Twinning! These Celebs and Their Animal Doppelgangers are Just Too Funny to Pass Up!

Doppelganger: a non-biologically related look-alike or double of a living person. Okay, so now that you know what a doppelganger is, let’s see which animals look like celebrities (or which celebrities look like animals).

Samuel L. Jackson and a dog
Source: Bemethis

Sure, cats and dogs are popular on this list, but some celebs are majorly twinning with other more exotic animals, some I have no idea what they even are!

Snoop Dogg and This Cute Little Pup

When you have the name “dog” in your stage name, chances are people are going to compare you to an actual dog. And honestly, Snoop really does look like some dog breeds. Especially Dobermans.

Snoop Dog and a dog
Source: tranquilmonkey

Did you know that Snoop’s real name is Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr.? He was born October 20, 1971, which makes him 47 years old, people! He’s all grown up!

This Dog Looks Like Ron Perlman Looks

This dog looks like either a full breed poodle or a poodle mix, but whatever it is, he looks like actor Ron Perlman. So much so that they can rename the breed to be called Perlma-Doodle or Doodle-Ron.

Ron Perlman and a dog
Source: ourfunnylittlesite

You know Perlman from all of his action roles, such as the ‘Hellboy’ movies, ‘Sons of Anarchy,’ and the old school TV series ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ where he played – you guessed it – the beast.

Rihanna and an Emu?

I gotta admit that I don’t know if this is an emu or a llama. But then again, aren’t they really part of the same family? I mean, I imagine it’s common to mistake the two. Either way, it looks like Rihanna here.

Rihanna and an emu
Source: tranquilmonkey

But let me just say here that the emu only looks like Rihanna in this particular photo and instance. It’s really all about the hair, at the end of the day, am I right?

This Golden Retriever and Harrison Ford

This adorable Golden Retriever is pulling off the exact same facial expression as Harrison Ford in this photo. It makes me wonder if it just happened this way or the dog is really good at doing impressions.

Harrison Ford and a dog
Source: Jack Routers

Did you know that Harrison Ford voiced the first animated role of his career in “The Secret Life of Pets 2?” he’s the no-nonsense farm dog in the movie’s sequel.

Eric Stonestreet and This Little Chow Chow

Okay, let me just start by saying that isn’t the name Chow Chow for a dog just the cutest? For some reason, the name itself makes me hungry and crave some Pad Thai or something.

Eric Stonestreet and a dog
Source: Meu Pet Web

Anyway, this Chow Chow happens to be twinning with ‘Modern Family’s’ Eric Stonestreet. Funnily enough, Stonestreet is also a character on ‘The Secret Life of Pets’ (both 1 and 2), as Duke.

This Long-Haired Dog and Julia Roberts

Tell me something, is it fair that this dog has amazing hair like Julia Roberts and I just can’t seem to get any shine in mine at all? I’m sorry, but that just proves that life is simply unfair.

Julia Roberts and a dog
Source: Bemethis

She has naturally gorgeous shiny locks of hair that I swear looks like it’s been dyed and highlighted a number of times to come out as perfect as this. Oh, and Julia looks good, too.

This Alpaca and Taylor Lautner are Twinning

Apparently, judging by the comments on this post online, alpacas don’t like to be confused with llamas. They take it very personally. I guess it’s because alpacas are the forgotten members of the camelid family.

Taylor Lautner and an Alpaca
Source: Impermutation

By the way, another comment on this photo was made by someone who said the alpaca is probably the better actor. Lol. Lautner is known for his role in ‘Twilight,’ and although I haven’t seen it, I don’t think I will, either.

Peyton Manning and This Adorable Puppy

For anyone who’s curious, this is a Hungarian Vizsla puppy, and they are as cute as can be. As for Manning, I’m not sure I can say the same thing. I don’t know what happened to him, but it looks like he needs an Advil.

Peyton Manning and a dog
Source: I’m Sozzy

By the way, Peyton Manning’s net worth was reported at $200 million dollars, according to Athlon Sports. This makes him a tie for third place all-time (with John Madden and Steve Young) for the highest net worth of former NFL players and/or coaches.

Paris Hilton and This Llama

Okay, I’m starting to wonder why llamas, alpacas, and emus keep appearing on this list. Who would have thought that so many people look like these animals? This time, it’s heiress Paris Hilton.

