Unique Hotels Around the World

What’s in a hotel? The glamour? The bells and whistles? Well, a lot. Humanity’s fascination with hotels goes a long way back to the first millennia. Conventionally, hotels represent a piece of the culture of where they are established. Most owners tend to risk it all and go for the extraordinary; the pizzazz.

In truth, there’s a lot more to the hotel narrative. When people are out on the road, they tend to look for specific qualities to add to the traveling thrill. As fellow enthusiasts, we’ve made proper utility of the internet and combed through a couple of hotels around the world that will surely make you raise your eyebrows in fascination. This should make for an exhilarating experience.

The Ultimate Escapade: Kokomo Private Island Hotel

Couples and families visiting Kokomo Private Island are sure to leave impressed. As one of the most luxurious hotels in the world, it manages to pull off a fantastic orchestra of the finest things in life with great ease. To get there, guests board seaplanes before being bombarded with numerous activities onsite. There’s an infinity pool at the ready, gym and spa amenities, watersports, the option to dine in villas, kayak paddles and nanny service for the kids.

Source: kokomoislandfiji.com

Divers are known to lodge at the Kokomo Private Island Hotel before taking excursions to the nearby Great Astrolabe Reef with cameras in hand. The disabled can also easily navigate the various public spaces since they’re wheelchair-accessible.

The hotel is fantastic because it is ideal for individuals of all ages. Guests visiting also need not concern themselves too much about packing. This is because the hotel offers a lot from baby food, snacks, mats and armbands for the kids to play about. All one needs to before arrival is the non-standard essentials to get by. Rooms from $3,625 per night.

Heavenly Skies: Sheldon Chalet, Alaska

It’s safe to say that the Sheldon Chalet hotel stands tall as Alaska’s prima donna. There’s a good reason for this. Despite being located in a relatively remote location, right in the middle of the Denali National Park, the resort has echoes of a heavenly vibe.

Source: sheldonchalet.com

At any given instance, the hotel can house ten guests. The breathtaking view of the aurora borealis in the night sky is just breathtaking. Once you combine the scenic view with the never-ending view of jagged peaks and snow summits, you can have a semblance of serenity. It’s no surprise to find out that this hotel ranks highly as one of the most expensive hotels in the world.

Robert Sheldon together with his wife Marne, conceptualized plans for the gorgeous hotel. To get there, you need to take a chopper ride as you traverse the canyons. Upon arrival, guests are treated to a glass of Champagne and some dazzling Alaskan seafood. There are a ton of fun activities to engage in like glacier trekking, fishing, and rappelling. Rooms available from $2,300.

Perch in the Dunes: Longitude 131, Australia

Longitude 131, one of the most beautiful hotels, offers a fantastic view of the Uluru/Ayers Rock. The hotel features many dune tops with scenic aerial views of the environs, especially during sunsets and sunrises. Guests can sample Aboriginal art just a couple of miles away in the town of Yulara or merely opt to watch the artists from afar.

Source: longitude131.com.au

The glamping experience is exquisite, and guests have been known to perch upon the treehouse-like double rooms with great abandon. There’s also a spa at the focal Dune Pavillion where guests can have a bit in the dining room, access the library, and imbibe at the bar.

Guests residing at Longitude 131 can go out and bout into the wild in groups. During the excursions, they check out a nearby watering hole, hike Kata Tjuta, and tour Uluru during sunset hours. The Ernabella Arts center is also not too far off from where the hotel is found. Guests can maintain contact with the happenings of the outside world thanks to the strong Wi-Fi presence.

Jonathon Bryant, the Chef, is said to source his cooking ingredients from various parts of Australia. Remarkably, the hotel’s staff make a point of noting everyone’s preferences and intolerances to create a personalized menu. Rooms from $1,593.

True Heritage: Amanyangyun, China

This fabulous hotel lies next to the historic Qizhong Forest Park in Minhang district, Shanghai. Conveniently, the hotel is about an hour’s drive from the city center. An international airport, Pudong, also happens to be less than an hour away from the hotel.

Source: aman.com

Amanyangyun is a hotel conceived out of great preservation and heritage efforts. Legend has it that the iconic villas and large camphor trees on offer were initially from Fuzhou, in Jiangxi Province. They had to be moved because dam construction would have obliterated them.

The hotel boasts a spacious spa framed with slate and cedar finishing, swimming pools aplenty, gym facilities and Asian medicine stores. Conspicuously, there are about nine tea rooms where visitors can learn about the art of calligraphy and ceremonies. Rooms go from about $1,024 per night.

7-Stars Rated: Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, United Arab Emirates

Right from the word go, the Burj Al Arab seeks to impress. The hotel sits on a human-made island about 280m from the shores. Access from the mainland is through a causeway, and the Dubai International Airport is suitably located about 25 km away.

