenda that day, and probably wondered what everyone was looking at!

A Wave of Emotions

In this ocean-themed wedding photoshoot, all we can think is they didn’t think this one through. And that’s all we can think about. In theory, it might have sounded like a cool idea to take a romantic photo with the waves crashing against the rocks in the background.


However, in hindsight, it seems like the worst possible setting they could choose for their romantic wedding album. As the wave splashed over the couple completely, we can only hope they saw the funny side. At least they will never forget their big day!

Taking It All In

When you’re a guest at a wedding, it’s easy to forget that the cameraman is always there, watching and waiting to capture the perfect action shot. Even if you’re not ready. While this wedding guest got lost in the moment to tilt his head back and take it all in, he also made a rooky mistake.


The mistake he made was forgetting for a moment that he was standing next to the bride and groom. Usually, wherever they go, the cameraman will follow. So even though he wasn’t ready, everyone else was ready to capture the epic moment.

Fainting Through It

As we’ve revealed by now, there are always unexpected things that can happen at a wedding, that no one sees coming. When this unfortunate bridesmaid managed to faint at her best friend’s wedding, this was probably the last thing anyone was expecting.


Perhaps the heat was too much for her, or she was just so overcome with emotions. Either way, we love how while her friend comforts her, the bride and groom decided to carry on with their wedding, with or without their bridesmaids!

An Excited Guest

Weddings can be emotional. While some people faint, and some can cry, other people are just so excited for the happy couple, that they also can’t contain their emotions. In this case, it seems the wedding guest was also a little too excited.


So while this couple got caught up in their own emotional and romantic moment, the guest behind them couldn’t help but let out their excited face. In fact, he is so overly happy, that he managed to make the moment even more hilariously adorable.

When you’re Not Invited

When you have a large group of family and friends, you can’t always invite everyone, and it can be hard to narrow down the guest list. This disgruntled swan seems to be a little unhappy that he didn’t make the cut.

Source: YouTube

Although the swan wasn’t invited to the wedding, he made a point of turning up the reception anyway. So as he looks longingly at all the festivities, food and drinks. We’re sure if he stays there long enough, someone might have given the little guy some leftover wedding food!

The First Dance

While every wedding is unique and has a different set of customs, one tradition that almost wedding shares is the first dance. It’s usually one of the highlights of the reception, and the lights dim as the new bride and groom take center stage under the spotlight.


This groom clearly didn’t get the memo. The first dance is supposed to be with your new bride, not with your dog, even if it looks at you longingly. In any case, these two do look like an adorable dancing duo, so we can let them off this time.

When Everybody Kisses

When the photographer for this photoshoot finally positioned the wedding party in place and said ‘kiss the bride’, some of the other guests took it a little too literally. Evidently, this flower girl was also a little too excited to kiss someone too.


So, while the other guests weren’t looking, she grabbed the opportunity to finally kiss her own prince charming. The page boy looks a little stunned, but maybe this was just the start of a beautiful new romance.

What Wedding Photos?

When couples invest all the time to plan their big day, they usually want everything to run smoothly. So, everything is planned with precision, and the photographer is there at all times, to capture every moment. Still, once the formalities are out the way, and the guests hit the dance floor, it’s a totally different story.

Source: YouTube

So when this wedding guest hit the dance floor, he took his time to cut loose and enjoy the moment. He probably forgot that the photographer was still working, and trying to capture every guest, while they got their wedding groove on. We’re just glad someone captured this!

Leaping Into Their Wedding Shoot

When this bride’s nephew decided to leap into their picture-perfect wedding shoot, it made the photo even more awesome. All we can say, is we’re just glad the bride and groom had a hilarious sense of humor.


We’re sure that their nephew spent a lot of time thinking about the perfect way to leap into their picture. And this crazy leap with a smile was the perfect choice. It also made the photo a little more perfect, and we’re sure no one will forget that moment ever.

When You Bring Your Guard Dogs

We now understand that outdoor wedding photoshoots can be a little unpredictable. You never really know what will happen, or who will turn up to crash your shoot. So we can totally see why this couple bought their guard dogs to their day.


While the dogs do look a little cute in their little bow ties, they also look like they’ve just seen a ghost. Perhaps they had spotted an unsuspecting photo bomber in the distance. Either way, if anyone was thinking of crashing this couple’s shoot, they would probably think again.

Anything to Catch the Bouquet

As we’ve revealed by now, the tradition of throwing the bouquet to all your single ladies can be one of the wedding highlights. In this case, it seems some of these guests got a little too competitive and turned it into a bouquet catching sport!


The resulting scene is therefore awesome. While one guest at the front looked like she was preparing for a football game, some of the other guests seemed a little nonchalant at first. Still, once the bouquet is actually thrown, everyone charges for the flowers, and the scene is pure wedding magic.

When you invite The Whole Neighborhood

Why wait for anyone to photobomb your wedding party when you can just invite the whole neighborhood of Detroit to join your photoshoot. This way, everyone can join the fun and share your special day.

Source: YouTube

We can only picture the scene before that epic photo. It must have taken time to get everyone ready for the picture-perfect shot. And why just include the wedding party, when there is a whole neighborhood of kids waiting to join your photoshoot.

You’re Moment to Shine

While the bride and other bridesmaids are all busy with the wedding preparations and making sure everyone looks perfect for the ceremony, it can be a long morning. So when you’re a little girl, sometimes you just want to have a little fun and be the center of attention too.


We can only imagine that this little flower girl had been waiting for hours for everyone to get ready. So when the photographer asked her to smile for the camera, we can totally understand why she wants to be a little silly. After all, it was finally her moment to shine!