Paris Hilton and a llama
Source: ourfunnylittlesite

Do you wanna know how much Paris Hilton is worth? As of 2019, her net worth is estimated to be $300 million, which makes her one of the richest models in the world.

William H. Macy and This Dog

Okay, so I know that people and dogs are not physically able to procreate with dogs (or any animals for that matter), but if William H. Macy had a child in dog form, this would be it!

William H. Macy and a dog
Source: Spiritual Horses

You probably know his best for his role in the cult classic ‘Fargo,’ but he’s been in so many movies. He came back to fame when he starred as the shameful father in the show ‘Shameless.’

John Travolta and This Stud Muffin

This feisty looking dog who looks like he needs his daily dose of squirrel next to his pale of water bears a striking resemblance to our dear friend, John Travolta.

John Travolta and a dog
Source: Slothsandstuffyeh

Sure, it’s mainly the piercing blue eyes that make the two of them look like they’re twinning, but it’s something else, too. And I can’t quite put my foot on it. I don’t know; maybe it’s their expressions.

This Cat in a Hat and Charlie Chapman

Our first cat on the list, people! And let it be this adorable little cat with a hat and the lovable Charlie Chapman. He’s really the only one that was able to pull off that mustache!

Charlie Chapman and a cat
Source: Jonathan Cruz

You know, even if that cat took off his mini top hat (which is too cute for words), he would still look a lot like Charlie Chapman. But, of course, the hat is there for effect. As it should be!

This Dog… and Samuel L. Jackson

Look, this dog might be just chillin’ in the bathtub. But he is one angry —–. He hates taking baths, and it shows. But you know what else shows? His resemblance to Samuel L. Jackson!

Samuel L. Jackson and a dog
Source: B4DASS

If you listen carefully, you can hear this dog quoting Jackson (his favorite movie star) saying, “I Have Had It With These Motherf*%$ing Snakes On This Motherf*%$ing Plane!”

Adam Driver and This Cat

I’ve never seen this type of cat before. Those kinds of ears are usually seen on dogs, no? But anyway, those ears just make the cat look like actor Adam Driver – you know – the guy from HBO’s ‘Girls?’

Adam Driver and a cat
Source: Bored Panda

Well, yeah, he did also play Kylo Ren in ‘Star Wars,’ but I’m more of a ‘Girls,’ fan, so that was my go-to example for where Adam is from. By the way, he’s been in other movies, like the flop ‘Logan Lucky.’

This Monkey Looks Like Adrien Brody

This is a Lesula monkey, apparently, and he just so happens to looks like actor Adrien Brody, the Oscar-winning actor. He won the award at the age of 29 when he played in the movie ‘The Pianist.’

Adrien Brody and a monkey
Source: Bemethis

Lesula monkeys are a species of Old World monkey, found in the Lomami Basin of the Congo. It was actually unknown to the international scientific community up until it was discovered in 2007.

Ice Cube and This Angry Pup

Rapper Ice Cube’s perma-angry face makes it so that he looks like this angry little puppy. We all know that Ice Cube is maintaining a persona of being “cool,” but what’s up with this dog?

Ice Cube and a dog
Source: tranquilmonkey

Who knows, maybe his owner took away his bowl of dog chow before he was done. Or maybe he just peed on the carpet and got reprimanded for it. Or there’s always the chance that he’s also keeping his persona. In that case, these two are soulmates.

Whatever This Dog is, It Looks like Richard Branson

The jury is out on what this dog is (if it’s even a dog and not a gremlin). But whatever this exact breed is, he looks too much like Richard Benson. Let’s hope Benson doesn’t see this photo.

Richard Branson and a dog
Source: Pinterest

Does anyone want to take a guess at how much Richard Branson is worth? Anyone? You might want to sit down because this dude is worth $3.9 billion. That’s billion with a B, folks.

Leonardo DiCaprio and This Kitty

We’ve all seen the memes of Leo DiCaprio strutting around Hollywood with the caption “Zero f*&*s given.” And now we have a new addition, where this kitten decided to take a swing at it.

Leonardo DiCaprio and a cat
Source: tranquilmonkey

Yes, I know, he doesn’t actually resemble DiCaprio. But how could I have passed up the opportunity to include this adorable cat in this adorable photo? P.s. I love Leonardo DiCaprio. So that’s also a reason I included it.

Kristin Davis Looks Like This Fox

So as it turns out, this is not a cat. It’s actually a baby Fennec fox. Yeah, pretty crazy, huh? I could have sworn that this was a tiny little kitten. This might be the only one on the list that’s actually flattering to both of them!