Source: jumeirah.com

Stylistically, the hotel is set in the shape of a billowing sail and boasts superb opulent interiors. There is an assortment of marble varieties (about 30) adorning the floors and walls. Noticeably, a rare breed of marble variety – the Statuario – infamously used by Michelangelo in his works of art, is present.

In-house, there’s a swim-up bar and the Talise Spa which is adorned with Morocco-esque mosaics. The room service is unparalleled with round-the-clock butlers at the ready. There’s also a kids’ club, free parking and a fitness center for guests to stretch out. This jewel of a hotel is perfect for families looking to sit back and take life easy. Rooms go from $1,023.

Fort at Sea: Spitbank Fort Hotel, UK

Situated a mile from the sea, the only way visitors can access the Spitbank Fort Hotel is by boat. Upon arrival, visitors are handed glasses of champagne and introduced to a comfy lounge teeming with history. Most of the décor speaks of opulence while the hooks and metal beams in the ceiling serve as reminders of the fort’s troubled past.

Source: solentforts.com

Opened in 2012 after three years of construction, the Spitbank Fort is a gem in the rough. The island gives a unique vibe and visitors have been known to feel as though they are on a whole other level of existence. The hotel has nine bedroom suites with elegant furnishings and king-size beds.

Revelers will appreciate the presence of 3 bars, many game roofs, a spacious wine cellar and a hot-tub situated at the rooftop. From the red lighthouse, visitors can comfortably check out the scenery of England’s south coast. Rooms go from $943.

Underwater Seabed: The Muraka Hotel, Maldives

In the native Maldives tongue, “Muraka” means coral. Set to open in November 2018, the Muraka Hotel will seek to break to break the ice, both literally and figuratively. The hotel is going to have a two-level villa deep inside the heart of the Indian Ocean with a living space, bedroom, and bathrooms situated about 5 meters below marine life.

Source: conradmaldives.com

Excitingly, the Muraka features a state of the art dining room, gym, bar, a powder room and butler’s quarters to boot. There’s also the Sunset Grill restaurant situated about 50 meters onshore from where guests can check out beautiful manta rays strike the waters.

As an establishment that seeks to please all, the Muraka would not be complete without mentioning the Majaa Kids’ Club that offers great activities for kids to partake in. They can go snorkeling, draw up some art, access they Wi-Fi services and play around the compound. Parents can leave their kids under guides as they take on a Hatha yoga class or just sunbathe in tranquility. Rooms from $810.

Perfect Ambience: Vista Palazzo Lago di Camo, Italy

Source: vistalagodicomo.com

The Italian Lake Como, one of the most beautiful hotels in the world, has been a favorite holiday spot for eons now. The site first gained infamy during the times of the Roman Empire before obtaining a new breath of life in the 19th century. The Vista Palazzo Lago di Camo was made after taking cues from a Venetian style palazzo. The wonderous hotel boasts 18 rooms that shimmer in classic palazzo beauty and exquisite Italian finishing. The styling is self-evident in the manner the designs intricately combine to produce a stunning display of marble and wood.

Those who love to keep to themselves are sure to have a blast in this pristine location. There are private chefs at the ready to take orders in the rooftop restaurant and bar. While up there, you can take in some breathtaking sights and experience the beauty of the lake in the sun’s glare during the day and the beautiful lights at night. Rooms go from $815 a night.

Lush Life: Capella Ubud, Indonesia

Famed designer, Bill Bensley, best known for his magnum opus, the Thailand-based Four Seasons Golden Triangle Tented Camp, outdid himself when he came up with ideas for the Capella Ubud situated in Bali. His romantically artistic style is self-evident in the gracious elegance of the Capella Ubud hotel. The establishment features 22 tents and a one of a kind two-bedroom themed lodge.

Source: capellahotels.com

Not to be left out with the modern delights, the jungle hotel has a gym, an assortment of restaurants, and swimming pools. Travelers can take comfort in some activities on offer like learning about chocolate making and engage in lengthy treks. Rooms from $838.

Perfect Mix: Rosewood Miramar Beach Montecito, United States

Previously known as the Miramar by the Sea Hotel, the Montecito landmark has been redesigned as the Rosewood Miramar Beach Montecito. Spanning over 16 acres of real estate, the hotel is one of the most luxurious and the only private beach in the whole of South California. With 161 rooms on offer for visitors, twin swimming pools, a spa and half a dozen bars and restaurants, the Rosewood Miramar aim to please.