Kristin Davis and a fox
Source: ourfunnylittlesite

Kristin Davis is best known for her role as Charlotte in ‘Sex and the City,’ but she actually had lots of roles in her acting career. She was also in ‘Couples Retreat, ‘Deck the Halls,’ and also guest-starred on ‘Friends.’

Jamie from Mythbusters and This Cat

I don’t know who looks more like who – does the cat look like Jamie or does Jamie look like this cat? I only ask this seemingly nonsense question because this cat has so much personality, that maybe he came first.

Jamie from Mythbusters and a cat
Source: evillittlekiwi

I would really like to think (and hope) that this kitten always wears this French hat. And even more so, I would like to think that this cat has a whole collection of hats, and this one’s his favorite.

A Caterpillar Looks Like George Clinton

This is a Saturniidae Moth caterpillar that happens to look like George Clinton. But since this caterpillar has existed before Clinton ever has, it’s fair to say that George looks like this caterpillar.

George Clinton and a caterpillar
Source: Marco Fischer

George Clinton, for those who may not recognize him, is a singer, songwriter, bandleader, and record producer. He developed an eclectic form of funk music during the 1970s. He’s now 78.

Rowan Atkinson and an Owl

It only makes logical sense that Mr. Bean (who always looks like he’s shocked, surprised, and fully frightened) resembles an owl. Owls also look like they’re constantly shocked, surprised, and fully frightened.

ALT Rowan Atkinson and an Owl

Source: Esther Beaton

The character of Mr. Bean was not only played by Rowan Atkinson, but he also created the character (along with Richard Curtis). Mr. Bean became a hugely popular show and movie franchise.

This Cat and Eugene Levy

If there’s one word you would use to describe Eugene Levy, what would it be? Eyebrows? Exactly. And to be honest, I can’t say for sure that this cat’s eyebrows weren’t photoshopped or even spray-painted on!

Eugene Levy and a cat
Source: Bemethis

But fake or not, this cat looks like Eugene Levy’s double. He could even use him as a stand-in for one of his movies. Well, not really. But you get my point!

This Cat and Wilford Brimley

So apparently, there is more than one website that does nothing other than compare cats to Wilford Brimley. Remember him? He did lots of movie and TV roles in the 80s and early 90s.

A Cat and Wilford Brimley
Source: ourfunnylittlesite

You probably saw him in the movies ‘Cocoon,’ ‘The Thing,’ or ‘The Firm.’ The actor is now 84 years old. And more importantly, he looks like cats, plural.

Salvador Dali and a Cat

You know how eyebrows is the word that characterizes the actor Eugene Levy? Well, if anything characterizes artist Salvador Dali, it would have to be his mustache.

Salvador Dali and a cat
Source: Hamilton the Hipster Cat

And it looks like Dali found his match! This cat was born with a Dali style mustache. Which only makes me wonder if his owners were clever enough to call him Dali. Let’s hope, shall we?

Jack Black and a Cat

Jack Black is pretty talented as he’s able to do some crazy and hilarious characters. And his facial expressions are priceless. But it looks like Jack met his feline match. The two are majorly twinning.

Jack Black and a cat
Source: tranquilmonkey

Let me just say that of all Jack Black’s movies, his funniest role, by far, was in ‘Orange County.’ Trust me. Watch the independent comedy, and you’ll see why he steals the film. Tom Hank’s son is also in the film, by the way.

Iris Apfel and This Fancy Cat

I admit that I had no idea who this woman was, but I looked it up, and her name is Iris Apfel, and she’s apparently a fashion icon. Which explains everything about this photo!

 Iris Apfel and a cat
Source: Pinterest

I think whoever owns this cat is basically a huge fan of Iris’ and likes to dress his/her cat is Iris-style fashion all the time. And this one takes the cake!

The Dalai Lama and an Actual Llama!

What’s more fitting than this? The Dalai Lama happens to look a lot like this llama, who is also the happiest llama I’ve ever seen! And I’ve been to many zoos, people.

Dalai Lama and a llama
Source: ourfunnylittlesite

I can’t say anything bad about the Dalai Lama; he’s literally one of the best people on this planet. And yes, we can all learn a thing or two from this Buddhist master.