Source: rosewoodhotels.com

Yoga enthusiasts are sure to cherish sessions in the sand and take relaxing walks in the sunset next to the water. On a culinary front, the Rosewood Miramar Beach Montecito excels with fabulous dining flourishes in the al fresco patio. Those who love the outdoors will take great comforts in the rooftop lounge for a glimpse of the night sky. The hotel is designed for families and friends to gather and enjoy the pleasures of life. Rooms available at $825.

Luxury Island: Calilo Hotel, Greece

Through the years, the Ios island has been heralded as being a party island. That was until Angelos, and Vassiliki Michalopoulos decided to venture with an establishment of their own. They acquired a quarter of the island about a decade ago in a bid to prevent the island from turning into a concrete jungle. Their ambitious Calilo hotel sits pretty on a piece of the land, occupying almost 1,000 acres.

Source: calilo.gr

The luxurious hotel boasts a private beach, has 30 suites, spa and wellness section, a couple of restaurants and water sports for the outgoing. Fascinatingly, the restaurants’ food is sourced from an organic garden in-house. The location’s proximity to the nearby town means that voyagers can check out the social life via boat rides. Rooms are available from $798 a night.

Quiet Paradise: Isla Palenque Island Resort, Panama

This hideaway is a gem concealed in plain sight. The relative remoteness of the resort means that it’s hard to find, which ensures that overcrowding at the hotel is an unheard-of phenomenon. The resort sits pretty on an 81-hectare land reserve. Incidentally, the is near the Coiba National Marine Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. At the marine park, you can experience some of the best diving and have a view of the largest reefs on offer in the Pacific Ocean.

Source: islapalenque.com

The rooms predominantly feature bamboo floors, lengthy windows, silky white linens and hand-designed furniture elements. The distance from the mainland means that the resort is perfect for those who love their silence. The major source of noise on the island comes from the waters, cool breezes, and monkeys in the forest. The forest also makes it a perfect spot to go on hiking adventures to check out lagoons, tropical jungles, beaches and volcanic bluffs. Rooms from $600.

Bird’s Eye View: The Crane Hotel Faralda, Netherlands

Situated in Amsterdam, this establishment, highly regarded as one of the nicest in the world, ticks all the right boxes if you happen to love aerial city views. This wonderous engineering feat is indeed state of the art. The Crane Hotel Faralda has a flashy exterior that is painted with three primary colors, red, blue and yellow.

Photo by Fred Romero

Edwin Kornmann Rudi, the owner of the establishment, is eccentric by any definition. His personal touch is felt all through the hotel since he likes to hand guest the keys to his kingdom by hand. Most of the staff are knowledgeable about the environs and quite helpful to visitors. On the roof is a hot tub that offers scenic views of the surrounding plus sublime Wi-Fi access in all the rooms.

Bungee jumpers are sure to find the Crane Hotel Faralda as a paradise of sorts. The rooms have the usually expected amenities like minibars, coffee machines, TVs and streaming devices. While the hotel is perfect for adults, it’s not considered a family-friendly environment and does not have support for guests with disabilities. Rooms from $547.

Sample Nature: Giraffe Manor, Kenya

Situated in the capital city, Nairobi, the Giraffe Manor is a truly life-changing experience for guests. Established by famed Danish author and adventure seeker, Karen Blixen, the boutique hotel sits on 12 acres next to Ngong forest. Blixen’s former home has now been turned into a museum that is worth checking out.

Source: thesafaricollection.com

Conspicuously, the flock of Rothschild giraffes is the main highlight. Despite being next to a major city, the giraffes freely roam around the establishment and even get to mingle with visitors as they come and go. The usually quiet giraffes are fond of visitors so much that they oft join in during breakfast sessions. The premise has an on-location restaurant. Spa and laundry services are also part and parcel of the package. To wrap things up, the free Wi-Fi service ensures that guests can marvel share their moments in real-time with the rest of the world. Accommodation is available from $525.

The Fine Things in Life: Illa Experience Hotel, Ecuador

Quito, Ecuador is renown as a fantastic site to hang around and take in the air. The Illa Experience Hotel reinstates merely why this location is just unbelievable, regardless of personal preferences. Situated next to the historic San Marcos city, a UNESCO World Heritage site, the hotel boasts many cultures.

Source: illaexperiencehotel.com

Some of the buildings are more than 1,700 years old, but you can hardly tell that from observation. Years of continuous renovations in the 20th century made way for some of the old elements. Today, the hotel is a mixture of ancient and contemporary musings.

The Panecillo Suite is a guests’ favorite. This is because it offers an unparalleled view of the Panacillo “Virgin of Quito” statue that resides atop the main hill. A rooftop bar, massage spa, and an onsite restaurant help complement the overall look of the hotel. Coffee connoisseurs will appreciate the various brands available for experimentation and the kids are sure to learn a couple of lessons from the sweet manufacturer. Rooms start from $459.

One with the Trees: Azulim Hotel Tulum, Mexico

Azulim Hotel is located about 90 minutes’ drive away from the Cancun International Airport. This hotel is based on a treehouse concept and is right next to a gorgeous-adults only beach in the scorching sun. The rooms don’t have access to electricity meaning guests can get to connect with nature on a personal level. It’s perfect for those looking for an offline experience.

Source: azulik.com

Breakfast and lunch are promptly served and there a beauty center for guests to get pampered. The spa and beach bar offer avenues for guests to unwind while the traditional Mayan massages go a long way in therapy treatment. In the patio, guests can access jacuzzi, and an extra swing bed as the ocean breeze blows nearby. There’s also a strategic restaurant onsite meaning guests don’t have to wander far before getting something to munch on. Rooms available from $450.

Diving by the Oil Rig: Seaventures Rig Resort, Malaysia

Sipadan is regarded as the best dive site in Malaysia and ranks highly in the world’s top 10 list. Many who’ve heard tales of Sipadan are aware of one of the major attractions there, the Seaventures Dive Resort. In essence, the hotel is a dive rig that offers numerous free house reef dives.

Source: seaventuresdive.com

It’s every diver’s dream fantasy. Conservation efforts ensured that an oil rig, previously dangerous to the marine environment was converted into a dive rig that is focused on protecting Mother Nature. The island allows a maximum of 120 visitors on a daily basis to ensure that divers/snorkelers who book in advance have ample space.

The rooms have Wi-Fi access, and the air conditioning is just perfect if you’re looking for some refuge away from the vagaries of nature. To keep warm, divers are advised to bring along a full suit and a diving cap because of the cold waters. Rooms available from $430.

Sea Life: The Caves Hotel, Jamaica

Expediently located about 90 minutes from the airport in nearby Montego Bay, The Caves offer an excellent location for travelers to take in the sea breeze. Nearby is also Rick’s Café where divers put on a marvelous display of their diving skills for all and sundry.

Source: thecaveshotel.com

The rooms are designed with couples in mind, the atmosphere is chill and laid back with the caves providing sufficient privacy for candle-lit dinners. There’s a personal touch to the self-service provided and the yoga classes at The Sands bar. Those whom fancy diving can borrow kayaks and equipment at the Caves hotel for snorkeling purposes.

The food at the hotel is sumptuous with the menu changing every other day. The Creole shrimp stew is considered a favorite by many, and there are private dining opportunities in the caves. The bartenders are quite skilled and offer fine rum-based cocktails for guests to sample. Rooms from $412 per night.

Caribbean’s Finest: Park Hyatt St Kitts, St Kitts

Just a 25-minute drive away from Robert L. Bradshaw International Airport is the Park Hyatt St Kitts Hotel. The golden-sand beach is action packed all through the day. Supporting a broad demographic, the hotel offers two beachfront, one for families and the other adults-only.

Source: hyatt.com

The Miraval Life in Balance spa provides the perfect getaway for individuals looking to chill out at the mercy of salt and brown sugars. There’s a steam room/hammam, a tennis court, free parking and Wi-Fi services and a kids’ club for the young to engage. Toddlers and teens have a haven of their own in the family-friendly Island Fort’s amenities where activities like basketball games, amphitheaters, and rock climbing can be undertaken.

With an impressive repertoire of forty-eight suites and seventy-eight rooms, Park Hyatt prides itself on being an excellent display of Caribbean colors and culture. Dinner, lunch, and breakfast take nautical cues, and there’s an amazing continental buffet which consists of cheese, yogurt, and pastries. Rooms from $400 a night.

Fanciful Wine Resort: Casa De Uco, Argentina

Occupying an expansive 320 hectares is one of the most luxurious hotels, the Casa De Uco hotel. Wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs regard the establishment as a haven of sorts. Some have even gone as far as ranking the Valley de Uco as being the bona fide successor of the Napa Valley legend.

Source: casadeuco.com

From a design perspective, the hotel is eco-friendly and features state of the art finishing. Massive plants imperiously tower from the restaurant floor towards the ceiling in a fashion reminiscent to the “Jack and the Beanstalk” tale. The sun illuminates the interiors wonderfully, and the outside presents guests with a fantastic view of mountains rolling in the distance. The vineyards nearby make for an excellent source of inspiration for those looking to learn about the art of cocktail making.

Guests can indulge in some games outside since there are a tennis court and pool table. The spa and sauna services offer ample spaces for guests to breath slow, and the Wi-Fi enabled rooms sparkle in elegance. Renato Giovannoni, the famed bartender, is responsible for curating cocktail list, ensuring guests experience the thrill of staying at a wine resort. Rooms available from $370.