Whoopi Goldberg and This Shaggy Dog

Let’s be honest – this dog only looks like Whoopi because her hair is braided. But since it is pretty much always braided, then this comparison is quite fitting.

Whoopi Goldberg and a Dog
Source: Bemethis

Whoopi Goldberg was a big hit in her comedy days in the 80s and 90s, but she made a comeback when she started co-hosting on every woman’s favorite talk show ‘The View.’

Katie Perry and a Peacock

Katie Perry looks like a peacock when her hair is blue, and she’s yelling. Yes, it’s that specific. And to make it more specific, she looks like a male peacock. But you probably already knew that.

Katie Perry and a Peacock
Source: Pinterest

Peacocking: when a male peacock uses his feathers to attract a mate. With humans, it means using a man’s clothing and changing his behavior in a flashy manner.

Channing Tatum and His Cat Double

Have you seen Channing Tatum’s body double? Not all doubles have to be humans. Sometimes, they can come in animal form. Like for some of his scenes in ‘Magic Mike,’ this cat took the stage.

Channing Tatum and a Cat
Source: tranquilmonkey

Keep in mind that many cats wanted the role of Tatum’s body double as it was the desired role. But this one kitten got the part, above all the other cats who auditioned. And there were more than 50. Just kidding.

Snooki and Her Dog Double

Remember Snooki from ‘Jersey Shore?’ Well, even if you never watched the ridiculous reality TV show, you must have at least seen her on TV at one point or another. And this is her dog doppelganger.

Snooki and a dog
Source: Pinterest

— NOTE — If you were a fan of ‘Jersey Shore,’ then you should check out our then and now piece on the cast of the show.

Tina Turner and This Dog

Here’s another celebrity that looks like a Chow Chow. This time it’s not a TV actor that plays a gay man, it’s a famous female singer. You might have heard of her. Her name is Tina Turner…

Tina Turner and a Dog
Source: ourfunnylittlesite

I think this one is a tad far-fetched, but it’s still worthy of a nod. Turner is now 79 years old. Can you believe it? Oh, how times flies!

Cher and a Sea Urchin

Who said the animals have to be fluffy and cute? A sea urchin may not be considered an animal per se, but can we all agree that it’s not a human? So you get the point.

Cher and a Sea Urchin
Source: Pinterest

And the point is that this particular outfit of Cher’s resembles a sea urchin. It’s basically one large urchin that she’s wearing on her head. She really did go all out in her stage outfits, didn’t she?

Albert Einstein and This Dog

This is one of Einstein’s most iconic photo, and it’s also one of the most iconic photos in history. He also happens to look like this happy dog that wants to play or really needs a drink of water.

Albert Einstein and a Dog
Source: Pinterest

For the young ones: Einstein was a German theoretical physicist who developed the theory of relativity, and he was one of the two pillars of modern physics. He was a genius. Just so you know.

Daniel Craig and This Itty Bitty Kitty

I really wouldn’t expect to see a cat as an example for an animal doppelganger for Daniel Craig. But it does kind of work. It’s mostly the eye color.

Daniel Craig and a cat
Source: tranquilmonkey

Daniel Craig fans: do you know his net worth and salary? The English actor has a net worth of $130 million. Daniel Craig was born on March 2, 1968, which makes him 51 at the moment.

George Clooney and a Dog

George Clooney has always been used as an example of why salt and pepper hair is sexy. And now this dog can also be used as an example of how it can look good on dogs.

George Clooney and a Dog
Source: ourfunnylittlesite

The funny thing is, this dog probably isn’t black and white at all, and whoever put this together just made it into a grayscale photo to get the full effect. Which just makes it funnier.

Gennaro Gattuso and This Cat

For anyone who isn’t a soccer fan, this is Gennaro Gattuso, an Italian soccer player/cat lookalike. Well, he was a soccer player. He’s now retired and was most recently the manager of Milan.

Gennaro Gattuso and a Cat
Source: Bemethis

Listen, Gattuso, if things don’t work out with the whole managing a successful soccer team thing, you can always start a one-man/one cat show. You can tour the world and make big bucks.

Another Adrien Brody One

Here’s another time Adrien Brody has looked like an animal. But this time, it’s not a unique species of monkey. This time it’s our dear friend, the cat. And he’s twinning with Adrien Brody.

Source: Pinterest

So there you go, folks! I hope you enjoyed the show of celebrity/animal doppelgangers. I hope it was as entertaining for you as it was for me!