Romantic Getaway: The Whitepod Hotel, Switzerland

Located in the mountains, the Whitepod Hotel offers excellent views of the valley below. The hotel is net to a town called Les Cerniers and shines when it comes to hospitality and environmental conservation drives. During the winter, the wood-heated pods are quite comfy since each pod exists almost in isolation.

Source: whitepod.com

The privacy element combined with the fresh alpine air make for a perfect combination. A wellness center on site makes this getaway location great for couples looking to unwind in absolute tranquility. Visitors can take their pick from the 15 available rooms and conveniently access the self-parking space. Wi-Fi is accessible in public areas of the hotel.

Those traveling with kids can make utility of babysitting services as they explore the hotel. Visitors can engage in some activities like hiking, tennis, ping pong, horse riding, and skiing. Rooms from $353.

Modernist Appeal: Hotel Des Dromonts, France

Source: hoteldesdromonts.com

The hotel’s design gives off a flat-topped pyramid look, which is quite fascinating. While the original design Le Corbusier in the 20th century focused on keeping guests indoors, the latest additions have provided guests with numerous options to pick from. There are drinks available at the stylish Le Festival Bar, stone fireplaces to keep warm and a treat of French cooking at the Les Enfants Terribles.

Guests can choose from the 34 rooms at the hotel and have access to balconies, family friendly-suites, and compact rooms. Guests can also partake in activities like snowboarding and skiing while taking in the serenity. Rooms from $295.

Unforgettable Experience: Taj Lake Palace, India

Taj Lake Palace is situated next to the edges of the mammoth City Palace where guest can sample aerial views of the city and lake all at once. The family-friendly establishment was constructed in 1743 by the royal family of Mewal before it officially became a hotel in the 1960s. Strikingly, this hotel was featured in a Bond film, Octopussy, and still retains the same sentimentality that most 007 things are.

Source: taj.tajhotels.com

There’s butler service in every room and guests can lay back and enjoy the comforts of Wi-Fi without having to leave the premises. Inspiringly, there’s one room dedicated to catering to persons with disabilities. In the outdoors, there’s a fitness center, spa, and pool to relax. The free water taxi service that links the hotel to the city is one of the prime features on offer. The cuisine is an assortment of Asian, Western, Indian and Italian menus. Rooms from $271.

Wine Connoisseurs Haven: Cava & Hotel Mastinell, Spain

The Cava & Hotel Mastinell is situated just next to the Vilafranca del Penedès and features impressive architecture and magnificent structures that look something akin to stacked wine bottles. The fashioned mosaic roof adds to the overall look of the hotel. From a design perspective, the hotel scores highly and even managed to bag an accolade during the 2001 Medalla de Oro de la Arquitectura awards held in Shanghai.

Source: hotelmastinell.com

There’s free Wi-Fi access in all the rooms plus flat-screen satellite televisions and super-fast Nespresso machines. The Catalan cuisine in the restaurants is something to look forward to if you are looking to have a quick bit. The Cava & Hotel Mastinell is conveniently located next to prime land ideal for hiking, cycling and horse riding. The nearby vineyards make it an excellent location for wine connoisseurs looking to satiate their palates. The hotel also offers wine therapy massages which make this spot a couple’s favorite. Rooms available from $220.

Vroom! Vroom!: The V8 Hotel Motorworld, Germany

Want to wake up in a new Cadillac? Maybe a Benz? Well, the V8 Hotel Motorworld in Stuttgart is the perfect place to do so. You can check out an assortment of new cars, vintage cars, and young-timers right from the lobby.

Source: v8hotel.de

The 153 available double rooms are spacious and have proper air-conditioning. The tall windows provide excellent illumination, and the high-speed internet access is merely a blessing. In the junior suites, you can sample a premium kitchenette, separate bedrooms, a living room and a couple of themed rooms for car enthusiasts.

There are about eight cars which have been converted into car beds, rims which serve as coffee tables and a couple of extras. Even more impressive is the fact that you can get to customize your rooms however you desire thanks to the ready-to-help staff and aides. Guests looking to get some work done during their stay can make utility of the three meeting rooms in the hotel. To unwind, you can sample the pick-up restaurant and bar amenities. Rooms from $200.

Back to the Future: Nagasaki’s Henn-na Hotel, Japan

Japan is world-famous for their robots and technology innovations. The Henn-na Hotel allows you to say Arigato to the robots as they help you check in, porter your luggage and room control. Amazingly, the robots can prepare breakfast for you.

Source: h-n-h.jp

As one of the most beautiful hotels, this futuristic establishment was opened in 2015 after some of the top brains in Nagasaki convened. The owner, one Hideo Sawada mentioned that the goal was to make the most efficient hotel in the world. Sawada opined that the robots are not heavily reliant on workforce since 90% of the staff are robots.

All rooms have a “Siri” like features that help visitors have the best possible experience while at the hotel. There’s also a facial recognition software that allows guests to book rooms. Impressively, you can get real-time updates on the weather from the robots while in your room. Rooms go from $180.

City of Angels: The Lebua Tower Club, Thailand

Aptly found in Thailand’s 3rd tallest building is the Lebua Tower Club. There’s free tuk-tuk shuttle service to connect guests to the nearby train station in Bangkok. The lobby seems to lead directly to the bar where the hotel manages to breathe and come to life on its own.

Source: lebua.com

The room service is excellent, and there are about two staff members dedicated to all guestrooms at any given instance. There are also therapists from Bangkok’s Nicolie wellness brand on site to offer relaxing spa treatment for willing guests. All the 221 rooms available have Wi-Fi services with spacious bathrooms plus a well-designed kitchenette area. Guests can also have a view of the sprawling city life right from their balconies.

The centerpiece is The Dome which is mainly responsible for the immense crowds witnessed at Lebua. In here is where the world’s tallest al fresco restaurant is situated. Guests can sample an assortment of delicacies and have a taste of chilled champagne and whiskey while watching the sun take a nose dive far in the horizon. Guests with disabilities can ably move around since the restaurants, and guest floors have lifts and the rooms are designed to support natural movement. There’s also a children’s section filled with amenities to bring about the family-friendly vibe. Rooms from $178.

Conquer Your Fear of Heights: Jumbo Stay Hotel, Sweden

Sounds awesome right? Indeed. The Jumbo Stay Hotel is essentially a converted Boeing 747 parked next to Stockholm’s Arlanda airport. Initially, the plane was made for Singapore Airlines before it turned opening up as a hotel business in 2009.

Source: jumbostay.com

There are quite some rooms available in the hotel, from single rooms, double rooms, engine rooms, to the cockpit suite. Upon entry, visitors need to take off their shoes to ensure that the cleanliness standards are maintained. Staff members at the desk are there to answer queries from guests and give them a lay of the land.

Impressively, the check-in agents are attired in crewmember uniforms which simply adds to the make-believe narrative. All rooms have access to Wi-Fi services, and there’s a Swedish breakfast combination of cold meat, cheese, and eggs on the menu. The price range for the rooms varies from as low as $51 for individuals occupying four-person dorms to $420 for couples looking to occupy the cockpit suite.

A Taste of the Middle Ages: Knight’s Glamping at Leeds Castle, UK

Situated about 5 minutes away from the M20 highway, the Leeds Castle offers the best of the medieval times. There’s plenty to enjoy here from the free Wi-Fi service to the wood-burning stoves. There are numerous medieval concept tents compete with drawers, safety deposit boxes and reading lamps for the finishing.

Source: leeds-castle.com

Bird watchers can take in the scenery as they stroll through the grounds. Visitors can also sample the open fire pits and eat in the great outdoors during summer evenings. The staff is friendly, and there’s excellent cuisine at the restaurant. The Knight’s Glamping location is a hit for families and couples looking to escape the city landscape. Rooms from $170.

Glamorous Camping: Utah’s Conestoga Ranch, United States

Utah’s Conestoga Ranch seeks to defy the very definition of camping. The establishment offers a mixture of glamor and fun camping activities to make for the perfect “Glamping” experience. The ranch combines the best of both worlds, with luxury comforts and amenities to boost the outdoors experience.

Source: conestogaranch.com

Accommodation is available through the glamping tents and the remarkable Conestoga wagons. Visitors can pick between the Deluxe and Grand glamping tents options. Many families tend to opt for the Grand Tents which come packed with a king-size bed, twin bunk beds and a bathroom ensuite. This option can comfortably pack 6-8 guests. Excitingly, each comes with a fire pit to grill, Adirondack chairs, and a fitting picnic table.

To battle the extreme cold and heat, there are electric fans, heaters and swamp coolers provided by members of the staff. The setup is quite family-friendly, and kids are sure to love sleeping in the Conestoga wagons while the comfy beds are a sure hit for parents. The free Wi-Fi access makes the stay pleasurable for all guests. Rooms available from $165.

Fly the Jungle: The Hotel Costa Verde, Costa Rica

Source: costaverde.com

The hotel’s slogan reads, “Still More Monkeys Than People…,” and genuinely, they seem to live to their billing. Guests can get to enjoy an evening in an ancient 1965 Boeing 727 that has been converted into a luxurious two-bedroom apartment of sorts. The interior is furnished with teak, and the windows offer a glimpse of the wild jungle at peace with itself. Far on the horizon, the ocean is visible, and guests can mesmerize over the elegance of nature.

There’s air conditioning in the chambers, flat-screen TVs, and private bathrooms. The well-equipped rooms and proximity to the road make this spot fantastic for families to lodge. Guests can partake in some activities while at the hotel from beach hikes to swimming ventures by the pool. Rooms from $148.

Salty Neighborhood: Palacio de Sal, Bolivia

The Palacio de Sal that is found about 24 km from Uyuni city. The strategic location of the hotel near the Salar de Uyuni considered one of the world’s largest salt flats, means that tourists visiting can pitch camp nearby.

Source: palaciodesal.com.bo

The hotel pays homage to the Salar de Uyuni by incorporating salt design elements to add to the luster of construction. The ceilings, walls, and furniture pieces are derived from salt. To add some extra oomph to the design, Bolivian artists produced deep red finishing on the fixtures.

There’s free transport to and from the airport for visitors who make a direct booking at the hotel’s website. Inside, guest can sample Bolivian culture like alpaca wool and unwind with a drink at a snooker table. There’s also a spa and free Wi-Fi service for guests looking to connect with their inner selves and the outer world. Rooms from $136 per night.

Toadstool Vibe: The Norrqvarn Hotell & Konferens, Sweden

One could easily mistake the Norrqvan Hotell & Konferens as a standard hotel complete with top-notch facilities. However, this hotel is much more than your average joint. There are some exciting accommodation options to spark your imagination. The hotel is built upon a tree stump which gives off a magical toadstool vibe. The fairyland look ensures that this hotel is habitable for both children and adults.

Source: norrqvarn-hotell-konferens.business.site

Opportunely located near the Göta Canal, visitors to the hotel can rent bicycles and tour Sjötorp or Töreboda to check out the beauty of the canal. During autumn and winter seasons, wood-powered saunas at the hotel and hot tubs on the quay are just out of this world. Visitors traveling in packs can partake in pentathlon contests and undertake some cookery courses during the trip. All rooms have a flat-screen TV, and there are hairdryer amenities. The rooms go from $131.

Cool as Ice: The Icehotel, Sweden

With each day, science fiction becomes part of reality. While it does sound odd why one would ever contemplate spending the night out in the cold, this magnanimous hotel more than makes up for any doubts that may linger. Visitors to the hotel oft describe the “snice” (mixture of snow and ice) adventure as a once-in-a-lifetime experience. This further adds to its allure since it’s regarded as one of the most excellent hotels in the world.

Source: icehotel.com

Boasting 80 rooms and suites, the Icehotel has quite some handy services on offer for its clientele. Guests get to enjoy the sauna, a restaurant on site, a lounge bar and free Wi-Fi access. Those looking to kill two birds with one stone – have fun and work – can certainly make use of the meeting rooms offered. Situated in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden, the Icehotel makes for quite the site. Interestingly, the location is some 124 miles away from the Arctic Circle to the north. The proximity to this cold region means that the hotel can stay cold enough during winter for the ice not to melt away. A remarkable fact about this hotel is that it opens anew every winter. In doing so, the establishment can cater to the needs of the ever-rising fanbase. Rooms are available from $124 per night.

See the Arts: Exchange Hotel, Wales

Previously used as a venue for gigs and functions, the Exchange Hotel recently reopened as a hotel seeking to get to the heart of guests’ needs. The refurbished building offers a glimpse of sublime beauty, especially the interiors which scream opulence.

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With about 200 rooms available for guests to check out, there’s plenty of activities for guest to engage in. Lawrence Kenwright, who founded the Signature Living enterprise and is the owner of the Exchange Hotel recently cited that members of staff in Cardiff have been responsible for the spike in visitors visiting the premises. He mentioned that despite the harsh opposition from various campaign groups and politicians, the Exchange Hotel has managed to rise from the ashes successfully. He even went as far as comparing the emergence to the fabled Phoenix.

The dining and concierge facilities are unmatched, and there’s adequate air conditioning in the rooms. The daily housekeeping services and Wi-Fi access makes staying at the Exchange Hotel pure bliss. Guests can take a 35-minute walk to the National Museum in Wales and explore a Doctor Whom Exhibition found about 10 minutes away. Rooms from $121.

The Music Hotel: nhow Berlin, Germany

nhow Berlin resides between MTV and Universal Music’s buildings and is a mere 20-minute walk away from the ever-busy Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain streets. The architect, Sergei Tchoban set out to capture the neighborhoods vibe when made plans for the hotel. The interiors were provided by Karim Rashid, a Big Apple resident who has an affinity for intricate curvaceous shapes.

Source: nh-hotels.de

As a music hotel, the nhow houses a music lounge, conference center, plus a gym and spa region. Guests can also chill out in the steam bath and sauna amenities. To access one of the two recording studios, guests need to book those separately beforehand.

The glass exteriors are breathtaking because they give guests views of the river from where they can wine and dine. The Envy bar also features an assortment of drinks and an in-house DJ from Thursday to Saturday. The family-friendly rooms have Wi-Fi access and are accessible to persons living with disabilities. Rooms go from $95.

Passenger Liner Thrills: The Queen Mary Hotel, United States

Situated in Long Beach, Los Angeles, the Queen Mary Hotel offers the scenic beauty of a trans-Atlantic passenger that dates back to the 1930s. The hotel is multi-faceted in that it also serves as a museum of sorts. There’s lots of history associated with the establishment since it has a couple of items that have been linked to the late Princess of Wales, Diana.

Source: queenmary.com

For the eclectic, there’s a Russian submarine on display plus an extravagant “Ghosts and Legends” tour on offer. The hotel is family friendly since the staff are polite and always ready to help visitors find their way through the hotel. There are a fitness center and a spa onboard the hotel plus room service. All rooms have access to Wi-Fi services, and there’s a restaurant available in-house. Rooms from $75.

Caveman Feel: Silver Mine Hotel, Sweden

During the formative years, the hotel used to be a popular economic hub. Miners would bore holes to excavate precious metals like zinc, lead, and silver. With the minerals now depleted, the site has become a popular tourist attraction. Amazingly, there has not been a significant upgrade on the overall look of the hotel; there are still remnants of the old mine available for all to see.

Source: salasilvergruva.se

The Mine Suite is a favorite spot since it’s home to the deepest hotel room in the globe. Adventurers are sure to love the site due to the many routes and passageways one needs to traverse before getting there. The brick floors and smooth walls and ceilings in the Mine Suite create a homely feel in the darkness. Oddly, visitors maintain contact with their guides through walkie-talkies. Due to the inner-earth feeling to the location, there’s no cell phone reception, TV, Wi-Fi or radio; guests keep to themselves. Breakfast is served by the guides in the morning and rooms go for $51.

Tropical Treehouse: Hang Nga Guesthouse, Vietnam

Source: crazyhouse.vn

The conventional definition of treehouses is that a house sits atop some tree branches. However, the Hang Nga Guesthouse is quite unlike every other definition out there of an ordinary treehouse. Constructed by Vietnamese designer Hang Nga, the house pays homage to the Chinese goddess of the Moon. The building’s foundations are predominantly sourced from the trunk although there are some other materials like cement present to hold everything in place.

The weird look of the Hang Nga Guesthouse is almost reminiscent of the “Alice in Wonderland” narrative. Visitors touring the treehouse are led by guides up ladders and various pathways before getting to the pinnacle. There’s a sculpture garden for guests to enjoy and all the rooms feature free Wi-Fi services. Kids are also allocated a family room to play in. Rooms go from $46.

One Capsule at a Time: The Nine Hours Hotel, Japan

You can always trust Japan to deliver when it comes to sci-fi and futuristic concepts. The hotel is situated next to one of the busiest streets in Gion, about 20 minutes away from a Kyoto bus station. Guests can check in from noon and bring over their baggage.

Source: ninehours.co.jp

Since the rooms are usually capsules, guests need to take off their shoes and store them in a shoebox before adorning a pair of slippers and proceeding to the counter. The high-speed Wi-Fi is an excellent convenience since you can start mingling right from the word go. There are separate facilities for men and women, from the rooms to the elevators. The premises also offers sauna showers, and the sleeping pods are conveniently large enough to allow guests to sit upright. The Nine Hours Hotel is perfect for solo travelers looking to spend a night. Rooms from $43.

Bookworms’ Paradise: Book and Bed Tokyo, Japan

The hotel’s design is quite exquisite considering the low budget expenses. The floor is made from concrete, the walls are pale grey, and there are some exposed pipes on the ceiling. On the center stage is a wall space filled with many bookcases derived from various materials. The book selection is mainly in Japanese though a quarter of the books are set in English. The books range from novels to photography books. Classics like Peter Pan and the Life of Pi form part of the catalog.

Source: bookandbedtokyo.com

Upon arrival at the premises, a little rulebook is handed out to visitors. The house rules are no smoking, no phones in the bookshelf bed cubicle and no food or drinks are allowed in the sleeping spaces. Conveniently, the rooms have Wi-Fi access, and there are 12 bookshelf beds. Food and beverages are accessible from a vending machine situated next to the elevator entrance.

Notably, there is a toasting machine for guests to make utility of. The fact that visitors are allowed to bring in their food and drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) adds to the luster of the place. The hotel is made for people from all walks of life, including children, provided their parents accompany them. Rooms from $22.